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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Is the United States a Dictatorship?

UK, July 28, (Pal telegraph – By Peter Eyre) Unfortunately for some decades now the past Presidents and key members of the US Government have been on one continuous war footing. They have embarked on an extremely aggressive foreign policy and taken over the role of policing the world in place of the United Nations. It is clearly evident that as far as the United States is concern you had better “Do as I say or else.”

This aggressiveness is so advanced it is no longer possible to negotiate with them on a fair and balanced playing field. This policy is not only confined to the US but also extends over in the UK, France, Germany and Israel which has basically made each of their leaders and respective governments very unpopular with the people.

It is a known fact that when a leader or government reaches an all time low it is time to assert your authority, spread fear or mass hysteria amongst your populations and then take your country to war, all of which in on false pretenses.

We have seen this time and time again with the wars in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan and now Yemen and Somalia. One can now see two other wars on the horizon as a direct result of their big bully tactics.

What gives the US and its allies the right to police the world and say who should be allowed to develop nuclear energy or nuclear weapons when they themselves remain unchecked? What gives these countries the right to dictate what any country can or cannot do when they themselves are carrying out a massive programme of deceit?
What allows them to hide behind this so called Non Proliferation Treaty in reducing the amount of WMD’s when they are not only developing them bus also using them on a daily basis?

It is clearly evident that the US, UK, NATO Members and Israel are using their weapons of “Mass Destruction” totally unchecked in all the past and current areas of conflict. The aftermath of this totally irresponsible action has basically contaminated the entire Middle East and the world beyond.

To prove that this is not just hearsay we have to look at the gallant efforts of a small group of dedicated people who put themselves at great risk to reveal the truth to the world.

On such person is Dr Chris Busby, a visiting professor at the University of Ulster who recently compiled a report on a survey carried out in the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

The city of Fallujah as we all know received a bombardment of WMD weapons by the US and coalition forces resulting in an horrific rise in birth defects and many forms of cancer. One could go well beyond Fallujah to learn that as a direct result of the use of these weapons, almost every location in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza and the entire Middle East and beyond have been severely contaminated with weapons that contain uranium components.

Let’s just take a look at some comments made in the UK’s Independent newspaper on Saturday as written by Patrick Cockburn: Dramatic increases in infant mortality, cancer and leukemia in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, which was bombarded by US Marines in 2004, exceed those reported by survivors of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, according to a new study.
Iraqi doctors in Fallujah have complained since 2005 of being overwhelmed by the number of babies with serious birth defects, ranging from a girl born with two heads to paralysis of the lower limbs.

Dr Busby, Malak Hamdan and Entesar Ariabi are the authors of a report titled: “Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005-2009"
The survey was carried out by a team of 11 researchers in January and February this year who visited 711 houses in Fallujah. A questionnaire was filled in by householders giving (4,800 individuals) details of cancers, birth outcomes and infant mortality. It was interesting to note that the Iraqi Government tried to encourage people not to take part in this survey!

The report revealed evidence of a sharp rise in cancer and congenital birth defects. Infant mortality was found to be 80 per 1,000 births compared to 19 in Egypt, 17 in Jordan and 9.7 in Kuwait. The report also stated that the types of cancer are “similar to that in the Hiroshima survivors who were exposed to ionising radiation from the bomb and uranium in the fallout.”

Researchers found a 38-fold increase in leukemia, a ten-fold increase in female breast cancer and significant increases in lymphoma and brain tumours in adults. At Hiroshima survivors showed a 17-fold increase in leukemia, but in Fallujah Dr Busby says “what is striking is not only the greater prevalence of cancer but the speed with which it was affecting people.”

The findings also revealed dramatic changes in the sex ratio between newborn boys and girls. In a normal population this is 1,050 boys born to 1,000 girls, but for those born from 2005 there was an 18 per cent drop in male births, so the ratio was 850 males to 1,000 females. The sex-ratio is an indicator of genetic damage that affects boys more than girls. A similar change in the sex-ratio was discovered after Hiroshima.

What we are looking at in Fallujah also applies to the City of Basrah and many other locations around the region. I am convinced that the amount of weapons used in Afghanistan for instance is much higher than those used in Iraq. These same weapons are also being used by the US in Northern Pakistan and as we have seen so many times before the contamination does not identify any borders. The radioactive nano particles drift on the wind and carry out their deadly work well beyond the fields of battle.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the Israeli Government allowed both US and Israeli made “Weapons of Mass Destruction” to be used in and around the Gaza Strip with exactly the same projected outcome. This contamination also crossed over the border into Israel itself, West Bank and all adjacent countries such as Jordon, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria etc.

This now brings us back onto the topic of the US/Israeli threat currently being made against Iran. We can clearly see that they are both geared up for conflict with the doubling up of the weapons stockpile in both Israel and Diego Garcia. In the Persian Gulf there are several US Carrier groups with supporting vessels armed with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles including US Marine amphibious vessels and attack submarines. As one would expect the US are supported by other NATO vessels and also the Israeli Navy with its Dolphin Class Submarines that are armed with nuclear missiles.

There is also another large battle group in the Eastern Mediterranean, consisting of a large US Carrier group from the 6th Fleet, A French carrier and several other naval vessels from Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Spain etc. On could also expect a carrier group to be operational in the Red Sea all of whom are capable of a united strike on Iran.

As we have seen before this build-up is not only significant but would appear to be an indication of some pending action. In the case of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan it’s now a matter of waiting for the right time.

One can expect a significant “False Flag” incident to take place in the near future in order for the US to justify an attack on Iran…..this could be at any location within the US, UK or other NATO partner country and obviously this will then be blamed onto Iran. As we have seen so many times before any US led plan will implicate all other NATO countries based on “An attack on one is an attack on all.”
This strategy by the US of manipulating all NATO countries is done so as not to tarnish the US too much as being the instigator and immediately allows the US to control the conflict as well as demanding that all NATO countries provide suitable forces to combat the problem.

The current US Foreign Policy towards Iran is not only heavy handed but is also operating outside of the United Nations. Any attack on Iran would be considered catastrophic to say the least and would involve thousands of weapons that contain depleted uranium components as well as real nuclear weapons. Should this attack take place it will spread radiation charged nano particles around the entire Middle East within 2 days and the rest of the world within 1-2 weeks.

What makes this US intimidation of Iran so absurd is the fact that it is secretly assisting Israel to develop its own nuclear programme. Israel is not a signatory to the NPT and therefore this is a very clever way for the US to assist in nuclear development and use that to its own advantage. This evil and sinister under the table deal will allow Israel to increase its stockpile and at the same time allow the US to share that stockpile in much the same way it has done when Obama allowed the US military to double the US arms stockpile in Israel. This extremely clever covert operation now allows the transfer of arms from military to military without going through Congress in the normal way (US Department of Defense Transmittal Notice).

Over on the other side of the world we have the same situation developing between the US/South Korea and North Korea with a massive military build up on both sides. What makes this entire scenario absurd is that it has nothing to do with nuclear development or towing the line but rather a Geo Political stance by the US in attempting to control the world’s natural resources or to acquire world markets for its own companies etc.

So the big showdown looms on the horizon and all are on full standby waiting for the US to find justification to attack one or both locations. We could also assume that because of the sensitivity of such an attack China would be pulled into the conflict as well as possible support from Syria, and Lebanon etc. Either way it again reveals the total arrogance of the Obama regime who now has the full support of the US, France, Germany and Israel.

It is my opinion that the West has miscalculated the military might of Iran and could well regret such an attack. Iran is very well prepared and is likely to respond with a significant retaliatory attack that could be extremely devastating for Israel in so many ways.

Environmentally speaking it would be catastrophic for the entire Middle East and the world leading to mass genocide in many countries. From the New World Order perspective this type of depopulation is what they have been working on for some considerable time. No doubt the likes of Kissinger and Cheney would be rubbing there hands together with great joy should this conflict eventuate.

It is time for Congress and the people of the US and the world to read between the lines and to fully understand that Obama and his NPT is a total cover up and that the true “Axis of Evil” is right in the heart of the White House, Wall Street and Central London.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/7/2010

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Israelis dump toxic waste over vital water supply for the region

Israelis waste that is disposed of in the landfill at Abu Dis (the West Bank), which is under Palestinian territorial authority is in contradiction to international law which prohibits the transport and disposal of wastes across borders without mutual consent. Moreover, the landfill is near capacity, and additional landfill sites are still undesignated. This fact further emphasizes the urgent need for a comprehensive solid waste policy for the area (Solid Waste Management Policy in the Jerusalem District – September 2008)

An Israeli company - The Ma'ale Adumim Planning and Development Company Ltd has been managing the Abu Dis landfill, near the neighborhood of Abu Dis, since 1998. The site receives waste from Jerusalem and the surrounding localities. The 430-dunam site receives huge amounts of waste every day, from Jerusalem, Ma'ale Adumim and the surrounding localities. This same company is also vigorously selling off industrial land development which also sits over the top of the water aquifers that are so vital to the region. The combination of the landfill site and industrial development over such a precious resource will have devastating effects on the population. When both landfill waste and industrial run off are added together the toxic plumes that radiate out from such locations will not only contaminate the public water supply but will also eventually be picked up by submersible pumps that water vast tracts of agricultural land.

The story of Abu Dis can be repeated in many other parts of Palestine and some locations have received not only industrial toxic waste but also radioactive waste from the nuclear facility at Dimona. It is also totally illogical for anyone to dump their waste in someone else’s back hard knowing that in carrying out that dumping you are contaminating vital drinking water for both Palestinians and Israelis. The most logical dumping ground is in the dry desert area that receives no or little rain, which happens to be in Israeli territory.

So lets take a look at the current problem and see how the below ground aquifers work. We have to understand that the water table in any given area varies. Just like mountains the underground water supplies have their own contours i.e. high levels and low levels. The best way to describe this is to say you have above ground mountains and hills and below ground mountains and hills. Within these below ground formations are structures that are watertight (impermeable). This can be both above and below and trap the fresh water in what is know as an underground water aquifer. Sometimes the fresh water can manifest itself on the surface such as in ponds or lakes.

The water authority then select a location to drill a well or bore and then within that bore insert a water pipe which will have on the end a spear which with the assistance of a pump brings the water up to the surface. The same applies to the agricultural farmers who do the same to bring water to their crops or alternatively can sink a semi submersible pump to pump the water directly to the crops.

There are therefore two major problems associated with this type of fresh water supply:

• It can be badly polluted if anyone establishes landfill, industry or housing over the top of such an aquifer or

• The water table can be reduced dramatically if too many pumps are placed, especially during years of poor rainfall

It is therefore a crime to establish any such activity over the top of the main aquifer.

Historically Israel has dumped both industrial toxic waste and radioactive waste on Palestinian territory some of this has been over the aquifer and some actually inside the Gaza strip close to Gaza city. This is not only absolute madness but is also a crime under environmental law. The other issue here is the fact that the Israeli military over many years have used weapons that contain uranium components or other carcinogenic ingredients. This evil and selfish action has added to further contamination of not only the atmosphere in the region but also the land, soil, crops and fresh water. This certainly adds new meaning to the term organic farming…..one would certainly have to think twice before eating any product that has been subjected to such contamination. What is so ironic is the fact that when the IDF starting using the weapons they were in actual fact “Nuking” their own population and their land.

Monitoring is vital to check on the quality of the drinking water. It is common for observation wells to be sunk at different locations down stream of the main water flow and more importantly wells to be drilled around the landfill location and at various distances so that the toxic plume (Leachate) from the landfill can be monitored for its progress. The toxic plum starts off like a teardrop and expands outwards from its point of origin. I have heard of many cases where this toxic plume has actually reached the coastline (beach) at the low water mark making it sometimes dangerous to swim at such locations

Groundwater monitoring must therefore be undertaken to reveal such progress as follows:
• Detect leachate reaching the groundwater;
• Determine the direction of groundwater flow;
• Assess the quality of the groundwater; and
• Determine the migration of any leachate plume.
The monitoring programme should be undertaken at least every six months or sooner if the advancement of the leachate is greater than was previously assumed. The test should be transparent and the findings released to all Israeli and Palestinian citizens.
We should also add to this the fact that highly infectious hospital waste is also sometime mixed with household waste making this toxic plume very dangerous indeed. Finally we come to the question of sewerage treatment which in Gaza is totally none existent. One has to understand that by the time this contamination has reached the coastal strip and picked up other contaminants on the way it is hardly a good time to add raw untreated sewerage to the toxic plume already in existance.
We have learnt that since the Israeli blockade of Gaza they have restricted basic supplies and equipment to repair the damage caused to their infrastructure during “Cast Lead.” Unfortunately much damage was done to the sewerage system after the above attack which then caused the system to totally collapse.
Raw sewerage was then allowed to flow wherever gravity took it and eventually much of this deadly waste is eventually released into the sea in the offshore Gaza marine area. What I find hard to understand is the Israeli mentality in such a situation. Two things stick out here that really does not make sense:
Why would you create a dump on top of your supply of fresh water?
Why would you stop the people of Gaza from obtaining spares to repair the system?
It is clear that the term “What goes around comes around” does not register in the mind of the Israeli Government.
We now see a highly volatile health situation developing whereby the Israelis are allowing the contamination of the drinking water for both their own people and the Palestinians and also putting their own tourism industry at great risk…….in what way you may ask?
The contamination plume (leachate) eventually reaches the coast, as does the untreated sewerage from Gaza. Both of these then drift on the currents, which is helped along with any sea breeze that happens to be blowing at the time. This then means that anyone swimming from Ashkelon in the south (a popular surfing beach) to beyond Haifa in the north will be swimming in water that is totally polluted by this contamination…………my advice would be “Do not swim with your mouth open as you never know what is floating by”
I did read an article once that was written by an Israeli called Jad Isaac in 2000 in which he quoted the following:
“Unfortunately, it is now difficult to recognize the land that was described by early visitors as 'flowing with milk and honey.' Barren hills have replaced once-rolling woodland covered with thickets and forests, and grasslands have turned into deserts. A fetid trickle of sewage now runs where the Jordan River once flowed.
The water level in the Dead Sea is so low that it is now divided into two separate seas. In short, the land is degraded, suffering from years of environmental mismanagement and neglect that has only worsened during the past 33 years of Israeli occupation.”

It was in this same article that he gave reference to the following:
Since the June 1967 war, Israel has colonized the Occupied Territories by building settlements in Gaza (housing 5,000-7,000 settlers) and in the West Bank (housing 380,000 settlers, 190,000 of them in and around East Jerusalem). The settlements are commonly positioned on hilltops overlooking Palestinian communities, and the wastewater from many is discharged into nearby valleys without treatment, polluting adjacent Palestinian communities'among them Wadi Qana, Qatanna, Nahhalin, Al-Khader, Al-Jania, Al-Walajeh, Dura, and Bani Na'im.
Moreover, solid waste generated in Israel is dumped without restriction in the Occupied Territories. Solid waste from West Jerusalem, for example, is transferred to the unsanitary West Bank dumping site at Abu Dis, which overlays the infiltration area of the Eastern Aquifer. Similarly, the Jewish settlements of Ariel, Innab, Homesh Alon Morieh, Qarna Shamron, Kadumim, and many others dump their solid waste in the West Bank, as do many military camps and communities located inside Israel.

Israel has moved many of its polluting industries from Israel to the Occupied Territories. For example, Geshuri Industries, a manufacturer of pesticides and fertilizers originally located in Kfar Saba in Israel, was closed down by Israeli court order in 1982 for pollution violations. In 1987, it relocated to an area adjacent to
Tulkarm inside the West Bank, where its waste has damaged citrus trees, polluted the soil, and possibly poisoned the groundwater. The Dixon industrial gas factory, formerly located in Netanya inside Israel, has also moved into the same area.

The Israeli government has constructed at least seven industrial zones in the West Bank. Located mainly on hilltops and occupying a total area of approximately 746 acres, these industries produce industrial wastewater and solid waste that often pollute adjacent Palestinian lands. Information about industries in the Israeli industrial zones'including the amount and types of goods they produce, the labor they employ, and the waste they generate'is not available to Palestinians. The wastewater and solid waste these industries produce, however, provide important clues about the type and extent of industrial activity. At least 200 factories are located in the West Bank, notably aluminum, leather-tanning, textile-dyeing, battery, fiberglass, plastic, and other chemical factories. Clear evidence that Israeli factories operating in the Occupied Territories do not follow pollution prevention
measures is provided by the Barqan industrial zone, which houses factories producing aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, electroplating, and military items. Industrial wastewater from this zone flows untreated to the nearby
valley, damaging agricultural land belonging to the Palestinian villages of Sarta, Kufr Al-Deek, and Burqin, and polluting the groundwater with heavy metals. In the central part of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli settlement of Kfar Darom releases sewage and chemical waste from its industrial plants to the Al-Saqa valley.

Despite the fact that Israel is a signatory of the 1992 Basel Convention, which bans the illegal movement of hazardous waste, it transfers such waste, generated inside Israel, to the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has discovered several violations:

• In 1998, Israel illegally dumped several truckloads of toxic and hazardous waste near the eastern border of the Tulkarm municipality and near the residential area of the 'Azzoun municipality'50 meters from its well for drinking water;

• An Israeli company, Telbar, moved its medical waste disposal site from Afulla inside Israel to a site close to the Jewish settlement of Yafit in the Jordan valley;

• A paint factory located in the Israeli settlement of Ganim has dumped its hazardous and toxic wastes in the Palestinian village of Umm Al-Tut.

Moreover, according to a study published by The Center for Development Work in Ramallah, Israeli companies are flooding the Palestinian market with internationally banned pesticides. Their Israeli manufacturers are also using Palestinian land to test new pesticides.

Israel has declared 290,970 acres of the West Bank (20.2 percent of its total area), mostly in the Jordan valley, as closed military areas, and has created an additional 29 closed military areas in Gaza (420 acres). Moreover, Israel maintains 71 military bases in the West Bank (totaling some 9,563 acres). Although most of these areas have low agricultural value, they constitute the major grazing areas in the West Bank. Since Palestinian pastoralists are denied access to these areas, the remaining grazing areas suffer from severe overgrazing and are under threat of permanent desertification.

About 80 percent of this deforestation is attributable to the Israeli occupation: to the establishment of military bases (two percent), to settlements (78 percent), and to bypass roads (less than one percent). Local Palestinians are responsible for deforesting 14 percent of the land, while the remaining six percent is privately
owned. Moreover, the Israeli army and Jewish settlers have uprooted more than half-a-million fruit trees, mainly olive trees, on privately owned land. While the British Mandate government, and later the Jordanian Administration, first implemented and later accelerated afforestation programs in the West Bank and Gaza, all afforestation programs ended with the Israeli occupation.

Approximately 2.18 million dunums (35 percent of the West Bank and Gaza Strip) are natural grazing areas. Only 47 percent of the total grazing area is accessible to Palestinian livestock owners, while the remainder has been confiscated for Israeli settlements, nature reserves and closed military areas. Overuse of the accessible areas has resulted in progressive desertification.

I have used much of the text from Jad Isaacs article which first appeared in his Information Brief No. 27, 14 March 2000. “The Environmental Impact of the Israeli
Occupation,” It is important for both Israelis and Palestinians to appreciate the work carried out by Jad and to understand his compassion and concerns for the environment in the area. We are now ten years on since this report and the situation has since become dire to say the least.

It is time the people of Palestine and the people of Israel fully understood the predicament there respective governments are putting them in. One could say the situation is extremely serious and should the rainfall fail in any particular season then the risk factor would increase putting many lives at risk, especially small children who require clean air, water and food in their early development. Add to this the gross contamination caused by the dumping of highly radioactive waste from the Dimona Nuclear Facility that was dumped primarily at two locations, one being close to Hebron and the other in central Gaza along with other toxic waste.

Finally when you think you have heard enough about Israel’s atrocious past we learn that the IDF used weapons that contain uranium components that has now added to the demise of both the Israeli and Palestinian populations. It is with great sadness I have to say the future for both Israel and Palestine is rather bleak to say the least unless Israel is forced to remove such weapons from its arsenal. This is not going to happen for some considerable time (if at all) as the US has now doubled the existing stockpile in Israel (which allows the IDF to use as required) in readiness for a potential attack on Iran with additional conflicts expected with its neighbours in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza .
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/7/2010

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Israel’s computer game that decides the fate of Palestinians

UK, July 18, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) There isn’t a day goes by where every Palestinian is not under the watchful eye of the Israeli Military. The IDF can eliminate (assassinate) anyone at anytime without putting any of their own forces in danger. It’s all done by the technology of using satellites, airborne drones or elevated cameras at strategic locations along the border. Maybe you would find it hard to believe that they can almost read your book, newspaper or magazine from space as you walk along the road or sit in your garden reading.

The technology is now so advanced that a military operative many miles away can control a drone on the other side of the world, select a target and fire a missile, bunker buster or gun. You may also be surprised to learn that this technology is going a stage further by being able to focus a beam of energy onto you as your walk along the street and then having the ability to interact with your mind and disable you etc. This technology really does add new meaning to the term Microwave or Laser. We must also not forget high frequency sounds or other form of energy and mind control techniques currently under test and it literally becomes, dare I say, a “Mind Blowing Experience.”

Imagine an operator sitting in an easy chair, with a large computer screen and maps, zooming in on you with a joy stick control and then at the press of a button deciding your fate. Add to this the many international double agents who join a charity or activist group and who appear to show support for the Palestinian cause.

These agents infiltrate into the West Bank and Gaza, befriend key Palestinian activist and then at an appropriate time give Mossad a detailed profile of the activist i.e. location and movements etc. It is then left to Mossad to carry out an assassination or arrest the activist. Sometimes some of these internationals became the sacrificial lamb and would get shot which added even more drama to the charities cause.
One could clearly see that this was the case with the Turkish ferry incident this year and there had to be insiders operating onboard the ferry

Israel is at the forefront of this technology and accordingly allows the government to maintain its apartheid control of each and every Palestinian in the most inhumane way. So let’s take a look at this vast web of technology and its evil covert operations.

Satellites have many applications and can be used as a collecting point for receiving spy data, relaying that data to another point on the planet or military unit or just simply sending images back to earth and navigational information etc

Drones on the other hand have a different application when they fly over such places as Gaza (on a continuous basis) and are truly an invasion into to their privacy! The operator can sit in his command centre and when you leave your house or get into your car you can be followed for the entire day if necessary (day or night).

The drone operator once they have located a potential victim then highlights that person or vehicle or building with a spot laser. Once the beam is locked onto the target the drone can fire its own Hellfire missile or bunker buster which will then very accurately hit the assigned target. Alternatively the operator can keep the laser beam on target and call in Israeli jet fighters or helicopter that again will use the same beam to guide their weapons to target.

All of this technology is carried out automatically without the necessity for any Israeli being in the conflict zone. One can clearly see that with this type of operation many Palestinians can be killed or injured without the loss of one single Israeli.

You may be shocked to learn that the Israelis are now working on fully robotic armed vehicles/vessels for both land and sea. This will allow them to send an armoured vehicle into the West Bank or Gaza and open fire as required without any risk to the IDF.

You can clearly see in this series of photographs Israel’s future remote control vehicles that will be used against Palestinians or any other nation who may become involved in any conflict with Israel. Unfortunately as we have seen in Pakistan one can expect a much higher death rate from such robots that do not have the ability to decide if the target is friend or foe. This obviously just adds to the deteriorating relationship between Israel and Palestine. Even the bulldozer can now be remotely controlled by some off location operator. It is also evident that the US and Israel are currently working on the next generation of weapons which will add to the misery of all the people of Palestine.

Finally we have the ground surveillance system that operates from cameras located in towers or poles along the Palestinian border which feed information back to a military control room. The operator is normally a female owing to the shortage of combat troops. This level of surveillance is appalling as it gives no opportunity for the operator to distinguish between good or bad and will lead to many innocent deaths. It was interesting to note that the headline for this aspect of ground surveillance was “Killing by remote control.”

The article stated the following: Spot and Shoot, as it is called by the Israeli military, may look like a video game but the figures on the screen are real people – Palestinians in Gaza – who can be killed with the press of a button on the joystick. The female soldiers, located far away in an operations room, are responsible for aiming and firing remote-controlled machine-guns mounted on watch-towers every few hundred metres along an electronic fence that surrounds Gaza.
According to Giora Katz, Rafael’s vice president, remote-controlled military hardware such as Spot and Shoot is the face of the future. He expects that within a decade at least a third of the machines used by the Israeli army to control land, air and sea will be unmanned.

The demand for such devices, the Israeli army admits, has been partly fuelled by a combination of declining recruitment levels and a population less ready to risk death in combat.
The women are supposed to identify anyone suspicious approaching the fence around Gaza and, if authorised by an officer, execute them using their joysticks.

The Israeli army, which plans to introduce the technology along Israel’s other confrontation lines, refuses to say how many Palestinians have been killed by the remotely controlled machine-guns in Gaza.

According to the Israeli media, however, it is believed to be several dozen.
The article went on to say that the system was phased-in two years ago for surveillance, but operators were only able to open fire with it more recently. The army admitted using Sentry Tech in December to kill at least two Palestinians several hundred metres inside the fence.

The towers are designed to create a 1500-meter deep "automated kill zone” along the Gaza border. Each unit mounts a 7.62 or 0.5" machine gun, shielded from enemy fire and the elements by an environmentally protective bulletproof canopy. In addition to the use of direct fire machine guns, observers can also employ precision guided missiles, such as Spike LR optically guided missiles and Lahat laser guided weapons."

It is clearly obvious that the IDF are now becoming robots being fed information from Satellites, Drones and remote control vehicles with no physical contact with its potential enemy or victim. This is just another obstacle for the struggling Palestinians to overcome in dealing with this evil and satanic regime. It is obvious that Israel has now crossed the line in its attempt to reach a two state solution with only one intention…..”To remove all Palestinians from their homeland.”

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 17/7/2010

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Why did Tony Blair receive a hero’s welcome in Kosovo?

He should have been arrested as a war criminal

UK, July 13, 2010 (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) - I was shocked to read the following headlines the other day from an Associated Press article: “Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair received a hero's welcome Friday on a visit to Kosovo from nine boys named after him. “Who in their right mind would name their son after this war criminal”?

Blair was on one of his “Mr Nice Guy” tours in Central Prestina, Kosovo where he was met by a large crowd of Union Flag waving followers and a group of young boys who carry his name.

I get the impression that with the Chilcott enquiry about to get back into full swing and all the PR work in the Middle East and previous areas of conflict he’s trying to impress the people of Europe that he’s the right candidate for the EU Presidency which has been on hold for him for some time.

He was accompanied by his wife Cherie Blair with the backdrop of a huge poster which read “a leader, a friend, a hero"……..I find this very repulsive to say the least and does not portray the true person behind this false façade.

The AP report went on to say: All of Kosovo's Tony Blairs were born after the 1999 war between ethnic Albanian fighters in Kosovo and Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic's forces. The conflict ended after a NATO air campaign ousted Serbian forces and established a UN protectorate over the territory.

Do the residents who live in this enclave and the rest of the Balkans fully understand the final outcome from the NATO air campaign? Did they fully understand that as a result of this air campaign they have contaminated the entire region and beyond with both Uranium and Depleted Uranium? Are they now aware that the Balkans is now a safe haven to contract cancer as a result of their actions? How dare this man be greeted in such an absurd way?

Parents named their newborns after Blair to thank him for his role in leading the international community to intervene to stop the brutal crackdown on the ethnic-Albanian majority in Kosovo by Milosevic. "I did what was right. I did what was just. I did not regret it then. I do not regret it now," Blair told the ecstatic crowd. I remember he used this same style of spin when describing his reasons for going to war with Iraq at the Chilcot Inquiry…..it is obvious that this war criminal is finding his way to the throne of Europe…..he’s hopefull that the EU Presidency will be handed to him. When one considers the corrupt way this deal was struck a few years ago you will see that it was part of the trade off for the Lisbon Treaty and the huge amount of British Gold Bullion that was give to the EU at below cost price.

You will all get to understand the true face of Tony Blair when you get to read the War Crimes Complaint that has been lodged against him in Kuala Lumpur. The man went to war illegally and with his partner in crime George Bush they both carried out an atrocious war on innocent people. These two men between them have now been responsible for death of millions of innocent Iraqi’s and Afghans as well as the death and sickness of their own troops by using weapons of mass destruction. How can these two evil men face the people they have tried to eliminate? How can the world allow these two men to walk free from a campaign of mass genocide?

Tony Blair, as we all know, paid a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia no so long ago and at one point almost got arrested…..it was only the skills of his own security that stopped this event taking place……..it is the only country in the world that is currently running a War Crimes Campaign to bring these two to justice.

Perhaps readers are confused as to how I have arrived at this conclusion? Let me enlighten you on the facts behind the wars in the Middle East.

Firstly you must understand that all the past and current conflicts of more recent times have nothing to do with democracy. It has nothing to do with making the streets of the US, UK and EU safer. This is a war of greed and a war of total propaganda to make you feel that our gallant troops are defending our respective countries. These conflicts are only related to controlling the world’s natural resources, depopulating the populations that own them and finally having supreme control of the world’s resources markets……nothing more and nothing less!

The master plan is to reduce the populations of those countries with the eventual outcome of then forcing them to surrender their hidden wealth……..Afghanistan is a typical example of the coalition forces protecting the opium crops, securing the area for a transit pipeline and then securing the immense wealth in other natural resources that are currently locked up beneath the soil of Afghanistan.

To add insult to injury the US announced a short while ago of the trillions of dollars in minerals that surround places like Kabul…..what they failed to announce was that the US and the rest of the world has been eyeballing this wealth for well over 30 years……they know exactly where all the resources are, they have it all mapped out and even have plans on how to recover it all………don’t you find that amazing that a country that doesn’t own these resources have plans and how to remove it…..or should I say take it by force?

When will this world wake up to the truth? When will this world fully understand the mass deceit carried out by the political elite who all form part of the “New World Order” names such as Kissinger, Cheney, Bush, Blair and Brown etc are just small pawns in this vast empire of greed and genocide. When will the world understand that the axis of evil lies in the heart of Wall Street and the City of London?

We have to understand that it has now reached a level whereby the public in general do not know fact from fiction…..they do not know the difference between an authentic act of terrorism or a self induced one (False Flag). They fail to understand that HIV was introduced by these evil people and is not a natural occurrence. They do not understand that there is no limit to their satanic master plan. Do people really know what these people are capable of? Did you know for example that at one time they even designed a chemical and biological weapon in South Africa, know as the “Black only Bomb”……with the intention to wipe out the genes of those of Afro origin.

We can add to this list the false flag operations that are carried out by special forces or the secret services of CIA, Mossad etc…….USS Cole, 9/11, 7/7, Hotel Bombings in North Pakistan, Kenya and many other locations, Detroit airline plot and the New York Times Square incident……the list is endless.

We also have to mention the huge world financial meltdown that was all part of their master plan and on a smaller scale continues to this day whereby investors are ripped off in providing money for huge not existent companies or projects ie a gold mine in Australia that is nothing more than a vacant block of land in the middle of nowhere or a development project that is only a tin shed in the middle of an empty field in some remote part of the world.

We have in existence an array of companies or subsidiaries that in actual fact do not exist and yet manage to syphon off billions of dollars from tax payers or investors. One such location that comes to mind is located as 22 Arlington Street in London….just round the corner from the Ritz Hotel and the US Embassy (how convenient). Its called Arlington Associates http://www.arlingtonassociates.com/ ....this extremely up market location is a hive of corruption and non existent companies…….it also happens to be a safe haven for the notorious Tony Blair who secretly had dealings there. Tony Blair received vast sums of money whilst acting as an advisor and clearly has links to non existent companies.

Tony Blair has also abused his position as Middle East Envoy by making deals under the table one of which gave him access to a South Korean oil/gas company with a strong interest in Iraq.

So my dear world……”Wake Up” seek the truth and say no to anymore wars and bring the troops home…..at the end of the day our own government is killing them with the weapons we are using…….most will come home with the dreaded “Middle East Syndrome” which is directly related to the contamination of both Depleted Uranium and the use of real nukes or other dirty bombs.

In closing I would like you all to reflect on one aspect of radiation contamination…..DU can penetrate the nose brain barrier and in doing so can cause irreversible sever mental problems that cover areas such as Brain tumors, aggression, suicidal tendencies, severe learning problems and depression etc……to prove this point just think about what our troops are experiencing when they return home……the massive rise in the suicide rate amongst solider, the murders or attempted murders, the aggression to their own families etc.

Maybe these headlines (that form part of a leading Israel Magazine) will throw more light on the truth behind these evil WMD weapons that were and are used in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan and now Somalia and Yemen: “Suicide rates increase highly among Israeli soldiers”…….

The answer to this problem is in the weapons that they used on Lebanon (2006) and in Gaza 2008/9…….they blasted both locations with weapons that contain Uranium and in doing so have nuked themselves……not just the Israeli soldiers but the whole of Israel and its population who now have one of the highest incident of cancer in the world……..as they say” What goes around comes around”

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 12/7/2010

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Gen. David Petraeus takeover speech hypocritical

What really astounded me were his opening comments when he made the following statement “We are engaged in a contest of wills. Our enemies are doing all that they can to undermine the confidence of the Afghan people. In so doing, they are killing and maiming innocent Afghan civilians on a daily basis.”

From my perspective I would like to remind Gen. Petraeus of the genocide being inflicted on the people of Afghanistan by US and coalition forces as a direct result of their extensive use of weapons that contain uranium components. I would also add to this the fact that the US military themselves used Tactical Nuclear Weapons also with extremely dire consequences.

Lets just reflect for one moment on this very thoughtless action (or should I say well planned action) inflicted on not only the people of Afghanistan but also in all the downwind countries and beyond. I would like to refresh your memory on the implications and usage of these weapons.

When they use Depleted Uranium the highly radioactive nano particles immediately drift around the region, cross international border and eventually the world.
We also know they used Tactical Nuclear Weapons such as the B61 bomb (Dial up low yield) on locations in the Tora Bora Mountains in North East Afghanistan. This is a war crime of gigantic proportions and will have far reaching effects on millions of people in a totally indiscriminate way.

So what are the implications for a dial up nuclear weapon? The B61 -11: Tactical or strategic bomb has multiple yield options presumably ranging from 10 Kt (and possibly lower yields) to 340 Kt. What does this mean as far as casualties and the environment?

A single warhead, set on 1 kiloton, will penetrate into the ground and spread 60,000 tons of radioactive debris. The radioactive fallout will spread throughout the planet and lead to many more casualties. Pentagon models project, in the 1 kiloton scenario that 3 million people would die, mostly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. 35 million people would also be exposed to cancer causing radiation. If the same warhead is set to 100 kilotons, it will emit 1.5 million tons of radioactive debris into the atmosphere. The fatalities from that scenario are unknown but obviously would be of gigantic proportions.

There have been many concerns about the US current policy with weapons that appears to be hidden from the public eye. The current push by Obama on the NPT plan is totally flawed and is hiding the hidden agenda on the extensive use of weapons containing Depleted Uranium components, other “High Tech Dirty Bombs” and Tactical Nuclear Weapons as required. Many of these weapons are sent to existing areas of conflict for testing, followed up by experts who then carry out an analysis on the impact of such weapons in the region concerned.

The Brookings Institute in the US made the following statement:
The United States is now fielding a new tactical and strategic nuclear military capability that has already been used to threaten a non-nuclear country. This new capability was certified without nuclear testing, using an existing surrogate testing facility with capabilities much less than those under construction and planned. The weapon was developed and deployed in secret, without public and congressional debate, contrary to domestic and international assurances that no new nuclear weapons were being developed. Other new or "modified" nuclear weapons, earth-penetrating and otherwise, are planned.

One can also clearly see the US totally supporting Israel who now has a totally out of control research programme an also has a very impressive stockpile of WMD’s. It has (like its partner in crime the US) been testing its weapons on Lebanon (2006) and more recently in Gaza 2008/9. The following is an extract from the Brookings Institute and clearly shows that the US is truly playing games with such countries as Iran and North Korea when it is itself violating the very principles of the NPT:

• Concerns
• The B61-11's unique earth-penetrating characteristics, not to mention its wide range of yields, allow it to threaten otherwise indestructible targets from the air and are its raison d'etre. The new weapon is uniquely useful from a military perspective? And hence provocative from an arms control and nonproliferation perspective.
• A central and expressed purpose of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) has always been to arrest the further evolution of the world's nuclear arsenals. This modified weapon? Certified without nuclear testing and deployed after signing the CTBT? Undercuts that treaty and could provide political cover to countries which have their own unsatisfied nuclear ambitions.
• Earth-penetrating weapons, deployed by the Clinton administration in the post-Cold-War era, were rejected for deployment by Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Bush. What is the new reason to deploy these weapons? What are the new targets? What is known about the B61-11 strongly suggests that its rushed development has been motivated by a desire to target one or more non-nuclear-weapon states.
• On July 8, 1996, the International Court of Justice ruled that any use or threat of use of nuclear weapons, other than possibly in the case where the very survival of a nation was threatened, was against international law. After this landmark decision, it is difficult to legally support the deployment, let alone the new development, of any tactical nuclear weapon? Especially one whose development appears to have been motivated by a desire to target non-nuclear weapon states.
• In order to gain support for indefinite extension of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the United States repeatedly assured the world during April and May of 1995 that it would not continue "vertical proliferation." Yet during these same months the Department of Energy (DOE) was seeking, and obtaining, approval for a weapon modification with significant new military utility.
• Development of this weapon was approved outside the regular budget process and without congressional debate, by means of secret letters to key committee chairmen, raising constitutional questions.
• In their efforts to gain acceptance for the advanced surrogate testing of the "science-based stockpile stewardship" program, Clinton administration officials and nuclear weapons laboratory spokespersons have for years assured a skeptical public that no new nuclear weapons would be developed or built. At the very same time, secret development of this provocative weapon was being requested by the Department of Defense (DoD) and carried out by the DOE in complete secrecy.
• The DOE claims that this weapon, with its unique new military characteristics, is not a new weapon but rather a minor modification of an existing weapon. Lab spokespersons admit that other "modifications" are now in the works or planned for the future. What are these?
• The current B61 modification allegedly involves only the nonnuclear components of the bomb (notwithstanding months of effort at Los Alamos National Laboratory [LANL]). Yet the labs maintain that in the future, modifications to the nuclear components will definitely be made and certified as well, using computer simulations and surrogate tests. Since none of the modifications can be explosively proof-tested, why won't "confidence" in the reliability of U.S. nuclear weapons decrease under these plans? Unfortunately, allowing such changes to be made will likely result, over time, in calls for the resumption of nuclear testing.
• Continued modification of the U.S. stockpile is expensive. While this particular project may or may not be expensive in itself, the DOE's $3 billion construction plans for new nuclear test simulators, along with its planned Cold-War-level nuclear weapons program funding, is largely driven by the proclaimed "need" to maintain the capability to develop new warheads and bombs. These DOE expenses, it must be said, are just a fraction of the $26 billion spent annually by the U.S. to field and maintain its nuclear arsenal.
• For these reasons and others, new or "modified" nuclear weapons like the B61-11 are not in the security interests of the United States. On the contrary, it is in our manifest interest to get rid of such weapons as fast as possible and to end their further legitimization, as the former commander of the United States Strategic Command, General George Lee Butler, and others have recently said.
When one adds to this the fact that since the start of 2009 the US Military has been secretly double up on its stockpiles in other countries such as Israel and Guam etc. This is the new policy for the US Military which they call “Lilly Pad Bases.” and benefits the US in so many ways:
• Because this is classified as an internal US military transfer from one US base to another no clearance for such weapons need to pass though Congress.
• The new policy allows the host country to use the stockpile for its own security as required
• Forms a strategic staging post for other actions such as a possible attack on Iran

Back to Gen. Petraeus speech…….he went on to say “No tactic is beneath the insurgents; indeed, they use unwitting children to carry out attacks, they repeatedly kill innocent civilians, and they frequently seek to create situations that will result in injury to Afghan citizens.”

“In answer, we must demonstrate to the people and to the Taliban that Afghan and ISAF forces are here to safeguard the Afghan people, and that we are in this to win. That is our clear objective.”

Perhaps I would ask Petraeus how he compares the above two sentences to the fact that as a direct result of US actions by using these WMD they have killed the genetics of Afghanistan with long term suffering that is beyond words. This evil depopulation plan has gone well beyond the battlefields of the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Somalia and Yemen with equally devastating implications on the entire world. These wars are nothing to do with bringing democracy to the countries concerned but rather all about controlling the world’s resources and their associated lucrative markets.

The only reason our street remain unsafe is because of our greed and determination to grab someone else’s resources or alternatively to stop them from obtaining their own world markets that remain outside of US/Western control. This is the true face of war and the sooner all western forces return to their native countries the sooner terrorism will cease. These wars cost all our respective countries trillions of dollars and it is obvious that if they did not exist our economy would be much stronger.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant - 6th July 2010

Did the US drop tactical nuclear weapons on Iraq/Afghanistan – You bet!

UK, July 4 (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) - You may find this story hard to believe and at the same time challenge as to why anyone would use such weapons having no regard for other humans that live on this planet. We hear almost weekly about the push by President Obama to fulfill the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by reducing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) but is there any truth behind this PR exercise or is it a case of business as usual?

I am sure you all believe that the last use of nuclear weapons was in Japan during WW2 but I have to tell you that this is far from the truth. In actual fact the US, UK, NATO and Israel have been using WMD’s on an almost daily basis since the conflict in the Balkans in the 1990’s. In actual fact it started well before this when the Israelis went to war with Egypt……this was the first time WMD’s had been used on mass with weapons purchased from the US and with US technicians acting in an advisory role.
We have discussed the use of depleted uranium weapons many times before but maybe no one has truly grasped how serious these actions have been and the greater implications on the rest of the world and our environment.

As an example when we look at Iraq you may find it hard to believe that just one small group of US Naval Vessels dropped on Iraq the equivalent of many thousands of Nagasaki bombs……..add to this the fact that the nanoparticles from these weapons have since crossed international borders and contaminated millions of people unrelated to this conflict. Under the terms of the Geneva Convention that makes these weapons totally indiscriminate and therefore constitutes being a war crime of gigantic proportions (mass genocide). The consequences of all these actions will soon be revealed in the publication of an extensive War Crimes Complaint (a formal legal document) that has already been lodged in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia towards the end of last year.

This document is now being re written in order to show the world what damage these thoughtless actions have and are doing to planet earth and its inhabitants. It is backed up with extremely convincing evidence and I can assure you that no War Crimes Document has ever been written covering such a broad range of topics and never in the history of mother Earth have we witnessed such mass genocide of gigantic proportions. I am sure that few newspapers will print the findings, which is proof in itself that the media is totally controlled. However, the story will be available care of the Palestine Telegraph and other Middle Eastern Outlets in the coming weeks.

Readers will find it deeply disturbing but Leuren Moren and myself feel it is our duty of care to this planet to make this report public and hope at the same time that the world will react and stop these satanic minded people from continuing there master plan which is to depopulate the world in an extremely dramatic and painful way. It will make the Holocaust appear almost miniscule by comparison and at the same time prove that Israel has in actual fact also nuked its own entire population by using these weapons in both Lebanon and Gaza.

So now we will leave the topic of depleted uranium and discuss the fact that the US have and will continue to use Tactical Nuclear Weapons in the battlefields of Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere as required to fulfill their economic greed.

You must all understand this is not a case of such actions being approved by the citizens of America but rather a case of the New World Order (NWO) and all its associated followers carrying out an action to fulfill its own agenda. The master plan and associated actions are the brainchild of the NWO with its Wall Street Bankers, City of London Bankers and all the organizations that we have listed so many times before i.e. Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s etc.

You may ask how does one find out as to what weapons have been used in any given conflict….the answer is that when you are dealing with such a broad spectrum of weapons over many countries the evidence is gathered in a very painful way over a long period of time. No matter how good your intelligences services are or how well concealed you manage to launch such weapons….at some time someone somewhere shoots themselves in the foot by either releasing photographic or video evidence or just simply making a slip up during an interview (such as Rumsfeld and Cheney etc).

The other give away is that when you carry out your own analysis and research of the miles and miles of news footage you eventually find stories about a particular action that just do not add up…….like the many “False Flag” operations that are carried out. You also begin to understand who the double agents are and what their true mission is. Add to this the pain of analyzing hundreds of freeze frames from film clips and you eventually find the truth. As an example when you freeze frame the 9/11 Pentagon incident you can clearly see that is was not a Boeing but that of a missile etc.

So let’s start looking at the usage of Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan and try to understand the magnitude and seriousness of these events. One must also fully understand that any actions in the use of such weapons must directly involve Presidents and Prime Ministers, as they are ultimately responsible for signing off such weapons and there intended usage.

As we learn from other articles I have written, in general, leaders and others members of the political elite really do not care for the people they represent and frequently embark on a self preservation action to either protect their own existence, their own back pocket or to pump illegal funds into their own campaigns. It is corruption at the highest level and in the case of Maggie Thatcher, David Cameron, Keith Warren and David Wilshire and many others it was a case of stealing vast sums of tax payer’s money. How can anyone be so irresponsible to put their own country at great risk in purchasing three tactical nuclear weapons and then have the arms dealer steal them again…….maybe now you are starting to understand the mindset of the people that run our respective countries.

The weapons that were used and continue to evade the eyes of the world’s public is beyond words and in particular the deceit that was carried out in Japan which forms part of this story. Most of these covert operations were carried out at sea onboard US Aircraft Carriers. Many vessels carry a multitude of nuclear weapons and its has become evident that the use of tactical nuclear weapons in fields of conflict could date back to the war in the Balkans.

The "W Division" of the Weapons Department of each aircraft carrier is responsible for maintaining
and preparing the nuclear weapons onboard.

Security for the nuclear weapons is provided by a Marine Corps security detachment assigned to
each aircraft carrier. Aircraft carriers are thought routinely to carry about 100 nuclear weapons
when forward deployed. As of mid-1990, seven aircraft carriers are located in the Atlantic and
five are in the Pacific. Pacific based aircraft carriers are home ported in Yokosuka, Japan.

I find it incredible to believe that
despite the ban on vessels carrying
nuclear weapons in Japan an under
the table deal was arranged to allow
this to take place, One such vessel
was the USS Midway and it later
became clear that a very special place
was allocated for the storage of B61
nuclear bombs and B57 anti submarine
nukes. The entrance to such secret
bunkers on board aircraft carriers are
guarded by US Marines and the colours
tiles on the floor outside of the door is
a clear warning as to how far you are

allowed to go or should I say not go.The yellow tiles will cause the marine to issue you with a no entry
warning and if you step on the inner red square then the marine will draw his weapon.
The other notable difference with the nuclear weapons is that when they come up onto the flight deck

to be loaded onto aircraft they are totally hidden beneath a tarp and escorted out to the aircraft for

loading….a typical aircraft for this role is the Navy S3 Viking aircraft which has an internal weapons

bay. They are then taken under the aircraft and loaded up inside the bay all under great secrecy.

The picture here show very clearly the entrance to the USS Midway’s secret locker and the script below proves that such events really did take place and that the nukes were loaded onto aircraft for operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This is part of one marines CV: Security Forces Battalion

United States Marine Corps
(Government Agency; 10,001 or more employees; USMC; Military industry)

May 1990 — April 1992 (2 years)

Gulf War Veteran. Guarded "special" weapons aboard the USS Midway during Gulf War I.

Sailors who also served on the USS Midway during the early stages of the Afghanistan War described in great detail how these weapons would secretly appear on deck unlike all the other weapons which are normally clearly displayed on the flight deck, including the arming of the aircraft etc.

To add more evidence to their usage during the current wars I have shown a picture of a B61 Nuclear Gravity Bomb and the B57 Anti Submarine Nuke up on deck next to the aircraft with the Special Weapons Team that take care of these weapons. Marines are also visible in the group. This photograph was taken onboard another carrier in 1991 the USS America.

I would also like to point out that some Nuclear Tomahawk Cruise Missiles were also carried and believed used during the war. The normal conventional Tomahawk also carried a significant amount of Depleted Uranium which also makes them a WMD.

"Because of its long range, lethality, and extreme accuracy Tomahawk has become the weapons of choice for the US DOD."

"The Fiscal Year 1984 Arms Control Impact Statements explain: 'Cruise missiles raise difficult verification problems, especially over the longer term. Each side would have to overcome difficult problems in order to be able to determine the particular fuel exhaustion range, payload, and launch platform of a given cruise missile."

This is US Navy launches and does not include air or ground launches and most likely would have been DU or nuke warheads:

Iraq 1991 - 317 Cruise missiles were launched against Iraq by 316 ships and 1 submarine

Iraq 1993 - 93 Cruise missiles

Bosnia 1995 - 13

Iraq 1996 - over 44

Afghan 1998 - 75-80

Sudan 1998 - 6-13

Iraq 1998 - 330

ALCM 90 (another type of Tomahawk)

Yugoslavia 1999 - over 220

Afghan 2001 - much more than 50

UK 2001 - requested purchase from the US 48 replacement Cruise missiles (they used them in Iraq, Yugoslavia)

[IF they used DU warheads in all these missiles, they would have released the equivalent number of radioactive atoms (atomicity) as would be released by 72,625 Nagasaki bombs. Some of them however had nuclear warheads.]

As a result of the use of nuclear weapons in the field of conflict we now see a massive increase in Thyroid Cancer around the world and in particular those countries closer to the conflict who immediately get a high dosage of radioactive aerosols on the downwind side of the target area.

Whilst on the topic of Depleted Uranium Contamination around the world I would like to return to the War in the Balkans for one very good reason. As we all know tremendous pressure was applied to the UN, WHO and NATO forces regarding the strange sicknesses that occurred during and after the conflict, in both the civilian populations and also the military staff who had served in that country. Eventually the US and NATO forces had to admit to its usage but played it down by saying it was only the rounds fired by the A10 aircraft, which was a total cover up.

I have authenticated evidence that huge amounts of many other weapons were also fired some of which were Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, Maverick Missiles, JDAM bombs, Bunker Buster bombs and Abraham Tanks with associated armour piercing shells etc.

If we can recall the UN eventually responded by sending in teams to carry out a post environmental impact study. The UNEP effort and report was an absolute farce and only slightly touched the truth. It did not reveal the massive area of contamination or the effect on the lives of all those that live in the region and adjacent countries. To this day the impact on the Balkans is what can only be described as genocide.

As I have previously pointed out we now have sufficient evidence that the United States has and continues to use what they call conventional weapons (DU ornuclear weapons). They have a dial up yield which according to the President and his senior military staff falls outside of the existing NPT arrangement. They are of the opinion that low yield creates less collateral damage but in my opinion these small weapons create a massive WMD yield on the population and the environment.

As an example the latest all round gravity nuclear bomb is the compact B61-11 which can be carried by most of today’s military aircraft. Once dropped a parachute then deploys to slow it down in order to allow the aircraft to leave the region and then drops vertically onto its target. Some sources say the yield can be anything from 10kt to 340kt but as one would expect such things are kept hidden from the public eye.

To give you some idea as to how dangerous these small compact nukes are, let me give you the following example of its WMD ability:

A single Warhead set to 1kt has the potential to emit/spread 60,000 tons of radioactive debris/nano particles into the atmosphere and will immediately spread to down wind countries and the world beyond.

If only 1kt is used it has the potential to kill 3 million people and so if these were dropped in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan (which they were) then that amount of people would eventually perish in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. It would not be confined to just those countries as it would contamination the entire Himalaya’s and the many rivers that flow into China and South East China etc.

If the yield is increased to say 100kt for example the crater will emit around 1.5 million tones of radioactive debris/nano particles and the consequences are beyond imagination. If one can relate to the catastrophic fallout from any such attack on Iran for example (with a combination of both Nuclear, DU and other dirty weapons) we can truly see what can only be described as total madness.

Finally before closing I think it is the publics interest to understand the covert way the United States is not only using these weapons but also where they are being stored. Here is a list of the storage facilities in the US and overseas that clearly show the B61 nuclear gravity bombs were not de commissioned as stipulated by George Bush and still remain the most versatile nuclear weapon ever built. It as many applications and can be carried by many aircraft as follows:

"The B61 has been deployed on a wide variety of tactical and strategic aircraft. Strategic versions have been carried on B-52, FB-111, B-1, and B-2 bombers. Tactical versions, with lower yield options, have been deployed on a variety of U.S. and NATO air force aircraft, including the F-100, F-104, F-4, F-105, F-15E, F-16, F-111, F-117, and Tornado [we think it was used in Yugoslovia and Afghan too]. The U.S. Navy and Marines have used the B61-2/5s on A-4, A-6, A-7, S-3 and F/A-18 aircraft.

After the navy terminated the nuclear strike mission from U.S. aircraft carriers in the early 1990s [NOT TRUE], the bombs were retired and disassembled [NOT TRUE]. According to the Bush administration’s recent Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), some future Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighters may be nuclear capable. They would most likely use the B61 bomb."

"The Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator program, recommended by the latest NPR, could use the B61 (or B83) in an effort to build an earth-penetrating weapon that would be more effective than the B61-11. But a serious flaw in the concept of nuclear earth-penetrating weapons, even those with relatively low yields, is that they cannot penetrate deeply enough to contain a nuclear explosion and its deadly radioactive fallout. If used in an urban environment, such a weapon would cause thousands of casualties [THAT IS EXACTLY WHY THEY ARE USING THEM - DEPOPULATION] (Robert W. Nelson, Science and Global Security, Vol. 10: pp. 1–20, 2002)."

"Tactical B61s. The current tactical versions of the B61 are the Mods 3, 4, and 10. Most of these are stored at Nellis and Kirtland; some may be deployed with the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina and the 27th Fighter Wing at Cannon AFB in New Mexico. Approximately 150 B61s are deployed with U.S. Air Force units in Britain, Germany, and Turkey, and held in U.S. custody for use by NATO allied air force wings and squadrons in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey. Greece has apparently ended its nuclear role in NATO.
The B61 bomb has the unique distinction of being the only remaining nuclear weapon deployed outside U.S. borders (excluding the missile warheads on patrolling nuclear-powered ballistic-missile subs)."

Below is a list of the last known locations of the B61 nuclear gravity bombs which was compiled in 2002 by the Brooking Institute in the US.

Barksdale AFB USA

(50 B61-7 gravity bombs; 90 B83 gravity bombs; 300 W80-1/Air-Launched Cruise Missiles; 100 W80-1/Advanced Cruise Missiles)

Whiteman AFB USA

(200 B61-7 gravity bombs; 50 B61-11 gravity bombs; 300 B83 gravity bombs)

Nellis AFB USA

(175 B61-7 gravity bombs; 600 B61-3, -4, -10 gravity bombs; 575 W80-1/Air-Launched Cruise Missiles)

Kirtland AFB/Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex USA

(85 B61-7 gravity bombs; 600 B61-3, -4, -10 gravity bombs; 365 W80-1/Air-Launched Cruise Missiles

Grand Forks AFB USA

(25 B61-7 gravity bombs; 60 B83 gravity bombs


50 B61-7 gravity bombs; 90 B83 gravity bombs; 100 W80-1/Air-Launched Cruise Missiles; 300 W80-1/ Advanced Cruise Missiles

Fairchild AFB USA

25 B61-7 gravity bombs; 60 B83 gravity bombs

Overseas bases that contain tactical nuclear weapons:

Kleine Brogel AB – Meeuen - Belgium

10 B61 gravity bombs

Büechel AB – Cochem - Germany

10 B61 gravity bombs

Ramstein AB (U.S. base) – Ramstein - Germany

15 B61 gravity bombs

Spangdahlem AB – Trier - Germany

20 B61 gravity bombs

Aviano AB (U.S. base) – Aviano - Italy

20 B61 gravity bombs

Ghedi-Torre AB - Brescia - Italy

10 B61 gravity bombs

Volkel AB – Uden - Netherlands

10 B61 gravity bombs

Inçirlik AB (U.S. base) – Adana - Turkey

15 B61 gravity bombs

RAF Lakenheath (U.S. base) - Suffolk – United Kingdom

30 B61 gravity bombs

On the issue of the US, G8, UN, and NATO (not forgetting Israel) applying pressure to Iran over its nuclear research programme one must raise some extremely serious doubt as to what are there actual intentions. I myself feel that this is a last ditch attempt by the above governments and authorities to control Iran in the Geo Political sense. This is nothing to do with nuclear weapons control but all about having control of the main oil and gas pipeline transit routes. It’s all about the US, UK, France and Germany applying pressure in order to capture their own world energy markets.

We have discussed this so many times before that one example is the Iranian intended IPI pipeline to Pakistan and India (with a possible extension into China). The US has for many years attempted to sabotage this pipeline with a flurry of VIP’s visiting those countries in order to ask them not to sign up with Iran. The war in Afghanistan is a typical example as to how the US are trying to capture this market and cancel out the IPI pipeline by making it a non viable commercial operations.

The US want to install their own TAPI pipeline from Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India (with possible extension in China) and get those countries to sign up with them…..this would allow the US to bring down Caspian oil and gas into those valuable markets. It is clearly a cat and mouse game with evil intentions but at the current time the US is like a wounded bull because Pakistan has already signed up with Iran. This has infuriated the Americans who are continuously warning Pakistan of the consequences of their actions.

What makes this applied pressure on Iran so ironic is the fact that as a direct result of US actions in bypassing the NPT, their own regulations and the total disregard for war crimes and human rights, the US has launched a campaign of mass genocide. They have successfully targeted all the countries in the Middle East region(including Iran) and at the same time spread this genocide around Asia, China, South East Asia, Japan and the World. When will the World begin to see the truth behind this evil plan by the “New World Order” and all the countries listed above of their mass depopulation plan and their need to attack Iran in order to silence and control it.

Leuren Moret and I are almost on the verge of releasing this extremely hard hitting War Crimes Complaint to the world media in the hope that the populations of the world will become the jury and hopefully stop this satanic madness. The NPT is dead in the water because the US has now embarked on a new programme of low yield, dial up nuclear weapons that are far more efficient than any of the much larger bombs that were dropped on Japan during WW2…… “The World Must Wake Up To The Truth” ……this pressure on Iran is just another “US Engineered False Flag Threat That Hides Its True Intentions.”

Watch this space for more exciting articles and a world scoop in the release of our own War Crimes Complaint with all its supporting evidence.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 4th July 2010

Hollie Greig Case: Shropshire Police and Council get dirty

UK, June 27, (Pal Telegraph – By peter Eyre) We now see some shockingly dirty tactics being used by both the Police and Shropshire Council in an attempt to cover up this sordid case of abuse and corruption at the highest level.

There have been some harsh exchanges in communications which clearly reveals that this cover-up now extends well beyond Scotland where it first began many years ago. You will see that there are many unanswered questions and involvement by other third parties that in the real sense have no authority to become involved in the case.

Lets cast our mind back to the time when things were moving along very well and Hollies Army consisted of over 28,000……..as you would expect in any campaign, especially when it involves high ranking officials or the politic elite the army was infiltrated by persons that only had one intention, and that was to destroy the structure and hopefully close the support group down.

On figure that sticks out in my mind was that of Greg Lance Watkins who rang me up one day to say that he was the only official Hollie Greig website and asked if throughout my newspaper articles and radio interviews I would give his reference as the official source for Hollie…….which I believed at the time.

It now appears that this man may well be an undercover agent for the British Government or alternatively a man with serious mental problems…..having reviewed his profile I would tend to go for the latter. This unbalanced man obviously had more sinister motives for the way in which he first supported Hollie and then did a 180 degree back flip and attacked Hollie, Anne and Robert Green. This man is truly the scum of society and should be locked away forever with the likes of the Sheriff of Aberdeen – Buchanen and all the other pedoephiles that operate within this country.

So what’s been going on behind the scenes and who is implicated in this final attempt to scupper any action against the corrupt Scottish Legal System or the high ranking figures involved in these satanic rituals that go deep within the Freemason Organisation.

As I pointed out last week the Police and Shropshire Council carried out a very well orchestrated raid on the premises belonging to Hollie and her mum whilst they were away on holiday and ransacked their house and stole their computer and other items.

Hollies mum Anne decided to write a letter to the local police regarding this terrible incident which was copied to Shropshire Social Services who are also actively involved in this shonky cover-up.:

3 Birch Grove, Ruyton XI Town, Shrewsbury SY4 1LH

[To] Shrewsbury Police Station, Clive Road, Monkmoor, Shrewsbury SY2 5RW

June 10th 2010

Dear Sirs

I am writing to complain about damage that was caused to my home by members of your force on 3rd June 2010, the theft of property on that date, the improper disclosure of information and an apparent attempt to pervert the course of justice.

The circumstances of my complaint are: As a victim of domestic violence dating back to 2000 in which my daughter Hollie was sexually assaulted by my husband and others I was allocated a council home at the above address in 2006. My daughter and I moved from Scotland and we have lived there since then. Shrewsbury Social Services are aware and have provided care for my daughter.

Earlier this month I left my home for a short holiday staying with friends.

On the 3rd June I received a message from a local solicitor that my daughter and I had been reported missing by a Mr. Greg Lance-Watkins, who I have never met, and that police officers accompanied by two social services officials had forcibly entered my home without my permission.

When I went to my home that evening I found that the front and all the interior doors had been broken open and an untidy search had been made leaving documents, correspondence, photographs and personal possessions scattered around. A DVD, titled “Camp FEMA” had been taken from its case and stolen. The electricity supply had been switched off and food in my fridge and freezer had spoiled.

Shortly afterwards, photographs of objects that were in my home appeared on Mr. Lance-Watkins web site together with material that amounts to an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

The action taken by your officers is unjustified. I ask for this complaint to be recorded and investigated.

Yours faithfully

Anne Greig.

CC Shrewsbury Social Services.

As you can see the notorious Mr. Greg Lance-Watkins had apparently been involved in this case for reasons unknown and the fact that information relating to this police raid had been revealed on this scumbag’s webpage. I find it incredibly hard to understand how a WW2 Spitfire fighter ace could give birth to such a low-life imbecile as Greg Lance-Watkins who must surely be a total disgrace to his father.

I will now cover more communications with the relevant authorities and an email by Robert Green to a Mr Collard – Head of Adults and Children Law – Legal and Democratic Services – Shropshire Council…..I find the term Democratic Services rather funny based on their current Undemocratic stance:

bluesmangreen@hotmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To tim.collard@shropshire.gov.uk This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

14/06/2010 cc
FW: Hollie Greig

Dear Mr Collard,

For your information, I attach copy of e-mail sent to Mr Stephen Chandler,
whom I am given to understand had some input regarding the unwarranted and
malicious raid on Hollie`s home that has caused such alarm and distress.

I shall be informing the Court and relevant members of parliament of what
has been perpetrated in the name of Shropshire Council.

It is expected that there will be further questions as regards the
Council`s relationship with Mr Greg Lance-Watkins about whom we have
grounds to believe is a government agent, known to be a former MI5
operative. He is currently using a GSI and is known to be a saboteur, in
this case attempting to obstruct the course of justice in respect to
systematic child rape, murder and the unlawful attempt to section Anne
Mackie, as she was known then, by state officials on 5th September 2000, just eleven days after establishment figures had been identified as
Hollie`s sexual abusers. You will be aware that the abusers included a
member of the judiciary, a senior police officer and significantly, two
social workers including Hollie`s own carer.

Again, on what possible grounds, other than the false rumour promoted by a person who knew neither lady, could Hollie be possibly deemed a "missing person"? She is free to go wherever she wishes and neither she nor her mother are obliged to inform anyone of their whereabouts. When DCI Bates phoned me at my home at approximately 1330 hrs on Thursday 3rd June, just before the raid, I told him that although I did not know the precise whereabouts of Hollie and Anne, I had no concerns about their safety. So therefore, you took the word of a malicious stranger against mine, the ladies` legal representative. DCI Bates later made a false statement, in front of witnesses, about the day he phoned me.

When the "search" took place, even after I had stated I had no concerns and there would be no sign of forced entry to the home or any evidence of violence, did the large team take more than three hours to ransack the house and remove material, some of which seems to have later appeared on Mr Lance-Watkins`website?

Given these circumstances, do you really believe that any reasonable person would accept that you have no "relationship" with Mr Lance-Watkins?

Finally, you seem to have placed great store on the seemingly uncanny ability of your professional psychologist witness to make formal assessments of the mental state of individuals that she has never even met or spoken to. I suggest that a great deal of unnecessary time, distress and waste of public funds may have been avoided if your psychologist`s talents had been directed instead at an assessment of the mind of Mr Greg Lance-Watkins.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

It is becoming evident the Shropshire Council are really under tremendous pressure and now clutching at loose straws. I feel that with more support from Hollies Army with ongoing picket lines at strategic locations one can sense that justice may actually come to Hollie and her mum. I think having a small picket line outside the premises of Shropshire Council Office could well add fuel to the fire……surely some of Hollies Army live in the region?

There has been some incredible moves by Shropshire Council the latest being an attempt to remove Hollie from her mum and put her into care.

I discussed this with Robert Green and he responded with the following email:

You are right. Apparently Greg Lance-Watkins has been boasting that he is responsible for prompting Shropshire County Council`s disgusting attacks on Hollie and Anne, as well as being responsible for the ludicrous "missing person" scare, which was used as an excuse for six people to break into Hollies home on 3rd June, while she was away with Anne and spend over three hours in their small home, taking her computer, other articles and photos, two of which appeared on Greg Lance-Watkins website a few days later.

It is a state-funded conspiracy of the most appalling kind and those guilty of conspiring with Greg Lance-Watkins are the Council’s Stephen Chalmers from Social Services and legal head Tim Collard. DCI Bates of West Mercia Police is also culpable and as already made a false statement, in front of witnesses, including a solicitor.

I have documents from Tim Collard admitting contacts with Greg Lance-Watkins, but are desperately trying to say they’ve not given him details, despite the fact that it was Greg Lance-Watkins who first publicly referred the legal action against Anne and now the incriminating matter of the photos.

Latest dirty trick from Greg Lance-Watkins is to phone those involved in helping Hollie`s campaign, mostly women, giving them personal and confidential information he’s discovered on them, then threatening that he can make trouble for them owing to his "contacts", as he has with Hollie and Anne. (surely a case of Blackmail?)

You can publish any of this. There are other officials of Shropshire Social Services who have deliberately made false sworn statements - more on this to come.


On can clearly see that when all of this fabrication is dealt with there has to be a clear cut case of charges being laid against Greg Lance-Watkins, Shropshire Council and even possibly the police themselves in perverting the course of justice or for his involvement in obtaining private documentation from the police raid and publishing it on his own web page.

You will also recall that Rober Green’s Member of Parliament David Mowat wrote a letter to the Chief Constable MacKerracher of Grampian Police but to date has still not received a response. Reader may find the following article of interest regarding this matter: http://www.firmmagazine.com/news/1992/Exclusive%3A_MP_asks_Grampian_Police_Chief_to_explain_%E2%80%9Cunusual_action%E2%80%9D_in_connection_with_house_raid_of_prospective_candidate_.html

One can clearly see there are now very serious issues here in England following the police raid on Hollie and Anne`s home on 3rd June, in which items were removed and some passed on to a hostile third party for publication.

This case is started to fire up into a major show down between Scotland and England with some very senior political figures in the firing line. This peodophile case is so extensive it has the ability to cause the collapse of some aspect of the British Political system. My advice to the politic elite who feel they are beyond the law is to come clean and bring justice to Hollie Greig and all the other victims who have succumbed to these satanic criminals. Hollies Army is on to you and will not give up until this has been resolved

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant - 27/6/2010