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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Pandora's Box opens up more Grime - Part 7

Despite a few small interruptions and minor set backs we continue down the money trail and reveal more massive fraud that is all part and parcel of the orchestrated collapse of the world’s economy.

Gordon Bowden continues with his story as per below:

The key word to understanding the content of this series is:


Control of the Strategic Resources in the World.



When you have control, you can steal it, manipulate the price and regulate it's availability, you don't even have to mine it.

All you need is the Mining Claim rights bought for a couple of Grand over a limited period, say 2 years, to conduct "Exploration" Drilling. To start a Company, raise the founding Capital "Millions" Drill (Do they really) and release spectacular "Results" via RNS' Raise More Capital, Dual stock exchange List, so your capital raising can double, include "Subsidiary" Companies, which even have the SAME Directors.

Capital Cash Burn "Directors Salaries" and purchase of other worthless "ASSETS" which the directors OWN over a couple of years, Money Gone, Reverse Takeover by an Affiliated Company, Name Change, Start all over again.

In the "Virtual" Smoke & Mirrors" BIG GAME by named and identified elite, to gain CONTROL you have to run the Company.
(Remember ABC 4 Corners "BAD COMPANY)

Not just run the Company, Run the Country.

Unfortunately for the Crown Monarch Rulers, their extending entourage of descendants, Lords Ladies and their Political serfs, in England, Europe and the United States Political elite, the Commonwealth control of Africa had slipped, it's Mineral wealth had to be controlled by deceit.

The Strategic Resources are situated throughout the World located mostly in Non Sovereign Countries; most have had non friendly and unstable governments.
To the Robber Barons, this was and is the perfect chess game strategy for, CONTROL.

A game of High Risk.

Let me explain one just 1 Example, fully recorded and documented.


One of the founding members, ex SAS Commander. Simon Mann
Recently released from imprisonment from Equatorial Guinea for attempting with a large group of ex South African Special Forces Mercenaries, to overthrow the Government of Equatorial
Guinea for a group of financial VIP elitists here in the United Kingdom to gain political control of their valuable Assets, their OIL.

The Prize: CONTROL of the OIL and GOLD, DIAMONDS and mineral mining Rights.

To explain:
The mercenary arm of a vast network of British South African Special Forces, Intelligence operatives as per Justin Longley (Nephew of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove) a recorded Manager of DIAMONDWORKS LTD "OLD"from MI5, MI6, Police and the CIA.
Reported as the current cataclysmic destabilization of Africa, on behalf of financial circles associated with the Queen of England's Privi Council and Sir George Bush.

Preliminary investigations by others, have determined Executive Outcomes lies at the centre of the British Monarch's Strategic Minerals Cartels and Secret Intelligence Operations operating with George Bush's rogue CIA groups.

With tacit British / US / BELGIAN Government and Monarchy support, they were Incorporated offshore, on the Isle of Man in 1993 by ex SAS Commander Anthony "Tony" Buckingham and his ex SAS Commander partner Simon Mann.

The Political cover and operational Instructions were possible supplied by Sir David Steel, a former leader of the Liberal Party. Steel was of course a very close friend of Tony Buckingham and on the Board of Directors with Buckingham in Executive Outcomes Sister Company:
HERITAGE OIL and GAS. (Secret South African Disruption)
In 1977 Sir David Steel was the youngest member of the PRIVY COUNCIL.

Executive Outcomes was morphed out of SANDLINE INTERNATIONAL.
Their International clandestine operations to ensure Africa remained destabilized by supplying weapons and Munitions to "BOTH" sides in any regional conflict in a WIN-WIN Situation active in 13 African Countries.
For their Mercenary services they demand franchise on the export of raw resources, particularly OIL, GOLD, DIAMONDS, COBALT all the known strategic minerals.

These Covert Companies are all identified as previously explained, in the South African "Secret" Dossiers
Produced by the South African National Intelligence Agency during 1998

Executive Outcomes and Director Anthony Buckingham were also well known to and directly affiliated with Manfred Josef Zachel in his group visits to the Congo, especially to the Katanga region and their "Conflict" Blood Diamond Laundering and COBALT Theft rings who were identified as affiliated with METOREX Group and the Fronts for Executive Outcomes network.


From the TSX-V Company register. Incorporated 21 October 1982
De-listed 5 August 1998
Previous named CARSON GOLD CORP renamed on 19 October 1982
The Directors included:
Anthony Roland Buckingham
Eric V Friedland
Robert J Gallagher
Jonathan Challis
Beverly D Downing
Who is recorded as the Corporate Secretary and Director of other failed entities as:
Cadre Resources Ltd
Caerus Resources Corporation
Diamond Fields Resources Inc
affiliated to Robert Martin Friedland and Jean Raymond Boulle

Jean- Raymond Boulle of course is the leading force in
Walter Kansteiner 111 son of a COLTAN Trader
Baroness Valerie Amos
and it's 100% Subsidiary SIERRA RUTILE LTD
Listed as but one of the Covert Government Protected Laundering Fronts in:
(Secret South African Disruption)
Sir Samuel Esson Jonah who operated most of his front Companies out of
With ex Military Intelligence Officer.
John Stratton


Coincidence, I don't think so.


End of Gordon’s story

We are now getting towards the end of the Pandora’s Box series and soon you will see how this all interconnects with “The New World Order” the Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s and the major banking and financial institutions. However, there are still a few VIP’s to trash on the way so be patient and you will be rewarded.

I am sure we will continue fighting those that have created all the wars and who were responsible for the collapse of the world’s financial system. We will continue to fight “The Axis of Evil” but not in some far away place but closer to home in Wall Street and the City of London.

Perhaps it would be a good time to also reveal more of the illegal arms dealings!

Keep watching this space for more grime and slime

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