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Thursday, 30 September 2010


Previously I covered the rape of Lebanese/Palestine resources by Israel. It’s time to reveal the companies behind this theft and who there ripping off. No doubt many investors are waiting for a return on their investment, little do they realise that many will never see their money again.

Gordon Bowden’s email:

To most people, when they see the name of companies such as BP and Shell, they have a concept of a single corporate Company with a Board of Directors, Non Executives and Senior Management. I was no different, until April 2004 in South Africa when a “Secret” National Intelligence Dossier was pushed under my nose by a senior prosecution “Scorpions” Asset Forfeiture Officer in an Attorney’s Boardroom “SECRET SOUTH AFRICAN DISRUPTION”

I have mentioned this 21 page release in a few of the previous articles. Here within lies the exposure of British Conservative and Labour Governments, complicit direct involvement in the Covert Arms Trade. The Dossier is very clear at identifying the corporate front companies, used by the Private Military Mercenary Companies (PMC’s) Executive Outcomes, Sandline International Ltd, Branch Energy and a host of interlinked others.

The Dossier describes the formation of group structures to facilitate “ Cash Shell Companies” for laundering their assets to offshore accounts, identified in the Channel Islands, British Virgin Islands, Panama, Bermuda, Canada and Australia, the very same routing identified in ABC 4 Corners “BAD COMPANY” which has a common company affiliation, HERITAGE OIL & GAS a “Virtual” Smoke & Mirrors Company,” not a normal company, far from it, behind the façade of many a company’s structured web site there lies a hidden complex web of structured front companies, the money laundering routes. In the $US Billion covert Arms & Munitions Trade they need to hide the illegal distribution and cash payment fake and false invoicing.

HERITAGE OIL & GAS formed by Anthony Roland Buckingham ex SAS Commander & ex SAS Commander Simon Mann ( Released from Prison in the Equatorial Guinea Coup) and business partner Roland Shaw.
The Covert group also known as Plaza 107 Ltd, “The Palace Group” (For obvious Reasons) were located at 535 Kings Road, in London.
Page 10 and 11 of “SECRET SOUTH AFRICAN DISRUPTION” provides the forensic details, covert group structures and bank account details.

The deniable government assisted Covert Arms Trade, exposed in past Conservative corrupted inquiries (MATRIX –CHURCHILL and SCOTT INQUIRY hit the headlines with another direct association, that of the
“Assassination” of Dr David Kelly who had been identified as a major role player in the Stolen 3 Pelindaba nuclear bombs and all linked to Government MP’s, Lords, Baronesses and VIP’s with directorships in companies registered at 22 ARLINGTON STREET. LONDON - ARLINGTON ASSOCIATES LTD

The “Time Bomb” Scandal, the PANDORA’S BOX for the new UK coalition Conservative – Lib Dem Government, lies in the exposure of the 100’s of criminal fraud “Arms Trade” front companies, operating out of and associated with 22 Arlington Street and those inter related companies that abandoned 34 Parliament Place. Perth when ABC 4 Corners and the Australian Press accidently uncovered part of their massive extended intelligence backed International Organised Crime Network.

To protect these inter connected intelligence backed “Cash Laundering Shell’s” Government Corrupted MP’s and VIP’s are incorporated as Non Executive Directors to give the company a semblance of respectability and reality, however, it’s when you strip back the layer’s of subsidiaries, review their identical web site graphics or read in depth their Stock Exchange Admission to Trade Documents that common coincidences lead to uncovering a more sinister dark player network, as I uncovered with Conservative MP Peter Lilley and his non executive Directorship with TETHY’S PETROLEUM

So, what is special about TETHY’S PETROLEUM, that has to incorporate a Conservative MP Peter Lilley, who just happened to be directly involved with signing the deliberate Conservative Criminal Fraud UOR (Urgent Operational Requirement) for the DTI (Department for Trade and Industry) in 1991 for 3 “CYLINDERS” the 3 ex ARMSCOR Pelindaba, Battlefield Nuclear Bombs manufactured in a joint venture between Israel and the Apartheid Military Government of South Africa.


In part 2 I gave a breakdown of the complex web of TETHY’S PETROLEUM’S Subsidiaries, many dormant companies, in fact, just laundering routes. When placed under the microscope the relationship between the covert network intelligence services, the Governments of the UK and Israel can be seen in this Complex Common Director Front Company a larger group of subsidiary companies jointly substantially Percentage % owned by Israeli Billionaire YITZHAK TSHUVA through yet another maze and web of interlinked companies including YAM TETHY’S.

(Headquartered in Houston Texas) owning 47%

But YAM TETHY’S is a subsidiary of another maze of Companies covered by the DELEK GROUP of Companies as recorded in the Company Database.org records for. DELEK ENERGY SYSTEMS LTD and its related Companies, they are:


Each company has various interlinked subsidiaries where the directors are playing “Musical Chairs” inter related between the common companies like VASTAR RESOURCES INC and CANARGO ENERGY CORPORATION, Conservative MP Peter Lilley has more than a strong common association with his fellow TETHY’S director RUSS HAMMOND and JAMES H RAWLS and a huge network of financially collapsed companies registered and delisted on the TSX-V .When you try to open some of their Web sites they remain “Under Construction”

A few named TSX-V companies and Directors that reveal the common association to networks of collapsed companies.
and the creme de la crème


A major Key that Open’s another Massive connected Organised Crime in PANDORA’S BOX.

End of Gordon’s email

Maybe at last the jigsaw is starting to come together and readers can see the power that lies behind massive fraud and deception that leads to the heart of the “New World Order.” One could add to this list that organisation to which many of them belong the “Freemasons” and the massive paedophile ring that goes with it. Paedophilia goes right to the top of the world’s political elite and one thing I can say for sure is the fact that if world leaders have not been directly involved themselves they certainly know who in their ranks have been and continue to protect them.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 1/10/2010

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pandora's Box opens up more Grime Part 6

I have decided, in conjunction with Gordon Bowden, to run the current series up to and including Part 10. I specifically asked Gordon to trace another area of great interest to me, that being the current offshore “Gas Theft” of natural gas from the Gaza Marine Area.

As I have previously point out in an earlier article, I am deeply suspect of the current activities by the US – Israel Joint Venture (JV) on both the Lebanon border and the border with Gaza.

There is some possible past evident of the company’s involvement in fraud and also the fact that diagonal or slant drilling has been used in many parts of the world. This allows a drilling company to drill under someone’s border and siphon off natural resources that do not belong to them. I am sure that this is the case in both the huge Tamar Gas Find (on the Lebanese border) and the existing Mari B and associated fields on the border with Gaza. Should this be the case then I am sure that Abbas and the people of Palestine should bring this to the table at the current peace talks. Personally I feel that this is yet another time wasting mechanism that will turn out in the same way as all the “Road Maps to Peace.” The next special article will thus reveal that the partners have no credibility and are there to rip of their investors and at the same time allow possible Gaza and Lebanese Gas to be stolen.

You will notice that we are progressively stepping up the story to a much higher level to show the bigger boys in this game of fraud and deceit.

Hopefully by the end of Part 10 we would have linked all this fraud back up the family tree to the New World Order, which in a way is the icing on the cake.

We have also decided that we will run another smaller Pandora’s Box series but this time focusing on the politic side, as to who is implicated in illegal arms dealing, including those that were aware and those who ripped of the British Taxpayer. This will also show the progress regarding the complaint that both myself and Gordon discussed with a Member of Parliament and the lack of action to date.

The text below is in Gordon’s own words. Email begins:
Findings for Part 6, we say goodbye to Manfred Josef Zachel, at 73 and after my exposure, redundant to the larger criminal network front line.

His Geographical 50 year group Tour of financial destruction.

TORQUAY to SOUTH AFRICA to PANAMA to CONGO to United States of America to EUROPE.

He did however, provide me with very accurate corporate intelligence that included corroborating evidence to the South African National Intelligence "SECRET" Dossier release from 2001, the "SECRET" files I was privi to, in an attorneys Board room in South Africa, 2003.

A section of this "SECRET" Dossier is available to download on the Internet.

The names and Military Intelligence Ranks of the Covert networks of

The details of their "FRONT" Money laundering Companies and their Group structures.

The Group Fraud front structures are of critical importance and reference
For PANDORA'S BOX Part 7 and will include:


Back to Part 6


An introduction to how big this International fraud group is, was uncovered by accident.
The Story of the Brett Kebble assassination and the corporate asset stripping laundering fraud of South African Mining companies.

The address of the "Boiler Room" Hosting Laundering Front Companies in Australia, used by John Stratton, Brett Kebble, Charles Philip Mostert and the other conspiring Directors.

This address was already in the headlines with the financial disaster of
Unsecured Debts of well over $650 Million and that was owed to ANZ BANK
Of course the Thousands of little People, the Private Investors, the last in the Pecking order get the 2cents in the Dollar offer, take it or leave it.

And yet, when the ANZ Bank was going to assist the thousands of OPES PRIME beleaguered clients, Mr Anthony Blumberg said in his statutory declaration that he warned Mr Steinberg on March 21 that ANZ BANK should not inject the proposed $95 Million because it was not enough, and the administrators should be appointed instead.

The ANZ Banks personal "unsecured" guarantee was an issue as was the amount, there was a $200 Million " Hole" and there is FRAUD
Mr Blumberg recalls saying.

Those directly involved

Oh, the Consultants
Known Underworld boss LEO KHOURI

All strangely, common Company directors with:
All operating common interlinked companies out of:


The CFO Charles Philip Mostert and David Anthony Lenigas were both directly associated as directors in companies operating out of:

Continental Capital Ltd, Previous Continental Goldfields

But there is a far bigger association with the network of Directors at:
to other International convicted Fraudsters.
That of:
Australia's 1980's corporate cowboy.
Distinguished by Gigantic Corporate failure and FRAUD.

Alan Bond owed his financial support from the:
Western Australian Government and BANKERS
(Now isn't that a strange coincidence)

In 1989 the real extent of BONDS Asset stripping was exposed ($1Billion)
In 1997 Bond was jailed again for a further 4 Years after pleading guilty to deception for siphoning of $1.2 Billion from BELL RESOURCES

He notched up the Biggest Corporate Loss in Australia of over $1Billion and followed that up with the biggest corporate collapse with the BOND CORPORATION around $4 Billion.
He then proceeded to one of the biggest Bankruptcies of $600 Million and one of Australia's biggest Frauds, $1.200 Million.

The worlds Financial Services Authorities and Serious Fraud Police must employ a lot of EXPERTS who can be distinguished from normal Police by their unique Uniform accessories:


ALAN BOND, released from prison, in 2008 returned to the worlds rich list, number 157 to be exact, an overnight fortune of $265 Million

The purchase of a hugely resourced Diamond Mine in the African Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.
a worked out, Sunset Mine, stripped bare, a small plot of Dirt on the top of a mountain, guarded by 3 Locals with Shot Guns.

Back in 2004 the Directors and Consultants were

The initial listing of cash, injected by the "Suckers" The Banks and thousands of Private Investors was soon laundered through their front subsidiaries so a Name change was called for, to get FRESH CAPITAL, to fill the coffers again.


and if you want a reference to Direct association to the
The "Boiler Room"
It came in 2007 with a substantial share holding via


The Directors of which include, well I ever.

So, how are they doing now?
This Huge Diamond Mine, Calculated Geological recorded grade Resources, with masses of mineral reserves and expansion potential.

Check for yourselves.
along with

or even better
Their massive OIL Production Company

Try entering their HUGE Company Web sites.


I'll tell you.

It's our Government, the Banks and the POLICE


Smuggling and theft rings.

All linked to: a common Network of Directors at:


Here's a taster of how ONE of the British Government Leaders is directly implicated and involved as a non executive Director to a COVERT Front LAUNDERING Company.

Head of the House of Lords
Rose to her position of Authority by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair.
British Ambassador to AUSTRALIA

She is:



End of message

So we have yet again another hard hitting exposé from Gordon involving Australia with connections back to London and the British Political Elite.

The next article will be a “Special Pandora’s Box” involving the offshore oil and gas scene in the eastern Mediterranean. It will reveal the possible theft of investor’s money and also the possible theft of both Lebanese and Palestinian Natural Resources. Their “Very Shady Past” will also be exposed.

Stayed tuned for another “Pandora’s Box Grime and Slime.”

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/9/2010

Pandora's Box opens up more Grime Part 5

September 20, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) When the mud hits the fan things start to get dirty and it has become clear that these articles are really hurting many people who are guilty of serious fraud and corruption etc. However, sometimes this goes to a much higher level and is linked to illegal arms trading, under the table nuclear weapons deals and also assassinations.

In amongst all this gloom and doom I thought it was time to give some credibility to Gordon Bowden and show you one of his success stories. This story concerns a very big fraudster by the name of Manfred J. Zachel.

This man used many titles and tried to give the impression that he was some sort of Messiah who was here to save innocent victims from fraudsters. He even listed himself as Crimefighter 1. He was about to get the shock of his life when Gordon set him up with a series of communications leading to a meeting at the Comfort Hotel at Heathrow.

I found some blogs relating to him and as you can see on one hand he’s a solicitor and Financial Adviser and then on the other a Crime fighter. This false façade will now be revealed. It gives you a little background as to his activities followed by Gordon Bowden’s own dealings with this con man.

D.D. Josef Manfred Zachel. Credit Swift Bank. London
April 21 2008 at 6:18 PM

Josef Manfred Zachel. a.k.a. Manfred Joseph Zachel. Purporting to be London Barrister contacting family benefactors of Victims of 2005 London Tube Terrorist Bombings. With e-mail contact, conducts detailed Bank Holding account to traced benefactor of $US 15Million.
Documents supplied to victims include Fraudulent Death Certs, Account Bank Details and other referenced fraud Certificates. Requests advanced fee of $US 2.500.00 FOR UK Tax Exemption. Prior to distribution of funds.
Co partner. Dr Mike Hanson. We are looking for any other contact victims in the USA or other International location victims. Post Reply for further contact details. Regards. Laarbruch

I also found this that came from a blogger giving reference to Zachel himself who sent this message. This is a typical “Nigerian Scam” which thousands of people have fallen victim too. The blogger clearly explained the following in a brief response. This is then followed by a typical email sent by Zachel:

Sorry to inform you that you a victim of a "typical" Nigerian Scam. No way to recover some paid fees. Even not with Lawyers, etc. To all other members/visitors. This is a copy of the Scam, signed TW:

From: Mr. Josef Manfred Zachel [ ukpost1@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]
Subject: Regarding your Inheritance
Reply-To: [ jmzachel@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008

London, United Kingdom
(Solicitors & Finance Adviser)
E-mail: [ jmzachel@aim.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]
Tel/Fax:+44 709 289 5801


I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise, Please accept the content in good faith. I do not intend to cause any grief to you and your family. The reason for sending this mail is very fundamental to the doctrine of human privileges and right. My name is Barrister Peter Watson a legal practitioner based in London and the personal Attorney to late Mr. Adams, a national of your country who died along with his wife and two sons who died in the Tube explosion between King's Cross-and Russell Square in London.

My client was a successful and is an accomplished family man, who made enough fortune before his untimely death. Since then I had made several Inquiries through your Embassy to locate any of my clients extended relative but this exercise has proved unsuccessful. After several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to trace his relatives through the Internet, to locate any member of his family, not much progress was recorded. My late client was an influential wealthy businessman, an oil magnet here in London and he left behind a deposit of fifteen Million Pounds starling only £15,000,000.00 (GBP) in his domiciliary bank account in a commercial bank here in London.

After the death of my client his bankers contacted me, as his Attorney to provide his next of kin who should inherit his funds. The board of directors of his bank adopted a resolution and I was mandated to provide his next of kin for the payment of this money within 28 Working days or forfeit the money to the bank as an abandoned property. The bankers had planned to invoke the abandoned property decree of 1996 to confiscate the funds after the expiration of the period given to me.

Fortunately, I came across your name, to my greatest astonishment, I discovered that you bear the same surname with my late client and coincidentally, you are national of the same country. Being convinced that you may be related with my late client or that you might provide clue to my search, I therefore, decided to contact with these facts before me, because of the similarities. By virtue of my closeness to the deceased and his immediate family, I am very much aware of my client financial standing and the bank account he operates.

I have reasoned very professionally and I feel it will be legally proper to present you as the next of kin of my deceased client, so that you can be paid the funds left in his bank account. I therefore seek your consent to present you as the Next of Kin to the Deceased since you are at an advantage, bearing the same surname and equally from the same country that the proceeds of this Bank Account valued at £15,000,000.00 (GBP) can be paid to you. We shall both share the funds. 40% for me and 55% to you, while 5% should be for Expenses or your Government may require as Tax.

I shall assemble all the necessary Legal Documents that will be used to back up our claim. All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us seeing this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law. Please get in touch with me by email to enable us discuss further

Please direct all reply to: [ jmzachel@aim.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ] or Fax: +44 709 289 5801

Your swift response is anticipated.

Mr. Josef Manfred Zachel
Partner Corporate & Fiduciary Group.

It is now time to introduce you to a Gordon success story. It clearly shows how Zachel first came over as a crime fighter but Gordon set him up in an attempt to close him down in the UK. The message below was from Zachel to Gordon and clearly shows his compassion for fighting crime……which obviously was false!

Start of Gordon’s email re Zachel:

Worth a glance back to 2006 before I nailed them for running a Boiler Room from London. Gordon

From: Joseph Zachel
To: Gordon Bowden
Cc: Franz Schulz
Sent: Sun, 22 October, 2006 13:40:49
Subject: RSA-Syndicate
Torquay, Sunday, 22 October 2006

Dear Gordon,
Thank you for well-wishing, I feel better und at work again with several fraud Investigations / Nigeria - Angola - Togo - RSA - UK - Netherlands etc.

HRB recommended me to contact Filippinetti under an alias-name so I contacted him under Franz-Schulz.

No, he contacted me (Franz Schulz) on the 4th of July 2005 and offered <<<”We have been offered a Barclays-issued Bank Guarantee in the amount of 205 Million Euro, which can be utilized for a credit line. The BG has been checked by Standard Bank, is on Euro clear and we have already requested more info. Our bank is Credit Suisse AG, Switzerland , and I expect we can have the BG deposited with our bank, if required. The Guarantee is issued by Barclays Bank Plc. 54 Lombard Street , London , UK .

Yes, Christopher Stoiber are deeply involved with Schalekamp, Du Toit , Le Roux, Laubscher, Dr. H.R. Balzer and others and they are all part of a higher group, roll players are;

1. Christo Wiese (S.A.R.B.)
2. Christ Wiese (Boland Bank)
3. Dr. Swanepoel (S.A.R.B.)
4. Dr. Groenewald (S.A.R.B.)
5. Mr. Potgieter (S.A.R.B.)
6. Ferdinand Louw (ABSA)
7. Commissioner Blaauw, Western-Cap
8. Simon Notnagel
9. Riaan Engelbrecht
10. Pieter Goslar, and others but,

This group is part of the “Top Group” who are the real roll players and the follow groups are deeply involved;

1. K.E.E.M. (Office of Serious Economic Offences /O.S.E.O.)
2. Menbers of the S.A.P.D. (South African Police Department
3. Part of the former Intelligence Community (N.I.S.) a.o.
4. The group of Old Generals
5. The New Afrikanerbond (old Broederbond {Brotherhood})

As well as the major Money-Powers in R.S.A. as there are;
1. A. Sanlam,
2. B. Anglo-American,
3. C. Old Mutual,
4. D. de Beers a.o.
As well as the major banks in South Africa

1. South African Reserve Bank (S.A.R.B.)
2. Amalgamated (ABSA) Bank
3. Boland Bank
4. Ned Bank
5. Standard Bank and others

Yes, the members of the Main (Top) Group are well known.

Anton Haywood and Merwe Viljoen I met at my private house in Waterkloof.

Best Regards

Manfred J. Zachel
Crimefighter 1

I finally received the following email from Gordon which gave a summary of events as follows:

For your Files, a glimpse of the past 3 years.

A game of "TOM & JERRY"

You will read, Q & A with Manfred Zachel after I nailed him and 2 ex South African National Intelligence officers, for running Wire and Advanced Fee Fraud from Torquay. The UK Police and JACK STRAW Knew ALL the operations but did JACK SHIT. "Ring a Bell"

Read his own words HOW BIG the Network.


From: Joseph Zachel
To: Gordon Bowden Sent: Thu, 15 May, 2008 15:49:24
Subject: answers – conditions
Re: Question ANSWERS 13. Mai, 2008 22:04
"Joseph Zachel"
Reply also in Red
From: Joseph Zachel
To: Gordon Bowden Sent: Tuesday, 13 May, 2008 6:35:09 PM
Subject: Question
From "Joseph Zachel" joszach69@yahoo.deThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please don’t press me, I had an attack and ill.
Below my answers what I can tell you on advice of my lawyer


To Manfred.

From Gordon

You are wanted in the USA for Advanced Fee Fraud and now the UK . They are going to bring you in to face International warrant of Arrest for Wire Fraud, Misrepresentation, Fraudulent Letters of Credit, Fraudulent British Health Department Death Cert's. and the launching of a fraudulent British Bank structure.
How much more do you want to get locked up for?

Since 1994 you have been part of and acted for and with a very large criminal network operating the same structures worldwide.

It will be in the interest of the prosecuting Authorities in the UK to fully identify WHO, HOW, WHEN and who operated within structures on the "Bounce” Companies.
Your evidence will save a lot of time and will be rewarded as It will corroborate the intelligence we have accumulated from 1994 and will verify those who's names we have who operate the fraud structures in the UK with you and those from International locations.
For what they need me when they are know who is involved and why they wound me for.

To provide further confirmation of others who form the International support and conduit channels for the movement of funds. There are more as 170, operating from Benin – RSA – UK – Netherland – Belgium - Spain
To provide the Banking details and fund account numbers as given to you for movement of funds received from all victims that can be traced and Identified as the proceeds of criminal actions. There Are more as 35 banks involved as well as Notaries – Lawyers etc.

I would recommend you fully understand that this means taking the whole structure down to eliminate any threat to yourself.But I am not a part of these syndicates of well I know the syndicates and roll players.

YES you are. We have the proof.

They will have no idea from whom this information has come as it has to be fully investigated prior to any mass arrest.You underestimate these people, they have their ears everywhere and this life is better as to die in a UK Prison.

We do not underestimate any of this network.
YOU will not die and you will be protected and it will not be in PRISON. Only if it is on the European Continent

For that reason, you need to come forward with the information before they arrest you for the criminal acts that you have committed,as far as I know I did not commit any crime at all, I will give all information they want but I have to be safe and in a new life

YOU have committed many International crimes and crimes conducted in the UK and USA Wrong, I can proof that it happened without my knowledge that you will have to face unless you can offer substantial Intelligence that will assure the Authorities in the UK that you will be able to be given a new identity and a secure life with government overview security and finance. Only on the continent
For that reason and that reason alone you will have to be fully open and the information will have to be accurate and corroberated. I´m willing for fully co-operation but only when I´m safe.

You have 2 alternatives.
(1)Hand yourself over to the UK authorities and conduct a plea Bargain and be secured under the witness protection programme.
You will understand that I cannot hand me over to the UK authorities, I learned my lesson at Brixton, as a German citizen I have no rights in the UK of well I informed the Home Office (Jack Straw) the Metropolitan Fraud Squad, FBI – Interpol – the RSA Secret Service etc but none of them showed any interest at all.

YES you can. Germany is a member of the European Union and conducts operation under the mutual treaty act. I learned from 1997 until 2005 that this is not true, the Metropolitan Police offered me a deal but refused to safe me.
YOU will be safer in the UK with the Special Branch and SIS and given executive security status as long as ALL your Intelligence and disclosures can be FULLY verified. Would the UK government give me that in an official letter, via the German Embassy, in writing.
We are aware of the levels of South African Government Senior political involvement and for that reason this will involve Bi- Lateral Investigations that will be a major Upset regarding names of disclosure to the present Government of South Africa and their involvement in the running operations of Mining companies with interests in the DRC. And I know the corruption from top to bottem and they are very dangerous and the “Broederbond” as well as the “Mördersquad” are still excist. ( Col. Lamprecht – Charles Newton (alias Lester) – Riaan Stander etc., these members are also on high level at the “ NIS ” (National Intelligens Services of RSA)

After I was released in 2005 I returned to the UK and left in 2007 while there were three attempts’ to assassinate me, twice in London and once in Torquay but my Security Guards saved me.

Then you will underestand the need to be fully open with how big this network is that it will involve the British secret Service in view of the involvement of ex SAS and Israeli military and Mercenary Security companies who form the logistical and DRC mining mineral theft syndicates security. With involvement of the BND and BKA Germany
So I left the UK, went to Europe, life in a save house, get a pension and am a life and that is better as to die in a UK Prison.

Please do not start fooling around.

As I said your Intelligence needs to be FULLY corroberated and that is where I and those that are willing to support you from the RSA are willing to come to the UK not in the UK, only at the European Continent, and only if is clear, without a doupt, that I´m safe and have a new identity with such documentation that will embarrass to the point of removal of MAJOR diplomatic members of the South African Government there can meetings with diplomatic curriers and banks be arranged who carrier millions of USD – GBP and Euros

A. Can I ask for a plea Bargain with secured witness protection in Europe ?

I have to get back to you with confirmation as to you request That has to be clear before I start

B. Life in a safe house and get a pension and get a new identity?

As I have said YOUR information regarding your involvement and willingness to assist the Authorities to close down this EMPIRE will be fully appreciated with a new life of that I am sure. That has to be clear before I give any further information

C. A meeting point in the Netherlands were we (you and I) can meet to exchange information and discuss the whole matter, lets say, once a month?

I would prefer the UK as the interviews can be fully recorded by members of the SIS and British security Authorities. That can also be done in Germany or the Netherlands, with assistance of BNK and BKA
You will be fully SECURE as those meetings will be jointly assisted with legal and Political representation on your behalf. The authorities from Netherland and Germany has to be involved

Please inform me.

I regard this as your willingness to proceed.
We do not wish you to be arrested prior to us conducting this exercise as it will be seen as the last time PIE IN THE SKY BULLSHIT and FAIRY STORIES.

Regards Gordon

(2)Continue to act as though you have got away with it and pass intelligence of your involvement and those who you know are in the supporting and are senior management role players.

Your Life "blog" account of your life fully explains the depth of corruption in South Africa and I can FULLY cover you with additional information that will support yours.

People paid no attention to your story regarding all the names you listed.
I have the documents
They are stored in 3 locations that are secure.

Now, Manfred.

You have not operated on your own you have operated with others.
We know who they are, and how they have operated the fraud structures.
Give me a little to pass on to NIGEL JOHN to show your intent to co-operate in your interest as in.
(1)Who assisted in the production of the fraudulent documents, where it was printed? Printed meanly in RSA – UK - Spain
(2)The operations and roles played by GERHARD LAUBSCHER . HANS REIMER BALZER.

Please Manfred don't play games now and don't underestimate how much we know.


So there you have it, a very intriguing story of mass deception, fraud and corruption. I have included some of the scams that Manfred Zachel handed out such as death certificates and false declarations that made him very rich. These documents are not in any particular order and are placed so as to show you the authenticity of this article and Gordon’s hard and dedicated work

Gordon has sent me a conclusion to this story which is printed in his words as below:
Zachel fled back to Germany in 2008 when I sent copies of his advanced fee fraud correspondence from an American victim, along with his mobile number, passport details and copies of his staged replies to get the money. As I have recorded correspondence with SO6 MET Fraud, that they failed to shut Zachel down while operating CREDIT SWIFT BANK LONDON I'm sure they ALL want to run and hide, He will be operating in a support structure somewhere in Germany
The problem is, Zachel left his partners here, Reg & Carole Burnside in Torquay, they were the Property Laundering network, Reg has contacted me a few times , His latest about 6 months ago saying it was all about NAZI GOLD and the Catholic Church.
I'm going to send you a Photo when I set them up for a meet at the Comfort Hotel. at Heathrow London. He and Reg passed me copies of FRAUD Certificates and Fraudulent Letters of CREDIT used to run their International Advanced Fee Fraud structures. I will send you a few certificates they used regarding victims of London Bombings 7/7.
End of email.
Finally we come to the closure of this article with some other very interesting information from Gordon that I received just before going to print. In this email he explains other matters relating to Zachel and his other gang of fraudsters with closing comments to introduce the next article, Part 6.
Start of email:


When our Fraud suspects fled South Africa in 2005, I recovered documents and correspondence, that Peter Wolfgang Filippinetti, his wife Deanna, and ???Adopted Daughter ??????Michelle Filippinetti a.k.a. SERENA JAYNE STRELNIKOV were operating a fraud Advanced Fee and BG's
(Bank Guarantee Letters of Credit) and Capital Venture Funding facilitations.


Same as Val's Fraud.

In 2006 I recovered and copied all the Web Material pages before I contacted Filippinetti through a web contact site on 11/9/2006
His Directors listed for this Company were:
Peter Filippinetti
Deanna Filippinetti
Michelle Filippinetti
Bruno A Wirth
Hans Reimer Balzer
Gerhard Laubscher
Elsa Lombard
Peter Booysen
Dr J De Bruin
Alexander Potratz
Timofey Kohnovich

Our original Police Case investigation 2000-2002 Attorney Dossiers, identified the "ROAD SHOW" initiators of the Capital Venture Fraud, from conception through a Church supported network in 1999 in a 3 DAY Investment promo at a top Cape Town Hotel.

They included Company Investment capital funding Spokespersons

ex RSA High Commission Diplomatic Intelligence Officer
Christoffel Petrus Du Toit
ex RSA National Intelligence General Hannes Venter
ex RSA National Intelligence General Gerhard Laubscher
ex RSA National Intelligence Major Hans Reimer Balzer
ex CCB Officer Johann H Le Roux
ex RSA National Intelligence Nick Fourie
Nico Shefer

Without telling Filippinetti I had documents and knew that he was operating
Fraud "Bounce" Companies with an International Bank Fraudster (Manfred Josef Zachel, I played one against the other.

At the same time, Zachel was operating 3 International Fraud Companies from Torquay UK while living in a flat owned by his Director Partner,
Reg Burnside
The other Directors
Carole Burnside
Gerhard Laubscher
Hans Reimer Balzer

Zachel, his Partner ex East German STASI Colonel Heinz Otto Schmaler, and South Africans National Intelligence group with Reg and Carole Burnside had been identified as far back as 1994 running £Million International Fraud with the Finsbury Trust Fraud, run in USA and Europe.

Zachel and his group fled to the USA when they came looking for him in Torquay but they set up

The yanks took 2 years to rumble them but they slipped back to Torquay where they operated with Sabastiano Saia , Gerhard Martens and Peter Tuegel. the massive Fake Bank Fraud in 1998.
Before they could Nail Zachel and his RSA Mates, they fled back to the USA and South Africa where they operated another Huge fraud
WALL STREET INSTITUTE FOR TRADING AND COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL and ZACHEL from the Seychelles, Set up the BANK ATLANTIS with FAKE and forged BG's and Letters of Credit.

The following links include the details of his arrest in RSA and his National Intelligence assisted orchestrated escape back to the UK and Torquay where SFO grabbed him and he spent 7 Years fighting extradition back to RSA at Her HMP Brixton. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2004/oct/14/humanrights.ukcrime
And this attachment

South Africa: fugitive re-arrested


February 21, 2005

Sick fugitive resists arrest on plane
Man extradited from UK to face charges of fraud and sodomy taken to hospital under police guard

A German fugitive who escaped from a South African prison in 1997 has been dramatically rearrested after his extradition from Britain.

After a combined operation between the Scorpions and the South African Police Service, Manfred Josef Zachel (69) - who is facing charges of fraud and of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy - was arrested at Johannesburg International Airport yesterday.

The South African authorities had requested the help of their British colleagues in extraditing Zachel after he had initially escaped from Lynnmed Clinic, Pretoria, on June 28 1997.

Scorpions spokesperson Makhosini Nkosi said Zachel was arrested in Polokwane on September 27 1996 and charged with fraud and sexually assaulting the teenager - crimes he allegedly committed in 1996 in the Seychelles and Pretoria.

On arrival in Johannesburg yesterday, Zachel - accompanied on the flight by two officers from Scotland Yard and an investigator from the National Prosecuting Authority - refused to leave the plane.

He resisted for about half an hour, until the authorities forcibly bundled him out of the plane into a wheelchair and then into an ambulance.

Nkosi said: "We had a legitimate warrant of arrest and we had to execute it (so we forcibly removed him) after our investigator and two officers from Scotland Yard who were on the plane with him informed us that he was refusing to hand himself over."

"We have spent a lot of money together with the SA Police Service to try to get this man back to South Africa. He was always opposing this extradition order, using all avenues available to him legally. We are very happy that finally we got him and we want to make sure that he faces justice."

Asked yesterday how he was doing, Zachel replied that he "could be worse", adding that he was "absolutely innocent" of all the charges against him.

Nkosi said that Zachel, who is diabetic, was found with boxes of chocolate in his possession. According to Nkosi, Zachel's condition did not allow him to eat "large amounts of sweet things such as the chocolate he had with him".

Nkosi said it was established that Zachel's sugar level was very high when he was arrested.

"(But) he is going to be stabilised. We will make sure that he is fit to stand trial so that he pays for the crimes he is alleged to have committed," Nkosi said.

During Zachel's incarceration in South Africa he underwent an operation at the Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria and was later transferred to the Lynnmed Clinic.

There he escaped while under guard by the Department of Correctional Services.

He is said to have arrived in South Africa around August 1995 from San Francisco.

He made it known that he intended setting up a bank in Africa and in March 1996 he travelled to the Seychelles to do so.

Nkosi said Zachel established the Atlantis International Bank without the permission of the Seychelles authorities.

"A stamp bearing the name of the bank was allegedly manufactured in Seychelles ... with a false date reflecting that the bank had been operating since 1994."

"Zachel also fabricated a false certificate of registration for the bank and allegedly forged letters of credit amounting to R8-million using the name of his fictitious bank. He also allegedly forged other documents such as a bank guarantee, a certificate of registration of his bank and a payment order," Nkosi said.

Zachel is alleged to have sexually assaulted the teenage boy in Pretoria repeatedly between September 1995 and September 1996.

After his escape from South Africa, the New Scotsman newspaper reported that he went to live in the English seaside resort of Torquay but was arrested and eventually committed at Bow Street Magistrate's Court in March 1998 to await extradition.

He was held without trial at Brixton prison, south London, and for the past seven years was fighting against an arrest warrant issued by the South African authorities.

The wheelchair-bound Zachel is said to suffer from chronic bronchitis, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, depression, chronic arthritis and back problems.

His latest bid for freedom failed about a month ago, when the order that he be extradited to South Africa was granted.

Zachel alleged during his many legal bids for freedom that there had been attempts on his life, to "silence" him, after he attempted to reveal high-level fraud during his nine-month imprisonment in South Africa.

He last year told Britain's Guardian newspaper he believed he was the target of trumped-up charges because he refused to take part in a money-laundering scam involving powerful, shady figures.

His counsel, Steven Powles, said the life of his client - already a "very sick man" - would be in danger if he returned to a South African prison. The judge granted his extradition, saying South Africa had pledged to provide proper treatment.

Zachel received backing from an organisation called Fair Trials Abroad, which described his continuing imprisonment as a "disgrace".

Zachel was yesterday taken to Pretoria Academic Hospital in an ambulance, where he was to receive treatment under heavy police guard.

He was expected to appear in the Pretoria Regional Court today. - Staff Reporters, Reuters and Sapa.

in the next PANDORA'S BOX

From BERLIN to CANADA to TORQUAY to Ned Kelly country "AUSTRALIA" and how this Billion Dollar Fraudster, ALAN BOND, is directly associated and connected to the same group


End of communication

I am sure you must agree that this just keeps getting better as we progressively climb up the ladder that leads to international fraud.

Keep watching this space for more grime and slime

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/9/2010Welcome to our websiteUsername


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Friday, 17 September 2010

We live in an extremely unbalanced world

Don’t you find it so disturbing when titles and awards are handed out to key figures around the world who have not earned their new found status?

Barrack Obama as we all know received the Nobel Peace Prize soon after he took office and the whole word was asking why?

It is a know fact that many people that are guilty of war crimes or who just happen to hold some very sensitive information are rewarded with a Knighthood to shut them up

The greatest insult to the ethical people that live on the planet was when Tony Blair received the Liberty Medal in recognition for his commitment to conflict resolution. President Bill Clinton, Chair of the National Constitution Center, awarded the prestigious medal to former Prime Minister Blair at a public ceremony on Monday, September 13, 2010 at the National Constitution Center (NCC) in Historic Philadelphia.

Tony Blair is certainly not worthy of this award and when I read the praise that was handed out by the former US President, Bill Clinton (not exactly a role model himself) it certainly made one want to throw up:

"Now, as a private citizen, Tony continues to demonstrate the same leadership, dedication and creativity in promoting economic opportunity in the Middle East and the resolution of conflicts rooted in religion around the world, and is building the capacity of developing nations to govern honestly and effectively. I'm pleased the Constitution Center is awarding him the Liberty Medal in recognition of his work to promote the actions necessary to make peace, reconciliation, and prosperity possible."

Maybe we, who live in the real world, remember that this man is indeed a war criminal. He received a substantial back hander from Bernie Ecclestone (of Formula 1 fame) over the three South African/British nukes deal that were later stolen, he falsified his reason for going to war with Iraq and to this day still believes he was right.
The previous government that came under the control of Maggie Thatcher and later John Major and many extremely senior political figures all knew of the “Under the Table Deal” between the US – UK – South Africa in the acquisition of these “Battlefield Ready” nuclear bombs, including the current Prime Minister David Cameron who actually went down to South Africa with Ken Warren to seal the deal.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and many of his senior political figures all knew that the Conservative Party stole 17.8 million pounds of tax payer’s money in the above deal to the benefit of the Tory Party election fund.

When one learns that the government is trying to recover costs from the general public as a direct result of a mistake made by the Tax Office it really does not make sense, especially when you realise that the above stolen money, to this day, has not been accounted for.

Another issue that has been kept under lock and key is the fact that when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were in office they became aware of a massive paedophilia ring operating at all levels throughout the UK, including many political figures and did nothing about it. This same massive paedophilia problem was also made know to David Cameron and Nick Clegg who for some time have turned their backs on such people as Hollie Greig, the Down Syndrome girl who was gang raped over a period of almost 14 years by people in high places, including the Sherriff of Aberdeen.

When you add to this the fact that the British Prime Ministers and their Governments have participated in gross illegal arms trading during UN sanctions and the fact that it was their intention to keep certain conflicts going, especially that between Iraq – Iran, then one can see that these leaders certainly had evil intentions, which continues to this day.

Finally we come to the fact that Tony Blair also received this accolade for his efforts in the Balkans War but do we the public fully understand that under his command we left a legacy of pain and suffering.

The war in the Balkans was a blend of Geo Politics and Ethnic Cleansing. One really does need to understand that transit routes for intended pipelines, that are so vital to the west’s economy, have to be planned. If during this planning stage the transit route just so happens to pass via an area of unrest or conflict then those countries involved in the project then need to secure the area. Basically it’s a case of I want my pipeline to go through the Balkans and so lets get in there and sort it out.

As we have since learnt this was the main reason for going into the Balkans so that the west could install a pipeline to bypass Russian territory and bring Caspian oil and gas to Europe…….that is called “Geo Politics.” The other issue from the west’s perspective was that of the existence of large numbers of Muslim in this vital trade route area and their ongoing dispute with Christian factors.

As a direct result of both Bush and Blair’s actions in the Balkans they have now left an area that is extremely contaminated with radiation from an array of weapons used, most of which contained depleted uranium (DU). The NATO forces played down the amount of DU that was used by saying it was only the rounds fired from the US A10 aircraft but in actual fact this was far from the truth. The UN eventually sent their team of blind experts into the region to confirm the existence of only A10 rounds and basically declared the area as safe apart from a few enclaves. This in itself was an absolute cover up by the UN and I would strongly suggest that they themselves go live there!

The US, UK and other NATO forces used excessive amounts of DU weapons ranging from A10 rounds – Bunker Busters – JDAM Bombs – Armour Piercing Shells and Cruise Missiles……all of which have uranium components. This has now left the countries that were involved in this conflict with gross contamination and very high levels of cancers, diabetes and many other DU related illnesses. It has now reached a point that many younger people are dying and the village graveyards at many locations no longer have the capacity to bury their dead in their own village.

One also has to understand that this contamination does not stay in the country of conflict and does not recognise international borders. The nano particles from these weapons would not only cross into adjacent countries but also drift around the whole of Europe and the world. I have very details evidence of weapons used and by whom.

What deeply upset me was when Tony Blair paid a visit to the area recently and was welcomed as a hero for giving them their freedom. This shows just how naïve people can become when they don’t understand that this man was partly responsible for “Nuking” the area. It must be clearly understood that the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, Minister of Defence and senior military officers of all these countries are all fully aware of the weapons used in conflict and the consequences in their usage. They are all aware of the health issues that follow such conflicts on both the populations and their own troops and in that context they are guilty of war crimes.

When you also add to this the fact that so many “False Flag” incidents are occurring on an almost monthly basis we can at last start to realise that the “Axis of Evil” is right in our own backyard. We have to understand that some of these incidents have taken us to war. To name a few 9/11, USS Cole, 7/7, Detroit Airline incident, Times Square and more recently the sinking of the South Korean Warship. There is also a good indication that Haiti was caused by HAARP (US) and also the latest BP spill is deeply suspect.

How can we in the west point a finger at these so called terrorists in the Middle East when we ourselves carry out our own terrorism on our own people.

Blair is just one of a long list of people who should be tried for War Crimes……I would also add many Presidents, Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Gates, Wolfowitz, and a very long list of those further down the line in both the US and the UK.

It is only when you become observant and start to ask questions yourself and then start extensive and exhaustive investigations that it all starts to come together and make sense. You have to be able to scan lots of video footage and statements and then put it all together. If the government or the anti terrorist authority shows a CCTV video as evidence to the media, revealing the movement of the so called bombers/terrorist, time date and location etc then we obviously believe it…..I found one that showed a date that was one week before the event took place. I saw another which showed a highjacker boarding an aircraft in Boston when in actual fact it was in Portland and also displayed the wrong time!

We the public have to start thinking from a different perspective…..do not believe what you see and do not believe what they want you to believe. Check it out yourself and make sure that you understand and agree with what you have been told. There is a mounting army of professionals covering Professional Pilots, Operations Staff, Air Traffic Controller, Military Staff, Civil Engineers, Demolition Experts, Explosive Experts etc who are now re grouping to challenge the scam of 9/11……only people in mass can challenge this cover up and challenge they will…..it all takes time.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/9/2010

Canadian and World Peodophilia

UK, September 13, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre)

Holocaust - Genocide - Child Trafficking - Child rape - Catholic-Anglican -United churches - Government of Canada

UK, September 14, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) As you all know I have been a strong supporter of Justice for Hollie Greig, the Down Syndrome girl that was gang raped by a large Peodophile ring in Aberdeen, Scotland. I think at the time I did around 15 articles on this terrible case and still, to this day, no justice has been handed out. In actual fact at one stage they were trying to take Hollie from her mum Anne. Her case is still being pursued by Robert Green who himself became a victim because of his attempts to expose the case to the British Media. However, the media has been silenced by the Scottish Government and to date little can be read in the mainstream media.

I just happened to receive a special request from the Leuren Moret in the United States. Leuren has been a long standing supporter of Indigenous people in the US and Canada and she suggested that this Canadian story should be made public owing to the severity of the allegations.

I know that Robert Green has met with Kevin Annett who also has met with Hollie Greig and her mum Anne. Supporters of both Hollie and Robert are regrouping and hopefully will make “Hollie’s Army” a voice to be heard. I have spoken to Robert and I am sure that when Kevin comes to England a show of strength will certainly bring awareness to the people of Britain the extent and size of Peodophilia in Britain, Canada and the rest of the world.

I have therefore decided to add this email from Kevin Annett in its entirety with some updated information on the Hollie Greig. I sincerely hope that all those that read this story will carry out their own research on the Canadian Holocaust and the planned Genocide of Native Americans, watch the appropriate videos and read my past articles about the Hollie Greig story which are archived in the Palestine Telegraph.

This is Kevin Annett’s email:

September 6, 2010

Rise like lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number –

Shake your chains to earth like dew,

Which in sleep had fallen on you:
Ye are many – they are few.

Percy Shelley, 1817

This week, I depart on my third journey to Europe in a year, to confront “Pope” Joseph Ratzinger and “Queen” Elizabeth Windsor for their complicity in crimes against humanity. This is the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new one: for part of my purpose on this trip is to complete the third and final stage of spiritual and political exorcism against the oldest and most murderous institution on our planet: the Vatican , and that which stands behind it.

Before I leave “ Canada ”, I want to remind native and non-native people alike that nothing has changed in our land for the victims of genocide, past and present. All of the pseudo “apologies”, gag orders, “healing and reconciliation” rhetoric, and hush money from the churches and government have not minimized their guilt, their responsibility, and their liability for their crimes in Indian residential schools.

The Catholic, Anglican, and United churches, and the government of Canada , are not absolved of their murder of more than 50,000 children in these schools. And the struggle to bring them to justice, and to trial, carries on.

The efforts by these criminal bodies to distract attention from the growing evidence of their guilt, from the mass graves and tortured lives that fill this country, have not worked. Their self-serving whitewash they call the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” has been exposed as an expensive traveling circus that silences witnesses and protects the guilty.

But this TRC is more than that: under international law, it is an attempt to actually obstruct justice and shield criminals, and should therefore cause those responsible for it to face charges before international human rights tribunals.

The network of which I am a part, known as the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, is attempting to do precisely that, and not only charge Canada and its churches for genocide and its concealment, but to commence sanctions against these bodies and actually displace them. But our Tribunal also aims to do the same against the organization and person ultimately responsible for these crimes: the Vatican and Pope Joseph Ratzinger.

Our Tribunal was formed in June, and embraces groups in seven different nations. It will be convening its first sessions during September in London , Geneva , Dublin , Rome , and other cities. For what has murdered and enslaved aboriginal people on this continent has done the same to nations and to children all over our planet, for centuries – and

continues to ravage and kill the innocent.

Our campaign has grown to become a spiritual confrontation with the force responsible for this war against humanity, and I have had the honor of helping to strip away the false and beguiling mask that protects that force – especially outside the Vatican last October and April, when I invoked a process of exposure, disarming and expulsion against the spirit of lies and murder that inhabits the false church that calls itself Chistianity.

Since those exorcisms, the Vatican has begun to crumble under the weight of new exposures and evidence of the Pope’s personal implication in child trafficking and protecting child rapists. And that decay will continue.

Because we have escalated this struggle to a new level, and begun to engage the powers of death on a spiritual plane as well as a political one, this campaign, and I, face new attacks. Murders of aboriginal members of our network, threats against others, a new smear campaign by church and state, and the recent cancellation of me and my radio program Hidden from History from the airwaves of the state-funded Vancouver Co-op radio, are all signs of this attack – but they also indicate the threat we pose to the institutionalized rapists and murderers.

But let me give you a deeper cause for this censorship and attack on me and our campaign. In Canada alone, under the guise of a United Nation’s plan named “Agenda 21”, government and aboriginal politicians are implementing a murderous “final solution” of native people by eliminating them from social services, housing and health care, and forcing them off their remaining land.

The continued abduction, trafficking in and killing of native women and children is part of this Agenda 21, and has the active involvement of the RCMP and other police. Its broad purpose is to de-populate native people from two million to barely 200,000 people by 2020, and to secure the water, hydro electricity and minerals of Canada for multinational companies. My exposure of this Agenda caused my recent banning from Co-op radio. But the truth of this modern genocide will not be silenced.

We are exposing the truth more every day. And it is for that reason that I urge you to take heart and know that justice and truth are winning – and so we must all re-double our efforts to hold the criminals accountable, name their names, publicize the evidence of their crimes, and join together in our growing international movement of all victims of church-sponsored genocide.

You can help us to do by a few simple steps: by sharing and documenting the truth, and convening local chapters of our tribunal in your communities.

We have some new weapons in our arsenal to help you do this: especially two new books that I have published this month: No Longer Hidden, which is the updated sequel to my book, Hidden from History – The Canadian Holocaust – and Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor, which is available through Amazon Books and from O Books in England.

These books contain the updated truth of the full story of what has caused genocide in our world and in Canada – and why it is continuing.

As well, to broaden our media presence globally, I am beginning new blog talk radio programs over the internet this month which will cover our work. Every Monday commencing on September 20, I will be issuing a media advisory and update, along with a program of news and views from various places in the world. And we will also be filming a new documentary as a sequel to our award winning film Unrepentant – which was recently broadcast to over 10 million people on European Television.

It is always tempting to believe that the crimes and horrors we have unearthed are some kind of aberration in an otherwise humane society – and that enough exposure and truth telling will compel the government or some other benefactor to intervene and make things right. But we have learned from experience that this is not so: and that church and state and police forces continually collude to mask the crimes so that they will continue.

We know now that continued rape and trafficking in children, the slaughter of whole nations for their land, and the concealment of perverts by the highest offices of church and state, have been part and parcel of Christian, western civilization for thousands of years. The conquest of the innocent, of the earth, and of strangers, is intrinsic to our religion and our way of life. And so we cannot appeal to a ravenous lion to stop eating gazelles. We must instead kill the lion.

We have begun to do so by teaching people not to rely on the institutions that did the crime for justice, or healing – but to break away and declare our sovereignty from a dying and murderous culture. We must declare our independence from the church and state empire that committed and still causes genocide. And so on July 1, 2009, our network in Canada helped to proclaim a sovereign Republic of Kanata, declaring our independence from the Crown of England and the churches responsible for the residential school massacre.

This entire struggle is an attempt to return to our natural and just selves by rejecting the bloody Empire that has made us all accomplices in genocide – and it is something that each one of us must begin. I ask you to join us in this sacred task.

The next phase of this work has begun, with world shaking consequences. I urge you all to follow it on our website www.hiddenfromhistory.org . But more important, armed with the knowledge and example I have helped provide you, act on your own, and boycott the false and criminal bodies known as the government and churches of Canada , and help us establish a new political and spiritual reality.

Stay tuned for more updates and programs on the truth – live from the front lines. May the light of truth and courage guide you this day and always. I am Kevin Annett – Caoimhin Bochanan Ui Niall – Eagle Strong Voice.

“No matter what a man’s faculties otherwise might be, if he be willing to risk death, and still more, if he suffers it heroically, in the service he has chosen, that fact consecrates him forever.”
— William James http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUsfqH0F6Yw in 11 parts

Read and Hear the truth of Genocide in Canada, past and present, at this website: www.hiddenfromhistory.org , and watch Kevin's award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on the same website.

UNREPENTANT: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide
- Winner, Best Foreign Documentary Film, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, March 2007, Best Director of a Foreign Documentary, New York Independent Film Festival, October 2006
- Winner, Best Canadian Film, Creation Aboriginal Film Festival, Edmonton, 2009

"As a long time front line worker with the Elders' Council at the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, I stand behind what Kevin Annett is trying to do for our people. The genocide that continues today and which stemmed from the residential schools needs to be exposed. Kevin Annett helps break the silence, and brings the voice of our people all over the world."
Carol Muree Martin - Spirit Tree Woman
Nisgaa Nation

"I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him."
Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind
Elder, Turtle Clan, Anishinabe Nation
Winnipeg, Manitoba

End of email.

Kevin Annett will be visiting Europe soon and this is his latest press release:

Media Advisory: Tuesday September 7, 2010

Human Rights Campaigner to Serve Public Summons on Pope, Queen of England in London next week - Rev. Kevin Annett will help launch new International Tribunal


Building on a decades-long campaign to expose crimes in church-run Indian residential schools in Canada, Rev. Kevin Annett will be in London from September 13 to 20 to help launch a new International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State: and will serve a public summons on Pope Joseph Ratzinger and the Queen of England to appear before the Tribunal.

Rev. Annett, who helped force an apology and official inquiry into the deaths of children in Indian residential schools from the government of Canada, will be in London during the Pope's visit in order to bring charges against him for his complicity in crimes against humanity.

"The residential schools were one tip of an enormous iceberg of genocide and murder that emanted from the Crown of England and the Vatican" said Rev. Annett today in a press statement.

"Our Tribunal is uniting victims of church-state terror in seven countries, including England, to put on trial the institutions and persons responsible, beginning with the Queen and the Pope."

Rev. Annett will serve a public summons on them to appear before the sessions of the Tribunal. While in London, Annett will also give lectures and readings from his new book, "Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor", released this fall by O Books - and he will conduct public prayer vigils of remembrance for the victims of church violence.

From London, Annett will travel with a delegation to Geneva, where they will make a presentation before a United Nations committee, and to Rome, where Annett will conduct a third and final rite of exorcism outside the Vatican. Annett will also speak in Ireland, Slovenia and Germany.

To contact Rev. Kevin Annett in London for interviews, leave a message at 208 340 6779, or through this email. See his website at www.hiddenfromhistory.org .

Rev. Kevin Annett (r) and supporters outside Canadian Embassy,

Trafalgar square, London, April 2010

Itinerary of Kevin Annett's activities in London,

13-20 September, 2010

Monday, Sept. 13: Arrives London

Sept. 14: Available for interviews

Sept. 15: 7 pm - Public lecture to the Secular Society, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, plus screening of Annett's award-winning documentary film "Unrepentant"

Sept. 16: 11 am - Prayer vigil and press conference announcing Tribunal outside Westminster (Catholic) Cathedral

7 pm: Lecture and readings from his new book at Passing Clouds community centre, north London

Sept. 17: Prayer vigils outside Lambeth Palace and Houses of Parliament while Pope is present - times to be announced

Sept. 18: 1:30 pm - Participation in "Protest the Pope" march, Hyde Park

5:30 pm - Informal meeting and interviews, St. Martin in the Fields

Sunday Sept. 19: 10 am - Prayer vigil and exorcism rite outside Westminster Cathedral, presentation of Summons to Pope

Monday, Sept. 20: morning presentation of Summons to Queen of England, Buckingham Palace

Sept. 20 evening: Departs for Geneva

Note: Kevin Annett will return to England on October 14 for more lectures and events

End of communication

The following information appeared in a Reuters report on the 10th of September 2010:

Child sexual abuse was widespread in the Belgian Catholic Church and drove at least 13 victims to suicide, according to a report published on Friday. "Almost every institution, every school, particularly boarding schools, at one time harboured abuse," Peter Adriaenssens, the head of a Church commission monitoring complaints, told a news conference.

Most Catholic schools in Belgium are subsidised by the state.

The commission disbanded in June after investigators seized its files in raids on Church offices seeking evidence of sexual abuse,

More than half of its 200-page report, based on cases recorded up till then, consists of excerpts of testimony from victims.

"In the case of 13 of the victims, it was reported that they committed suicide and this was related to sexual abuse by a priest," the report said.

The 475 cases it recorded included victims as young as two. Two-thirds were male and boys aged about 12 were particularly vulnerable. In most cases, abuse tailed off when victims reached 15 or 16.

End of Reuters article

We may also recall the findings on the island of Jersey some time ago where again pheodophilia was believed to have been part of the inquiry. Bones were found on the premises believed to be children etc.

Customs Paedophile Ring Alleged By Simon Santow for PM – Fri Oct23 2009

A former Customs officer has told the inquiry that corruption is an issue within the service. A parliamentary inquiry has been told that a paedophile ring is probably operating within the Australian Customs Service.

I also had a close called in my younger years as a choir boy at a large Church of England Church….I noticed the Priest frequently had boys such as myself on his knee and stroking their legs above the knee and his hand would sometimes wander. I had the intelligence to tell my mum, who immediately stopped me going to church.

Again some years later another close call when I was befriended by a senior helicopter pilot who was later found to be in a peodophile ring and prosecuted. I rang him up and told him I was shocked to find out what he had been doing and in particular had concerns for my own children. I specifically asked him to come clean and name those involved to help his case, which he did. I later found out that his own son had also become a peodophile. Now you can see the scale of this evil sect.

Finally I can recall in Australia scandal also surrounded the Clontarfs Boy School in Perth, Western Australia and at other locations. This was only the tip of the iceberg as many others cases came into the Australian media…...I just happen to select this particular example as it was one of the most horrific. Let’s not also forget the Aboriginal Lost Generation story which is equally as disturbing. It no wonder the church is starting to diminish with very low congregations……when will the leaders of all the churches come together and stop this appalling trend. Venerable people turn to the clergy and their local church during their hour of need and then their innocence is taken away. This is not the followings of Christianity but rather the followings of the devil himself!!

I have attached this speech by Senator Andrew Murray – Immigraton and Multicultural Affairs - Australian Democrats. Made on the 19th September 2001, Western Australia:

MATTERS OF PUBLIC INTEREST: Keaney, Brother Francis Paul

Senator MURRAY (Western Australia) (1.15 p.m.) In the August 2001 Senate Community Affairs References Committee report on child migration Lost innocents: righting the record, recommendation 4 states:
That in accordance with the Statutes of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, the Commonwealth Government initiate the process for Francis Paul Keaney's membership of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire to be cancelled and annulled.
This unanimous recommendation goes some way to `righting the record' for all those child migrants and Australian children who suffered under Brother Keaney in Western Australian orphanages run by the Christian Brothers. The evidence damns him as a despicable and heartless monster.
The fight to vanquish evil in the church is international. In France, a bishop has recently been jailed for covering up paedophilia by another priest. In the United Kingdom, the church has supported the Nolan Review, an independent appraisal of harm done to children in the Catholic Church's institutions. In April 2001, in the executive summary of their first report, their hope was:
... to bring about a culture of vigilance where every single adult member of the Church consciously and pro-actively takes responsibility for creating a safe environment for children and young people.
I deeply regret that the official response by the Christian Brothers to the committee's Keaney recommendation does not contain the same sentiments. Instead, leading Christian Brother Shanahan said on Channel 10 news on 30 August that stripping Keaney of his honours was going `too far' because:
I think we need to recognise that it's not just black or white, but like all human beings there's quite a mixture in the man.
Surea mixture of evil, conman, sadist and deviant. Brother Shanahan's reaction continues a long history by some of support for men like Keaney. Thankfully, others like the courageous Brother Coldrey campaign to expose these crimes and to address the uncomfortable issues so arising.
Before addressing the mixture that maketh this particular man, a brief profile of Keaney is in order. Born into a farming family in Ireland in 1888, aged 23 he emigrated to New South Wales in 1911 where he joined the police force before entering the Christian Brothers Order in 1916 at the age of 28. Apparently, it is a characteristic of people like Keaney to seek out opportunities for their deviant behaviour. Where else would he start his ecclesiastical career then but at an orphanage in South Melbourne? In 1919 he joined the staff at Clontarf Orphanage in Perth, Western Australia. In the late 1920s he inaugurated the Tardun Farm School Scheme east of Geraldton and then later served a number of terms as principal, including at Clontarf from 1936 to 1941 and at Bindoon Boys Town from 1942 to 1944 and again from 1948 until his death in 1954 at the age of 65. Keaney was physically imposing. He stood six foot three inches tall and was of powerful build with a voice to match. He intimidated fellow Christian Brothers and boys alike.
In the late 1940s, Keaney set about erecting his own monument by embarking on the near impossible task of completing five large granite buildings at Bindoon using child labour. His unpaid hungry, fearful labour force were mostly child migrant boys who were also expected to clear, fence and establish
vineyards and orchards on 17,000 acres of undeveloped Western Australian farmland. To achieve his vision, he inflicted a manic and brutal regime of slave labour on the boys under his care. They were relentlessly driven from dawn to dusk in a dangerous work environment where the risk of accident was a reality. With their bare hands they cleared the land, laid the foundations and erected the most magnificent structures for Keaney and the Christian Brothers Order. Education was largely denied these boys, as was an adequate diet and protective clothing. Christian love and care was distinguished not by its presence but by its absence.
So what is the mixture that Brother Shanahan likes in Keaney? Publicly, he possessed considerable public relation skills that he put to good work in creating a mythology about himself. He had many friends and acquaintances in high places that he wined, dined and conned. There were political and business leaders, heads of government departments and high ranking militarists and church dignitaries. He was referred to as `Keaney the builder', as `the orphans friend', as `the mender of broken lives' and other extravagant sobriquets. Such was the admirationif not adulationthat he was awarded an MBE and an ISO in 1954 and a statue was erected to his memory in 1957.
Privately, however, a very different man is revealed. No McLean, no Philby, no spymaster better concealed his true self. Listen to the former child migrants themselves. From submission 13:
When Brother Keaney arrived the real slavery beatings and sexual assaults became rampant.
From submission 20:
Some of the scars of Keaney's brutality still remain with me both physically and emotionally ... his actions would have warranted criminal charges had he not operated and exerted influence over the law in Western Australia.
From submission 25:
Bindoon was nothing more than a paedophile ring. Most of the Brothers were into raping and molesting the little boys, sometimes sharing their favourites with each other. They seemed to like the shy boys best.
Again, from submission 25:
We had no shoes, mixing sand and lime for the mortar. I remember the pain of lime burns on my feet and legs and if I stopped I would be flogged with ...Keaney's walking stick. We were all flogged by Keaney ...
From submission 57:
We built that bloody place. We built it with our bare hands ... We were slave labourers ... We had no shoes. We worked in our bare feet every day. Winter and summer. We built that bloody place for them ...
From submission 26:
I lost my teeth at Bindoonmy face kicked repeatedly by Brother Keaney
From submission 36: We would be ...subjected to ...extreme atrocious verbal abuse and very personal insults mainly from Brother Keaney. He would loudly shout to us that we were the scum of the earth and the descendants of whores ...
Again, from submission 36:
Br. Keaney was a very sadistic, perverted and deviant paedophile. He abused many of the boys ... in his care. Tragically, there was just no one that we victims could go to for help. Who would have believed us anyway?
From Welsh's Bindoon file:
When one boy asked Keaney if he could be taken off the pick and shovel to learn the electrical trade, he was hit between the eyes with Keaney's walking stick. [His] head was split open and with blood pouring from the wound, he fell to the ground. Get up, you little black shit, Keaney roared as he unleashed a barrage of savage kicks to [his] body. Get back to the pick and shovel! That's all you're good for ... Damn you to hellfire!
And another from the Geordie Bindoon file, pages 59 to 60:
An Irish lad, who happened to be closest to Keaney in one of his rages, and for no other reason, was backhanded off the scaffold and landed 10 feet below on his back. [He] spent six weeks in Royal Perth Hospital followed by five weeks rehabilitation at Shenton Park Hospital. Forty years later [he] is on a pension due to back and neck problems.
Sadly, there were some who knew the truth but did not have the courage to blow the whistle. Even prior to Bindoon, a child welfare department official considered taking proceedings against Keaney for criminal assault on a Clontarf boy. That is in submission 95. Certainly from government records uncovered it is clear that some officials had serious reservations about Bindoon. For example, a 1948 departmental memo states:
I have never been very happy about Bindoon and if the migrant boys are to remain there ... a great improvement will have to be effected.
Another in 1949:
I'm afraid that if something is not done to rectify the present position both the Department and the Bindoon authorities will leave themselves open to a charge of exploiting children.
If the boys ran away the police returned them, unbelieving of what they were told. The aura and the power of the church were too strong. The very brothers in charge of their care were often themselves the perpetrators of criminal physical and sexual assault. When a boy did pluck up enough courage to complain, he was savagely flogged for his temerity. Hard to believe? Read the report and the submissions.
So this is the private part of Keaney's mix. The tragedy is that his crimes were hidden from the public. He got away with them, and hundreds of migrants and Australian children live a lifetime of pain as a result. A number of the leaders of the church were accomplices in this crime, but there are those who will not be a part of the cover-up. In Australia, the Christian Brothers' official historian, Brother Dr Barry Coldrey, wrote extensively on this area throughout the 1990s. In A Secret Report, written solely
for the order's leadership in Ireland and Rome, he states that the brothers knew of sex rings operating in their institutions and that no effective steps were taken to prevent them. Legally, they were accomplices to crimea crime in itself.
So unpopular has Coldrey's work been that he has paid a price in the church. Although I am certain that there are very large numbers of Catholic priests who do support his cleansing work, there have also been moves to deny Coldrey any official post. Before Christmas last year he released his latest book on the Internet, called Religious Life Without Integrity. It was only a matter of months before he was ordered by superiors from Rome to withdraw it.
Another authority in this area is Richard Sipe of the United States. He retired from the Catholic priesthood with the permission of Rome in 1970 and has spent 37 years working in the area of psychology and mental health and for the Catholic priesthood with the backing of the church. In a report sent to the committee, he reveals that 30 per cent of United States' priests have some regular, some occasional adult sexual relationships. There is nothing wrong with that, in my view. Sadly though, his long-term research results in an estimate of six per cent of priests who have and do sexually abuse children. Thankfully, the vast majority94 per centhave not and do not. There are obvious problems with transferring figures from one country to another. We do know, however, that there have been and are priest paedophiles in Australia. Currently there are 4,445 Catholic priests in Australia. Six per cent would mean a possible 267 paedophiles. One per cent would mean 44. Point one of a per cent would be four. I do not know how many there are, but there are not none.
Sipe believes that many, but not all, clerical sexual abusers cannot help their behaviour, whilst others are simply evil. Whatever the case, they and their crimes cannot and must not be protected. Mercy for them means scores of victims for society to deal with, preyed on by those whom little children trust. Keaney was evil and should be stripped of his imperial honours. He was a sadist who indulged in criminal assault and who knowingly protected rings of predatory brothers engaged in systemic long-term sexual assault on defenceless children. I do hope the government will take the committee's unanimous recommendation to heart.
In concluding, I would like to quote from an interaction between myself and Brother Shanahan on Thursday 22 March 2001. The Senate Hansard reference is CA486-487. I said as follows to him:
The accusations are as follows: those two orders
I was referring to the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy
engaged in systemic criminal assault, which included systemic floggings with a variety of weapons and brutal and dangerous behaviour towards children which were offences against the law at the time; widespread sexual assault including rape;

widespread conspiracy between individuals and organisations within the Catholic Church to conceal crimes and to persuade police, medical staff and other authorities to be accomplices to the concealment; denial of education and the rights of children; brutal and inhumane working conditions including slave labour; theft of possessions and wages; cruelty and emotional deprivation on a grand scale; aggravated breach of contract with governments who entrusted children to their care; lies and deceit to children and to children as adults and to families, including forging and uttering; and a hypocritical and continuing use of legal stratagems to avoid the moral responsibilities arising out of those times.
I said to him: You have dealt with that, to some extent, with your apology and, to some extent, with your submission. Do you accept those accusations as being an accurate reflection of the evidence of many people?
And Brother Shanahan's response was:
I accept that those accusations have been made by people. I do not accept them in the sense of pleading guilty as charged.

End of speech

Because peodophilia is rife throughout the world and on a scale too large to record I have decided to print this summary of news items relating to many such cases around the world. In the UK we have already seen the major cover up of the Hollie Grief story implicating high officials in the judicial system, schools, police, social services, care workers, priests and many more. We have seen this cover up being orchestrated right from the top i.e. The First Secretary for Scotland and his key legal team. We also understand that this sordid practice goes to the highest level in Westminster, including some members of Parliament. There is certainly a very close tie with all this evil and the Freemason’s.

I will pick up on the Hollie Greig story and update after this list of news articles from around the world:

Clergy Child Molesters

Some of the news item headlines below have been changed to amplify the meaning

!!!: "Bishop resigns over handling of sex case." IRELAND: Comiskey/Fortune, also see below. -- BBC, http://news.bbc. co.uk/1/hi/world/ europe/1905395.stm , Apr 1 2002
• Priest abuse and abortion woman gets $2m payout. USA: in Los Angeles area, Fr John Lenihan. -- The West Australian, Wed Apr 3 02, p25
!!!: Bishop resigns over boy-sex cleric. IRELAND: Bishop had tried everything but dismissing Fr Sean Fortune! Bishop of Ferns, Brendan Comiskey, said: "I found Father Fortune virtually impossible to deal with. I confronted him regularly; for a time I removed him from the ministry. I sought professional advice in several quarters. I listened to criticisms and praises. I tried compassion and I tried firmness. Treatment was sought and arranged."
Bishop Comiskey resigned a day before a documentary was to be shown in Ireland about Father Fortune, who sexually abused dozens of boys in the 1980s and 1990s. -- The West Australian, Wednesday April 3 2002, p 25
• Priest-sex scandals keep lawyer Stephen Rubino busy on three continents. USA: -- The West Australian, Wed Apr 3 02 p25

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• Parole for disgraced Test umpire. AUSTRALIA: Steve Randell. Indecent to girls at Tasmanian Catholic school. -- West Australian, Thur Apr 4 02 p31
• "Crimes like sex abuse by priests and acts of hypocrisy by Christians have only worsened an already suffering public image for the Churches." PERTH: -- The Record, Western Australia Roman Catholic newspaper, "I say, I say" (comment by Paul Gray), April 4 2002, p 6
• Catholic clergy not main offenders + Celibacy is a tradition of love: Jesuit. -- The Record, April 4 2002, p 11
• Pope accepts resignation of Archbishop of Poznan [sneaked through a tunnel] + Purification being undergone by U.S. Catholic Church + Scandal preventable: Canadian archbishops. -- The Record, April 4 2002, p 12
• "Forced care inquiry 'overdue'." AUSTRALIA: Democrats Senator Andrew Murray wants an inquiry into the bad treatment of non-indigenous Australian-born children who were taken from their homes, and put into orphanages and children's homes. It would be a follow-on from the inquiries into the stolen generations [of Aboriginal children], and the child migrants [see Parliamentary report of August 2001 at www.aph.gov.au/senate/committee/clac_ctte/child_migrat/c04.doc]. -- The West Australian, Sat April 6 2002, p 34
• Abuse priest Fr Don Rooney suicides. USA: -- The Sunday Times, Perth, Sunday April 7 2002, p 37
• Mormons acknowledge abuse. USA: -- The West Australian, Tuesday April 9 2002, p 20

• Celibacy and Pedophilia: A Question of Rights. By James E. Biechler.http://arcc-catholic-rights.org UNITED STATES: Details include:

 A sizeable number of teachers at a Californian seminary were apparently involved in the systematic sexual abuse of their seminarians

 The young victims of priests were rarely considered. Their profound spiritual and emotional injury was hardly ever noticed.

 One of the victims of Father James Porter told how he left the church in 1992 after the Archbishop of Boston criticized the Press for its approach to these appalling perversions of the Christian ministry.

 The Church authorities still backing celibacy continue to make excuses, to continue the "cover-up". Those who think themselves God's spokesmen perpetuate the misunderstanding and protect it from any evidence that might call its "truth" into question. Celibacy is "purity."

 There is no basis in revelation for the view that virginity or celibacy is the divinely preferred way of life for human beings. The Book of Genesis makes it clear that God's plan was that male and female would live together as a unified image of God. The celibacy myth evolved over the centuries, mostly as an alien import from the east.

 At a crucial stage of personal development the young seminarian is formed in a culture of denial. He must deny his natural feelings, he must downgrade the natural order which includes those feelings, he must deny the importance of his natural family, he must relegate marriage and the procreation of children to an inferior level of life, and so he must even see children in a diminished light.

 Among the many reform groups which have arisen in the church during the past two decades (ARCC was one of the first) there is a group calling itself "Celibacy Is The Issue."

 Many priests are experiencing identity crises. They are finding it difficult to be enthusiastic about their ministry. Denied the helpmate God created for them, they are experiencing deep loneliness and depression. Some have escaped this by entering de-facto relationships.

 Secondly, nobody can deny that there are many dedicated and virtuous unmarried persons in the church. Among these are many priests. We are grateful for the dedication and charity, not for the celibacy.

• Cardinal accused says e-mails leaked and broadcast. USA: -- The Record, April 11 2002, p 5
• Beware the hysteria of the publicity about clerical paedophilia. PERTH: -- The Record, letter from Alan Ames, April 11 2002, p 7
• Survey on U.S. abuse. USA: 66% disapprove of Catholic Church handling. -- The Record, April 11 2002, p 12

• Vatican named in U.S. lawsuits. USA: Lawyer Jeffrey Anderson handles hundreds of cases; alleges moving abusers is Church policy to avoid liability. -- The Record, April 11 2002, p 13

• Abuse of Trust: Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches. AUSTRALIA, and WORLD: "Background Briefing" on ABC, Australian (and a bit of global) wide-ranging discussion.

 Various Churches and general

 In Australia, more than 100 clergy from the Catholic and Anglican Churches have been convicted of child sexual abuse in the past five years.

 Melbourne lawyer, David Forster, said: "You have to have firstly a Royal Commission established by the Federal government to look at the sexual abuse issue within Australia, specifically within the religious community."

 Mr Forster has represented over 100 sexual abuse victims, both Catholic and Anglican.

 Prof. Patrick Parkinson, Professor of Law, University of Sydney, author of the book Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches, says that many priests and ministers are in a position of extraordinary power -- to define what is right and what is wrong to young children.

 Prof. Parkinson said: "There was a fundamental confusion between forgiveness and trust. You could forgive somebody, that doesn't mean you have to trust them, and in particular it doesn't mean you have to trust them working with children. "

 Anglicans (Church of England)

 Anglican minister (dec'd) in the diocese of Bendigo 30 years ago sexually assaulted a boy, Peter O'Flaherty, then 10, for about six years. His father had complained to the minister's superior about the abuse, but nothing was done.

 The Anglican process is haphazard: 23 dioceses with 23 different sets of procedures to deal with child sexual abuse complaints.

 The Anglican Church in Sydney was forced to introduce a better system of dealing with victims' complaints after the 1996 Wood Royal Commission Inquiry into Paedophilia embarrassed the Church. The result was a new Church Discipline Ordinance which sped up the investigation of complaints.

 But Clare Pascoe Henderson, one of the key witnesses to the Wood Royal Commission, someone whose evidence was a catalyst for change in Sydney, is still waiting for some justice. Three years sexual relations from age 14 to 17 with her local Anglican minister had left her shattered.

 When she complained to the Church more than ten years later, she was told the Church couldn't do anything because of its "statute of limitations". When the Anglicans relaxed this, they did not contact her.

 The Head of the (Anglican) Professional Standards Unit, Philip Gerber, says the Church's "ordinances are published" and there was no particular agreement to tell her!

 Roman Catholics

 In the U.S., about 2000 priests of the Catholic Church have been disgraced. The Church there is accused of bribing some victims, to keep them quiet.

 In Ireland, one of the country's top bishops has quit amid allegations he protected a priest whom he knew had sexually assaulted dozens of boys. The Catholic Church has already promised more than $200 million in compensation for victims, and there is now to be a government inquiry.

 In Victoria (Australia) Fr Kevin O'Donnell (dec'd) was jailed for sexually abusing boys and girls aged between 8 and 14 years old from the 1940s to the 1970s, and senior Church leaders knew.

 Encompass was set up four years ago by the Catholic Church in Australia, as part of a system to deal with child sexual abuse. Dr Gerardine Taylor, the Clinical Director of an Assessment and Treatment Centre for Sex Offenders, says "Paedophilia, like all paraphilias, is not curable."

 In The New York Times, author and critic Jason Berry wrote a stinging critique of celibacy in the Catholic Church, saying celibacy led to the pathology of sexual secrecy.

 Fr Vincent Ryan, New South Wales, appealed to the High Court over the severity of his sentence, a minimum prison term of 11 years, for dozens of offences against boys aged from 6 to 14. He had been warned by the Church as far back as 1975 that his abuse of children must stop but his offending continued for another 15 years.

 There are separate Catholic Church procedures in Melbourne and for any complaints against priests of the Jesuit order.

 The policy of removing clergy as an 'unacceptable risk' has brought Australian Catholic bishops into conflict with the Vatican, which wants allegations of child sexual abuse dealt with by secret, internal Church courts.

 Fr Peter Chalk of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, masturbated in front of a 17-year-old student priest in a Victorian seminary in the mid-'70s and tried to seduce him. He went abroad and has not been charged.

-- Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Background Briefing, produced by Chris Bullock, http://www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/bbing/stories/s531384.htm , Sunday April 14 2002

• Bravehearts anti-abuse group holds rallies. AUSTRALIA:: Bravehearts hold rallies in five states. -- ABC news, "Children's group disappointed in WA inaction", Mon, Apr 15 2002
• Anger as priest faces sex counts. [2002] PERTH, W. Australia: Van Klooster supporters harm and hinder media. -- West Australian Tue Apr 16 02 p14

• Pope to 'carpet' U.S. cardinals on sex abuse. USA: Cardinal Law knowingly transferred offenders, 450 more claimants. -- The West Australian, Wednesday April 17 2002, p 27
• PM Howard 'cool' on sex abuse inquiry. AUSTRALIA: Democrats move; The West Australian, Wednesday April 17 2002, p 44

• Pope calls U.S. cardinals to Rome. ROME: Call for 23-24 April, Vatican says to examine paedophilia and to aim to return safety to families and trust to the clergy and faithful. -- The Record, April 18 2002, p 2
• Oblates nearing insolvency in Canada. CANADA: Litigation costs force order to seek bankruptcy protection. -- The Record Apr 18 02 p10
• Boston's Cardinal Law determined to carry on. USA: Documents reveal complaints against Fr Paul Shanley from 1967 included that he spoke in favour of man-boy sex and joined an organisation devoted to that, but Church kept him as priest, two newspapers call for his resignation, Fr John Geoghan imprisoned but Church had treated his offences with secrecy; The Record, April 18 2002, p 12
• Wesley teachers jailed [mid 1990s]. VICTORIA, Australia: Victorian husband and wife - John Alexander, Elspeth McKenzie - seduced 14-year-old Wesley College girl; The West Australian, Saturday April 20 2002, p 7
• Priest was evil one, says cover-up victim. USA: Fr Paul Shanley said he kept a promise to keep silent about cardinal abusing him in seminary, hierarchy conspiracy to allow Fr Shanley access to youth since 1967, Cardinal B.Law's secret Rome trip, and all 8 U.S. cardinals off to Rome, Victim's lives broken. -- The Weekend Australian, Roy Eccleston, April 20-21 2002, p 16
• "The Pope's Man." AUSTRALIA: An article about Dr George Pell, former R.C. Archbishop of Melbourne, now one year Archbishop of Sydney; details of his opposition to embryonic stem cell research, his refusal to give communion to a group of practising homosexuals, and his claim that the clergy's sexual misconduct is not because of the repression due to a cloistered and celibate lifestyle, but rather the sickness in a society that has lost its way. -- The Weekend Australian Magazine, Luke Slattery, photography Nick Cubbin, April 20-21 2002, pp 24-27
• Church rocked by sex scandals. EUROPE and USA - Scandals in Austria (cardinal), France (abbot and bishop), Germany (bishop), Ireland (bishop mismanaged), Poland (archbishop), Britain (archbishop admitted mismanaging Fr Michael Hill), United States (Boston Fr John Geoghan gaoled 18 Jan 2002, Philadelphia 35 priests, Allentown dismissed 4, St Louis dismissed 2, California $1.2m paid, New York dismissed 6, Cleveland suspended 9, had dismissed 12 previously); 2002/WORLD/europe/04/21/vatican.sex.reut/index.html ; Factfile from Reuters in CNN April 21 02
• Force out Cardinal Law, U.S. bishops urge Pope. USA: Law's secret talks with Pope followed by stance he will remain, ovation. -- The West Australian, Tuesday April 23 2002, p 23
• Parent Alleges Deterring By Pastor. UNITED STATES: The pastor at St. Monica's Church in Methuen rebuffed a father's intent to inform police that the Rev. Ronald H. Paquin had attempted to molest his son five years before Paquin was involved in a fatal accident in which another teenager, whom he had allegedly abused, was killed. According to a lawsuit filed yesterday in Middlesex Superior Court, John J. Facella, now of Rye, N.H., confronted the Rev. Allen E. Roche, pastor at St. Monica's, in late 1976 with the report that . . . (674 words) -- Boston Globe Archive, http://nl.newsbank.com , by Stephen Kurkjian, Globe Staff, April 23, 2002

• "No place" - Pope's U.S. sex abuse speech. ROME: Text of 23 April 2002 speech to U.S. cardinals gathered in Rome (leaving it to the U.S. hierarchy, with loopholes!). On the credit side, the Pope called the abuse a "crime." CNN version at www.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/europe/04/23/pope.scandal.text.ap/index.html Apr 23 02
• Pope says bishops' decisions 'wrong'. ROME: -- CNN news, April 23, 2002 Posted: 1:46 PM EDT (1746 GMT), 2002/WORLD/europe/04/23/pope.scandal/index.html
• Not Good Enough. AUSTRALIA: Too many loopholes in Pope's speech and Anglican system; suggested letter to bishops of both Anglican and Catholic Churches; revised edition issued Apr 26 02, original April 24 02
• Pope lays down sex abuse law. ROME: But repentance loophole lingers still. -- The West Australian, Thur Apr 25 02, p 19
• Sex abuse summit. VATICAN: Summit at Vatican brings together two very different views of law. -- The Record, Apr 25 02, p 12
• U.S. cardinals stop short of 'zero tolerance'. ROME: Bishops bluffing; talk of penance and rehabilitation on 24 Apr 02 European time, posted 25 Apr 2002, CNN version at 2002/WORLD/europe/ 04/24/pope. talks/index.html
• Sex hush riles seminarians. ROME: It's not just a U.S. problem, donations going to hush money, faulting of U.S. cardinals for spread of sexual misconduct; bishops covering up offenders; no apology to victims; The West Australian, Sat Apr 27 02, p 23

• Priest Fr Paul Shanley talked up boy-love. USA: bishop had evidence but did nothing. -- The West Australian, Sat Apr 27 02, p 23
• "Make All Religions Safe." AUSTRALIA: Petition forms, half an A4 page in size, began to be distributed as "Leave Our Kids Alone" on 27 April 2002. No "source" was put on the forms. A small number of signatures were sent by the Faith Purification Programme (FPP) to major Churches in Western Australia in May or June 02, and four signatures on 11 Oct 02. No response was received. On January 22 2003 nine signatures were sent, and this time the Churches of Christ and the Anglican Primate were the only WA Churches to respond by Feb 20 2003. The Catholic Archbishop's reply was dated 5 March 2003. It is not known how many signatures had been sent independently. No apparent improvement has been noted. The petition forms under the new title "Make Our Religion Safe" are being put on the WWW on Feb 20 2003, and instead of asking people to send signatures to Churches, the request will primarly ask them to send them to FPP. A motto has been added: "FOR GOOD TEACHINGS TO BE HEEDED, A BIG CLEAN-UP IS NEEDED." New name from 20 Feb 03; first old-name distribution: Apr 27 02
• Sex abuser jailed at 69. [1986-87 Crisafio] - No religion link reported. Boy.
The West Australian, By David Darragh, p 52, Saturday, August 10, 2002
PERTH (W. Australia): AN ELDERLY man has been jailed for eight years after a jury found him guilty of sexually abusing a teenage boy who had run away from home.
In sentencing, District Court Judge Hal Jackson said yesterday that Peter Pasquale Crisafio had initiated sex acts with his 15-year-old victim on nine different occasions after the boy had run away from home and stayed with the then 53-year-old at his North Perth home.
A jury last month found Crisafio, now 69, guilty of all 24 sex charges. Crisafio was convicted of seven counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and 17 counts of indecent dealing.
The offences were committed between May 1986 and January 1987.
Crisafio was made eligible for parole and his sentence was back�dated to July 18 when he went into custody.
• "More safety with married clergy" petition. AUSTRALIA: (begun 07 Apr 03)
• Two kinds of petition on the one sheet. AUSTRALIA: "Make All Religions Safe" PLUS "More safety with married clergy"
• "Petition for Optional Married Clergy" AUSTRALIA: (begun 04 Nov 03)
• Dr Pell, opposed to inclusive language translations, may help re-translate scriptures back to "man, men". VATICAN: "The Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship has appointed Sydney's Archbishop George Pell as chairman of its new 12-member committee for "reviewing translations of liturgical books into English". The congregation said the committee, which held its inaugural meeting last week in the Vatican, included bishops from nine different countries in order to reflect "the breadth and the diversity of the cultures in which the English language is spoken". The committee has been given a Latin name � Vox Clara. Archbishop Pell challenged the use of inclusive language in the first English translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He and other influential prelates urged the Vatican to reject the original English text that was prepared under the supervision of Cardinal Bernard Law, Archbishop of Boston, who had endorsed the use of inclusive language. As a result of the protests the English version of the catechism was delayed by nearly two years and was finally published in 1994." -- CathTelecom www.cathtelecom.com/news/204/149.php quoting "Pell to chair Vatican translation committee," The Tablet www.thetablet.co.uk , Apr 28 2002
!!!: Blackmail and homo inn! USA: sex priest Paul Shanley in blackmail threat against Cardinal Humberto Madeiros; one-time U.S. motorcycle "street priest" ran inn with homosexual clients; papers with Greg Ford's lawyer Roderick MacLeish jun. -- The West Australian, Mon Apr 29 02, p 21
!!!: Sex video and blackmail! [CURRENT] SPAIN: Priest sex video sent to flock by homosexual blackmailing ex-lover (Fr Eladio Ocana Serrano), Spain; withdraws to monastery; The West Australian, Tue Apr 30 02, p 20

• [Disabled woman impregnated by Lismore priest, and paid hush money.] AUSTRALIA: Lady gets silence clause and $15,000. "On Sunday, Mr McCarthy tried to deflect criticism away from individual diocesan bishops, such as retired Bishop of Lismore, the Most Rev John Satterthwaite, and his successor, the Most Rev Geoffrey Jarrett, who signed off on a confidentiality agreement last month. It prevented a physically disabled woman who had been paid $15,000 compensation from going public with her story over how she became pregnant to a priest in the Lismore diocese." -- Sydney Morning Herald, of June 11 2002, http://www.smh.com.au/text/articles/2002/06/10/1022982819880.htm , "Church fails its own sex abuse rules," By Kelly Burke, Religious Affairs Writer, payment made May 2002. [COMMENT: Remember, the "no silencing" principle was adopted in "Towards Healing" in the year 2000! COMMENT ENDS] [List as May 2002]
• Umpire back. AUSTRALIA: Former test cricket umpire, convicted paedophile Steve Randell, 46, released from gaol, may umpire again. He had served 2 years 9 months gaol. -- The West Australian, Wed May 1 02, p 14
• ABC Radio talk about R.C. priests' problems with celibacy. AUSTRALIA: Some go visiting prostitutes, and there's been a decade of sex-abuse charges. Books discussed Cassocks in the Wilderness, Sex, Priests and Power, and Celibacy, a Way of Living, Loving and Serving. -- Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 3 02

• [Newspaper reviews of clerical child abuse.] AUSTRALIA: Catholic cardinals get lecture from Pope John Paul II, celibacy not part of original Christianity, Anglican problems, and other information:

 "Suffer the little children" pp 1-2: Catholic Father Gilbert Gauthe, Boston, in the mid-1980s was gaoled 20 years for molesting dozens of children, who were awarded $35 million; Fr Rudolph Kos, Dallas, in 1997, cost that diocese $235 m over former altar boys abused during 15 years; In January 2002 Fr John Geoghan, Boston (again) was convicted, Cardinal Bernard Law was involved in covering up; magazine asked "Can The Church Be Saved?"
In Australia R.C. Christian Brothers had been exposed, and in mid-1993 publicly apologised for sexual and physical abuse of migrant and other children in the 1940s to the 1960s. Australian R.C. leaders in 1996 had set up the Towards Healing protocol for dealing with offenders and victims (except in Melbourne Diocese, which has its own Independent Commission into Sexual Abuse since 1996). Brigidine Sister Angela Ryan is the executive officer of the National Committee for Professional Standards, which advises victims to tell the police. She said that in the past priests had been moved about, "but only because society did not know better." [!!!] Perth Archbishop Barry Hickey said that there had been no complaints of current sexual abuse since 1996. From 1998 39 complaints of past abuse had been logged. Payments: 1999 $49,000, 2000 $110,000, 2001 $335,000, 2002 $220,500 so far. Of 15 payments made, nine were for events in Christian Brothers' institutions up to 51 years ago. Norman Aisbett.

 "Anglicans' sexual abuse inquiry stalled" p 2: Anglican Brisbane Archbishop Phillip Aspinall says he's unable to start the Church inquiry into sexual abuse complaints, because none of the eminent people approached had been able to take on leading it, but he remained optimistic. He's made no headway with his call to Canberra for a royal commission to deal with such issues as mandatory reporting.

 "Celibacy put in the spotlight" p 2: It was alleged that the R.C. Church had become a magnet for homosexuals, because of celibacy. Catholic auxiliary bishop in Sydney, Geoffrey Robinson, chairman of the R.C. national professional standards committee, says it is by no means the total cause. He cited the NSW Wood royal commission on paedophilia estimates that 46 per cent of all child abuse occurred in families, 44% of offenders gained access to children through families or friends, and 5% involved people such as teachers, babysitters and clergymen. Some comments were made on sexual maturity. Sr Angela Ryan says a national conference in July will examine all aspects of priestly "formation," or development. Perth Archbishop Hickey said the entrants to the Guildford seminary tended to be in their 20s these days. Norman Aisbett.

 "In the heart of darkness" p 3: Associate Professor (University of NSW) and psychiatrist Carolyn Quadrio has interviewed hundreds of victims of sexual abuse. In a very short time she interviewed 32 male victims of the Christian Brothers, and since then had seen a couple of hundred who were abused as children in places like Bindoon and Clontarf. About 15 years ago she had started moves to reform the psychiatry profession, which itself had sexual abusers in its ranks. "The battering the church is taking at the moment knocks people's belief systems," the professor says. "If people don't have belief systems they get very distressed and confused and even depressed. ... there's still tremendous denial in the community about the extent of child abuse." Derek Pedley.

 "Celibacy a singular problem" p 4: Home is the most dangerous place to be, as far as the possibility of sexual abuse. However, is celibacy in the Catholic priesthood, given its problems and perils, worth it? Well, it was not considered so for more than half that Church's existence. The narrow culture which is associated with a celibate male priestly caste can result in cover-ups and a refusal to accept that something is wrong, and a fearful clinging to power and authority instead. The remedy could be that Rome made celibacy optional and ordain women as well as men. The celibacy requirement was probably driving heterosexual men away while drawing in men unable to accept their sexuality. The relentless commercialisation of sex and the promotion of a culture where very little is sacred any more makes a dangerously superficial society. In such a world the promotion of core values which undergird the integrity of all -- men, women and children -- is increasingly difficult. Gavin Simpson gavin.simpson@wanews.com.au

-- The West Australian, "Big Weekend," pp 1-4, Sat May 4 02

!!!: Confessional rape? Fr Paul Shanley may be jailed for life. UNITED STATES: Rapesin confessional charges; Boston diocese backs out of settling for $A75m for 86 John Geoghan victims (already paid $28m for 40), other victims cited -- The Sunday Times, Perth, "Accused U.S. priest Paul Shanley may be jailed for life," May 05 02, p 35
• Abuse scandal hit HK church. HONG KONG: A 42-year-old former priest was arrested on allegations he sexually assaulted a boy 15 years ago; two Chinese priests had been suspended in the past 11 years, and a foreign priest had been sent back to his homeland. -- The Australian, by Lynne O'Donnell, May 6 02, p 6
!!!: Supplying pornography from prison! [2000s] AUSTRALIA: (Presbyterian) Martin Francis Dodge, 38, former worker with a Presbyterian church, a prisoner for child-sex offences (three boys aged 7 to 12), has pleaded guilty to charges of possessing and supplying pornography while in gaol. -- The West Australian, "Paedophile may go free," By Steve Butler, Thur May 9 2002, p 38
• "Hong Kong Diocese confronts abuse;" HONG KONG: (R.C.) The diocese has adopted a no-tolerance policy for priests who sexually abuse children. -- The Record, (CNS) May 9 02, p 12
• "UN Urged To Hold Vatican Accountable For Sex Abuse." NEW YORK: Saying sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests is a global crisis, a coalition of legal experts and Catholic groups yesterday launched a campaign calling on the United Nations to hold the Vatican accountable and help end the "systemic" practice.
The campaign was kicked off as the UN's Special Session of the General Assembly on Children opened at UN headquarters in Manhattan. "We have sadly come to the conclusion that the Roman Catholic Church is not going to solve this problem," Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice, one of the campaign organizers, said at a news conference.
Citing cases of clergy sexual abuse of children and adolescents in the United States, Europe and Latin America, the coalition called on the UN to hold the Holy See (the government of Vatican City and the Catholic Church) accountable for what the coalition said was an international cover-up by high-ranking church officials.
The coalition accused the Holy See of violating the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which it ratified, and called for a public apology during the Special Session on Children for its failure to end the abuse. -- Copyright © 2003, Newsday, www.newsday.com/mynews/ny-nycath092699813may09.story , "UN Urged To Hold Vatican Accountable For Sex Abuse," By Merle English, May 9, 2002
• "Priest-boy sex known." BOSTON (Mass.): Boston Cardinal Bernard Law has testified that he knew as early as 1984 that Fr John Geoghan (gaoled in January 2002 for molesting a child) was having sexual encounters with young boys. Law told a court he had removed Geoghan from one parish before sending him to another. The testimony was in a civil lawsuit brought by 86 alleged victims. The Boston archdiocese had withdrawn from a near-settlement with them last week. -- The West Australian, (Los Angeles Times), Fri May 10 02, p 24
• "Call for justice over child abuse." UNITED STATES: (R.Cs.) Victims told their stories to U.S. TV at a demonstration by the 4000-member Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (S.N.A.P.). On Thursday they asked R.C. Bishop Joseph Gerry of Portland, Maine, to remove the statutes of limitations that make it harder to prosecute errant priests. Mrs Courtney Doherty Oland was among the supporters and sexual abuse victims in 25 cities in the United States and Canada who asked Catholic leaders for their support. Her brother, Michael Doherty, had alleged that Fr James Talbot had molested him at a Portland high school. Fr Talbot in 1998 was removed from the active ministry after the accusation. Eight other men who alleged he had molested them in the 1970s have come forward. -- The West Australian, (Washington Post), Sat May 11 02, p 26
• "Paedophile priest seeks new trial." [? 2000s] - New Apostolic Church. Girls.
PERTH, W. Australia: Lloyd Luciano Sampson, 49, of Merriwa, has appealed seeking a new trial after three juries had convicted him on five charges of sexual penetration and three of indecent dealing against three young sisters. A married father of two who worked as a mechanic, he was dismissed by the Church at Koondoola after he was charged. Decision reserved. -- The West Australian, By Sean Cowan, Sat May 11 02, p 52
• "Paedophile kept in jail for sex text" [?2000s] - Presbyterian. Boys.
PERTH, W. Australia: Three years gaol without parole was imposed on Martin Francis Dodge, 38, former worker with a Presbyterian church, for using child sex literature to arouse himself while masturbating in a W.A. gaol. He had been due to be released from Bunbury gaol next Tuesday after serving 12 1/2 years for sex acts against three boys aged between seven and 12. The court was told he had been raped when he was five. -- The West Australian, By Steve Butler, Sat May 11 02, p 56
• "At the crossroads." PERTH: (Roman Catholic) Attendance at Sunday Mass has been crumbling since the 1960s, about half a million stopped going in the 15 years after the Second Vatican Council in 1965, Fundamentalist Churches are sprouting. In the U.S. Fr John Geoghan molested or raped more than 130 children during a "three-decade spree through half a dozen parishes in greater Boston." The hierarchy knew since 1980, when he made a written statement that his abuse of seven boys in one extended family was not a serious problem. The crisis in Catholicism has been linked by some to celibacy. Perth Archbishop Barry Hickey and Vicar-General Tim Corcoran were quoted. At the Guildford seminary there were 19 candidates for the priesthood. Sydney Archbishop George Pell said that the clerical sex-abuse problem was shameful and lessened the Church's moral authority in society. But in the past the leaders had not understood psycho-sexual development. The main criterion now is public safety. -- The Sunday Times, Perth, Sun May 12 02, pp 39 and 42
• "Search aid 'too low'." AUSTRALIA: Child migrants get $1m travel assistance in race against time; Australian Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister Gary Hardgrave announced measures including $1m in travel assistance and a $100,000 contribution towards State-initiated memorials for former child migrants. Norman Johnston, the W.A. president of the International Association of Former Child Migrants and their Families, welcomed the moves, but said the $125,000 a year for the Child Migrant Trust was woefully inadequate. -- The West Australian, Tue May 14 02, p 24

• wound by sex victim. UNITED STATES: Priest Maurice Blackwell shot (wounded) by accuser in sex case. [A jury convicted the accused, Mr Dontee Stokes, on lesser charges, but not of attempted murder, The West Australian, Dec 18 2002] -- The West Australian, Thur May 16 02, p 23
• Hanged in "reform" home. U.S.A: Fr Alfred Bietighofer, 64, accused of boy fondling in the 1970s and 80s, was found hanged in his room at an institute for troubled priests in Maryland. -- The West Australian, Sat May 18 02, p 28
• "School employee on sex abuse charges" (Anglican). BRISBANE (Qld) Australia: Police have charged a former employee of Brisbane's exclusive Anglican Church Grammar School with sexual abuse. At least two other sex abuse cases are pending against the school with claims of more than $3m. Former archbishop Dr Peter Hollingworth, now Governor-General, has agreed to co-operate with the forthcoming Brisbane diocesan inquiry. -- The Weekend Australian, May 18-19 02, p 3
• Hiding the records ending after lawyers are faced with the alternative. WHITE PLAINS, New York State - Jeanine Pirro has a great smile. She flashed it briefly last month, as lawyers for the Archdiocese of New York took their seats around the polished conference table here in her fifth-floor office, and then there were no more smiles. Pirro, the district attorney for Westchester County, had assembled a group of seven other district attorneys from in and around New York. They wanted information, and they wanted it fast. The archdiocese had resisted requests to turn over records of priests who had sexually abused minors, so Pirro put together a meeting to present the archdiocese with its options. Pirro prefaced her remarks by noting that she is a devout Catholic, but quickly cut to the chase: The archdiocese had information about sexually abusive priests that she and other prosecutors needed to see. They could do it the easy way, she said, or they could do it the hard way. Then she stared at the church lawyers, as if to say, ''What's it going to be, boys, yes or no?'' The church lawyers looked at each other. One of them, a friend of Pirro's, looked at her with incredulity. And then they blinked. They agreed to turn over the information. "Eventually, they gave up everything," Pirro said in a recent interview here. -- Boston Globe, "Abuse cases long her crusade," by Kevin Cullen, May 21 2002
• "Dr Pell acts on Sydney gays." SYDNEY (NSW) Australia: R.C. Archbishop George Pell of Sydney last Sunday refused Holy Communion (the consecrated bread) to about a dozen people wearing a rainbow sash, which openly signifies their support for active homosexuality. Instead he blessed them. In a statement issued after the Mass (the R.C. communion service) he said it was inappropriate to mount an ideological demonstration during Mass. "The Church's view on sexuality ... derives from natural moral law ... unchanging. ... governs all people everywhere ... Our ... religious tradition allows men and women sexual expresion within the bounds of family life, a sexuality that is life giving." The Record, Perth, May 23 02, p 12
• U.S. sex suspects removed in New York, North Carolina, Michigan and Illinois. WASHINGTON (DC): Sex suspects were removed from ministry by various U.S. RC bishops. One of them, Bishop Matthew H. Clark of Rochester, N.Y. State, said that the diocese could no longer follow past practices of returning priests to ministry, following a creditable accusation of sexual abuse of a minor. "It did not leave people at peace," he said. -- The Record, Perth, "More US priests removed," May 23 2002, p 12
• Bishop Gumbleton exposes Church's inaction after 1971 reports that priests were immature; Church in Crisis
National Catholic Reporter, "Church in Crisis," www.natcath.com/ crisis/gumbleton.htm , speech by Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton, on May 25, 2002, (posted on NCR website June 17, 2002 )
LEXINGTON ( MA): . . . But if we are really going to understand this crisis, and if we�re going to find the right way to bring about a resolution of it, to restore credibility to the Church, to bring healing to the victims, to curtail insofar as humanly possible any further incidents of sexual abuse, then we have to see this crisis not just as a sex scandal, but as a crisis of leadership within the Catholic Church�a crisis that revolves around the leadership of the Catholic bishops. ***
This is a clear lack of leadership in our Church. Some of it perhaps due to ignorance many years ago. But that ignorance was overcome when we in the Catholic Conference of Bishops were fully informed about the nature of the problems we were dealing with and how intractable many of these problems are. And yet the cover-ups and the collusion and the lack of response to the victims went on.
There has been a deeper and more profound kind of failure on the part of the Catholic bishops in the United States and perhaps in other parts of the world in allowing a situation to develop where such a large number of priests seem so susceptible of becoming perpetrators of these kinds of crimes.
Over 30 years ago, the Catholic Bishops of the United States authorized a five-part study of the priesthood in the United States. We paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for this study. It was completed, most of it, by 1971. The study included a historical study of the US priesthood, a spirituality study, a theological study of what the US priesthood means in a post-Vatican II Church in the United States. And then even more pertinent to our current problems, there was a very thorough sociological study and an equally thorough psychological study of the US priesthood. I can remember very clearly the meeting we held in 1971 when the chief authors of the sociological and psychological studies made a presentation to the Catholic bishops.
That psychological study should have been an exceptionally helpful eye opener for the Catholic bishops. It categorized, from a psychological development perspective, what the priesthood in the United States looked like. At one end of the spectrum are maldeveloped priests. And according to the study, there were about 7 or 8% of the priests in the United States who were seriously maldeveloped. Then there was a very large category -- 65-66% of the priests in the United States who were described as underdeveloped. And then another category of about 13-14% or so that were developing persons. At the other end of the spectrum about 7 or 8% of priests who would be termed developed persons. ... [A far larger report is recorded at the publication date, June 17, 2002] [Speech given on May 25, 2002]
• "Paedophile priests stay in Church." AUSTRALIA: The Catholic Church in Australia is not taking action to expel paedophile clerics despite an edict from the Pope that those who harm children have no place in religious life. -- Sun Herald, www.smh.com.au Cost - $1.10 (426 words), 26 May 2002
• "New flak for Hollingworth;" AUSTRALIA: Former Anglican archbishop, Governor-General Hollingworth's PR advisor (recommended by his daughter) was paid $250 an hour, i.e., $13,517 for three weeks during the furore over a sex abuse row. The West Australian, Tue May 28 02, p 5

• Sydney's Catholic Archbishop Pell swears out Statutory Declaration denying he offered money or goods to David Ridsdale. SYDNEY (NSW) Australia: He was commenting on Mr Ridsdale's statements to "60 Minutes", which was going to air on June 2. "The allegation that I attempted to silence a victim or cover up allegations is unfounded and untrue and is an anathema to me." Statutory declaration by Dr Pell is in PDF (Acrobat) format at http://www.sydney.catholic.org.au/pdf/Statdec.pdf , dated May 30 02
• "U.S. Bishop resigns." [?1970s-80s] UNITED STATES: (R.C.) Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland's resignation was accepted by the Pope. He had been accused of making an unwelcome sexual advance on a man more than 20 years ago. He acknowledged that he had made a monetary settlement with the man in 1998, but said he had never abused anyone. The Record, May 30 02, p 12
• "Second Priest in Week Resigns Amid Molestation Accusations;" [1979] SEATTLE -- A second Catholic priest in a week has resigned from active ministry amid accusations that he molested a boy decades ago, the Archdiocese of Seattle announced late Friday. Archbishop Alex Brunett accepted the Rev. Dennis V. Champagne's resignation on Thursday, a day after the priest was placed on administrative leave as archdiocese officials investigated fresh details about the allegation. Champagne, 57, has been co-pastor of St. John Bosco Church in Lakewood and at Immaculate Conception Church in Steilacoom, both in Pierce County, and was former pastor of St. Michael's parish in Snohomish, the archdiocese said. Champagne was first investigated in 1986, after a priest wrote a letter to then-Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen saying he had been told that Champagne had molested a boy in 1979 while serving as pastor at St. Michael's. ... Champagne's resignation came a week after the archdiocese announced that it had removed the Rev. John Cornelius from active ministry following accusations from at least a dozen men who said he had abused them decades ago. Cornelius also offered his resignation and said he acknowledged "responsibility for my failures." www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,54204,00.html Fox News, Fri May 31 02
• Bishop Caught on Tape Suggesting Concealing Abuse Evidence. (U.S.) And Vatican got list of names in 1985. May 31 -- The Vatican's American embassy may have played a key role in keeping secret the scope and seriousness of the priest sexual abuse problem and of the millions of dollars in Church money used to keep the scandal quiet, ABCNEWS has learned. In a tape obtained by ABCNEWS, the auxiliary bishop of Cleveland, A. James Quinn, was recorded in 1990 telling a seminar of church leaders and lawyers to destroy any anonymous allegations when sex-abuse allegations arise. ... Quinn continued to suggest that officials should consider sending "dangerous" material to the apostolic delegation at the Vatican Embassy (which has diplomatic immunity), before lawyers or law enforcement officials could formally subpoena the material. ... The former canon lawyer at the Vatican Embassy, Father Tom Doyle, says embassy officials have known for years -- and passed on to Rome -- details of the growing scandal. "It's been known at the Vatican since at least 1985, and I'm certain of it," said Doyle. "I personally sent a report that was sent to the Vatican in spring of 1985 naming names." Jason Berry, author of Lead Us Not Into Temptation: Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children, said the tape shows an effort to bury any potentially damaging evidence. -- American Broadcasting Corporation News, "Hidden Evidence? Bishop Caught on Tape Suggesting Concealing Abuse Evidence," http://abcnews.go.com/sections/wnt/DailyNews/bishopquinn020531.html , By Brian Ross, May 31 02

• "Pell denies sex cover-up report." SYDNEY (NSW) Australia: Sydney's Catholic Archbishop George Pell brandished a statutory declaration and foreshadowed legal action over allegations that he had attempted to silence a sex-abuse victim by "buying him off." Dr Pell said that it was "anathema" to him. He lambasted Channel 9's "60 Minutes" programme which plans to telecast the allegations on Sunday. -- The West Australian, Fri May 31 02, p 33

End of abuse articles

I will now dedicate the rest of this article with an update on Hollie Greig and Robert Green:

As you all know the Hollie Greig case also extended into the murder of her uncle who just so happened to walk in on her father who was sexually abusing his daughter Hollie at the time. Her uncle was never seen alive after this encounter but the Grampian Police covered up this fact and said it was suicide. After many years Robert Green and Hollies mum Anne were able to obtain the autopsy report which clearly indicated that this was certainly no suicide.

Since Robert Green became involved in this case he has been arrested, when he crossed the border into Scotland to hold a meeting. His property was raided by Grampian Police whilst he was still being held in Scotland. They took all his papers and his computer. Later whilst Hollie and her mum were on a short holiday, their home in Shrewsbury was also raided and the house ransacked, papers taken and also their computer.

As we can now see this is no longer just a Scottish matter but now extends across the border into England with both the police and local authorities in Aberdeen and Shrewsbury now being involved.

Robert has since managed to obtain legal aid (which was originally refused) and has appeared in court a couple of times along with Anne and daughter Hollie. As it stands at the moment there is a glimmer of hope that with the continued pressure from the legal fraternity and the pressure from “Hollies Army” this sordid case may well have a happy ending. However, there is a long way to go.

As we know there were other child victims in Aberdeen (which Hollie named) and so it’s purely a matter of getting this into court and then hopefully other victims will come forward. In the meantime communications are currently being exchanged with all the relevant people and so I have decided to add a couple of these to this article. If you find it hard to read it’s only a matter of increasing the magnification or to copy and paste it elsewhere for you to read. One can get a more direct update by going to http://www.holliedemandsjustice.org/node/1067

I have written around 14 articles on the Hollie Greig case which I started back in February this year. I have decided to publish my first article again as it best explains the background to this terrible case that still awaits justice:

The Deeply upsetting story of Hollie Greig – 25th February 2010

The deeply upsetting story of Hollie Greig

There has to be a point in our lives when we turn our backs on normal news and bring out the truth behind a gut wrenching story that nobody wants to talk about or who may not be permitted to talk about.

We at the Palestine Telegraph always want to bring out topics that no one else is prepared to print. The case of Hollie Greig is one such story that will make you feel terribly sick inside whilst at the same time wanting to bring those responsible to justice. I did a radio show the other day and someone specifically asked me to investigate this sad story probably knowing that I would do an article on it. One must feel the intense pain of Hollie’s mum and the ongoing nightmare’s that must haunt Hollie, the innocent victim of a pedophile father and his ring of evil friends.

This is not the first time I have heard of such abuse, especially in care homes where children suffering from Down’s Syndrome or other medical conditions have been repeatedly abused by the care staff. It is for this reason that I have broken away from my normal articles to reveal these horrific evil pedophiles that contaminate our planet. What makes this case stand out is the fact that this abuse went beyond the Greig family and extended into the Grampian Police Force who are there to protect us. I am sure by the time you have read through this extremely upsetting story you also will want to bring these evil people to justice.

So who is Hollie Grieg? Hollie lived in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her family consisted of Anne, her mother, Father Denis and brother Greg. It was back in 2000 when Hollie told her mum something very disturbing that any mother dreads to hear - that she had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie and by her brother Greg. This abuse stemmed back to when Hollie was six years old, Hollie also told her mum that her brother Greg had also been abused by his father. We hear of such horror stories many times especially when another member of the family is also abused and that person then becomes part of the spider’s web.

As one would expect Anne immediately reported the incident to the Grampian Police in Aberdeen and it was then that things started to go so terribly wrong. Over a period of time Hollie started to recall the names of those that had abused her. Anne eventually learnt that her husband Denis had offered his daughter to an extended ring of pedophiles. One can imagine the terrible abuse, psychological pain and humiliation that Hollie endured during this period and the terrible pain that mum also endured.

It became a further shock when Anne learnt that this ring of pedophiles included a serving police officer with the Grampian Police named Terry Major and a very high profile gentleman called Graeme Buchanan who happened to be the Aberdeen Sheriff (his picture is on the last page of this article)

After some in depth investigations by medical staff and the Grampian Police Hollie’s account was fully accepted as being authentic but that’s as far as the case went and everything was very carefully swept under the carpet. One of the main players in this deplorable case was that of Elish Frances Angiolini , a Scottish lawyer who has served in the political role of Lord Advocate in Scotland since 2006. Her bio reads that she was appointed to the post of Solicitor General for Scotland in November 2001 becoming the first woman, the first Procurator Fiscal, and the first solicitor to hold that post. This lady prevented any action being taken by the police or should I say against the police and the Sheriff and consequently allowed the main offend, Denis Charles Mackie (Hollie’s father as shown on the following page) to escape the country and settle in Portugal.

The story does not stop there because the authorities started a campaign to discredit and intimidate Anne by having her forcibly taken to a mental institution in the hope of taking Hollie from her and handing her back to her evil father. Anne remained strong and managed to have herself checked over by a leading psychiatrist who then certified her as being perfectly sane. This brave woman stood up to these bullying tactics and consequently forced them to accept the findings of the psychiatrist.

Over the coming years Anne remained strong and continued to fight this battle which eventually led to Anne being able to convince the News of the World to take up her story in 2009. What was also disturbing was the fact that Hollie had been receiving payments from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority which as we all know is a payment handed out for victims of crime. One must fully understand that for this payment to take place one has to have been vetted by the

authorities to qualify for such payments…..surely this in itself are an expression of guilt even though to this day no investigations have been carried out.

Hollies father Denis and Greg went to live in Portugal, which also so happened to be the same country where Madeleine McCann went missing. Anne decided that she should alert the authorities and went to another police station in her newly acquired home in Shrewsbury. She was hopeful that the local police would listen to her story and that they would then notify their counterparts in Portugal that this pedophile had relocated there and may have some connection with Madeleine. It became evident that this possible vital information was not passed on by the British Police.

Private Investigators into Hollies situation have since revealed the presence of other pedophile rings in Scotland and it became clear that senior authority figures in Scotland are prepared to obstruct the course of justice and allow the sexual abuse of such venerable members of our society to continue unchecked in order to save their own necks. This letter clearly shows the names of the offenders.

This letter is from Robert GREEN on behalf of Anne & Hollie MacKie

To; Sheriff Graeme BUCHANAN

Sheriff’s Clerk’s Office

Sheriff Court House

Castle Street


AB10 1WP
Dated 18-Jun-2009

Dear Sheriff Buchanan

Do you know, or have any involvement with any of the following?

Hollie Mackie

Denis Mackie

Graeme Mackie

Greg Mackie

Helen McDonald

Carol Low

Wyn Dragan

David Smith

Terry Major

Sylvia Major

Your prompt response would be appreciated in the public interest.

Yours Sincerely

Robert Green

As one would expect this letter received little attention by the Scottish Court Service and their response is copied here. This letter was in actual fact a sort of name and shame letter but didn’t serve any purpose apart from the fact it serves as an acknowledgement by the Scottish Court Service. The letter was dated 24th June 2009.

It was extremely interesting to learn about what happened to Journalist & Broadcaster Robert Green. He decided to investigate the Hollie case and went up to Scotland only to find himself arrested by the Grampian Police with heavy involvement by Scotland’s Crown Office. Robert had traveled to Aberdeen to attend a public protest against the lack of action by Scotland’s law enforcement agencies in bringing to justice identified individuals belonging a an Aberdeen based pedophile ring, names of which included members of Scotland’s legal establishment and the local Sheriff.

Robert was promptly arrested soon after his arrival and prior to his attendance at the planned protest. It was ironic that his appearance the next day was at the Aberdeen Sheriff Court where he was taken before a colleague of the Sheriff who was named as a key player in this Pedophile ring. It should be pointed out at this stage regarding a police project that was in existence called “Operation Ore” that was set up to identify many pedophiles in public office, none of which have yet been prosecuted.

What is alarming here is the fact that poor Hollie claims she was abused for 14 years from the age of six and has given police the names of some of the men she says assaulted her. The 30-year-old and her mother, Anne, have been campaigning for criminal proceedings since 2000. All of the abuse took place in Aberdeen, and Hollie and her mother claim to have made a statement at Bucksburn police station in July naming those involved. The family moved to Shropshire and two Grampian Police officers travelled to Shrewsbury in September last year to re-interview Hollie at a special facility. Last month, the Crown Office revealed there was not enough reliable evidence to proceed with the case.

A spokesman said at the time: “Historical allegations of sexual abuse made by a 30-year-old woman in Shropshire have been thoroughly investigated by police. “Crown counsel have considered all the available information and decided that there is insufficient credible, reliable and admissible evidence to justify criminal proceedings in respect of these allegations.” It must be fully understood that this statement was in actual fact false because no proper investigation has ever been carried out as only Hollie herself was interviewed.

Despite no charges ever being brought, Hollie received £13,500 compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in April last year. It is understood that a Grampian Detective Inspector described Hollie as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim”. Mrs Greig, 58, claims her daughter has experienced nightmares and panic attacks since she first told her about the alleged abuse.

Before closing there is also one piece of this jigsaw that has not been covered and that is regarding the death of Hollie’s Uncle Robert David Greig (Anne’s Brother). Just when you think you have heard enough of this sordid case we must include the circumstances leading to the death of her Uncle. On the 17th of November 1997 her uncle was found in a burnt out car close to Aberdeen. The police believed it was a case of suicide and the family attempted to obtain a copy of the autopsy. The authorities had for some time declared that no papers existed and basically the case was officially closed.

Anne with the support of others repeatedly tried to obtain the autopsy report which the authorities were reluctant to release and it was only obtained on the 31st of December. Before we go into that autopsy let me tell you an incident that took place prior to this tragic event. After the death of her uncle Hollie told her mum that one day her uncle had come into the house and caught her father having sex with her. Uncle Robert gave a very clear warning to her father never to do that again.

Now we come to the autopsy result which in my opinion gives a very clear cut verdict of murder and not suicide…….one could even possible think that this could be called a political assassination as Robert Greig really did know too much, especially about people in high places. He was totally devoted to his sister Anne and dear Hollie. The Autopsy gave the verdict of death by smoke inhalation but also noted that Robert had severe damage to his skull, two broken ribs and a broken sternum. In addition to this his body also contained much alcohol (even though Robert was a non drinker) and the autopsy found residue of whiskey in his stomach. A person apparently came across the car and attempted to save Robert which came across as a sort of heroic story when in actual fact it is believed that this person was indeed the murderer.

It is important for the world to understand that a very grave injustice has been carried out here and that the Grampian Police have acted in a way that does not befit their duty of care to the people of Aberdeen and more importantly poor Hollie, who like many have fallen victim to such a Pedophile ring. Take a look at this link, read for yourself and watch the video: http://stolenkids-hollie.blogspot.com/

We understand what it is like living in a police state having become the victim of Israeli aggression and intimidation. This case however has touched our hearts and we feel it is finally time to bring those responsible to justice. It is for this reason that we have decided to print the letter sent on behalf of Anne and Hollie whilst at the same time to name and shame those listed. The letter of response is also an indication of the arrogance of the Aberdeen Sheriff.

Pedophilia is deeply rooted in our society and has in the past encompassed some extremely powerful people, including politicians etc The fact that a serving police officer was involved and a very senior figure in the legal system of Scotland cannot be taken lightly and the Palestine Telegraph sincerely hopes that in re opening this case something will eventually come out of it.

This article is dedicated to Hollie and her mum Anne in the hope that she accepts the deep feelings and concerns from the People of Palestine. We fully understand how you have been treated and our hearts go out to you both. Bless you

End of article

As you can see there is certainly an awful lot of anger out there and with the Pope due in England next week I am sure a few sparks will be flying. For my part I could have done a whole series on the subject of peodophilia but I think this very large article paints a very clear picture that it is rife all over the world. It exists in every walk of life, especially in those areas that are supposed to safeguard and protect its citizens. The reason it continues is because it extends into the highest offices of the Government, church, military, police, health, education, social services, mental health and special needs, care workers, judiciary etc. The senior level of Freemasons plays a major role in this activity and that includes ex Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, Senior Military Commanders, CEO’s and all inter linked to the New World Order etc.

The question is can this den of satanic evil be brought to justice? Yes obviously but only by the pressure of people power. If Hollie Greig’s case can be won, with the continued pressure from “Hollie’s Army” then there is hope. However, if we do not continue to support this particular case then all will be lost.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant –13/9/2010