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Friday, 22 January 2010

Open letter to The President of theYemen Arab Republic

In a recent meeting between Yemen’s Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi and Hilary Clinton the Obama administration will provide more counterterrorism and development aid to Yemen but as she said “The country must show results for assistance to continue to flow.”……this sounds so much like a rerun of the US aid being provided to Egypt.

Conditions obviously apply and this has resulted in Egypt keeping peace with Israel and assisting them to police the Rafah border. We now see this Mubarak puppet regime turn its back on its brothers in Palestine in return for a brushing of the palm.
One can only hope that these same US tactics do not cause Yemen to go down the same road. Over a period of some weeks now we have seen massive publicity regarding Yemen all as a result of the so called attempted bombing of a Detroit bound US airliner and yet prior to this little publicity existed even though the US were assisting Saudi in carrying out bombing runs in the north. In my opinion the Detroit incident was a “False Flag” exercise by the US to justify its existence in the Yemen.

The US has focused its attention on Yemen and is now providing military and civilian aid. Clinton made it clear when she said "To combat this growing threat, the United States will intensify its cooperation with Yemen on both security and development," Clinton said. "Yemen has demonstrated willingness and a capacity to take action against al-Qaida and other extremist groups, and the United States commends these actions." The US Government currently has a three year $121 million development and economic assistance programme with an additional $70 million in military aid.

On this side of the pond we will also see Brown doing his bit for humankind when they host an international conference on Yemen and also Afghanistan next week…….could this be a clue that an election is on the horizon? As usual we soon will see our puppet government also announce significant aid to Yemen! One can also clearly see that both the US and the UK are desperately seeking oil/gas contracts in return for this aid as well as some sort of control. As a result of this masquerade I decided to send an open letter to Yemen’s President, His Excellency Ali Abdullah Saleh as per below:

To The President of Yemen Arab Republic

His Excellency President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Your Excellency.

Since around the mid 1950’s I have monitored the progress of Yemen and had always wished that your country would remain free of Western Government politics and involvement.

I myself served with the British Military and spent some considerable time in the Persian Gulf Region. During those early years I patrolled the Trucial Omen States and frequently visited the troubled areas of Muscat and Aden.

As your Excellency would know Aden was then a British Protectorate and repeated conflicts took place in the Radfan Mountains and other pockets in and around Aden.

I can also say that up to this time Aden was considered such a wonderful place to visit and become a major stopping port for the many cruise liners. Shopping in Aden was simply the best.

Today I see heavy involvement in Yemen from the United States who have Special Forces operating within your borders as well as specialised military training teams assisting in the training of your military staff. I also see cross border incursions from Saudi Arabia as well as US Military units and I have to say that this is showing early signs of much more involvement by both the US and British Governments.

I sincerely hope that Yemen does not succumb to further “Western Militarilisation” as this would become a major problem for your country resulting in much internal unrest and possibly more terrorism. I personally do not believe that Al Qaeda exists as this was just a name created by the United States to justify changes of policy within the US.

When one thinks of the past we can realize that all of these so called terrorist groups were in actual fact founded and funded by the United States to manipulate the outcome of their own foreign policy i.e. Afghanistan in 1979: the CIA backed and funded the Mujahedeen when around 3 million Afghan’s were living in Pakistan. The CIA trained many of these, dare I say “Freedom Fighters” with around $3-6 billion dollars of military aid and training.

Then in 1988 with the full support of the CIA this so called Al Qaeda was formed and funded. Finally in 1994 the Taliban received funding from the US, UK, Saudi and Pakistan. What is even more remarkable was the fact that before the 9/11 attack another group was formed called the Northern Alliance which was fully supported by the US, Russian, China, India, Turkey and even Iran (who is now the arch enemy of the US). On the other hand we had Pakistan, Saudi and the UAE supporting the Taliban. Now you can clearly see a conflict of interest when friends of the US provide support for their enemy!

In more recent times we can look at the case of Kurdistan in the North of Iraq. We see the PKK (Kurdish Freedom Fighter) carrying out attacks against Turkish targets (a member of NATO). This so called US, UK and EU named terrorist group is condemned by Western Government and yet the European Court cleared the PKK of being a terrorist group and reclassified them as “Freedom Fighters” which the US, UK and NATO countries refuse to accept.

Now let’s remain in Kurdistan and look at another similar group called the PJAK. This group of Kurdish fighters carryout attacks against Iranian targets and also work in close cooperation with US Special Forces operating within Iran. This group are not considered terrorists by all of the above Western Governments even though by their actions the PKK and the PJAK are identical in their aims. This therefore paints a very clear picture, and that is, that if you support US foreign policy you are an ally but if you reject US or any other Western Governments policy you are labeled a terrorist.

To show just how two faced politics can become and how a friend can suddenly became the enemy we now see Obama reverse his views on the PJAK in order to lay down a platform for negotiations with Iran. The US Government has now named the PJAK as a terrorist organization.

Your Excellency, the purpose of trying to explain the truth behind US Foreign Policy is the fact that Yemen may well become just another US manipulated country that only seeks to protect its own economic greed. As you know your country is blessed with many natural resources and this therefore means that many potential oil/gas contracts will be forthcoming.

The US, UK and other Western Governments only see the value of Yemen through their own economic greed as we have seen throughout the Middle East. What they have done to Iraq and Afghanistan is a classic example of repeated lies and excuses for going to war. More recently we saw the US supported attack on Gaza and yet most people did not realize that yet again oil and gas was the main reason for attacking Gaza. There are two significant gas fields lying close to offshore Gaza that Israel so desperately needs.

Having served in Aden and watched the demise of your country I can only hope and pray that you do not allow the US, UK or EU governments to influence your future. You have the natural resources to yet again make Yemen a truly prosperous country. On the other hand you can give in to the West’s manipulation and allow them to overrun your country, take the major oil/gas contracts and even maybe allow them to set up a military base in Aden. This would be truly disastrous for Yemen and its people.

It is my hope in writing to you that you also must see that the West want some control over your resources and more importantly to have a military base to overlook the trouble waters of the Gulf of Aden and adjacent Somalia that is so vital to the west’s major oil transit routes.

Finally I would also like to add that one must keep in mind that many so called terrorist groups are deliberately funded by the CIA so as to create an unstable situation in a country which then leads to US intervention or involvement. A classic example of interference was the recent Detroit attempt which in my opinion was what they call in the US “A False Flag.” As you well know Yemen has once again be pulled into the web of terrorism and under US Foreign Policy they believe they have the right to pursue such terrorism and do whatever is needed to remove the threat. As a direct result of this orchestrated drama we now see US aircraft entering your airspace without any coordination with the Saudi Air Force and bombing these so called Al Qaeda positions. As we all know the villages they are targeting are simple tribal people and not terrorist.

However I do understand that once again we see conflict between Sunni and Shiites and that this does cause some concern to Saudi. Having said this obviously this is a matter between Yemen and Saudi and nothing to do with the west. We can now see a classic example of western interference in Pakistan who were pressured by the US and UK Governments to resolve this terrorist threat. Obama and Brown repeatedly asked the Pakistan Government to put more troops into the so called hideout area for Al Qaeda and Taliban. As you well know the coalition forces had driven most of the terrorist groups over the border into Pakistan and the focus therefore became Pakistan. The Pakistan army put in around 100,000 troops into the region and repeatedly called for US and NATO support to position themselves on the Afghan side of the border so as to box them in. This request fell on deaf ears and therefore the groups were allowed to cross back into Afghanistan to start the whole cycle over again.

It is interesting to note that no US or coalition forces had visited the area for three years and therefore one must conclude that they are not really targeting terrorist in Afghanistan but have some other hidden agenda. It would be fare to say that once again this is all to do with oil and gas. For many years the US have been trying to raise a project to construct a major pipeline from Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India otherwise known as the TAPI pipeline. This pipelines intention is to capture the very lucrative energy markets of Pakistan, India, China and SE Asia. If one can read between the lines the pipeline will transit close to Herat to Helmand and finally past Kandahar to Pakistan. It is obvious that the US. UK and Coalition forces are trying to secure the pipeline route in order to commence construction in 2010. The so called true enemy or up in the Northwest of Afghanistan which is not their area of operations. We should also bear in mind that whilst Brown was thumping the table in Pakistan, Britain had only 10,000 troops in Afghanistan compared to the 100,000 of the Pakistan Army.

I sincerely hope that your Excellency uses his wisdom to safeguard Yemen from the poison of the “Scorpion” and that Yemen will again resolve its own internal issues and share a bright and prosperous future. This letter is an open letter and will be published in the media. Bless you and the people of Yemen.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/1/2010

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