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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Compassion for Lockerbie bomber but not for Hollie Greig

We can all recall the compassion that floated around Scotland for Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, suffering from terminal prostate cancer. He was freed from prison in Scotland by Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill on compassionate grounds who stated that Megrahi was "going home to die."
This case was certainly full of emotion when this man was released with the full approval of Alex Salmond and the Scottish Judicial System. The Prime Minister Gordon Brown said this was a matter for Scotland but of course we know that massive trade benefits existed both between the UK Government and Libya and between Alex Salmond and the Government of Qatar all of whom had conditions attached.
It would appear that Westminster only chooses to isolate itself from Scotland when it is convenient to do so, however many times we do see our Central Government intervening on certain issue in Scotland, especially in protecting the North Sea gas/oil reserves. This is truly double standards at its best. So I guess the question will always be was Megrahi the right suspect in the first place or was this a sacrificial lamb to calm the nerves of the British Government. Either way he was released but what has this to do with poor Hollie Greig?
The emphasis here is that word used in Scotland called “Compassion”…..where was Alex Salmond’s compassion when he heard of the Hollie’s ordeal? How come so much attention for Megrahi who only had a couple of month’s to live (allegedly) and yet we are now in February 2010 almost 6 months on and our man is still alive and kicking down in Libya. I repeat that maybe this man was innocent but none the less he was convicted and the Scottish Government gave this man freedom on the grounds of compassion due to his terminal illness. Hollie Greig went to hell and back whilst under the sadistic control of her Father and the extended ring of pedophiles that prayed on her on almost a daily basis.
It would appear that the Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is linked to Lord Advocate’s choice of lawyers. Amazingly, it can now be revealed the Scottish Government’s current Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill has long standing ties to Levy & McRae, the same law firm used by the Lord Advocate to threaten media publication of the Hollie Greig Case.
Mr MacAskill is now known to have served his apprenticeship at Levy & McRae and also worked at the firm for a considerable time during his years as a solicitor. So Mr. MacAskill where is your same compassion for Hollie Greig? I would also ask again the same question to the not so honorable Alex Salmond….where is your compassion sir?
We know that the Prime Minister and David Miliband were involved in the release of Megrahi as well as Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and Kenny MacAskill. Here was some of the headlines that were around at the time: “Brown finally admitted that he agreed with the Scottish executive's decision to release the Lockerbie bomber on compassionate grounds” Brown later said on a visit to Birmingham that "There was no conspiracy, no cover-up, no double-dealing, no deal on oil, no attempt to instruct Scottish ministers, no private assurances by me to Colonel Gaddafi."
Up in Scotland some of their headlines also confirmed a common relationship when Salmond said his justice secretary, Kenny MacAskill, had made a "difficult, challenging and brave decision", which he claimed had effectively been endorsed by Gordon Brown and foreign secretary David Miliband. By contrast, he said, the Scottish Labour leader, Iain Gray, was guilty of "monumental double-standards" for voting against the release even after it became clear that the prime minister did not want Megrahi to die in jail. It also emerged that a senior Tory peer, Lord Trefgarne, had pressurised MacAskill to release Megrahi to further the business interests of Scottish companies in Libya. Trefgarne, chairman of the Libyan British Business Council, said Megrahi's fate was of "grave concern" to his members because of Libyan warnings that his death in custody would severely damaging business relations.
This proves that despite Brown saying that this was a Scottish matter and a Scottish decision there was clearly a controlling mechanism stretching all the way from London to Edinburgh.
I would again ask these questions of our Prime Minister…”Why are you not becoming involved in the Hollie Greig case”? You are the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to which Scotland forms part and in this context you have the authority to intervene in this shocking case involving people in high places. What I had noticed was one simple sentence on the No 10 Webpage which reads as follows:
Government will work to protect children – PM: Gordon Brown has said the Government will take “every available step” to protect children from early sexualisation. So why have you not taken every available step to protect Hollie Greig? Why have you not intervened? Why hasn’t Scotland Yard become involved in this grotesque file of Pedophilia that is running rife in Scotland? Why wasn’t a case of multiple rapes, of a poor child suffering from Down Syndrome, every looked into? Why was a so called suicide by Hollie’s Uncle Roy never investigated when it clearly was showing signs of being a possible murder case?
I have sent the following email off to No10 Downing Street via the Prime Ministers Web page and received acknowledgement of receipt which reads as follows:

From: donotreply@number10.gov.uk
Subject: Your message to Number 10. Date: Saturday, 27 February, 2010, 13:30 Thank you for your message:
Dear Prime Minister

I would like you to read the two articles as per the links below. This is a terrible story that only you yourself can fix as it has now gone too far. I know that you are Scottish and this hits at the heart of Scotland and all Mums and Dads.
This is an opportunity for you to hit back at Salmon and others whilst at the same time establishing law and order in the United Kingdom



I sincerely hope you can bring justice for dear Hollie and her mum Anne. We must all hang our head in shame over this story and how it has been allowed to pass by without attention or investigation.

You have declared that you will protect the children of the UK....this is your opportunity

Kind Regards

Peter Eyre

It is so uplifting to see that my two articles are now bouncing around the world but to date still nothing in the UK Media which very clearly shows how controlled our media has become…….so much for democracy that we are so proud of and for what we go to war for (or so they say!) I sincerely hope that the Prime Minister will now look into this story as a fellow Scot and more importantly as a father.

We now understand that legal people in other countries are now studying this case with a very strong interest from an Attorney General in one of the US States….could this be the start of seeing out dear Hollie have her day in court.

It takes just one carefully planted seed to grow into a tree and bear fruit….I certainly hope that Hollie’s case is fruitful.

Bless you Hollie and your dear Mum

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 28/2/2010

Friday, 26 February 2010

Why has our so called just legal system turned its back on Hollie Greig?

In my last article I gave you an overview of the sad case of Hollie, a girl who lost her childhood to a father who was a pedophile and his group of sadistic friends. We read in horror as to how this girl had been repeatedly raped by many people covering all sectors of our community and how the Scottish Legal System turned a blind eye. We saw how corrupt society is from the very top right down to those who were responsible for her well being, including the Grampian Police Force. So why did we fail this poor innocent child who suffered from Down Syndrome?

Sometimes, we the public, do not understand that even though such girls may appear to be in their own little world they can be, and frequently are, extremely intelligent with almost a photographic mind. In Hollie’s case she can recall every fine detail with a list of names, not only of the offenders, but also those like herself who were terribly abused but still the legal system and the police turned their backs on this vulnerable girl.

I would like to ask one very simple logical question……If the Scottish Legal System and the Grampian Police cannot or obviously will not investigate these series of terrible crimes (which also includes a murder) then why doesn’t the British Police such as Scotland Yard take control of this matter and bring the offenders to justice?

We see so many times the Prime Minister or other members of the British Government repeat that this is a Scottish matter and must therefore be resolved in Scotland. That is absolutely “Cods Whollop”…..I can assure you that if there was a major incident in Scotland connected to an oil/gas facility or a terrorist incident, Scotland Yard and the British Government would be deeply involved immediately!

Scotland, Ireland and Wales obviously have there own regional governments but they all form part of the United Kingdom and as such come under the Westminster System both politically and legally with the British police working together in many cross border incidents or major crime incidents. With the scope and scale of this particular case one could say it certainly constitutes a major crime, with many children being at its centre and also not forgetting one case of murder, yet to be investigated. There was even one suggestion that a special needs school had a head teacher who was also a Pedophile……now you can see why this case is so important, not just to mother Anne and daughter Hollie but to all the mums and dads in Scotland and elsewhere.

We have seen the Prime Minister show much emotion of late regarding the loss of a child and another suffering from Cystic Fibrosis……let me ask him one question….how would he feel if he were Anne Greig at this moment and it was one of his children involved in this huge cover-up? I know exactly how he would feel and how enraged he would become. So Mr. Prime Minister I challenge you to show your true colours and take control of “Your United Kingdom” and clear away this scum that pollutes our country!!!

Hollie didn’t ask for this sadistic crime, she thought she could live a balanced life with lots of childish fun until these mongrels came into her life! Thank God she was of sound mind to remember everything so clearly. This case must stir up the conscience of every mother and father in the United Kingdom and in particular “Scotland the Brave”……however I have to say that in this case “Scotland has lost its ethical and moral direction” and certainly doesn’t show one ounce of bravery. I am sure that Robert Bruce would turn over in his grave knowing that you, the people of Scotland, did not stand up for this innocent girl…..shame on you!

Aberdeen is one of the most prosperous cities in Scotland with the oil and gas industry at its heart…..it has many extremely rich people who have benefited from this exciting period of growth. However, I have to say it also has an appalling track record in the area of Pedophilia with a very well established ring of evil people, including those in high office, those in the social care, those who are supposed to protect us and those who are supposed to look after our welfare and education.

This is not my story but that of Hollie Greig the poor girl that lost her innocence to a corrupt system that knows who did what but is not prepared to expose the offenders. It is a story that has no beginning and no end. It is a story so sad and evil that one cannot come to terms with how we all abandoned this poor girl. It paints a smear over the face of Scotland and the Scottish Parliament who continue to sit on their hands and do nothing. It has Alex Salmond at its heart, who on a daily basis demonstrates Scotland’s ability to go it alone and yet cannot show strength in investigating and resolving this huge cover-up. It certainly makes a mockery of the term the Right Honorable!

How can Scotland stand up and be proud of its special culture and heritage when its reputation is being dragged through the mud by these scumbags who tarnish your beautiful country. How can you go it alone Mr. Salmond when your justice system has failed this simple girl. Like all leaders one looks for strength and leadership so where is yours? One also looks up to leaders for their moral integrity….where is yours Mr. Salmond.

As I said this is not my battle but just another case of a very sad story being revealed to a far away country called Palestine who have had their own share of living under a very unjust system. All we, at the Palestine Telegraph can do is say to you Anne and Hollie that we are deeply disturbed by your story and we sincerely hope that those responsible for the loss of your brother Robert and those that took away poor Hollie’s childhood have their day in court. Any parent from any country or any religion knows the pain that you have both endured. We can only pray for justice and as we say in the Arab world “Inshallah” which means “If Allah Wills” or “God Willing”…………..Bless you both

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/2/2010

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The deeply upsetting story of Hollie Greig

There has to be a point in our lives when we turn our backs on normal news and bring out the truth behind a gut wrenching story that nobody wants to talk about or who may not be permitted to talk about.
We at the Palestine Telegraph always want to bring out topics that no one else is prepared to print. The case of Hollie Greig is one such story that will make you feel terribly sick inside whilst at the same time wanting to bring those responsible to justice. I did a radio show the other day and someone specifically asked me to investigate this sad story probably knowing that I would do an article on it. One must feel the intense pain of Hollie’s mum and the ongoing nightmare’s that must haunt Hollie, the innocent victim of a pedophile father and his ring of evil friends.

This is not the first time I have heard of such abuse, especially in care homes where children suffering from Down’s Syndrome or other medical conditions have been repeatedly abused by the care staff. It is for this reason that I have broken away from my normal articles to reveal these horrific evil pedophiles that contaminate our planet. What makes this case stand out is the fact that this abuse went beyond the Greig family and extended into the Grampian Police Force who are there to protect us. I am sure by the time you have read through this extremely upsetting story you also will want to bring these evil people to justice.

So who is Hollie Grieg? Hollie lived in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her family consisted of Anne, her mother, Father Denis and brother Greg. It was back in 2000 when Hollie told her mum something very disturbing that any mother dreads to hear - that she had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie and by her brother Greg. This abuse stemmed back to when Hollie was six years old, Hollie also told her mum that her brother Greg had also been abused by his father. We hear of such horror stories many times especially when another member of the family is also abused and that person then becomes part of the spider’s web.

As one would expect Anne immediately reported the incident to the Grampian Police in Aberdeen and it was then that things started to go so terribly wrong. Over a period of time Hollie started to recall the names of those that had abused her. Anne eventually learnt that her husband Denis had offered his daughter to an extended ring of pedophiles. One can imagine the terrible abuse, psychological pain and humiliation that Hollie endured during this period and the terrible pain that mum also endured.

It became a further shock when Anne learnt that this ring of pedophiles included a serving police officer with the Grampian Police named Terry Major and a very high profile gentleman called Graeme Buchanan who happened to be the Aberdeen Sheriff (his picture is on the last page of this article)

After some in depth investigations by medical staff and the Grampian Police Hollie’s account was fully accepted as being authentic but that’s as far as the case went and everything was very carefully swept under the carpet. One of the main players in this deplorable case was that of Elish Frances Angiolini QC (picture above), a Scottish lawyer who has served in the political role of Lord Advocate in Scotland since 2006. Her bio reads that she was appointed to the post of Solicitor General for Scotland in November 2001 becoming the first woman, the first Procurator Fiscal, and the first solicitor to hold that post. This lady prevented any action being taken by the police or should I say against the police and the Sheriff and consequently allowed the main offend, Denis Charles Mackie (Hollie’s father as shown on the following page) to escape the country and settle in Portugal.

The story does not stop there because the authorities started a campaign to discredit and intimidate Anne by having her forcibly taken to a mental institution in the hope of taking Hollie from her and handing her back to her evil father. Anne remained strong and managed to have herself checked over by a leading psychiatrist who then certified her as being perfectly sane. This brave woman stood up to these bullying tactics and consequently forced them to accept the findings of the psychiatrist.

Over the coming years Anne remained strong and continued to fight this battle which eventually led to Anne being able to convince the News of the World to take up her story in 2009. What was also disturbing was the fact that Hollie had been receiving payments from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority which as we all know is a payment handed out for victims of crime. One must fully understand that for this payment to take place one has to have been vetted by the
authorities to qualify for such payments…..surely this in itself are an expression of guilt even though to this day no investigations have been carried out.

Hollies father Denis and Greg went to live in Portugal, which also so happened to be the same country where Madeleine McCann went missing. Anne decided that she should alert the authorities and went to another police station in her newly acquired home in Shrewsbury. She was hopeful that the local police would listen to her story and that they would then notify their counterparts in Portugal that this pedophile had relocated there and may have some connection with Madeleine. It became evident that this possible vital information was not passed on by the British Police.

Private Investigators into Hollies situation have since revealed the presence of other pedophile rings in Scotland and it became clear that senior authority figures in Scotland are prepared to obstruct the course of justice and allow the sexual abuse of such venerable members of our society to continue unchecked in order to save their own necks. This letter clearly shows the names of the offenders.

This letter is from Robert GREEN on behalf of Anne & Hollie MacKie
To; Sheriff Graeme BUCHANAN
Sheriff’s Clerk’s Office
Sheriff Court House
Castle Street
AB10 1WP
Dated 18-Jun-2009

Dear Sheriff Buchanan
Do you know, or have any involvement with any of the following?
Hollie Mackie
Denis Mackie
Graeme Mackie
Greg Mackie
Helen McDonald
Carol Low
Wyn Dragan
David Smith
Terry Major
Sylvia Major
Your prompt response would be appreciated in the public interest.

Yours Sincerely

Robert Green

As one would expect this letter received little attention by the Scottish Court Service and their response is copied here. This letter was in actual fact a sort of name and shame letter but didn’t serve any purpose apart from the fact it serves as an acknowledgement by the Scottish Court Service. The letter was dated 24th June 2009.

It was extremely interesting to learn about what happened to Journalist & Broadcaster Robert Green. He decided to investigate the Hollie case and went up to Scotland only to find himself arrested by the Grampian Police with heavy involvement by Scotland’s Crown Office. Robert had traveled to Aberdeen to attend a public protest against the lack of action by Scotland’s law enforcement agencies in bringing to justice identified individuals belonging a an Aberdeen based pedophile ring, names of which included members of Scotland’s legal establishment and the local Sheriff.
Robert was promptly arrested soon after his arrival and prior to his attendance at the planned protest. It was ironic that his appearance the next day was at the Aberdeen Sheriff Court where he was taken before a colleague of the Sheriff who was named as a key player in this Pedophile ring. It should be pointed out at this stage regarding a police project that was in existence called “Operation Ore” that was set up to identify many pedophiles in public office, none of which have yet been prosecuted.
What is alarming here is the fact that poor Hollie claims she was abused for 14 years from the age of six and has given police the names of some of the men she says assaulted her. The 30-year-old and her mother, Anne, have been campaigning for criminal proceedings since 2000. All of the abuse took place in Aberdeen, and Hollie and her mother claim to have made a statement at Bucksburn police station in July naming those involved. The family moved to Shropshire and two Grampian Police officers travelled to Shrewsbury in September last year to re-interview Hollie at a special facility. Last month, the Crown Office revealed there was not enough reliable evidence to proceed with the case.
A spokesman said at the time: “Historical allegations of sexual abuse made by a 30-year-old woman in Shropshire have been thoroughly investigated by police. “Crown counsel have considered all the available information and decided that there is insufficient credible, reliable and admissible evidence to justify criminal proceedings in respect of these allegations.” It must be fully understood that this statement was in actual fact false because no proper investigation has ever been carried out as only Hollie herself was interviewed.
Despite no charges ever being brought, Hollie received £13,500 compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in April last year. It is understood that a Grampian Detective Inspector described Hollie as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim”. Mrs Greig, 58, claims her daughter has experienced nightmares and panic attacks since she first told her about the alleged abuse.
Before closing there is also one piece of this jigsaw that has not been covered and that is regarding the death of Hollie’s Uncle Robert David Greig (Anne’s Brother). Just when you think you have heard enough of this sordid case we must include the circumstances leading to the death of her Uncle. On the 17th of November 1997 her uncle was found in a burnt out car close to Aberdeen. The police believed it was a case of suicide and the family attempted to obtain a copy of the autopsy. The authorities had for some time declared that no papers existed and basically the case was officially closed.
Anne with the support of others repeatedly tried to obtain the autopsy report which the authorities were reluctant to release and it was only obtained on the 31st of December. Before we go into that autopsy let me tell you an incident that took place prior to this tragic event. After the death of her uncle Hollie told her mum that one day her uncle had come into the house and caught her father having sex with her. Uncle Robert gave a very clear warning to her father never to do that again.
Now we come to the autopsy result which in my opinion gives a very clear cut verdict of murder and not suicide…….one could even possible think that this could be called a political assassination as Robert Greig really did know too much, especially about people in high places. He was totally devoted to his sister Anne and dear Hollie. The Autopsy gave the verdict of death by smoke inhalation but also noted that Robert had severe damage to his skull, two broken ribs and a broken sternum. In addition to this his body also contained much alcohol (even though Robert was a non drinker) and the autopsy found residue of whiskey in his stomach. A person apparently came across the car and attempted to save Robert which came across as a sort of heroic story when in actual fact it is believed that this person was indeed the murderer.
It is important for the world to understand that a very grave injustice has been carried out here and that the Grampian Police have acted in a way that does not befit their duty of care to the people of Aberdeen and more importantly poor Hollie, who like many have fallen victim to such a Pedophile ring. Take a look at this link, read for yourself and watch the video: http://stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/
We at the Palestine Telegraph understand what it is like living in a police state having become the victim of Israeli aggression and intimidation. This case however has touched our hearts and we feel it is finally time to bring those responsible to justice. It is for this reason that we have decided to print the letter sent on behalf of Anne and Hollie whilst at the same time to name and shame those listed. The letter of response is also an indication of the arrogance of the Aberdeen Sheriff.
Pedophilia is deeply rooted in our society and has in the past encompassed some extremely powerful people, including politicians etc The fact that a serving police officer was involved and a very senior figure in the legal system of Scotland cannot be taken lightly and the Palestine Telegraph sincerely hopes that in re opening this case something will eventually come out of it.
This article is dedicated to Hollie and her mum Anne in the hope that she accepts the deep feelings and concerns from the People of Palestine. We fully understand how you have been treated and our hearts go out to you both. Bless you

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 25/2/2010

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Brown to give evidence to the Iraq Inquiry

Next week brings Brown to the table to give his account of the circumstances leading to the war in Iraq….. but is there really any point in this sham of an inquiry?
So far we have seen everyone on stage pontificating into their own self esteem and clearly showing their allegiance to the prince of war crimes – Tony Blair.

Will Brown reveal something so spectacular that will have us all riveted to your seats? Will he turn on the guy that he never got along with or will it be a case of self preservation for the Labour Party? Either way one can be assured that the questions will be so carefully chosen and Brown just like his predecessor will have all the answers carefully laid out before him.

Perhaps at this point we should talk about an event that took place outside of the terms of this inquiry regarding the disappearance of nuclear weapons. As you may recall in one of my earlier articles I referred to the fact that this enquiry really should include members of the conservative party who are certainly implicated in the war on Iraq. This should also extend across the pond to the US as they also were very much involved and not forgetting Israel who made it all possible.

One of my questions to the current Conservative leader David Cameron would be why did he travel to South Africa on behalf of the “Iron Lady” back in 1989? At this particular time there was a total embargo on trade or any relationship with the racist government so how come he got away with this violation? My second question would be who else went with Cameron…could it be a current knight in shinning armour? My third question would be who else was involved from the same party?

I appreciate that by now readers will be somewhat confused as to what all this mystery is about…….like all good “James Bond Thrillers” the main purpose is to keep you thinking right until the end. Some clues have already been released that hopefully with keep the brain cells excited. Let’s just give you a little bit more and tell you that some nuclear weapons ended up in the care of the British Government during the Iraq era that cost the British Tax Payer an awful lot of money and due to gross neglect went missing!
I am sure Dear Dr. David Kelly would be able to explain in great detail if he was still alive but the poor man was assassinated because he knew too much. So where does this leave us and who knows what? In order to trace this paper trail we would have to start off with our dear Margaret and those that were close to her including the man who could become the next Prime Minister. That is why it was so important for this investigation to take in a broader sweep and carry out a full and proper inquiry.

Maybe now you are starting to unravel this complicated fiasco but maybe not. So let’s just refresh your memory. The UN, the British Government, the US Government and the Israel Government were aware of the existence of some nuclear weapons. Those weapons or should I say there facilities were inspected by the UN but no evidence was found. We know however that this was very carefully covered up and after the inspectors left things went back to normal……..still confused?

So maybe now all you know is that some weapons were developed somewhere and that our government was involved with many others in moving them from A to B?…….still confused?....then our government used our money to obtain these undeclared weapons from under the nose of the United Nations and re locate them to another country…get the picture?

Remember the reasoning behind this war on Iraq was all about one country having WMD’s that they may be prepared to use on another. Would you be shocked if I told you that on more than one occasion the US had aircraft with WMD’s onboard airborne and ready to launch them on Iraq and later on Iran? Would you be surprised to learn that our government also obtained such weapons, stored them in another Middle Eastern country ready for use on Iraq? I guess you may now ask the question, “Where is the axis of evil”?

Let’s continue……that is if you are still with me?.......to recap we have nuclear weapons from one country that have been paid for by the British taxpayer sitting in storage somewhere in the Middle East for possible use on Iraq. Guess what happened next?.......they went missing….yes you heard right “Nuclear Weapons under our government care went missing”

So where did they go? And who else knew about this situation?…….for sure our government clearly knew as did the US and Israel but guess what? The United Nations still didn’t have a clue! Obviously dear Dr. Kelly became the sacrificial lamb and those responsible for organizing his assassination still hold senior positions or walk freely amongst us. We must also understand that these nuclear weapons were ready for use and were fully mobile to go anywhere. It must also be understood that when Thatcher lost office this saga continued on with John Major and then onto Tony Blair and eventually Gordon Brown.

So back to the current enquiry…..it is obvious that Tony Blair was implicated in this scenario as well as Gordon Brown and other members of the Labour Party. It is well known that both Blair and Brown summoned Margaret Thatcher to No10 for a briefing when they each in turn took office.

Now perhaps you are all getting to see the potential dangers of any conflict with any country in and around the Middle East. Nuclear Weapons have always been a deterrent but if one is subjected to a massive attack then one can clearly see that retaliation is inevitable.

The current unrelenting threats on Iran are completely out of order especially when we see Israel developing its own WMD’s. In actual fact the US Harpoon Missile is a classic example as to how a so called conventional weapon can be modified by Israel to take a nuclear warhead. In my opinion other nations in the Middle East now have nuclear capability thanks to the gross neglect by the UK Government. I should also point out at this stage that other nuclear weapons also went missing from the US military who knew where they were but did not attempt to recover them until almost four months after they went missing.

That evil man Dick Cheney was directly responsible for this delayed attempt to recover these weapons which also became lost without trace and to this day (much like the UK ones) have not been accounted for. However, it is believed that they were recovered by other private arms dealers which led to more “False Flag Operations” in an attempt to find them. Unfortunately they also are now in the wrong hands!.....maybe not…they could be in the right hands depending on which way you look at it!

Could this shroud of secrecy be because both governments have shown gross neglect and are thus terribly embarrassed? I again repeat that in both cases the UN were not made aware that they were missing……of course they couldn’t tell the UN because it would have revealed the shonky dealings of government using tax payers money for an illegal arms transfer by a private sector dealer. On would also assume that the same dealer was also responsible for the onward sale of these most valuable items. It is rumored that tons of gold were involved and much money brushed the palms of a few!

The final question would be did the Conservative Party or the Labour Party benefit financially from this under the table deal? We already know the answer to that but maybe that’s another story. Before closing I would just like to ask you all….would you vote for a party that had carried out such dangerous clandestine operation? Would you vote for a party that in doing this actually created the current wars themselves? Would you vote for a leader or senior politician who had so much blood on their hands?

Remember that this current conflict with Iran could all be linked to this same sordid deal!....why you may ask?......because the countries pushing the issue are those that were involved in the loss of the nuclear weapons? Personally I think that Iran already has nuclear weapons and if that is the case then it would be suicidal for anyone to attack them. Iran is carrying the ace card on this issue and when the President says that if he was attacked the west may get a very pleasant surprise then maybe that surprise could be such a weapon.

We must never allow this situation to go any further and it is time for the world to say to the aggressors….”Back off and change your current foreign policy” It is also time for the United Nations to start asking questions about the missing US and UK nukes…….why were they not advised?

You never know we could all live in hope that the UN have their own inquiry now to find out how their team missed a nation developing nuclear weapons under their very nose? How the UK, UK and Israel knew but the UN didn’t? and bring those responsible to court to answer these so important questions.

Finally I want to mention one man who played such a major role in the Dr Kelly affair, namely Alastair John Campbell who was Director of Communications and Strategy for the British Prime Minister Tony Blair from 1997 to 2003. This evil man currently has become a bit of a celebrity and is not only much sought after by the media but also the fact that he received an award for “The best Political Book of the Year” in 2008. It is obvious that in today’s corrupt society one can get a Knighthood or a Prestigious Award for being a villain. Maybe this is all part of rewarding someone to keep them from spilling the beans. We know who they are and hopefully one day we will see them in court. Maybe they will succumb to their maker and hopefully have the courage to share their evil doings before they take their last breath of air. They alone are currently responsible for many millions of deaths that have resulted from the wars that they alone had planned. “What goes around comes around”.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/2/2010

Sunday, 21 February 2010

At last one EU country has the guts to pull out of Afghanistan

It was so uplifting to see the Government of the Netherlands make a decision to pull out of Afghanistan. This is the first major NATO partner to make such a decision and hopefully this will paint a very clear picture to the other EU members that this war has nothing to do with democracy or terrorism.

The people have a last seen what hides behind this unnecessary war and realize that its basis was formed on a pack of lies. We again see that the true reason for going to war was greed for economic growth and to get their hands on the oil and gas reserves in the Middle East Region.

It is very clear that the US was behind this entire episode with a mass of lies behind Iraq and the same for Afghanistan. Both were planned by the US at least 6 months prior to the attack and many false flag situations were conjured up to convince, we the public, that this was an essential war. Unfortunately the British puppet government followed the leader and became involved in orchestrating a list of reasons as to why Britain should go to war.

Blair told the Iraq inquiry that the reasons for going to war were based on information received regarding WMD’s that could be used at 45 minutes notice. What he didn’t tell the inquiry was that he and other senior members of staff knew that Iraq did not have any WMD’s and that the main reason for going in was for a regime change. Blair said this certainly was not the case even though documentary evidence shows that this was Bush’s intention and that Blair was aware of this.

We went to war because of a well orchestrated conspiracy that has failed almost every test to prove it was authentic. So many grey areas existed and many CCTV shots were withheld. The Boeing crashing in the field and the heroic fight onboard with the terrorist was a non event. The Boeing crashing into the Pentagon was also a non event. The twin towers were almost pulverized with very little left and this certainly was not as a result of aviation fuel. If the three events were authentic then any government would show all CCTV footage and also have allowed the media to film the scene which is normal in such incidents.

Let’s not forget that the lawn area leading to the Fighter Aircraft/Missile entry point was totally clean of any damage and someone even took a pictures of plain clothes FBI/CIA agents spreading fragments of aircraft parts onto the pristine lawn area. One of those pieces was supposed to be from the right front of the aircraft and was placed some distance from the Pentagon and on the wrong side. Everyone would understand that at any crash scene no one is allowed to touch any component and the scene becomes a scene of crime….awaiting the aviation investigation team. This photograph show the pathetic attempt to make the scene look genuine

It was obvious that one day the public would respond to these huge cover-ups and although we have not been able to force an open enquiry into 9/11 we can respond via the ballot box. The Dutch Government has truly been hit a hard blow which has now caused it to totally collapse. I hope that this can be a clear warning to other governments that may be embarking on a general election in the EU that you could also fail on the issue of the War in Afghanistan. The people of Britain will soon be taking part in the election (around May/June) and should either party maintain their current stance we could well see people dumping the main parties and voting for an independent. Gordon Brown is certainly heading for the backbench and David Cameron may well get a big surprise……he said on camera some time ago “Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan”……the party that supports a pull out will be the party that could well win.

Everyone now knows that the Afghanistan War is all about securing the transit route for the TAPI pipeline, Afghanistan Natural Resources and not forgetting the protection of the Opium Market that brings much money to the Banking Sector with links back to Hong Kong and London. No one ever gets the opportunity to trace the money as it is quickly transformed into Gold and Diamonds etc

It is obvious that Canada is now looking at a total withdrawal by 2011 as they have suffered very heavy losses. The Canadian public have for a long time been asking many questions as to why we are in Afghanistan.

So is this the beginning of the end? Will we see this theme duplicate itself around Europe? Will this send shock waves around the Houses of Parliament? Could this see the EU taking back control of NATO and pushing the US back into a corner?
We can live in hope and only time will tell.

This is truly a wonderful day for all peace activists around the world but sadly the damage done to Iraq and its people is not irreversible. The US and UK have blasted Iraq with weapons containing uranium and almost written off the genetics of its people. These same weapons are now being used in Afghanistan on a much bigger scale and I dread to thing what the final outcome will be.

I am sure everyone will praise the Netherlands for taking this first step and lets all hope and pray that this is the start of a people’s revolution to take control of our respective governments. You never know we may one day see an authentic 9/11 inquiry.

For my part I know that past and current senior members of the main parties in the UK are guilty of some horrendous lies with a paper trail of evidence that could well see two of the main parties fall. It involves both past and current senior members of the Conservative and Labour parties. Needless to say the US and Israel were also implicated.

It is evident that Dr David Kelly knew an awful lot and his information was also known to many other people. It just takes time to bring the ghosts out of the closet and then their day will come. The waiting list has some pretty interesting names all of which have connections to Dr David Kelly and would you believe some missing Nuclear Weapons on both sides of the pond………very intriguing hey?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 21/2/2010

Friday, 19 February 2010

Why did Brown invite the Israeli Ambassador?

We again see a weakness in our politic system when Mossad got caught red handed carrying out the assassination of Mahmoud al Mabhouh in Dubai. As we have since found out most of the false passports were British. With the power and involvement of the Pro Israeli Lobby Group and the forthcoming election we were not expecting to see anything dramatic take place. Normally in such a situation the government would have summoned the Israeli Ambassador to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office but our dear Mr. Brown invited him to a meeting with Permanent Undersecretary and head of the Diplomatic Service Peter Ricketts

Based on some past clandestine operations that have been carried out on behalf of the British Government one could look at this situation in two ways:
1. Are our politicians afraid of offending Israel at this particular time for fear of valuable funds being withheld from there election campaigns? Or
2. Is it possible that the UK is also implicated with Mossad in this assassination?

There are so many “False Flags” now that one cannot assume that what we are told is what actually happened. We had 9/11 for instance which I now believe was such a conspiracy. We had 21/7/2005 on the London underground and again there is a distinct possibility that this was also a “False Flag operation.”

Internationally speaking many incidents have taken place that reveal some of the more sinister workings of the CIA, Mossad, and the UK Secret Service. One only has to look on the website to see the broad coverage. On the MI6 page one can read responsibility of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) – SIS provides the British Government with a global covert capability to promote and defend the national security and economic well-being of the United Kingdom.

I would like to place an emphasis on the latter part of this statement “economic well-being of the United Kingdom.” We see time and time again a big focus on this aspect of the world’s secret services, especially in the area of taking over or securing the natural resources of another country. We see hit squads or Special Forces infiltrating deep within areas such as the DRC, Sudan, Iraq, Latin America and Afghanistan to single out those that oppose their economic greed. This also extends into the areas that produce drugs which is a major source of income for those in high places. Drug money is very quickly converted into Gold or Diamonds etc and gets lost in the underworld that operates globally.

One must not forget the arms dealer which is also a major money spinner for many governments but this aspect is extremely covert. Government coffers (Tax Payers Money) are frequently handing out huge sums of money by way of the The Depart of Trade and Industry via The Ministry of Defence or some other unscrupulous means and ends up in the hands of the private sector arms dealers. Such deals frequently offer kick backs to the political elite and can get lost in party donations etc.

We have to understand that the transfer of huge sums of money to secure the planned economic growth in almost every case involves some sort of conflict. In other words if we look at the case of securing a pipeline is say Afghanistan, which has been on the cards for a very long time, one has to infiltrate that region to stir up some sort of trouble or create a “False Flag” so that one can justify taking action. This was also the reason for going into Iraq but in this case many things went wrong which left both the US and UK Governments to cover up their reasons for going to war. One can also say the same for Israel’s reasons for going into Syria in 2007.

Basically what happened in Dubai is all part of a much bigger picture and frequently involves more than one security service working together for a common goal. It is more than likely that the British or even the CIA worked with Mossad on this assassination. We also from time to time see one agency flexing its muscle against another country to act as a warning to back off. Another case can be for Mossad to covertly carry out an act of terrorism within another country in an attempt to change a policy or stop some sort of action. One could for instance use the Goldstone Report as their justification to carry out such an act which basically can be interpreted as a warning to can the report.

In the case of Mahmoud al Mabhouh it may have simply been the fact that he had in the past been dealing in arms but again I ask the question is this any different from all the other countries that do the same. Was he assassinated for trying to get arms into Palestine or in helping someone else arm themselves to fight for their cause?
What is the difference between Mahmoud al Mabhouh doing this and the US Department of Defence shipping thousands of weapons and other hardware to Israel? The same goes for the UK shipping military goods or spares to Israel. However, I can say with great confidence that in both of the above cases both countries almost certainly breached their own export regulations as well as being an accomplice in Israeli War Crimes etc.

The US, UK and Israel have a long history of working together to silence a particular President, Prime Minister, Politicians, Group or Person…its all part of the “Axis of Evil”…..in many cases one can say that the axis is right here in London and does from time to time involve high profile figures in this country in much the same way as it does in the US and Israel. One can recall that Israeli politician Tzipi Livni has such a sinister past when she herself formed part of a hit squad. Her father was himself a terrorist and yet she put so much blame onto the Palestinians for their role in carrying out attacks against Israel.

People may find it extremely hard to believe that a very high noble politician in the UK could have a hit squad at his disposal both here in the UK and in Canada. We could go one stage further on this story and say that the person or persons involved had a direct connection with the assassination of John F Kennedy and his brother Bob Kennedy…….so you see how screwed up this world really is.

Let’s just extend this a little further and again ask the question was the collapse of the world’s financial market a natural occurrence or was it a well orchestrated collapse? I can assure you it was certainly no accident or a natural event……the international bankers and all those unscrupulous groups that we have talked about so many times made this happen. It gave them the opportunity to then pick amongst the carcasses of dead banks or companies….pick out the best aspects of those and buy them to re group and reap in hug profits within one year of the collapse. The carcasses that were considered bad debt were allowed to fade away….the victims of which were ordinary simple workers who lost their jobs and lost their homes.

We the tax payer now have to start paying huge taxes back to our respective governments for the next 5 years or so but why?......the banks got bailed out and repay their loans back to the Government thus clearing the slate and the governments still want to grab our money……so its all down to the fact that the Banks get their money, the Governments get their money….but we the tax payer continue to pay and never get our money!

Let me try to explain to you that this is all connected to that group called the New World Order which stems from Wall Street to the Street of London….I will not bother to list them again but I am sure you all know who they are. One has to understand that the drug scene and dealing in arms are two of the biggest money spinners in the world. You may find it hard to believe that on some aspects of the drug scene they can generate between $100 – $200 billion per annum. The same applies to the arms manufacturers and dealers. Wars and conflicts are good for business and also good to hike up the price of a barrel of oil…….now you can understand the stakes involved…Wars and conflict and regular false flags are also good for failing political figures who wish to boost their ego’s.

Perhaps in regard to the financial melt down one could recall which banks did not require bail outs and put two and two together…….now you are starting to see the bigger picture of the involvement of drugs, arms and corruption at work. Add to this New World Order, the Christian Zionist, Jewish Zionist and the many Pro Israeli Groups who by donating to political figures and parties have the power to control governments and their policies. Now you are stating to see the bigger picture.

In order to demonstrate how all of the above works lets just cast our minds back to the days of John F Kennedy and the Cuban Crisis. The CIA and other unscrupulous people in government did set up many “False Flags” in order to win over the hearts and minds of the citizens of the US and other governments that were their allies. The level of these operations had no barriers. It planned killings, terrorism and to create mass hysteria both within the people of Cuba and also in the US. God knows how many people died or how many could have died in order to create such “False Flags.”

Basically what we are looking at here is that it is ok to kill a few thousand in order to achieve your economic objectives….especially in the areas of drugs, oil, gas and mining. Dare we say that 9/11 was a false flag, the attack in London or even the so called natural disaster in Haiti recently ……..I think we can say with some degree of accuracy that in most cases “Yes” they were false flags…..just like the USS Liberty off Israel and the attempted Detroit bombing.

Maybe you are all now scratching your heads in amazement by saying this guy is crazy…how can Haiti be linked to a false flag situation…..very easy my friends…..Haiti has huge reserves of oil and gas that is probable bigger than Chavez’s reserves and more importantly it has huge precious metal reserves, gold, silver and copper etc most of these permit areas have been snatched up by the US, UK etc……..one has to understand the geological structures around the world and realize that where there is much geological activity with rifts and faults etc there are normally rich in natural resources. I would ask you all to keep in mind that one can create massive changes to weather patterns and one can create earthquakes by means of HAARP, Nuclear Weapons and huge bombs such as the MOP etc…..just try using your imagination and let it run wild.

Don’t you also think it was rather strange that the US Military were on full standby for a huge military exercise for a potential natural disaster and had their chief on location ready to go…….that exercise was for a huge hurricane and guess where it happened to be?.....yes it was Haiti! Only the day before they were preparing for this massive operation and the next day it happened only it was not a hurricane but an earthquake! Did you also notice that many civilian aircraft were turned away carrying medical aid but no US military aircraft were turned away that were pouring in troops etc? Did you notice that they ran out of medical supplies very quickly, despite being well prepared for this disaster some months in advance? Did you ever think that they could have allowed this to happen to add to the death toll? There was even a rumour of people becoming handicapped without having cause to amputate etc……..I do not want to go down that road but rumours are rumours and conspiracies are conspiracies. It all comes down to believe it or not?

The world is full of so many surprises, from missing nuclear weapons to false flag terrorist attack to false research on pharmaceutical drugs to Al Qaeda that never existed to terrorist they never have any intention of finding and the many inquiries that never go anywhere. The classic failure was that of the Goldstone Report. The world is full of devious and corrupt leaders and politicians with a United Nations that issues resolutions that everyone ignores. Add to this the mad scientist that keep creating WMD’s and especially the acceptance of HAARP which has to be considered as the most evil weapon on earth.

Many governments do not want you to become too well informed or educated as when you achieve such goals it can make you an enemy of the state. They want to have total control of you and keep you subservient both financially and mentally. The US is already a police state and the UK and EU is hot on its heals. People like Henry Kissinger, Nick Rockefeller, Dick Cheney and so many others are the true axis of evil

To put everything into perspective my final question would be, if 9/11 was a conspiracy (which appear to be the case) then who can you trust? Up to what level are they prepared to go and do their evil and sinister ways have any boundaries. We truly live in a world that has lost is way and imagination. Can we do anything about this? Yes you certainly can….you have to be strong and fearless and keep revealing their evil ways. If anyone in politics can spend huge amounts of tax payer’s money for WMD’s and then have equally large amounts of money donated into party funds or their own account then we surely have reached the end of the road…..especially when those WMD’s mysteriously disappear.
We can clearly see that politically motivated assassinations such as those of the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, Dr.David Kelly, Princess Diana and more recently that of Mahmoud al Mabhouh are a routine way of life. What must keep in mind that whatever story you learn from your government or via the media may not be the whole truth. Many secret service agencies work together to achieve an economic advantage or to stop these poor victims from spilling the beans. Dr Kelly is one of those classic cases and now any possibility of a re inquiry has been shelved by the man that led the inquiry Lord Hutton…Vital evidence relating to the death of the government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly will be kept behind locked doors for up to 70 years. This sinister move has secretly barred the release of all medical records, including the results of the post mortem, and unpublished evidence.
One does not have to be into rocket science to fully understand that this is a government set up implicating Tony Blair, members of his cabinet, advisors and some current leading political figures. One must also step outside of the Labour Party and look across at the Conservative Party for their connections in sordid dealings, not forgetting the USA and Israel.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/2/2010

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Is it The Iraq Inquiry or the Chilcot Conspiracy?

I am sure you have all been glued to your seats watching the masquerade unfold and realized that this wasn’t going to be a “Shock and Awe” investigation but rather another waste of taxpayers money for a chosen panel to pontificate how they were going to con us all into believing this was truly British justice at work.

One could almost guess what questions were going to be asked, realizing that they had been well chosen. Then we listened to those well orchestrated responses that appeared to just flow out….almost like a good Shakespearian play, full of powerful words and emotions.

I think only Clare Short came across in a down to earth meaningful way but all the other actors in this charade fell well short of receiving an encore! They all complimented each other, as one would expect, and basically have now set the scene for the Prime Minister to take his place, knowing that this is pure routine. No doubt they will all emerge like knights in shining armour thinking that they will now launch their respective election campaigns with a clean slate!

For my part I felt the Chilcot team was a total set up by using Blair’s “Old boys Club” to enhance his chances. One could see an initial nervousness when he first walked in but this soon turned into his usual self righteous and arrogant way of telling everyone he would do it all over again and had no regrets.

On reflection perhaps this inquiry should have also included some past and current Conservative MP.s and members. At the end of the day one has to go back to the days of John Major and Margaret Thatcher to see how the entire Iraq war came about along with other political figures from both parties. It would appear that the only people that can come out clean on this issue is the Liberal Democrats but they also have some dirty washing to hang out regarding the Pro Israeli Lobby…..but that’s another story.

We all know that we went to war in both Iraq and Afghanistan for reasons other than those given. Both wars were planned well in advance (at least 6 months) and it was just a matter of time for the leaders on both sides of the pond to find or create justification i.e. .a “False Flag scenario. We now know that it was 9/11 that turned their plans into reality.

I myself have a long history in aviation and I found it totally unacceptable that a Boeing crashed into a field and another one crashed into the Pentagon….there was absolutely no evidence that this actually took place and taking aside the Twin Towers this alone is worthy of a new inquiry. As far as the Twin Towers are concerned there are also many concerns as to how this disaster occurred. I would recommend you all watch an interview with Aaron Russo regarding 9/11. The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nD7dbkkBIA

Let’s get back on track with the “Chilcot Family Circus” and try to understand why more questions were not asked that were fundamentally essential for this inquiry to be successful. Perhaps a greater emphasis should have been made on Blair’s fixation with the WMD 45 minute comment he repeatedly made. What gave him so much concern? Did he know something that had occurred during Thatcher’s reign that gave him so much trouble to keep putting an emphasis on this WMD situation? Did his sidekick Brown also know something that the public didn’t and likewise when he came to office was there something bothering him?

Was there another event, of a similar nature, involving the USA? Did both Conservative and Labour know of another sinister covert operation that may have put both countries in a rather difficult position and if so how come it was kept away from the media? Could both incidents have been serious enough to notify the United Nations? It is obvious that the Iraq Inquiry only covers one small part of events leading up to and including both wars and this alone makes such an inquiry deeply flawed.

It is blatantly obvious that something is amiss in this inquiry and should have therefore included both political parties including the “Iron Lady” herself….although with her current health problems she probably would not be able to recall who in her cabinet (both junior and senior) went where and why. Without the full team of both parties being present it would be impossible to run a fair inquiry and to ascertain who was implicated……….at the end of the day the individuals concerned certainly know the truth and must find it very worrying that one day they will have their day in court. Amongst this “Axis of Evil” are those that orchestrated Dr Kelly’s assassination. He knew what they knew and was about to write a book on the subject or spill the beans via the media…….what they fail to understand is that the truth behind these covert operations are known to many people and all the information appertaining to them has been duplicated and spread around for safe keeping.

What has now happened as a result of these “False Flags” and shonky under the table deals involving the US, UK, Israel and South Africa we have now reaped in the harvest - Gulf War, Afghanistan War and the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, Syria and Gaza. The big one is still pending (Iran) but the west is extremely cautious on this next stage of their overall plan.

As a result of their own greed and gross neglect some nations may now have a nuclear weapon with the compliments of the tax payer’s money. One can also assume that key figures or parties also had their hands brushed with gold.

It is time for the people of Britain to show their frustration at the next election by voting out those guilty of such actions. We must not accept the Prime Minister’s current rigged inquiry and demand a totally new independent inquiry with a panel of people who know how to ask the relevant questions….I alone would love such an opportunity. So who can you vote for? That is the million dollar question! Conservative and Labour have a sordid past and Lib Dems are controlled by the Pro Israel Lobby (poor Jenny Tonge). One can only hope that some inspiring independent comes forward to inject new life into the incredibly corrupt options that currently run our country.
Oh and before I close maybe I should give you a clue into this carefully worded article.
“Something went missing that lets off a huge explosion and leaves a mushroom shaped cloud”….have you guessed yet?......no sorry not a native American smoke signal! Keep trying and watch this space.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 17/2/2010

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Israel and the US preparing for Iran - Part 3 - The Economical Impact

In my last articles we have looked at the military and environmental impact of a possible attack by the US and Israel on Iran but such a conflict has far more reaching implications. There are many commercial ventures already in place involving Iran and other countries with some pretty large projects on the horizon. If such an attack took place it could cause immeasurable damage to the economy of Europe and to those countries involved in Joint Venture projects.

It is interesting to note before we move on with this story that Israel itself stands to loose in a big way if it attacks Iran, especially in its current programme of receiving vital energy imports such as oil and in its long range plans to have a subsea pipeline come down from Turkey to Israel.. So how will any attack impact on our economy?

Israel vowed it would never buy Iranian oil but most people didn’t realize that this was not the case. Huge amounts of oil have been shipped to Rotterdam for instance and their Israeli commercial agents have been buying up the entire load which is then on shipped to Haifa…..how’s that for being two faced.

Currently the key to this economic jigsaw is Turkey which is the only Islamic link between Iran and the EU. As far as the supply of energy to Europe goes Turkey is at the crossroads for the transfer of this vital resource and involves many major projects.

For many years now UK and EU have been actively trading with Iran via Turkey but one would not think so with the hostile political spin that appears to flow back and forth. One has to understand that Turkey is very sensitive to any intimidation by another nation on any Islamic country that Turkey may support or trade with, especially when its own economy is so dependent on such relationships. We see this clearly with Iran which is a life line for Turkey and in many ways a lifeline for the UK and EU.

Should an attack on Iran take place obviously this could severely unbalance the current trade between Iran and Turkey and cause Turkey to take sides with its economic partner. The other dangers are that the current energy supply chain could be severely interrupted if any action is taken by the US, Israel or NATO, to which Turkey is a member.

So let’s look at the trade in more depth. Turkey has strong diplomatic ties with many countries in the Middle East, especially with Iran. As far as the UK is concerned Turkey remains the fifth largest export and seventh largest import partner with the EU and thus makes any disruption to this relationship a severe economic blow to the UK alone. The EU is seeking to strengthen its economic ties with Turkey as it also stands to gain substantial commercial growth.
If however, the US, UK, EU or Israel attack Iran this could well disrupt the vital link. You may ask why? The answer really goes back to a long term plan to give the whole of the UK/EU another option in its oil and gas energy requirements. Currently Russia dominates the market and as a result can from time to time be switched off as was the case in Ukraine. What we the public do not understand is the fact that one only assumes that trade with Iran is a no no…….what you have to understand is that any oil or gas that comes from Iran into Turkey automatically turns its nationality of origin to Turkish before it is on shipped….even thought that same pipeline from Iran is only be transiting Turkey on its way to the European marker. That’s what makes sanctions an absolute joke.

One of the major developments between Iran and Turkey was the start of the discussions in September ’09 for a joint project to build an international free industry and commerce zone on the two countries’ borders. With the benefit of Iran’s cheap energy and Turkish technology, the countries are aiming to produce goods in Eastern Turkey near the Iranian border and export them to Central Asia and Middle East. This aspect obviously would be counter productive for the EU who does not want such activity to take place. The energy prices in Iran are about one tenth of the prices in Turkey, which will be vital for diminishing the production costs for manufacturers in Turkey. This would make both Turkey and Iran extremely competitive.

Other developments focus on energy. Turkey has recently gained the rights to extract and use 50% of the natural gas reserves in the Iranian South Pars region and sell it to other countries. Basically we are looking at a situation here whereby this 50% could transit from Iran into Turkey to serve the EU Market……therefore such an attack on Iran could cause this to fail and would directly cause supply to the EU to cease resulting in higher fuel prices and thus causing damage to the UK/EU economy.

Currently Iran exports 50 million cubic meters of natural gas to Turkey daily and with the implementation of this plan another 23 million cubic meters would be added to that figure. In addition this will make Turkey a seller of natural gas to Europe rather than simply being a transit country. Turkey and Iran have also agreed to build an oil refinery in Northern Iran in a joint venture project. Once the project is completed, it will be able to deliver an annual volume of about 35 billion cubic meters of gas from Iran to the EU member states. Despite the sanctions imposed on Iran, Europe requires a secure and cost effective way to gain access to
Iran’s energy and Turkey is seen as one of the most prominent channels that can deliver that. Now you can truly see the two faced approach taken by the UK and EU when they stab Iran in the back on one hand and buy their natural resources via the back door approach in Turkey. This is exactly what the Israeli do when they buy Iranian oil via the Netherlands.

Another arch enemy of the US, UK and EU is Syria which in much the same way as Iran continues to go about life on a daily basis and does not succumb to any intimidation by the west. Syria has very good relationships with Turkey. The trade volume between the countries was $1.8bn in 2008, more than twice the $0.8bn trade
volume registered in 2003. Furthermore, exports to Syria increased by 25.1% and 40% by volume in the first 10 months of 2009 and 2008 respectively.

Relations between Turkey and Israel currently are not the best and again this is linked to the Israeli – Gaza conflict. One would also assume that any action taken by Israel and Iran will directly disrupt trade with Turkey. It’s all so very complicated and yet what is funny about this entire scenario is that the West is on the brink of conflict with Iran which may involve NATO and Turkey is a member. What damage would such an even have on the economy of Israel? A free trade agreement exists between the two countries and Turkey is Israel’s sixth biggest trade partner. Most of the trade with Israel is currently in defence sector…what else you would expect wars and conflict is big business!

Finally we have the much talked about Turkish – Israel pipelines to bring Water, Oil and Gas to Israel. This proposed pipeline would then transit Israel and go down to Eilat. Super tankers would then pick up the product from there and go via the Red Sea to Asia, SE Asia and beyond. This would bring incredible wealth and security to Israel so is there any logic in Israel attacking Iran? You will also note that this pipeline would also carry Iranian’s natural resources via Turkey to Israel.

Let’s hope that this aggressive approach by the US, UK, EU and Israel goes away and that common sense prevails. To attack Iran is pure insanity with the added danger that Iran may well surprise the west with its own little nest egg.

The US, UK and Israel know the risks involved with this ill thought campaign, especially when you are missing some of your own nuclear weapons that could well be in the hands of those countries that were once your trading partner. One can truly understand the meaning of “what goes around comes around”. I am sure that past and current Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senior Members of Staff, Members of Congress, and Members of Parliament do not sleep so well when they reflect on the errors of their ways and how they became implicated in the sordid world of dealing in arms.

The Hutton Inquiry and the current Chilcot Inquiry is just another false flag to make the government appear to be doing the right thing. As we have since learnt Dr Kelly was assassinated and the demand by 13 doctors to have this case re examined has been ignored. The original report has now been locked away for 70 years and this in itself looks deeply suspicious. The Current Chilcot Inquiry is a total farce with a carefully hand picked team and will follow the same trend as the Hutton Inquiry. Both the Conservative and Labour Party are implicated in an extremely unpleasant past, the level of which is beyond imagination. Hopefully one day those responsible will have their time in court rather than participating in a Kangaroo Court.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/2/2010

Monday, 15 February 2010

Once again Clinton hits out at Iran

In my current series I have written about the military aspects of any attack on Iran by the US and or Israel. I again repeat that Israel cannot carry out this attack without the help of the US. The intended use of a Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) bomb which has been specifically designed against Iran can only be dropped from a US aircraft. The weapon is now ready for usage but some fine tuning on the aircraft to carry it is still underway. One aircraft, the B52 has already successfully carried out the first drop test but this aircraft is extremely vulnerable to detection and attack and may only be able to carry one such weapon as it is around 30,000 lbs in weight.

The B-2 Stealth bomber on the other hand has been converted to carry two of these monsters in their in line bomb bays as shown in the picture on the next page. This therefore directly implicates US involvement in any such action. The B-2 is the obvious platform because of its stealth capability. However, if Iran just so happens to have an over the horizon radar then even this big bird may be detectable. I have decided to write a brief article on the current situation before writing Part 3 - The Economic Damage that such an attack will have on the US, UK, EU and even the Israeli economy. In order to clarify and support my last article on some aspects of the environmental contamination I have drawn up an air flow chart to clearly show the dangers of such a mission that will consume the entire Middle East including Israel itself within 2 days of the attack. The map is shown at the end of this article.

Before going into this aspect I would like to draw attention to a couple of articles currently floating around. The first one is from the former Chief of Staff Dan Halutz who yesterday said the following: "We are taking upon ourselves a task that is bigger than us" "I think that the State of Israel should not take it upon itself to be the flag-bearer of the entire Western world in the face of the Iranian threat, I'm not some passer-by ... I've filled a few positions that give me a different level of information to the average person," From my own perspective I have been in both Military and Civil Aviation and fully understand the grave danger and task that faces the IAF. This would be an impossible mission for them to carry out alone. The ex Chief himself is ex Israeli Air Force and therefore knows the consequences.

To re enforce my own interpretation of these grave dangers we can look at comments made by the chairman of the US military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen who is also concerned about the consequences of any attack on Iran's nuclear facilities: "The outbreak of a conflict will be a big, big, big problem for all of us, and I worry a great deal about the unintended consequences of a strike," note the term “all of us.” One can clearly see that the US will be involved in this and may well try to turn it into a NATO war based on the policy of “An attack on one is an attack on all”……..now you can see the true axis of evil at work. He quoted Obama in a passing statement by saying that the US President had been very clear from a policy standpoint: “Iran cannot have nuclear weapons.”…..I am sure that both the US and UK could enhance the availability of the odd WMD here and there in their previous dirty history!

Let’s now look at another article in which the “Iron Fist” lady Hilary Clinton made the following statement regarding Iran: "That is how we see it. We see that the government of Iran, the supreme leader, the president, the parliament, is being supplanted and that Iran is moving towards a military dictatorship. That is our view." She was asked if the US planned to attack Iran. Her response was : "No, we are planning to try to bring the world community together in applying pressure to Iran through sanctions adopted by the United Nations that will be particularly aimed at those enterprises controlled by the Revolutionary Guard, which we believe is, in effect, supplanting the government of Iran."

Isn’t this a case of "The pot calling the kettle black" nowhere in our more recent history have we seen such a military dictatorship as the good old US of A. We have seen a long list of Presidents and their senior staff member carry out war mongery in all corners of the globe. They even go as far as saying they are the world’s police force. We hear so many times about fighting the “Axis of Evil” and terrorism when in actual fact this refers to themselves, being the instigators!

Clinton went on to say: "We're still hoping that Iran will decide to forego any ... ambitions for a nuclear weapon," "But we cannot just keep hoping for that. We have to work to take action to try to convince the Iranian government not to pursue nuclear weapons," Perhaps we can reflect on such words when we recall the timeline trail of evil dealings carried out by the US, UK and many EU countries who have created this WMD scenario.
The West including Israel has played a major role in establishing the spread of WMD’s. In earlier years when the West was in bed with Iraq and Iran and also pretended to punish South Africa there were many clandestine under the table deals going on in both nuclear WMD’s deals and also in the Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) arena.

I myself found how easy it was to bypass the so called stringent economic sanctions on South Africa….. as an example, one could purchase almost anything you wanted, including sophisticated military hardware and weapons. On the CBW side of things our own government allowed the transfer of CBW “know how” to go from the old Rhodesia to South Africa along with all the experts that went with it. This later developed into more sinister operations in both the WMD and CBW areas which again our government and the US were aware. I am sure that there are many retired and existing political figures who may well tremble with fear knowing that we the public know how they operated and like all good Intel operators keep duplicated records in all corners of the globe. The problem we see today is the fact that the Intel Operators of today are rushed through their training and like our soldiers in Afghanistan are rather young and do not have the experience and knowledge that time brings to those much older.

How can Obama, Clinton, Gates, Brown, Miliband and that half whit Bob Ainsworth truly paint a picture of what others nations have done or are doing when they themselves fed them the ability to create both WMD’s and CBW’s. There is a very clear paper trail showing how this came about. One should especially look at the era when John Major and the “Iron Lady” Thatcher were in power, followed by the take over by Blair and now Brown. The links are totally beyond imagination and directly involve not only senior political figures but also junior politicians at the time. One should not miss out on Knights of the Garter…..unfortunately when the Queen bestowed this high office upon them with the sword she did not know their illustrious background…..maybe a full swing of the sword would have been more appropriate!!

I have no doubt that a whole string of high profile figures are deeply routed in sinister and covert operations. Ethics no longer take centre stage but rather it’s a case of fillings ones wallet or boosting your electoral funds. We the tax payer have on a regular basis been hoodwinked into parting with vast sums of money when such things as the world’s financial collapse was orchestrated by those one would call the “The New World Order.”

A classic example of an untrustworthy government is the case of the notorious Chinook Helicopter saga. We may recall that this helicopter has had many problems with its software package (as have many other military aircraft). I myself have seen aircraft kept in service because they cannot replace them or do not have the finances to upgrade them. One can cast our minds back to the Chinook that crashed into the hillside in the Mull of Kintyre (1994). This aircraft was one such aircraft that had faulty software and in poor weather conditions ploughed into the hillside with not only a top quality pilot and crew but many senior staff members who all died in such tragic circumstances.

The UK military flight-test centre at Boscombe Down had serious concerns about the reliability and safety of the Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system used to run the RAF Chinook Mark 2's engines. The FADEC system, which interposes software between the pilot and direct control of the engine's fuel flow - much as many modern "fly-by-wire" systems eliminate mechanical connection between cockpit controls and aeroplane elevators, ailerons etc, was just being introduced when Chinook ZD576 crashed in poor visibility in June 1994, killing all 29 people on board.
It became obvious that with this upgrade this Chinook would not have crashed but as usual the crews are always guilty until proven guilty. An initial RAF investigation concluded that the pilots had made an error and flown the helicopter into the ground, a mistake which is all too easy to make when flying on instruments at low level in poor visibility. However the pilots' families and campaigners on their behalf have always said that a problem with the FADEC software might instead have caused an engine on the helicopter to go out of control and cause a crash.

I also know from information received out in the battlefield in Afghanistan that many of the Chinook fleet also were grounded with software problems. Then we had dear old Bob Hainsworth announcing that new Chinooks would be made available in Afghanistan during 2012/13 which is when the US intend to pull out and hand control back to the Afghans……now you can see the pathetic way our respective governments put our troops at grave risk. Add to that the over zealous use of weapons containing uranium components and we can see that our government is prepared to sacrifice our troops and thousands of innocent civilians all in the name of oil and economic greed..

So there we have it…..no doubt soon the main political parties will be waving their wallets at the Pro Israeli Lobby Groups to support them in their respective campaigns. What I would ask is would you vote for anyone who had blood on their hands or who had done some very shonky deals in the past? Would you vote for anyone who had in the past allowed countries to acquire WMD’s or CBW’s all in the name of hard cash? Would you vote for a government who covered up Dr Kelly’s death or who rigged the Chilcott Inquiry with people connected to Blair….who probably orchestrated the questions and made them availabe to those being interviewed. It was also clear that the start and finish dates that formed the basis of the inquiry left out periods that were so vital in the reasons for going to war. Blair was never cross examined intensively on where he got this information regarding the WMD 45 minute issue.

This article has been specifically written to point out to those in high office, who doubt my assumptions or interpretations, that both the US and Israel will be involved and also that the catastrophic fallout will bring not only the entire Middle East to its knees (not for knighthood purposes) but will cause immeasurable damage to the rest of the world both environmentally and economically. The only ones to gain out of this are those associated with the “New World Order” and the major oil companies and arms manufacturers.

It is time for the Arab League and the people of Israel itself to fully understand that this could well be a path of self destruction and despite any hatred that may exist this really does not make sense.

If we all want to learn a lesson we must understand that the US, UK, EU and Israel really do need to look deep within their foreign policy and to stop this incredible greed and thirst for someone else’s natural resources at no matter what the price. This philosophy is pure madness and the only way we can resolve any of the current political differences is to stop these wars and pull our head back in…….close down all western military bases on Islamic soil and start trading with the Arab League instead of intimidating them. Only then will terrorism stop and our world return to a more balanced way of life. Oh and lets not forget to stop the manufacturing and use of all weapons that contain uranium components.

“Finally Dear Hilary I think Iran may already have a WMD..I thought you knew”?
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 15/2/2010

Sunday, 14 February 2010

The rise and fall of Baroness Jenny Tonge A True Friend of Palestine

It is with great sadness that we see a staunch supporter of the Palestinian people removed from her position as Health Spokeswoman for the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords. This is a clear sign of the political power that the Pro Israeli Lobby have over all political leaders and their party. This does not stop here in the UK but also extends throughout the US and the EU. So what caused such a dramatic response from the Lib Dems?

I guess dear Jenny has been fighting the traitors of all political parties for some time especially those who appear to pay more attention to their election campaign funds tha keeping a moral and ethical stance in the Houses of Parliament. They appear to protect those that financially prop them up in return for support or favour of anything that aids the Pro Israeli cause. The Friends of Israel are certainly not a group to be taken lightly and should you cross swords with them you can expect severe repercussions as Jenny has now found out.

Some time ago I wrote about who controls the power of politics in the west and I was shocked to see the amounts of money involved in this devious manipulation of our so called democratic political system. Let's just briefly look into the sinister game of "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine." Lets first look at the three main political parties and see how it all comes together in order for potential candidates to gain a seat in the House of Commons or the House of Lords. All three mainstream parties have a specific organisation that protects them financially and at the same time promotes good PR for Israel. If one reads the speeches made it is easy to see that even if you are the devils advocate Israel can get away with brutal executions or mass killings as long as they deposit sufficient donations to cover candidates election costs.

The Conservative friends of Israel (CFI) consist of around 80% of all Conservative MP's who provide money for their respective election campaigns which obviously comes with pre conditions! One can relate to such pre conditions when Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Leader of the Conservative Party at the Conservative Party Conference, 3 October 2006 said the following:

"The Conservative Party is a true friend of Israel because we look at Israel and we see a democracy, we see a democracy that has a right to exist and a right to defend itself and that is a force for good in the world, and I want to say that as clearly as I possibly can."

It was David Cameron who appeared before the CFI lunch some months after Cast Lead and said nothing to denounce the actions of the Israeli Government in actual fact complemented Israel by say "Israel strives to protect innocent life" he also went on to say that "If I become Prime Minister, Israel will have a friend who will never turn his back on Israel."

The Ambassador of Israel, HE Zvi Heifetz, who attended a conference once said: "I know from experience that I can rely on the members of CFI to put Israel's case... The Conservative Party has long been the home of some of Israel's most outstanding advocates. For that you have my deep appreciation and my thanks."

As you would expect the following headline appeared in the CFI weekly briefing on the 22nd of October 2009: "Conservatives back rejection of UN Resolution on Goldstone Report" No doubt this attracted more funds for the upcoming elections in 2010!

Let's now look at the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI). On their website we can read the following: LFI seeks to promote a strong bilateral relationship between Britain and Israel. We work with the Government, Parliamentarians, advisers, and activists throughout the Labour movement. LFI also strengthens the bond between the British and Israeli Labour parties, organising meetings in both countries between senior figures, officials and the grassroots. "We are fundamentally sympathetic to Israel's position as a liberal democracy facing constant security dilemmas and existential threats."

It is clear that both the CFI and the LFI both benefit from huge donations whilst at the same time having the ability to respond in the right way to the donors. What is incredible about the political scene in Britain and that of the US is that if you say the wrong thing your wallet will suffer with even the possibility of being removed from office by those that hold the power. In that context one can say that the entire system is totally corrupt. Isn't it ironic that Obama, Brown, Cameron and Clegg were very critical of the Afghanistan Government in the area of corruption and yet their own palms are brushed with gold, as and when required!

All parties benefit greatly from this relationship......they are flown to Israel on a regular basis and live a life that most of use would be embarrassed by. They are basically paid to leave behind their ethical duties as MP's and continue to support Israel at whatever the cost. One would have thought that the highest priority for our chosen leaders is to address the issues our own country first. If politically speaking, one objects to the action of another country, you are free to be as critical as you wish. Democracy is all about free speech and having the ability to say what is morally or ethically wrong. The main issue with this type of funding is that it comes at a price and therefore restricts both you as an MP and your party to carry out its true purpose which is to be representative of your people

Finally lets get down to the Liberal Democrats who have bitterly attacked Jenny Tonge on other occasions and yet she has not said anything that any other responsible citizen would have said. It is clear in a democratic society that if someone is accusing you of a wrong doing then you call for an inquiry to dismiss such accusations. But before we go into those issues let just look at the Lib Dems and their relationship with Israel.

The LDFI main objectives are:

1. To Maximise support for the State of Israel within the Liberal Democrats and Parliament.

2. To develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect between the Liberal Democrats and the Jewish Community.

3. To support and promote policies which lead to peace and security for Israel in the context of a comprehensive and lasting Middle East peace settlement.

4. To encourage a broad understanding of Israel's unique political position as the only democracy in the Middle East.

Let's also take a look at its aims:

1 To influence the Party's Middle East policy so it places a high priority on Israel's right to peace and security.

2. To ensure Liberal Democrat parliamentarians are aware of the up-to-

date situation in the Middle East.

3. To provide parliamentarians with briefing material for parliamentary

debates, questions to Ministers and public appearances.

4. To rebut attacks on Israel in the media, Parliament and the Party.

5. To liaise with Israeli politicians and Government.

6. To maintain a dialogue with other parliamentary groups having an

interest in the Middle East.

7. To ensure that the British Jewish Community are aware of the activities


8. To develop and maintain a broad based LDFI membership inside and

outside of Parliament.

9. To arrange and accompany LDFI delegations to Israel.

10 To organise fringe events at Party conferences

11. To keep in regular contact with the Embassy of Israel.

As we can see from the above this corrupt system is firmly embedded in the politics at Westminster and huge sums of money exchange hands, especially as we near a new election in May/June. One can see all these political figures running around the Pro Israeli Lobby Groups to earn "Brownie Points."

If we cast our mind back to 2006 we saw Jenny Tonge highlighting this very fact in at a Lib Dem Conference back in 2006 when she said: "The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they have probably got a certain grip on our party." The Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel leapt on the remarks when Ming Campbell said "I have acted with the maximum powers at my disposal at this time. I have written to Baroness Tonge dissociating myself and the party from her deeply offensive remarks and what I believe to be their clear anti-Semitic connotations. I have asked for a review of the disciplinary powers available to the Liberal Democrat leaders in both the House of Lords and Commons." I am sure that when Ming Campbell made this announcement his party funds would have been boosted significantly.

Back to the current time poor Jenny again got herself into deep water in relation to the many allegations made by the media that the Israelis had been taking organs whilst in Haiti. One would normally expect that if anyone is accused of such allegations over a period of time one would dispel such comments by carrying out some sort of enquiry and that is what Jenny was trying to point out when she made the following comment to the Jewish Chronicle "To prevent allegations such as these - which have already been posted on You Tube - going any further, the IDF and the Israeli Medical Association should establish an independent inquiry immediately to clear the names of the team in Haiti."

In a statement released on Friday evening, Nick Clegg said the allegations were "highly offensive". "The comments were wrong, distasteful and provocative and I recognise the deep and understandable distress they have caused to the Jewish community," he said. "While I do not believe that Jenny Tonge is anti-semitic or racist, I regard her comments as wholly unacceptable. "Jenny Tonge apologises unreservedly for the offence she has caused."

It is not the first time that Baroness Tonge has been dismissed from a party post.

In 2004, when she was still an MP, then Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy asked her to quit as children's spokeswoman following remarks she made about Palestinian suicide bombers. She told a pro-Palestinian lobby group: "If I had to live in that situation - and I say that advisedly - I might just consider becoming one myself."

She retired as an MP after the incident, but entered the House of Lords.

One has to look deeper into the comment made in 2004 and evaluate what she was trying to say. If you and I had our land taken from us, our house bulldozed, maybe also witnessed the shooting of your mother or father and in some cases lost your entire family.....if then you had further daily on going intimidation and humiliation...what is left for you to live for? It is at such moments that you turn to your only hope left which is that of your religion and pay the ultimate price in becoming a Martyr and taking with you those that caused you so much misery. If one looks at such events from this perspective then maybe one can understand exactly what Jenny was trying to say.

Baronness Jenny Tonge was truly a highly moral and ethical lady and a true friend of Palestine. She now has made the eternal sacrifice in speaking from her heart whilst all the other senior political figures grovel around for Pro Israeli funds to prop up their election campaign. I feel that Jenny should now run as an independent

candidate in the next election as I am sure someone with her courage would do extremely well with having any donations from those that try to manipulate politics.

Bless you Jenny and for all what you have done for the people of Gaza and Palestine.

Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant - 13/2/2010

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Israel and the US preparing for Iran - Part 2 – The Environmental Perspective

In my last article we reviewed the military implications if the US and Israel carried out an attack on Iran. I will now discuss the types of weapons to be used and the catastrophic contamination of the entire Middle East region and the world should they be foolish enough to go ahead.

As with the “shock and awe” attack on Baghdad many missiles are likely to be fired from naval vessels located in the North of the Persian Gulf. Many of these missiles contain uranium components and would form part of an initial attack on the nuclear facilities in Iran. Then we have the “bunker busters” which are suitable for normal structures that are built of concrete, part of which may extend partially underground. These weapons also contain uranium components and can be launched from altitude as a standoff weapon and guided to the target by GPS. We then have another standoff weapon called JDAM which are large bombs which also contained uranium components.

The main thrust is likely to be by missiles as these can be launched outside of Iranian airspace, thus reducing the risk of human casualties. The US Cruise Missile is perfect for this application but it must also be understood that some of Israel’s missiles do carry nuclear warheads and one should also expect some new dirty weapons to be tested out, as was the case in Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008/9. So we are basically looking at both depleted uranium (DU) and enriched uranium (EU) contamination.

Finally we have the very large US weapon called the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) that has been specifically designed for such an attack which can be launched from the US B-2 Stealth Bomber (2XMOP’s). This massive bomb can penetrate almost 200 feet into the ground and is vital for the success of the operation. One could also possibly expect the use of the Massive Ordnance Air blast Bomb (MOAB) which has had very little usage since it initial design. This bomb is normally dropped out of the back of a C130 Hercules aircraft. However this would be a sitting duck for the Iranian Air Force and their Air Defence Systems and is highly unlikely.

As I have pointed out previously there are many options for the US and Israel to carry out such an attack
A) Israeli Air Force attacks from Israel
B) Israeli and US Naval attacks from the Northern Persian Gulf
C) Israeli and US attacks from Northern and Southern Iraq
D) Possible US air attacks from their Afghanistan base in Bagram or elsewhere.
E) Possible US air attacks from around the Caspian Sea area.

The best and obvious option would be an attack from the US carrier group already in the Gulf with the assistance of at least 4 Israeli Warships and 2 Israeli Submarines all armed with missiles with nuclear potential.

We will now take a look at the environmental implications of the fall out from any damaged Iranian nuclear facilities and also the contamination from the radioactive aerosols released from the weapons used by both Israel and the US, all of which are extremely dangerous. Let’s first look at the scenario in and around the Middle East which will receive this radioactive contamination in many forms within the first couple of days of such an attack. I must remind readers that not one single country will avoid this fallout, including Israel itself. What is ironic here is that Israel has already nuked its own population, land, crops and water supply when it attacked Lebanon in 2006 and again Gaza in 2008/9…….in actual fact this self inflicted contamination goes back even further to the Yom Kippur War in October 1973 when the US first introduced the depleted uranium weapons to Israel against the Egyptians.

One finds it so hard to understand why Israel would aid the killing of its own troops and people by using such highly toxic weapons in the vicinity of Israel.
One can already see the results from this contamination in the very high levels of Cancer, Diabetes, Infertility etc that exists in Israel to this day.

I have compiled an air flow chart for the region to demonstrate how this deadly contamination will move around the region on any given day. It shows how these deadly aerosols drift on the wind at many levels and will continue to do so each time the wind picks up contaminated nanoparticles off the ground and whisks them away to some far distant land. They are totally indiscriminate and do not identify international borders. I have selected two levels, Low – Medium Level and Medium – High Level to show how the four corners of the earth eventually get covered. These nanoparticles remain suspended until they get rained out and obviously in area of draught never get rained out. They continue to be blown around in what is called secondary contamination such as strong winds, dust/sand storms, sea breezes and helicopter down wash etc.

Before explaining my chart I wish to draw attention that this is only assuming the attack is one way i.e. only Iran is attacked without reprisal. Obviously this will not be the case and one can therefore expect strategic targets in Israel and elsewhere to also be attacked adding more contamination to the areas shown on the map. It is also important to remember that the US in its usual manipulating and arrogant way is installing Missile defence systems in Israel and four other ally countries in the Gulf States which is more than likely to be the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

These air defence naval assets will include advanced radar and eight Patriot anti-ballistic missile batteries (two in each of the above countries). It is important for those countries to fully understand the implications in allowing the US to use their soil…….this makes them a prime target also as any US or Israeli military facility would be considered a valid target. As you can see this entire US/Israeli game goes well beyond the realms of a computer game and has extreme consequences. If the US or Israel strike the first blow one must clearly understand that what follows would be considered as self defence. This is truly a sad day to see fellow Islamic countries selling their soul to the US and for the second time turning their back on their brothers.

What they fail to understand is that the West and Israel really do not care about them and continue to use such weapons on Islamic soil contaminating the entire region and killing the genetics of their people. When will such countries fully understand that they have lost their dignity and pride all in the name of oil and economic greed? It is also noted that for the first time in the Jewish state's 60-year history, the U.S. has established a permanent military presence. The US now has an advanced X Band Radar facility in the Negev Desert to form as an early warning shield against any Iranian missiles. It takes around 10 minutes for any such missiles to reach Israel. The system will link in with the US Patriot anti-ballistic missile systems in Israel and other Arab States to form a shield.

In the following Contamination Air Flow Chart I have shown a white star as being the centre of attack against Iranian Nuclear Facilities. It would have been too complex to show all the many levels from sea level to 40,000 feet so to make it easier to understand I have selected just two levels. The lower level which is from sea level to mid level which is shown by red arrows and the mid to upper levels which is shown by the blue.

Again I wish to emphasize that the area within the white circle would be highly contaminated with the first couple of days of such an attack and no country would be spared from this fallout. It would be much more devastating than the effects of Chernobyl. The remaining areas of the world would be contaminated within 7-10 days of the attack. You can also see on this chart that certain weather patterns have caused tight circulations that are normally associated with areas of low pressure. Within these complex systems can be much rain or snow and this results in the radioactive nanoparticles getting rained out. This then offers many options for one to become a victim of this catastrophic fallout.

In areas that are dry and arid or those that are not currently getting rain the intake would be by inhalation. In areas of rain or snow the contamination will come to earth and can be absorbed via the skin or enters the food chain by rainout on the land, soil, crops and water and in that case we then get contamination via ingestion.

On this particular chart that I made up for this article one can see an intense low pressure area over Europe taking in Scandinavia, UK, Western Europe, Turkey, Mediterranean and the holiday resorts of North Africa etc. Just to the East of this we see another area that is not so tightly banded and this would cause contamination of the Western side of Russian, Ukraine and down to the Caspian Sea.

There is also another weak circulation over the Middle East and another one over India and South East Asia. Apart from these systems you will note that the main flow is from West to East and then over to the USA. What I have not included in this chart is the Jet Stream Activity that moves such contamination at extremely fast speeds around the world. Not exactly the sort of thing you want by “Express Delivery.”

The world must never allow this insanity by the US and Israel and must fully understand the implications if this attack goes ahead. The spreading of the radioactive nanoparticles will cause a massive rise in many forms of cancers; a big hike in diabetes, the contamination will directly attack the human DNA resulting in a total breakdown in our genetic code. This contamination also as the ability to enter the brain barrier with a multitude of mental health problems as well as tumors. There will be a sharp rise in still born babies and grossly disfigured babies. In Iraq the women in such places as Faluja and Basra are now frightened to have babies. Finally we will have a huge increase in infertility amongst both men and women.

One final point that should be mentioned is the fact that Iran may well already have a nuclear bomb with the compliments of the US, UK and Israeli governments….but that’s another story. Keep watching this space for Part 3 which will be the devastating economic impact on the US, UK, EU, Israel and further afield. Obviously the same small group of international bankers and the larger multi national oil companies and arms manufacturers will benefit from such a conflict but the ordinary people in this world will have to pay a very high price that will only effect them…..isn’t that always the case.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 12/2/2010