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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Is this the breakup of UK sovereignty?

Is this the breakup of UK sovereignty?

Is this the start of a new style EU Army?

It was with great astonishment that I read our Prime Minister David Cameron had signed up with President Sarkozy of France on a joint venture military sharing policy.

What was Sarkozy thinking when he signed up with Cameron? ”I know your economy is suffering but we have to get you back for the Battle of Agincourt.....so yes you can borrow our military, equipment and share our nuclear missile ambitions......does this mean that your country is in such a terrible mess that you also want us to provide bulk supply of toilet paper?

We already have in place a substantial force called NATO with the US at its head. The force has now dumped its original status, which was to protect the US/EU from the growth of communism during the “Cold War,” to a full international force operating outside of its original remit.

Many people cannot remember that the US led a campaign many years ago to encircle the globe and stop communism spreading south. At that time we also had in addition to NATO two other groups called CENTO and SEATO both of which failed miserably.
This is not the first time that the western superpowers have tried to hoodwink the Middle East, SE Asian and the Far East countries into a controlled military system with Uncle Sam leading the flock.

It has become evident that since the cold war NATO has been blackmailing countries that wish to join the EU.....it would appear that to be able to join the EU a pre condition is to join NATO first......I am sure Russia is again watching this growing development as NATO positions itself around Russia. It is evident that the cold war has never finished.

Below is the map of NATO showing the progressive build up. The next two maps are those of CENTRO and SEATO which were disbanded almost as soon as they started. I myself served at the NATO HQ and also carried out exercises in the CENTO and SEATO areas.


So now we can look at the current situation and how the growth continues to expand and how the heads of NATO manipulate countries who wish to join. It must be fully understood that NATO is the military arm of the New World Order. It can also be seen that there is a very close link between Geo Politics and conflict zones such as the Balkans and Georgia.

The main idea is to create a safe transit route for intercontinental pipelines and if certain states along its route are not favourable to US policy then they induce conflict to intervene or to destabilise the state concerned......Georgia was typical of one such US backed plan.

NATO member states

Partnership for Peace countries

Mediterranean Dialogue countries

Ukraine Georgia Azerbaijan Armenia Kazakhstan
Moldova Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro

In addition to this cancerous growth we have the following countries (as per above) that, if they have the political will and ability, could deepen their relationship and possibly join NATO. Some of these countries were very much part of the Russia alliance and it is again the talons of the “Bald Eagle” that is wishing to split up Russian in order to fulfill their long term economic goals such as US/EU pipeline projects and to secure their own long term energy requirements, control the worlds natural resources and their markets.

Add to this the even bigger picture of pulling in other countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia. Now we can see two fronts developing here at the same time. One being the old cold war issue between US/UK/EU and the Russian States and the second front of trying to split up parts of Arab League whilst at the same time strengthening Israel and bringing them into the NATO/European fold.

This serves two purposes - it allows the US/UK/EU commercial consortiums to challenge Russia’s dominance in the supply of energy requirements for Europe and beyond and at the same time allows the softer Arabic nations to join a US/UK/EU type of alliance and thus further alienating border countries such as Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

It is evident that the US have for some time attempted to isolate these four countries by trying to encapsulated them entirely by Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq(US Friendly), Afghanistan (US Friendly). The next stage is to complete the circle by extending across the top of Iran from Georgia Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Obviously Pakistan would not be so easy for the US to win over as they have very good relations with Iran.

Such a master plan could basically create another sort of Gaza and West Bank isolation and in doing restrict those countries ability to trade…..such is the ploy of western geo politics. It is a plan that basically nibbles away at the Russian States and the Arab League with that notorious age old plan of “Divide and Conquer.” The New World Order is very much alive and kicking and almost all of the Presidents and Prime Ministers have used and continue to use this saying. It is an evil and satanic organization that serves no purpose for humanity and is fed by greed and destruction.

It is time for those that seek peace in the world to stop this US/UK/EU led controlling mechanism and demand an end to all wars, close down all military activity and bases that exist on Islamic soil and bring the troops home.

This can now only be achieved by mass peaceful demonstration and for the voting public to vote out of office all of those candidates who promote such conflicts. They attempt to spread Islamaphobia with continuous false flag incidents and attempt to spread mass hysteria and fear into the hearts of their citizens.

We now see a line up of many national leaders using aggressive language to other less fortunate countries… In the UK this also extends to the leader of the opposition who is obviously a Zionist and very pro Israel. It was so interesting when David Cameron changed the political propaganda terminology from Education, Education, Education to Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan.

We see Obama, Cameron and all the main leaders in the EU repeating the same old line of “Keeping the streets of our cities safe from terrorism”….why don’t they understand that if they pull troops and bases out of Islamic lands that terrorism will stop.

I have said this so many times before that Imperialism creates self induced terrorism and the two together create extremes of poverty….when will this madness stop?

It would be so enlightening to see huge peace rallies in all major capital cities of the world where people are armed with old shoes to throw at there respective leaders or outside their official residences. If ever we see such an event it will truly be a moment in history when people power changed the course of history and stopped our aggressive economic greed for oil and natural resources.

Add to this the power to stop all weapons that contain uranium components (in any form) and we could all be well on the way to bringing common sense back into this world.

Finally we still have leaders who continue to bully third world countries on the global warming issue (which is a farce anyway) and at the same time spread their nuclear waste around the globe to contaminate its residents. This alone is killing in mass millions of people as well as attacking the very DNA of life itself.

It would be a blessing in disguise if more countries sought neutrality and withdrew from military alliances. However, the reality of life is still the right of a sovereign nation to defend itself. Unfortunately the plans by the New World Order does not encourage such type of defence and is basically sowing everyone up with major alliance pacts such as NATO.

Now it is so easy for the US to bring NATO into any of their own self inflicted conflicts based on their new policy of “An attack on one is an attack on all.” It is time we all saw through this false facade and demanding that each country stands alone in its ability to run its own country and defend it.

As a result of the Cameron/Sarkozy deal you will see a new rapid response EU force emerge which will be the military arm of the EU New World Order......you don’t think so?....just wait and see! However, by the time you see it coming it will already be too late.

In closing I just want to say that the Cold War is very much alive and still kicking!!

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