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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Brown to give evidence to the Iraq Inquiry

Next week brings Brown to the table to give his account of the circumstances leading to the war in Iraq….. but is there really any point in this sham of an inquiry?
So far we have seen everyone on stage pontificating into their own self esteem and clearly showing their allegiance to the prince of war crimes – Tony Blair.

Will Brown reveal something so spectacular that will have us all riveted to your seats? Will he turn on the guy that he never got along with or will it be a case of self preservation for the Labour Party? Either way one can be assured that the questions will be so carefully chosen and Brown just like his predecessor will have all the answers carefully laid out before him.

Perhaps at this point we should talk about an event that took place outside of the terms of this inquiry regarding the disappearance of nuclear weapons. As you may recall in one of my earlier articles I referred to the fact that this enquiry really should include members of the conservative party who are certainly implicated in the war on Iraq. This should also extend across the pond to the US as they also were very much involved and not forgetting Israel who made it all possible.

One of my questions to the current Conservative leader David Cameron would be why did he travel to South Africa on behalf of the “Iron Lady” back in 1989? At this particular time there was a total embargo on trade or any relationship with the racist government so how come he got away with this violation? My second question would be who else went with Cameron…could it be a current knight in shinning armour? My third question would be who else was involved from the same party?

I appreciate that by now readers will be somewhat confused as to what all this mystery is about…….like all good “James Bond Thrillers” the main purpose is to keep you thinking right until the end. Some clues have already been released that hopefully with keep the brain cells excited. Let’s just give you a little bit more and tell you that some nuclear weapons ended up in the care of the British Government during the Iraq era that cost the British Tax Payer an awful lot of money and due to gross neglect went missing!
I am sure Dear Dr. David Kelly would be able to explain in great detail if he was still alive but the poor man was assassinated because he knew too much. So where does this leave us and who knows what? In order to trace this paper trail we would have to start off with our dear Margaret and those that were close to her including the man who could become the next Prime Minister. That is why it was so important for this investigation to take in a broader sweep and carry out a full and proper inquiry.

Maybe now you are starting to unravel this complicated fiasco but maybe not. So let’s just refresh your memory. The UN, the British Government, the US Government and the Israel Government were aware of the existence of some nuclear weapons. Those weapons or should I say there facilities were inspected by the UN but no evidence was found. We know however that this was very carefully covered up and after the inspectors left things went back to normal……..still confused?

So maybe now all you know is that some weapons were developed somewhere and that our government was involved with many others in moving them from A to B?…….still confused?....then our government used our money to obtain these undeclared weapons from under the nose of the United Nations and re locate them to another country…get the picture?

Remember the reasoning behind this war on Iraq was all about one country having WMD’s that they may be prepared to use on another. Would you be shocked if I told you that on more than one occasion the US had aircraft with WMD’s onboard airborne and ready to launch them on Iraq and later on Iran? Would you be surprised to learn that our government also obtained such weapons, stored them in another Middle Eastern country ready for use on Iraq? I guess you may now ask the question, “Where is the axis of evil”?

Let’s continue……that is if you are still with me?.......to recap we have nuclear weapons from one country that have been paid for by the British taxpayer sitting in storage somewhere in the Middle East for possible use on Iraq. Guess what happened next?.......they went missing….yes you heard right “Nuclear Weapons under our government care went missing”

So where did they go? And who else knew about this situation?…….for sure our government clearly knew as did the US and Israel but guess what? The United Nations still didn’t have a clue! Obviously dear Dr. Kelly became the sacrificial lamb and those responsible for organizing his assassination still hold senior positions or walk freely amongst us. We must also understand that these nuclear weapons were ready for use and were fully mobile to go anywhere. It must also be understood that when Thatcher lost office this saga continued on with John Major and then onto Tony Blair and eventually Gordon Brown.

So back to the current enquiry…..it is obvious that Tony Blair was implicated in this scenario as well as Gordon Brown and other members of the Labour Party. It is well known that both Blair and Brown summoned Margaret Thatcher to No10 for a briefing when they each in turn took office.

Now perhaps you are all getting to see the potential dangers of any conflict with any country in and around the Middle East. Nuclear Weapons have always been a deterrent but if one is subjected to a massive attack then one can clearly see that retaliation is inevitable.

The current unrelenting threats on Iran are completely out of order especially when we see Israel developing its own WMD’s. In actual fact the US Harpoon Missile is a classic example as to how a so called conventional weapon can be modified by Israel to take a nuclear warhead. In my opinion other nations in the Middle East now have nuclear capability thanks to the gross neglect by the UK Government. I should also point out at this stage that other nuclear weapons also went missing from the US military who knew where they were but did not attempt to recover them until almost four months after they went missing.

That evil man Dick Cheney was directly responsible for this delayed attempt to recover these weapons which also became lost without trace and to this day (much like the UK ones) have not been accounted for. However, it is believed that they were recovered by other private arms dealers which led to more “False Flag Operations” in an attempt to find them. Unfortunately they also are now in the wrong hands!.....maybe not…they could be in the right hands depending on which way you look at it!

Could this shroud of secrecy be because both governments have shown gross neglect and are thus terribly embarrassed? I again repeat that in both cases the UN were not made aware that they were missing……of course they couldn’t tell the UN because it would have revealed the shonky dealings of government using tax payers money for an illegal arms transfer by a private sector dealer. On would also assume that the same dealer was also responsible for the onward sale of these most valuable items. It is rumored that tons of gold were involved and much money brushed the palms of a few!

The final question would be did the Conservative Party or the Labour Party benefit financially from this under the table deal? We already know the answer to that but maybe that’s another story. Before closing I would just like to ask you all….would you vote for a party that had carried out such dangerous clandestine operation? Would you vote for a party that in doing this actually created the current wars themselves? Would you vote for a leader or senior politician who had so much blood on their hands?

Remember that this current conflict with Iran could all be linked to this same sordid deal!....why you may ask?......because the countries pushing the issue are those that were involved in the loss of the nuclear weapons? Personally I think that Iran already has nuclear weapons and if that is the case then it would be suicidal for anyone to attack them. Iran is carrying the ace card on this issue and when the President says that if he was attacked the west may get a very pleasant surprise then maybe that surprise could be such a weapon.

We must never allow this situation to go any further and it is time for the world to say to the aggressors….”Back off and change your current foreign policy” It is also time for the United Nations to start asking questions about the missing US and UK nukes…….why were they not advised?

You never know we could all live in hope that the UN have their own inquiry now to find out how their team missed a nation developing nuclear weapons under their very nose? How the UK, UK and Israel knew but the UN didn’t? and bring those responsible to court to answer these so important questions.

Finally I want to mention one man who played such a major role in the Dr Kelly affair, namely Alastair John Campbell who was Director of Communications and Strategy for the British Prime Minister Tony Blair from 1997 to 2003. This evil man currently has become a bit of a celebrity and is not only much sought after by the media but also the fact that he received an award for “The best Political Book of the Year” in 2008. It is obvious that in today’s corrupt society one can get a Knighthood or a Prestigious Award for being a villain. Maybe this is all part of rewarding someone to keep them from spilling the beans. We know who they are and hopefully one day we will see them in court. Maybe they will succumb to their maker and hopefully have the courage to share their evil doings before they take their last breath of air. They alone are currently responsible for many millions of deaths that have resulted from the wars that they alone had planned. “What goes around comes around”.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/2/2010

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