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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Hollies Case will open up a hornet’s nest

We are at last starting to see some dramatic steps being taken by those that want to expose the satanic activities of the “Aberdeen Peodophile Ring.” I am pleased to announce that things are slowly starting to take shape in this long running battle with the corrupt Scottish legal system.

Hollie and her mum Anne had to flee Scotland after they were constantly intimidated. The Scottish Authority and Legal System, Grampian Police and the Health and Welfare Authorities of Aberdeen carried out a systematic harassment strategy in the hope to silence this Down Syndrome child (now a women) and her mum causing them to flee to England.

What had been confined to being a pure Scottish issue then spread across the border when Shropshire local government also started the same tactics with the help of the local police. Now we have a joint venture plot by both the Scottish and English corrupt system to make sure that this terrible case of peodophilia gang rape and murder does not get to court.

I think the authorities and police at both locations are about to get a major shock in underestimating the power of individuals to fight the system. People now fully understand the size and scope of this peodophilia ring that stems from Scotland all the way down to Westminster…..it involves almost all walks of life from the high ranking Sheriff of Aberdeen, Graeme Buchanan to health workers, police, medical staff, care workers, educational staff and many members of the Freemasons. It also revealed a massive cover up by the First Minister for Scotland, Alex Salmond, The Lord Advocate for Scotland - Elish Frances Angiolini and the notorious Justice Secretary for Scotland - Kenny MacAskill.

Let’s fully understand that this was not a simple case to put before the courts but a case involving brutal gang rape. Hollies suffered terrible pain at the hands of these animals. She was raped both back and front until she bled and also had the embarrassment of having to deal with a sexually transmitted disease as a direct result of these activities. Then there was the murder of her Uncle Robert which was totally covered up by the Grampian Police and made to look like a suicide. Other children also became the victims to this same group. Hollie surrendered a list of victims to the police who did absolutely nothing.

We now understand the pain that Hollie and her mum have lived with for well over twenty years and with the help of Robert Green and members of Hollie’s Army thing are starting to chip away at the foundation of this big Scottish cover-up.

Robert had applied for legal aid, which was refuse,d but now we are happy to announce that this has been overturned and Robert now has the services of a good quality lawyer…….as we have always said “This will not go away.”

Whilst Hollie and Anne were on holiday recently the Shropshire Council and Local Police very carefully orchestrated a raid on their house. They trashed the interior and stole their computer which to this day has not been returned…….it is clearly evident that this corruption has now crossed border into Shropshire and yet the boys at Westminster still remain silent and do nothing……….this case must surely now involve Scotland Yard since the corruption is now taking place in Shropshire?

I can also announce that a local member of Parliament in Roberts’s constituency is now helping with this fight for justice. The following is a letter sent by David Mowat MP for Warrington South (Roberts MP). This MP is the first one to start to do something constructive in Hollie’s case and shows a man who has compassion as well as being extremely brave. I also have to say that Robert Green also continues to be brave in standing up to authority in such a way, despite being arrested twice by the police. This is not just about Hollie; it’s for all the abused children in the UK.




Chief Constable Colin McKerracher QPM. LLB.,

Grampian Police Headquarters,

Queen Street


AB10 1ZA

9 June 2010

Dear Chief Constable McKerracher

I am writing to you today to express my concerns regarding the arrest of a constituent of mine, Mr. Robert Green.

On 13thFebruary, whilst Mr. Robert Green was being held in custody by your officers in Aberdeen, Grampian Police raided Mr. Green’s home in Warrington alongside two police officers from the Cheshire Constabulary: an unusual action considering that Mr. Green was being held on a Breach of the Peace charge. When Mr. Green enquired with Warrington Magistrates to see if they had a copy of the warrant they did not have one. The Cheshire Police also did not have a copy of the warrant. When Cheshire Police contacted Detective Sergeant Brian Geddes, who led the raid, they were given an assurance that a copy would be posted to Mr. Green without delay. This copy still has not arrived.

My Parliamentary colleague Owen Paterson MP wrote to a Ms Louise Stanley at Grampian Police to express his concern that many of the documents seized during that raid were personal documents belonging to a constituent of his and relating to a possible legal action against Grampian Police. Ms Stanley informed him that the warrant had been arranged by a “PC Greades”. Further investigations have shown that “PC Greades” was in fact PC Vreades, but PC Vreades denies any knowledge of such a document and claims that as he has only been a Constable for 4 years, he would not have had the authority to issue such a document anyway.

I am willing to accept that there may be a perfectly innocent explanation for what has occurred, however given my constituent’s past dealings with your force I believe it is vital that there is no suggestion that Grampian Police are acting in any way improperly. To that end I would be grateful if you could give me, in writing, an explanation of your version of events, including addressing why Grampian Police thought it necessary to raid a property in connection with a relatively minor offence and which officer submitted the warrant for the raid. It would be helpful if you could also provide copies of the warrant to both myself and to Mr. Green.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter. I look forward to reading your response. I can be contacted at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

Yours Sincerely

David Mowat MP

Warrington South

We now have at last a potential showdown between the political sector and the Grampian Police….this will put tremendous pressure on the Scottish Government, its corrupt legal system and the authorities in Aberdeen. Obviously this same pressure will now apply to the authorities in Shropshire and the local police there.

I am so happy to be able to support this worthy cause and at the same time wait with great excitement at the possible outcome of this case.

I will also add in this article some comments made by Paul Malpas on his blog which came with the following heading:

Paedophilia: The Hollie Greig Scandal, The Dunblane Massacre & the Scottish Cabal:

For months we in Ireland have been scratching our heads, worrying and shouting out about the cover-up that has been going on within the Catholic Church regarding the abuse of children by ordained priests for the last 40 years or so. Well there is a bigger cover-up one that goes to the heart of civilized society as we know it. One that has massive political repercussions when it eventually does come out.

All weekend long I have been struggling with this story that I know is there but needs the right slant. With all the legal fears of publishing the truth, the papers in Britain have been hamstrung these last 15 years with dealing with this string of events. The web is full of it, but every now and then, when an article crosses a particular line, the article or website is removed. As you trawl through the web on this subject the more you see of the captions This page cannot be found or This page is lost.

So all I am going to do with this posting is to relate a few historical facts and give you a few web sites for you to wander through and ask you to make up your own minds.
Paedophilia is rife all over the world but never more so than in the higher echelons of English and Scottish society where it is possibly at the root of leading political thought and because most senior British politicians seem to be linked to Scotland, you could consider the fault lies completely in Scotland. The land where freemasonry is said to have originated in the late 16th century.

Thomas Watt Hamilton, a known paedophile, walks into Dunblane Junior School and shoots dead 16 children and one teacher, subsequent reporting links George Robertson, the then Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, with Hamilton. The subsequent Cullen Enquiry covers everything up and slaps a 100 year rule on its findings. Robertson went on to be Defence Secretary in Blair’s government and then Secretary General of Nato before disappearing off the radar in 2oo4. Subsequent to this enquiry and its 100 year rule reporting of paedophilia in high places was rife in the British press before Tony Blair slapped a D notice on the papers and their editors forbidding them reporting on this matter and citing the oncoming war in Iraq and the damage this would have on military personnel. So the continued exposure suddenly stopped in 2003 and is now reawakening.

The names that keep cropping up and in no particular order or culpability are:-
Graeme Buchanan, Sherriff of Aberdeen.
Terry Major, a senior police officer with Grampian Police
Eilish Frances Angiolini, Lord Advocate of Scotland.
Dennis Charles Mackie, Hollie’s father and now resident in Portugal
Operation Ore, the police investigation into paedophiles on the web.
Robert Greig, Hollie’s uncle, found dead in a burning car in 1997.
Edinburgh University.
The Speculative Society, a mason’s lodge founded in Edinburgh University.
Peter Mandelson, Brown and Blair’s right hand man.
Lord Cullen, now Scotland’s senior judge.
Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Britain.
George Robertson, one time Secretary General of NATO and now director of several large companies.
The FBI.
So there you have it…….all in black and white and available for you to read and draw up your own conclusions. One thing for sure is that Hollie’s Army will continue to support Hollie, Anne and Robert until their day will come when this goes to court and some of the key players are removed from office……especially that of the Sheriff of Aberdeen - Graeme Buchanan…..its rather a shame that the ancient ritual of being “Hung, Drawn and Quartered” is no longer a punishment for such evil people.
Bless you Hollie

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 15/6/2010

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