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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Is it The Iraq Inquiry or the Chilcot Conspiracy?

I am sure you have all been glued to your seats watching the masquerade unfold and realized that this wasn’t going to be a “Shock and Awe” investigation but rather another waste of taxpayers money for a chosen panel to pontificate how they were going to con us all into believing this was truly British justice at work.

One could almost guess what questions were going to be asked, realizing that they had been well chosen. Then we listened to those well orchestrated responses that appeared to just flow out….almost like a good Shakespearian play, full of powerful words and emotions.

I think only Clare Short came across in a down to earth meaningful way but all the other actors in this charade fell well short of receiving an encore! They all complimented each other, as one would expect, and basically have now set the scene for the Prime Minister to take his place, knowing that this is pure routine. No doubt they will all emerge like knights in shining armour thinking that they will now launch their respective election campaigns with a clean slate!

For my part I felt the Chilcot team was a total set up by using Blair’s “Old boys Club” to enhance his chances. One could see an initial nervousness when he first walked in but this soon turned into his usual self righteous and arrogant way of telling everyone he would do it all over again and had no regrets.

On reflection perhaps this inquiry should have also included some past and current Conservative MP.s and members. At the end of the day one has to go back to the days of John Major and Margaret Thatcher to see how the entire Iraq war came about along with other political figures from both parties. It would appear that the only people that can come out clean on this issue is the Liberal Democrats but they also have some dirty washing to hang out regarding the Pro Israeli Lobby…..but that’s another story.

We all know that we went to war in both Iraq and Afghanistan for reasons other than those given. Both wars were planned well in advance (at least 6 months) and it was just a matter of time for the leaders on both sides of the pond to find or create justification i.e. .a “False Flag scenario. We now know that it was 9/11 that turned their plans into reality.

I myself have a long history in aviation and I found it totally unacceptable that a Boeing crashed into a field and another one crashed into the Pentagon….there was absolutely no evidence that this actually took place and taking aside the Twin Towers this alone is worthy of a new inquiry. As far as the Twin Towers are concerned there are also many concerns as to how this disaster occurred. I would recommend you all watch an interview with Aaron Russo regarding 9/11. The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nD7dbkkBIA

Let’s get back on track with the “Chilcot Family Circus” and try to understand why more questions were not asked that were fundamentally essential for this inquiry to be successful. Perhaps a greater emphasis should have been made on Blair’s fixation with the WMD 45 minute comment he repeatedly made. What gave him so much concern? Did he know something that had occurred during Thatcher’s reign that gave him so much trouble to keep putting an emphasis on this WMD situation? Did his sidekick Brown also know something that the public didn’t and likewise when he came to office was there something bothering him?

Was there another event, of a similar nature, involving the USA? Did both Conservative and Labour know of another sinister covert operation that may have put both countries in a rather difficult position and if so how come it was kept away from the media? Could both incidents have been serious enough to notify the United Nations? It is obvious that the Iraq Inquiry only covers one small part of events leading up to and including both wars and this alone makes such an inquiry deeply flawed.

It is blatantly obvious that something is amiss in this inquiry and should have therefore included both political parties including the “Iron Lady” herself….although with her current health problems she probably would not be able to recall who in her cabinet (both junior and senior) went where and why. Without the full team of both parties being present it would be impossible to run a fair inquiry and to ascertain who was implicated……….at the end of the day the individuals concerned certainly know the truth and must find it very worrying that one day they will have their day in court. Amongst this “Axis of Evil” are those that orchestrated Dr Kelly’s assassination. He knew what they knew and was about to write a book on the subject or spill the beans via the media…….what they fail to understand is that the truth behind these covert operations are known to many people and all the information appertaining to them has been duplicated and spread around for safe keeping.

What has now happened as a result of these “False Flags” and shonky under the table deals involving the US, UK, Israel and South Africa we have now reaped in the harvest - Gulf War, Afghanistan War and the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, Syria and Gaza. The big one is still pending (Iran) but the west is extremely cautious on this next stage of their overall plan.

As a result of their own greed and gross neglect some nations may now have a nuclear weapon with the compliments of the tax payer’s money. One can also assume that key figures or parties also had their hands brushed with gold.

It is time for the people of Britain to show their frustration at the next election by voting out those guilty of such actions. We must not accept the Prime Minister’s current rigged inquiry and demand a totally new independent inquiry with a panel of people who know how to ask the relevant questions….I alone would love such an opportunity. So who can you vote for? That is the million dollar question! Conservative and Labour have a sordid past and Lib Dems are controlled by the Pro Israel Lobby (poor Jenny Tonge). One can only hope that some inspiring independent comes forward to inject new life into the incredibly corrupt options that currently run our country.
Oh and before I close maybe I should give you a clue into this carefully worded article.
“Something went missing that lets off a huge explosion and leaves a mushroom shaped cloud”….have you guessed yet?......no sorry not a native American smoke signal! Keep trying and watch this space.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 17/2/2010

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