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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Why did Tony Blair receive a hero’s welcome in Kosovo?

He should have been arrested as a war criminal

UK, July 13, 2010 (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) - I was shocked to read the following headlines the other day from an Associated Press article: “Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair received a hero's welcome Friday on a visit to Kosovo from nine boys named after him. “Who in their right mind would name their son after this war criminal”?

Blair was on one of his “Mr Nice Guy” tours in Central Prestina, Kosovo where he was met by a large crowd of Union Flag waving followers and a group of young boys who carry his name.

I get the impression that with the Chilcott enquiry about to get back into full swing and all the PR work in the Middle East and previous areas of conflict he’s trying to impress the people of Europe that he’s the right candidate for the EU Presidency which has been on hold for him for some time.

He was accompanied by his wife Cherie Blair with the backdrop of a huge poster which read “a leader, a friend, a hero"……..I find this very repulsive to say the least and does not portray the true person behind this false façade.

The AP report went on to say: All of Kosovo's Tony Blairs were born after the 1999 war between ethnic Albanian fighters in Kosovo and Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic's forces. The conflict ended after a NATO air campaign ousted Serbian forces and established a UN protectorate over the territory.

Do the residents who live in this enclave and the rest of the Balkans fully understand the final outcome from the NATO air campaign? Did they fully understand that as a result of this air campaign they have contaminated the entire region and beyond with both Uranium and Depleted Uranium? Are they now aware that the Balkans is now a safe haven to contract cancer as a result of their actions? How dare this man be greeted in such an absurd way?

Parents named their newborns after Blair to thank him for his role in leading the international community to intervene to stop the brutal crackdown on the ethnic-Albanian majority in Kosovo by Milosevic. "I did what was right. I did what was just. I did not regret it then. I do not regret it now," Blair told the ecstatic crowd. I remember he used this same style of spin when describing his reasons for going to war with Iraq at the Chilcot Inquiry…..it is obvious that this war criminal is finding his way to the throne of Europe…..he’s hopefull that the EU Presidency will be handed to him. When one considers the corrupt way this deal was struck a few years ago you will see that it was part of the trade off for the Lisbon Treaty and the huge amount of British Gold Bullion that was give to the EU at below cost price.

You will all get to understand the true face of Tony Blair when you get to read the War Crimes Complaint that has been lodged against him in Kuala Lumpur. The man went to war illegally and with his partner in crime George Bush they both carried out an atrocious war on innocent people. These two men between them have now been responsible for death of millions of innocent Iraqi’s and Afghans as well as the death and sickness of their own troops by using weapons of mass destruction. How can these two evil men face the people they have tried to eliminate? How can the world allow these two men to walk free from a campaign of mass genocide?

Tony Blair, as we all know, paid a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia no so long ago and at one point almost got arrested…..it was only the skills of his own security that stopped this event taking place……..it is the only country in the world that is currently running a War Crimes Campaign to bring these two to justice.

Perhaps readers are confused as to how I have arrived at this conclusion? Let me enlighten you on the facts behind the wars in the Middle East.

Firstly you must understand that all the past and current conflicts of more recent times have nothing to do with democracy. It has nothing to do with making the streets of the US, UK and EU safer. This is a war of greed and a war of total propaganda to make you feel that our gallant troops are defending our respective countries. These conflicts are only related to controlling the world’s natural resources, depopulating the populations that own them and finally having supreme control of the world’s resources markets……nothing more and nothing less!

The master plan is to reduce the populations of those countries with the eventual outcome of then forcing them to surrender their hidden wealth……..Afghanistan is a typical example of the coalition forces protecting the opium crops, securing the area for a transit pipeline and then securing the immense wealth in other natural resources that are currently locked up beneath the soil of Afghanistan.

To add insult to injury the US announced a short while ago of the trillions of dollars in minerals that surround places like Kabul…..what they failed to announce was that the US and the rest of the world has been eyeballing this wealth for well over 30 years……they know exactly where all the resources are, they have it all mapped out and even have plans on how to recover it all………don’t you find that amazing that a country that doesn’t own these resources have plans and how to remove it…..or should I say take it by force?

When will this world wake up to the truth? When will this world fully understand the mass deceit carried out by the political elite who all form part of the “New World Order” names such as Kissinger, Cheney, Bush, Blair and Brown etc are just small pawns in this vast empire of greed and genocide. When will the world understand that the axis of evil lies in the heart of Wall Street and the City of London?

We have to understand that it has now reached a level whereby the public in general do not know fact from fiction…..they do not know the difference between an authentic act of terrorism or a self induced one (False Flag). They fail to understand that HIV was introduced by these evil people and is not a natural occurrence. They do not understand that there is no limit to their satanic master plan. Do people really know what these people are capable of? Did you know for example that at one time they even designed a chemical and biological weapon in South Africa, know as the “Black only Bomb”……with the intention to wipe out the genes of those of Afro origin.

We can add to this list the false flag operations that are carried out by special forces or the secret services of CIA, Mossad etc…….USS Cole, 9/11, 7/7, Hotel Bombings in North Pakistan, Kenya and many other locations, Detroit airline plot and the New York Times Square incident……the list is endless.

We also have to mention the huge world financial meltdown that was all part of their master plan and on a smaller scale continues to this day whereby investors are ripped off in providing money for huge not existent companies or projects ie a gold mine in Australia that is nothing more than a vacant block of land in the middle of nowhere or a development project that is only a tin shed in the middle of an empty field in some remote part of the world.

We have in existence an array of companies or subsidiaries that in actual fact do not exist and yet manage to syphon off billions of dollars from tax payers or investors. One such location that comes to mind is located as 22 Arlington Street in London….just round the corner from the Ritz Hotel and the US Embassy (how convenient). Its called Arlington Associates http://www.arlingtonassociates.com/ ....this extremely up market location is a hive of corruption and non existent companies…….it also happens to be a safe haven for the notorious Tony Blair who secretly had dealings there. Tony Blair received vast sums of money whilst acting as an advisor and clearly has links to non existent companies.

Tony Blair has also abused his position as Middle East Envoy by making deals under the table one of which gave him access to a South Korean oil/gas company with a strong interest in Iraq.

So my dear world……”Wake Up” seek the truth and say no to anymore wars and bring the troops home…..at the end of the day our own government is killing them with the weapons we are using…….most will come home with the dreaded “Middle East Syndrome” which is directly related to the contamination of both Depleted Uranium and the use of real nukes or other dirty bombs.

In closing I would like you all to reflect on one aspect of radiation contamination…..DU can penetrate the nose brain barrier and in doing so can cause irreversible sever mental problems that cover areas such as Brain tumors, aggression, suicidal tendencies, severe learning problems and depression etc……to prove this point just think about what our troops are experiencing when they return home……the massive rise in the suicide rate amongst solider, the murders or attempted murders, the aggression to their own families etc.

Maybe these headlines (that form part of a leading Israel Magazine) will throw more light on the truth behind these evil WMD weapons that were and are used in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan and now Somalia and Yemen: “Suicide rates increase highly among Israeli soldiers”…….

The answer to this problem is in the weapons that they used on Lebanon (2006) and in Gaza 2008/9…….they blasted both locations with weapons that contain Uranium and in doing so have nuked themselves……not just the Israeli soldiers but the whole of Israel and its population who now have one of the highest incident of cancer in the world……..as they say” What goes around comes around”

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 12/7/2010

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  1. What utter rot.

    You started badly by saying that the "EU Presidency has been on hold for Tony Blair for some time."

    Rubbish. The EU (Council) Presidency went to A N Other in November 2009. Blair didn't get it. His 'co-conspirators' decided to choose Belgium's Van Rompuy. (Oh, btw, he went to a Bilderberg meeting, just before he was chosen as EU President. Blair didn't. Just thought I'd throw that into your conspiracy pot.)

    From there on your 'facts' got even less factual.

    The reason Blair is popular in Kosovo is because he saved the people there from Christian ethnic cleansing. Tough to get your head round, I realise. But there it is.