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Thank you for joining my space. The world is truly a remarkable and beautiful place but somehow we have lost our direction. Why can't we all get on together and live in peace? Why so much agression and no compassion or love for each other? Why do our leaders want to wage war in order to gain an economic advantage in controlling the natural resources of our planet? Why do such nations as the USA allow the manufacturing of weapons containing uranium components and yet profess that they are promoting disarmament? Who do they, the UK, European Countries and Israel insist in using these WMD's. I sincerely wanted to welcome you all in such a very nice and gentle way but I carry so much pain for the innocent men, women and children of past and current war zones that have sucumbed to these evil uranium weapons. We must all try to prohibit DU/EU or any other "Dirty Weapon" and learn to live in peace. We in the west have to close all bases that exist on Islamic soil and learn to trade instead of fighting. So I again welcome you to "Peter's Space" If you support war in any shape or form please do not enter my space. If you are a Christian Zionist or Jewish Zionist please do not enter my space. If however you are against war and any form of intimidation you are most welcome to take over my space.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Now the truth as to why the west is in Afghanistan

Every since the Russians invaded Afghanistan if was evident that incredible wealth lay beneath its soils such as oil, gas, uranium, gold, copper and many other precious metals. On top of this was the extremely lucrative opium trade that has been the backbone of many large international banks.

As an example I was informed of this incredible wealth over 20 years ago whilst working in the oil, gas and mining industry. The Russians have a wealth of information in their archives in Moscow and the US have been monitoring this wealth over many years with an in depth study taking place soon after they invaded Afghanistan. Take the area around Kabul….an extensive copper belt extends from southeast Kabul up the eastern side and reaching up and around the US Bagram air base and one can normally associate the existence of copper with that of gold etc.

When one adds to this the US proposed gas pipeline – Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India (TAPI) which is worth trillion of dollars to the US economy we can truly see the main reason for the US, UK and NATO forces involvement in Afghanistan.

I would again as the question why are all the coalition forces directing their fighting in the provinces of Heart, Helmand and Kandahar? The answer is because it’s the centre of the Opium trade and requires protection and is also the expected transit route for the TAPI pipeline………get the picture?

Now we suddenly get a massive press campaign, headed by the US, to draw to the attention of the world this incredible wealth and future prosperity for Afghanistan. I would add to this that there is no prosperity for Afghanistan but rather prosperity for the US, UK and Coalition companies that will rape this war torn country of all that it possesses. Why would the US suddenly start this media campaign when their Geologists have always known about these hidden resources and have been mapping it all out since pre 2005?

Let’s look at a typical headline (NYT 13/6/2010):

U.S. Identifies Vast Mineral Riches in Afghanistan
The United States has discovered nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan, far beyond any previously known reserves and enough to fundamentally alter the Afghan economy and perhaps the Afghan war itself, according to senior American government officials.
The previously unknown deposits — including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium — are so big and include so many minerals that are essential to modern industry that Afghanistan could eventually be transformed into one of the most important mining centers in the world, the United States officials believe.

The vast scale of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth was discovered by a small team of Pentagon officials and American geologists. The Afghan government and President Hamid Karzai were recently briefed, American officials said.
Do you believe this political spin and do you think this will bring the long awaited prosperity to the people of Afghanistan? From my perspective, having seen the west rape almost every other country of such wealth, I think the answer is sadly most definitely not.

Let’s look at the west’s involvement in Sierra Leone when the British Government raped that country of all its precious resources and left it for dead……can you see the prosperity they left behind? Then you have the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that likewise has and is still being raped of its incredible wealth in diamonds and gold etc…….can you see prosperity in the DRC?.....the answer to both is no. What you do see however is the genocide of over 8 – 10 million people! Did we see any whites die whilst they were raping these countries? Yes we saw a small handful of extremely rich whites get murdered but only because they were taking the finer quality diamonds out of the country by helicopter without declaring them.
So let’s look deeper into this “False flag announcement” that a small group of US experts have suddenly just found this incredible wealth that could extend into trillions of dollars. Do you really believe this story? Do you really believe that they have only just discovered this huge wealth?

The wealth that lies beneath any country is detected years in advance by the use of satellite technology. This is well documented and stored in the archives of almost every Government World Resources library and also held by every large US and UK oil, gas and mining company. That is why most wars and conflicts are pre determined and planned……its all part of the New World Order Geo Politics as to who gets the biggest slice of the resources cake and who gets the biggest slice of the world energy markets etc. It is not only extremely evil in its intention but also totally corrupt.

When you look at this web of deceit you see sitting there the same major players, the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller's, the Builderberg Group and the Wall Street and London City Bankers etc………if you want to know which banks are involved around the world, just take a look at the major banks that didn’t need bailing out…..then you have the answer.

So was this war in Afghanistan all about making the streets of the west safe? Most certainly not! Was it to do with bringing democracy to Afghanistan? Most certainly not! So will it bring prosperity to the people of Afghanistan……most certainly not!.......who will be the winners in this evil game?.....yes you guessed right the US, UK and coalition countries.

I would like to bring to your attention the reality and gravity of the current situation in Afghanistan and what is the truth behind what we in the West have actually done for this poverty stricken country.

With the compliments of the United States of America they have developed one of the most lucrative exports in the world…….that of military weapons and hardware. They have blasted Afghanistan with nuclear weapons since the start of the war and continue to do so. They have also extended this war over the border into Pakistan and at the same time invoked unrest in that country by placing their Special Forces to carry out disruptive covert operation. As we learnt not so long ago, four of these US Special Forces were captured (dressed like Taliban fighters) causing disruption in the northwest. Believe me many of the bombings that take place around the world are typical of their “False Flag” strategy to create chaos whilst at the same time blaming the notorious Al Qaeda (who do not exist anyway).

As they have done in Iraq and other areas, the US has provided most of the current high tech weaponry for their own military and coalition forces. These weapons mainly contain uranium components and in some cases they actual use nuclear weapons (Tora Bora) with the added introduction of 4th generation nuclear weapons.

So what will we be leaving the Afghans when and if we pull out? We will only leave them death and destruction. We will leave them the legacy that we in the west have killed not only the genetics of their people but also the genetics of their entire seed crop…..just like they did in Iraq. So what does this all amount too?

Sadly it means the very slow and progressive genocide of its people and untold suffering. I can sense you asking, will this subside? Will things get better? Will the Afghans benefit from their hidden wealth?........I am sorry to say the answer is no.
What is rather ironic about this extremely sad story of imperialistic greed is the fact that the weapons that continue to be used are continuously spreading their radioactive aerosols on the wind to other downwind countries as far afield as China, SE Asia and Japan etc. These toxic nano particles of Depleted Uranium are slowly spreading around the globe.

Leuren Moret and I have been working on a War Crimes Complaints for over 7 months which has already been filed with the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission at the end of last year. We are both modifying this evidence and will soon make it available to the world media. The report will contain over 80 pages of war crimes with all the supporting evidence and cannot be stopped as it has been duplicated in many forms and distributed to other third parties for safe keeping.

As concerned citizens, living in this beautiful biosphere called mother earth, Leuren and I feel it is our duty to bring this terrible mass depopulation plan (or should I say this New World Order Genocide) to the attention of the world. We can but hope that you, the residents of mother earth, have the ability to say enough is enough.

We the citizens have to take back our countries from these mongrels and prohibit the use of all weapons that contain any trace of uranium in their build. I must emphasize that the existing Obama NPT is an absolute con and people must read between the lines and realize that they are currently developing in mass….much smaller mini nukes.

Finally to put things into perspective the west has released into the atmosphere, up to the current time (and continue to do so), the global catastrophic impact of radiation equivalent to hundreds of thousands of Nagasaki bombs. This radiation has been released into the atmosphere from depleted uranium weapons in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and Gaza with additional possible usage of 4th generation nuclear weapons in Lebanon and Gaza. You may also be surprised to learnt that the US has, and will continue to use, these weapons in Yemen and Somalia with the usual array of behind the scenes Special Forces activity. This is not a conspiracy it is fact!

These activities are still ongoing in Gaza (Palestine) and consequently the people of Israel itself (the contributors) and all adjacent Middle Eastern countries and beyond have now become the indiscriminate victims of such weaponry.

Remember that DU directly attacks the brain and in particular the very DNA of life itself, therefore a baby that is born with a DNA mutations and all future generations produced from that damaged DNA will carry those defects. The DNA cannot repair itself and DU remains in the environment for 4.5 billion years.

To all the people that have succumbed to these evil western weapons all I can say is I truly feel your intense pain. To all the soldiers that left their respective countries to fight these so called wars of democracy please understand two things….1.That your country is only interested in economic greed and 2. That your government placed you all in a highly contaminated arena knowing the consequences. Henry Kissinger once summed up the governments attitude to our brave when he made the following statement: “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Leuren and I are still trying to release the War Crimes Complaint under a deluge of cyber attacks by the secret services…..it is in its final stages now and I repeat it cannot be stopped………keep watching this space.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/6/2010

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