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Monday, 29 March 2010

Scottish Government Cover-Up of Hollie Greig

Part 9 (Final) – Hollies Day out to Berwick

It was time for Anne and Daughter Hollie to take time out and travel to Berwick – upon – Tweed (near the Scottish border) in order for them both to meet the supporters from Scotland and those living in the North of England. It is hoped that a second event will take place in Central England to allow the rest of “Hollie’s Army” to meet mum and daughter Hollie

The venue was at the Marshall Meadows Hotel in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Many Scottish supporters turned up to meet Hollie and Anne. It was a very relaxing day for both of them after all the pressure of intimidation and many media interviews.

The event was attended by people representing David Icke - The We are Change, Alex Jones folks – Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers and many others, some of whom had travelled over from Ireland. Robert Green started off proceedings by giving an introduction and this was followed by other speakers. Many photographs were taken and also a video of the event. Another short video interview was made with Hollie and Anne in a very relaxed and informal mood.

Hollie obviously was the centre of attraction and she received lots of hugs and many kind thoughts were exchanged, not forgetting Anne and Robert who also received much attention. You can see a short interview with Hollie and her mum at this event on the following link:

When one considers the pain and suffering that Hollie went through it is remarkable to see that she has bounced back. It is also evident that with her mum’s love and determination Hollie has begun to realise that the world does care about her, as they do for many other victims of paedophilia. I am sure that when the next event takes place in Central England Hollie will again be in top form to enjoy the care and attention from “Hollie’s Army.”

Just to update whets been going on with attacks on web pages etc as you know the Palestine Telegraph came under a massive attack that lasted more that 24 hours. It was reported to the police in London on the 19/3/2010 (Incident No CM 1903895/10). The police were given the IP address of the origin of this attack……we didn’t hear anymore so we thought we would print the IP address:
Phillip Securities UK Limited
6th Floor 106 Leadenhall Street
London EC3A 4AA
Telephone 020 7220 7227
Web http://www.phillip-uk.com

As we all know the Hollie Face Book came under attack and later one of our Edinburgh supporters was taken down but as with all the Hollie Army members we was able to provide a back up and post the links etc.

I still find the most disgraceful event was the sacking of the Down Syndrome Association Press Officer, John Smithies by the CEO of that NGO, Carol Boys. John was only carrying out his duty in bringing the support of the Down Syndrome Association to the Hollie case……..one can only speculate that one of the main funders/donars threatened to pull future funds unless they ceased all activities with Hollie etc. On behalf of Hollie’s Army we would like to thank John for his brave stance and hope that he gets back into the workforce to continue his compassionate work. The Palestine Telegraph would therefore like to add to the Name and Shame list that of Carol Boys…..you are a disgrace to Down Syndrome Association.

I, for the second time, went on Talk Radio Europe on the 23rd of March and decided to again focus the entire interview on Hollie……likewise prior to this I also went live with Jeff Rense in the US West Coast for a one hour session on Hollie. I will be updating the Hollie Story on the next Talk Radio Europe on the 30/3/2010…..Robert and Anne have also been very busy so we are keeping this very much alive. It is important that small protests here and there continue to take place as our numbers have now passed 20,000. Can you feel the vibes?

I have sent a message to one of the best Peodopohile investigators in the US who is an ex cop and I will let you know if he shows any interest in this case. In the meantime I would sincerely request that if there is any lawyer out there that would be willing to take on the Hollie’s Case then please come forward and express an interest. This case is very sound and almost certainly winnable. It would be on the basis of No Win - No Fee….I can assure you that good evidence is stacked up with many witnesses and therefore is truly worth your involvement. One could expect some significant payouts here to reward you for your efforts. Contact the Palestine Telegraph if you wish to legally represent Hollie and Anne Greig.

We have seen a connection between the Freemason’s and peodophilia. One must appreciate the huge numbers involved. One FBI investigator in the US stated they have around 4 million satanic followers. He stated they use what he called Masonic mind control on their members and the higher up the ladder the more sordid it becomes. They do not practice mainline religion but rather Satanic Lucifer. Their true god is called Jah-Bul-On and their activities include blood curdling rituals. Some of their activities are based on ancient Jewish practices.

The Skull and Crossbones forms very much part of this organisation with links back to Germany. It was first formed in 1776. They are very well established in the UK and have a long list of people in high places. The Duke of Kent is the organization’s Grand Master and our ex Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is also very senior and served as a 33 degree Freemason (Knight of Malta). Gordon Brown is also a Master and over the pond George Bush was of the same standing in the US (Knight of Eulogia).……in actual fact the entire Bush family have been members for a long time.
We must fully understand the might that lies behind this organisation. It not only includes members of the Royal household but also the police that protect them. It has in its list very high profile Lords, Politicians. Senior Military, Judges, Lawyers and many other prominent people.

They pride themselves on a few basic principles:
• Freemasonry is a system of morality
• Freemasons must behave with kindness and understanding to his fellow man
• Freemasonry demands from its members a respect for the law of the country
Like all organization many good men exist who carry out charitable work but on the other hand there are still questions that must be asked based on some of the press releases floating around. It would be advisable for any of the existing Freemasons, especially those of high ranking, to come forward and allay fears regarding some allegations. As they say if you have nothing to fear then clear your name.

If the Masonic movement are involved in Paedophilia, then we certainly have a very serious situation here in the UK. Many members of this movement control positions of power and authority and it would be extremely difficult to bring such people before the courts……..as we have seen in Scotland.

Before closing this final article on Hollie I would like to say that this is not the end but only the beginning in bringing justice for Hollie. When one challenges the system one is also challenging authority at the highest level. You are not only taking on those that participate in evil satanic rituals you are attacking at the very heart of the “Illuminati” or “New World Order” of which the Masonic Movement (Freemasons) forms part.

One could say in reality that this could be an impossible task, but with determination and strength in numbers it is possible. The Hollie Army has now passed 20,000 and continues to grow on a daily basis. If they continue to grow at the current rate then one can see light at the end of the tunnel.

For my part I can see the collapse, or partial collapse, of the Scottish authority that may well be assisted from Westminster. I am sure that somewhere, sometime or someone has to become the sacrificial lamb in order to take this story out of the limelight. It is linked all the way up to Westminster and as one could imagine they will never allow heads to role in London. In this light I urge you all to keep up the fight and reap in your harvest.

To Hollie, Anne and Robert I would like to thank you for your inner strength and determination and for allowing the Palestine Telegraph to expose your story. We will continue to monitor your progress and report with updates as and when they become available.

Bless you all and the very best of luck, in not only possibly closing down this evil ring of peadophiles in Aberdeen, but also in other parts of the world.

My next article or series will be regarding the Illuminati - New World Order and some of their evil intentions of mass depopulation tactics….keep watching this space.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/3/2010

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