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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hollie’s story is attracting a world wide audience!

Since my last article Hollie’s story is bouncing around the world at a phenomenal pace. Entire shows of between 30 minutes to 1 hour are focusing on this terrible story which not only involves pedophilia at a very high level but also murder.

It has been discussed on three US stations so far (one being for one hour) and also one station in Spain (also one hour). There are supporters now in almost every corner of the globe with a special thank you coming from Australia that historically had the same terrible cases of sexual abuse in children homes. This problem is not unique but Hollie’s case touched a few hearts because of the fact she suffered from Down Syndrome and they also murdered her dear uncle Robert.

It is important to keep this case alive in order to keep it in the international arena. The UK media has not covered this story in any shape or form which may be do to the fact that people in extremely high places are implicated or that the media has been gagged by the judicial system. What they fail to understand is that this issue will not go away and it will shake the very foundation of British Politics.

The pedophilia web extends well beyond those in high authority in Scotland and encompasses many others in England. It strikes at the heart of London with, believe it or not, a past connection to NATO. One could search the archives of Scotland’s Sunday Herald but all traces of the original report on pedophilia, its connection to people in high places, the government establishment of “Operation Ore,” The Dublane Masacre and much more has for some strange reason been deleted from its archives.

It is common knowledge that throughout the world archives are in general accessible unless it is highly controversial!.......what has the governments of Scotland and the UK done to the British Media….have they been gagged or have they been served with a D Notice D-Notice which is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security…..in this case its to avoid gross embarrassment to heads of government or senior ministers. I think it is a disgrace that a D Notice is abused in such a way when it is clearly nothing to do with national security. On the contrary I would consider anyone involved at Military or NATO level in pedophilia would in actual fact be considered a security risk!

What was it that the Sunday Herald exposed at the time? It was stated that the information that had been gathered could topple the Prime Minister Tony Blair. The article which was by Neil Mackay indicated that senior members of Tony Blair's government were being investigated for pedophilia and the "enjoyment" of child-sex pornography. It should also be understood that the police launched Operation Ore in 1999 to deal with child sex offenders etc

We have to bring in the Dunblane Masacre into this story as it is very relevant and involved a ring of pedophiles. The person that carried out this terrible attack on innocent children was himself a pedophile and yet the inquiry did not follow this line or that of any connection to other people in high places. All we know is that the topic of Pedophilia suddenly disappeared out of the newspaper in a rather abrupt way and to this day is no longer considered to be headlines.

Everyone following Hollie Greigs story knows that this is an exceptional story which not only reveals the manipulation of the law in high places but also the fact that some of those high officials are themselves Pedophiles. If one adds to this the murder of Hollie’s uncle than we can truly say that this could be regarded as a scoop……in the UK not a mention of this case has appeared in our newspapers or on radio and yet overseas it certainly is headlines.

Let’s just focus on the commitment announced by officials in tackling the current problem involving children. The Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to protect our children and David Cameron also promised to protect children from “inappropriate sexualisation.” It appears ironic that during the reign of Tony Blair he obviously was not prepared to sacrifice and surrender some members that were involved in such events.

To this day we have a very powerful case of child abuse in regard to Hollie Greig and yet those in high places continue to evade justice for this girl. How can the two main politic parties make such bold statements of protecting our children when they are not prepared to investigate past and current cases if it involves someone in high office?

We at the Palestine Telegraph would therefore like to name and shame all those that remain either guilty, connected with or simply refuse to take any action whatsoever against pedophiles. They have historically refused to act upon evidence sent to this country by the FBI in the US or continue to sit on their hands having been notified or are aware of Hollie’s shameful case. They are:

Prime Minister - Gordon Brown

Leader of the Conservative Party - David Cameron

Leader of the Liberal Democrats - Nick Clegg

Scotland’s First Minister - Alex Salmond

Justice Secretary - Kenny MacAskill

Lord Advocate in Scotland - Elish Angiolini

Aberdeen Sheriff - Graeme Buchanan (the central figure in Hollie’s case).

The name and shame list does not stop there because almost all the Scottish Member of Parliament are aware of this case as are other political figures in Westminster, Senior Judicial Members throughout the UK, Local high profile solicitors in Scotland (some of whom are currently protecting some of those in the above list).

We also have to add to the list the Grampian Police who investigated Hollie’s Case including the Dunblane Masacre and the apparent suicide of Hollie’s Uncle Robert which is showing clear signs of being a murder case based on the autopsy result.

The international community is right behind Hollie and her Mum, as are many overseas media outlets. It is hoped that this interest, by the international media, will embarrass the central government into taking some sort of action, without delay. With an election on the horizon it will be a credit to any party that decides to take up this case and demand action. If the main stream parties continue to bury their heads in the sand then it is obvious that the voting public will only have one choice left and that is to vote for an independent.

The Palestine Telegraph would like Hollie and Mum to remain strong during this difficult period and also for Robert Green to keep up the good work of investigating this gross injustice! Our best wishes also go out to all those supporter around the world that want to see justice come to Scotland.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 6/2/2010

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