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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Israel receives an accolade from the US as being responsible!

It was fascinating to read what U.S. National Security Adviser Jim Jones said at a recent press conference that “Israel’s conduct was responsible” and United States and Israel are in close coordination over how to handle Iran. "We have very good dialogue with Israel, continual dialogue," he told The Jerusalem Post. "We're working very closely with them." When haven’t they I might ask? So there we have it Israel has received a “Gold Medal” for being responsible, and Obama has been awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize” for spreading uranium aerosols around our planet and killing thousands if not millions of coalition troops and innocent civilians. I think some other award will be forthcoming for Olmert, Barak, Livni and many others for their service to mankind. There’s nothing better than slapping yourself on the back as they say!

I read another article the other day reporting that the big boys clubs (UN Security Council) have been negotiating with Iran in an attempt to break the nuclear standoff. What is fascinating here is the fact that when Obama and Brown appeared on the stage to voice their objection to Iran’s attitude they also invited Sarkosi onto the stage to re enforce their argument and also stated that Germany was also in full support….I think this group should be given the title of the G3.5. Now we again see a similar situation whereby the five permanent Security Council members -- the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China are deeply involved in planning the next round of sanctions on Iraq and again included Germany so maybe we can give them a tag also and call them the G5.5. It is obvious that the US and UK desperately need the French and Germans on their side in any further decision making in order to improve the slight rift that currently exists.

As we already know Iran rejects Western charges that its nuclear program has military designs, and has vowed to retaliate with ballistic missiles for any strikes on its facilities by Israel and rightfully so. We again see the US, UK and NATO countries passing gratitude for Israel’s tolerance on this issue but turn their backs on Israel’s own nuclear arsenal and continued manufacturing of WMD’s. As we have already found out the US has been doubling its own munitions stockpile in Israel. This arsenal belongs to the US but they have clearly emphasised that Israel can use any of the weapons in order to fulfil its own defence and needs. This is a clear sign of deceitful arms dealing with the ability to bypass US Congress.

It is also a clear sign of preparation for an attack on Iran and maybe more strikes in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. It is very clear that the US is not only standing alongside Israel but also cooperation every step of the way. Obviously increased sanctions will be the next step followed by military action. We are still waiting for the completion of the US weapons testing of the new Massive Air Penetrator (MAP) which is expected to be ready by June and then basically they will be set to carry out a strike with the other WMD’s that are stockpiled in Israel. No doubt the Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) will also get some usage this year in Afghanistan as part of the next surge and could also be used in Iran

I would like to make it very clear that Israel cannot pull this off by themselves without US assistance. Any such planned attack by Israel is pushing the safety envelope of their fighters which cannot make the target area direct. The US would have to approve any such attack and almost certainly would be involved in providing spy satellite data, in flight refuelling, clearance into certain zones and also in the delivery of the MAP itself. Basically if Israel attacked Iran it would be a joint attack.

This week also saw the assassination of a leading Hamas figure in Dubai and obviously this was the work of Mossad. The Israeli Government has made it very clear that he was an arms dealer. So what, you may say…..at the end of the day he was responsible for obtaining arms for a legal entity and if any international laws were broken then one would assume such people could be dealt with through the normal legal system. This assassination by Mossad or even possible the CIA can only be put down to a “Political Assassination”….maybe someone should use the same philosophy on the many people in the US who deal in arms to Israel…..hey but that’s different!

The whole region is becoming a hot bed of activity and Israel (the new super power) is right in there with Mossad operatives in Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. One should also give mention to RAW, which is the Indian Foreign Intelligence Agency also implicated in some clandestine operations. One could go on further to say they are all basically partners in crime. I can also tell you on some of my trips to Iraq that Mossad also enjoyed the same exposure there. I found myself amongst one of them who really did not cover his identify very well at all. He used totally irrelevant spin about what he was doing in Iraq but what he didn’t know was the fact that I knew the project he was talking about. He also didn’t notice that I took his name tag off his baggage whilst talking and also observed where he was staying….dare I say almost living next door to a local official…….I wonder why?

We see almost daily articles now about Yemen and that famous duo of Obama and Clinton continuously applying pressure on the government to take control of this fictitious Al Qaeda threat. The Detroit incident was a Mossad/CIA/RAW trick to attempt to cause panic both in the US and UK and it clearly did the trick. The greatest threat in Yemen is the existence of US Special Forces, Mossad and CIA operatives who only wish to destabilise the country as they have done successfully in Pakistan, Somalia, India and now Yemen.

Realistically speaking we now have the potential for a major conflict in the Middle East (Iran) with both the US and Israel sowing the seeds for what could only be described as a major catastrophe should such an attack take place. We also see friction between Pakistan and India over Kashmir and the US again applying pressure to North Korea. One could also add that the US is fuelling the unrest with Russia by not being sincere with them about its missile defence system. To add more fuel to the existing fire the US has recently awarded military aid to Taiwan which is a very sensitive issue with China.

If war does become the option with Iran it will certainly bring much economic growth to the US in defence exports and also adds a dramatic rise in the price of oil. It was interesting to read that BP was disappointed with its profits for the current quarter even though the profits were still good. It is common knowledge that US and UK leaders always look for such trouble when their economy is suffering or if their popularity is at an all time low. Such a nice thought don’t you think?

Obama keeps repeating his stance against Iran and continues re enforcing his support for Israel. How can anyone call such a nation responsible when they used such disproportionate force on such a densely populated area? How can you call Israel responsible when it used Gaza as a test bed for illegal weapons that had been exported by the US? How can you call Israel responsible when it blasted the entire Gaza strip with weapons containing uranium components? How can you call Israel responsible when it contaminated its own soldiers and its own population with radioactive aerosols?

Now we have Obama’s Christian and Jewish Zionist supporters giving him an encore at his State of the Nation address when he told the people that he will give them clean energy and launch a major programme of “Nuclear Power” stations and also develop “Clean Coal”…..that means much more depleted uranium and associates weapons and the use of coal which is not environmentally friendly. So much for Global Warming which is another farce.

Israel is totally irresponsible and so is the US for giving them the tools to carry out this evil act of genocide. It is worth noting that the International Court of Justice is still contemplating whether to charge the current President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir with genocide but no mention of Bush, Blair, Obama, Blair, Olmert and Netenyahu…..the list is endless

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 2/2/2010

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