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Monday, 28 February 2011

Depleted Uranium - World Genocide (Part 3)

In Part 1 and 2 we covered Dr Bill Wilsons - Scottish MP's communication with the British Minister of Defence, Liam Fox and no doubt Bill will be waiting until the cows come home for a brief spin of a reply!

Bill also wrote to the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Ambassador Louis B. Susman...interesting surname don't you think?....I guess Dr Wilson may have "sussed him out already."

The letter covered a broad range of issues ranging from character assassinations to DU Health issues etc and was very well worded; The headlines certainly attracted much attention from the readers "Scottish Parliamentarian asks US ambassador re “character assassination” of depleted uranium (DU) activists and US compliance with DU health directives."

Bill certainly does not hold back his punches as you will see from his own introduction and his communication to the Ambassador which is shown below:

Dr Bill Wilson

Scottish Parliamentarian asks US ambassador re “character assassination” of DU activists
Wednesday, 16 February 2011
Scottish Parliamentarian asks US ambassador re “character assassination” of depleted uranium (DU) activists and US compliance with DU health directives

Member of the Scottish Parliament, Dr Bill Wilson, is raising the issue of depleted uranium (DU) with the US ambassador to the UK. In a letter to Ambassador Louis B. Susman, he has asked whether a person who has been “scurrilously attacking the credibility of [DU] informants” is or was employed by any wing of the US Government or military. He has also asked Ambassador Susman what the US Government is doing to ensure compliance with various US and international regulations, directives, bulletins and medical orders pertaining to DU, and drawn his attention to reports of a US Army order to destroy military records.

Dr Wilson said, “In the course of campaigning for openness and justice with regard to the use of DU weapons, I have been contacted by an individual who seems intent on discrediting those seeking to expose the impact of this hideous radioactive substance and to champion the health and welfare of those affected by it. I have seen enough evidence to be convinced that DU shells have been widely used by the USA and the UK, with grave consequences for the health of both civilians and service personnel, in flagrant breach of numerous medical orders etc. I therefore suspect the motives of the individual who has been attempting to assassinate the characters of my informants and would like to know if he has any official connections with the US government.

“If DU has a fraction of the health impact that I believe it does, then the moral, legal and financial ramifications of its use, and of any attempts to cover these up or obstruct their investigation, would be enormous. If those in positions of authority in the USA and UK have a shred of integrity they will act now to thoroughly investigate the situation, to comply with all regulations and recommendations, to clear up the mess they have left behind in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, and to diagnose and treat those affected.

“I have spoken of the impact on women in Fallujah – advised not to have children because the risk of deformity is so high. It’s not only civilians who are suffering, however. Not least affected are UK and US service personnel, who, I am led to believe, have been badly let down by the countries they risked their lives for. At least the Italian Ministry of Defence was previously held to account in court for its failure to protect its troops against DU. If our governments do not act now to remedy things then they will certainly be condemned by history.”

Notes to Editors

1. Text of letter

16 February 2011
Ambassador Louis B. Susman
US Embassy
24 Grosvenor Square
London, W1A 1AE

Dear Ambassador Susman

[NAME REDACTED] and the US approach to depleted uranium regulations

In the course of campaigning on the issue of depleted uranium and its effects on civilians and service personnel (the last press release may be found here), I have got to know many dedicated scientists and campaigners. However, I have also made the acquaintance of someone calling himself “[NAME REDACTED]”. He has, on more than one occasion, sent me emails scurrilously attacking the credibility of my informants. I know, from various documents I have seen, that his attacks are baseless. I have also been supplied with other information on [NAME REDACTED], which suggests his stock-in-trade is character assassination and his mission is to do whatever it takes to discredit those working to uncover the truth about depleted uranium and to protect the health of civilians and service personnel. The suggestion has been made that Mr [NAME REDACTED] even adopts the identity of those he seeks to discredit in some of his correspondence, the better to spread confusion and disinformation. I am led to believe that he is, or was, associated with the Pentagon. I would be very grateful if you could let me know whether he is, or was ever, employed by any wing of the US Government or military in any capacity and, if so, in what capacity or capacities?

I would also be grateful if you could tell me what the US Government is doing to ensure compliance with:

• Army Regulation 700–48 (Management of Equipment Contaminated with Depleted Uranium or Radioactive Commodities)

• Department of the Army Pamphlet 700–48 (Logistics Handling Procedures for Equipment Contaminated with Depleted Uranium or Radioactive Commodities; Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC, 27 September 2002)
• TB 9-1300-278 (Supersedes Copy Dated 28 September 1990, Department of the Army Technical Bulletin, Guidelines For Safe Response To Handling, Storage, and Transportation Accidents Involving Army Tank, Munitions or Armor Which Contain Depleted Uranium; Approved for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited. Headquarters, Department of the Army July 1996)
• Task number: 031-503-1017 (RESPOND TO DEPLETED URANIUM/LOW LEVEL RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS (DULLRAM) HAZARDS; STP 21-1-SMCT: Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks, Headquarters Department of the Army, Washington, D.C.)
• United Nations UNEP DU directive

• Medical care orders:

o June 1991 (3rd U.S. Army Medical Command – CENTCOM)
o June 1993 (issued by the Deputy Secretary of Defense)
o August 1993 (signed by General Eric Shinseki who is now Secretary of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs), which contained the words:

1. Provide adequate training for personnel who may come in contact with depleted uranium equipment.
2. Complete medical testing of personnel exposed to DU contamination during the Persian Gulf War.
Develop a plan for DU contaminated equipment recovery during future operations

o October 1993 (the Somalia DU medical care order issued by the Pentagon)
o May 2003 (signed Assistant Secretary of Defense, Dr. William Winkenwerder)
o April 2004 (signed by LTG Peake)

I would further be obliged if you could let me know why the United States appears to deny that there are significant adverse health and environmental effects from the use of uranium weapons when Colonel J. Edgar Wakayama clearly stated that there are serious adverse health effects and adverse environmental effects in his Pentagon briefing. I attach a copy of the relevant document.

Finally, you will find attached a report from the Army Times website, dated Friday 11 February 2011 and titled “Army told units to trash Gulf War docs”, which includes the words: “Not just the after-action reports have been destroyed or are missing. According to some files, when some veterans come to the Veterans Administration to get help for service-related disabilities, records show they served, but medical records are missing.” This looks like an attempt to prevent veterans seeking compensation and proper medical treatment for the hazards to which they may have been exposed. Furthermore, it is obvious that the destruction of records would make it more difficult to prove any links between exposure to certain substances, including depleted uranium, and ill health. This has relevance to everyone who has potentially been exposed to these substances, be they civilians or service personnel from other countries, including Scotland, and their families. The destruction of US Army records could thus be viewed as an act with serious international repercussions. I would be interested in your comments on this matter.

Many thanks.


Dr Bill Wilson MSP
End of communication

I myself have considerable experience on the DU issue as well as the use of other WMD and illegal weapons used in such areas as the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Somalia and now North Pakistan and Yemen.

I and Lauren Moret (US) are currently compiling a War Crimes Report on these evil weapons, who used them and where, who was responsible for these crimes and what is the effect on the populations of the world. We both have found our investigations very distressing to say the least.

I have over a long period of time been working out how these radioactive nanoparticles move from the fields of conflict and drift over the entire globe.....to work on such a chart takes considerable time as you have to take into account the different levels i.e. Low - Mid - Upper level air flows and jet streams and then select each and every area.

The charts in general gives a general overview of the main wind flows but one has to also take into account the local weather patterns such as the coastal winds, mountain winds, monsoon flows, pressure systems and the normal hot and cold cycles. All in all it was very interesting exercise to work out the many charts I have done and hopefully will show in simple terms how these mini nukes contaminate our atmosphere, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.
One must be mindful of the fact that these weapons are used on a daily basis somewhere and do not recognise international borders, they float around on the wind and create secondary contamination at such times as sand storms etc.

They will, in the main, return to mother earth when it rains or snows and especially during monsoonal flows, which is when the military use them to distribute their contamination in the best possible way. We have already seen the world’s military deposit

We have to remember that this contamination is on going and remains in situ for 4.5 billion years and as I pointed out to you in my last article the following example:

"800 tons of DU is the atomicity equivalent of 83,000 Nagasaki bombs. The U.S. has used more DU since 1991 than the atomicity equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs"

My airflow chart below shows some of the main areas of conflict (marked by stars) and you will see the extent of the problem:

Below is my airflow chart that is applicable during monsoonal flows or cyclones when the airborne nanoparticles come down to earth in mass and contaminate the land and water. You must also note that in regard to the Himalaya’s and areas due east of them, vast amounts of radioactive nanoparticles are dumped to contaminates the main river arteries of China, Southeast Asia and the Far East.

Finally we have a very alarming even that took place during the "Shock and Awa" attack on Baghdad some years ago which gave rise to great concern here in the United Kingdom.

As I have previously pointed out to you that radiation contamination respects no international borders as we found out with Chernobyl and its effect on North Wales for example.

When these "Mini Nukes or WMD's" are used they can for example arrive on our shores within 7-10 days from their far away battlefield (as was the case during "Shock and Awe). The nuclear establishment at Aldermaston in Berkshire, England (not far from London) for example is the home of the UK's nuclear weapons programme....otherwise known as The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), which develops, maintains, and disposes of the UK's nuclear weaponry.
Because of its existence it is required to monitor the atmosphere in the area by way of atmospheric filters to detect levels of radioactivity from its own facility or in this case of DU from some far away battlefield.

Dr Chris Busby, under the "Freedom of Information Act," was able to obtain the report concerning high levels of atmospheric radioactivity that had arrived on our doorstep from Baghdad. The report was a closely guarded secret and was kept under lock and key owing to its startling findings (unknown to the people in the region and beyond.

One has to understand that when such areas are central to a low pressure system the wind and weather vortex pulls the contamination into a tight circle that unfortunately, on this occasion, happened to be centred in the Reading - Berkshire area which is up wind from the City of London.

After considerable effort by Dr Busby and despite the refusal by the owners of the establishment to release the information, Chris obtained the report which shows the follow graph that clearly highlights the spike in contamination........it must be made clear that this is not the only spike that has occurred....in actual fact there are others that just so happen to coincide with major bombing campaigns in the Middle East such as the "Tora Bora" bombing in Afghanistan etc.

The graphs below show the actual peaks that were recorded at AWE Aldermaston.....the additional notations have since been added to explain the possible reason for such hikes in airborne contaminations.

Figures 15 and 16: High volume air monitoring data (2001-2003) of fine atmospheric dust and radioactivity, measured depleted uranium levels reaching Britain from Iraq and Afghanistan in 7-9 days. During the 2003 ‘Shock and Awe’ heavy bombing campaign in Iraq, the concentration of depleted uranium particles in the British atmosphere was 45,000 particles per cubic meter. Data is from the British nuclear weapons facility at Aldermaston AWE, Berkshire, in the U.K.

Source: Dr. Chris Busby, Low Level Radiation Expert for the UK Govt. We must all grasp the seriousness of this situation that is on going as we speak. It is our duty of care to protect the world’s environment and the people that live on this planet. We must all endeavor to make sure that all weapons that contain any form of uranium in their components are prohibited permanently from the world's military arsenal. The existing efforts by President Obama is an absolute con and does not reveal the truth behind the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT)...its seeks to remove the out dated large nuclear weapons but encourages the mass production of the smaller nukes that have a dial up category of not more that 5 kiloton. These weapons are not covered under the existing NPT and are currently being developed and produced. Add to this all the weapons that contain DU etc and we can clearly see a major problem developing of gigantic proportions......this basically all amounts to mass depopulation or genocide and will make the holocaust look miniscule by comparison...enough is enough.

Here we see yet another jet jockey about to offload his deadly cargo onto the people of Afghanistan....I wonder if he knows that he himself, his family and fellow vets could also become a victim of their own US arsenal.

My final Part 4 of the current series will focus on DU with a full summary by a staunch activist along with the fact that Tactical Nuclear Weapons have been used in the battlefield. Many people believe that the last time nukes were used was in Japan during WW2.....wrong....they have been used in and around the Middle East.....unfortunately Afghanistan has and is bearing the brunt of these evil weapons.

Finally we will again cover the missing nukes that were lost compliments of the US Government and the three "Battlefield ready bombs" that were purchased illegally and then lost (stolen) by the Thatcher government, with the help of our current Prime Minister who was only a 24 year old researcher at the time.

Believe it or not?...............you bet!

Keep watching this space for the final Part 4

Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant - 24/2/2011


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