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Thank you for joining my space. The world is truly a remarkable and beautiful place but somehow we have lost our direction. Why can't we all get on together and live in peace? Why so much agression and no compassion or love for each other? Why do our leaders want to wage war in order to gain an economic advantage in controlling the natural resources of our planet? Why do such nations as the USA allow the manufacturing of weapons containing uranium components and yet profess that they are promoting disarmament? Who do they, the UK, European Countries and Israel insist in using these WMD's. I sincerely wanted to welcome you all in such a very nice and gentle way but I carry so much pain for the innocent men, women and children of past and current war zones that have sucumbed to these evil uranium weapons. We must all try to prohibit DU/EU or any other "Dirty Weapon" and learn to live in peace. We in the west have to close all bases that exist on Islamic soil and learn to trade instead of fighting. So I again welcome you to "Peter's Space" If you support war in any shape or form please do not enter my space. If you are a Christian Zionist or Jewish Zionist please do not enter my space. If however you are against war and any form of intimidation you are most welcome to take over my space.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Scottish Government Cover-Up of Hollie Greig

Part 9 (Final) – Hollies Day out to Berwick

It was time for Anne and Daughter Hollie to take time out and travel to Berwick – upon – Tweed (near the Scottish border) in order for them both to meet the supporters from Scotland and those living in the North of England. It is hoped that a second event will take place in Central England to allow the rest of “Hollie’s Army” to meet mum and daughter Hollie

The venue was at the Marshall Meadows Hotel in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Many Scottish supporters turned up to meet Hollie and Anne. It was a very relaxing day for both of them after all the pressure of intimidation and many media interviews.

The event was attended by people representing David Icke - The We are Change, Alex Jones folks – Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers and many others, some of whom had travelled over from Ireland. Robert Green started off proceedings by giving an introduction and this was followed by other speakers. Many photographs were taken and also a video of the event. Another short video interview was made with Hollie and Anne in a very relaxed and informal mood.

Hollie obviously was the centre of attraction and she received lots of hugs and many kind thoughts were exchanged, not forgetting Anne and Robert who also received much attention. You can see a short interview with Hollie and her mum at this event on the following link:

When one considers the pain and suffering that Hollie went through it is remarkable to see that she has bounced back. It is also evident that with her mum’s love and determination Hollie has begun to realise that the world does care about her, as they do for many other victims of paedophilia. I am sure that when the next event takes place in Central England Hollie will again be in top form to enjoy the care and attention from “Hollie’s Army.”

Just to update whets been going on with attacks on web pages etc as you know the Palestine Telegraph came under a massive attack that lasted more that 24 hours. It was reported to the police in London on the 19/3/2010 (Incident No CM 1903895/10). The police were given the IP address of the origin of this attack……we didn’t hear anymore so we thought we would print the IP address:
Phillip Securities UK Limited
6th Floor 106 Leadenhall Street
London EC3A 4AA
Telephone 020 7220 7227
Web http://www.phillip-uk.com

As we all know the Hollie Face Book came under attack and later one of our Edinburgh supporters was taken down but as with all the Hollie Army members we was able to provide a back up and post the links etc.

I still find the most disgraceful event was the sacking of the Down Syndrome Association Press Officer, John Smithies by the CEO of that NGO, Carol Boys. John was only carrying out his duty in bringing the support of the Down Syndrome Association to the Hollie case……..one can only speculate that one of the main funders/donars threatened to pull future funds unless they ceased all activities with Hollie etc. On behalf of Hollie’s Army we would like to thank John for his brave stance and hope that he gets back into the workforce to continue his compassionate work. The Palestine Telegraph would therefore like to add to the Name and Shame list that of Carol Boys…..you are a disgrace to Down Syndrome Association.

I, for the second time, went on Talk Radio Europe on the 23rd of March and decided to again focus the entire interview on Hollie……likewise prior to this I also went live with Jeff Rense in the US West Coast for a one hour session on Hollie. I will be updating the Hollie Story on the next Talk Radio Europe on the 30/3/2010…..Robert and Anne have also been very busy so we are keeping this very much alive. It is important that small protests here and there continue to take place as our numbers have now passed 20,000. Can you feel the vibes?

I have sent a message to one of the best Peodopohile investigators in the US who is an ex cop and I will let you know if he shows any interest in this case. In the meantime I would sincerely request that if there is any lawyer out there that would be willing to take on the Hollie’s Case then please come forward and express an interest. This case is very sound and almost certainly winnable. It would be on the basis of No Win - No Fee….I can assure you that good evidence is stacked up with many witnesses and therefore is truly worth your involvement. One could expect some significant payouts here to reward you for your efforts. Contact the Palestine Telegraph if you wish to legally represent Hollie and Anne Greig.

We have seen a connection between the Freemason’s and peodophilia. One must appreciate the huge numbers involved. One FBI investigator in the US stated they have around 4 million satanic followers. He stated they use what he called Masonic mind control on their members and the higher up the ladder the more sordid it becomes. They do not practice mainline religion but rather Satanic Lucifer. Their true god is called Jah-Bul-On and their activities include blood curdling rituals. Some of their activities are based on ancient Jewish practices.

The Skull and Crossbones forms very much part of this organisation with links back to Germany. It was first formed in 1776. They are very well established in the UK and have a long list of people in high places. The Duke of Kent is the organization’s Grand Master and our ex Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is also very senior and served as a 33 degree Freemason (Knight of Malta). Gordon Brown is also a Master and over the pond George Bush was of the same standing in the US (Knight of Eulogia).……in actual fact the entire Bush family have been members for a long time.
We must fully understand the might that lies behind this organisation. It not only includes members of the Royal household but also the police that protect them. It has in its list very high profile Lords, Politicians. Senior Military, Judges, Lawyers and many other prominent people.

They pride themselves on a few basic principles:
• Freemasonry is a system of morality
• Freemasons must behave with kindness and understanding to his fellow man
• Freemasonry demands from its members a respect for the law of the country
Like all organization many good men exist who carry out charitable work but on the other hand there are still questions that must be asked based on some of the press releases floating around. It would be advisable for any of the existing Freemasons, especially those of high ranking, to come forward and allay fears regarding some allegations. As they say if you have nothing to fear then clear your name.

If the Masonic movement are involved in Paedophilia, then we certainly have a very serious situation here in the UK. Many members of this movement control positions of power and authority and it would be extremely difficult to bring such people before the courts……..as we have seen in Scotland.

Before closing this final article on Hollie I would like to say that this is not the end but only the beginning in bringing justice for Hollie. When one challenges the system one is also challenging authority at the highest level. You are not only taking on those that participate in evil satanic rituals you are attacking at the very heart of the “Illuminati” or “New World Order” of which the Masonic Movement (Freemasons) forms part.

One could say in reality that this could be an impossible task, but with determination and strength in numbers it is possible. The Hollie Army has now passed 20,000 and continues to grow on a daily basis. If they continue to grow at the current rate then one can see light at the end of the tunnel.

For my part I can see the collapse, or partial collapse, of the Scottish authority that may well be assisted from Westminster. I am sure that somewhere, sometime or someone has to become the sacrificial lamb in order to take this story out of the limelight. It is linked all the way up to Westminster and as one could imagine they will never allow heads to role in London. In this light I urge you all to keep up the fight and reap in your harvest.

To Hollie, Anne and Robert I would like to thank you for your inner strength and determination and for allowing the Palestine Telegraph to expose your story. We will continue to monitor your progress and report with updates as and when they become available.

Bless you all and the very best of luck, in not only possibly closing down this evil ring of peadophiles in Aberdeen, but also in other parts of the world.

My next article or series will be regarding the Illuminati - New World Order and some of their evil intentions of mass depopulation tactics….keep watching this space.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/3/2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

IDF weapons cause immeasurable suffering in Gaza

Ban Ki-moon did his usual whistle stop tour of Gaza and flexed his muscles by referring to the Israeli blockade of Gaza as “unacceptable suffering of human beings” "not sustainable" and "counter-productive." Ban visited the occupied territories where he called on the Israeli and Palestinian authorities to engage in direct talks, and reiterated the Quartet's calls to reach a settlement within two years. "We are committed to work together with the Palestinian people and help your cause to complete negotiations on a settlement of all core issues within 24 months,"
Ban ki-moon had previously attended a meeting with the US, Russia and EU in Moscow and issued a joint statement condemning the 1,600 housing development approved by the Israeli Government in East Jerusalem…..one might ask the question of the above “So what”?........you all have been pussyfooting around for decades on this issue……you know what they say “Action speaks louder than words”

In my opinion it is time for the UN to impose sanctions on Israel to bring them to their knees. The following would be a good starter:
1. Stop all aspects of aid. This must include Financial & Military.
2. Embargo on all trade with Israel.

This would have an immediate impact on Israel and would result in stopping the current Oil/Gas production and exploration offshore.The UN always have the power to impose such actions against almost all other countries but does nothing against a country that has turned its back on more than 130 UN resolutions and carried out War Crimes against Lebanon and Gaza.Its IDF has indiscriminately contaminated vast tracts of land and the people that live within them with uranium weapons. This contamination was not contained within the target area but also extended into Israel itself, neighbouring countries, Middle East and beyond.

Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the future capital of West Bank and Gaza strip under the two state solution but many settlers see West Bank as the land for the Jews. Again we see the same old story coming out of the United Nations. My question would be why 24 months?........the road map to peace has being going on for decades and it is very clear that the UN does not have any ability to enforce its purpose and the Israeli’s have not intention in seeking peace. One only has to look at the historical comments made by a string of past and current Israeli leaders to demonstrate not only how they view Palestinians but also their evil intentions.

Before going into who said what let’s just reflect on the true situation in Gaza and West Bank whilst at the same time attempt to understand the mindset of the Israeli Government. The international media has to take full responsibility for falsely reporting the true “Grass Root” issue that exist to this day. For instance when they refer to the suffering in Gaza and West Bank they tend to refer to it as the Palestinian – Israel conflict. One cannot compare what is going on in Israel to what is going on in Palestine. On one side of the fence you have a lifestyle that one can only describe as both Idealistic and Materialistic and on the other an area of intense deprivation and suffering with many Palestinians living in refugee camps (tent cities).

The media in general does not report the daily looting of Palestinian home, the almost daily killing/injured Palestinians, the daily arrest of many Palestinians (especially the young), and the continued contamination of its environment by the IDF. In Gaza the Israel Air Force fly daily over the strip with fighters, helicopter or drones, all fully armed. The entire strip is under constant surveillance from “Big Brother” and carry out bombing/missile attacks whenever it suits them. This week alone they have attacked the Raffah Area and last night Gaza City……..whatever way you look at this Gaza is well and truly under full occupation.

In West Bank the IDF and Israeli Secret Service/Police patrol the streets in a very hostile and aggressive manner. There is no doubt in my mind that Israel is a true “Dictatorship and Apartheid Government with Racism at its heart.” As someone once reported: “There is no doubt that this behavior is part of a continuous maneuver to wear down all moral resistance, to physically and mentally exhaust the Palestinians so that those who don't want to be stacked in jails or cemeteries flee and go to live crammed together with others in refugee camps.”

There is no limit to the level of abuse that the Israeli IDF/Security Services/Police have used or continue to use. For my part I know precisely the rules of engagement and regulations that are issued to all members of the IDF and yet on a daily basis they violate almost every single rule. This is the very foundation of being a good soldier….if that is possible now days?

I can give a graphic example from another article that I read. One really does need to take a deep breath when reading such material and collect your thoughts in trying to understand what makes people carry out such atrocities. It is not only evil in the extreme but one could say it borders on being satanic: “I was on their kitchen terrace, watching how a boy no older than eleven or twelve removed an Israeli flag that was hanging on the door of a building and replaced it with a Palestinian one. Palestinian flags have been forbidden for a long time and, at night, boys switch them. But the boy I was watching got caught by soldiers. They took hold of him and jokingly tried to force him to kiss the Israeli flag and to step on the Palestinian one. The boy did just the opposite: he kissed the Palestinian flag and stepped on the Israeli one. They dragged him to his house. He lived a few doors from ours. A few minutes later, I'm not sure how long, I heard a shot. Do you know what the soldiers had done? They had taken the boy to his house, forced his parents to sit in an armchair, placed him on their knees and then they shot him in the head.”

So let’s return to the mindset of the many leaders of Israel that have contaminated our planet and try to understand that the Israel Government have no intention of allowing the survival of Palestine….there is no “Road Map to Peace”….there is no breakdown in relationships between the US, UK, EU Government and Israel but rather the opposite. The Israelis and the Pro Israeli Lobbyist in the West are part of every countries political infrastructure and have significant control over the policies that exist. They fund almost every political candidate and party as long as that politician or party lobby’s in the best interest of Israel.

So what have these past and current illustrious leaders said that would send alarm bells ringing through the minds and hearts of all Palestinians. Read deep between the lines and fully understand that Israel very clearly wants to take over the entire Palestinian Territory:

There cannot be Zionism, colonization nor a Jewish State without the expulsion of Arabs and the expropriation of their lands. (Ariel Sharon to France Press, November 15, 1998)

The partition of Palestine is not fair. We will never accept it. Eretz Israel will be given back to the people of Israel. All of it and forever. (Menahem Begin)

A Palestinian partner for a negotiation does not exist. (Ariel Sharon)

I have always believed in the eternal and historical right of our people to all this earth. (Ehud Olmert, before the U.S. Congress, June 30, 2006)

There is no such thing as a Palestinian people… It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn't exist. (Golda Meir)

We will never permit a Palestinian State. (Netanyahu, very recently)

More recently a reporter heard a colonist from the West Bank (a tiny, supposedly Palestinian territory after Oslo) say on TV: "We will never leave this land. It was given to us by God."….the reporter then said “So if it was given to them by God… who will discuss it”?

I would now like to return to the topic of immeasurable suffering currently being endured by the people of Gaza and also to some degree West Bank. What we are looking at here was initially a big cover up by the United Nations in New York, Geneva and locally and to a certain degree by the Palestinian Authority.

Indications have always shown that the IDF used Gaza as a test bed for current and advanced weaponry (most of which contain uranium components). One must not only point a finger at the Israeli Government for using such weapons but also blame the UN for not vetting Israel in its nuclear research programme. I find it so hard to understand how the US, UK, EU Governments continuously harass other nations for carrying out such research and yet they themselves are allowed to carry out their own development without being held to account by the UN (the very organization that is supposed to protect us).

We know that Israel is extremely advanced in both domestic and military nuclear research especially at there establishment at Dimona in the Southern Negev Desert. They are allowed (unchecked) to develop nuclear warheads and have in the past converted some US missiles. They have a full arsenal of weapons that contain uranium components and combined with the US weapons stockpile continue to use them on a regular basis. One must fully understand that when any such weapons makes contact it emits a huge aerosol of radioactive nanoparticles that drift on the wind and do not recognize international borders.

One cannot allow the United States to get away with this world crisis as they are the manufacturers and main instigators of these so called “conventional weapons.” One must also blame the UK Government and EU Governments for not only using these weapons themselves but also in approving the shipment of such arms to Israel.
The procedure in the US used to be that when a country is selected and or approved to receive such weapons the US Department of Defence raise the documentation for transit through US Congress for final clearance and approval. The ultimate decision for such weapons rests with the “Command in Chief”…the very President himself.

It is clear that in the event one proves that these weapons are illegal or are to be used illegally then the President and Senior Member of Staff are truly guilty of “War Crimes.” With all the countries being aware of these weapons and in some cases using them, then they themselves are implication in this mass genocide.

So lets summerise here: We have seen and continue to see the after effects of such weapons in the Balkans who now have a very high rate of cancer amongst it population and is now running out of conventional burial grounds, this is now also taking place in Kuwait (the best kept secret), Iraq we all know is now totally contaminated with high rates of cancer and birth defects to a point whereby women are being asked not to have a family. We then can go over to Afghanistan and see the same problem emerging but on a much bigger scale as the usage of such weapons by the US, UK and Coalition Forces is two fold that of Iraq.

We know that the IDF used these weapons many many years ago against the Egyptians and also in 2006 against the Lebanese but as one would expect the statistics from these countries is well guarded and kept under lock and key.

Now we turn back to Gaza where they can no longer hide this problem from the public and the world because the incidents are now going through the roof. This special story is intended to explain to you the public that this is mass genocide on a huge scale (one could even say an intended de population programme). The pictures emerging out of Afghanistan and Gaza paint a very clear picture of an evil/satanic approach in targeting mainly Islamic countries.

Once must clearly ask the question “Where is the so called Axis of Evil” that George Bush, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown so readily talk about?....I can assure you its not in the distant land called “The Middle East” but right here in the heart of the West.
I find it incredible that we have all these issues regarding “Peodophilia, Drugs and the Breakdown of the Family Unit.” Coupled with “Wars and Mass Genocide” and yet our leaders or potential leaders are looking at an election in May/June this year!
How can one even trust these evil satanic minds, that are so full of their own personal status than being sincere and guiding there respective countries? How can the citizens of these countries continue to allow these hypocrital monsters to continue to brainwash us into believing that this is to make our streets safe for us……..the world needs to wake up and understand that there is not such term as “The Axis of Evil” or “World Terrorism” in the form of Al Queda, Taliban, Hamas or the PKK etc…they are simply “Freedom Fighter” trying to defend the occupation of their country by the “West’s Imperialistic Elite”……there is no limit to the level of greed that these monsters will go to.

We did not go into Iraq or Afghanistan for democracy…we went in for greed and to control the world’s energy markets. The IDF didn’t go into Lebanon for any other reason but to flex its muscle in the same way it did with Egypt. The IDF went into Gaza to secure the huge offshore natural resources and to maintain control of what they consider to be the under dogs (the Palestinians)……when will the world see through this false fa├žade and understand what all these conflicts are about.

So now you ask what proof is there…. that what I am saying is true…….I can tell you that we have samples from Lebanon and Gaza that proves the IDF used illegal weapons on areas of dense population in both those countries and even to this day continue to use them in Gaza. We have photographs of weapons exploding that show clear signs of Nuclear Thermal type activity or Depleted Uranium(DU)…we have photographs of DU penetrators and now we have medical evidence.

It is not easy for me to write about this deeply upsetting situation that we in the West are creating. It is not easy to write about this problem that has caused so much pain to our own forces and innocent civilians (millions) and I am lost for words as to how a country can kill its own troops and populations by using such indiscriminate weapons. As far as the Israeli Government is concerned they certainly have nuked themselves when they used these weapons in Lebanon and Gaza……they currently have one of the worlds highest incidence of cancer as well as infertility……one can only imagine the birth defects? The main problem here is the data is kept under lock and key.

So next we deal with the evidence and reveal the facts in very graphic detail. We now understand from the hospitals in Gaza that the rate of cancers and birth defects have more than doubles since before “Cast Lead” and we now have the pictures that are coming out of Gaza. I have also added the latest coming out of Afghanistan….and it doesn’t stop there…..I know that as a result of the war in Afghainstan the downwind countries of North Pakistan and Northen India have succumbed to the US, UK and Coalition weaponry……keep in mind our own troops are also victim to this same contamination……I call it Gulf War Syndrome they refer to it as Post Traumatic Stress…..which is totally false.

These are the finding of a Senior Ministry of Health Official – Medhat Abbas at a press conference last Thursday 18th of March 2010:

Studies conducted by a group of Italian researchers have revealed the presence of dangerous levels of toxins in the bodies of Palestinian victims of Israeli bombings during operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009. The results of tests conducted on a sample of 15 dead and wounded victims of the war on Gaza, in addition to another sample of 95 citizens, showed the presence of 30 toxic components, notably high levels of uranium.

Gaza’s Health Minister, Dr Bassem Naim, said the study of the biological samples proved that the Israelis used internationally prohibited weapons against the Palestinians. He warned that the large percentage of toxic uranium in the territory would pose a real threat to future generations. Dr Naim added that his department will send the research findings to the relevant human rights authorities which are documenting Israeli war crimes in the territory.

As I have reported so many times before that the UN and the Goldstone Report is an absolute sham and did not cover such weapons even though I had personally submitted my own evidence to the UN in Geneva. Now we can clearly see the huge cover-up by the UN, UNEP, UNDP, UNRWA, WHO, US Government, Israeli Government and many more too numerous to mention. The very fact that the UN has gone ahead in removing contaminated rubble from bombed/missiled building and is now crushing it to surface the roads and streets of the Gaza Strip is a crime beyond imagination and is certainly not in line with the UN’s own instructions when dealing with possible radioactive materials. To further add to the problem a US charity is recycling the material in Gaza to repair/renovate schools and kindergartens……..how can anyone even think about surround your young with contaminated materials…….when will this madness stop…..but who cares the entire world and the Arab League just continue to sit on their hands and look on….this is real-time genocide. The report goes on to say that in each class of injury the following carcinogenic metals were detected: Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Uranium, Chrome and Nickel in Oxide and Sulphate.

From my perspective……taking aside the Uranium one can clearly see that this is from the IDF weapons and do form part of the make up of such weapons. Most of the weapons used were totally illegal under the Geneva Convention and where not covered to any extent in the Goldstone Report. I would insist that an independent inquiry be set up immediately and the truth revealed.

As a matter of interest an earlier report of findings done towards the end of last year and beginning of this year revealed the following:
“The quantity of depleted uranium may amount to no less than 75 tons found in the soil and subsoil in the Gaza Strip,” is the study’s quote.
As many have suggested, the Israeli military used or may have used depleted uranium in the ground and air assaults on the Strip during the operation in the period between 27 December 2008 and January 18, 2009. And now the accusation emerged more strongly after several months of investigations carried out in close association with the peoples concerned, and with the assistance of international expert on sustainable development and use of prohibited weapons Jean - Francois Feacheno.
The international mission itself was composed of four members, including expert Feacheno, adviser to the reduction of pollution, and experts accredited to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). They travelled to the Gaza Strip in April 2009 under the auspices of the Arab Committee for Human Rights.

The specialist laboratory used analysis of soil and dust samples from their mission to the Gaza Strip and found the elements of depleted uranium, a radioactive material, causing cancer and deformities. The analysis also showed the presence of particles of the cesium, a radioactive and carcinogenic dust which includes asbestos, a carcinogenic, in addition to volatile organic compounds and fine particles that pose health risks, especially children's health, those living with asthma and the elderly. Also found in the samples was phosphate resulting from the oxidation of white phosphorus and tungsten material carcinogens, in addition to copper and aluminum oxide, a carcinogenic and radioactive thorium oxide material.

I would add to the above report that much of the above constitutes as coming from the nuclear industry and thus forms part of these mini nukes (Sorry the US call them conventional weapons). It is also interesting to note that DU rounds were found in Gaza from the Israeli Apache Helicopter.

Finally I would ask the following question and remain determined until satisfactory response has been made…namely:
We need answers to the follow questions:

Do they have statistics for the following? If not why not?

Do they have medical statistics Pre Yom Kippur War in October 1973 for Gaza and West Bank?

Do they have statistics for Post Yom Kippur (1973) and before Cast Lead in December 2008?

Finally statistics for Post Cast Lead to the current time?

We need statistics for the following: types of cancers, diabetes, mental illnesses, infertility, still births and deformed babies etc?

We also need to know Is Abbas, The Minister of Health and the Director of Shifa Hospital aware that Gaza has been contaminated by radioactive weapons and that secondary contamination will become a major issue? if not why not?

Do they carryout any tests at bomb or missile sites and if not why not?

Do they have a good quality Geiger counter to test such locations? if not why not?

Do they take samples from expired weapons, fragments or DU Penetrators or soil samples from such sites....if not why not?

Are they aware of the same situation in other areas of conflict such as the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan etc? if not why not?

Have they attempted to contact their counterparts in those countries to exchange data and other useful information? if not why not?

Will they stop this UN programme of clearing rubble, crushing and relaying on the roads and streets? if not why not?

Will they stop the refurbishment of the schools by using recycled material from bombsites by the US NGO called ANERA? if not why not?

Are they aware of standard procedures associated with sights that may be contaminated, what measures must be taken and what instructions should be offered to staff attending? if not why not?

So there we have it ….You the readers have to decide…..do you trust your governments? Do you accept their spin?....do you know this is all about oil, gas and other natural resources!

So what’s the solution……is very easy actually……pull out the troops and close every military base that exists on “Islamic Soil”……stop fighting the residents of the Middle East and try trading with them in peace…….then “Terrorism will cease.”
I call this scenario “The Deadly Link” – American, UK and EU Imperialism – Terrorism – Poverty are so closely linked in that our greed breeds terrorism which then creates poverty on a huge scale……..when you read the stance of the Western Governments – “Make Poverty History” its a joke…….what they are doing is increasing poverty on a scale never experienced on this planet and its all in the name of greed for natural resources or the need to control them. The New World Order does exist and we now know who forms this group of elite evil monsters.

We in the West must impose severe sanctions on Israel in order to force them to yield to the UN demands and to respect all of the 130 + UN Resolutions that were passed against them. The Israeli public also has to understand that they are the “Sacrificial Lamb” for the New World Order and that they want you to attack Iran on their behalf in order to bring retaliatory action against Israel. Once this is done the “Good Old US of A” and its allies will then attack Iran etc etc….so what you may say?.....think about the level of contamination in Israel alone….you are close to not being in existence if you the public allow this to go ahead…..”dare you take the risk”……for my part I think that Iran already has nuclear weapons which all forms part of the US and South African/UK missing weapons fiasco. You don’t have to believe me but I say again “dare you take the risk.”

Israelis must start asking questions of their government…..why is Israel allowing the US to double its stockpile in Israel…..why is the UK allowing the US to increase its stockpile on Diego Garcia…..for one very good reason…..have you guessed yet? To act as a staging post for an attack on Iran!!In my opinion Israel now fears Iran and may no longer be in a position to carry out such an attack and thus is taunting the US with its intention to continue to build on Palestinian land. As I have previously reported Israel cannot carry out this attack alone anyway as it is beyond the operational capabilities of the IDF. It is my opinion that Israel therefore want to force the US to do their own dirty work

I believe I now understand the “New World Order” master plan….but that’s another story. One thing is very clear we have certainly lost the ability to love each other or be friends with each other…we need more cuddles and more hand shakes not the Iron Fist that is currently on offer by the US, UK and EU Governments…..keep watching this space and bless you all!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/3/2010

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Scottish Government Cover-Up of Hollie Greig

Part 8 Connections between Hollie & Dunblane Massacre?

We all know that anything to do with the Dunblane Massacre has been suppressed for 100 years. Why would such a tragic event be kept under lock and key for such a long period of time? Was this sad event closely linked to a well establish peodophile ring in Aberdeen and was poor Hollie Greig part of this evil satanic group? So let’s try and unlocked this secret door and evaluate what went on behind it.

Whilst looking into this we should also bounce a few names around to see what exactly happened to the Scottish Legal System that once again failed. Why is it that anything that is linked to peodophilia is immediately brushed under the carpet? Why is it that such alleged offenders appear to be able to remain in high office as if everything was business as usual? Before moving on to Dunblane lets refresh the list of those people named by Hollie Greig and also look at some of the legal fraternity that were part of these events.

The list of offenders produced by Hollie was as follows:

Aberdeen Paedophile Rape Ring Members

Denis Charles Mackie
Greg Mackie
Graeme Mackie
Gillian Mackie
Jack Buchanan
Evelyn Buchanan
Sheriff Graeme Buchanan
David Smith
Wyn Dragan
Terry Major (Police Officer, Grampian)
Sylvia Major
Helen MacDonald (Carer for Hollie Grieg)
Ian MacDonald
Carol Low

We must also repeat the names of some of the known victims that were named by Hollie and therefore would be prime witnesses any case brought before the courts:

Known Victims
Hollie Greig
Richard Dragan
Katherine Major
Jennifer Major
Two children of Ian and Helen Macdonald
Two children of Graeme and Gillian Mackie

I will now reflect on some of the irregularities that have taken place and also the mountain of evidence that would indicate that this is not only a huge cover-up by the Scottish Government but also the Scottish Legal System.
Firstly we have to name those that are aware of this case and have done nothing to bring it to court either because of their own involvement in the above, by protecting those that are implicated or simply not having the moral and ethical values to push for an inquiry into this terrible case, namely:

The First Minister for Scotland – Alex Salmond
The Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Justice (Justice Secretary) – Kenny MacAskill
Her Majesty's Advocate – Chief legal officer of the Scottish Government and the Crown in Scotland - Lord Advocate - Elish Angiolini.
The Sheriff of Aberdeen - Graeme Buchanan.
All SNP Scottish Cabinet members
All 43 Aberdeen City Councillors
Colin McKerracher, Chief Constable, Grampian Police
Peter Watson, Levy & McCrae, solicitors
Dr Alastair Palin, Royal Cornhill Hospital
Fiona Palin, Social Work Manager
Ann Begg, MP
George Galloway, MP
Angus Robertson, MP
Ann McKetchin, MP
Jim Murphy, MP
Nick Clegg, MP
David Cameron, MP
Gordon Brown, MP Kenneth Clarke MP William Hague MP Danny Alexander MP Ester Rantzen (CBE) Potential Candidate for Luton South.

The legal back up to the case are
Levy & McCrae, solicitors for Elish Agiolini
Simpson and Marwick, Solicitors for Graeme Buchanan
Last but not least the entire Scottish and UK Media for not carrying out their duty in bringing this scoop to the attention of the British Public.

What are the key factors that indicate that this case is sound?
• Several Victims named and thus could become star witnesses.
• Suppression of Robert Greig’s Autopsy report
• Normal police practice and procedure in this case could be challenged
• Robert Greig’s Death Certificate appears inaccurate
• Robert Greig’s Autopsy report would give clear indication of not being suicide but rather that of murder
• Hollie being certified as a good witness and having the ability to list everyone very accurately
• Treatment by the establishment in areas of care and mental health abused
• Media totally gagged by the Scottish Legal System
• The sacking of The Down Syndrome Association, Press Officer, John Smithies by the CEO Carol Boys for his involvement/support of Hollie Greig
• Graeme Buchanan’s involvement/interest in the family divorce and using the same law firm for both the divorce and the suppression of Robert Green……may constitute conflict of interest.
• Hollies medical records were never made available to her mum Anne
• The Prime Offender (Anne Husband) and Son were both allowed to leave the country and go to Portugal.

We can now move on to the Dunblane Massacre which occurred on the 13th of March 1996 resulting in the death of 15 children, 1 teach and many injured. So what is the connection between this terrible tragedy and Hollie Greig? Both involved a ring of peodophiles and the offender Thomas Hamilton was himself a peodophile. The other connection being that of Freemasonry which in many cases is at the centre of such activity. The activities are not only evil and satanic but also reach the highest levels of sexual abuse. In many cases the poor victims succumb to internal scars both back and front….as was the case of Hollie Greig.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to discuss the contents of a Sunday Herald that was removed from the archive section…..I wonder why?

After the Dunblane Massacre there was much correspondence between Labour and Tories regarding Thomas Hamilton alleged involvement with the Freemasons. The bulk of this correspondence is now sealed away for the next 100 years and yet again we have some clear pointers that this case should be re opened for further inquiry. On letter in particular linked in with Thomas Hamilton and was sent by George Robertson (Then head of NATO) and Michael Forsyth who was Secretary of State for Scotland…..as we have said so many times before….how high do you want to go?

It was first thought that this 100-year suppression had only been placed on one police report into Hamilton which allegedly named high-profile politicians and legal figures. The Sunday Herald investigation revealed that 106 documents, which were submitted to the Dunblane inquiry in 1996, were also placed under the 100-year rule.

The Scottish Executive has claimed the 100-year secrecy order was placed on the Central Police report, which was drafted in 1991 five years before the murders, to protect the identities of children named in the report. Hamilton had allegedly abused a number of children prior to his 1996 gun attack on Dunblane primary school in which 16 primary one children and a teacher died before Hamilton turned his gun on himself.

It was interested to read this fact because the suppression in this case may well have saved their lives by bringing Hamilton and others to trial…….this sounds so familiar with the current situation with Hollie i.e. those offenders are still on the loose and the Sheriff of Aberdeen still holds his office.

One letter is listed as “Copy of letter from Thomas Hamilton to Dunblane parents regarding boys’ club, and flyer advertising Dunblane Boys’ Sports Club. Both sent to Rt Hon Michael Forsyth, MP, Secretary of State for Scotland, by George Robertson MP.” Also closed under the 100-year rule is a “submission to Lord James Douglas Hamilton, MP, Minister of State at the Scottish Office, concerning government evidence to the Inquiry.”

Another document relates to correspondence between the clerk of the Dunblane inquiry, which was presided over by Lord Cullen, and a member of the public regarding “possible affiliations of Thomas Hamilton with Freemasonry … and copy letters from Thomas Hamilton.”

SNP deputy justice minister, Michael Matheson, said: “The explanation to date about the 100 -year rule was that it was put in place to protect the interests of children named in the Central Police report. How can that explanation stand when children aren’t named? The 100-year rule needs to be re-examined with respect to all documents.”

Matheson also wrote to the then Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd (24 February 2000 until his resignation on 4 October 2006), asking why the 100-year rule applies and how it can be revoked. He didn’t get a response. He also asked the then First Minister Jack McConnell to explain the reasons for the 100-year order but received ‘no substantial answer’. Matheson wrote to Colin Boyd a second time, in the light of the discovery that more than 100 other documents are also sealed, asking him to account for the decision.

At the time a spokeswomen for the Crown Office said: “In consultation with the Crown Office and the Scottish Office, Lord Cullen agreed that in line with the age of some of the individuals involved and named in the inquiry, the closure period would be 100 years. The Lord Advocate is considering issuing a redacted copy of the productions, which would blank out identifying details of children and their families. A decision on this has yet to be made.” We can see time and time again that despite these probing request the Scottish Legal system suppressed all inquires not only regarding this Dunblame Massacre but also continue on in a similar way with Hollie Greig!!

Other sealed key reports on Dunblane include:

A ‘comparative analysis of Thomas Hamilton’ by Central Scotland Police
Information about Hamilton’s ‘use and possession of firearms’
Pathology reports, Hamilton’s autopsy report, and analysis by Glasgow University’s forensic science lab on blood, urine and liver samples from Hamilton’s body
Details on firearms licensing policies
A review by Alfred Vannet, regional procurator fiscal of Grampian, Highland and Islands, of ‘reports and information in respect of Thomas Hamilton submitted to the procurator fiscals of Dumbarton and Stirling by Strathclyde Police and Central Police’
A psychological report on Hamilton
Guidance from the British Medical Association on granting firearms licences
‘Transcript of and correspondence relating to answering-machine tape which accidentally recorded conversation between police officers at the scene of the Dunblane incident’
Correspondence and witness statements ‘relating to allegations of sexual abuse made against Hamilton’

The Crown Office denied that they have been suppressed because they revealed links between the killer and a number of prominent Scots…….do you really believe that?
Charlie Clydesdale, whose daughter Victoria was killed, said “an explanation should be given. I would really like to see what was in it.”
Mr Clydesdale questioned the length of the ban and described his family’s frustrations. He said: “I’m not going to be around and my children aren’t going to be around. “I would really like to see what was in it, but I’m surprised there was one and shocked there was such a length of time put on it.”

Scottish National Party MSP Michael Matheson wants the ban reconsidered in light of the new freedom of information legislation and this “Secrecy order”
Mr Matheson said he has sought clarification from the Lord Advocate Colin Boyd QC. The MSP told BBC Scotland: “I think it’s surprising that in this day and age we find ourselves with 100-year secrecy order being applied to a police report.
“Keeping in mind that Cabinet papers are only classified for 30 years, I want to find out what the legal status of this act is. I am sure that we all agree with him that it is certainly time to break open this case, Hollie’s case and many other cases in Scotland to reveal the truth behind Scotland’s cover-up and how they are all inter related to a huge peodophile ring that I am sure stretches from Scotland all the way down to Westminster.

The MSP went on to say “There are more documents covered by the 100-year rule than this police report. Some of them have nothing whatsoever to do with children. We need to look at why such a lengthy ban has been imposed on them. “I have been contacted by a number of families affected by the tragedy who are anxious to ensure this information becomes public. And so far we have no guarantee that it will. We only have a review.”

The report banned under the 100-year rule was com piled by Paul Hughes, then a detective sergeant with Central Scotland police, and concerns Thomas Hamilton’s activities at a summer camp in Loch Lomond in 1991, five years before the shootings.
Selected extracts published during the Cullen inquiry revealed it recommended that Hamilton should be prosecuted for his activities at the summer camp and that he should have his gun licence revoked.

The report, however, was ignored. Although Lord Cullen referred to it in his inquiry, it does not feature in the index or appendices to his final report.
Consent from Lord Cullen is not needed to overturn his ruling. “The decision is a matter for the lord advocate,” said a crown office spokesman.If the report is published – as now seems likely – the names of the politicians and lawyers it contains will not be blanked out.“It is important we make available, if it is at all possible, any information that is available about people in the public eye,” said the Scottish first minister, Jack McConnell.

There has been much speculation about the identity of the politicians in the report. It is known that in June 1996 Michael Forsyth, then Scottish secretary and MP for Stirling, congratulated Hamilton on running a boys’ club in Dunblane.George Robertson, the then general secretary of NATO, withdrew his son from a club run by Hamilton amid concern about its militaristic nature.No time frame has been given for the lord advocate’s review, but campaigners say he must publish it in as full a form as possible. “I don’t know whether this is cover-up or just a culture of secrecy, but we need to publish this report to put everyone’s minds at rest,” Mr Matheson said.

It would be extremely interesting to see a new drive by the “Hollie Army” to force the New Lord Advocate, Elish Agionlini, to open up all these related cases into a full public inquiry……”Don’t hold your breath.”

Operation Ore, the United Kingdom’s most thorough and comprehensive police investigation of crimes against children, seems to have uncovered more than is politically acceptable at the highest reaches of the British elite.
In the 19th of January edition of The Sunday Herald, Neil Mackay sensationally reported that senior members of Tony Blair’s government were being investigated for paedophilia and the “enjoyment” of child-sex pornography:

“The Sunday Herald has also had confirmed by a very senior source in British intelligence that at least one high-profile former Labour Cabinet minister is among Operation Ore suspects. The Sunday Herald has been given the politician’s name but, for legal reasons, can not identify the person.

There are still unconfirmed rumours that another senior Labour politician is among the suspects. The intelligence officer said that a ‘rolling’ Cabinet committee had been set up to work out how to deal with the potentially ruinous fall-out for both Tony Blair and the government if arrests occur.” The allegations are the most serious yet leveled at an administration that prides itself on the inclusion in its ranks of a high quota of controversial and flamboyant homosexual men, and whose First Lady, Cherie Blair, has come under the spotlight for her indulgence in pagan rituals that resemble Freemasonic rites. Unconfirmed information also suggests that the term “former Labour Cabinet minister” is misleading and that the investigation has identified a surprisingly large number of alleged paedophiles at the highest level of British government, including one very senior cabinet minister (known to Propaganda Matrix.com).

The Blair government has responded by imposing a comprehensive blackout on the story, effectively removing it from the domain of public discussion. Attempts on the part of this journalist to establish why the British media has not followed up on the revelations have met with a wall of silence. Editors and journalists of The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Mirror,
The Sun, the BBC, Independent Television News and even The Sunday Herald have refused to discuss the matter.

Speaking from London, freelance journalist Bob Kearley said “Whether or not a D-Notice has been issued is not clear. But based on some of the feedback I’ve been getting it’s apparent that editors and media owners have voluntarily agreed not to cover the story at this time. Operation Ore is still being reported, but not in regard to government ministers and it’s taking up very few column inches on the third or fourth page. Don’t forget that the intelligence services are involved here, and Blair is anxious to ensure that the scandal does not rock the boat at a time when the country is about to go to war.” “You can imagine the effect this would have on the morale of troops who are about to commit in Iraq. In fact morale is reportedly quite low anyway, with service personnel throwing their vaccines into the sea en route to the battlefront and knowing how unpopular the war is with the British people. And a lot of squaddies I’ve met think there’s something weird going on between Bush and Blair. If you’re then told that the executive responsible for the conduct of the war is staffed by child-molesters … well, then Saddam suddenly looks like the sort of bloke with whom you can share a few tins [beer].”

[In an E mail to Paul Joseph Watson, Mike James identified his sources as "people I knew in London who used to work for the Treasury department throughout the 1980s, one being a private secretary at a senior level....my sources will definitely refuse to support my claims - both are doing extremely well financially and career-wise."]

It becomes increasingly clear that a massive cover-up has and is taking place.
There is every reason to believe that this orchestrated cover-up is with the collusion of parties producing Lord Cullen’s Report, for which Lord Cullen is personally responsible.

Further this cover-up has required the collusion of senior Police Officers.
Further the cover-up has required the collusion of Senior Government Ministers.
Further the cover-up has required the collusion of the Cabinet.
Further the cover-up has required the collusion of the Home Secretary.
Further the cover-up has required the collusion of the Prime Minister.

QUESTION: Do the people of Britain pay for a Report of this stature to be cover-up?

QUESTION: Who is of such a stature that members of the House of Lords, senior Police, Cabinet Ministers, the Home Secretary, the Prime Minister and others would ’spirit away’ documents?

QUESTION: Who else was implicated in Mr. Hughes’ Production, which senior politician(S) is being sheltered by this cover-up and was named by Mr. Hughes, of Central Police, into Thomas Hamilton; listing all the charges to which he recommended consideration for prosecution?

QUESTION: Was there a case pending against a senior politician linking him with Thomas Hamilton and paedophile activities, which was suppressed ‘because’ of the election?

QUESTION: Did George Robertson MP., now Lord Robertson head of N.A.T.O., as is alleged, support the application for a Firearms Certificate for Thomas Hamilton, stating him to be a man ’suitable and of good character’. George Robertson was at the time an MP. Should this be established?

QUESTION: Was George Robertson ‘leant on’ to make the support.

QUESTION: Would this explain the ‘over the top’ vociferous activities of George Robertson MP, AFTER the Dunblane tragedy, against legal firearms and in breach of The Bill of Rights and existing legal legislation.

QUESTION: What documents are being suppressed?

QUESTION: Was there any connection between any of the following e.g. membership of the same Masonic Lodge:Thomas Hamilton, any Police Officer in the case, any Cabinet Minister, any MP or Lord Cullen?

QUESTION: Did then Sergeant, now Inspector, Hughes write a report [believed to be 7 pages long] condemning Hamilton as unsuitable as a Firearms Certificate holder.

QUESTION: Was Mr. MacMurdo, the Assistant Chief Constable of Central Police, responsible for the rejection of recommendations that Hamilton should not be issued a Firearms Certificate.

QUESTION: Why was Hamilton granted a Firearms Certificate when he was KNOWN to be of unsound and unstable character?

QUESTION: Why was this not shown in detail in Lord Cullen’s Report? Surely this was a major constituent point that such a Report should have addressed.
DEDUCTIONS: We believe we know the identities of ALL concerned in terms of incriminated by this information.

We believe that Lord Cullen has by virtue of the cover-up in the Report on the Dunblane Tragedy in which it is possible that Politicians and Police were responsible, albeit indirectly, for the death of:
Victoria Clydesdale
Emma Crozier
Melissa Currie
Charlotte Dunn
Kevin Hassell
Ross Irvine
David Kerr
Mhairi MacBeath
Gwen Hodson/Mayor
Brett McKinnon
Abigail McLennan
Emily Morton
Sophie North
John Petrie
Joanna Ross
Hanna Scott
Maegan Turner
Should be precluded from heading or participating in the Report on the Paddington Rail Tragedy.

We believe that ALL documents, evidence and pertinent data should immediately and forthwith be released to the public domain as the head of N.A.T.O. seems to be in some way embroiled in the matter and this could prove to be a risk to the safety and security of the N.A.T.O. Alliance and the Western World.

We believe that ALL documents, evidence and pertinent data should immediately and forthwith be released to the public domain as it seems that a PUBLIC Enquiry has been suborned.

We believe that ALL documents, evidence and pertinent data should immediately and forthwith be released to the public domain as there seems to be a cover-up relating to senior Ministers of Her Majesty’s Government.
Should anyone reading this have ANY contribution of fact or evidence material to this apparent cover-up please take one of two actions:

1. IF YOU WISH to remain anonymous please contact me direct with any information you may wish to impart.

2. IF you are happy to be linked to the ongoing investigation PLEASE join and post your information to with a copy direct to me.

PLEASE whatever you do distribute this as widely as you can – the British Public should be made aware that there would seem to be solid evidence of a cover-up sheltering senior Government Ministers and employees of the crown.

PLEASE also be mindful of the security of Britain, N.A.T.O. and the Western World, in the light of the FACTS above and acquit your duty to defend your Country by ensuring that this information is thoroughly brought to light.

As you probably would have guessed by now that a great part of this story is a copy and paste scenario with the intention of reviving stories that have since been removed from the public eye………we at the Palestine Telegraph always have our eyes wide open and only wish to bring our reader the truth and nothing but the truth.

It is truly a sad day to see the Scottish Government, Scottish Legal System; The British Government past and present hide the horrors of these evil satanic people that walk the length of our country. It must also be said that almost every SMP and MP in the United Kingdom must, by now, know about the Hollie Greig Story and certainly the Dunblame Massacre and the connection between the two. It is in this regard that they must all surely hang their heads in shame…….some of them were or are involved themselves in peodophilia.

We see so much publicity about MP’s expenses claims, free trips overseas (including Israel) and under the table deals to enhance their own pockets. We do not see any publicity from the Media on one of the greatest scoops of all time…..why?

I urge all the supporter of Hollie Greig (Hollies Army) to keep up the good fight and force our respective governments to open up a public inquiry as a matter of urgency and investigate all of the above and much more. How can we enter into another election with so much filth and rot lying around?.......how can we ever trust another party who are prepared to hide what has happened in Aberdeen and so many other places in the United Kingdom? Who would you vote for?......I would strongly suggest that we all vote for someone totally unknown or an independent and shake these politicians at their very foundation.

I can sense the strength of Hollie Army and the way in which it continues to grow….this is a very clear indication that people power in the UK is coming of age and may for the first time ever open up a can of worms that will fill every media outlets around the world…..just think of that and how the strength of one little girl (now a women) Hollie and her mum Anne took on the establishment and won.

To the “Hollie Army” - Bless you all

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/3/2010

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Scottish Government Cover-Up of Hollie Greig

Part 7 – A very special day for Hollie and her Mum

There is so much to write about…… the terrible abuse of a little Down Syndrome girl at the tender age of 6…..the murder of her dear uncle…..the lack of justice….the lack of media attention and the continuous harassment in trying to get this unbelievable story before the courts.

It must bring to light the incredible strength of a mothers love for her daughter and her sheer determination to keep nibbling away at the very foundation of the Scottish Government and the failure of its justice system.

In some respects it becomes almost impossible not to become emotional as to how such a girl and her mum continue to deal with this fight against authority and peodophilia. The size of this problem is beyond imagination and reaches to the highest authority in all walks of life. One could even say it casts a shadow on the ability of politicians to be representative of their country and their respective regions.

The followers of Hollie and this story continues to increase despite the lack of response from the gagged media. We are now approaching 18,000 and it is clear that this fight may well reach a successful conclusion and dear Hollie and her mum will have there day in court.

In the meantime we at the Palestine Telegraph continue to access information and continue our search for the truth. We are in touch with organisations in the US and elsewhere who deal with this particular subject and frantically search for more evidence and involvement. The priority at the moment is to secure a copy of the FBI’s British Peodophile list which was handed over to the UK police during the Blair regime but was suppressed because it named some very senior political figures.

We have heard that D Notices were served on the many media outlets but in actual fact this (if it was done) is totally illegal and can only be served by those authorised to do so and within certain parameters. This is a response in regard to a D Notice enquiry:

I wish to make it clear that there is absolutely no truth in the statement repeated in your e-mail below that the 'Blair government…issued a D-Notice to gag the press from revealing the names of known paedophiles within the British executive'. No 'D Notice' advice has ever been issued in connection either with the Hollie Greig case or the naming of paedophiles, as these issues fall far outside Defence Advisory Notice concerns. Those concerns deal only with the disclosure of national security information which falls within the guidelines set by the five Standing DA Notices
(see www.dnotice.org.uk). Moreover, the Government does not issue 'D Notices', I do. And I do so on behalf of the Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee, which is an independent body, composed of senior officials and media leaders, the latter being in the great majority.
Andrew Vallance
Air Vice-Marshal
Secretary, DPBAC

As you can clearly see, as I have always thought, that naming names is in the interest of “National Security” and not against it.

The reason for writing this statement is to draw attention to the UK Media that you are all falsely hiding behind some hidden agenda and it is for your own reasons that you choose not to make Hollie Greig’s story public and also withhold the FBI list of known peodophiles. We at the Palestine Telegraph assure our readers that we will obtain a copy of this document and that we will publish it when we are in a position to do so. The Sunday Herald did receive a copy of this list as did other papers and so it is our intention to throw down the gauntlet and challenge you to stand up and be counted.

So today is a very special day when Hollie and her mum Anne visit Berwick and meet with as many of her Scottish supporters as is possible. Obviously some of the other supporter will make this very long journey. I myself wanted to be there but owing to my current sickness was not able to endure the drive……I also decided that putting out another story would be much more beneficial to the cause than spending hours driving such long distances. I believe that Hollie and her mum will organise another event in England so that the thousands of followers can meet up with this very brave couple.

It is with much emotion that I rush this press release out in time for that special meeting that is taking place right on the border with Scotland….the very place that is gagging true justice. Scotland’s pride has been damaged by the terrible act against a defenceless girl and I am sure that being so close to the border will obviously annoy the Scottish Authority and the Grampian Police. In passing lets not forget that there are many other stories in Scotland just like Hollies that have been swept under the carpet….last but not least the Dunblane Massacre that is very much connected to this story.

We at the Palestine Telegraph have much more to talk about on this issue and its is amazing how much information keeps drifting in without asking for it……the residents of Scotland are awaking to Hollies case as are the remaining people in the UK and it is for that reason that they feel obliged to pass on vital information to the Palestine Telegraph.

I would urge people to continue to pass on any concerns or information to use so that we can continue to keep printing the story of peodophilia in Scotland until we have all nipped it in the bud!

We would also like to ask anyone from the legal sector to come forward and help in bringing justice for Hollie and her mum……obviously we would prefer someone suitably qualified in this particular area and who will provide their time free of charge until this case is back in the courts……I am sure you would appreciate that if and when this case does move forward the reward would be significant and all of your efforts would be covered. You can email the Palestine Telegraph if you feel you can help in this matter.

Finally on this special day I would like to send my own sincere greeting to dear Hollie and mother Anne and to thank you for your courage. I and the staff at the Palestine Telegraph and all the residents of Palestine wish you well in your fight for justice and sincerely hope this reaches a successful conclusion.

I have also been inspired by the work of David Icke and the effort he makes in bringing justice to this world. He uses a special song from Les Miserable “Do you hear the people sing”……..I do not wish to take anything away from this wonderful man but this song is very powerful and motivational. Rather than copy the exact same clip I decided to find another strong performance which I now attach.

To the supporter of Hollie….which I call the “Hollie Army”…..I would like you all to listen and watch…..look at the powerful words and hopefully this will inspire you to take on the authority. Remember “People Power” really does exist and I hope that this song brings out that fight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6-5g78Nr6Q&feature=related

To Hollie and mum Anne…..sorry I am not with you….I am in spirit. Someone else from Scotland will be there who will speak on my behalf. Bless you both.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 21/3/2010

Friday, 19 March 2010

Scottish Government Cover up of Hollie Greig

Part 6 – Why are Politicians and Media so tight lipped?

There is much more to discuss on the Hollie Story but as promised in my last article I though I would break away from the main theme and discuss why all the Politicians and the Media remain so tight lipped? What is it that they fear?

I guess this question is in two parts – is it fear from the Scottish Legal System and there associated lawyers such as Levy & McCrae and Simpson and Marwick or is it the fact that Peodophilia is rife in all political parties……one would have to look at the FBI list of British Peodophiles to get the answer to that, but I am sure we all have a pretty good idea as to who they are!

Let’s just dwell on the media gagging and look at the implications or should I say the lack of implications.

A member decided to do a small phone in to a couple of leading papers just to get a feel of the mood. The first one was a leading Scottish paper who during the conversation actually shot themselves in the foot. This was the basis of that conversation. The question was to the newsroom…”I would like to discuss with you a story I would like your paper to cover….it’s a story regarding peodophilia…its based around a case called Hollie Greig……have you heard of Hollie Greig”? The reply was “Yes I have”…”When is your paper going to publish this article”?.....The newsroom replied “Which article”….. “An article that I would hope your paper would wish to publish regarding the case of Hollie Greig” ……..the newspaper then asked “What is your connection to the case” ….. “What is my interest in the case?.....I am an interesting father….a human being”………. “One of getting on to 20,000 people up and down the country who are concerned about peodophilia of a young Down Syndrome woman for 14 years of her life…..that my interest”

The newpaper responded…... “Its a story we are aware of and it’s a story that we repeatedly get phone about, perhaps from yourself and one or two other people”..At this stage they shot them selves in the foot when the paper went on to say “ It’s very difficult for us to write a story saying a Sheriff is a convicted Peodophile without the newspaper being brought to court and sued and going out of existance. You will note here that we have not said that the Sheriff is a convicted Peodophile....all we have said is that, given the evidence so far, he would be classified as a potential offender pending investigation.

The conversation continued as follows….The paper concerned then said “That if the Sheriff concerned was found guilty of Peodophilia that a very different matter but we cannot go around slinging allegations around that are not backed up in a court of law…and until that’s the case its difficult for us to do anything” the person asking the questions then said “There is something called investigative reporting” the newspaper responded by saying “thank you for informing us of that, we are well aware of it that there is such a thing…however, if there is no basis, its not something that we can run, we are well aware of your campaign…were getting phone calls all the time for you but frankly we can’t run stories accusing people of things that are not backed up in law”……we then asked “Don’t accuse them..it’s a simple point…do not accuse them…who’s accusing them?....the campaign is not about accusing so much …it’s about the fact that if people are not guilty…they do not surpress it…they come out and make a statement…that is the point.”

The newspaper responded: “The other thing is that the Sheriff should come out and say I am not a peodophile”…..we then said “What I am saying in one form or another the Scottish Government should be saying…look we understand that there are many up and down the country who are concerned about this issue whom seem to have a belief or and understanding of what has been going on in this case and if their not bringing it to court then they must make a statement…because you know…I am just one and all I am doing is asking questions…I am saying why is my government if they have nothing to hide…..its like ID cards….the people you and me are told if you have nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear so then turn that on the government and say if you got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear…but the government, Levy & McCrae etc etc seem to have one hell of a lot to fear….now all I am saying is, Ask the Question, its only questions, you cannot get sued for asking questions……the newspaper responded “By asking what questions”?....we then said asking what questions?....you are a reporter, you should know how to frame questions…the paper replied “what question have you carried out a peodophile case”?.... “well yes we replied”…the newspaper then said “what if they replied no we haven’t…then were do we go from there”? we responded by saying “that’s not the point…the point is not what their answer is…the point is bringing it to the publics attention…that’s your job…the paper finally replied “I understand very well and also understand my job thank you very much…can I take your name again”?...we replied “Why are you so interested in my name”…they replied “Because I take an interest in the people that phone up the newspaper with a campaign that they want to promote….you told me earlier..what is your name again…etc etc

On can clearly see from this attempt to get a leading newspaper to run this story that it was like talking to a brick wall……to even ask how one could do this shows the level of media training carried out in house…..the whole situation is an embarrassment to a leading newspaper!

We then moved on with the next attempt to contact a leading British Newspaper…we were asked what it was about and then asked for the news desk…..the call was picked up by administration who was rather abrupt all the way through and had no intention of passing the call through to the news desk….the repeated comment was that you will have to write in……this person then hung up on the caller…..it was obvious that this paper had something to fear!

Another call was made to another well know British newspaper and asked to speak with the editor or the news desk……initially we got the answer phone….rang again. Eventually after a long delay got the news desk…the person identified who there were and the following was said “Iam calling up today with respect to the Hollie Greig issue, now Iam just calling to ask you for the, you know, this thing is going to just explode very soon”….. the news desk interupted “ On what issue”?... “The Hollie Greg issue…the news desk repeated back the wrong name and again it was repeated “The Hollie Greig issue”….the news desk responded “Hollie Graig..oh right yes”…we confirmed “yes the Hollie Greig…is that an issue..ha ha ”? So basically you know, at the end of the day this thing is going to explode”

“The Palestine Telegraph is churning out the detail on the case and there are potentially one or two other newspapers that are interested in it…now what I am trying to understand is why your newspaper would not wish to cover this story”?...there was then a deathly silence and the person came back saying … “I am completely confused…I don’t quite understand what you are talking about”?...the newspaper was then asked… “Well you’ve heard of the Hollie Graig case, Yes?…in Aberdeen”? the newspaper responded... “No I haven’t”

Our response was “Oh I see…ok…well…..it may be of interest to you then….the Hollie Greig in Aberdeen is or was a young Down Syndrome girl of 6 years of age…and for fourteen years of her life…she’s now 30….it’s on going at the moment..fourteen years of her life she was serially raped..her father started it and seemingly there was a peodophile ring within the Grampian region..now that peodophile ring seems to stretch into..it seems to..it is alleged to stretch into areas of the Scottish Government…now as you can probably understand there’s a lot of media outlets that just do not want to touch this story….however, they gave all kinds of reasons which really don’t stack up, those reasons being that no one has actually been charged guilty in the case …at this stage the newspaper interrupted and said “I have now looked at it and to be honest its not one for us but thank you very much indeed”…we responded “OK, can I ask why?....at this point the newspaper hung up on the caller!

A final well known paper was then contacted…it was answered by the news desk who asked “what could I do for you”? “I’m just calling to ask whether you are looking at and considering anything on the Hollie Greig story”?..the reply “no were not at the moment I’m afraid no”….our response was “Why is that”?....the reply…”Right well I’m sorry do we have to give you a reason”?....our reply “No, but I’m just thinking in terms of you published stories on Madeleine McCann” …the news desk interrupted….. “I tell you why and this is not a definite why..because at the end of the day the Editors decision is always final….two different police investigations have cleared the people involved that have been named by certain parties that’s why”…or reply “They’ve cleared them”?....the reply “Yes two different police investigations”….We again asked “But have you looked into the”….again we were interrupted with the response “It is not our job to do that…it’s the polices job to do that…not us…were reporters…our response again “Yes I know, I know but having said that”…again interrupted “We do not investigate crimes we report crimes we do not investigate”….again they were asked “So you do not do investigative reports”?. the response..”We do it on certain occasions but not when it comes to things like that…..when you are talking about child abuse etc no we don’t do that no”…..that something the police should deal with”…..again out question…”

“It’s interesting can I say because you did it with a chap I cant remember his name off hand but he did it in 2005 and 2008 followed the story about a guy”….again the paper interrupted and said “I’m not getting into this we are not planning on doing anything on Hollie Greig..ok”?.....we said “What about the terrorism for instance that you have reported on in the past”?....they replied “ Sir I am not going to get into…you’ve asked me a question and I’ve told you we are not planning on running anything on Hollie Grieg..ok”….we replied “Yes I know but”. again interupted “OK “ we continue “The reasons for it are because you are not”…again interupted “We do not have to give you a reason for it sir I’m afraid”…by this time conversation was getting somewhat difficult and again our response “ You don’t”?.....they said “there are plenty of stories that are good ones and we don’t have to give reasons….that’s not the business of newspapers”…our response continued “So what is your business then”?.....”sigh I’m not getting into this with you” again our contact comment was “Hang on”…..they then closed off by saying “I think we have helped you as much as we can” to which our response was that I don’t think you have helped me at all”….they closed down by saying “I’m sorry you feel that way but we are not planning on running anything on Hollie Graig…I have answered your question…sorry about that ok…thankyou goodbye and hung up!

My thanks go out to the person that carried out these interviews…it was so vital to try to understand the mindset of the media in Britain….and we rang some of the most leading papers in the country.

One newspaper is reporting on one aspect of this story on the question of gagging. The Press and Journal said the following today:

“Sheriff gets court order to silence abuse claim”
An Aberdeen sheriff has obtained a gagging order against a would-be MP who has accused him of abusing a young, disabled girl. The sheriff’s lawyers, Edinburgh-based Simpson and Marwick, have now successfully applied to the Court of Session in Edinburgh for an interim interdict preventing Mr. Green from continuing his campaign. The interdict also prevents Mr. Green from claiming that the sheriff was involved in the “murder” of Hollie’s uncle, Robert Greig, who died in a car fire in 1997. Yesterday however we read the following in the same paper:
FREEDOM of speech is one of the most closely-guarded of the rapidly-dwindling rights of British citizens. The right to speak one’s mind without fear of being thrown into a prison cell is a fundamental component of democratic society.
That being the case, it is inevitable that people will, on occasions, abuse that right, subjecting innocent people to wild and highly-damaging accusations. Such would appear to be the position with regard to Aberdeen sheriff Graham Buchanan, who has been forced to seek a court interdict preventing the lay adviser to a young disabled girl from publicly accusing him of abusing her and of participating in the death of her uncle, who was found dead in a burning car.
Whilst talking on the media…..we at the Palestine Telegraph came under a massive attack that took down our web this morning…..the technicians managed to get it working…sort of…but again it was under attach and has been all day……I can disclose that the offender had an IP address of and someone had reason to believe it was in Basingstoke…..however when I check myself it came up as Central London…..I asked the Director to report this to the police as it is a crime…they have a computer investigation section and to find an IP is a very basic exercise for them…..just for the record we were given an Incident Number which is CM 1903895/10 19/3/2010…..don’t hold your breath hey?.....so this is still ongoing so

we at the Palestine Telegraph hope this does not go on too long and we hope you will stand by us during this difficult time.

We can also now look at the tight lipped political sector who have all totally ignored not only the Palestine Telegraph but also the numerous emails from the “Hollie Army”……I have copied all my articles to Brown, Cameron and Clegg as well as to a few other prominent members…….I have also written many many times to Ester Rantzen and again no response. Here are a couple of my latest emails to Salmond, Brown and Rantzen as an example:

Dear First Minister

I am shocked that you have not attempted to become involved in the terrible case of Hollie Greig. We are looking at the satanic rape of an innocent girl from the age of 6 years for a period of 14 years. She was gang raped by not only her father and brother but also by a greater peodophile ring in the City of Aberdeen and you have been made aware of this case. My question to you as the First Minister for Scotland is why have you not become involved in this case or any other member of the Scottish Government.
This will not go away and our numbers are growing to reach around 20,000 by this weekend. I strongly urge you to nip this in the bud without delay and open up this Hollie Case as soon as possible.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/3/2010

Dear Prime Minister

I am shocked that you have not attempted to become involved in the terrible case of Hollie Greig. We are looking at the satanic rape of an innocent girl from the age of 6 years for a period of 14 years. She was gang raped by not only her father and brother but also by a greater peodophile ring in the City of Aberdeen and you have been made aware of this case. My question to you as the Prime Minister for the United Kingdom is why have you not become involved in this case or any other member of our Government.

This will not go away and our numbers are growing to reach around 20,000 by this weekend. I strongly urge you to nip this in the bud without delay and open up this Hollie Case as soon as possible.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/3/2010

Dear Ester
I am shocked that you have not attempted to become involved in the terrible case of Hollie Greig. We are looking at the satanic rape of an innocent girl from the age of 6 years for a period of 14 years. She was gang raped by not only her father and brother but also by a greater peodophile ring in the City of Aberdeen and you have been made aware of this case. My question to you as candidate for the next election is why have you not become involved in this case?

You clearly show the following as one of the main bullet points of your campaign:

• As Founder/President of ChildLine for 23 years, I will use my child protection experience to enhance the lives of Luton ’s children. They are our future.

Based on this statement alone how can you ignore the Hollie Greig Case?

Are you aware that this activity is not just contained within Scotland but is rife throughout the country?

It is your duty of care, as a potential politician, to abide by your own declared agenda and in that context alone you have to respond to the extremely disturbing story.

The case of Hollie Greig will not go away. Our numbers are growing each and every day with our numbers likely to reach around 20,000 by this weekend.

I strongly urge you to nip this in the bud without delay and show the ethical and moral side of politics that many fail to indentify.

Below are the links to my current series which I ask you to read through and also a link to Anne Greig’s interview on US radio. The other issue here is the fact that the UK media has been gagged by the Scottish Legal System. One would normally expect a story of gang rape and peodophelia linked with a murder to take centre stage in the media, but not in this case. This story would be classified as a “Scoop” and only the Palestine Telegraph has so far had the courage to publish this story on almost a daily basis…….why is this so?

In the event that you do not become involved in Hollies case or reply to me directly on this very important issue, I would ask you to remove the above mentioned bullet point from your webpage as it would clearly show that you are not abiding by your own principles.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 19/3/2010

I later found that this email was returned un delivered so I have included it anyway as I am sure she is reading the articles but not responding….shame on you Ester.

So there you have it, everyone is totally extremely tight lipped on the topic of Hollie Greig but we in the Palestine Telegraph continue the exposure of this big cover up at so many levels. I am sure that the ever growing “Hollies Army” are all fired up and ready to go into battle……for the Scots over the border…remember “Brave Heart” and don’t let this scum tarnish the good name of Scotland. Bless you all.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 19/3/2010

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Scottish Government Cover up of Hollie Greig

Part 5 – Scottish Legal System 2nd rejection of Hollie’s story

In my last article we talked about the rejection by the legal system in Scotland of Hollie’s initial story. However, as one would assume the determination of a mother never gives up on such matters so Hollie’s mum Anne decided to pursue this case further owing to the involvement of many other peodophiles in the Aberdeen area.

She eventually managed to get Grampian Police to come down to Shropshire to carry out and interview with Hollie and Anne sat in another room close by and listening to the questions and answers etc. Anne was of the opinion that this interview did not go far enough and certainly did not involve Anne to any extent, despite the fact that she was also central to this story.

As one would expect the District Procurator Fiscal Service wrote back to Anne and for the second time rejected this case. This is a copy of the wording to that letter and the actual letter is held on file by the Palestine Telegraph: This letter is written by Stephen McGowen – District Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen.

Dear Mrs Greig 04 December 2009

In September of this year, your daughter Hollie was interviewed by officers of the Grampian Police in Shropshire and provided a statement in which she alleged that she have been sexually abused. Prior to September, other allegations had been made by Hollie and by you of her behalf.

In light of Hollie’s most recent statement, I have undertaken a detailed and careful review of all allegations and any other material which is available in support of them. As District Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen it is my duty to oversee the investigation of crime in Aberdeen and to ensure that within the principles of Scot law criminals are brought to justice. You will understand that under these principals, criminal proceedings can be initiated by the prosecutor where the behaviour alleged is a crime and can be proved to have been committed by the accused, by corroborated evidence. In essence, that means that, evidence from two independent sources is required.

Having reviewed all of the circumstance of Hollie’s case, including Hollie’s statements and all other available evidence, a report was prepared for the consideration of Crown Counsel. The conclusion is that there is insufficient evidence to allow criminal proceedings to be taken against any person in respect of the allegations.

During the course of this investigation, it has been alleged by others that the Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini QC, had in some way covered up Hollie’s allegations. These allegations are unfounded and this has been supported by a careful scrutiny of the case. All key decisions in relation to prosecution in Hollie’s case in 2000 and 2001 were taken before or after the Lord Advocate’s time as Regional Procurator Fiscal in Grampian and were taken by other senior prosecutors, not the Lord Advocate. In addition the Lord Advocate has not had any involvement in the recent decision by Crown Counsel that there should be no criminal proceedings.

I realise that this decision to take no proceedings will be a disappointment to you but I can assure you that all the available information has been given the most careful consideration.

Yours Sincerely

Stephen McGowan

Procurator Fiscal

It was around this time that Robert Green, a Journalist, became involved on this case and agreed to help Anne in the capacity of an Investigative Journalist. Robert, with his reporting experience decided to act on Anne and Hollies behalf and seek the truth behind this terribly sad story. After carrying out his own review of Hollie’s ordeal and listening to her mum, Robert decided that there was certainly a case to answer and started his own campaign to seek justice for Hollie.

He wrote to the Procurator Fiscal Service in order to obtain for himself a satisfactory response as to what had been done and also attempted to obtain information under the freedom on information act. It became apparent to Robert that this investigation was not only extremely sub standard but also didn’t include extending inquiries to Hollie or other possible victims.

This now comes down to the next response from the same office and the same person Stephen McGowan who wrote the following response to Robert Green. Copy of this letter is held by Palestine Telegraph.

Dear Mr Green 19th January 2010-03-18

Hollie Greig

Thank you for your letter of 12 December 2009 in which you request copies of all documentation relating to “this investigation,” as you have described it, under the Freedom of Information Act.

I confirm that this information is now held in my office in relation to different allegations made to Grampian Police by Hollie Greig in May 2000, July 2001 and 2009. I consider that this information is exempt for release in terms of section 34(1)(a)(i) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 because it is held for the purpose of an investigation to ascertain whether a person should be prosecuted.

This exemption is not an absolute exemption and I must therefore consider, in terms of section 2 of the Act, whether the public interest in disclosure of the information requested is outweighed by the public interest in maintaining the exemption.

While the public interest must be assessed in the context of each individual case, generally speaking the following factors should be considered. The Court in Scotland traditionally place great weight upon any assertion of the Crown that is not in the public interest for certain documents to be disclosed except when, in exceptional circumstances, it is required in the interests of justice. In particular, a high degree of confidentiality has always been attached to police reports and reports to Crown Counsel. The Courts have indicated that the most important safeguard is a guarantee against publication. This applies whether or not proceedings have been taken and the confidentiality exists in order to secure absolute candour and freedom in consideration of evidence.

In all of these circumstances, I have concluded that to disclose the information which you have requested would jeopardise the freedom and candour with which the police communicate with the Procurator Fiscal and the consideration of that information by the police and the prosecutors. I have therefore decided that the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing this information. On this basis, I am refusing to release this information you have requested.

If you believe that the decision not to release the information is wrong, you have the right to request a review. Your request should be made within 40 working days of receipt of this letter.

If you require a review of my decision to be carried out, please write to Ann Currie, Area Procurator Fiscal, Procurator Fiscals’ Office, Atholl House, 84-88 Guild Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6QA.

Any review would be carried out by staff not involved in the making of the original decision. If our decision is unchanged following a review and you remain dissatisfied with this, you than have the right to make a formal complaint to the Scottish Information Commissioner.

Yours Sincerely

Stephen McGowen

Procurator Fiscal

As we can see the Scottish Legal System is well and truly stitched up in that one protects the other. However what came out of the second knock back was the fact that Elish Angiolini was certainly very much involved in this case from the time she took office to the time she became Lord Advocate…..this was over a period from 27th July 2000 – 5th October 2006. One can also be rest assured that with her being involved in this case she would have looked over the case all the way through whilst she is holding her current office of Lord Advocate……..wouldn’t you monitor such a case if you were implicated in it? The legal system in Scotland is a disgrace, especially in relation to this case.

I also want to point out that they refer to the fact that at least two people must be involved in order to press charges…..my question would be why haven’t the other children that were abused by this satanic gang of peodophiles been interviewed and why wasn’t Anne herself able to give her evidence in listening to her daughter tell the story in such very fine detail. There are so many flaws in this case that keep coming up which implicate the authorities that are supposed to care for people and the Mental Health etc…..the list is endless.

In Part 6 we will look at more information relating to this case as well as a small survey we undertook to ascertain as to why the media were not interested in publishing this story. The response was not only startling but also in some cases rather blunt in that they knew about the case but wouldn’t discuss it, with the usual response of slamming the phone down on us. Stay tuned to this sad but extremely interesting story……and remember…. to the international media such a story would be a number one scoop……unfortunately we have to name and shame the Scottish Media and the British Media for their silence on this matter.

Again our group is growing each and every day and soon we will hit 20,000 or more. The tide is about to turn and I can assure you that the newspapers can report this by repeating the articles that have been published by the Palestine Telegraph. This is normal practice in international media……I guess one could say that we have an exclusive and we certainly appreciate that this story does constitute as being a “Scoop” for our team.

We at the Palestine Telegraph always print the truth and do not fear such people as big bully Peter Watson of Levy & McRae. Maybe some newspaper or other media are extremely interested in this story….you are welcome to talk to us. I do understand that one outlet is already making inquiries in producing this story whilst riding on our back and a leading publisher is also interested….lets see how this all pans out.

Newsflash - March 18th 2010 The Press and Journal:
Would-be MP banned from making paedophile allegations
Sheriff gets court order to silence abuse claim ……….
The Press and Journal have just released the first story on the Hollie Case which states that an Aberdeen sheriff has obtained a gagging order against a would-be MP who has accused him of abusing a young, disabled girl. Sheriff Graham Buchanan was forced to resort to legal action after Robert Green continued to spread the allegations against him, despite two separate police investigations finding there was no truth in them.
The sheriff’s lawyers, Edinburgh-based Simpson and Marwick, have now successfully applied to the Court of Session in Edinburgh for an interim interdict preventing Mr. Green from continuing his campaign. The interdict also prevents Mr. Green from claiming that the sheriff was involved in the “murder” of Hollie’s uncle, Robert Greig, who died in a car fire in 1997.
The Press and Journal went of the say: The Court of Session interdict, granted by Lord Emslie, bans Mr. Green from communicating false and defamatory statements about the sheriff at Aberdeen Sheriff Court or anywhere else in Scotland. The false statements are listed in papers as:
• That the sheriff was involved in sexually abusing Hollie Greig.
• That the sheriff has been involved in covering up the sexual abuse.
• That he was involved in the “murder” of Hollie Greig’s uncle, Robert Greig.
Hollie claims she was abused for 14 years from the age of six and has given police the names of some of the men she says assaulted her. The 30-year-old and her mother, Anne, have been campaigning for criminal proceedings since 2000.The abuse is alleged to have taken place in Aberdeen, and Hollie and her mother claim to have made a statement at Bucksburn police station in July that year naming those allegedly involved.
Despite no charges ever being brought, Hollie received £13,500 compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in April last year.
I would like to congratulate The Press and Journal for excellent reporting even if they are somewhat restricted as to what they can write about…. Shame on the rest of the Scottish media
Readers can read the full article and also listen to Anne on the following links:
To the “Hollie Army” keep up the numbers and keep lobbying and protesting….our victory is near……to those over the border in Scotland….remember Robert Bruce fought against unbelievable odds and instilled in all Scots the “Pride of Scotland”…..you are known as “Scotland the Brave”…...don’t let Hollie down.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/3/2010