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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Pandora’s Box opens up more Grime - Part 9

We are slowly starting to climb up the political and financial tree of massive fraud and obviously this will take us to the dizzy heights of the "New World Order"........on the way to jail we have already passed GO in this game called Monopoly and taken a walk down Wall Street and the backdrops of the Commercial Sector in the City of London....we have paused for some time at 22 Arlington Street, London and briefly visited another new location on the 2nd Floor of 25 Berkeley Square, London (The latest address for Lonrho and their notorious gangster David Lenigas).
t certainly adds a new meaning to that famous old song " A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" except in this case the square has been taken over by a bird of prey, non other than the "Lonhro Eagle" with its talons flared ready to grab the next innocent investor.
As we near the end of this ten part series we can see the inner workings of "International Fraud" involving many high flying bandits and the many members of the political and financial elite, namely:

Ex Presidents
Ex Prime Ministers
House of Lords
Houses of Parliament
Major Financial Institutions
Major Banks
Oil - Gas - Mining Moguls
Large Corporate Bodies
Ex SAS Members
The list is endless.

So whilst our respective governments continue to rob the poor to give to the rich.....a sort of reverse minded "Corporate Robin Hood"......they start to cut back on the services and finances of the old and infirm.

What is amazing is the fact that Gordon Bowden has repeatedly tried to bring this to the attention of all the major political parties, local MP's, Serious Fraud Squad , The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and Local Police etc all to no avail.

Both Gordon and I, for the second time, went to our local MP Chris Williamson's workshop to explain our frustration and lack of interest. I told him that if the government is real about saving money why are they attacking the old and the poor? Why don't they attack all these massive fraudster and pull in massive amounts of money under the terms of the current law called "The Proceeds of Crime." I hate to use this term but its like "Peeing into the Wind."

Hopefully in the final article (Part 10) we will bring you evidence to show how hard we have tried to bring these evil scumbags to justice.......in the meantime sit down and enjoy more of Gordon's wonderful work:

Start of Gordon Bowden’s Brief:


How £billions are laundered out of the United Kingdom to Canada and Australia Selling nothing more than FRESH AIR.

Another interlinked Smoke & Mirrors "Exploration" Director only Company.
With some very very important names.

How Britain Directly Funded the election campaign of an American President and Collapsed a Thai Bank, all here in:

(A Bermuda registered Company and also a Canadian listed Company)

This Duel listed Company admitted to the L.S.E. AIM.
Publication of Admission Document 7 December 2006
In total 138 Pages
The Listed Directors:

Murray Hallen Clapham
Rahman Connelly
Doris Aileen Meyer
And this busy gent
Peter Bojtos

Senior Management
Mansur Geiger
Bardolf Paul

A total of 6

On page 15 one of the Beneficial Shareholders common to most of the fraud Companies being: RAB CAPITAL PLC and Lord Norman Lamont.

On page 16 it states: The Company, Together with its subsidiaries, had a total of 21 permanent employees’ as at 31 December 2005

Page 6 of the Admission DOCUMENT Shows the Complex Corporate structure.
In effect the 9 listed structures are the Cash Laundering Routes.

Page 9 under paragraph: Overview of Indonesia and Kalimantan a direct reference to a David Anthony Lenigas Company BDI Mining Corporation which it states along with the Rio Tinto operation is in "CLOSURE MODE"

On page 3 of the Admission Document it states that Kalimantan Gold entered into a Heads of agreement with OXIANA Limited.
An Australian Registered entity.

But, OXIANA Limited is not a single front Company, Oh No, things a little more complex here.
The Listed Directors.
Barry L Cusack
Owen L Hegarty
Ronald H Beevor
Peter W Cassidy
Michael A Eager
Brian Jamieson

Under a simple Company name like Oxiana there's another maze of incorporated laundering channel subsidiaries, they are:

Oxiana Agincourt Holdings Pty Ltd
Oxiana Insurance Pte Ltd
Agincourt Resources Limited
Agincourt Resources (Martabe) Pty Ltd
Agincourt Resources (Singapore) Pte Ltd
PT Agincourt Resources
PT Artha Nugraha Agung
Wiluna Operations Limited
Agincourt Resources (Exploration) Pty Ltd
Gowit Developments Pty Ltd
Nova Energy Limited
Nova Energy (Africa) Pty Ltd
Nova Energy (Namibia) Pty Ltd
Oxiana Finance (Holdings) Pty Ltd
Oxiana Finance Pty Ltd
Navakun Mining Company Limited.

So, where's the Naughty stuff, the Links to the BAD BOY'S, the juicy Fraud, theft, corruption, Insider Trading.

Here it is: The Canadian TSX-V Listing of the same Company:

The Forensic Document Details the UK and International Private Investors and BANKS are ignorant off and the FAILURE of the United Kingdom Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Services Authorities, The Due Diligence Experts of the London Stock Exchange and our Secret Intelligence Services.

Well, that is, unless some Heads of Departments are in the PAY of the big Boys running this, the largest Fraud and Organised Crime group in History.


You see, there's a few more Directors Here, more than 6 registered on the UK AIM Listing Company, which sort of helps you understand how they stated there were 21 permanent Employee's.
First Incorporated 13 July 1936 to 12 July 1997 in Ontario Canada
Then Incorporated 13 July 1997 ----------------- in Bermuda

The registered Directors are:

David Cheifetz
David Shaw
Doris A Meyer a.k.a DORIS MEYER see Different Company Listings.
Faldi Ismail
Geri Burnett
Gordon Keep
Hardwin Von Hahn
Konrad Baerveldt
Mansur Geiger
Murray Clapham
Peter Bojtos
Rahman Connelly
Raymond Lee
Raynard Von Hahn
Rod C McKeen
Ruslan Morris
Tim Scott

I have selected just 3 above: highlighted in Red.
Use the TSX-V attachment and Play with their names, you will recover a far more sinister relationship, Directors of HUNDREDS of interlinked DE-LISTED, FAILED, CASH SHELLS.

The Sponsors: Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Ltd

Click this on via the Attachment. You will see the Employee's
Including FRANK GIUSTRA: Google and See who funded the Election Campaign of President BILL CLINTON and HOW MUCH: $US31 Million
And WHO supplied the JET for BILL CLINTONS Daughters wedding.

Through just 2 of these 25 $US Billion failed Financial Fraud Disaster "Exploration" Smoke & Mirrors Director Only Cash Shells.
Endeavor Financial Corporation and Rusoro Mining Ltd
GORDON KEEP and his multi COMMON Directors including "Boiler Room" Specialist Rakesh Saxena, Andre Agapov and Vladimir Agapov are linked to the $US Hundreds of Millions Thai Bank Fraud and Collapse.

Guess where Andre Agapov fled from the Thai and Canadian Police Authorities: The Crime Capital of the World.

Yes Here, to: LONDON

So, Where has ALL the money the £Billions of the United Kingdoms Gutted Banks been lost, to these HEDGE FUND "TOXIC ASSETS"
Here is where the Government refuses to LOOK.

They carry on, like Ostriches with their heads in the Sand, of course, they have the answers:


But then, how hard can it be to look.

Check, see who's right.

I know, I’ve been trying for 5 Years to show them, with Legal Forensic Documents that prove all that is stated here. They ALL run and Hide.


Because there are over 20 Identified Members of the House of Lords who are recorded as Directors in these FRAUD companies, there are Top Conservative and New Labour MP's, current and Past Members of MI5, MI6, Scotland Yard, the FSA, the Special Air Service (SAS) Military Chiefs and
Prime Ministers.

That's why.

And you the readers along with the Police, Financial Authorities and Political Parties have ALL been given the KEY to PANDORA'S BOX.



Next and last in the current Series of 10


The Top of the Pyramid, what many people call:

The NAMES and HOW the laundering from the FAKE, FRAUD Smoke & Mirrors Companies, trickle filters to the TOP.


So what do you think? Are you very confused? Are you asking why isn't the Serious Fraud Squad looking into this? Why arnt the sincere non corrupt politicians shaking a few cages over this?.....you already know the answer.....because they are too scared....when they start asking questions it goes so far up the tree of corruption and then the elite turn round and say "You are over stepping the line - back off and don't ask questions."

So now that you are sitting on the edge of your seats for the final part let me just say that there are two people who came across each other, purely by accident, trying to reveal what is really going on in this world and to prove that the world's financial collapse was no accident....it was a well planned ruthless plan on a deck of cards.......The New World Order under the operational control of the City of London and Wall Street....toppled the first card and let the collapse follow its own course.

Stay tuned for the final chapter and more grime and slime.

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