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Friday, 29 January 2010

Why are the US and UK Governments creating mass hysteria!!

Part 2(Final)

Why so much hysteria on both sides of the pond when really it’s just another day in the lives of ordinary people. They used the Delta Airlines “False Flag” to try and scare us but to no avail……they fail to understand that many out there are intelligent human beings that know how to smell a rat! I find it incredible having been associated with intelligence that the CIA and Mossad frequently shoot themselves in the foot and really make an absolute mess of trying to cover up their own actions. Maybe the more mature guys have some credibility but the bottom end of the scale I have found to be pathetic to say the least.

Perhaps one can reach the hearts of some of these agents (yes some are human) when they realize that any conspiracy or cover up will eventually come back to haunt them. If 9/11 proves to come into this category then for sure many heads will role. If the cover up on the use of weapons containing uranium components is anything to go by many millions of people will be affected and that also includes CIA/Mossad agents and their families…..that is what is crazy about this world…we drop bombs and missiles all over the world and assume mother nature is going to clean it all up!

So back to the evil intentions of the US and UK in Yemen…..what is this all about and why are we who are totally alien to the Islamic World trying to interfere in their own local politics? The US and UK come out with the spin that it’s the activity of Al Qaeda in Yemen that is spreading fear around the world but I can assure you this concept is wrong. The “Axis of Evil” starts in the minds of our leaders and their governments who will do anything to get their hands on anyone else’s resources.

So what is the main problem in Yemen? First of all the country is stricken by poverty on a big scale and this alone can bring on discontent and conflict. What is rather sad is that the country is endowed with tremendous wealth in natural resources and yet this cannot lift the country out of poverty. We now have the US and UK offering aid when in actual fact all they need to do is to tap into their own resources and spread that wealth amongst its people.

To the North we have Saudi Arabia which by comparison is extremely rich but having said that there is again a hint of over the horizon issues concerning, dare I say religion. The Saudi in the main are Sunni’s but in Yemen there is almost a 50/50 mix. The Shiites belong to the Zaydi and the Sunnis belong to the Shafa’i……the problem being is that the Shiites frequently have crossed the border into Saudi and vice versus and, much like Iraq, therein lies the problem. Another problem as far as the government of Yemen and Saudi is the existence of Shiite Houtis who want the restoration of their Imam.

Like any other Islamic country the west has to learn to be more tolerant and also learn to negotiate with greater diplomacy and not turn to military might every time things don’t go the way they want. This is particularly relevant when it comes to oil and gas (which is the case with Yemen). Currently there are many lucrative oil and gas contracts up for grabs.

The Saudi Government accused the Houtis of killing two Saudi Soldiers on the border region. However, Saudi troops have carried out incursions in Yemen and therefore maybe there is justification for such action. The Houtis are blaming the Saudis for trying to bring Wahabism into Yemen. As you can see the situation is rather complex.

The US has taken this internal and cross border conflict a stage further and introduced the usual “False Flag” emphasis on Al Qaeda as being the main problem. So how is this going to pan out? The US has been supporting the Yemen Government for some time which is obviously Sunni and obviously the US has a hidden agenda in their search for oil contract and possible a military base in Aden and control of the shipping lanes.

From the Saudi aspect things did not go to plan this month. By the middle of this month they had lost 82 and another 21 were missing. When any country sends it troops over the border one can expect heavy losses especially when up against local militia who know their own country extremely well. In the meantime both US and Saudi fighter aircraft are bombing Al Qaeda hideouts but reports from within Yemen as saying that as usual the casualties are innocent tribal villages.

It is interesting to note that on the ground they have their match but with air superiority they can clear large areas without any loss to themselves. But again the issue here is what this conflict all about? The Saudis have an issue with the Houtis but the US has turned this into one of their own fiascos. The US in turning this conflict in a war against terror and bringing this invisible enemy called Al Qaeda into the picture obviously was to justify their long involvement in Yemen. As a direct result of the “False Flag” Detroit incident and again the US repeating that Al Qaeda were fully established in Yemen gave the US (in their opinion) further justification for the US Air Force to carry out aerial bombardment within Yemen, which continues to this day.

It should remain clear in our minds that if Al Qaeda is a reality in Yemen its numbers are very small as they have been in the current conflict in Afghanistan. The Government of Yemen is therefore perfectly capable to deal with that one issue alone without interference from the US, UK or any other EU country. The very fact that the Government of Yemen and the Saudi Government were working for a common goal therefore revealed that this was an internal conflict with full support from Saudi. Therefore in my opinion the involvement by the US was totally unjustified and certainly did not warrant an “Aerial Bombardment.”

As far as the UK is involved we had no right to call for a conference on Yemen in London when Yemen and Saudi had in existence a clear plan of action. That conference was dominated by the US, US and EU with additional military representation. Hilary Clinton, in a very demeaning way, gave reference to Yemen as being the perfect place for terrorism. She stated that most of the country was illiterate, high levels of poverty and high unemployment all of which would make the formation of militia and easy option.

I have to say the this interference was not only a political ploy by Brown in the lead up to the election but also a clear sign yet again of the west’s interference in Middle Eastern matters. It is obvious that the hidden agenda here is to get a foot in the door on the very lucrative oil contracts and also with the added possibility of permanent US/UK presence in Yemen. I am sure that events will lead to a major military base in Aden (as it used to be when it was a British Protectorate). This ploy would certainly make the US extremely happy as they would have control over the Gulf of Aden to oversee the main shipping lanes to and from the Suez Canal and in addition Aden would serve as a stepping stone for their next conflict zone of Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

Lets just for one moment again return to the tribal groups in the north of Yemen who are mainly Houtis (Shiite) and look at their position. Although they are large in numbers they none the less are the minority group in Yemen. They are fighting for the retention of their faith (like most Islamic groups) and also to try and stop the infiltration of Saudi interference. It’s a classic case of an attempt by the Saudi’s to “Divide and conquer” that is not going so well, hence the cross border incursions by the Saudi military.

From the Houtis perspective they see President Saleh as an ally to the US and Saudi, in other words a possible corrupt deal coming in existence between Yemen and the US and also that Saleh is ally to Saudi and both are Sunni…..now one can see just how complicated this has become. It also makes Yemen a target to come under the control of the US with UK involvement. If one can imagine a coastline of some 2,000 km being totally unprotected with maybe a desire by the US, UK and obviously NATO to militarize it! Now one can clearly see how an “Iron Fist” foreign policy can enhance the west’s imperialistic greed to participate in, take or control someone else’s natural resources and more importantly control the shipping lanes.

This is a classic case as to what has happened in the Eastern Mediterranean whereby the US and NATO patrol the offshore areas of Syria, Lebanon, Israel (in conjunction with the Israeli Navy) and Egypt (in conjunction with the Egyptian Navy). The latter is also setting up a base on the Egyptian border with Gaza.
Currently we have patrols covering the entire Somalia coastline and Gulf of Aden, the entire Persian Gulf and Eastern Med areas. It is interesting to note with little involvement by the countries who own the coastlines within these zones!

Back to the Houtis again….we have seen that conflict always appears to exist between Shiite and Sunni (as per Iraq) and this is again repeated in Yemen…I guess in a way its no difference between the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. So I ask the question do such religions have the right to exist….obviously in a democratic society the answer is yes. So why do we in the West jump up and down when a minority group start taking up arms against their opponents. How would the British Government feel if the Arab League became involved in supporting for instance the IRA or actually became involved in military intervention….now I think you are getting to see the picture?

The other question here is the fact that President Salah is due to step down in 2013 and is favoured by the US, UK and Saudi Governments. Will this take place or will we see the same Palestine interference by the West (Abbas) to keep the President of Yemen in power illegally? I am sure we can imagine the outcome.

Maybe the Houtis have justification to carry out their actions and they certainly have the right to maintain their religion. Then of course we have the West accusing Iran of supporting the Houtis (both mainly Shiites)….I know you have heard all this before in Lebanon and Gaza. Again what is the difference between the US sending weapons and military hardware to Israel (including WMD’s) and Iran doing the same……its all very one sided don’t you think? One other major issue in Yemen is the difference between the north and south…..one can draw a comparison here with north and south Sudan. We may well see the two become separated at a later date therefore adding more complexity to the internal problems.

The Houtis also claimed that the government was actually hiring Al Qaeda operatives which to all intents and purposes does make sense as they are both Sunnis and one would not expect Houtis and other groups to cooperate. It is also assumed that any extreme group in Yemen could well be part of a CIA – Mossad funded operation with the tag of Al Qaeda which in my opinion is a pseudonym that has been used time and time again. I personally do not think they actually exist.

I am also led to believe that Israel is also very involved in the Yemen conflict as they frequently operate clandestine operations in many countries around the world. Their purpose would be to help the current government, the Saudis and the US to secure this vital gateway to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal and also attempt to stop any support from their arch enemy Iran. Maybe I should also point out that Israel does have some activity and a certain amount of control in Yemen and so we can see that on either side of the straits leading into the Red Sea ( lucrative and vital sea lane) that there is a strong military presence in the form of Special Forces – CIA – and Mossad.

The other factor here is that the US, Israel desperately need to seize control of Yemen in order to stop any further involvement from Iran. One would assume that it would be important from both the US and Israeli perspective to take total control of the entry and transit to the Red Sea and Suez Canal in conjunction with Saudi and Egypt and in doing so could stop Iranian crude oil and general cargo vessels from entry into and out of the Mediterranean. On this aspect alone you can see the west desperately wants to control the oil/gas markets and stop any competition from Iran. There is also an Israeli plan to pipe Caspian oil and gas by subsea pipeline down from Turkey – Ashkelon – Eiliat and then via the Gulf of Aqba – Red Sea – Gulf of Aden and then eastbound to new international markets in Pakistan, India, SE Asia and China etc. This also clearly shows the urgency by the US/Israel to secure the region in order to exploit lucrative international markets and at the same time control what flows and where!

I have always strongly believed that the False Flag Detroit incident was a combined CIA – Mossad set up and I would go as far as saying that all of this was a diversionary tactic to spread hysteria throughout the US and UK…….you will note little has been done in the rest of Europe even though they have forces in the Middle East and would normally also become a target for their involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan etc.

The other issue here is that Israel does not want the Goldstone Report to progress further and they certainly do not want intimidation regarding Palestine. I would even go as far as saying that if the US and the UK do not back off with this relentless pressure they will carry out a more serious false flag in London or elsewhere. When one combines this sinister activity to the might of the Pro Israeli Lobbyist, Christian and Jewish Zionist’s and the political control they already have in the west we are certainly dealing with the “True Axis of Evil”

Finally I would add that the raised level of threat could be directly linked to the current conferences and the Blair interview and more importantly by an unseen threat that could well be another “False Flag” involving yet again either CIA or Mossad operatives or both. After the many unanswered questions regarding 9/11 and certainly the fact that a large airliner did not hit the Pentagon or crash in a field, one would have to be highly suspicious of any future activity that takes place.

Israel and its supporting are determined to kill the Goldstone Report even though the report as such let the Israelis off the hook by not addressing the real crime of using weapons containing uranium components, Flachette and DIME bombs, all of which were gross violations of the Geneva Convention. They also do not want any further pressure in giving concessions to the Palestinians and therefore blatantly challenge and ignore any UN Resolution or any human rights violations etc.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/1/2010

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