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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bin Laden, Bin Laden, Wherefore Art Thou Bin Laden?

Part 3

The US attempt to play out a Shakesperian Act has failed

This absurd play has now turned into something that resembles the Mickey Mouse Show.
Each and every day a new line is taken making this false flag so hilarious one would bave to be dumber than dumb to believe it. We have local residents saying that this so called Bin Laden had three children (a girl aged around 12-13 and two boys). One local witness said the house had camera’s outside so that they could see who was entering the compound……can anyone out there just view all the footage and see if they can find one?

Someone said there were 8 other children in the compound and that he had two wives and two maids. His youngest wife appartantly told someone that he had lived in his room for a period of five years without leaving it……and this luxury mansion they talked about was an absolute pityful den of filth…….oh and lets not forget that the Pakistan authorities had raided this house in 2003 so why did they raid it?

Bin Laden's wife, a 27-year-old Yemeni is now being treated in military hospital in Pakistan where the authorities have already refused an American request to question her. In a further blow to the US, the Pakistan government has also said that she will be sent home to Yemen once she has recovered

The girl, who was one of six of Bin Laden's children present in the compound, is now being held by the Pakistani authorities, along with Bin Laden's wife and another woman, who is thought to be either a relative or servant. In a statement, the Pakistan government said that all were in "safe hands" and would eventually be sent back to their countries of origin. There was no official comment on any US bid to question the al Qaeda leader's wife

Then another report stated: 20-year-old Qasim, said they were always courteous but all seven members of his family agreed that they never once initiated conversation. Although reports concur that they behaved appropriately and were polite, they also exuded a sense of menace, other neighbours say.

"He used to come and buy household things... I never felt like asking him anything," shopkeeper Faisal told BBC Urdu about Arshad Khan.

"They absolutely did not interact. We saw them roaming around but they were not approachable," he said.

One would assume that in the paragraph above he refers to Bin Laden…..a giant of a man with a very distinct beard who according to his wife “Never left his room for the past 5 years.”

Can you all see how this Mickey Mouse story is so screwed up by now that the US and Pakistan governments are all ducking for cover……….I again see the face of White House counterterrorism chief John Brennan and his body language showing clearly he was out of his depth and certainly was not telling us the truth.

Now the latest fantasy unfolds as they now tell us four helicopters were involved two of which they say were a newer version of a Black Hawk helicopter modified into stealth with different main rotor and tail rotor hubs…….the other two they now indicate could have been Chinooks which certainly are not stealth in any shape or form and we all know that anyone can hear a Chinook approached from miles away……….this story is now becoming so comical don’t you think?..........the other issue I have (being involved in aviation most of my life), does anyone fully understand that when such modifications are carried out (using the template for a basic Black Hawk helicopter) the aircraft is totally re designed………this story certainly does not gel with me.

Oh and lets not forget the line used by a Pakistan Intelligence Official who said:
The helicopters were not picked up on radar and were only detected when seen entering the country from Afghanistan…….my question would therefore be if you saw them entering the country from the border how come you did not alert someone of the event…..remember no one in Pakistan knew of this raid until it was actually taking place…….what a farce!!!

Another report stated that two of the helicopters were stealth and were being used as pathfinders backed up by two larger Chinooks………so as an ex military man and an aviation expert I believe the term pathfinders is only used to describe aircraft that find and mark the target and do not actually take part……they remain in the area in a coordination role and yet one of these stealth choppers come down in the compound leaving its brand new tail in the field over the wall.

The report also went on to say that this helicopter that crashed was going to be used to bring back the other members of the family for questioning…….this had to be abandoned when they lost this new helicopter.

Can we also all recall the images that were shown on Pakistan TV immediately after the attack with the burning chopper in the compound…….at that stage no fire trucks were in attendance so it had obviously been filmed almost live……….so who were these two rather strange gentlemen that were rummaging around under the tin roofed outer building in the same compound……they had torches and appeared to be looking for something…..very quickly they rushed out from under the rubbish disposal area!!!!.......maybe the Pakistan Government would like to identify these two gentlemen?

Two Pakistani men leaving rubbish burning area in a hurry (one carrying a torch)
The picture below shows you this same compound in daylight and was very close to the burning stealth helicopter…….rather suspicious don’t you think?.....maybe the two gentlemen were Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson I presume?

The compound that was of much interest to these two men
Maybe all of this is a major cover up to boost the failed image of Obama or maybe to take the focus off the fiasco in Libya……either way I am sure you will get more ridiculous updates over the next 24 hours of so…….keep watching this space for more US waffle

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 6/5/2011 – www.eyreinternational.com

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