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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

How to obtain justice for the people of Palestine

Despite the horrors of the 2008/9 attack on Gaza and the regular ongoing bombings and incursions of the strip, despite the world’s outrage and extensive media coverage, despite the daily breaches of war crimes and human rights, despite the Goldstone report and despite the latest high seas drama’s the United Nations and the world just simply looks on and the blockade continues.

We have seen millions of dollars poured into the many campaigns to break the siege of Gaza and we have seen all of this money simply pass into the hands of the Israelis who confiscate everything. I am positive that the most effective way of helping the people of Palestine is to focus now on setting up an “Independent International Court of Justice” to start a class action against the Israeli Government and in particular those responsible for war crimes or breaches of human rights.

Recently we saw the previous British Government under Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his pro Israeli side kick David Miliband attempt to stop anyone from taking action against visiting Israeli dignitaries who may be responsible for such crimes. If we can recall Tzipi Livni had to cancel such a trip to London when there was a distinct possibility of an attempted private arrest. We also saw a similar situation in Kuala Lumpur recently when someone attempted to serve notice on Tony Blair at a conference.

I would therefore like to see the vast sums of money that are currently donated put to better use in the formation of a London based “Independent International Court of Justice” specifically to fight for justice for the people of Palestine and its full sovereignty. We have seen such activity take place in Malaysia with the formation of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission and the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal which is currently focusing on Iraqi war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Leuren Moret (an American scientist) and I have already filed a War Crimes Complaint with the above in Kuala Lumpur, along with factual supporting evidence that will reveal the truth behind the Iraq War and the suffering of its people. Our complaint has been filed for and on behalf of the people of Iraq to show a much bigger picture of genocide on a massive scale that has now gone far beyond the borders of Iraq.

We have both been working tirelessly on an updated version of this report which has now taken almost 6 months to complete. Unfortunately for Leuren she has been subjected to a whole range of CIA cyber attacks that would test the resolve of any human being. Leuren is a very strong willed woman and between us we will make sure that this story hits the headlines very soon. Despite the repeated setbacks and attacks the document is now almost totally complete and cannot be stopped.
A senior lawyer has looked at our work and hailed it as substantially and extremely convincing. We both feel that this legal document cannot be challenged in a court of law. To ensure delivery of this document it has been duplicated to many locations to make sure that it will be distributed to the world’s media for the public to read.

I have to confess that it is extremely disturbing to read and will shock and upset many many people around the world. It will reduce some people to tears and in other cases enrage people to take action against those responsible. Leuren and I would like this substantial report to be used as a template for use in other such cases where this ongoing genocide is currently taking place. Hopefully after it has been used by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal it can be recycled to fight for all the victims of other war zones such as the Balkans, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and Gaza etc.

One must also understand that this genocide has extended well beyond the borders of the above areas of conflict and therefore continues on its deadly path around the world. I can assure you that this genocide makes the Holocaust appear miniscule by comparison and will reveal that the US, UK, NATO and IDF forces have and continue to use “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in the form of mini nukes in all past and current theaters of war. In the case of Israel they have also now contaminated the whole of Israel and their own people with dramatic rises in many forms of cancer, diabetes and infertility etc. Add to this the suffering and consequent deaths off all military personnel that have served in the conflict zones and who have since succumbed to what they call “The Gulf War Syndrome.”

Leuren and I feel that this activity, which is the brainchild of the so called “New World Order”, must be stopped without delay and all weapons that contain any uranium component must be prohibited immediately. The Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) currently being spearheaded by Obama is an absolute farce and Leuren and I sincerely hope that in making this report public will prove to the world the truth behind their evil ways. The “Axis of Evil” is not in some distance land such as Iran, North Korea or even Myanmar but right here in the west.

I would therefore like to return to the subject of setting up an “Independent International Court of Justice” in London. I personally would like to assist in the establishment of such an entity and in doing so eliminate the many corrupt inquiries that currently take place. They in general serve no purpose other than wasting huge sums of money with an outcome/verdict that is carefully orchestrated to make it appear that justice is being done, whilst at the same time clearing those named. A classic example of this was the inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly, the failed Matrix Churchill Inquiry, the Scott Inquiry, the Hutton Inquiry and so many others are all government manipulated propaganda exercises. One of the above inquires for instance would have raised the issue of three stolen nuclear bombs that had been shipped from South Africa to Oman. The more recent “False Flag” Chilcott Inquiry to clear Tony Blair and all those involved in going to war in Iraq is a typical example of failed British justice. One must also add to this list the pathetic Goldstone Report on Gaza and the current Bertrand Russell Inquiry on the war in Iraq.

In all cases they serves no purpose other than telling us what we already know and when one looks into the background structure of such inquiries and those participating one can clearly see direct involvement by either the government, the secret service or the pro Israeli lobby group. The Chilcott Inquiry for instance operated directly out of the cabinet office and yet it was supposed to be an open and transparent independent inquiry. If we can recall it appeared that all the questions were known to those being cross examined and accordingly they had at their fingertips the well rehearsed answers.

For a very long time I have studied how such an “Independent International Court of Justice” in London would work and how the participants could be vetted to ensure justice and truth for all the victims in Palestine.

As I have already said its initial focus would be on war crimes or human rights violations in Palestine (that have been carefully documented). It would then have the ability to flow on to all the other many legal issues concerning Palestine. It would act as an overseas arm to strengthen the current attempts by the Palestinian Authority to gain full sovereignty by having the ability to raise all the current legal issues in Palestine and could cover the illegality of the Oslo Accord, the lack of a legal Maritime International Border and Exclusive Economic Zone for Gaza (Palestine), the illegality of current offshore oil and gas exploration and production by Israel, the illegality of the current fishing limits imposed by Israel, the legal ownership of current and future offshore and onshore oil and gas reserves etc.

It could also challenge the current illegal onshore borders inflicted on the Palestinians by the Israelis and also the fact that only one third of the current Palestinian West Bank belongs to Palestine and the rest is totally under the control of the Israeli occupation forces.

Such an organization could also push for direct dialogue between the Palestinians (including the local government of Gaza) and the United Nations, UNCLOS and the ICJ. Its main purpose would be to bypass any direct discussion with Israel and channel everything via the UN in order to reach a successful outcome in Palestine becoming a Sovereign State.
This would also entail the use of UN peacekeeping forces (Blue Helmets) who would have to be placed on both side off all borders in order to lift the embargo/blockade totally and permanently. We have seen such activity take place after the Lebanon conflict in 2006 so I would ask the question why doesn’t the same policy apply to Palestine.

I would therefore urge the Palestine Telegraph to help form such a legal entity and then to encourage the world to donate to a cause that will certainly benefit the people of Palestine. It will not be an organization that is infiltrated with CIA/Mossad operatives, pro Israeli supporters, Christian Zionist or Jewish Zionist. It would consist of a carefully profiled team of legal experts who would independently assist the people of Palestine to move forward and end the current occupation and siege. No money would end up in the hands of the Israelis and all money would go directly to the people of Palestine.

So this is my challenge to the Palestine Telegraph and all those people worldwide who currently support a “Free Gaza” and a “Free Palestine. The only way to fight this now is via the “International Court System.” As far as war crimes are concerned or other violations of human rights, those responsible will be named and shamed and put before the “Independent International Court of Justice.”

In the event that those charged fail to appear then there will be a trial “In Absentia” for which the tribunal will pass a verdict and the appropriate sentence. Hopefully once this has been achieved those responsible that arrive on the shores of the United Kingdom with be served with the appropriate paperwork and arrested.

So there you have it…….all we need now is for the Palestine Telegraph to help promote such activity and for anyone from the Arab League to donate appropriate sums of money to help their brothers in Palestine. Once the costs for the administrative infrastructure is in place we can then call upon the world to start donating money to truly “Free Gaza” knowing that all donations are protected from vermin. Running an “International NGO” is all about running a successful enterprise that brings results and “Reaches the target group”……..if this is formed and run as a professional “Legal Entity” it cannot fail.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 8/6/2010

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