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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Was The UPS Threat Another False Flag? – Certainly looks that way!

When will the United States stop spreading these “False Flags” stories and when will they stop spreading all this mass hysteria that goes with it?

I found the level of media hype that occurred over these ink cartridges has now gone beyond a joke. Never have I seen such a concentrated effort by both governments and the media to dramatise this simple event and consume many entire days of our news?

This goes beyond the term of being over reactive and is now almost a monthly laughable event. You see the problem is that when you create a “False Flag” on such a massive scale one has to bear in mind that everyone has to be well briefed before the event and obviously this is never the case and they simply shoot themselves in the foot.

So let’s revisit the events of Friday and just see how the government and the media played with words and how we actually believed it.......or should I say many of you did!

We woke up on Friday the 29th of October 2010 to the following headlines:

Cargo plane bomb alert at British airport

Counter terrorism detectives are inspecting a suspicious package found at a British airport, which has grounded planes in the United States.

At first the word was that a suspicious parcel had been detected after officials raised concerns during a routine checks at the East Midlands Airport (EMA) at 0330 this morning and that the area had been isolated and the staff evacuated. During the next few hours it was revealed there had been a tip off from Yemen that had caused this concern.

As in any operation of this size so much false information was fed into the system.

Later an official announcement was made that there was no explosive material found. This was announced on both BBC and on ITN they said that the tests proved negative.

Then we had the conflicting stories that the aircraft had arrived at the East Midlands Airport from Yemen en route to Chicago which obviously was incorrect.

Staff at the Freight Distribution Centre said that they were evacuated soon after they had found the package at 0330 but were allowed back in at 1000 when the Distribution Centre was re opened.

So initially everything appeared to be more or less routine and standard procedures were carried out as at most international airports.

I myself have much experience in this area having worked in a senior position at EMA during the Northern Ireland conflict and was also Security Manager at a large International Airport overseas.

I can see from events that this followed its normal path until the package had been inspected and that the all clear was given. What also confirms that the findings were negative was the fact that the aircraft was allowed to continue on its journey to the USA. Had this been a genuine incident the aircraft would have been taken to an isolated part of the airport and contained for further search and forensic examination…..this was not the case with this particular package.

The UPS aircraft had in actual fact arrived on its normal flight from Cologne in Germany en route to Chicago. What happened after the aircraft had left was basically a well orchestrated fiasco that was hyped up from the US end.

There is no doubt some exchange of words from the President/Homelands Security/CIA to our government and Secret Security Services caused the situation to be spiced up. Maybe the way it was planned didn’t work out too well and things had gone wrong……it’s hard to create a play unless all the actors know their lines!

Suddenly out of the blue it was announced that the package had been re examined and in actual fact did include a detonator and the explosive material PETN.

The hype then really took off when it was announced that this material is typical of the type used by Al Qaeda and reference was then given to the Christmas attempted bombing in Detroit….which incidentally was yet another false flag.

Theresa May the Home Secretary was quick to jump on the bandwagon no doubt after her brief from the US that this in actual fact was and explosive device. A rather unique term was used for the first time, when she described the following: “I can confirm that the device was viable and could have exploded.”

What followed after this statement was typical of a False Flag cover-up where they need time to get their stories right and matching their counterparts over in the US.

It was also interesting that President Obama was extremely quick to announce this threat; even though the Police and Authorities had already made a statement that no explosives were found.

As the day unfolded and also the next day (Saturday) the story started to come together as both sides of the pond rehearsed their lines. During the evening and on Sunday the plot thickened when it was announced that it had been the Saudi Secret Service who had tipped off MI6 on the existence of suspect parcels on these flights (UPS East Midlands Airport and FedEx Dubai Airport) Also on Sunday it was announced that a young female student in Yemen had been arrested, who had dispatched the packages from the Sana’a.

So let’s look at this charade from start to finish and explain why none of this really makes sense:

1. All packages are given an exclusive bar code which is used for tracing a consignment and for its progress. One would assume that if the Saudi Secret Service was responsible for the tip off why wasn’t this information passed to airport staff in Yemen. However, we will give the benefit of doubt and ask then why wasn’t this action carried out in Cologne when the package was loaded onto the UPS aircraft?

2. When the package was located at EMA and was inspected, tested and given the all clear, why did Obama and the US Authorities hype up the story?

3. It was also confirmed that this was the case as the aircraft continued its journey, had there been a genuine scare the aircraft would have been secured and isolated.

4. The Distribution Centre that had been closed for the duration of the investigation and re opened

5. Why was the Distribution Centre again shut down some four hours later?

6. Had the indication been that it was a genuine bomb threat then things would have been somewhat different at the EMA with a higher level of alert and flights would have been delayed/cancelled etc but rather the opposite occurred.

7. Photographs were shown of Forensic Officer on the tarmac with the UPS containers with commercial aircraft passing close by to take off……a definite no no in a real bomb threat!

8. The pictures shown on TV of the actual Ink Jet Cartridge (two different shots) were not the same cartridge (oops).

9. Another statement was made that this explosive material had not been found by the sniffer dogs as it is a rather difficult substance for dogs to detect…..rather strange as I understand that PETN is very easy for a dog to detect, even when only a few parts per Billion…..yes I said Billion! Tests were carried out with only 30gms?

10. That the packages were address to Synagogues in Chicago (that was the icing on the cake).

A forensic officer walks towards a UPS container as a Ryanair jet taxis on the tarmac at East Midlands Airport Photo: REUTERS

Then the hype picked up momentum over in the US with a spectacular display of UPS and FedEx aircraft being shown with many vehicles and masses of people around them….another no no when on high alert i.e. minimum staff for doing the job.

This was then followed by another coverage of a suspect package in New York…..one could see the area was cordoned off but within the cordon were masses of ordinary cops, police cars and the bomb disposal vehicle….another no no when on this level of alert…..most would have to remain outside of the cordon except for bomb disposal experts.

The headlines in the US were as you would expect…..all intended to spread fear into the hearts of all US Citizens:

• Cargo plane bomb alert: Barack Obama's statement in full
• Yemen officials: we are losing the al-Qaeda battle
• Airport bomb: previous airline plots
• Plane terror alert: travel advice
• Yemen: a timeline of attacks
• Yemen: the new front in the war on terror?

Initial reports in the United States said a suspicious toner cartridge was found on a cargo plane that landed in London on a flight from Yemen bound for Chicago. This obviously was incorrect however it went on to say that “It has been claimed that tests found no traces of explosives.”

Finally there was the dramatic incident when an Emirates flight was escorted by US fighter aircraft when it was thought a suspect package could have be onboard.

In the UK it was announced as follows “Police evacuated a distribution centre at East Midlands Airport after a suspicious package was discovered in the early hours today” “And that officers announced there was no threat shortly before 10am but put cordons back up again at about 2pm.”

A police spokeswoman said: "The package is being re-examined as a precaution and as such the cordons that were originally put in place have been reinstated.

"This has meant that a freight distribution building and a number of offices have been closed together with internal airport roads - Beverley Road and Argosy Road.

"The airport continues to operate as normal and has been throughout.
It was interested to hear the comments of a lady who was waiting for a flight at EMA when she said “I've seen no police since I arrived, and it's a really small airport so it would be quite obvious.” "As far as I know they haven't cordoned off anything inside the airport building and I haven't seen anything happening.”

As the early report confirmed that tests for explosives proved negative but concerns about similar devices sparked the alert across the Atlantic.

What is also interesting was when the authorities at EMA said “The package was examined this morning and found not to be suspicious. A cordon was put in place as a precautionary measure, but flights were not affected.

A spokeswoman said: "There are police around the cordon, at the cargo end of the airport, but there isn't a big police presence here.”There have been no changes at all to the flight schedules."

Another point is that of the two ink jet cartridges that were shown on many channels (as per above).

One clearly shows much of the so called white powder (PETN) and a totally different one with little if any powder and where are the wires that were reported coming out of it?

Finally we also have to keep in mind that Obama was actually carrying out a promotional tour in Chicago and any such incident is very good PR for him.

Then the issue that both packages were destined for two Synagogues in Chicago…..I am sure that really fired up the Zionist stance and views towards Islamic countries.

What could be more to the point is the issue of Yemen. When one looks at it from the Geo Political point of view Yemen, Gulf of Aden and Somalia is a prize much sort after by the US. The main features being natural resources and more to the point the all import trade corridors up through the Red Sea, Suez Canal and up into the Mediterranean.

I will let you decide if this was indeed a False Flag or not?

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