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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pandora's Box opens up more Grime Part 5

September 20, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) When the mud hits the fan things start to get dirty and it has become clear that these articles are really hurting many people who are guilty of serious fraud and corruption etc. However, sometimes this goes to a much higher level and is linked to illegal arms trading, under the table nuclear weapons deals and also assassinations.

In amongst all this gloom and doom I thought it was time to give some credibility to Gordon Bowden and show you one of his success stories. This story concerns a very big fraudster by the name of Manfred J. Zachel.

This man used many titles and tried to give the impression that he was some sort of Messiah who was here to save innocent victims from fraudsters. He even listed himself as Crimefighter 1. He was about to get the shock of his life when Gordon set him up with a series of communications leading to a meeting at the Comfort Hotel at Heathrow.

I found some blogs relating to him and as you can see on one hand he’s a solicitor and Financial Adviser and then on the other a Crime fighter. This false façade will now be revealed. It gives you a little background as to his activities followed by Gordon Bowden’s own dealings with this con man.

D.D. Josef Manfred Zachel. Credit Swift Bank. London
April 21 2008 at 6:18 PM

Josef Manfred Zachel. a.k.a. Manfred Joseph Zachel. Purporting to be London Barrister contacting family benefactors of Victims of 2005 London Tube Terrorist Bombings. With e-mail contact, conducts detailed Bank Holding account to traced benefactor of $US 15Million.
Documents supplied to victims include Fraudulent Death Certs, Account Bank Details and other referenced fraud Certificates. Requests advanced fee of $US 2.500.00 FOR UK Tax Exemption. Prior to distribution of funds.
Co partner. Dr Mike Hanson. We are looking for any other contact victims in the USA or other International location victims. Post Reply for further contact details. Regards. Laarbruch

I also found this that came from a blogger giving reference to Zachel himself who sent this message. This is a typical “Nigerian Scam” which thousands of people have fallen victim too. The blogger clearly explained the following in a brief response. This is then followed by a typical email sent by Zachel:

Sorry to inform you that you a victim of a "typical" Nigerian Scam. No way to recover some paid fees. Even not with Lawyers, etc. To all other members/visitors. This is a copy of the Scam, signed TW:

From: Mr. Josef Manfred Zachel [ ukpost1@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]
Subject: Regarding your Inheritance
Reply-To: [ jmzachel@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008

London, United Kingdom
(Solicitors & Finance Adviser)
E-mail: [ jmzachel@aim.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]
Tel/Fax:+44 709 289 5801


I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise, Please accept the content in good faith. I do not intend to cause any grief to you and your family. The reason for sending this mail is very fundamental to the doctrine of human privileges and right. My name is Barrister Peter Watson a legal practitioner based in London and the personal Attorney to late Mr. Adams, a national of your country who died along with his wife and two sons who died in the Tube explosion between King's Cross-and Russell Square in London.

My client was a successful and is an accomplished family man, who made enough fortune before his untimely death. Since then I had made several Inquiries through your Embassy to locate any of my clients extended relative but this exercise has proved unsuccessful. After several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to trace his relatives through the Internet, to locate any member of his family, not much progress was recorded. My late client was an influential wealthy businessman, an oil magnet here in London and he left behind a deposit of fifteen Million Pounds starling only £15,000,000.00 (GBP) in his domiciliary bank account in a commercial bank here in London.

After the death of my client his bankers contacted me, as his Attorney to provide his next of kin who should inherit his funds. The board of directors of his bank adopted a resolution and I was mandated to provide his next of kin for the payment of this money within 28 Working days or forfeit the money to the bank as an abandoned property. The bankers had planned to invoke the abandoned property decree of 1996 to confiscate the funds after the expiration of the period given to me.

Fortunately, I came across your name, to my greatest astonishment, I discovered that you bear the same surname with my late client and coincidentally, you are national of the same country. Being convinced that you may be related with my late client or that you might provide clue to my search, I therefore, decided to contact with these facts before me, because of the similarities. By virtue of my closeness to the deceased and his immediate family, I am very much aware of my client financial standing and the bank account he operates.

I have reasoned very professionally and I feel it will be legally proper to present you as the next of kin of my deceased client, so that you can be paid the funds left in his bank account. I therefore seek your consent to present you as the Next of Kin to the Deceased since you are at an advantage, bearing the same surname and equally from the same country that the proceeds of this Bank Account valued at £15,000,000.00 (GBP) can be paid to you. We shall both share the funds. 40% for me and 55% to you, while 5% should be for Expenses or your Government may require as Tax.

I shall assemble all the necessary Legal Documents that will be used to back up our claim. All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us seeing this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law. Please get in touch with me by email to enable us discuss further

Please direct all reply to: [ jmzachel@aim.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ] or Fax: +44 709 289 5801

Your swift response is anticipated.

Mr. Josef Manfred Zachel
Partner Corporate & Fiduciary Group.

It is now time to introduce you to a Gordon success story. It clearly shows how Zachel first came over as a crime fighter but Gordon set him up in an attempt to close him down in the UK. The message below was from Zachel to Gordon and clearly shows his compassion for fighting crime……which obviously was false!

Start of Gordon’s email re Zachel:

Worth a glance back to 2006 before I nailed them for running a Boiler Room from London. Gordon

From: Joseph Zachel
To: Gordon Bowden
Cc: Franz Schulz
Sent: Sun, 22 October, 2006 13:40:49
Subject: RSA-Syndicate
Torquay, Sunday, 22 October 2006

Dear Gordon,
Thank you for well-wishing, I feel better und at work again with several fraud Investigations / Nigeria - Angola - Togo - RSA - UK - Netherlands etc.

HRB recommended me to contact Filippinetti under an alias-name so I contacted him under Franz-Schulz.

No, he contacted me (Franz Schulz) on the 4th of July 2005 and offered <<<”We have been offered a Barclays-issued Bank Guarantee in the amount of 205 Million Euro, which can be utilized for a credit line. The BG has been checked by Standard Bank, is on Euro clear and we have already requested more info. Our bank is Credit Suisse AG, Switzerland , and I expect we can have the BG deposited with our bank, if required. The Guarantee is issued by Barclays Bank Plc. 54 Lombard Street , London , UK .

Yes, Christopher Stoiber are deeply involved with Schalekamp, Du Toit , Le Roux, Laubscher, Dr. H.R. Balzer and others and they are all part of a higher group, roll players are;

1. Christo Wiese (S.A.R.B.)
2. Christ Wiese (Boland Bank)
3. Dr. Swanepoel (S.A.R.B.)
4. Dr. Groenewald (S.A.R.B.)
5. Mr. Potgieter (S.A.R.B.)
6. Ferdinand Louw (ABSA)
7. Commissioner Blaauw, Western-Cap
8. Simon Notnagel
9. Riaan Engelbrecht
10. Pieter Goslar, and others but,

This group is part of the “Top Group” who are the real roll players and the follow groups are deeply involved;

1. K.E.E.M. (Office of Serious Economic Offences /O.S.E.O.)
2. Menbers of the S.A.P.D. (South African Police Department
3. Part of the former Intelligence Community (N.I.S.) a.o.
4. The group of Old Generals
5. The New Afrikanerbond (old Broederbond {Brotherhood})

As well as the major Money-Powers in R.S.A. as there are;
1. A. Sanlam,
2. B. Anglo-American,
3. C. Old Mutual,
4. D. de Beers a.o.
As well as the major banks in South Africa

1. South African Reserve Bank (S.A.R.B.)
2. Amalgamated (ABSA) Bank
3. Boland Bank
4. Ned Bank
5. Standard Bank and others

Yes, the members of the Main (Top) Group are well known.

Anton Haywood and Merwe Viljoen I met at my private house in Waterkloof.

Best Regards

Manfred J. Zachel
Crimefighter 1

I finally received the following email from Gordon which gave a summary of events as follows:

For your Files, a glimpse of the past 3 years.

A game of "TOM & JERRY"

You will read, Q & A with Manfred Zachel after I nailed him and 2 ex South African National Intelligence officers, for running Wire and Advanced Fee Fraud from Torquay. The UK Police and JACK STRAW Knew ALL the operations but did JACK SHIT. "Ring a Bell"

Read his own words HOW BIG the Network.


From: Joseph Zachel
To: Gordon Bowden Sent: Thu, 15 May, 2008 15:49:24
Subject: answers – conditions
Re: Question ANSWERS 13. Mai, 2008 22:04
"Joseph Zachel"
Reply also in Red
From: Joseph Zachel
To: Gordon Bowden Sent: Tuesday, 13 May, 2008 6:35:09 PM
Subject: Question
From "Joseph Zachel" joszach69@yahoo.deThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please don’t press me, I had an attack and ill.
Below my answers what I can tell you on advice of my lawyer


To Manfred.

From Gordon

You are wanted in the USA for Advanced Fee Fraud and now the UK . They are going to bring you in to face International warrant of Arrest for Wire Fraud, Misrepresentation, Fraudulent Letters of Credit, Fraudulent British Health Department Death Cert's. and the launching of a fraudulent British Bank structure.
How much more do you want to get locked up for?

Since 1994 you have been part of and acted for and with a very large criminal network operating the same structures worldwide.

It will be in the interest of the prosecuting Authorities in the UK to fully identify WHO, HOW, WHEN and who operated within structures on the "Bounce” Companies.
Your evidence will save a lot of time and will be rewarded as It will corroborate the intelligence we have accumulated from 1994 and will verify those who's names we have who operate the fraud structures in the UK with you and those from International locations.
For what they need me when they are know who is involved and why they wound me for.

To provide further confirmation of others who form the International support and conduit channels for the movement of funds. There are more as 170, operating from Benin – RSA – UK – Netherland – Belgium - Spain
To provide the Banking details and fund account numbers as given to you for movement of funds received from all victims that can be traced and Identified as the proceeds of criminal actions. There Are more as 35 banks involved as well as Notaries – Lawyers etc.

I would recommend you fully understand that this means taking the whole structure down to eliminate any threat to yourself.But I am not a part of these syndicates of well I know the syndicates and roll players.

YES you are. We have the proof.

They will have no idea from whom this information has come as it has to be fully investigated prior to any mass arrest.You underestimate these people, they have their ears everywhere and this life is better as to die in a UK Prison.

We do not underestimate any of this network.
YOU will not die and you will be protected and it will not be in PRISON. Only if it is on the European Continent

For that reason, you need to come forward with the information before they arrest you for the criminal acts that you have committed,as far as I know I did not commit any crime at all, I will give all information they want but I have to be safe and in a new life

YOU have committed many International crimes and crimes conducted in the UK and USA Wrong, I can proof that it happened without my knowledge that you will have to face unless you can offer substantial Intelligence that will assure the Authorities in the UK that you will be able to be given a new identity and a secure life with government overview security and finance. Only on the continent
For that reason and that reason alone you will have to be fully open and the information will have to be accurate and corroberated. I´m willing for fully co-operation but only when I´m safe.

You have 2 alternatives.
(1)Hand yourself over to the UK authorities and conduct a plea Bargain and be secured under the witness protection programme.
You will understand that I cannot hand me over to the UK authorities, I learned my lesson at Brixton, as a German citizen I have no rights in the UK of well I informed the Home Office (Jack Straw) the Metropolitan Fraud Squad, FBI – Interpol – the RSA Secret Service etc but none of them showed any interest at all.

YES you can. Germany is a member of the European Union and conducts operation under the mutual treaty act. I learned from 1997 until 2005 that this is not true, the Metropolitan Police offered me a deal but refused to safe me.
YOU will be safer in the UK with the Special Branch and SIS and given executive security status as long as ALL your Intelligence and disclosures can be FULLY verified. Would the UK government give me that in an official letter, via the German Embassy, in writing.
We are aware of the levels of South African Government Senior political involvement and for that reason this will involve Bi- Lateral Investigations that will be a major Upset regarding names of disclosure to the present Government of South Africa and their involvement in the running operations of Mining companies with interests in the DRC. And I know the corruption from top to bottem and they are very dangerous and the “Broederbond” as well as the “Mördersquad” are still excist. ( Col. Lamprecht – Charles Newton (alias Lester) – Riaan Stander etc., these members are also on high level at the “ NIS ” (National Intelligens Services of RSA)

After I was released in 2005 I returned to the UK and left in 2007 while there were three attempts’ to assassinate me, twice in London and once in Torquay but my Security Guards saved me.

Then you will underestand the need to be fully open with how big this network is that it will involve the British secret Service in view of the involvement of ex SAS and Israeli military and Mercenary Security companies who form the logistical and DRC mining mineral theft syndicates security. With involvement of the BND and BKA Germany
So I left the UK, went to Europe, life in a save house, get a pension and am a life and that is better as to die in a UK Prison.

Please do not start fooling around.

As I said your Intelligence needs to be FULLY corroberated and that is where I and those that are willing to support you from the RSA are willing to come to the UK not in the UK, only at the European Continent, and only if is clear, without a doupt, that I´m safe and have a new identity with such documentation that will embarrass to the point of removal of MAJOR diplomatic members of the South African Government there can meetings with diplomatic curriers and banks be arranged who carrier millions of USD – GBP and Euros

A. Can I ask for a plea Bargain with secured witness protection in Europe ?

I have to get back to you with confirmation as to you request That has to be clear before I start

B. Life in a safe house and get a pension and get a new identity?

As I have said YOUR information regarding your involvement and willingness to assist the Authorities to close down this EMPIRE will be fully appreciated with a new life of that I am sure. That has to be clear before I give any further information

C. A meeting point in the Netherlands were we (you and I) can meet to exchange information and discuss the whole matter, lets say, once a month?

I would prefer the UK as the interviews can be fully recorded by members of the SIS and British security Authorities. That can also be done in Germany or the Netherlands, with assistance of BNK and BKA
You will be fully SECURE as those meetings will be jointly assisted with legal and Political representation on your behalf. The authorities from Netherland and Germany has to be involved

Please inform me.

I regard this as your willingness to proceed.
We do not wish you to be arrested prior to us conducting this exercise as it will be seen as the last time PIE IN THE SKY BULLSHIT and FAIRY STORIES.

Regards Gordon

(2)Continue to act as though you have got away with it and pass intelligence of your involvement and those who you know are in the supporting and are senior management role players.

Your Life "blog" account of your life fully explains the depth of corruption in South Africa and I can FULLY cover you with additional information that will support yours.

People paid no attention to your story regarding all the names you listed.
I have the documents
They are stored in 3 locations that are secure.

Now, Manfred.

You have not operated on your own you have operated with others.
We know who they are, and how they have operated the fraud structures.
Give me a little to pass on to NIGEL JOHN to show your intent to co-operate in your interest as in.
(1)Who assisted in the production of the fraudulent documents, where it was printed? Printed meanly in RSA – UK - Spain
(2)The operations and roles played by GERHARD LAUBSCHER . HANS REIMER BALZER.

Please Manfred don't play games now and don't underestimate how much we know.


So there you have it, a very intriguing story of mass deception, fraud and corruption. I have included some of the scams that Manfred Zachel handed out such as death certificates and false declarations that made him very rich. These documents are not in any particular order and are placed so as to show you the authenticity of this article and Gordon’s hard and dedicated work

Gordon has sent me a conclusion to this story which is printed in his words as below:
Zachel fled back to Germany in 2008 when I sent copies of his advanced fee fraud correspondence from an American victim, along with his mobile number, passport details and copies of his staged replies to get the money. As I have recorded correspondence with SO6 MET Fraud, that they failed to shut Zachel down while operating CREDIT SWIFT BANK LONDON I'm sure they ALL want to run and hide, He will be operating in a support structure somewhere in Germany
The problem is, Zachel left his partners here, Reg & Carole Burnside in Torquay, they were the Property Laundering network, Reg has contacted me a few times , His latest about 6 months ago saying it was all about NAZI GOLD and the Catholic Church.
I'm going to send you a Photo when I set them up for a meet at the Comfort Hotel. at Heathrow London. He and Reg passed me copies of FRAUD Certificates and Fraudulent Letters of CREDIT used to run their International Advanced Fee Fraud structures. I will send you a few certificates they used regarding victims of London Bombings 7/7.
End of email.
Finally we come to the closure of this article with some other very interesting information from Gordon that I received just before going to print. In this email he explains other matters relating to Zachel and his other gang of fraudsters with closing comments to introduce the next article, Part 6.
Start of email:


When our Fraud suspects fled South Africa in 2005, I recovered documents and correspondence, that Peter Wolfgang Filippinetti, his wife Deanna, and ???Adopted Daughter ??????Michelle Filippinetti a.k.a. SERENA JAYNE STRELNIKOV were operating a fraud Advanced Fee and BG's
(Bank Guarantee Letters of Credit) and Capital Venture Funding facilitations.


Same as Val's Fraud.

In 2006 I recovered and copied all the Web Material pages before I contacted Filippinetti through a web contact site on 11/9/2006
His Directors listed for this Company were:
Peter Filippinetti
Deanna Filippinetti
Michelle Filippinetti
Bruno A Wirth
Hans Reimer Balzer
Gerhard Laubscher
Elsa Lombard
Peter Booysen
Dr J De Bruin
Alexander Potratz
Timofey Kohnovich

Our original Police Case investigation 2000-2002 Attorney Dossiers, identified the "ROAD SHOW" initiators of the Capital Venture Fraud, from conception through a Church supported network in 1999 in a 3 DAY Investment promo at a top Cape Town Hotel.

They included Company Investment capital funding Spokespersons

ex RSA High Commission Diplomatic Intelligence Officer
Christoffel Petrus Du Toit
ex RSA National Intelligence General Hannes Venter
ex RSA National Intelligence General Gerhard Laubscher
ex RSA National Intelligence Major Hans Reimer Balzer
ex CCB Officer Johann H Le Roux
ex RSA National Intelligence Nick Fourie
Nico Shefer

Without telling Filippinetti I had documents and knew that he was operating
Fraud "Bounce" Companies with an International Bank Fraudster (Manfred Josef Zachel, I played one against the other.

At the same time, Zachel was operating 3 International Fraud Companies from Torquay UK while living in a flat owned by his Director Partner,
Reg Burnside
The other Directors
Carole Burnside
Gerhard Laubscher
Hans Reimer Balzer

Zachel, his Partner ex East German STASI Colonel Heinz Otto Schmaler, and South Africans National Intelligence group with Reg and Carole Burnside had been identified as far back as 1994 running £Million International Fraud with the Finsbury Trust Fraud, run in USA and Europe.

Zachel and his group fled to the USA when they came looking for him in Torquay but they set up

The yanks took 2 years to rumble them but they slipped back to Torquay where they operated with Sabastiano Saia , Gerhard Martens and Peter Tuegel. the massive Fake Bank Fraud in 1998.
Before they could Nail Zachel and his RSA Mates, they fled back to the USA and South Africa where they operated another Huge fraud
WALL STREET INSTITUTE FOR TRADING AND COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL and ZACHEL from the Seychelles, Set up the BANK ATLANTIS with FAKE and forged BG's and Letters of Credit.

The following links include the details of his arrest in RSA and his National Intelligence assisted orchestrated escape back to the UK and Torquay where SFO grabbed him and he spent 7 Years fighting extradition back to RSA at Her HMP Brixton. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2004/oct/14/humanrights.ukcrime
And this attachment

South Africa: fugitive re-arrested


February 21, 2005

Sick fugitive resists arrest on plane
Man extradited from UK to face charges of fraud and sodomy taken to hospital under police guard

A German fugitive who escaped from a South African prison in 1997 has been dramatically rearrested after his extradition from Britain.

After a combined operation between the Scorpions and the South African Police Service, Manfred Josef Zachel (69) - who is facing charges of fraud and of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy - was arrested at Johannesburg International Airport yesterday.

The South African authorities had requested the help of their British colleagues in extraditing Zachel after he had initially escaped from Lynnmed Clinic, Pretoria, on June 28 1997.

Scorpions spokesperson Makhosini Nkosi said Zachel was arrested in Polokwane on September 27 1996 and charged with fraud and sexually assaulting the teenager - crimes he allegedly committed in 1996 in the Seychelles and Pretoria.

On arrival in Johannesburg yesterday, Zachel - accompanied on the flight by two officers from Scotland Yard and an investigator from the National Prosecuting Authority - refused to leave the plane.

He resisted for about half an hour, until the authorities forcibly bundled him out of the plane into a wheelchair and then into an ambulance.

Nkosi said: "We had a legitimate warrant of arrest and we had to execute it (so we forcibly removed him) after our investigator and two officers from Scotland Yard who were on the plane with him informed us that he was refusing to hand himself over."

"We have spent a lot of money together with the SA Police Service to try to get this man back to South Africa. He was always opposing this extradition order, using all avenues available to him legally. We are very happy that finally we got him and we want to make sure that he faces justice."

Asked yesterday how he was doing, Zachel replied that he "could be worse", adding that he was "absolutely innocent" of all the charges against him.

Nkosi said that Zachel, who is diabetic, was found with boxes of chocolate in his possession. According to Nkosi, Zachel's condition did not allow him to eat "large amounts of sweet things such as the chocolate he had with him".

Nkosi said it was established that Zachel's sugar level was very high when he was arrested.

"(But) he is going to be stabilised. We will make sure that he is fit to stand trial so that he pays for the crimes he is alleged to have committed," Nkosi said.

During Zachel's incarceration in South Africa he underwent an operation at the Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria and was later transferred to the Lynnmed Clinic.

There he escaped while under guard by the Department of Correctional Services.

He is said to have arrived in South Africa around August 1995 from San Francisco.

He made it known that he intended setting up a bank in Africa and in March 1996 he travelled to the Seychelles to do so.

Nkosi said Zachel established the Atlantis International Bank without the permission of the Seychelles authorities.

"A stamp bearing the name of the bank was allegedly manufactured in Seychelles ... with a false date reflecting that the bank had been operating since 1994."

"Zachel also fabricated a false certificate of registration for the bank and allegedly forged letters of credit amounting to R8-million using the name of his fictitious bank. He also allegedly forged other documents such as a bank guarantee, a certificate of registration of his bank and a payment order," Nkosi said.

Zachel is alleged to have sexually assaulted the teenage boy in Pretoria repeatedly between September 1995 and September 1996.

After his escape from South Africa, the New Scotsman newspaper reported that he went to live in the English seaside resort of Torquay but was arrested and eventually committed at Bow Street Magistrate's Court in March 1998 to await extradition.

He was held without trial at Brixton prison, south London, and for the past seven years was fighting against an arrest warrant issued by the South African authorities.

The wheelchair-bound Zachel is said to suffer from chronic bronchitis, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, depression, chronic arthritis and back problems.

His latest bid for freedom failed about a month ago, when the order that he be extradited to South Africa was granted.

Zachel alleged during his many legal bids for freedom that there had been attempts on his life, to "silence" him, after he attempted to reveal high-level fraud during his nine-month imprisonment in South Africa.

He last year told Britain's Guardian newspaper he believed he was the target of trumped-up charges because he refused to take part in a money-laundering scam involving powerful, shady figures.

His counsel, Steven Powles, said the life of his client - already a "very sick man" - would be in danger if he returned to a South African prison. The judge granted his extradition, saying South Africa had pledged to provide proper treatment.

Zachel received backing from an organisation called Fair Trials Abroad, which described his continuing imprisonment as a "disgrace".

Zachel was yesterday taken to Pretoria Academic Hospital in an ambulance, where he was to receive treatment under heavy police guard.

He was expected to appear in the Pretoria Regional Court today. - Staff Reporters, Reuters and Sapa.

in the next PANDORA'S BOX

From BERLIN to CANADA to TORQUAY to Ned Kelly country "AUSTRALIA" and how this Billion Dollar Fraudster, ALAN BOND, is directly associated and connected to the same group


End of communication

I am sure you must agree that this just keeps getting better as we progressively climb up the ladder that leads to international fraud.

Keep watching this space for more grime and slime

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