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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Pandora's Box becomes more target specific - Part 10

Before trying to understand how massive corporate fraud operates and how they are connected to the banks and many political figures we have to watch the following video which will act as a template for you all to better understand what is going on in all our respective countries: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2008/20080602_bad_company/interviews.htm

The story Bad Company

Reporter: Andrew Fowler
Broadcast: 02/06/2008
One spring evening in 2005, Brett Kebble, a young mining magnate who had lived a life in the fast lane, drove off to a dinner appointment in the suburbs of Johannesburg. On the way he stopped and opened his window, inexplicably in the crime-ridden city, and was shot seven times at close range.

Brett Kebble’s killing ignited a political and business scandal. It soon emerged that Kebble had been scamming investors for years. He had specialised in luring people into doomed ventures - like a clapped-out gold mine deep in the Sumatran jungle. He had even brought a venerable South African mining house to its knees.
What also emerged were stunning allegations that Kebble had been involved in paying bribes of up to US$1 million to South Africa's police chief and Interpol boss Jackie Selebi.

Four Corners unravels the amazing story of the Kebble empire's rise and fall – and the key role of an Australian businessman who is now fighting extradition to South Africa.

"Bad Company"… reported by Andrew Fowler and produced by Wayne Harley
First we have to turn the clock back to a period when Australia won the America’s Cup and a certain Alan Bond was a celebrity of untold proportions. I was in Western Australia at this time and dealing with high level security. I was amazed at the influx of VIP jets arriving at Perth and the incredible wealth that surrounded Alan Bond, the hero of the state.

Alan Bond holding the America’s Cup

What the public didn’t know initially was the fact that Alan Bond was a trickster and could fleece the wool of a sheep’s back!!

I met Alan Bond on several occasions and also did a quick tour with him of his private jet and I must admit I loved the guy for his charisma and his eternal optimism. I also once visited his office on the top floor of the R & I skyscraper where he held a priceless work of art by Vincent Van Gogh called Irises, which he purchased in 1987 from Sotheby’s for around £27 million. What was unique about this purchase was the fact that Sotheby’s had lent him half the price, which inflated the value. Mr. Bond then had difficulty repaying the loan and eventually sold it to the Getty Museum in California for yet again a record price.

Bond was originally from London and established himself extremely well in Perth, Western Australia. He formed the Bond Corporation in 1959 which launched him on an unbelievable path of success. In 1983 his syndicate won the “America’s Cup” challenge and came back to Perth with the trophy under his belt, much to the sadness of the USA.

It was at this time that I became very involved in the “America Cup Challenge” that was held off the coast of Fremantle and in the high level security of visiting VIP’s and also the cup itself………this chapter I found to be very funny as the cup (the old mug) had remained with the New York Yacht Club since 1851 and was securely bolted down until it came to Australia. The cup was sacred to the Americans and was always guarded with great respect and security.

It went on a tour of Australia and at one stage ended up in a very remote part of Australia and it was at this location where I had my first opportunity to be with the mug at close quarter. Unknown to the US and anyone else a mock hold-up was held, the cup was taken from its unsecure location and was unceremoniously rushed down the passageway and around the block………the New York Yacht Club would have been most upset if they had seen this hilarious mock robbery………I found it to be extremely funny at the time.

Many time I would walk past Alan Bond’s house at his beachside residence overlooking the Swan River, with its swimming pool and tennis court etc and wonder at this man’s achievements……….this would soon turn to great sadness when I learnt that he in actual fact was an absolute conman and had been ripping off the system, investors money and tax evasion etc.

Alan Bond took over a massive company called Bell Resources which in its better days was the flagship for the state and enjoyed enormous investment growth. Bell Resources had been reared by a South African entrepreneur by the name of Robert Holmes a Court who moved to Perth from Johannesburg, that was until Alan Bond got his hands on his empire.

Alan Bond did a Joint Venture with SGIO and progressively took control of this huge company. I remember working in the Oil. Gas and Mining sectors and seeing Bell Resources bright red trucks almost everywhere you looked. I never knew if Holmes a Court was a sincere businessman or not but I do know he was a very ruthless man and was known for his aggressive take over tactics.

Bond basically bit of more than he could chew and started to get himself into deep water and started what he was good at, which was asset stripping. Bond Corp proceeded to strip $500 million from Bell Resources in an effort to prop up its own debts. The asset stripping included transferring cash from Bell Resources for its own purposes and breached the company code, resulting in Alan Bond going to jail.

During 1990, Bond Corporation announced a record $980m loss. Bond Corporation entered a scheme of arrangement in 1991, with receivers taking charge of Bell Group and Bell Resources.

Eventually Bell Resources collapsed causing many many people to loose their jobs and this fine Western Australian company was dead in the water……..however its ghosts live on when in 2008 the proceeds from this famous company is still looking for its legal owner. 20 years on it's still not clear who owns the assets left from the failed corporate giant.

The banks say they should have them; the Western Australian Government and the tax Office have other ideas. It's one of the longest running and most expensive civil/corporate cases in Australian legal history. There are billions of dollars at stake, significant legal precedents to be set, and just to add spice to the mix Alan Bond turned up in Perth just as the court rule was about to be delivered. As one would expect the small time investors get nothing back.

I was shocked to find this man who had carried out so much wheeling and dealing and stripped so much out of the corporate coffers was again back in his old stomping ground. It was even more of a shock when I read a report which stated: “It was a gala welcome for Alan Bond in Perth this weekend. He's back in town, back on the rich list, and back in the limelight.” The report further stated that it is little wonder that Alan Bond doesn't want to recall the events of the late 1980s because it was then he took control of the Bell Group of companies.

Bell had stakes in everything from mining to the media. But its main asset was the cash rich Bell Resources. Alan Bond, along with others, was accused of systematically and dishonestly stripping Bell Resources of more than $1 billion, transferring it to Bond controlled companies.

It was interesting what the report went on to say: “I think the real cost was in the reputation to Western Australia. We blotted our copy book very substantially back in between '87 and '91; those dreadful years when Bond was riding high.” “We rebuilt our reputation over the 90s and into the current century. But to have this damned case come up again and again it just refreshes everyone's memories.”

I personally get a very bad taste in my mouth when I think of this man, who was once my idol and who turned out to be an absolute rogue. I think about all the lives that he ruined at the time and reflect on how many little old pensioners trusted their investment with him and paid the ultimate price, some of them died from the shock of losing their life savings……that to me is indirect murder. The arrogance of this man came out when he was asked:

Reporter: “do you feel any remorse for your part in Bell’s collapse”?

Bond responded: “No I don’t.”

Reporter: “Why’s that”?

Bond: “Well, I think firstly I'm here for a yacht race event and I'm enjoying it. Thank you very much.”

Now Alan Bond is back on the rich list with his son Craig and back at the same old tricks that put him inside all those years ago!!

Well Mr. Bond I have not forgotten you……I once respected you and you soon took that away from me……I will now make sure that every effort is made to reveal just exactly what your game is, along with your son Craig and what you are doing to all the people who now invest in your new empire……hopefully the next time you go to jail I hope you remain there for life (even though your time in jail was more of a luxury than a deterrent!!)….maybe Craig will join you and you will be able to play Monopoly and go straight to jail!!

As they say Alan - you make your bed and you lie in it!! (1985 photo)

Let’s take a glimpse in the resurrection of Alan Bond, what he’s worth and what he’s currently up too with his son Craig.
This was the headlines in The Mail Online Tuesday the 19th of April 2011:
Bond is back in the money ……... That would be Alan Bond, the fallen Aussie tycoon,

the British former sign writer who rose to become one of the richest men in Australia before ending up behind bars, is riding high once again with a newly-made £130 million fortune.

With a swish new office in London's Windsor House, near Buckingham Palace, 70-year-old Mr. Bond has put his former bankruptcy, his criminal conviction, his three years in jail and his pleading creditors behind him as he celebrates his return to Australia's rich list.

Alan Bond and wife Diane Bliss

Business Review Weekly magazine's annual list of Australia's 200 richest individuals ranks Mr. Bond at 157th through his interests in African gold and diamond mines and Madagascan oil fields.

The report also revealed the following which again made me feel sick:
'It's amazing how the harder you work, the luckier you get,' he said in an email to the magazine, but he has declined to discuss his good fortune further as he gets down to writing a book in London covering his achievements.

In Australia, his former creditors who lost their own fortunes when they invested in his companies are seething at his return to the rich list.

'When you think of the jail sentence he got and the assets he stripped from all those people without giving a cent back, it's disgraceful that he is now so rich,' said 72-year-old Col Ritchie, who lost his life savings of £600,000 when he was ordered to vacate a pub he had just bought when Mr. Bond took over the brewery.
A final comment came from the following:

Now he is back on a corporate pedestal. But Stephen Matthews, representing shareholders who lost their money in Mr. Bond's ventures said: 'Those stung won't like this. It seems unfair and unjust for those who have suffered at his hands.'

Bond dressed to kill- Reminds me of that song “My old man’s a dustman”
Before going to the forensic evidence provided by Gordon Bowden let’s again recap on some vital points relating to this collapse and how the banks themselves were certainly in bed with Alan Bond and his failing companies. You may be interested to know that he and his son Craig Bond are doing it all over again, right under the very eyes of the Australian Government(especially those politicians who benefit from donations) , the Australian Police, the Financial Services Authorities (ASIC) and major banks. Australians also need to fully understand the octopus tentacles extend to South Africa, US, Canada and the UK with the “Axis of Evil” being right here in London.

Some facts that were revealed: http://www.bellgully.com/newsletters/23financial/journals_4.asp

• The Bell Group Limited (TBGL), an Australian listed holding company, and its English subsidiary, had borrowed money from banks on an unsecured basis. The loans were guaranteed by various members of its corporate group.

• TGBL subsequently suffered financial difficulties. It entered into a refinancing transaction with the banks, pursuant to which:
o the term was extended;
o the banks took guarantees and security over principal assets from many members of the group; and
o the borrower and the guarantors undertook that all asset sale proceeds would be used toward repayment of the bank debt or would be paid into escrow.
• Most of the refinancing documents were executed in early 1990. In April 1991, TBGL appointed provisional liquidators, and the banks realised the assets subject to their security. TBGL and a number of its subsidiaries, the liquidators, and the trustee for the bondholders, sued the banks.
• They alleged, among other things, that the companies were insolvent when they entered into the refinancing transaction and gave the securities, and that their directors were in breach of their directors' duties. They claimed the banks were aware of the breach, and consequently were liable as constructive trustees to return the proceeds of realisation of the securities, and the refinancing transaction should be set aside.
• Further, there were various claims that the banks' conduct amounted to an equitable fraud on the companies and their creditors, including the bondholders, and claims that the security should be set aside under bankruptcy legislation as it then affected Australian corporations (the law has since changed).
The court findings:
• TBGL and its subsidiaries were insolvent when they entered the refinancing transaction and gave securities;
• the directors knew or should have known that the companies were insolvent, or nearly insolvent;
• entering into the transaction and giving the securities involved a breach of the directors' duties (specifically, the duty to act in the company's best interests); and
• the banks knew of that breach, and were therefore liable as constructive trustees.
Practical application of the lessons learned
The decision of the court included the following advice:

As you will find from Gordon’s forensic evidence the whole process of massive corporate fraud is linked directly to the banks and to certain politicians or their respective parties who stand to gain a huge injection of funds into their own election campaigns. This massive fraud is now part of most western countries infrastructure. When such failures occur under the watchful eye of the Governments and the Banks it gets passed on to the taxpayers and is given the title of “Toxic Debt”……..it is no accident but rather a very well planned maneuver to “Asset Strip” many companies. It is the accumulation of these practices that caused the world’s financial meltdown which continues to this day. It is also what lies behind to collapse of countries such as Iceland, Greece, Ireland and now Portugal with others still remaining in a precarious position.

I would also add to this summary the fact that a second “Financial Tsunami Wave” will again hit Europe and that anyone who has US Dollars as an investment should part with them without delay.

One major cause of the ongoing downturn, hike in fuel prices and cost of living rises is the fact that the US, UK and France in particular keep engaging in wars and conflicts which automatically put up the price of a barrel of oil. The other factor is that these countries can simply print more money without reducing their national debt…….as an example the US is currently in debt to the tune of $15 trillion which is totally unsustainable in the short term of in the future coming years and yet they just simply keep printing off money!

The war in Libya has certainly caused such a hike in fuel and the cost of living and now they have Syria in mind with possible Iran as their final target - this was discussed in my article dated 1/4/2011- US and UK Governments extend their talons over Libya - Part 16 which you can find on the following link:

In this eye opening article former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe – General Wesley Clark gave details of his conversations held in the Pentagon some years ago. Clark served in the US Military from 1966-2000 and who also became a potential US Presidential candidate in the 2004…..clearly a very credible person who revealed this master plan to take over the three remaining problem areas in the Middle East (Libya, Syria and Iran) within a timescale of between 5 – 10 years!!!
So without delay let’s now print Gordon Bowden’s latest report on Alan and Craig Bond as well as other massive Australian fraud:

Remember to watch ABC 4 Corners “Bad Company” to gain a true insight as to how it all comes together. The example in this fine documentary shows just one example of what is going on. Gordon and I could make an entire series like this if someone would like to come forward and fund such a project or even set up a company that Gordon and I could help protect potential investors……..now there a challenge for you.
Start of Gordon’s communication:


Convicted Australian $Billion fraudster ALAN & his son CRAIG BOND the instant Multi- Millionaires.

Well Peter.
Let me enlighten the trusting poor people of Australia, here are a few forensic facts that will give great cause for concern for the defrauded thousands of little private investors of the defunct Bell Corporation.

Why ?

Well Peter, it calls into question the professional integrity and Intelligence of the Australian Police, professional
Due-Diligence by experts of the Financial Services Authorities (ASIC) and Government Party MP's, who must be knowingly protecting those who fund Political Party's with "Dirty Money" the proceeds of crime money from their International Organised network.

The visual CLUES are all here.

The expose by Investigative Journalists in June 2008

or the Australian published articles.

The templates for how Alan and Graig Bond, their family and their extended common network of conspiring Directors have made Hundreds of Billions from "Worthless" plots of Dirt, so called high grade resourced Diamond Mines and soon to go into production Oil "Exploration" Companies.

Just like the DRD & JCI "RAWAS" Mine scam, they are nothing more than historical abandoned Capped EMPTY Oil Wells, worked-out mines, Care and Maintenance Mines, abandoned and Flooded Mines or just "Smoke and Mirrors" "Virtual" Mine Companies.

But, that's why, ex Military Intelligence officer John Stratton the director of over 130 Companies more than 80 delist financially collapsed when confronted by the reporter in

Said. I Quote:



The ABANDONED Address of a network of Common Director "EXPLORATION" Oil and Gas and Mining Companies

I will explain LATER below.

So, how is $3m in debt GLOBAL DIAMOND RESOURCES PLC doing
Why not track down and ask ALAN and GRAIG Bonds partners MORVEN HAY, PETER JAMES and ROBERT JENKINS
The interlocked company and common Directors of:
Oh Dear! like METOREX LTD another Financially collapsed Company that cost UK, and World Banks and investors £Billions.

So, how, to whom and WHERE did ALAN BOND launder over $1billion of his Bell Corporation assets, he it is written suffered a severe case of "Amnesia"

The Defrauded Australian Investors of the BOND Family should insist the Authorities look here:

and the 4 VIP Directors of:

the abandoned LONRHO Address (Just like 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE.PERTH)
The HQ address of LONRHO Group.
and over 300 Fake, fraud money laundering AIM .L.S.E. "Exploration" Cash Shells and Common Director.
and his very close group of Conspiring Directors most ex JCI and DRD Directors.

So, HOW ? do you Launder $Billions of Company Cash Assets, certainly not without the assistance the Board of Directors
Like those of JCI & DRD and the Transfer agents, Major BANKS.

Well Peter, here are a few corporate Company facts the Australians and others should know, and for that you will have to travel to the Financial Capital of the Western World, LONDON UK.

These forensic facts will cause great mental and physical concerns to many Politicians, in Australia, UK, South Africa, Canada and the USA.


Companies House Number 03993235
Incorporation date: 15 May 2000
Previous Company Names:
CASHLAND LIMITED changed 06 March 2001
MONEYLAND LIMITED changed 21 September 2000

There are 70 Registered Archived Company Documents.

The recorded People connected to the Company include:


Charges / Mortgages against this Company

And if you check, the same COMMON service address of a network of interconnected "EXPLORATION" Companies.

55 St James Street London SW1A 1LA

Well Peter, if you check the following UK Directorship Listing;

is also a recorded Director of:


a group Subsidiary of:

That should stir a few Thousand AUSTRALIAN defrauded Investors into phoning the Authorities for ANSWERS.

But you might say, this is perhaps a different CRAIG BOND

No, it's the same one, for Legal Company Documents don't lie.

Because Mr. MORVEN CHARLES HAY is also a Director.



and that Peter is yet another SCANDAL story that will rock the very foundation of a CLOSE network of "Secret Handshake" VIP's in Australia, UK, CANADA and the USA.

Just a little more forensic Truth on the VIP's involved in massive fraud, theft, asset stripping, corporate espionage, and Money Laundering
Yes just "Grime and Slime"


End of Gordon’s communication.

Mr. Bond spent almost four years in jail for defrauding Bell Resources of $1.2 billion. He has since returned to BRW's 200 richest people list.
The group, which owned substantial mining interests, was left high and dry after the 20 banks it owed money to sold its assets for $280 million, pocketing $260 million.
The Judge Justice Owen, awarded $1.5 billion to creditors. He found the banks were not liable for fraud even though they lent money to an insolvent company and it is clear from the above information that the banks were certainly fraudulent in their activities and duty of care.It would appear that this case is still not finished as the banks are still hoping to fight back and recover as much as they possibly can from yet another appeal.

Bell Group liquidators have cross-appealed, claiming the banks were liable as knowing participants in alleged breaches of duty by Bell Group directors and that the security transactions - the handing of assets to the banks - were unconscionable bargains.If any of the smaller creditors wish to take some sort of class action against the existing Bell Group Liquidators or the banks they can certainly contact both Gordon and myself via the publishers of this article who have my email.
Watch out for the next person in Australia Gordon and I will target

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 8/5/2011

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