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Friday, 19 February 2010

Why did Brown invite the Israeli Ambassador?

We again see a weakness in our politic system when Mossad got caught red handed carrying out the assassination of Mahmoud al Mabhouh in Dubai. As we have since found out most of the false passports were British. With the power and involvement of the Pro Israeli Lobby Group and the forthcoming election we were not expecting to see anything dramatic take place. Normally in such a situation the government would have summoned the Israeli Ambassador to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office but our dear Mr. Brown invited him to a meeting with Permanent Undersecretary and head of the Diplomatic Service Peter Ricketts

Based on some past clandestine operations that have been carried out on behalf of the British Government one could look at this situation in two ways:
1. Are our politicians afraid of offending Israel at this particular time for fear of valuable funds being withheld from there election campaigns? Or
2. Is it possible that the UK is also implicated with Mossad in this assassination?

There are so many “False Flags” now that one cannot assume that what we are told is what actually happened. We had 9/11 for instance which I now believe was such a conspiracy. We had 21/7/2005 on the London underground and again there is a distinct possibility that this was also a “False Flag operation.”

Internationally speaking many incidents have taken place that reveal some of the more sinister workings of the CIA, Mossad, and the UK Secret Service. One only has to look on the website to see the broad coverage. On the MI6 page one can read responsibility of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) – SIS provides the British Government with a global covert capability to promote and defend the national security and economic well-being of the United Kingdom.

I would like to place an emphasis on the latter part of this statement “economic well-being of the United Kingdom.” We see time and time again a big focus on this aspect of the world’s secret services, especially in the area of taking over or securing the natural resources of another country. We see hit squads or Special Forces infiltrating deep within areas such as the DRC, Sudan, Iraq, Latin America and Afghanistan to single out those that oppose their economic greed. This also extends into the areas that produce drugs which is a major source of income for those in high places. Drug money is very quickly converted into Gold or Diamonds etc and gets lost in the underworld that operates globally.

One must not forget the arms dealer which is also a major money spinner for many governments but this aspect is extremely covert. Government coffers (Tax Payers Money) are frequently handing out huge sums of money by way of the The Depart of Trade and Industry via The Ministry of Defence or some other unscrupulous means and ends up in the hands of the private sector arms dealers. Such deals frequently offer kick backs to the political elite and can get lost in party donations etc.

We have to understand that the transfer of huge sums of money to secure the planned economic growth in almost every case involves some sort of conflict. In other words if we look at the case of securing a pipeline is say Afghanistan, which has been on the cards for a very long time, one has to infiltrate that region to stir up some sort of trouble or create a “False Flag” so that one can justify taking action. This was also the reason for going into Iraq but in this case many things went wrong which left both the US and UK Governments to cover up their reasons for going to war. One can also say the same for Israel’s reasons for going into Syria in 2007.

Basically what happened in Dubai is all part of a much bigger picture and frequently involves more than one security service working together for a common goal. It is more than likely that the British or even the CIA worked with Mossad on this assassination. We also from time to time see one agency flexing its muscle against another country to act as a warning to back off. Another case can be for Mossad to covertly carry out an act of terrorism within another country in an attempt to change a policy or stop some sort of action. One could for instance use the Goldstone Report as their justification to carry out such an act which basically can be interpreted as a warning to can the report.

In the case of Mahmoud al Mabhouh it may have simply been the fact that he had in the past been dealing in arms but again I ask the question is this any different from all the other countries that do the same. Was he assassinated for trying to get arms into Palestine or in helping someone else arm themselves to fight for their cause?
What is the difference between Mahmoud al Mabhouh doing this and the US Department of Defence shipping thousands of weapons and other hardware to Israel? The same goes for the UK shipping military goods or spares to Israel. However, I can say with great confidence that in both of the above cases both countries almost certainly breached their own export regulations as well as being an accomplice in Israeli War Crimes etc.

The US, UK and Israel have a long history of working together to silence a particular President, Prime Minister, Politicians, Group or Person…its all part of the “Axis of Evil”…..in many cases one can say that the axis is right here in London and does from time to time involve high profile figures in this country in much the same way as it does in the US and Israel. One can recall that Israeli politician Tzipi Livni has such a sinister past when she herself formed part of a hit squad. Her father was himself a terrorist and yet she put so much blame onto the Palestinians for their role in carrying out attacks against Israel.

People may find it extremely hard to believe that a very high noble politician in the UK could have a hit squad at his disposal both here in the UK and in Canada. We could go one stage further on this story and say that the person or persons involved had a direct connection with the assassination of John F Kennedy and his brother Bob Kennedy…….so you see how screwed up this world really is.

Let’s just extend this a little further and again ask the question was the collapse of the world’s financial market a natural occurrence or was it a well orchestrated collapse? I can assure you it was certainly no accident or a natural event……the international bankers and all those unscrupulous groups that we have talked about so many times made this happen. It gave them the opportunity to then pick amongst the carcasses of dead banks or companies….pick out the best aspects of those and buy them to re group and reap in hug profits within one year of the collapse. The carcasses that were considered bad debt were allowed to fade away….the victims of which were ordinary simple workers who lost their jobs and lost their homes.

We the tax payer now have to start paying huge taxes back to our respective governments for the next 5 years or so but why?......the banks got bailed out and repay their loans back to the Government thus clearing the slate and the governments still want to grab our money……so its all down to the fact that the Banks get their money, the Governments get their money….but we the tax payer continue to pay and never get our money!

Let me try to explain to you that this is all connected to that group called the New World Order which stems from Wall Street to the Street of London….I will not bother to list them again but I am sure you all know who they are. One has to understand that the drug scene and dealing in arms are two of the biggest money spinners in the world. You may find it hard to believe that on some aspects of the drug scene they can generate between $100 – $200 billion per annum. The same applies to the arms manufacturers and dealers. Wars and conflicts are good for business and also good to hike up the price of a barrel of oil…….now you can understand the stakes involved…Wars and conflict and regular false flags are also good for failing political figures who wish to boost their ego’s.

Perhaps in regard to the financial melt down one could recall which banks did not require bail outs and put two and two together…….now you are starting to see the bigger picture of the involvement of drugs, arms and corruption at work. Add to this New World Order, the Christian Zionist, Jewish Zionist and the many Pro Israeli Groups who by donating to political figures and parties have the power to control governments and their policies. Now you are stating to see the bigger picture.

In order to demonstrate how all of the above works lets just cast our minds back to the days of John F Kennedy and the Cuban Crisis. The CIA and other unscrupulous people in government did set up many “False Flags” in order to win over the hearts and minds of the citizens of the US and other governments that were their allies. The level of these operations had no barriers. It planned killings, terrorism and to create mass hysteria both within the people of Cuba and also in the US. God knows how many people died or how many could have died in order to create such “False Flags.”

Basically what we are looking at here is that it is ok to kill a few thousand in order to achieve your economic objectives….especially in the areas of drugs, oil, gas and mining. Dare we say that 9/11 was a false flag, the attack in London or even the so called natural disaster in Haiti recently ……..I think we can say with some degree of accuracy that in most cases “Yes” they were false flags…..just like the USS Liberty off Israel and the attempted Detroit bombing.

Maybe you are all now scratching your heads in amazement by saying this guy is crazy…how can Haiti be linked to a false flag situation…..very easy my friends…..Haiti has huge reserves of oil and gas that is probable bigger than Chavez’s reserves and more importantly it has huge precious metal reserves, gold, silver and copper etc most of these permit areas have been snatched up by the US, UK etc……..one has to understand the geological structures around the world and realize that where there is much geological activity with rifts and faults etc there are normally rich in natural resources. I would ask you all to keep in mind that one can create massive changes to weather patterns and one can create earthquakes by means of HAARP, Nuclear Weapons and huge bombs such as the MOP etc…..just try using your imagination and let it run wild.

Don’t you also think it was rather strange that the US Military were on full standby for a huge military exercise for a potential natural disaster and had their chief on location ready to go…….that exercise was for a huge hurricane and guess where it happened to be?.....yes it was Haiti! Only the day before they were preparing for this massive operation and the next day it happened only it was not a hurricane but an earthquake! Did you also notice that many civilian aircraft were turned away carrying medical aid but no US military aircraft were turned away that were pouring in troops etc? Did you notice that they ran out of medical supplies very quickly, despite being well prepared for this disaster some months in advance? Did you ever think that they could have allowed this to happen to add to the death toll? There was even a rumour of people becoming handicapped without having cause to amputate etc……..I do not want to go down that road but rumours are rumours and conspiracies are conspiracies. It all comes down to believe it or not?

The world is full of so many surprises, from missing nuclear weapons to false flag terrorist attack to false research on pharmaceutical drugs to Al Qaeda that never existed to terrorist they never have any intention of finding and the many inquiries that never go anywhere. The classic failure was that of the Goldstone Report. The world is full of devious and corrupt leaders and politicians with a United Nations that issues resolutions that everyone ignores. Add to this the mad scientist that keep creating WMD’s and especially the acceptance of HAARP which has to be considered as the most evil weapon on earth.

Many governments do not want you to become too well informed or educated as when you achieve such goals it can make you an enemy of the state. They want to have total control of you and keep you subservient both financially and mentally. The US is already a police state and the UK and EU is hot on its heals. People like Henry Kissinger, Nick Rockefeller, Dick Cheney and so many others are the true axis of evil

To put everything into perspective my final question would be, if 9/11 was a conspiracy (which appear to be the case) then who can you trust? Up to what level are they prepared to go and do their evil and sinister ways have any boundaries. We truly live in a world that has lost is way and imagination. Can we do anything about this? Yes you certainly can….you have to be strong and fearless and keep revealing their evil ways. If anyone in politics can spend huge amounts of tax payer’s money for WMD’s and then have equally large amounts of money donated into party funds or their own account then we surely have reached the end of the road…..especially when those WMD’s mysteriously disappear.
We can clearly see that politically motivated assassinations such as those of the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, Dr.David Kelly, Princess Diana and more recently that of Mahmoud al Mabhouh are a routine way of life. What must keep in mind that whatever story you learn from your government or via the media may not be the whole truth. Many secret service agencies work together to achieve an economic advantage or to stop these poor victims from spilling the beans. Dr Kelly is one of those classic cases and now any possibility of a re inquiry has been shelved by the man that led the inquiry Lord Hutton…Vital evidence relating to the death of the government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly will be kept behind locked doors for up to 70 years. This sinister move has secretly barred the release of all medical records, including the results of the post mortem, and unpublished evidence.
One does not have to be into rocket science to fully understand that this is a government set up implicating Tony Blair, members of his cabinet, advisors and some current leading political figures. One must also step outside of the Labour Party and look across at the Conservative Party for their connections in sordid dealings, not forgetting the USA and Israel.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/2/2010

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