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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rumour has it that the Arab League may impose a “No Fly Zone” over Syria!!

Rumour has it that the Arab League may impose a “No Fly Zone” over Syria!!

On Behalf of the US, UK and NATO

No Fly Zone Libyan Style

Could it be that the US, UK and France are persuading the Arab League to take action and are we about to see another “Libya Style Massacre” (sorry I meant to have said an action to save lives!!)

We have seen the US attempt to take the pressure of their aggressive foreign policy by asking other partners to initiate an action…….in the case of Libya they blasted hell out of the country and carefully manipulated the media to say that the UK, France and NATO were now in charge of the war.

Are we now seeing another manipulation at work in the application of political pressure to pursued the UN styled Arab League or should I say the “US PUPPET LEAGUE” to take, yet again, another Libyan style action on their behalf?

We have to also remember the motto of NATO as promoted by the US which states “An attack on one is an attack on all”……….so you may say what has this got to do with the “Arab League” or any Islamic country……..simple because this could well involve Turkey in a very big way as they border on Syria and they are a member state of NATO………get the picture now?

The picture that the censored media is showing across the world is a country that is much the same as Libya…..or so they make you believe…..with a rebel army and people in mass trying to overthrow the government right?

Wrong!….. this is an illusion……yes there are many thousands of people unhappy with the state of the Syrian economy but that’s no different to what we have seen in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and that little heard of country called Kuwait (otherwise known as the Arab Spring) …….add to this the same situation throughout Europe and its all nothing to do with people getting killed on mass or people trying to force a regime change!!

Its all about Wall Street and the City of London and the international banking and financial institutions that have intentionally created this problem……the world economic meltdown was no accident it was planned…….the NWO forced this upon the world so that they can take out any company or country, at will, and then bring in their World Bank and IMF puppets to put that country into permanent debt.

One must understand that then means the country concerned is then totally owned by the NWO via its financial controlling authority (IMF) and that country is then forced into severe austerity and at the same time looses its sovereignty. The IMF bail out also normally means that the huge loan is in actual fact totally unsustainable and can cause it to default in its future payments!!

This is all about the New World Order (NWO) and its “Master Geo Political Plan” to disrupt, divide and conquer those countries in the Middle East that do not “kiss the arse” of the US, UK and France. It’s all about control, which I have previously pointed out:

To take control of the worlds natural resources
To take control of the markets for those resources
To take control of the sea lanes and transit routes for those resources
I must also point out that when a country like Liby,a and now Syria, find themselves in an atmosphere of unrest the government have to take control of the situation in the best way possible…….it is at this vulnerable moment that the western Special Forces, CIA, MI5, Mossad and Mercenaries are mobilised to further disrupt the existing protests………the west then feed the opposition parties with munitions and money and form a sort of ”Instant Dial a Crowd” to mingle with the non violent protesters to stir things up…….they also place their own snipers and trouble makers to take out members of the crowd to make it look as if the government has taken this action!!

Although here in London we have yet to see this type of action, you must understand that among the London crowds are placed operatives…….we also see “police kettling tactic” which is a heavy handed approach to force a legal democratic protest to be controlled and intimidated……..once trapped inside this police loop you are stuck their for many hours unable to enter or leave……..it is only time before we see such protest become extremely violent as our government continue to support the rich and rob the poor.

You must all understand that massive fraud and tax evasion is taking place each and every year, not only in the UK but in many other countries……….it involves the corporate sector elite who create “Boiler Rooms” that are full of virtual or shell companies such as Arlington Associate at 22 Arlington Street and Lonhro at the 1st Floor 25 Berkeley Square to name but a few……others you can see in the above “Pandora Box” which I have written about so many times but remember this is only the tip of the iceberg……there are many more like them in London and other cities in the UK, Europe and the World.

These elite corporate dogs are also in bed with the banks and with direct links to many very senior politicians in the Houses of Parliament and many members of the House of Lords…….one very classic Lord comes to mind that being Lord Michael Howard and another MP being Peter Lilley…….but there are too many of them to list here today……you can see these mongrels and many others in my previous articles.

Let me give you a perfect example overseas where this type of corruption is taking place and these same leaders are also selling their countries soul to the west……that country is Bahrain…..so let’s just give you an example of democracy at its best……also note that in this case the US, UK and France (who apparently support democracy) have all turned a blind eye to the ongoing unrest in Bahrain, Egypt and believe it or not Kuwait.

So what is the true situation in Bahrain?

There certainly is no democracy!

The population of Bahrain (which is an extremely rich Island) is over 715, 000

Of this population obviously the Royal Family is incredibly wealthy……I remember once when I was working in the region that the Royal Family wanted to fly a Dolphin and a Sea Lion to their private residence…….wow oh wow you might say!!

You may also be interested to know that around 5,200 of the above population own all the wealth which amounts to around an average each of US$4.2 million which then amounts to around US$20-30 Billion.

So what about the rest of the population?

There are around 30,000 unemployed and that is expected to rise to over 80,000 and no social security is available to them or their families.

For those who are lucky to find work almost a quarter of them are living below the poverty line.

In the government and religious sense there is also a hug disparity between the Shia and Sunni population:

Shia amount to around 70% of the population but they are not at the top of the list for employment……. rather the opposite….most jobs go to Sunni’s or other expats and cheap labour from overseas. (Non Shia represents more than 60% of the workforce)

Despite the huge gathering of Shia in Bahrain they have little representation in Government where once again we see disparity.

During the Arab Spring the Government (royals) called in the Saudi Army to help them control the protesters…….many hundreds were arrested (some still being detained), some died and many were injured.

Basically Shia do not have a voice in Bahrain and even when it comes to their time to worship many of their Mosques have been destroyed by the government who claim they had no licence…..over 30 Mosques have been destroyed!!

It is very clear that the Royal Family and the Government is Pro US and the West……….the very fact that the US 5th Fleet is based in Bahrain is a clear example as to why there is no democracy in Bahrain……….The US are playing a game of cat and mouse at the moment in that they say they are withholding US$53 million in an arms deal (what else would you expect….its the US Government’s best export) until the publication of the report that will highlight the circumstances leading up to the riots earlier this year………as with all inquires and reports obviously the government will come out clean and a few sacrificial lambs will go to the slaughter.

So folks watch this space because I can see dark clouds on the horizon over Syria….they are not clouds in the weather sense but clouds of expired Depleted Uranium that will again totally contaminate yet another Islamic country whilst at the same time spread its deadly radiation of nano particles across adjacent borders such as Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and yet again over to Iraq, Palestine, the entire Middle East and the world beyond………always remember “All is fair in love and war “ …….. Now that democracy for you!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/11/2011 – www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

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