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Thank you for joining my space. The world is truly a remarkable and beautiful place but somehow we have lost our direction. Why can't we all get on together and live in peace? Why so much agression and no compassion or love for each other? Why do our leaders want to wage war in order to gain an economic advantage in controlling the natural resources of our planet? Why do such nations as the USA allow the manufacturing of weapons containing uranium components and yet profess that they are promoting disarmament? Who do they, the UK, European Countries and Israel insist in using these WMD's. I sincerely wanted to welcome you all in such a very nice and gentle way but I carry so much pain for the innocent men, women and children of past and current war zones that have sucumbed to these evil uranium weapons. We must all try to prohibit DU/EU or any other "Dirty Weapon" and learn to live in peace. We in the west have to close all bases that exist on Islamic soil and learn to trade instead of fighting. So I again welcome you to "Peter's Space" If you support war in any shape or form please do not enter my space. If you are a Christian Zionist or Jewish Zionist please do not enter my space. If however you are against war and any form of intimidation you are most welcome to take over my space.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

IDF weapons cause immeasurable suffering in Gaza

Ban Ki-moon did his usual whistle stop tour of Gaza and flexed his muscles by referring to the Israeli blockade of Gaza as “unacceptable suffering of human beings” "not sustainable" and "counter-productive." Ban visited the occupied territories where he called on the Israeli and Palestinian authorities to engage in direct talks, and reiterated the Quartet's calls to reach a settlement within two years. "We are committed to work together with the Palestinian people and help your cause to complete negotiations on a settlement of all core issues within 24 months,"
Ban ki-moon had previously attended a meeting with the US, Russia and EU in Moscow and issued a joint statement condemning the 1,600 housing development approved by the Israeli Government in East Jerusalem…..one might ask the question of the above “So what”?........you all have been pussyfooting around for decades on this issue……you know what they say “Action speaks louder than words”

In my opinion it is time for the UN to impose sanctions on Israel to bring them to their knees. The following would be a good starter:
1. Stop all aspects of aid. This must include Financial & Military.
2. Embargo on all trade with Israel.

This would have an immediate impact on Israel and would result in stopping the current Oil/Gas production and exploration offshore.The UN always have the power to impose such actions against almost all other countries but does nothing against a country that has turned its back on more than 130 UN resolutions and carried out War Crimes against Lebanon and Gaza.Its IDF has indiscriminately contaminated vast tracts of land and the people that live within them with uranium weapons. This contamination was not contained within the target area but also extended into Israel itself, neighbouring countries, Middle East and beyond.

Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the future capital of West Bank and Gaza strip under the two state solution but many settlers see West Bank as the land for the Jews. Again we see the same old story coming out of the United Nations. My question would be why 24 months?........the road map to peace has being going on for decades and it is very clear that the UN does not have any ability to enforce its purpose and the Israeli’s have not intention in seeking peace. One only has to look at the historical comments made by a string of past and current Israeli leaders to demonstrate not only how they view Palestinians but also their evil intentions.

Before going into who said what let’s just reflect on the true situation in Gaza and West Bank whilst at the same time attempt to understand the mindset of the Israeli Government. The international media has to take full responsibility for falsely reporting the true “Grass Root” issue that exist to this day. For instance when they refer to the suffering in Gaza and West Bank they tend to refer to it as the Palestinian – Israel conflict. One cannot compare what is going on in Israel to what is going on in Palestine. On one side of the fence you have a lifestyle that one can only describe as both Idealistic and Materialistic and on the other an area of intense deprivation and suffering with many Palestinians living in refugee camps (tent cities).

The media in general does not report the daily looting of Palestinian home, the almost daily killing/injured Palestinians, the daily arrest of many Palestinians (especially the young), and the continued contamination of its environment by the IDF. In Gaza the Israel Air Force fly daily over the strip with fighters, helicopter or drones, all fully armed. The entire strip is under constant surveillance from “Big Brother” and carry out bombing/missile attacks whenever it suits them. This week alone they have attacked the Raffah Area and last night Gaza City……..whatever way you look at this Gaza is well and truly under full occupation.

In West Bank the IDF and Israeli Secret Service/Police patrol the streets in a very hostile and aggressive manner. There is no doubt in my mind that Israel is a true “Dictatorship and Apartheid Government with Racism at its heart.” As someone once reported: “There is no doubt that this behavior is part of a continuous maneuver to wear down all moral resistance, to physically and mentally exhaust the Palestinians so that those who don't want to be stacked in jails or cemeteries flee and go to live crammed together with others in refugee camps.”

There is no limit to the level of abuse that the Israeli IDF/Security Services/Police have used or continue to use. For my part I know precisely the rules of engagement and regulations that are issued to all members of the IDF and yet on a daily basis they violate almost every single rule. This is the very foundation of being a good soldier….if that is possible now days?

I can give a graphic example from another article that I read. One really does need to take a deep breath when reading such material and collect your thoughts in trying to understand what makes people carry out such atrocities. It is not only evil in the extreme but one could say it borders on being satanic: “I was on their kitchen terrace, watching how a boy no older than eleven or twelve removed an Israeli flag that was hanging on the door of a building and replaced it with a Palestinian one. Palestinian flags have been forbidden for a long time and, at night, boys switch them. But the boy I was watching got caught by soldiers. They took hold of him and jokingly tried to force him to kiss the Israeli flag and to step on the Palestinian one. The boy did just the opposite: he kissed the Palestinian flag and stepped on the Israeli one. They dragged him to his house. He lived a few doors from ours. A few minutes later, I'm not sure how long, I heard a shot. Do you know what the soldiers had done? They had taken the boy to his house, forced his parents to sit in an armchair, placed him on their knees and then they shot him in the head.”

So let’s return to the mindset of the many leaders of Israel that have contaminated our planet and try to understand that the Israel Government have no intention of allowing the survival of Palestine….there is no “Road Map to Peace”….there is no breakdown in relationships between the US, UK, EU Government and Israel but rather the opposite. The Israelis and the Pro Israeli Lobbyist in the West are part of every countries political infrastructure and have significant control over the policies that exist. They fund almost every political candidate and party as long as that politician or party lobby’s in the best interest of Israel.

So what have these past and current illustrious leaders said that would send alarm bells ringing through the minds and hearts of all Palestinians. Read deep between the lines and fully understand that Israel very clearly wants to take over the entire Palestinian Territory:

There cannot be Zionism, colonization nor a Jewish State without the expulsion of Arabs and the expropriation of their lands. (Ariel Sharon to France Press, November 15, 1998)

The partition of Palestine is not fair. We will never accept it. Eretz Israel will be given back to the people of Israel. All of it and forever. (Menahem Begin)

A Palestinian partner for a negotiation does not exist. (Ariel Sharon)

I have always believed in the eternal and historical right of our people to all this earth. (Ehud Olmert, before the U.S. Congress, June 30, 2006)

There is no such thing as a Palestinian people… It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn't exist. (Golda Meir)

We will never permit a Palestinian State. (Netanyahu, very recently)

More recently a reporter heard a colonist from the West Bank (a tiny, supposedly Palestinian territory after Oslo) say on TV: "We will never leave this land. It was given to us by God."….the reporter then said “So if it was given to them by God… who will discuss it”?

I would now like to return to the topic of immeasurable suffering currently being endured by the people of Gaza and also to some degree West Bank. What we are looking at here was initially a big cover up by the United Nations in New York, Geneva and locally and to a certain degree by the Palestinian Authority.

Indications have always shown that the IDF used Gaza as a test bed for current and advanced weaponry (most of which contain uranium components). One must not only point a finger at the Israeli Government for using such weapons but also blame the UN for not vetting Israel in its nuclear research programme. I find it so hard to understand how the US, UK, EU Governments continuously harass other nations for carrying out such research and yet they themselves are allowed to carry out their own development without being held to account by the UN (the very organization that is supposed to protect us).

We know that Israel is extremely advanced in both domestic and military nuclear research especially at there establishment at Dimona in the Southern Negev Desert. They are allowed (unchecked) to develop nuclear warheads and have in the past converted some US missiles. They have a full arsenal of weapons that contain uranium components and combined with the US weapons stockpile continue to use them on a regular basis. One must fully understand that when any such weapons makes contact it emits a huge aerosol of radioactive nanoparticles that drift on the wind and do not recognize international borders.

One cannot allow the United States to get away with this world crisis as they are the manufacturers and main instigators of these so called “conventional weapons.” One must also blame the UK Government and EU Governments for not only using these weapons themselves but also in approving the shipment of such arms to Israel.
The procedure in the US used to be that when a country is selected and or approved to receive such weapons the US Department of Defence raise the documentation for transit through US Congress for final clearance and approval. The ultimate decision for such weapons rests with the “Command in Chief”…the very President himself.

It is clear that in the event one proves that these weapons are illegal or are to be used illegally then the President and Senior Member of Staff are truly guilty of “War Crimes.” With all the countries being aware of these weapons and in some cases using them, then they themselves are implication in this mass genocide.

So lets summerise here: We have seen and continue to see the after effects of such weapons in the Balkans who now have a very high rate of cancer amongst it population and is now running out of conventional burial grounds, this is now also taking place in Kuwait (the best kept secret), Iraq we all know is now totally contaminated with high rates of cancer and birth defects to a point whereby women are being asked not to have a family. We then can go over to Afghanistan and see the same problem emerging but on a much bigger scale as the usage of such weapons by the US, UK and Coalition Forces is two fold that of Iraq.

We know that the IDF used these weapons many many years ago against the Egyptians and also in 2006 against the Lebanese but as one would expect the statistics from these countries is well guarded and kept under lock and key.

Now we turn back to Gaza where they can no longer hide this problem from the public and the world because the incidents are now going through the roof. This special story is intended to explain to you the public that this is mass genocide on a huge scale (one could even say an intended de population programme). The pictures emerging out of Afghanistan and Gaza paint a very clear picture of an evil/satanic approach in targeting mainly Islamic countries.

Once must clearly ask the question “Where is the so called Axis of Evil” that George Bush, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown so readily talk about?....I can assure you its not in the distant land called “The Middle East” but right here in the heart of the West.
I find it incredible that we have all these issues regarding “Peodophilia, Drugs and the Breakdown of the Family Unit.” Coupled with “Wars and Mass Genocide” and yet our leaders or potential leaders are looking at an election in May/June this year!
How can one even trust these evil satanic minds, that are so full of their own personal status than being sincere and guiding there respective countries? How can the citizens of these countries continue to allow these hypocrital monsters to continue to brainwash us into believing that this is to make our streets safe for us……..the world needs to wake up and understand that there is not such term as “The Axis of Evil” or “World Terrorism” in the form of Al Queda, Taliban, Hamas or the PKK etc…they are simply “Freedom Fighter” trying to defend the occupation of their country by the “West’s Imperialistic Elite”……there is no limit to the level of greed that these monsters will go to.

We did not go into Iraq or Afghanistan for democracy…we went in for greed and to control the world’s energy markets. The IDF didn’t go into Lebanon for any other reason but to flex its muscle in the same way it did with Egypt. The IDF went into Gaza to secure the huge offshore natural resources and to maintain control of what they consider to be the under dogs (the Palestinians)……when will the world see through this false façade and understand what all these conflicts are about.

So now you ask what proof is there…. that what I am saying is true…….I can tell you that we have samples from Lebanon and Gaza that proves the IDF used illegal weapons on areas of dense population in both those countries and even to this day continue to use them in Gaza. We have photographs of weapons exploding that show clear signs of Nuclear Thermal type activity or Depleted Uranium(DU)…we have photographs of DU penetrators and now we have medical evidence.

It is not easy for me to write about this deeply upsetting situation that we in the West are creating. It is not easy to write about this problem that has caused so much pain to our own forces and innocent civilians (millions) and I am lost for words as to how a country can kill its own troops and populations by using such indiscriminate weapons. As far as the Israeli Government is concerned they certainly have nuked themselves when they used these weapons in Lebanon and Gaza……they currently have one of the worlds highest incidence of cancer as well as infertility……one can only imagine the birth defects? The main problem here is the data is kept under lock and key.

So next we deal with the evidence and reveal the facts in very graphic detail. We now understand from the hospitals in Gaza that the rate of cancers and birth defects have more than doubles since before “Cast Lead” and we now have the pictures that are coming out of Gaza. I have also added the latest coming out of Afghanistan….and it doesn’t stop there…..I know that as a result of the war in Afghainstan the downwind countries of North Pakistan and Northen India have succumbed to the US, UK and Coalition weaponry……keep in mind our own troops are also victim to this same contamination……I call it Gulf War Syndrome they refer to it as Post Traumatic Stress…..which is totally false.

These are the finding of a Senior Ministry of Health Official – Medhat Abbas at a press conference last Thursday 18th of March 2010:

Studies conducted by a group of Italian researchers have revealed the presence of dangerous levels of toxins in the bodies of Palestinian victims of Israeli bombings during operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009. The results of tests conducted on a sample of 15 dead and wounded victims of the war on Gaza, in addition to another sample of 95 citizens, showed the presence of 30 toxic components, notably high levels of uranium.

Gaza’s Health Minister, Dr Bassem Naim, said the study of the biological samples proved that the Israelis used internationally prohibited weapons against the Palestinians. He warned that the large percentage of toxic uranium in the territory would pose a real threat to future generations. Dr Naim added that his department will send the research findings to the relevant human rights authorities which are documenting Israeli war crimes in the territory.

As I have reported so many times before that the UN and the Goldstone Report is an absolute sham and did not cover such weapons even though I had personally submitted my own evidence to the UN in Geneva. Now we can clearly see the huge cover-up by the UN, UNEP, UNDP, UNRWA, WHO, US Government, Israeli Government and many more too numerous to mention. The very fact that the UN has gone ahead in removing contaminated rubble from bombed/missiled building and is now crushing it to surface the roads and streets of the Gaza Strip is a crime beyond imagination and is certainly not in line with the UN’s own instructions when dealing with possible radioactive materials. To further add to the problem a US charity is recycling the material in Gaza to repair/renovate schools and kindergartens……..how can anyone even think about surround your young with contaminated materials…….when will this madness stop…..but who cares the entire world and the Arab League just continue to sit on their hands and look on….this is real-time genocide. The report goes on to say that in each class of injury the following carcinogenic metals were detected: Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Uranium, Chrome and Nickel in Oxide and Sulphate.

From my perspective……taking aside the Uranium one can clearly see that this is from the IDF weapons and do form part of the make up of such weapons. Most of the weapons used were totally illegal under the Geneva Convention and where not covered to any extent in the Goldstone Report. I would insist that an independent inquiry be set up immediately and the truth revealed.

As a matter of interest an earlier report of findings done towards the end of last year and beginning of this year revealed the following:
“The quantity of depleted uranium may amount to no less than 75 tons found in the soil and subsoil in the Gaza Strip,” is the study’s quote.
As many have suggested, the Israeli military used or may have used depleted uranium in the ground and air assaults on the Strip during the operation in the period between 27 December 2008 and January 18, 2009. And now the accusation emerged more strongly after several months of investigations carried out in close association with the peoples concerned, and with the assistance of international expert on sustainable development and use of prohibited weapons Jean - Francois Feacheno.
The international mission itself was composed of four members, including expert Feacheno, adviser to the reduction of pollution, and experts accredited to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). They travelled to the Gaza Strip in April 2009 under the auspices of the Arab Committee for Human Rights.

The specialist laboratory used analysis of soil and dust samples from their mission to the Gaza Strip and found the elements of depleted uranium, a radioactive material, causing cancer and deformities. The analysis also showed the presence of particles of the cesium, a radioactive and carcinogenic dust which includes asbestos, a carcinogenic, in addition to volatile organic compounds and fine particles that pose health risks, especially children's health, those living with asthma and the elderly. Also found in the samples was phosphate resulting from the oxidation of white phosphorus and tungsten material carcinogens, in addition to copper and aluminum oxide, a carcinogenic and radioactive thorium oxide material.

I would add to the above report that much of the above constitutes as coming from the nuclear industry and thus forms part of these mini nukes (Sorry the US call them conventional weapons). It is also interesting to note that DU rounds were found in Gaza from the Israeli Apache Helicopter.

Finally I would ask the following question and remain determined until satisfactory response has been made…namely:
We need answers to the follow questions:

Do they have statistics for the following? If not why not?

Do they have medical statistics Pre Yom Kippur War in October 1973 for Gaza and West Bank?

Do they have statistics for Post Yom Kippur (1973) and before Cast Lead in December 2008?

Finally statistics for Post Cast Lead to the current time?

We need statistics for the following: types of cancers, diabetes, mental illnesses, infertility, still births and deformed babies etc?

We also need to know Is Abbas, The Minister of Health and the Director of Shifa Hospital aware that Gaza has been contaminated by radioactive weapons and that secondary contamination will become a major issue? if not why not?

Do they carryout any tests at bomb or missile sites and if not why not?

Do they have a good quality Geiger counter to test such locations? if not why not?

Do they take samples from expired weapons, fragments or DU Penetrators or soil samples from such sites....if not why not?

Are they aware of the same situation in other areas of conflict such as the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan etc? if not why not?

Have they attempted to contact their counterparts in those countries to exchange data and other useful information? if not why not?

Will they stop this UN programme of clearing rubble, crushing and relaying on the roads and streets? if not why not?

Will they stop the refurbishment of the schools by using recycled material from bombsites by the US NGO called ANERA? if not why not?

Are they aware of standard procedures associated with sights that may be contaminated, what measures must be taken and what instructions should be offered to staff attending? if not why not?

So there we have it ….You the readers have to decide…..do you trust your governments? Do you accept their spin?....do you know this is all about oil, gas and other natural resources!

So what’s the solution……is very easy actually……pull out the troops and close every military base that exists on “Islamic Soil”……stop fighting the residents of the Middle East and try trading with them in peace…….then “Terrorism will cease.”
I call this scenario “The Deadly Link” – American, UK and EU Imperialism – Terrorism – Poverty are so closely linked in that our greed breeds terrorism which then creates poverty on a huge scale……..when you read the stance of the Western Governments – “Make Poverty History” its a joke…….what they are doing is increasing poverty on a scale never experienced on this planet and its all in the name of greed for natural resources or the need to control them. The New World Order does exist and we now know who forms this group of elite evil monsters.

We in the West must impose severe sanctions on Israel in order to force them to yield to the UN demands and to respect all of the 130 + UN Resolutions that were passed against them. The Israeli public also has to understand that they are the “Sacrificial Lamb” for the New World Order and that they want you to attack Iran on their behalf in order to bring retaliatory action against Israel. Once this is done the “Good Old US of A” and its allies will then attack Iran etc etc….so what you may say?.....think about the level of contamination in Israel alone….you are close to not being in existence if you the public allow this to go ahead…..”dare you take the risk”……for my part I think that Iran already has nuclear weapons which all forms part of the US and South African/UK missing weapons fiasco. You don’t have to believe me but I say again “dare you take the risk.”

Israelis must start asking questions of their government…..why is Israel allowing the US to double its stockpile in Israel…..why is the UK allowing the US to increase its stockpile on Diego Garcia…..for one very good reason…..have you guessed yet? To act as a staging post for an attack on Iran!!In my opinion Israel now fears Iran and may no longer be in a position to carry out such an attack and thus is taunting the US with its intention to continue to build on Palestinian land. As I have previously reported Israel cannot carry out this attack alone anyway as it is beyond the operational capabilities of the IDF. It is my opinion that Israel therefore want to force the US to do their own dirty work

I believe I now understand the “New World Order” master plan….but that’s another story. One thing is very clear we have certainly lost the ability to love each other or be friends with each other…we need more cuddles and more hand shakes not the Iron Fist that is currently on offer by the US, UK and EU Governments…..keep watching this space and bless you all!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/3/2010

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