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Thank you for joining my space. The world is truly a remarkable and beautiful place but somehow we have lost our direction. Why can't we all get on together and live in peace? Why so much agression and no compassion or love for each other? Why do our leaders want to wage war in order to gain an economic advantage in controlling the natural resources of our planet? Why do such nations as the USA allow the manufacturing of weapons containing uranium components and yet profess that they are promoting disarmament? Who do they, the UK, European Countries and Israel insist in using these WMD's. I sincerely wanted to welcome you all in such a very nice and gentle way but I carry so much pain for the innocent men, women and children of past and current war zones that have sucumbed to these evil uranium weapons. We must all try to prohibit DU/EU or any other "Dirty Weapon" and learn to live in peace. We in the west have to close all bases that exist on Islamic soil and learn to trade instead of fighting. So I again welcome you to "Peter's Space" If you support war in any shape or form please do not enter my space. If you are a Christian Zionist or Jewish Zionist please do not enter my space. If however you are against war and any form of intimidation you are most welcome to take over my space.

Friday, 17 September 2010

We live in an extremely unbalanced world

Don’t you find it so disturbing when titles and awards are handed out to key figures around the world who have not earned their new found status?

Barrack Obama as we all know received the Nobel Peace Prize soon after he took office and the whole word was asking why?

It is a know fact that many people that are guilty of war crimes or who just happen to hold some very sensitive information are rewarded with a Knighthood to shut them up

The greatest insult to the ethical people that live on the planet was when Tony Blair received the Liberty Medal in recognition for his commitment to conflict resolution. President Bill Clinton, Chair of the National Constitution Center, awarded the prestigious medal to former Prime Minister Blair at a public ceremony on Monday, September 13, 2010 at the National Constitution Center (NCC) in Historic Philadelphia.

Tony Blair is certainly not worthy of this award and when I read the praise that was handed out by the former US President, Bill Clinton (not exactly a role model himself) it certainly made one want to throw up:

"Now, as a private citizen, Tony continues to demonstrate the same leadership, dedication and creativity in promoting economic opportunity in the Middle East and the resolution of conflicts rooted in religion around the world, and is building the capacity of developing nations to govern honestly and effectively. I'm pleased the Constitution Center is awarding him the Liberty Medal in recognition of his work to promote the actions necessary to make peace, reconciliation, and prosperity possible."

Maybe we, who live in the real world, remember that this man is indeed a war criminal. He received a substantial back hander from Bernie Ecclestone (of Formula 1 fame) over the three South African/British nukes deal that were later stolen, he falsified his reason for going to war with Iraq and to this day still believes he was right.
The previous government that came under the control of Maggie Thatcher and later John Major and many extremely senior political figures all knew of the “Under the Table Deal” between the US – UK – South Africa in the acquisition of these “Battlefield Ready” nuclear bombs, including the current Prime Minister David Cameron who actually went down to South Africa with Ken Warren to seal the deal.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and many of his senior political figures all knew that the Conservative Party stole 17.8 million pounds of tax payer’s money in the above deal to the benefit of the Tory Party election fund.

When one learns that the government is trying to recover costs from the general public as a direct result of a mistake made by the Tax Office it really does not make sense, especially when you realise that the above stolen money, to this day, has not been accounted for.

Another issue that has been kept under lock and key is the fact that when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were in office they became aware of a massive paedophilia ring operating at all levels throughout the UK, including many political figures and did nothing about it. This same massive paedophilia problem was also made know to David Cameron and Nick Clegg who for some time have turned their backs on such people as Hollie Greig, the Down Syndrome girl who was gang raped over a period of almost 14 years by people in high places, including the Sherriff of Aberdeen.

When you add to this the fact that the British Prime Ministers and their Governments have participated in gross illegal arms trading during UN sanctions and the fact that it was their intention to keep certain conflicts going, especially that between Iraq – Iran, then one can see that these leaders certainly had evil intentions, which continues to this day.

Finally we come to the fact that Tony Blair also received this accolade for his efforts in the Balkans War but do we the public fully understand that under his command we left a legacy of pain and suffering.

The war in the Balkans was a blend of Geo Politics and Ethnic Cleansing. One really does need to understand that transit routes for intended pipelines, that are so vital to the west’s economy, have to be planned. If during this planning stage the transit route just so happens to pass via an area of unrest or conflict then those countries involved in the project then need to secure the area. Basically it’s a case of I want my pipeline to go through the Balkans and so lets get in there and sort it out.

As we have since learnt this was the main reason for going into the Balkans so that the west could install a pipeline to bypass Russian territory and bring Caspian oil and gas to Europe…….that is called “Geo Politics.” The other issue from the west’s perspective was that of the existence of large numbers of Muslim in this vital trade route area and their ongoing dispute with Christian factors.

As a direct result of both Bush and Blair’s actions in the Balkans they have now left an area that is extremely contaminated with radiation from an array of weapons used, most of which contained depleted uranium (DU). The NATO forces played down the amount of DU that was used by saying it was only the rounds fired from the US A10 aircraft but in actual fact this was far from the truth. The UN eventually sent their team of blind experts into the region to confirm the existence of only A10 rounds and basically declared the area as safe apart from a few enclaves. This in itself was an absolute cover up by the UN and I would strongly suggest that they themselves go live there!

The US, UK and other NATO forces used excessive amounts of DU weapons ranging from A10 rounds – Bunker Busters – JDAM Bombs – Armour Piercing Shells and Cruise Missiles……all of which have uranium components. This has now left the countries that were involved in this conflict with gross contamination and very high levels of cancers, diabetes and many other DU related illnesses. It has now reached a point that many younger people are dying and the village graveyards at many locations no longer have the capacity to bury their dead in their own village.

One also has to understand that this contamination does not stay in the country of conflict and does not recognise international borders. The nano particles from these weapons would not only cross into adjacent countries but also drift around the whole of Europe and the world. I have very details evidence of weapons used and by whom.

What deeply upset me was when Tony Blair paid a visit to the area recently and was welcomed as a hero for giving them their freedom. This shows just how naïve people can become when they don’t understand that this man was partly responsible for “Nuking” the area. It must be clearly understood that the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary, Minister of Defence and senior military officers of all these countries are all fully aware of the weapons used in conflict and the consequences in their usage. They are all aware of the health issues that follow such conflicts on both the populations and their own troops and in that context they are guilty of war crimes.

When you also add to this the fact that so many “False Flag” incidents are occurring on an almost monthly basis we can at last start to realise that the “Axis of Evil” is right in our own backyard. We have to understand that some of these incidents have taken us to war. To name a few 9/11, USS Cole, 7/7, Detroit Airline incident, Times Square and more recently the sinking of the South Korean Warship. There is also a good indication that Haiti was caused by HAARP (US) and also the latest BP spill is deeply suspect.

How can we in the west point a finger at these so called terrorists in the Middle East when we ourselves carry out our own terrorism on our own people.

Blair is just one of a long list of people who should be tried for War Crimes……I would also add many Presidents, Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Gates, Wolfowitz, and a very long list of those further down the line in both the US and the UK.

It is only when you become observant and start to ask questions yourself and then start extensive and exhaustive investigations that it all starts to come together and make sense. You have to be able to scan lots of video footage and statements and then put it all together. If the government or the anti terrorist authority shows a CCTV video as evidence to the media, revealing the movement of the so called bombers/terrorist, time date and location etc then we obviously believe it…..I found one that showed a date that was one week before the event took place. I saw another which showed a highjacker boarding an aircraft in Boston when in actual fact it was in Portland and also displayed the wrong time!

We the public have to start thinking from a different perspective…..do not believe what you see and do not believe what they want you to believe. Check it out yourself and make sure that you understand and agree with what you have been told. There is a mounting army of professionals covering Professional Pilots, Operations Staff, Air Traffic Controller, Military Staff, Civil Engineers, Demolition Experts, Explosive Experts etc who are now re grouping to challenge the scam of 9/11……only people in mass can challenge this cover up and challenge they will…..it all takes time.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/9/2010

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