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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It’s time for the Palestinian Authority to flex its muscle!

When we look back into history we see the existence of Palestine with it multicultural population living together in peace with a flourishing trade. However, that began to change back in 1878 when the first Zionist colony set itself up to the East of Tel Aviv at a place called Petah Tikva. Strong financial support was given by the Rothschild family in Europe which signaled the demise of Palestine as we see to this day.

It is so hard to imagine how one tiny spec on the map of Palestine, that appeared insignificant amongst the hundred of Palestinian settlement, would take over this entire land and progressively sweep the original dwellers into oblivion. This extremely rich Jewish Family would continue to acquire land at a phenomenal rate with the intention of turning Palestinian land into Jewish land. In only a very short period of time Zionist were flooding in by the many thousands to establish what has become the Israel of today. The Rothschild’s were incredible influential and even funded the building of the Knesset and the High Court building.

Most people believed that Israel was established on the backbone of the holocaust but this assumption is wrong. We can see Zionism at its best many years before WW1 and WW2 when the rich Jewish families of Europe funded and promoted the establishment of the Jewish State. It was also interesting to see the establishment of the Suez Canal which had strong connections with the Rothschild who by then had become deeply rooted in the oil and gas industry with its own fleet of tankers. The Suez played a vital role in the continued growth and success of the Rothschild’s and they looked upon Israel as the overseer of its security.

History has witnessed one of the most blatantly agreesive land grabs the world has ever seen. We have seen this tiny spec expand as Jewish Zionists forcibly took land from the legal owner. This then resulted in Palestine itself became a tiny spec on the map of the country that was once theirs.

Since the pre war years we have seen a type of dictatorship emerging laying down the ground rules for what is left of Palestine. The long list of statesmen and political figures that have interfered with the disintegration of Palestine can never be forgiven as we watch these two tiny enclaves fight for their own survival.

We have seen and heard so much political spin and false promises by those that appear to seek fair play and justice for Palestine and yet it is clear that no peace plan has ever or will ever materialize. These so called conferences and meeting to bring peace to the area started back in September 1978 with US President Jimmy Carter known as the Camp David Accords. This was the start of a period when Nobel Peace Prizes were handed out to almost anyway who attempted to gain peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. One would think that such a prize would only be handed out upon the successful completion and maintenance of peace. I guess this was proved not to be the case when President Obama snatched such a prize, much to the world’s amazement. Perhaps we are now seeing a new prize emerging from Scandinavia called the “Nobel War Prize”……..Obama would certainly qualify for this award!

So back to topic of peace talks….the list is endless: Madrid Conference, Oslo Accords, Oslo II, Hebron Protocol, Wye River, Sharm el-Sheikh Memoranda, 2000 Camp David Summit, Taba Summit, Road Map and finally the Annapolis Conference. It would probably shock us all to know the final tab of all these failed lavish meetings. Couple this with the inability of the United Nations to resolve what on worldly terms is not a major issue and we can clearly see that no one is prepared to say enough is enough to the Israeli Government or any of the many lobby groups.

We have seen a huge list of UN Resolutions against Israeli being totally ignored, we have seen a list of war crimes against Israel totally ignored and now we see the President tell the Chinese that he may not be able to stop Israel attacking Iran…….what an absolute joke!

The last point is extremely interesting to me as Obama is currently pushing Boeing to complete testing of the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MAP) Bomb specifically designed by the US for an attack on Iran. This weapon is not only manufactured and tested in the US at the current time but also can only be delivered by current US aircraft. Does this mean that if Israel attacks Iran the US will be involved….of course they will!

Back to the peace talks again…….There are only three clear options to resolve this ongoing issue. The conventional way of seeking peace has totally failed and is no longer possible:

1. The UN/US put an embargo/blockade on Israel & stops all aid until this is resolved.
2. The UN put in Peace Keepers on both sides of all borders i.e. Gaza/Israel – Gaza/Egypt – West Bank/Israel – West Bank Jordan and immediately lift the current blockade.
3. The Palestinian Authority declares Independence and takes their case directly to the United Nations with the involvement of UNCLOS and the IJC.

I truly believe that option two is the best option as it can be initiated almost instantly in much the same way as was done in Lebanon. In doing it this way a phased development can then take place on reconstruction of the airport, the establishment of a new port, the construction of a raised elevated highway linking Gaza with West Bank and more importantly peace talks between the two political factions in Palestine.

If the two political parties can shake hands and become one unified government then its only a matter of the Palestinian Authority renegotiating the contract with British Gas and bring their vast wealth to onshore Gaza for processing and usage etc. It is evident now that there is no way that the Israeli Government will ever seek peace. They have only one clear intention, to acquire more land and to eliminate the existence of Palestine and its people in much the same way as they started back in 1878.

There should be no reason for Palestine to consult Israel because it is their country that was stolen and the Zionist are but a colony within its midst. For too long now the Palestinians have been the under dogs for this brutal apartheid country where respect for international law and common decency is totally void.

It is time for the Palestinians to claim back their country and apply continuous pressure on the United Nations to directly intervene. It is obvious that the UN, US, UK and NATO countries are afraid to speak up against the Pro Israeli lobby groups who brush their palm with many thousands of dollars in the lead up to election or other political campaigns. How can the Palestinians ever receive fair justice when most of the above countries political parties, figures and policies are manipulated by what can only be described as political corruption?

We will soon see the Pro Israeli Lobby Groups in top gear trying to maneuver a suitable candidate or candidates into Parliament during the British Elections. We will see campaign funds boosted and many free trips to Israel before the big day arrives. Organizations such as the Conservative Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel, Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel along with extremely rich Pro Israeli Millionaires and Christian and Jewish Zionists all play out this masquerade of deceit and hidden agendas.

Those that do not cooperate or speak out against Israel will never make it to Parliament or those who are already in office will find themselves running up against a very well funded opposition. As someone pointed out at the Gaza conference in London last week……..why are there so many Jewish Politicians holding senior positions in both the US and UK Governments? I cannot answer that directly but I am sure it’s all connected to donation funds and manipulation by the lobby group to have key figures in office as part of the funding deal.

The solution and future for the Palestinians must rest with the United Nations. When one looks at all other events and conflicts around the world the issue of Palestine must appear insignificant and relatively easy when you compare to such places as DRC, Somalia etc.

Its time for Abbas and the Palestinian Authority to realize that absolutely no one is going to establish a peace plan as no such plan is workable with the arrogance of Israel. I remember when a small country like Rhodesia took this same step of declaring independence from Britain we saw a mouse defeat a lion. Should the United Nations again fail it certainly is time for the Palestinian people to take this same bold step and test the system. I am sure that the majority of the world will stand alongside them and support them.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/1/2010

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