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Friday, 26 February 2010

Why has our so called just legal system turned its back on Hollie Greig?

In my last article I gave you an overview of the sad case of Hollie, a girl who lost her childhood to a father who was a pedophile and his group of sadistic friends. We read in horror as to how this girl had been repeatedly raped by many people covering all sectors of our community and how the Scottish Legal System turned a blind eye. We saw how corrupt society is from the very top right down to those who were responsible for her well being, including the Grampian Police Force. So why did we fail this poor innocent child who suffered from Down Syndrome?

Sometimes, we the public, do not understand that even though such girls may appear to be in their own little world they can be, and frequently are, extremely intelligent with almost a photographic mind. In Hollie’s case she can recall every fine detail with a list of names, not only of the offenders, but also those like herself who were terribly abused but still the legal system and the police turned their backs on this vulnerable girl.

I would like to ask one very simple logical question……If the Scottish Legal System and the Grampian Police cannot or obviously will not investigate these series of terrible crimes (which also includes a murder) then why doesn’t the British Police such as Scotland Yard take control of this matter and bring the offenders to justice?

We see so many times the Prime Minister or other members of the British Government repeat that this is a Scottish matter and must therefore be resolved in Scotland. That is absolutely “Cods Whollop”…..I can assure you that if there was a major incident in Scotland connected to an oil/gas facility or a terrorist incident, Scotland Yard and the British Government would be deeply involved immediately!

Scotland, Ireland and Wales obviously have there own regional governments but they all form part of the United Kingdom and as such come under the Westminster System both politically and legally with the British police working together in many cross border incidents or major crime incidents. With the scope and scale of this particular case one could say it certainly constitutes a major crime, with many children being at its centre and also not forgetting one case of murder, yet to be investigated. There was even one suggestion that a special needs school had a head teacher who was also a Pedophile……now you can see why this case is so important, not just to mother Anne and daughter Hollie but to all the mums and dads in Scotland and elsewhere.

We have seen the Prime Minister show much emotion of late regarding the loss of a child and another suffering from Cystic Fibrosis……let me ask him one question….how would he feel if he were Anne Greig at this moment and it was one of his children involved in this huge cover-up? I know exactly how he would feel and how enraged he would become. So Mr. Prime Minister I challenge you to show your true colours and take control of “Your United Kingdom” and clear away this scum that pollutes our country!!!

Hollie didn’t ask for this sadistic crime, she thought she could live a balanced life with lots of childish fun until these mongrels came into her life! Thank God she was of sound mind to remember everything so clearly. This case must stir up the conscience of every mother and father in the United Kingdom and in particular “Scotland the Brave”……however I have to say that in this case “Scotland has lost its ethical and moral direction” and certainly doesn’t show one ounce of bravery. I am sure that Robert Bruce would turn over in his grave knowing that you, the people of Scotland, did not stand up for this innocent girl…..shame on you!

Aberdeen is one of the most prosperous cities in Scotland with the oil and gas industry at its heart…..it has many extremely rich people who have benefited from this exciting period of growth. However, I have to say it also has an appalling track record in the area of Pedophilia with a very well established ring of evil people, including those in high office, those in the social care, those who are supposed to protect us and those who are supposed to look after our welfare and education.

This is not my story but that of Hollie Greig the poor girl that lost her innocence to a corrupt system that knows who did what but is not prepared to expose the offenders. It is a story that has no beginning and no end. It is a story so sad and evil that one cannot come to terms with how we all abandoned this poor girl. It paints a smear over the face of Scotland and the Scottish Parliament who continue to sit on their hands and do nothing. It has Alex Salmond at its heart, who on a daily basis demonstrates Scotland’s ability to go it alone and yet cannot show strength in investigating and resolving this huge cover-up. It certainly makes a mockery of the term the Right Honorable!

How can Scotland stand up and be proud of its special culture and heritage when its reputation is being dragged through the mud by these scumbags who tarnish your beautiful country. How can you go it alone Mr. Salmond when your justice system has failed this simple girl. Like all leaders one looks for strength and leadership so where is yours? One also looks up to leaders for their moral integrity….where is yours Mr. Salmond.

As I said this is not my battle but just another case of a very sad story being revealed to a far away country called Palestine who have had their own share of living under a very unjust system. All we, at the Palestine Telegraph can do is say to you Anne and Hollie that we are deeply disturbed by your story and we sincerely hope that those responsible for the loss of your brother Robert and those that took away poor Hollie’s childhood have their day in court. Any parent from any country or any religion knows the pain that you have both endured. We can only pray for justice and as we say in the Arab world “Inshallah” which means “If Allah Wills” or “God Willing”…………..Bless you both

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/2/2010

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