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Thank you for joining my space. The world is truly a remarkable and beautiful place but somehow we have lost our direction. Why can't we all get on together and live in peace? Why so much agression and no compassion or love for each other? Why do our leaders want to wage war in order to gain an economic advantage in controlling the natural resources of our planet? Why do such nations as the USA allow the manufacturing of weapons containing uranium components and yet profess that they are promoting disarmament? Who do they, the UK, European Countries and Israel insist in using these WMD's. I sincerely wanted to welcome you all in such a very nice and gentle way but I carry so much pain for the innocent men, women and children of past and current war zones that have sucumbed to these evil uranium weapons. We must all try to prohibit DU/EU or any other "Dirty Weapon" and learn to live in peace. We in the west have to close all bases that exist on Islamic soil and learn to trade instead of fighting. So I again welcome you to "Peter's Space" If you support war in any shape or form please do not enter my space. If you are a Christian Zionist or Jewish Zionist please do not enter my space. If however you are against war and any form of intimidation you are most welcome to take over my space.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Blair comes out clean with no regrets

We, the public, expected more from this Iraq Inquiry especially on that special day when Tony Blair appeared before the panel. I am sure that we are all now totally devastated when we heard what appeared to be an array of well orchestrated question. As one would expect the response was as if Blair knew the questions to be asked of him and had carefully selected his response.
Throughout the day he didn’t blink and eyelid or show any remorse and very clearly indicated that he had no regrets. He again repeated that given the facts presented to him he would have made the same decision. What was apparently well concealed was the fact that on a previous interview he had said that if there were no WMD’s he would have still made the decision to go into Iraq i.e. a regime change.

We all know that after his last visit to see Bush it was clear that a decision had been made for a regime change but as one would expect he again brushed over this extremely well in his response. I found the panel were rather soft on him and even diverted from time to time on the Afghanistan, Iran and Palestinian issues that were totally irrelevant to the inquiry. I found Blair to come across with a well rehearsed list of responses that I am sure were formulated by his wife but at the same time showed a certain amount of arrogance in standing his ground in defence of the decisions he had made.

What became apparent throughout the cross examination was this over emphasis that on the information that was presented to him, Iraq had WMD’s or could have been in a position to use chemical or biological means. What Blair and other world leader tend to forget is that during the time when the west had good relations with Saddam, the US gave them the chemicals and the ability to use them. If we cast our minds back to the Iraq – Iran conflict we can see the very reason why the US did this.

It was during Ronal Reagan’s term in office that the New York Times reported:
Than in the 1980s, the administration of US President Ronald Reagan covertly provided "critical battle planning assistance at a time when American intelligence knew that Iraqi commanders would employ chemical weapons in waging the decisive battles of the Iran-Iraq war. The article went on to say: Ronald Reagan turned a blind-eye to the Hussein regime's repeated use of chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers and Iraq's Kurdish minority and also the fact that the US helped Iraq develop its chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs.

This event became known as "Iraqgate” and is uniquely horrendous: a scandal about the systematic abuse of power by misguided leaders of three democratic nations (the US, Britain and Italy) to secretly finance the arms buildup of a dictator". This whole pattern started with Reagan and passed down the line to every US President up to and including both the Bush’s. Obama is now showing signs of “Business as usual” which is rather sad when one considers the hope that he portrayed to the people who elected him. He may well prove to be the worst President on record……even within his first year in office he has reversed most of what he promised.

It is with horror that one learns of such sinister plans and to think that the Kurds think so highly of the US who ultimately created and assisted in the terrible genocide that took place at Halabja in Kurdistan. Even to this day the US stand side by side with the Kurds in remembering this event when they were directly implicated in their genocide. Add to this that the weapons used by US, UK and NATO forces in Iraq and now in Afghanistan are killing people in mass, not only in the areas where they were used but in other far reaching corners of the globe.

When you see the smugness of Blair sitting there and talking about the reasons why one has to take action against any country that have the potential to manufacture and use WMD’s it makes you feel acutely sick. He repeated at the inquiry about Iran and North Korea situation or the fact that any country must be stopped from creating such weapons and yet the US, UK (under his orders) and other NATO countries used WMD’s themselves in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Yemen and Somalia. One can clearly see the hypocrisy and lies that radiate from the governments and leaders of today. When Blair talked about Iran and North Korea this is exactly the same tactic used by Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Brown. It is to only stir up hysteria within the US and UK in order to get the public on their side to carry out justifiable actions.

Blair points fingers at many regimes on this issue but does not point a finger at himself the US or other NATO countries……lets also add Israel to the list because they have a huge stockpile of WMD’s and also design and manufacture their own arsenal in addition to the stockpile sent over by the US. It is clear that in doubling the existing stockpile the US and Israel are setting up the logistical support for attacks on Iran, Lebanon and Gaza with a possible strike on Syria. It is also clear that the US and Israel want to divide the Middle East in order to conquer it…..these are old and very effective tactics that have existed throughout history.

What is amazing about this inquiry is that fact that the real issues of not only the reasons for going to war but also the weapons use by coalition forces really does constitute an horrendous war crime at the highest level. To kill your own troops and thousands if not millions of innocent civilians in such areas of conflict and beyond is in despicable.

Basically this hearing and the Goldstone report is a pathetic sham. Both avoid the real issues of these conflicts and the men in power or who hold senior positions that implicate them in such matters sit snug and get away with what can only be called “Mass Genocide.” It was so sad when the Chair addressed Blair and said that we must all bear in mind the public outrage of these events and the fact that many families of the soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice are in this room, do you have any regrets. He responded by saying he did not……at that stage someone in the room shouted something and the Chair quickly silenced the person concerned….it was obvious to me that such a response would enrage anyone who had lost a loved one in this manner.

Soon we will see Gordon Brown front up to the same gang of ineffectual experts, all of whom do not have the slightest idea of the issues involved, military application of weapons used or their devastating effects on innocent victims. We will see a Prime Minster who will concur with all the other cronies that gave such false evidence and will leave the room totally free of any guilt. So I ask the question where does does justice exist or does it exist at all. I am sure this hearing may turn over a few loose stones and one could realistically see the down fall of some small time administrative official or research clerk and if we are lucky maybe one of the Prime Minister Senior Advisers or even maybe someone from MI5/6….either way the elite group who have told lie after lie will get away with, dare I say “Blue Murder” or “Mass Genocide.” It is normal for such members of the “Rogue Gallery” to achieve celebrity status and go on to make much money. Blair is a classic example of this….he took us into a false war; he knowingly allowed our military to use WMD’s and now he lives in a country palace and can earn 2,000 pounds a minute on talking about it. We truly have to hang our head in shame to allow our country to fall to such a low level of existence.

Perhaps it would also be a good opportunity to talk about that dear man who basically knew too much, Dr David Kelly - United Nations weapons inspector. Everyone knew that Dr Kelly had vital information that was relevant to the war on Iraq and had that information been allowed to leak out it could have terrible consequences for key members of government (Including Tony Blair) and the Labour Party in general. This poor man was in my opinion taunted mentally and physically assassinated.

Dr Kelly had been interviewed by a well known reporter who had told him that the dossier that was released by the government in September 2002 had been beefed up and that paragraphs had been added to the original dossier that were false! Dr Kelly drew reference to one of those paragraphs “the insertion of the 45-minute claim.” What came out of this interview and other reports was that Alastair Campbell had specifically been implicated in added to this dossier.

As I have said so many times before I find it disgusting that people in high places can carry out horrendous crimes, manage to leave office discretely and end up writing books about their former leader or become leading celebrities for the rest of their lives instead of rotting in a prison where they belong. Alalstair Campbell certainly fits perfectly into this category as well as a long list of senior political figures. It is beyond a shadow of doubt that from the top of the list, the Prime Minister, all these very senior politicians are implicated in the deaths of thousands of troops and millions of innocent civilians. This is direct and indirect genocide on a grand scale. The notorious Geoff Hoon named Kelly as the person who had spoken to a reporter, which then put Kelly under tremendous pressure? Geoff Hoon, the then Defence Secretary, had by now hung out his dirty washing, as we have seen so many times before and carried on his career dodging other major blunders that had caused the unnecessary deaths of our troops.

As we know after Dr Kelly’s body was found an inquiry took place headed by Lord Hutton. To this day many doctors (around 13 of them) have challenged the verdict given over the circumstances of his death and to this day continue to repeat “that it would have been impossible for Dr Kelly to carry out this act”. The whole scenario is plagued with suspicion and the government will not allow the body to be exhumed for re examination. Lord Hutton himself has suppressed the medical examination report and the post mortem for a period of 70 years and one must certainly ask the question “what is so secretive about a routine medical examination and post mortem report”? Why was this suppressed just before Tony Blair was interview? One can see that this goes well beyond a conspiracy!

The actress and former minister Glenda Jackson called for the resignation of Tony Blair and that Geoff Hoon should also consider his future. The illustrious and famous Peter Mandelson (a Blair Minister at the time) also applied his spin.
It became obvious that the government of the day was covering up what can only be described as an arranged assassination of Dr Kelly.

Now that Tony Blair has defended his actions with such tenacity and that Gordon Brown had rigged the entire event, it is very easy to see that this inquiry is going nowhere and that our failed current leader is clutching at straws for his own survival.

This government, its past and current leader, its past and current ministers are certainly implicated in genocide by their creation of “False Flag” wars in the Balkan, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan. Soon we will be adding Iran and Yemen to the list with the US and Israel urgently pushing for action. I again ask the same question “where is the true axis of evil”…..I can assure you it is not on some far away Islamic land but right here on our doorstep.

We must fully understand that behind our governments are the true manipulators and war mongers who fuel this evil, especially those that fund our political figures into taking office. They do this in such an open manner and yet we the public do not even notice it is going on. They effectively change policies in favour of their own hidden agenda and the key to the door is held by all those listed below. This is truly the headquarters of the “Axis of Evil”.

Finally we now see pressure being applied to the Secretary General of the UN to drop the Goldstone Report” which in itself is a sham anyway. Now we can see the true colours of imperialism at its best and economic greed at a level that can only be described as the true “Axis of Evil”…..one can only hope and pray that the term “What goes around comes around” eventually catches up with the “New World Order” and that these terrible people and organisation that control the international banking elite fall by the wayside, namely: the Bilderberg Group, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Windsor’s (Royal Family) and the City of London. the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Council for National Policy (CNP), the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Freemasons, The Trilateral Commission, Chatham House the list is endless.

Its is truly time for the people to take back their countries, especially during the run up to elections. The biggest issue is who do you vote for……I guess the answer is no one…..it reality we are probable better voting for an independent who can add new blood to governments and possibly challenge the philosophy of the current elite. The final question would have to be….Will we ever see justice? The answer is simply no, unless you the public wake up and start asking questions about 9/11 and so many other incidents that show many grey crowds and just simply do not add up.

Oh before I forget……do you think the opposition is a better choice at the
forthcoming election?..... Forget it!......remember those words used by David Cameron some time ago in response to Brown’s quote “Education, Education, Education” when Cameron said “Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan.” As you can see our world is well and truly screwed up with Obama being the icing on the cake. I once participated in a management course when they talked about “an inverted triangle policy.” As we would all be aware, normal companies are run from the top down i.e. Director, Manager, Supervisor, Team Leader, Worker and Office Cleaner. Would anyone ever use the inverted triangle method and turn it all upside down?......someone once said “How do you know what time it is on the shop floor if you don’t go down and see how it ticks”? It certainly is time for the citizens of our respective countries to turn the policy upside down and take control of our destiny.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant - 31/1/2010

Friday, 29 January 2010

Why are the US and UK Governments creating mass hysteria!!

Part 2(Final)

Why so much hysteria on both sides of the pond when really it’s just another day in the lives of ordinary people. They used the Delta Airlines “False Flag” to try and scare us but to no avail……they fail to understand that many out there are intelligent human beings that know how to smell a rat! I find it incredible having been associated with intelligence that the CIA and Mossad frequently shoot themselves in the foot and really make an absolute mess of trying to cover up their own actions. Maybe the more mature guys have some credibility but the bottom end of the scale I have found to be pathetic to say the least.

Perhaps one can reach the hearts of some of these agents (yes some are human) when they realize that any conspiracy or cover up will eventually come back to haunt them. If 9/11 proves to come into this category then for sure many heads will role. If the cover up on the use of weapons containing uranium components is anything to go by many millions of people will be affected and that also includes CIA/Mossad agents and their families…..that is what is crazy about this world…we drop bombs and missiles all over the world and assume mother nature is going to clean it all up!

So back to the evil intentions of the US and UK in Yemen…..what is this all about and why are we who are totally alien to the Islamic World trying to interfere in their own local politics? The US and UK come out with the spin that it’s the activity of Al Qaeda in Yemen that is spreading fear around the world but I can assure you this concept is wrong. The “Axis of Evil” starts in the minds of our leaders and their governments who will do anything to get their hands on anyone else’s resources.

So what is the main problem in Yemen? First of all the country is stricken by poverty on a big scale and this alone can bring on discontent and conflict. What is rather sad is that the country is endowed with tremendous wealth in natural resources and yet this cannot lift the country out of poverty. We now have the US and UK offering aid when in actual fact all they need to do is to tap into their own resources and spread that wealth amongst its people.

To the North we have Saudi Arabia which by comparison is extremely rich but having said that there is again a hint of over the horizon issues concerning, dare I say religion. The Saudi in the main are Sunni’s but in Yemen there is almost a 50/50 mix. The Shiites belong to the Zaydi and the Sunnis belong to the Shafa’i……the problem being is that the Shiites frequently have crossed the border into Saudi and vice versus and, much like Iraq, therein lies the problem. Another problem as far as the government of Yemen and Saudi is the existence of Shiite Houtis who want the restoration of their Imam.

Like any other Islamic country the west has to learn to be more tolerant and also learn to negotiate with greater diplomacy and not turn to military might every time things don’t go the way they want. This is particularly relevant when it comes to oil and gas (which is the case with Yemen). Currently there are many lucrative oil and gas contracts up for grabs.

The Saudi Government accused the Houtis of killing two Saudi Soldiers on the border region. However, Saudi troops have carried out incursions in Yemen and therefore maybe there is justification for such action. The Houtis are blaming the Saudis for trying to bring Wahabism into Yemen. As you can see the situation is rather complex.

The US has taken this internal and cross border conflict a stage further and introduced the usual “False Flag” emphasis on Al Qaeda as being the main problem. So how is this going to pan out? The US has been supporting the Yemen Government for some time which is obviously Sunni and obviously the US has a hidden agenda in their search for oil contract and possible a military base in Aden and control of the shipping lanes.

From the Saudi aspect things did not go to plan this month. By the middle of this month they had lost 82 and another 21 were missing. When any country sends it troops over the border one can expect heavy losses especially when up against local militia who know their own country extremely well. In the meantime both US and Saudi fighter aircraft are bombing Al Qaeda hideouts but reports from within Yemen as saying that as usual the casualties are innocent tribal villages.

It is interesting to note that on the ground they have their match but with air superiority they can clear large areas without any loss to themselves. But again the issue here is what this conflict all about? The Saudis have an issue with the Houtis but the US has turned this into one of their own fiascos. The US in turning this conflict in a war against terror and bringing this invisible enemy called Al Qaeda into the picture obviously was to justify their long involvement in Yemen. As a direct result of the “False Flag” Detroit incident and again the US repeating that Al Qaeda were fully established in Yemen gave the US (in their opinion) further justification for the US Air Force to carry out aerial bombardment within Yemen, which continues to this day.

It should remain clear in our minds that if Al Qaeda is a reality in Yemen its numbers are very small as they have been in the current conflict in Afghanistan. The Government of Yemen is therefore perfectly capable to deal with that one issue alone without interference from the US, UK or any other EU country. The very fact that the Government of Yemen and the Saudi Government were working for a common goal therefore revealed that this was an internal conflict with full support from Saudi. Therefore in my opinion the involvement by the US was totally unjustified and certainly did not warrant an “Aerial Bombardment.”

As far as the UK is involved we had no right to call for a conference on Yemen in London when Yemen and Saudi had in existence a clear plan of action. That conference was dominated by the US, US and EU with additional military representation. Hilary Clinton, in a very demeaning way, gave reference to Yemen as being the perfect place for terrorism. She stated that most of the country was illiterate, high levels of poverty and high unemployment all of which would make the formation of militia and easy option.

I have to say the this interference was not only a political ploy by Brown in the lead up to the election but also a clear sign yet again of the west’s interference in Middle Eastern matters. It is obvious that the hidden agenda here is to get a foot in the door on the very lucrative oil contracts and also with the added possibility of permanent US/UK presence in Yemen. I am sure that events will lead to a major military base in Aden (as it used to be when it was a British Protectorate). This ploy would certainly make the US extremely happy as they would have control over the Gulf of Aden to oversee the main shipping lanes to and from the Suez Canal and in addition Aden would serve as a stepping stone for their next conflict zone of Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

Lets just for one moment again return to the tribal groups in the north of Yemen who are mainly Houtis (Shiite) and look at their position. Although they are large in numbers they none the less are the minority group in Yemen. They are fighting for the retention of their faith (like most Islamic groups) and also to try and stop the infiltration of Saudi interference. It’s a classic case of an attempt by the Saudi’s to “Divide and conquer” that is not going so well, hence the cross border incursions by the Saudi military.

From the Houtis perspective they see President Saleh as an ally to the US and Saudi, in other words a possible corrupt deal coming in existence between Yemen and the US and also that Saleh is ally to Saudi and both are Sunni…..now one can see just how complicated this has become. It also makes Yemen a target to come under the control of the US with UK involvement. If one can imagine a coastline of some 2,000 km being totally unprotected with maybe a desire by the US, UK and obviously NATO to militarize it! Now one can clearly see how an “Iron Fist” foreign policy can enhance the west’s imperialistic greed to participate in, take or control someone else’s natural resources and more importantly control the shipping lanes.

This is a classic case as to what has happened in the Eastern Mediterranean whereby the US and NATO patrol the offshore areas of Syria, Lebanon, Israel (in conjunction with the Israeli Navy) and Egypt (in conjunction with the Egyptian Navy). The latter is also setting up a base on the Egyptian border with Gaza.
Currently we have patrols covering the entire Somalia coastline and Gulf of Aden, the entire Persian Gulf and Eastern Med areas. It is interesting to note with little involvement by the countries who own the coastlines within these zones!

Back to the Houtis again….we have seen that conflict always appears to exist between Shiite and Sunni (as per Iraq) and this is again repeated in Yemen…I guess in a way its no difference between the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. So I ask the question do such religions have the right to exist….obviously in a democratic society the answer is yes. So why do we in the West jump up and down when a minority group start taking up arms against their opponents. How would the British Government feel if the Arab League became involved in supporting for instance the IRA or actually became involved in military intervention….now I think you are getting to see the picture?

The other question here is the fact that President Salah is due to step down in 2013 and is favoured by the US, UK and Saudi Governments. Will this take place or will we see the same Palestine interference by the West (Abbas) to keep the President of Yemen in power illegally? I am sure we can imagine the outcome.

Maybe the Houtis have justification to carry out their actions and they certainly have the right to maintain their religion. Then of course we have the West accusing Iran of supporting the Houtis (both mainly Shiites)….I know you have heard all this before in Lebanon and Gaza. Again what is the difference between the US sending weapons and military hardware to Israel (including WMD’s) and Iran doing the same……its all very one sided don’t you think? One other major issue in Yemen is the difference between the north and south…..one can draw a comparison here with north and south Sudan. We may well see the two become separated at a later date therefore adding more complexity to the internal problems.

The Houtis also claimed that the government was actually hiring Al Qaeda operatives which to all intents and purposes does make sense as they are both Sunnis and one would not expect Houtis and other groups to cooperate. It is also assumed that any extreme group in Yemen could well be part of a CIA – Mossad funded operation with the tag of Al Qaeda which in my opinion is a pseudonym that has been used time and time again. I personally do not think they actually exist.

I am also led to believe that Israel is also very involved in the Yemen conflict as they frequently operate clandestine operations in many countries around the world. Their purpose would be to help the current government, the Saudis and the US to secure this vital gateway to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal and also attempt to stop any support from their arch enemy Iran. Maybe I should also point out that Israel does have some activity and a certain amount of control in Yemen and so we can see that on either side of the straits leading into the Red Sea ( lucrative and vital sea lane) that there is a strong military presence in the form of Special Forces – CIA – and Mossad.

The other factor here is that the US, Israel desperately need to seize control of Yemen in order to stop any further involvement from Iran. One would assume that it would be important from both the US and Israeli perspective to take total control of the entry and transit to the Red Sea and Suez Canal in conjunction with Saudi and Egypt and in doing so could stop Iranian crude oil and general cargo vessels from entry into and out of the Mediterranean. On this aspect alone you can see the west desperately wants to control the oil/gas markets and stop any competition from Iran. There is also an Israeli plan to pipe Caspian oil and gas by subsea pipeline down from Turkey – Ashkelon – Eiliat and then via the Gulf of Aqba – Red Sea – Gulf of Aden and then eastbound to new international markets in Pakistan, India, SE Asia and China etc. This also clearly shows the urgency by the US/Israel to secure the region in order to exploit lucrative international markets and at the same time control what flows and where!

I have always strongly believed that the False Flag Detroit incident was a combined CIA – Mossad set up and I would go as far as saying that all of this was a diversionary tactic to spread hysteria throughout the US and UK…….you will note little has been done in the rest of Europe even though they have forces in the Middle East and would normally also become a target for their involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan etc.

The other issue here is that Israel does not want the Goldstone Report to progress further and they certainly do not want intimidation regarding Palestine. I would even go as far as saying that if the US and the UK do not back off with this relentless pressure they will carry out a more serious false flag in London or elsewhere. When one combines this sinister activity to the might of the Pro Israeli Lobbyist, Christian and Jewish Zionist’s and the political control they already have in the west we are certainly dealing with the “True Axis of Evil”

Finally I would add that the raised level of threat could be directly linked to the current conferences and the Blair interview and more importantly by an unseen threat that could well be another “False Flag” involving yet again either CIA or Mossad operatives or both. After the many unanswered questions regarding 9/11 and certainly the fact that a large airliner did not hit the Pentagon or crash in a field, one would have to be highly suspicious of any future activity that takes place.

Israel and its supporting are determined to kill the Goldstone Report even though the report as such let the Israelis off the hook by not addressing the real crime of using weapons containing uranium components, Flachette and DIME bombs, all of which were gross violations of the Geneva Convention. They also do not want any further pressure in giving concessions to the Palestinians and therefore blatantly challenge and ignore any UN Resolution or any human rights violations etc.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/1/2010

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Could Obama and Brown be guilty of War Crimes?

Could Obama and Brown be guilty of War Crimes?
Even possibly Mass Genocide?

Tomorrow we see Ex Prime Minister Tony Blair face the Iraq Inquiry in London but there is much more to this than the reasons for going to war. We have seen repeated violations for those privileged to be in office and yet War Crimes are carried out on almost a daily basis. As it stands at the moment one could say with great confidence that the respective leaders, Secretary of Defence, Foreign Minister and Chiefs of staff etc have and continue to commit War Crimes against humankind.

As far as the previous regimes are concerned that implicates George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice and many others and on this side of the pond Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Bob Ainsworth, John Hutton, Des Browne, John Reid, Geoff Hoon, George Robertson, David Miliband, Margaret Beckett, Jack Straw, Robin Cook etc However, in regard to Robin Cook I feel that although he carried such an important responsibility he never agreed with the war and resigned after going to war in Iraq on moral and ethical grounds.

The list doesn’t simply stop there we also have to implicate all the NATO countries, their leaders and staff and last but not least Israel which has totally abused the vast array of evil weapons that is contained in its arsenal.

We have to fully understand that many of todays so called conventional weapons are in actual fact WMD’s as they contain uranium components. Many other weapons used were also totally illegal under the terms of their usage. So what does constitute a war crime and furthermore mass genocide?

Every leader and their senior staff members are fully aware of every stage of a conflict or war. They are briefed on a regular basis on all aspects of the war, including the logistical support i.e. what is being sent and associated costs etc all of which are vetted by all those in senior positions including the Chancellor. It all comes with the title and you have to take full responsibility if you become involved or implicated in any wrong doing.

Today we see Gordon Brown host yet again another conference on Afghanistan and as he stipulates this will be a decisive year. What exactly is meant by this statement is anyone’s guess but for sure this year is going to be a blood bath. What I find incredibly is the fact that if one is loosing a war or if there is a risk of loosing you immediately put more troops in without delay or you do a phased pull out. Now we see another surge planned but there appears to be no rush to do this.

Obama says he’s putting another 30,000 troops into Afghanistan for this surge which has yet to take place but what will this mean? We also again see a change of tact in that both sides now admit they have to talk to the Taliban, possibly employ them and put some in government.
We must all fully understand that the Taliban are still holding the cards and control a vast majority of the country. They may be poorly equipped by comparison to the coalition forces but they are relatively young hardened fighters that know their country better than the invading forces and have an unbelievable spirit to endure the impossible. In all such conflicts the local militias have always been a force to deal with and in the main are never defeated.

Normally in the winter months such militias are keeping a low profile but this winter has been one of their most active. This is a clear warning to the west that soon the spring will be upon us and this is when the Taliban mobilize into a significant force. Regrettable the coalition forces will sustain very heavy losses this year and could almost double that of 2009. We can also see such a fighting forces over in north Yemen that despite the superiority of the Saudi armed forces and the continues aerial bombardment by both the US and Saudi Air Force the Saudi only a few weeks ago lost 82 troops and 21 are missing.

I have always believed that we in the west have to change our “Iron Fist” foreign policy and pull out of this game. Bring all the troops home and close all bases on Islamic soil. Once this has been done terrorism as we know it today will cease. Then we have to learn to negotiate and trade with the Middle East and not try to take their resources, control their markets and totally change our foreign policy. Unfortunately the US must take the majority of blame by implying they are the police of the world. Secondly when there is any regional conflict it should be dealt with by those involved and the adjoining countries and not by the west that in general have no understanding of the complexity of tribal groups or their religion.

I would ask the question why a conference on Afghanistan is being held in London with a strong US and NATO presence. Why isn’t such a conference being held in Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan Uzbekistan or Pakistan with the exclusion of the US, UK and EU……why do we always have to control such events when we have no feelings or understand on how such countries think…..its really does show signs of colonialism or imperialistic greed.

So back to the topic….are all these western leaders and senior politicians guilty of warm crimes or mass genocide…..the answer is clearly yes. If one chooses to use a weapon that could be considered to be a WMD’s then you are in breach of the UN, the Geneva Convention and the Nuclear Non Prolific Treaty. So where have these weapons been used, where are they currently being used and by whom?

We have to turn the clocks back to the mid 1940’s when during atomic weapons testing the authorities realized the potential of creating radioactive nanoparticles aerosols that could be released over the battlefield.

A vital memo giving details of their evil intentions was worded as per below. It must be clearly understand that back in 1943 nuclear experts were discussing the advantages of using fine dust as a weapon. One such document was issued on the 30th of October 1943 which quoted: “It is recommended that a decision be obtained from competent authority authorizing additional work pertaining to the use of radioactive materials in order that this country may be ready to use such materials or be ready to defend itself against the use of such materials”. This same document contained information as follows:

2 As a gas warfare instrument the material would be ground into particles of microscopic size to form dust and smoke and distributed by a ground-fired projectile, land vehicles, or aerial bombs. In this form it would be inhaled by personnel. The amount necessary to cause death to a person inhaling the material is extremely small. It has been estimated that one millionth of a gram accumulating in a person's body would be fatal. There are no known methods of treatment for such a casualty.

Two factors appear to increase the effectiveness of radioactive dust or smoke as a weapon. These are: (1) It cannot be detected by the senses; (2) It can be distributed in a dust or smoke form so finely powdered that it will permeate a standard gas mask filter in quantities large enough to be extremely damaging. This document gave the background to today’s weapons that are not only highly effective in there ability to penetration deep into the target but also the pyrophoric qualities of this product allows it to ignite spontaneously and create a huge cloud of fine DU dust that becomes a lethal airborne aerosol. I have a copy of this memo.
So now the scene was set for these crazy minded scientists to develop the weapons that we see today. They have all been re categorized as conventional weapons when in actual fact they are clearly WMD. So how do today’s weapons violate the Geneva Convention?

The use of Depleted Uranium (DU) was condemned in 2000 by experts from Germany namely Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schott and Prof. Dr Siegwart Horst Gunther. In their submission to phohibit DU they stated - Given the known chemical and radioiogical toxicity of depleted uranium and its compounds causes damage to humans, animals and the ecological cycle, of which there is conclusive evidence we demand that the military and civilian use of depleted uranium (DU) be banned. “The preservation of creation and the dignity of humankind forbid the use of DU. The Invasion of DU, and the compounds produced by its self-ignition due to heat, into the soil and water cycle of Iiving communities, and the environment we live in, make them uninhabitable for thousands of years (the half-life of uranium is 4.5 billion years; uranium forms long-term radiologically dangerous decay products) “.
Legal references were made in this submission as follows: The military use of DU violates current international humanitarian law, including the principle that there is no unlimited right to choose the means and methods of warfare (Art. 22 Hague Convention VI (HCIV); Art. 35 of the Additional Protocol to the Geneva Convention (GP1); the ban on causing unnecessary suffering and superfluous injury (Art. 23 §le HCIV; Art. 35 §2 GP1), indiscriminate warfare (Art. 51 §4c and 5b GPI) as well as the use of poison or poisoned weapons). The deployment and use of DU violate the principles of international environmental and human rights protection. They contradict the right to life established by the Resolution 1996/16 of the UN Subcommittee on Human Rights. Wo demand the following individual points:

1. A ban an the use, development, production, transport, storage and possession of DU weapons and DU armour-plating, as well as all other military uses of DU.
2. Medical treatment of all victims of DU, in particular children.
3. Destruction of all DU weapons and means of its deployment and secure storage of the uranium in a stable chemical compound.
4. A ban on the civilian use of DU because of accidental future, past or present exposure fo uranium or its compounds.
5. Decontamination of all military and civilian equipment contaminated by DU.
6. Decontamination of all territory contaminated by DU. This not only means theatres of war but also military practice ranges and other areas where DU has been deployed.
7. Conversion of the global stocks of DU in the form of Uranium Hexafluoride, approx. 2-3 million tons, from its presently insufficiently stable form into a stable Uranium Oxide and safe deposition.
8. Punishment of the military use of DU as a war crime (in accordance with Art. 85 §3b GP1; Art. 6b IMT Statute; Art. 2c, 3a and b ICTY Statute; Art. 8 §2b Statute of Rome).
9. Eradication of consequential damage caused by DU use according to customary liability principles in international (humanitarian) law.
10. Creation of a centre for the worldwide documentation of all DU contaminated regions, in particular theatres of war, military practice ranges, scenes of accidents, etc., and to study the DU problem.

As you can see these so called conventional weapons clearly do violate almost every aspect of the above listed. It was also interesting for me to read another report by Leuren Moret. US Expert Leuren Moret in her article: DEPLETED URANIUM
THE TROJAN HORSE OF NUCLEAR WAR (8 July 2004) gives a full account of all the issues relating to DU. Lauren’s contribution in the fight against DU is exemplary and I urge you all to read the above article in full as well as many other articles she has produced. In the above article she makes reference to the follow: ILLEGAL UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW- Four reasons why using depleted uranium weapons violates the UN Convention on Human Rights:

Temporal Test - Weapons must not continue to act after the battle is over.
Environmental Test - Weapons must not be unduly harmful to the environment.
Territorial Test - Weapons must not act off of the battlefield.
Humaneness Test - Weapons must not kill or wound inhumanly.
I have so many other documents from both military and civil sources that clearly say that there is no safe level of uranium and therefore any type of uranium that is allowed to enter our atmosphere (including low level radiation) in any form is totally against the Geneva Convention.

We can now look as to where and when these evil weapons were first used in the battlefield. Most people would be shocked to learn that it was Israel who first used them extensivley (with the assistance of US Military experts) during the Yom Kippur War(October 1973). The IDF has used these weapons almost continuously since this date in all areas of conflict with significant use during the Lebanon 2006 conflict and again during Cast Lead on Gaza in 2008/9. One must also remember that these weapons would have been fired within Israel territory on a test basis and also during IDF exercises.

We then turn to the US, UK and NATO forces use of such weapon in the Balkans in 1995 and finally on to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and Pakistan. It would also appear that such weapons have been used in Somalia and now in Yemen. Because these WMD’s weapons are totally indiscriminate and do not recognize international borders they have the ability to drift all over the globe. There can sometimes be huge clouds of nanoparticle aerosols floating around in the earth’s atmosphere and it only takes one particle to enter your lung and start the process. We must further understand that we are talking here about millions of nanoparticles off each weapon.

It makes one feel acutely sick to know that a few select people in high places have known the consequences of such weapons and the magnitude and levels of contamination both within a given conflict area and beyond. They would have known that this could be classified as a massive depopulation tool that is totally indiscriminate and could well contaminate the country that implemented its usage. As an example when Israel used them in Lebanon and Gaza it was also contaminating its own Israeli population, land, crops and water supply.

So there you have it…..we know where the products are made, who exports them and who uses them. We know all the countries involved or implicated i.e. US UK, NATO countries, not forgetting Israel. We know all the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senior Members of Government and Chiefs of Staff etc.

These countries have already caused immeasurable suffering and death in the Balkans. They have killed the genetics of Iraq and soon probably Afghanistan, they have contaminated Lebanon and Gaza and as a result of their actions that have contaminated adjacent countries and states such as the Punjab etc. They have also carried out the greatest crime of all and that is to contaminate their own troops and their own populations. The IDF latest conflict in Gaza is a classic example which is still on going. Only this week I again see pictures of badly disfigured babies being born in the Gaza Hospital. In Fallujah and Basra women are scared to have a child.

Maybe you the jury can now reach a verdict? Are all of the above listed countries guilt of war crimes, mass genocide or both? From my perspective they certainly are. I would repeat a comment I have made so many times before – What is the reason for the existence of the United Nations? And why do with have a person allocated within the UN to deal with such terrible atrocities – Francis Deng Special Adviser for the Prevention of Genocide whom I have notified and who does nothing?

Only the ordinary people in this world can turn this around….it will take much courage and you may loose many friends on the way who think you are insane. It’s entirely up to you. Remember when you look into that sweet face of your child or grandchild ask yourself, “How can I leave them this legacy” Be strong and Bless you all.
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 28/1/2010

How many other Holocausts have occurred and why are they not remembered?

Thursday, 28 January 2010 08:25 Added by PT Editor maysaa jarour
USA, January 28,2010 (Pal Telegraph) -Today is UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day, but why do we only remember this one event, when so many other holocausts have taken place? Think Armenia, Rwanda, the Congo, Cambodia, Sudan, Iraq, etc. Why such a high-profile focus on this one holocaust, while the many other holocausts never get a mention?

I myself have always held great respect for the suffering of the Jewish people during the war, and many times have reflected on some of the locations where they were publically executed. I also allocated a special time to visit the Ann Frank house in Amsterdam on one of my many trips to the Netherlands.

But it seems that whenever there is any incident or conflict concerning Israel, we are almost forcibly reminded of the sad events that took place those many years ago. It is used as a sort of diversionary tactic, as if to say "hey, listen we are only protecting our existence after what happened to our people during the Holocaust." It's as if this is an excuse for the Israelis to do whatever they want today, because they were the victims of such a terrible crime during WW2. This mindset is terribly wrong and it is time to bring some logic back into the world.

It's perfectly natural for every nation to remember its dead or to have a day of remembrance for such events. But to have this particular Holocaust rammed down our throats, continuously, day after day, is not only an abuse of the very principal of remembrance, but also a manipulation of current politics, economics and military actions throughout the world.

Let's take a closer look at some facts: As we all know, around 6 million Jews died during the Holocaust -- not just by direct execution, but also from malnutrition, hypothermia, diseases,etc. Compare those numbers to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where around 5.4 million have died as of 2006. And the conflict there is still ongoing. In other countries in the region, the numbers of dead due to conflict (directly or indirectly) also are high: Rwanda, about 1 million; Sudan, 2-3 million; Somalia, at least 1 million; Cambodia, almost 2 million; Vietnam, 2 million; and, more recently, in Iraq, more than 1 million. Afghanistan is showing the same trend.

Let's also reflect on the two world wars. An estimated 1 million people were killed in Russia during WW!, and 10 million more in WW2. In total, the number of people killed in WW2 was 60 million. Obviously, we could spend every day, every week, every month creating a Holocaust theme and remembrance day for those countries, but we don't. However, for some strange reason we are told repeatedly about "The Holocaust" as if the one that occurred for the Jews is the only one that counts.

One must ask the Israelis if their holocaust justifies the genocide they are visiting on the Palestinian people?

While talking of genocide, I would also wish to point out that the US, UK, NATO and IOF forces are using WMDs -- weapons that contain uranium components. They were first used by the IOF in the Yom Kippur War in October 1973, and they have been used on a regular basis since that time. They have been used extensively in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and Gaza, and I believed they are now being used in Somalia and Yemen.

In using these weapons, we are inflicting another, indirect genocide on millions of people -- not only in the areas of conflict but also in adjacent countries. It is a genocide that will reveal itself slowly, through the contamination from radioactive materials carried via the wind. Our own troops have been exposed as well. The respective leaders and governments that allow their usage must also be classified as war criminals.

What I also find fascinating is my discovery of a poster outside an Islamic NGO promoting this special day, along with an exhibition inside that remembers the victims of the Holocaust. I know that pressure was applied to this NGO to participate in this remembrance. This is very wrong.

So, on this UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I would hope that people all over the world also give some thought to those millions of others who have died under similar conditions who do not receive the same global attention. They also under terrible oppression and in some cases just as brutally. I would urge all Israelis or any Jewish citizen to visit the DRC, Rwanda or Cambodia, etc. and try to understand that what happened in Europe has been repeated all over the world. In fact, it is still going on today, to the Palestinians. Is there really any difference?

Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

What happened to Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET409

It is always an extremely upsetting time when such an event takes place and we see so many times the consequences of flying in areas of severe thunderstorm activity or clear air turbulence. So what may have happened to Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409 which departed Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut 2:35 a.m. on a routine flight to Addis Ababa? Reports by witnesses have said the aircraft was on fire prior to going down. The only facts we know is that it disappeared from radar a few minutes after takeoff and crashed into the sea only 3.5 km offshore.

Almost all international airports operate sophisticated systems to detect regional thunderstorm activity, squalls or clear air turbulence. At the same time all modern aircraft carry extremely high tech navigational equipment, collision avoidance systems and weather radar to avoid the main cell activity in such storms.

The problem here is that we have a departing aircraft that is still fully under the control of the local Air Traffic Control (ATC). This control is split into sectors such as Arrivals, Departures and the Tower itself for landing and take off. The airports own radar is extremely complex and can not only identify each aircraft by its squawk code but also can monitor the surround weather very accurately. I myself worked in such an environment and used to play games with certain people by telling them it will rain on them in a few minutes time etc.

So what impact does such weather have on aviation and how do these very unique systems develop, especially in a coastal region that makes them so unpredictable. From the operational perspective we had a system whereby, as normal, the Captain is always in charge of his aircraft no matter what the circumstances. Having said that the Captain is fed information from ATC or from his own airline operations controller to help him decide his course of action. In my, case we in operations, always had a certain amount of persuasive control in order for the Captain to achieve the best options and make the final decision.

I have always held the greatest respect for thunderstorm which in weather terms is formed in cumulonimbus clouds (CB’s). I am sure we have all observed this huge cloud formation form and when they reach their full potential they look like a blacksmiths anvil in shape. They form fairly quickly and take on this shape and almost as quickly can die and fade away. If one watches these CB’s from a distance you can see a plume rise up from its centre where high energy pushes up through the normal flattened top…..sometime soon after this final burst of energy the storm cell starts to diminish as its internal energy escapes out the top of the anvil shaped cloud. The energy, force and condition that lie within such CB’s is remarkable and that is why in most cases aircraft take evasive action to avoid them or delay their departure or arrival if at all possible.

My policy always used to be, that if such a thunderstorm or CB was directly over the airport, I would ask the Captain to delay his arrival or to take up a position in the holding pattern….that is assuming he had enough fuel to hold for the duration.
So many accidents have occurred as a direct result of these CB’s being over the vicinity of the runway or alternatively a captain has flown his aircraft directly into the active cell of a CB without diverting from his track to avoid them. So lets now look at what these CB’s are all about, what lies within, how aircraft can be damaged and what normally happens in routine flight when one encounters these storms.

Inside of this huge CB’s are powerful forces at work. You have thunder and lightning, hail and tremendously powerful up drafts and down drafts that demand great respect. The ATC in Lebanon would have seen these on their radar screen and would have known the aircraft departure track as well as any on track CB’s.
When an aircraft is arriving or departing it is under the strict control of ATC. The pilot would have received a pre flight brief on the weather conditions whilst on the ground prior to departure. Upon take off he would have his weather radar operating that would have clearly seen the CB’s cells or hearts. This basically then comes down to two facts. ATC knew of the CB’s on track and so did the Captain. However, upon commencing the take off run and for a short time after take off the crew are at their highest workload until their departure checks have been completed. In this case with having thunderstorms close in to the shore this would have added additional workload to the crew.

Let’s tale look inside a CB and see what happens and also look at the equipment available on the aircraft and at the airport. An aircraft entering a microburst will encounter strong headwinds, followed by strong tailwinds, as it flies from one side of the microburst to the other. If the pilot compensates for the headwind (to decrease lift) a bit too much, then the aircraft will lose lift in the tailwind and quickly strike the ground/water. If the aircraft is struck by lightning this is then
dissipated through the aircraft and back into the atmosphere with the assistance of static wicks. Estimates show that each commercial airliner averages one lighting hit per year but one crash that was attributed to lightning strike was in 1967 when the fuel tank exploded, causing the plane to crash. Generally, the first contact with lightning is at an extremity...the nose or a wingtip. As the plane continues to fly through the areas of opposite charges, the lightning transits through the aircraft skin and exits through another extremity point, frequently the tail.

Aircraft are protected from lightning strikes by two things. The first and most important is by a good pre flight brief involving both weather forecasters and ATC and the other by the Captain in the avoidance of such powerful cells. The second is through a small unsung device called the "static wick". Obviously if the Captain is not aware or prepared and enters such a storm then it is possible for a catastrophic outcome or failure of aircraft components. Sometime within these cells the aircraft can encounter large hail particles and this again can result in damage to the aircraft.

As we already know aircraft have in the past disappeared such as the Air France A330-200 airliner over the South Atlantic on December 1 2009 which possibly encountered en route tropical thunderstorm activity or severe clear air turbulence. Many major disasters have also, in the past, been associated with thunderstorm activity such a microburst which is when a sudden down draft (as shown in the above diagram) hits an aircraft flying through it. Basically we all know that aircraft land into the wind but with such a microburst the wind can suddenly change into a downward blowing tail wind…..which unfortunately causes the aircraft to crash into the land or sea. One should always remain vigilant and sometime over cautious and avoid such storms whenever possible.

When an aircraft is flying from A to B it will pick up such weather on its radar and ask the controller to divert off its intended path until it has passed the storm and then return to normal track. ATC themselves frequently give out warnings and other aircraft flying in the region also pass on such vital information.

The causes behind the loss of this relatively new aircraft cannot yet be determined but the fact that it is in relatively shallow water will allow the salvage teams to recover the hull and missing victims as well as the black box……only then will the truth be known. On must also bear in mind that sabotage cannot be ruled out or a possible missile attack….all possibilities have to be addressed but sadly this could be a classic case of an aircraft flying into severe weather.

Before leaving the subject of weather and it effects on the aviation industry I need to explain the complications of coastal weather which is a combination of the normal passing weather systems and a locally derived weather that sometimes makes forecasting extremely difficult.

It can be very unpredictable and certainly local knowledge will sometime save the day. One very important weather factor is that created by the coastal effect that is unique compared to normal weather. You can have moist air drift in from the sea, it is then heated as it crosses the land and pushed up over the high ground to form thunderstorms which then drift back towards to coast. At night the reverse can happen when the sea gives of its heat and forms coastal offshore thunderstorm that can last for some considerable time. When all of this is mixed with the normal weather systems and you have a very complex picture. However with good equipment, vigilant Air Traffic Control and a good crew most of these disasters could have been avoided. As I said before at the moment we cannot blame any of these factors until the black box has been recovered and the circumstances leading up to the crash have been investigated.

I have included this chart to show that some time after the crash (which was at around 0235 local time) the offshore thunderstorms were still active. This satellite picture was taken at 0600 GMT which is 0800 local time in Lebanon.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/1/2010

Monday, 25 January 2010

Why are the US and UK Governments creating mass hysteria!!

Why in a period of only two days has the security level been upgraded from Substantial (an attack is a strong possibility) to Severe (an attack is highly likely) even though our Home Secretary stressed that there was no intelligence suggesting an attack is imminent. It’s all down to the four P’s Pursue, Prevent, Protect, and Prepare or should that read Panic People and Prevent Privacy?
Could it be a diversionary tactic to strengthen the ailing leader’s popularity? You know what they say when you are at an all time low start a war or create a “False Flag” to panic your public! Once you have stirred them up into total hysteria you can implement additional security measure that give more power to the government and less freedom to you the public.

It also happens to coincide with two very important conferences in London. One for Afghanistan and one for that new kid on the block Yemen! Could this be an attempt to add strength to this new wave of political maneuvering prior to the election or to again show some justification as to why we are in Afghanistan and also as to why our cash starved country should offer development and military aid to Yemen? Or could it be to stop any protests that may take place under the umbrella of state security?
One other very important event is also taking place in London this week, that of the appearance of the man himself ex Prime Minister Tony Blair at the Iraq Inquiry It all appears so dramatic this week and certainly indicates the distinct possibility of a diversionary conspiracy.

If the pathetic “False Flag” attempted bombing of the Delta Airlines aircraft in Detroit is an example of the threat to our respective nations then my advice would be to carry on watching cricket! The spin from the ball is much more reliable than the spin from our leaders and their advisers.

Why suddenly are we bombarded with so much “Verbal Diarrhoea”….this common ailment goes back a very long way…..it first emerged pre Gulf War when our leaders and governments talked about WMD’s in Iraq and then later about Al Qaeda or other militant elements in Iraq as being a danger to our countries. Again we heard the same story about Afghanistan and the existence of Al Qaeda and that Taliban were harbouring their leader and other key fighters.

Suddenly our leaders switched the threat as coming from Pakistan and good old Obama, whilst visiting Mr Brown, even went as far as saying that the streets of Britain were under greater threat than those of the US. Now the scene is switching to Yemen. Doesn’t anyone out there ever ask themselves is all of this spin true? Or ask how can a group of militia amounting to a couple of hundred in Afghanistan or three to four hundred in Pakistan and the same amount in Yemen pose such an horrendous threat to our communities.?

Maybe you would also ask some more questions – How could a large high tech attack in Afghanistan, such as that on the Tora Bora Mountains, manage to allow Al Qaeda to escape over the border? How can an army the size of 100,000 situated in one Pakistan Province miss a small group of fighters when they knew where they were? And why wasn’t the US, UK and NATO troops on the other side of the border when the Pakistan Army pushed them back towards Afghanistan?

Let’s just look for one moment at the size, weaponry and technology behind the coalition forces by comparison to the lack of anything behind these so called terrorist (I would rather call them freedom fighters). Let’s also look behind what motivates these simple tribal type people or armies, such as Al Qaeda (that is assuming they exist). Could it be that this entire war of terror is just one big fraud to scare our nations into covering up their economic greed or becoming submissive and yield to their demands? Could it be that in doing this one can almost create a police state where we all exist as little lambs? Could it be that whenever they seek to take over or control someone else’s natural resources that they initiate a “False Flag Scenario” to justify intervention? Could there be a strong connection to oil or gas or potential pipeline routes? Would anyone even think about the wealth in copper ore that stretches from just south of Kabul and extending up around Bagram? And what about the opium that is under our protection but is still flooding the Russian market higher than ever before! I guess one could say this would come under the commercial term of high yield for a low investment

Maybe will should also dwell on all these possible conspiracies, including so many unanswered aspects of 9/11. However, before doing so let me draw your attention to a most interesting interview that took place with a very controversial US Filmmaker Aaron Russo. Aaron was a wonderful filmmaker who always looked for the truth in this world and was befriended by that notoriously evil man called Nick Rockefeller. As we all may or may not know the Rockefeller, Rothschild’s, Bilderberg Group and other international bankers play a vital role in what can only be described as controlling the world with all their associated companies and organizations (New World Order).

The video reveals how filmmaker Aaron Russo had exposed first-hand knowledge of the elite global agenda. During a video interview: Nick Rockefeller told Russo about the plan to microchip the population, warned him about 'an event that would allow us to invade Afghanistan and Iraq' some eleven months before 9/11 and foretold the fact that the 'War on Terror' would be a hoax wherein soldiers would be looking in caves for non-existent enemies. Rockefeller also tried to recruit Aaron Russo to the Council on Foreign Relations during the tenure of their friendship. A picture sent by the Russo family verifies that friendship and strengthens evidence of the global agenda which Rockefeller related to the filmmaker so frankly during their private conversations. Watch and listen carefully and draw your own conclusions and believe or not.

This film is dedicated to this wonderful man who exposed this incredible false fa├žade that we have all fallen victim too as he continued his fight with cancer. Aaron Russo was truly a model for us all in regard to ethic and moral standards. The link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGAaPjqdbgQ&feature=related
Let’s return to the superiority of the coalition forces and ask the question “If Al Qaeda exists and if Taliban are the new enemy why are we not targeting their locations? If Pakistan was the new threat as we have been advised by Obama and Brown why are we now talking about Yemen?

So how superior are we: First of all in satellite technology and airborne unmanned platforms such as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) we have a generation of sophistication that almost allows one to read a newspaper from space. Take the spy satellite technology of yesterday and today for instance. We have what you can call a mother ship that acts like a platform for its babies that are called tethered satellites. These smaller satellites are tethered to their mother ship by an umbilical cord. They can come down to a lower orbit and with great detail provide you with all of the data that you require to carry out retaliatory action or plan your next mission.

In addition to this we have the UAV’s which fly continuously over a given conflict area such as Gaza for instance and are remotely piloted or radio controlled aircraft that can carry cameras, sensors, communications equipment or other payloads. They have been used in a reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering role since the 1950s, and more challenging roles including combat missions are now undertaken. In addition to this high tech surveillance equipment (which includes night vision infra red lens) they also can carry weapons such as the extremely nasty Hellfire Missiles (as the name implies) which could be regarded as indiscriminate weapons. Pilots of conventional fighter aircraft and helicopters have reported many times of their ability to pass through a building and into an adjacent block killing innocent civilians. They also carry “Bunker Buster” that are known to contain uranium components; these again are totally indiscriminate in releasing their radioactive nanoparticle aerosols over international borders and the world.

The UAV’s can vary in size from a small toy like glider with fitted camera to a much larger aircraft with one or two engines that can carry much bigger payloads. All are controlled from far away locations in much the same way as our children play with their computer games. It is hard to imagine that a military or CIA operative can sit in his armchair in the US and control a UAV’s flying over Northern Pakistan. He can zoom in and almost clearly identify his potential enemy (debatable) and release his deadly payload. Alternatively through his lens he can also coordinate an attack from other military aircraft using laser beam technology. As an example a fighter or bomber aircraft can remain outside of the conflict zone at high altitude and release its payload of bombs or missiles sometime as far away as 60 miles or more and with the help of satellite technology or the UAV’s can make that weapon pass through a small window in your bathroom for instance and crisp everyone within that building to beyond recognition. I am sorry for being so graphic but one has to understand the sophistication of today’s technology and also fully understand that our respective armed forces are and continue to use WMD’s with weapons that contain uranium components. This is contaminating and killing our own troops and many thousands if not millions of innocent civilians around the world.

Then we have the huge array of Bombers, Fighters, and Helicopters and over the horizon missiles/rockets etc that can wipe out entire city blocks or areas. Some of those weapons such as the Massive Ordnance Air Burst Bomb (MOAB) and the current development of the Massive Air Penetrator Bomb (MOP) can cause immense damage and even trigger off an earthquake. Then we have a new type of weapon for the foot soldier to use called the XM25 which is like a grenade launcher…it can be fired in the vicinity of the enemy without seeing them. It comes with a laser distance reader and you add just a little bit more beyond the target and the projectile will burst overhead or behind the target killing all in the areas or those inside buildings. We now have new missiles in the pipeline that will travel at Hyper-Speed….can you imagine that when you hear such a missile it may well be many miles away so you never get to see it! And then you have the Star War Laser weapons that make the future look rather grim to say the least. Couple this with the fact that most of today weapons contain uranium components we are spreading radiation around the globe by way of nanoparticle aerosols. These genocide creating weapons started being used extensively by NATO during the Balkans War in 1999 but in actual fact NATO had previously carried out air strikes earlier in 1995. This continuous and unrelenting bombardment of our atmosphere has now been going on for over 15 years and consequently has been adding more cancers, more diabetes, more mental health, more infertility, more still birth and other grossly disfigured babies to our respective populations.

I ask you the public to try to understand how can Obama, Brown and all the other spin doctors declare their wish to ban nuclear weapons under The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and yet re classify the smaller nuclear weapons as conventional weapons. This is an absolute sham as is the war on terror and so many other pie in the sky government conspiracies……not to mention the Global Warming sham!

Let’s return to the coalition technology. Now we come down to our ground forces and add all of the above technology plus the weapons that they can use. Like in Gaza for instance they fired White Phosphorus (WP) shells from a safe distance to rain down on highly populated districts of Gaza City. Totally indiscriminate with such terrible effects. The putrid smoke alone is extremely toxic for babies and young children and the burning remnants on touching your skin can burn right down to the bone. It can congeal over and when the surgeon goes in to clean the would it can re ignite when it come back into contact with oxygen etc. This has even happened with corpses in the morgue when upon exposure to an oxygen rich environment can again re ignite.

Then we have Flachette weapons that air burst over a target area and send thousands of tiny lethal darts in all directions that have the ability to embed themselves in concrete walls. Then there are the Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME ) weapons that fragment and send thousand of tiny pieces of tungsten or other additives flying through the air that act like a diamond saw, stripping flesh or taking off a limb without any effort at all. Last but not least the many weapons that contain uranium components that is the crime of all crimes. They are totally indiscriminate and do not recognize international borders. They are “mini nukes” that contaminate the target area, adjacent areas, adjacent countries and eventually beyond to the entire world.

These nanoparticle aerosols drift on the wind to the far corners of the globe. To prove how this is done I can draw up a chart on any given day and map out where these particles go and you would be absolutely amazed. That is why during the “Shock and Awe” attack on Baghdad and the “Tora Bora” attack in Afghanistan that the atmospheric filters in Oxfordshire almost went off the scale with airborne radiation contamination. Needless to say that while Britain was relaxing watching TV no one said a thing! Also note the contamination on this air flow chart is circulating UK and EU.

So I ask the question with all this might and sophistication how can an extremely well equipped army not take out this imaginary terrorist army called Al Qaeda who jointly in Afghanistan and Pakistan amount to around 400 at most? Why are the troops not fighting in the area where Al Qaeda exists? Why are they fighting in the areas of South Afghanistan and for what reason? The answer is simple it all to do with oil, gas and other natural resources as usual. The TAPI pipeline will transit via Herat – Helmand – Kandahar and the coalition need to secure its route before construction can take place. That is where we are fighting and where our troops are dying….all in the name of “Democracy”…..what an absolute con. I became very emotional at the weekend to learn of another two British soldiers deaths. On guy…only 19 years old died in the arms of his comrades on the battlefield….he uttered to them before he passed away….to tell his mum that he loved her very much…..no doubt our government will seize this sad event as an opportunity to raise patriotism by saying this brave hero died so that the streets of Britain could remain safe…..this is what makes one feel intensely sick……especially when his death was in the region of the proposed TAPI pipeline……I am sorry to say he actually died for the US and our economic greed. The other issue here is that Afghanistan is also rich in many other natural resources including uranium.

It is obvious that the US and the UK clearly now have Yemen in their gun sights and that wemay become militarily involved with the US who are already carrying out bombing raids in Northern Yemen. The Saudi Air Force and its ground forces have already crossed over the border and things certainly do not look good for Yemen. Readers may also be interested to know that already White Phosphorus (WP) has been used and many other illegal weapons. It has been announced that Al Qaeda has been targeted and yet it would appear that the people that have become victims of these airstrikes are many innocent tribal people. Sound familiar? Is this going to become yet another US instigated war?

Also keep in mind the new NATO policy “an attack on one is an attack on all”…..this now also includes any US or ally property, installation, oil pipeline or transit route that is attacked. Under the new guidelines this would constitute and attack on all and would then allow the US to pull in the whole of NATO into another major conflict. It is important for the US not to be seen as the instigators. That is why the US attempts at all cost to pull in NATO and also wants Israel to attack Iran….but that another story!

Let’s just give a little thought to the fact that our dear Gordon is hosting a conference on Afghanistan this week. I feel that any discussion on Afghanistan should be held regionally and should now involve any US,UK or NATO country. It is interest to note that the Afghanistan and Pakistan Governments are seeking closer cooperation with a plan to reach out to the Taliban and even possible include a package of employment and possible representation in government. I think their approach is much better than Mr. Obama and Brown’s approach of seek and destroy! Oh and lets not forget that Bin Laden tape that turned up exactly one month after the “False Flag” incident in Detroit….doesn’t it make you sick?

Watch this space for Part 2 which will cover the situation in Yemen and how Obama and Clinton are orchestrating this mass hysteria in order to gain more control of the world resources and our own lives. They need desperately to butter up their own image to strengthen their position or in Brown’s case to get elected. The sad thing is that really we do not have a credible party so I am sure that the independents will have a field day. Keep tuned!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/1/2010

Friday, 22 January 2010

Open letter to The President of theYemen Arab Republic

In a recent meeting between Yemen’s Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi and Hilary Clinton the Obama administration will provide more counterterrorism and development aid to Yemen but as she said “The country must show results for assistance to continue to flow.”……this sounds so much like a rerun of the US aid being provided to Egypt.

Conditions obviously apply and this has resulted in Egypt keeping peace with Israel and assisting them to police the Rafah border. We now see this Mubarak puppet regime turn its back on its brothers in Palestine in return for a brushing of the palm.
One can only hope that these same US tactics do not cause Yemen to go down the same road. Over a period of some weeks now we have seen massive publicity regarding Yemen all as a result of the so called attempted bombing of a Detroit bound US airliner and yet prior to this little publicity existed even though the US were assisting Saudi in carrying out bombing runs in the north. In my opinion the Detroit incident was a “False Flag” exercise by the US to justify its existence in the Yemen.

The US has focused its attention on Yemen and is now providing military and civilian aid. Clinton made it clear when she said "To combat this growing threat, the United States will intensify its cooperation with Yemen on both security and development," Clinton said. "Yemen has demonstrated willingness and a capacity to take action against al-Qaida and other extremist groups, and the United States commends these actions." The US Government currently has a three year $121 million development and economic assistance programme with an additional $70 million in military aid.

On this side of the pond we will also see Brown doing his bit for humankind when they host an international conference on Yemen and also Afghanistan next week…….could this be a clue that an election is on the horizon? As usual we soon will see our puppet government also announce significant aid to Yemen! One can also clearly see that both the US and the UK are desperately seeking oil/gas contracts in return for this aid as well as some sort of control. As a result of this masquerade I decided to send an open letter to Yemen’s President, His Excellency Ali Abdullah Saleh as per below:

To The President of Yemen Arab Republic

His Excellency President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Your Excellency.

Since around the mid 1950’s I have monitored the progress of Yemen and had always wished that your country would remain free of Western Government politics and involvement.

I myself served with the British Military and spent some considerable time in the Persian Gulf Region. During those early years I patrolled the Trucial Omen States and frequently visited the troubled areas of Muscat and Aden.

As your Excellency would know Aden was then a British Protectorate and repeated conflicts took place in the Radfan Mountains and other pockets in and around Aden.

I can also say that up to this time Aden was considered such a wonderful place to visit and become a major stopping port for the many cruise liners. Shopping in Aden was simply the best.

Today I see heavy involvement in Yemen from the United States who have Special Forces operating within your borders as well as specialised military training teams assisting in the training of your military staff. I also see cross border incursions from Saudi Arabia as well as US Military units and I have to say that this is showing early signs of much more involvement by both the US and British Governments.

I sincerely hope that Yemen does not succumb to further “Western Militarilisation” as this would become a major problem for your country resulting in much internal unrest and possibly more terrorism. I personally do not believe that Al Qaeda exists as this was just a name created by the United States to justify changes of policy within the US.

When one thinks of the past we can realize that all of these so called terrorist groups were in actual fact founded and funded by the United States to manipulate the outcome of their own foreign policy i.e. Afghanistan in 1979: the CIA backed and funded the Mujahedeen when around 3 million Afghan’s were living in Pakistan. The CIA trained many of these, dare I say “Freedom Fighters” with around $3-6 billion dollars of military aid and training.

Then in 1988 with the full support of the CIA this so called Al Qaeda was formed and funded. Finally in 1994 the Taliban received funding from the US, UK, Saudi and Pakistan. What is even more remarkable was the fact that before the 9/11 attack another group was formed called the Northern Alliance which was fully supported by the US, Russian, China, India, Turkey and even Iran (who is now the arch enemy of the US). On the other hand we had Pakistan, Saudi and the UAE supporting the Taliban. Now you can clearly see a conflict of interest when friends of the US provide support for their enemy!

In more recent times we can look at the case of Kurdistan in the North of Iraq. We see the PKK (Kurdish Freedom Fighter) carrying out attacks against Turkish targets (a member of NATO). This so called US, UK and EU named terrorist group is condemned by Western Government and yet the European Court cleared the PKK of being a terrorist group and reclassified them as “Freedom Fighters” which the US, UK and NATO countries refuse to accept.

Now let’s remain in Kurdistan and look at another similar group called the PJAK. This group of Kurdish fighters carryout attacks against Iranian targets and also work in close cooperation with US Special Forces operating within Iran. This group are not considered terrorists by all of the above Western Governments even though by their actions the PKK and the PJAK are identical in their aims. This therefore paints a very clear picture, and that is, that if you support US foreign policy you are an ally but if you reject US or any other Western Governments policy you are labeled a terrorist.

To show just how two faced politics can become and how a friend can suddenly became the enemy we now see Obama reverse his views on the PJAK in order to lay down a platform for negotiations with Iran. The US Government has now named the PJAK as a terrorist organization.

Your Excellency, the purpose of trying to explain the truth behind US Foreign Policy is the fact that Yemen may well become just another US manipulated country that only seeks to protect its own economic greed. As you know your country is blessed with many natural resources and this therefore means that many potential oil/gas contracts will be forthcoming.

The US, UK and other Western Governments only see the value of Yemen through their own economic greed as we have seen throughout the Middle East. What they have done to Iraq and Afghanistan is a classic example of repeated lies and excuses for going to war. More recently we saw the US supported attack on Gaza and yet most people did not realize that yet again oil and gas was the main reason for attacking Gaza. There are two significant gas fields lying close to offshore Gaza that Israel so desperately needs.

Having served in Aden and watched the demise of your country I can only hope and pray that you do not allow the US, UK or EU governments to influence your future. You have the natural resources to yet again make Yemen a truly prosperous country. On the other hand you can give in to the West’s manipulation and allow them to overrun your country, take the major oil/gas contracts and even maybe allow them to set up a military base in Aden. This would be truly disastrous for Yemen and its people.

It is my hope in writing to you that you also must see that the West want some control over your resources and more importantly to have a military base to overlook the trouble waters of the Gulf of Aden and adjacent Somalia that is so vital to the west’s major oil transit routes.

Finally I would also like to add that one must keep in mind that many so called terrorist groups are deliberately funded by the CIA so as to create an unstable situation in a country which then leads to US intervention or involvement. A classic example of interference was the recent Detroit attempt which in my opinion was what they call in the US “A False Flag.” As you well know Yemen has once again be pulled into the web of terrorism and under US Foreign Policy they believe they have the right to pursue such terrorism and do whatever is needed to remove the threat. As a direct result of this orchestrated drama we now see US aircraft entering your airspace without any coordination with the Saudi Air Force and bombing these so called Al Qaeda positions. As we all know the villages they are targeting are simple tribal people and not terrorist.

However I do understand that once again we see conflict between Sunni and Shiites and that this does cause some concern to Saudi. Having said this obviously this is a matter between Yemen and Saudi and nothing to do with the west. We can now see a classic example of western interference in Pakistan who were pressured by the US and UK Governments to resolve this terrorist threat. Obama and Brown repeatedly asked the Pakistan Government to put more troops into the so called hideout area for Al Qaeda and Taliban. As you well know the coalition forces had driven most of the terrorist groups over the border into Pakistan and the focus therefore became Pakistan. The Pakistan army put in around 100,000 troops into the region and repeatedly called for US and NATO support to position themselves on the Afghan side of the border so as to box them in. This request fell on deaf ears and therefore the groups were allowed to cross back into Afghanistan to start the whole cycle over again.

It is interesting to note that no US or coalition forces had visited the area for three years and therefore one must conclude that they are not really targeting terrorist in Afghanistan but have some other hidden agenda. It would be fare to say that once again this is all to do with oil and gas. For many years the US have been trying to raise a project to construct a major pipeline from Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India otherwise known as the TAPI pipeline. This pipelines intention is to capture the very lucrative energy markets of Pakistan, India, China and SE Asia. If one can read between the lines the pipeline will transit close to Herat to Helmand and finally past Kandahar to Pakistan. It is obvious that the US. UK and Coalition forces are trying to secure the pipeline route in order to commence construction in 2010. The so called true enemy or up in the Northwest of Afghanistan which is not their area of operations. We should also bear in mind that whilst Brown was thumping the table in Pakistan, Britain had only 10,000 troops in Afghanistan compared to the 100,000 of the Pakistan Army.

I sincerely hope that your Excellency uses his wisdom to safeguard Yemen from the poison of the “Scorpion” and that Yemen will again resolve its own internal issues and share a bright and prosperous future. This letter is an open letter and will be published in the media. Bless you and the people of Yemen.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/1/2010

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It’s time for the Palestinian Authority to flex its muscle!

When we look back into history we see the existence of Palestine with it multicultural population living together in peace with a flourishing trade. However, that began to change back in 1878 when the first Zionist colony set itself up to the East of Tel Aviv at a place called Petah Tikva. Strong financial support was given by the Rothschild family in Europe which signaled the demise of Palestine as we see to this day.

It is so hard to imagine how one tiny spec on the map of Palestine, that appeared insignificant amongst the hundred of Palestinian settlement, would take over this entire land and progressively sweep the original dwellers into oblivion. This extremely rich Jewish Family would continue to acquire land at a phenomenal rate with the intention of turning Palestinian land into Jewish land. In only a very short period of time Zionist were flooding in by the many thousands to establish what has become the Israel of today. The Rothschild’s were incredible influential and even funded the building of the Knesset and the High Court building.

Most people believed that Israel was established on the backbone of the holocaust but this assumption is wrong. We can see Zionism at its best many years before WW1 and WW2 when the rich Jewish families of Europe funded and promoted the establishment of the Jewish State. It was also interesting to see the establishment of the Suez Canal which had strong connections with the Rothschild who by then had become deeply rooted in the oil and gas industry with its own fleet of tankers. The Suez played a vital role in the continued growth and success of the Rothschild’s and they looked upon Israel as the overseer of its security.

History has witnessed one of the most blatantly agreesive land grabs the world has ever seen. We have seen this tiny spec expand as Jewish Zionists forcibly took land from the legal owner. This then resulted in Palestine itself became a tiny spec on the map of the country that was once theirs.

Since the pre war years we have seen a type of dictatorship emerging laying down the ground rules for what is left of Palestine. The long list of statesmen and political figures that have interfered with the disintegration of Palestine can never be forgiven as we watch these two tiny enclaves fight for their own survival.

We have seen and heard so much political spin and false promises by those that appear to seek fair play and justice for Palestine and yet it is clear that no peace plan has ever or will ever materialize. These so called conferences and meeting to bring peace to the area started back in September 1978 with US President Jimmy Carter known as the Camp David Accords. This was the start of a period when Nobel Peace Prizes were handed out to almost anyway who attempted to gain peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. One would think that such a prize would only be handed out upon the successful completion and maintenance of peace. I guess this was proved not to be the case when President Obama snatched such a prize, much to the world’s amazement. Perhaps we are now seeing a new prize emerging from Scandinavia called the “Nobel War Prize”……..Obama would certainly qualify for this award!

So back to topic of peace talks….the list is endless: Madrid Conference, Oslo Accords, Oslo II, Hebron Protocol, Wye River, Sharm el-Sheikh Memoranda, 2000 Camp David Summit, Taba Summit, Road Map and finally the Annapolis Conference. It would probably shock us all to know the final tab of all these failed lavish meetings. Couple this with the inability of the United Nations to resolve what on worldly terms is not a major issue and we can clearly see that no one is prepared to say enough is enough to the Israeli Government or any of the many lobby groups.

We have seen a huge list of UN Resolutions against Israeli being totally ignored, we have seen a list of war crimes against Israel totally ignored and now we see the President tell the Chinese that he may not be able to stop Israel attacking Iran…….what an absolute joke!

The last point is extremely interesting to me as Obama is currently pushing Boeing to complete testing of the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MAP) Bomb specifically designed by the US for an attack on Iran. This weapon is not only manufactured and tested in the US at the current time but also can only be delivered by current US aircraft. Does this mean that if Israel attacks Iran the US will be involved….of course they will!

Back to the peace talks again…….There are only three clear options to resolve this ongoing issue. The conventional way of seeking peace has totally failed and is no longer possible:

1. The UN/US put an embargo/blockade on Israel & stops all aid until this is resolved.
2. The UN put in Peace Keepers on both sides of all borders i.e. Gaza/Israel – Gaza/Egypt – West Bank/Israel – West Bank Jordan and immediately lift the current blockade.
3. The Palestinian Authority declares Independence and takes their case directly to the United Nations with the involvement of UNCLOS and the IJC.

I truly believe that option two is the best option as it can be initiated almost instantly in much the same way as was done in Lebanon. In doing it this way a phased development can then take place on reconstruction of the airport, the establishment of a new port, the construction of a raised elevated highway linking Gaza with West Bank and more importantly peace talks between the two political factions in Palestine.

If the two political parties can shake hands and become one unified government then its only a matter of the Palestinian Authority renegotiating the contract with British Gas and bring their vast wealth to onshore Gaza for processing and usage etc. It is evident now that there is no way that the Israeli Government will ever seek peace. They have only one clear intention, to acquire more land and to eliminate the existence of Palestine and its people in much the same way as they started back in 1878.

There should be no reason for Palestine to consult Israel because it is their country that was stolen and the Zionist are but a colony within its midst. For too long now the Palestinians have been the under dogs for this brutal apartheid country where respect for international law and common decency is totally void.

It is time for the Palestinians to claim back their country and apply continuous pressure on the United Nations to directly intervene. It is obvious that the UN, US, UK and NATO countries are afraid to speak up against the Pro Israeli lobby groups who brush their palm with many thousands of dollars in the lead up to election or other political campaigns. How can the Palestinians ever receive fair justice when most of the above countries political parties, figures and policies are manipulated by what can only be described as political corruption?

We will soon see the Pro Israeli Lobby Groups in top gear trying to maneuver a suitable candidate or candidates into Parliament during the British Elections. We will see campaign funds boosted and many free trips to Israel before the big day arrives. Organizations such as the Conservative Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel, Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel along with extremely rich Pro Israeli Millionaires and Christian and Jewish Zionists all play out this masquerade of deceit and hidden agendas.

Those that do not cooperate or speak out against Israel will never make it to Parliament or those who are already in office will find themselves running up against a very well funded opposition. As someone pointed out at the Gaza conference in London last week……..why are there so many Jewish Politicians holding senior positions in both the US and UK Governments? I cannot answer that directly but I am sure it’s all connected to donation funds and manipulation by the lobby group to have key figures in office as part of the funding deal.

The solution and future for the Palestinians must rest with the United Nations. When one looks at all other events and conflicts around the world the issue of Palestine must appear insignificant and relatively easy when you compare to such places as DRC, Somalia etc.

Its time for Abbas and the Palestinian Authority to realize that absolutely no one is going to establish a peace plan as no such plan is workable with the arrogance of Israel. I remember when a small country like Rhodesia took this same step of declaring independence from Britain we saw a mouse defeat a lion. Should the United Nations again fail it certainly is time for the Palestinian people to take this same bold step and test the system. I am sure that the majority of the world will stand alongside them and support them.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/1/2010

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Israeli Rape of Palestine

I had the pleasure of speaking at the recent Palestine memorial week in London. It was on the first anniversary of that evil attack on Gaza during "Operation Cast Lead" in 2008/9. What I found incredible after my presentation was the total lack of knowledge and understanding of some of the main issues concerning Gaza and West Bank.

After my presentation I was inundated with media and members of the public asking questions about the facts that I had presented. My power point presentation appeared to come across in a type of "Shock and Awe" manner which took the audience completely by surprise, whilst at the same time almost left me totally unprepared for such a reaction.

No one really understand that all the assigned international borders in the Gaza offshore area are totally illegal and even those that were assigned under the Oslo Accord have been totally ignored by the Israeli Government. I was even more shocked to see that the people present had no idea of the wealth that is locked up in the Gaza Marine Area and how this became a tool in becoming the reason why Israel attacked Gaza on the 27th of December 2008. To me this was the main reason for the conflict as it was for Iraq and Afghanistan.

I went on to talk about the decimation of the Gaza fishing industry that was once a major source of income and nutrition for the Palestinians. Now we see that the Israeli Navy has not only closed down this valuable industry but has also caused the entire fish stock to be depleted in the immediate vicinity of the coastal strip.

We then covered the topic of the oil and gas reserves in the offshore area and how Israel has successfully manipulated the marine borders to its own advantage. I explained how these impoverished enclaves of Gaza and West Bank are left to survive on international handouts and aid when they have billions of dollars tied up in their own offshore territory. It proved to me that the US, UK and EU governments are hiding this fact and many other serious issues from the main stream public with the added support of all the media controlled outlets.

As my presentation progressed we came to the subject of weapons used by the Israeli IDF and the fact that almost all of them were totally illegal in their application on such a densely populated strip. Even today I see comments regarding the use of White Phosphorus (WP) as being against the Geneva Convention but nothing was said about the us of other weapons such as Flachette and DIME weapons that are also totally illegal. Last but not least was the mother of all crimes when the IDF used weapons containing uranium components on the residents of Gaza and continue to do so. These weapons were imported from the US under a Presidential approved agreement. I may also add at this point that Israel's own IMI also manufacture such weapons

It became so clear to me at this meeting that the public only know what they are told via the various media outlets and such topics are "Taboo" It was also interesting that no media attended from the west and all those that did attend were from such places as China, Iran, Turkey and other Middle East outlets......this alone must put an emphasis on the fact that the media is totally controlled. Maybe we should look at the owners of such media outlets and see a distinct connection between the international banking community, pro US/pro Israeli lobby groups and the notorious Christian and Jewish Zionist organizations who appear to control all aspects of life, especially the political and financial sectors.

When my topic focused on the use of weapons containing uranium components you could feel the change in the atmosphere. Many people were deeply shocked and could not believe that such weapons could be used. At this point I turned towards a group of Jewish supporters, one being a Rabbi and said to them that your country has not only used such weapons but that you have also nuked yourselves in doing so. I explained the consequences of a picture showing four bombs igniting in the strip. I further explained that the photograph was taken on the Israeli border and one can clearly see that the contamination from these weapons passed over the Israeli border with seconds of going off, owing to the strong sea breeze that was blowing at the time.

I listened to a lady in the audience who asked if we were aware of the fact that many political figures in senior position were Jewish and could this create a problem. Jeremy Corbyn an MP with the current Labour Party quickly dispelled the topic and suggested we did not go down this road. This was also supported by a Palestinian member of the panel who supported Corbyn's views.......I however took the microphone and advised the audience that the lady did have a valid point. I said "Maybe we are all not aware that Governments and Political figures are given huge sums of money in their respective election campaigns by the pro Israeli lobbyists" "The Conservative Friends of Israel, The Labour Friends of Israel and the Lib Dems etc all receive much money in return for favours or policies that support Israel"

Another member of the audience asked a question about the ongoing Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank but didn't really get a satisfactory response. Again I asked for the microphone and drew attention to the fact that everyone is talking about the settlements going in but no one is aware that over two thirds of West Bank is totally under the control of the Israeli Government and remains a no go zone for Palestinians. It was very clear that people really do need to read more about the real issues in Palestine by reading such papers as the Palestine Telegraph rather than the lack of such information from the mainstream media.

At this point I would like to refer to the maps that we all know so very well....the ones that show how Palestine has been reduced to the two small enclaves of today but did anyone see this map which shows a settlement called Petah Tikva that was chosen by its founders in 1878 as the first Zionist settlement in Palestine.

Could anyone have imagined that this tiny spec on the map would become the start of the Zionist's cancerous growth it has become today? As we have seen in more recent history the carefully orchestrated financial collapse of the world banking system and the emerging new world order has a distinct connection with this first Zionist settlement. Its ties lead to one extremely rich family name...that of the Rothschild's who funded the establishment of the Zionists first colony. It is hard to imagine that within a period of less than 5 years it would receive over 25,000 illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe and then grew at an alarming rate. The entire exercise had only one evil intention to acquire Palestinian land and turn it into Jewish land.

Little did the world know that one of Europe's richest Jewish families had started the demise of Palestine so many years ago which still continues to this day. This tiny settlement continued to grow in size and has became part of the greater Tel Aviv of today.

The legacy of this historical family who promoted the rape and pillage of land has now extended throughout the ancient land of Palestine. The Israel of today continues to take what it wants, whenever it wants. It continues to steal Palestinian land and now is trying to steal its natural resources of gas in the waters off Gaza while the World, the United Nations and the Arab League looks on!

Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant - 18/1/2010