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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Phone Hacking has been going on for decades so what’s new?

We all have to fully understand that your mobile and your cordless phone are simply radio transmitters and any transmission can be intercepted by anyone with the knowledge and right equipment. The same goes for your land line that can be intercepted and traced back to the owner. Almost any activity in your daily life can be monitored by any of the above and the thousands of CCTV’s that invade our privacy. One must also remember that your mobile is also a give away for your location in much the same way as your satellite navigation system in your car.

Many types of satellites exist in space from stationary satellites to orbital satellites and they can pick up any signal or transmission. When your mobile transmits it can be picked up by several satellites and this makes detection and location that much easier because when more than one picks up your signal it gives a fairly accurate fix as where you are at any given time on this planet.

They have ears to your phone!!

Some of the more sophisticated military satellites have their own little babies know as tethered satellites that are attached to mother by an umbilical cord and with their own little retro rockets leave mother and descend to a lower orbit so that they can read your newspaper as you walk along the street..........then with the help of an unmanned drown, who also can see you in great detail, they take you out with a hellfire missile....simple hey?

Add to this the ability to decode your phone and before you know it they are listening to you.......they being the military, secret service, police, private detectives and reporters etc........with cordless phones its even more elementary because you just scan the appropriate frequency with your communications equipment and listen in.....the same applies if you are on a cruise somewhere in the world and make a call from the ship to the shore.....even here in England you can listen to someone cruising in say South America talking to their loved ones in the US.......such is this simple technology.

Obviously there is the darker side of hacking (otherwise known as tapping) when you can be monitored by anyone, even if you are not a criminal or a suspect. They can also access your internet, your Skype or whatever. If for instance you are a bit of an activist like myself or have a strong opinion about a particular leader or party you will be targeted and believe me it will be relentless.....but hey!...if you have nothing to hide don’t let it upset you because believe me the way our governments have spread their propaganda on terrorism, the hysteria they have instilled in our minds has progressively allowed them (through their anti terrorism laws) to take away our privacy and turn our country into a police state.

What I find most disturbing is the fact that there is no terrorism in the real sense....when they keep reminding us that they have to keep the streets of this country safe from terrorism have you ever thought to yourself what is this threat?......does it exist?.....well I can assure you that it doesn’t and that there is no Al Qaeda because most of the events that have taken place around the world have been false, well orchestrated events (otherwise known as false flags).....two distinct examples were 9/11 and here in London 7/7. What we see is a continuous alert on the war on terrorism and ongoing wars that have no other purpose but to feed our governments with their greedy geo political plans.

The current hacking scandal with the “Murdoch Empire” has to be put into a totally different perspective....its nothing new and as I said has been progressively going on for decades but is now reaching a much higher level than ever before......it is also linked to high levels of corruption in order for someone to get what I call grime and slime of some other person or for a government to gain access into another country in order to manipulate that country to its own advantage.

In today’s world the military, intelligence services, the police and the corporate sector all have their own little nest eggs......in the corporate sector (in particular in the oil, gas and mining sectors) they all have what they call their own “Boiler Rooms” such as Arlington Associates at 22 Arlington Street (next to the Ritz) or at Lonrho Plc, situated in the Cadbury Schweppes Building on the 2nd Floor at 25 Berkeley Square and many more to add such as, 55 Gower Street, Vintners Place, 68 Upper Thames Street and 180 Great Portland Street...the list is endless.

You may ask what this has got to do with phone hacking/tapping or terrorism or the media etc.......it’s very simple because this is the workings of the “New World Order” and it is through this infrastructure that allows them to covertly get their income. It is also how they frame a politician or a businessman etc.....how they monitor what is going on around the world....how they can collapse any company, bank or country as and when they want too!!

Maybe you thought the world financial meltdown was just a happening?.......wrong, it was a very well orchestrated intentional plan to cream off vast sums of money, turn it into toxic debt and then get the corrupt banking sector along with their selective corrupt politicians and governments to bail them all out using taxpayers money.....leaving our respective countries in a massive debt situation.

They collapsed Ireland, Greece and now working on Portugal with Spain and Italy being their next target..........so having now stripped the corporate and banking system and the tax payers they collapse the country and force them into the direction of the IMF/World Bank which is the foundation stone of the “New World Order”........once you are under their spell you are then in for a roller coaster ride in taking on their bail out. They then attach terms to this massive loan which they call austerity measures. This entails massive cutbacks in the public sector, loss or closure of many facilities, loss of thousands of jobs in the health, police, care homes etc leaving you without basic services. Once in the IMF trap you remain in debt forever and in doing so frequently can cause you to default (as we have seen in Greece)......you may also find it hard to believe that the US is already in debt to around $15 trillion and has already defaulted and yet they keep printing more money or pulling money out of the empty vault to fuel wars all over the world (this obviously also applies to the UK, France and Germany).

You may ask what does this achieve.....again the answer is simple....they put up your taxes but you get no services in return for your outlay......they then build up their reserves by adding additional stealth taxes, petrol hikes, gas and electricity charges, local rates etc until they are back into surplus.....then the entire cycle starts all over again and we continue to bail out. I find it fascinating that no one looks at the massive fraud that is taking place each and everyday. Just when you think they have got it right you get another financial tsunami that is far worse than the first........will this happen?.......you bet!!!....it will start to happen this year......so you had better be prepared.......buy hey do not worry the Serious Fraud Office and the Government will protect us!!!!

Back to the main theme again........hacking goes back a long long way and is firmly embedded and accepted by the government and the police, add to this the massive fraud that the police do nothing about and you can see just how corrupt our countries have become.......they almost do it out in the open without restriction or fear.....such is their arrogance!!

The hacking saga started to take off in the mid 1990’s and initially came to a head in 2003 when once again we had another select committee hearing that achieved nothing but made the government look as if it was doing something........at that hearing Rebekah Wade, head of the Sun Newspaper said that this type of activity existed involving the media and the police.......I think it was around 2007 that again it came out that Rupert Murdoch Tabloids had paid the police for information.........in 2009 the police asked her to help in printing details of known paedophiles which is ironic considering it is a police matter and therefore if they were known why didn’t arrest them?.......but hang on a minute you may say......how can you arrest a senior politician?......how can you arrest the man that once headed NATO?........are you starting to get the picture now?

Can you imagine for instance that a senior Intel operative once gave a list of paedophiles to the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair.....who did absolutely nothing about it!!!.....why?...because many senior political figures in Parliament and the House of Lords are also implicated........the same applies to Gordon Brown in the UK and Alex Salmond in Scotland not forgetting the vast web of paedophiles in Wales and Ireland etc.

Believe me this all has a lot to do with hacking/tapping because when the government, police or media track down such satanic people they then have them firmly under their thumb and manipulate them in whatever way they wish.........from their perspective it is better to keep them in such a way than to avoid embarrassment to their respective parties, by arresting them, and eventually putting them through the open court system and jail!

When one adds to this the fact that people like Rupert Murdoch pay their legal fees or pay them off with vast sums of money one can see that financial pay offs act like gagging orders. This policy is deeply embedded in the political system of this country whereby you get a slush fund to pay people off or alternatively a rather nasty person can receive a Knighthood or be placed into a high profile position as a thank you for his/her past deeds( that can in some case cover such things as treason, paedophilia, illegal arms dealings, arranging assassinations, perverting the course of justice or just massive fraud etc).......some names that come to mind would be Baroness Thatcher, Lord Robertson, Lord Mc Alpine, Lord Howard, Lord Mandelson, Peter Lilley MP and many others .....not forgetting John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and our current Prime Minister David Cameron to name but a few....all have a few skeletons in their closets!!........are you concerned by such a bold statement?...........you certainly should be.

Now that you have seen the bigger picture and the state of these many ongoing investigations and inquiries you must fully understand that this is not to prove the true circumstance that led up to an event but to release those accused of any wrong doings.....such was the case with the following inquiries - Matrix Churchill – Scott Inquiry – Hutton Inquiry – Chinook Inquiry and the current Mull of Kintyre Review and Chilcot Inquiry whereby in the case of the two latter inquiries the star witness in both cases, a Ms Tara Andrea Davison was not called to give evidence........can you believe that?

Being an ex serviceman, serving my country in areas of conflict and later becoming an executive in many sectors I find it totally unacceptable that millions of pounds have been spent in all of the above inquires to free all those guilty of involvement and who now pontificate in their own glory or who because of their crime have now become celebrities!!

The saddest case for me was the current Chinook announcement that correctly cleared the crew of any wrong doing but did not bring justice to those that caused this terrible event. Lies have been told in Parliament that turned this into a successful conclusion and closure for the families of the 29 deceased. What it did not reveal was the fact that their had been another Chinook involved that day, US Navy Seals that were observed going through the wreckage, before the RAF team arrived. The lack of communications with the helicopter after it was handed over from Northern Ireland airspace to Scottish airspace, the fact that I was told by the above named person that this was no accident but an inside job, the fact that Scottish Radar did detect another contact in the vicinity at the same time travelling in a northerly direct at about 80 knots, the fact that in Parliament a Minster stated their was only one Chinook departed at that time when there were two, that the second Chinook was sighted heading north over Port Rush, the fact that the Chinook that crashed was sighted flying erratically down a valley, prior to heading over to the Mull of Kintyre to meet its fate and finally the fact that the female coroner stated to someone that all the victims had died from gunshot wounds to the head!!!......that isn’t an accident!!!

I am sure by now that you have this terrible pain inside of disbelief and ask yourself can this really happen?.......can any government just simply eliminate people without any feelings whatsoever......well folks welcome to the real world because this was just one small event compared to 9/11 or 7/7........you have to understand that phone hacking and false flags are all part of everyday life and in doing so has turned this world into what it is today.

Plant this firmly in your minds...... “The New World Order” does exist and many leaders have openly declared this on camera......they control an immense empire of deceit, fraud and corruption with financial mismanagement at it’s heart......through massive fraud in many many countries they strip the assets of their own companies, their own banks and financial institution, they rape countries and in doing so have basically created what we now call the “World Financial Meltdown” or the “Arab Spring”.......then having created this mass turmoil they then have the arrogance to infiltrate into the crowds to further cause bedlam by selectively turning those crowds into an aggressive rebellion, shooting people in the crowd and then pointing the finger at the current leader or government that they want to force out of office (regime change)......that is why we are in Libya and soon they will turn on Syria, Yemen, Somalia and possibly North Sudan.....not forgetting their ultimate target.....Iran!!

You must understand that the unrest in most of the hot spots at the moments is fired up by the cover operations of Special Forces, CIA, MI5/6, Mossad and many other Intel and security companies. I would also add that the New World Order has under its command the United Nations, WHO, IMF/World Bank, Bank of England, the Reserve Bank of the US, the International Court of Justice with NATO as its military arm.

The plan is to hand over the sovereignty of each and ever European country to make it a sort of United States of Europe with NATO as its defence mechanism.......this entails massive cutbacks in each countries military to render them incapable of self defence and in doing so making us totally dependant on NATO. Add to this the fact that in the not too distant future you will not be able to call yourself Irish, Scottish, Welsh or English. This also means that every aspect of life will be controlled by the New World Order who will control the government, the financial sector, the legal sector, the health sector, the educational sector etc making us all basically subservient to the ruling elite........as I have previously pointed out the final act will be the placement of a micro chip under your skin.....the size of a small grain of rice....that can be injected into your body and hey presto your are now theirs forever........the chip will be controlled via a central data bank and if you are a bad boy or girl they will simply switch you off.....no currency will exist so everything will be accessed via your chip and pin.......if they don’t like your attitude or whatever they just switch you off making it impossible for you to go shopping, go for food, a drink, go to the doctor, visit hospital etc.......believe it or not?

Should we get out of Europe.......you bet otherwise we will sink with them!!
Finally we have the other aspect of this ongoing hacking scandal...... is it a conspiracy?....is it a means of de seating the existing failed coalition government. From the New World Order perspective this would be a perfect setting to get their own total control of the United Kingdom.....why you may ask?.....because at the centre of the New World Order Zionist heart are links to the European Royal Families!!....the other controlling links being the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s Bilderberg etc. Should such a conspiracy take place they would have their very own Ed Miliband and possible his brother David Miliband at the helm of this country.

The future is certainly not bright with possible internet censorship, mass depopulation by means of the weapons used in all areas of conflict (Depleted Uranium etc) and via public vaccinations (HPV Vaccines etc), end of our liberty and nationality, the continued rise in the activity of the Satanic Freemasons and paedophilia with direct links to government, more wars and conflict with the final goal being Iran........this would be one of the most catastrophic events in modern history if it were allowed to take place......the list is endless.
There is even a conspiracy theory milling around that there will be another war with Germany .....that is one theory I have problems coming to terms with but then again they still have an axe to grind since the holocaust so maybe it’s possible.

The Prime Minister admitted today that the police have a case to answer but I would go a step further by saying that his party is rife with fraud and with direct involvement in virtual companies and boiler rooms and that all leaders and parties have been informed by Gordon Bowden and myself of massive fraud amounting to billions of pounds each and every year.....this includes the Serious Fraud Office.....all of whom have done nothing

So will hacking/tapping continue?......yes!!.... Will false flags continue?......yes!!.....can we stop this evil trend?.........yes we most certainly can!!.......how you may ask?......simply follow the money trail and hit them where it hurts.......in their fat wallets!!!........that is what Gordon Bowden and I have been doing for some considerable time.......just keep exposing them......educating the public and eventually get rid of the Rothschild octopus that is strangling our very existence.......then form a new clean political party.......start up a new peoples banking system and hey presto you have done it.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/7/2011 www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

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