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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Pandora's Box becomes more target specific - Part 5

Pandora's Box becomes more target specific - Part 5

Massive fraud uncovered that could topple the Conservative Party but will it happen?

The answer lies within the Labour Party who have all been given our forensic evidence but will they take action? Probable not because a few heads may have to role there also!!
I guess in a nutshell the Lib Dems are in the better position, but they also may have to provide a few sacrificial lambs to move forward, especially that of Nick Clegg!!

Surely in the best interest of the United Kingdom and for any party you would clean out the scum and instill pride and respect back into politics…..oh well I guess doing Margaret Becket for a few hanging baskets in her garden shows discipline and integrity!!

It would probably be a good opportunity to show how these virtual/shell companies operate and how these massive frauds go by unnoticed. How one company sells out to another or the fact that the results from the “So Called” mine site show that the yield per ton is not commercial viable and it ceases operation………when it never ever started!!

Let me just hold it there and explain. Imagine a so called gold mining company apparently existing in some outback location in the middle of the Congo. So I and my bunch of spin doctors now have to raise $6 billion for Phase 2 of the mine which is the purchase of an adjacent block.

We bring all the investors in for a very well presented evening, wine and dine you, give you a very convincing presentation showing all the activity, open cast explosions of the ore body, “Massive Terex Trucks” taking the pay dirt away for crushing or for chemical processing etc…….than show you some graphs/statistics on the yield per ton followed by a lovely picture of a pile of gold ingots on the floor in the smelter etc.

After some more socialising and a few more drinks I manage to get my audience to part with their lifetime savings and raise my $6 billion. As from that moment onwards your money has gone…..not on the project but siphoned off into something more lucrative for the sharks that ripped you off.

Phase 2 with all the heavy machinery moved in and ready to go?

What you didn’t know was that the open pit mine never existed and instead someone dug up a small piece of earth with a spade, put a high level security fence around it and a couple of transportable buildings and armed guards. Alternatively the mine does not even exist and the pictures you have just seen are from a very old webpage that could be a derelict mine from Victorian days.

Then these scumbags create a master plan of deception when during a period of around five years they keep you updated with progress. In the first year they brief the shareholders/investors into believing that the exploration phase is underway and the heavy equipment is moving in. During the second/third year you get some feedback on the progress of the exploration, some technical data on the yield (which they say do show pleasing results)…..then towards the end of year three to early year four you start to hear some concerns regards heavy tropical rains have kept the mine site flooded.

Finally at the end of year four to well into year five you get the bad news that the initial gold seam was not so extensive as was first thought and with the fluctuation in the price of gold or as a result of local conflict i.e. Militia etc we have decided to pull out of the project…….sometimes prior to this they devalue the shares and re issue the option to purchase other shares and your initial investment becomes totally worthless. Many such companies are called virtual or shell companies……they may have 5-10 directors and do not have any employees. These directors are also co directors of more such companies.

I have selected two examples of where one company was eventually sold out to another company and then that company collapsed……..the only people that actually made money were the directors themselves. You also have to understand that the banks are part of this rot and also many very senior politicians benefit directly from the scams and also their respective parties.

John Bredenkamp
He sold three illegal nukes to Thatcher - David Cameron – Sir Ken Warren & Peter Lilley

I have chosen these two characters that are known for their massive fraud and illegal arms dealings. To give you some background to these mongrels.

John Bredenkamp sold three battlefield nuclear weapons illegally to the British Government. The total sale involved tax payers money but was channeled through the private sector with many political figures involved such as Peter Lilley MP, Sir Ken Warren, Lord McAlpine, our rather young PM David Cameron, Sir Mark Thatcher etc. I guess Norman Tebbit was also very keen to involve UK firms with Armscor in South Africa (a few years before) which basically made the connections and paved the way for the big nuke fraud that was to follow. One would have to ask the question who was stronger in those days the DTI or the MoD/MI5……the DTI certainly did some pretty nasty things.

To continue the three nuclear weapons were then moved to Oman in standard shipping containers totally unsecured. Mr. Bredenkamp used his friend’s unsecured warehouse to store them and at a suitable time switched the bombs for blocks of concrete to the same value in weight and then sold the nukes on the black market.

What the public didn’t know was that as a result of David Cameron and Sir Ken Warren’s efforts they managed to siphon off £17.8 million directly into the Tory Party Election Fund. This massive fraud of taxpayer’s money was raised in the house by Lord Hoyle and Derby MP Margaret Beckett. Reference to this money is available via Hansard June 22 1993 from column 197. To this day this money has not been accounted for which makes both Conservative and Labour politicians complicit in the crime.

I would also add that John Bredenkamp’s associate in crime and illegal arms dealer is Billy Rautenbach, who some years ago, also recovered some lost US nukes that were dumped in the sea off Somalia, during an in-flight emergency on a B52 aircraft that eventually crashed into the sea off Diego Garcia (British Territory) killing three of the six crew.

Billy Rautenbach ran a diving company that smuggled weapons into Somalia and other locations. He also came across the nukes, checked the ID plate and immediately saw pure gold flowing into his sticky palm. They were all sold on (at lease three but possibly more), as to where no ones know, but one of the US Nukes and one of the UK nukes were detonated in North Korea. Both of these men should be in prison but they are free to roam whilst their families continue to live in rural England. Needless to say that Sir Ken Warren, David Cameron and others should also be in jail under the Nuclear Explosions Act 1998….ah but their lies a hitch, because our “Dear Ken Clarke” gagged everyone with a change to the law that banned any possibility of someone “spilling the beans” !!!!

Billy Rautenbach
So let’s now pick up on Billy Rautenbach as they don’t come any dirtier than this man, I can assure you, although John Bredekamp runs at the same level:
Billy Rautenbach, also known as Muller Conrad Rautenbach (born 23 September 1959), is a multimillionaire Zimbabwean businessman. He is known for his aggressive business tactics and is known to have close links to ZANU-PF and the regime of Robert Mugabe. Well there you go such a nice friend to have!

Before moving on perhaps you can recall all the name calling done by Gordon Brown and our Government at the time about Mugabe and his evil regime…….didn’t you hear this once before about Gadaffi…..but folks guess what…….commercially speaking both Mugabe and Gadaffi are both in bed together, as they were with the British Government, and the money laundering channels that have very strong links back to good old London!!

You may also be shocked to understand that the same applied to Saddam Hussain who prior to the Gulf War was also involved in under the table deals with the British, US and so many other governments around the world. Can you believe that the west set him up with WMD’s and almost helped him to become a “Nuke Nation”?

Can you believe that these same governments paid for and built his Chemical and Biological facilities and assisted him in his war against Iran, which they intentionally wanted to drag out for as long as possible?

Can you believe that they promoted and assisted Saddam during this extended war for no other reason than for greed and that they wanted Saddam to win?.......why you would ask would they want the war to drag out?........simply because its good money to create and fuel the war machine, especially for the huge arms manufacturing companies in the US!!

Maybe you now understand why Saddam was quickly brought to trial and hanged….because he knew too much!!!! Yes folks he knew who had helped him and who had provided him with WMD’s……so he had to go………..as did dear Dr. David Kelly……as did Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, who along with Dr. Kelly, knew about the supply of illegal arms!!
So back to Billy Rautenbach:

He was described in one article the follow way:

Before he was 40, Rautenbach’s business empire had spread in more than a dozen countries, even as far afield as Australia and Europe giving him the nickname “Napoleon of Africa.”

Rautenbach is currently on a travel ban list in both the European Union and United States.

He was added to the EU blacklist in January 2008, and the US blacklist towards the end of 2008 for his alleged involvement with the Mugabe regime. It is alleged he has aided Robert Mugabe’s regime financially, regardless of current international sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe to limit Robert Mugabe’s grip of power. A noticeable proportion of the funds made available to Robert Mugabe were used to pay his security forces help keep him in power.

Mugabe, grateful for financial support often returned the favour to Rautenbach and similar financiers in exchange for dubious and lucrative drilling and mining deals with companies based in countries such as the British Virgin Islands, and the Cook Islands and so on, both of which could be seen as having a lack of regulation in place therefore making it easier to transfer funds to Zimbabwe.

He currently owns the Volvo franchise in Zimbabwe, the country's largest freight company and vast tracts of agricultural land, which includes land used for crocodile rearing.

Rautenbach was wanted in South Africa where he faced hundreds of charges of alleged fraud, corruption and other crimes including his connection with his own South African company named “Wheels of Africa Group” in the 1990s. The group, which was the distributor for Korean car firm Hyundai in South Africa and Botswana, was liquidated in December 1999. At that time, he had property worth millions seized from him.

These include a farm in the Western Cape worth more than R30 million, hunting safaris, a falcon executive jet, a bell 407 helicopter and a yacht, which have since been returned to him.

The charges against Rautenbach include the theft of 1,300 cars from Hyundai, bribing customs officials and fraudulently reducing the tax liability of Wheels of Africa's subsidiaries. He fled South Africa in 1999 after the justice department investigators raided his office and home.

My note here is the fact that at least someone raided his offices and home unlike our Serious Fraud Office who still sit on the side and watch such places as, the Lonrho Offices on the 2nd Floor of 25 Berkeley Square, London, or its associate in crime and fraud, Arlington Associates, 22 Arlington Street, London (attached to the Ritz Hotel). They stand behind the facades that adorn these magnificent building, with their trench coats, trilbies, dark sun glasses and spy glasses and wait for such people as David Lenigas of Lonhro or Ex US Ambassador, Francis D Cooke to pass by who politely pass by with the comment “Dr Watson I presume”?

To continue……In 2009 Rautenbach reached a bargain plea with the South African authorities to pay a fine of 40 million rand.

In a recent Dispatches TV documentary "Bankrolling Mugabe" on Britain's Channel 4, he was described as corrupt by opposition politicians and was shown to have interests in the mining industry of Zimbabwe and linked to moves to remove black farmers from their grazing land.

It has been reported in trade publication Metal Bulletin that Rautenbach is thought to still be involved with marketing and moving cobalt for the Central African Mining & Exploration Company's (CAMEC) operations in Africa.

CAMEC is a company based in London however has large operations in countries such as Zimbabwe, many of the deals it has won in the region are clouded by corruption allegations of which in numerous occasions Rautenbach can be directly linked.

Rautenbach was a major shareholder in Camec until the company's sale to Eurasian Natural Resources Corp in September 2009.

CAMEC recently sold 95.40% of its shares to the Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation. CAMEC is currently under restructuring and is no longer trading under the CAMEC brand.

Rautenbach resides in Zimbabwe, on his estate in Mazowe 40 miles north of the capital Harare.

In 2007, on a business trip in Lubumbashi, Congo, he was immediately arrested and consequently deported back to Zimbabwe for his alleged actions in South Africa,
Rautenbach has denied such allegations and said “he left for Zimbabwe on his own accord.”

Organisation Central African Mining & Exploration Company - CAMEC
Alternate Name
Abbreviation CAMEC
Parent Billy Rautenbach Shareholdings (17%); Credit Suisse (5.6%); Oppenheimer Funds Inc (3.4%)

u.r.l. www.camec-;plc.com

email info@camec-plc.com
Country United Kingdom

Location London

Address 18 Park Street, London, W1K 2HQ
Postal Address
Telephone +44 845 108 6060; +44 203 205 1400
Management u.r.l. http://www.camec-plc.com/camec/board.php

Sector Mining - General

Organisation Type RoW Private Sector
Stated Role CAMEC Plc is an AIM-listed African mining, investment, development and trading company with activities currently focused on Central and Southern Africa. The Company has offices in UK, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
CAMEC currently has production and trading operations in Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R.C.) and Zimbabwe. It also has extensive mineral exploration permits in the D.R.C., Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Other countries of activity and investment include Sudan and South Africa.

Geographical Focus
Notes "Picture a London listed stock early in 2006, that's being going nowhere, at 10 to 12 pence a share, for months. It then starts announcing deals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Katanga Province, one of the richest mineral areas in the world. Within a few months, the stock price nearly makes it to £1 a share - a ten bagger, as some investors would put it.

When the company publishes its annual report for the 12 months to March 31 2006, it provides a number of prominent bullet points on page two. The company is "on track" to produce 8,200 tons of cobalt in its 2007 fiscal year. This is a staggering amount of a metal that currently sells for around $25/pound, compared to $3.40/pound for copper, alongside which it is often dug out.

But that's not all, not by a long way. This company is also the "largest single holder of coal licences in Mozambique", and has acquired the assets of a leading African transport company". Some many months later, Central African Mining & Exploration Company (Camec, CFM, £0.3897 a share), has produced its preliminary results for the year to March 31 2007.

Nowhere in the voluminous announcement is there a single figure for cobalt or copper production. On Wednesday this week, when the results came out, Camec also published a massive offer document for Katanga Mining (KAT.T, C$19.41), which has solid assets in Katanga Province. Calls regarding Camec's production figures, made to its external investor relations experts (there are two) in London prove fruitless, as do discussions with its financial advisors.

No matter how long Camec tried to keep it under wraps, what most investors know by now is that Camec acquired, or apparently so, its Congolese copper and cobalt assets from Muller Conrad "Billy" Rautenbach, a fugitive from South Africa, and recently declared persona non grata in the DRC. Camec also acquired its "leading African transport company" from Rautenbach.

Camec's 2007 results show that most of its turnover arose from "trading" cobalt and copper, which is very different to producing cobalt and copper. As for the transport business, it turned in a measly pre-tax profit of £1.5m for fiscal 2007. Cutting through it all, the cash flow statement shows that Camec incurred an operating cash outflow of just over £1m for the year, on turnover of £69m. This is a very poor return indeed.

At this stage, had Camec's stock price remained up close to £1 a share, its market capitalisation - or value - would have been over £800m. Back on the facts, the company's internal cash position was precarious; on March 31 2007, it had just £13m in cash. On June 15 it entered into a $60m credit facility with Credit Suisse International. Camec then drew down $25m on June 18, and $35m on July 13.

On July 12, four London-based research analysts at Credit Suisse International (Europe) published a wildly bullish report on Camec. The 12-month target price for the stock was raised from £1.20 to £1.50 a share, giving the stock a potential forward value of £1.6bn. Nowhere in the disclosures to the report was any mention made of the loan another department of Credit Suisse had made to Camec. Nowhere was it disclosed, either, that Credit Suisse started holding shares in Camec, for itself or on behalf of clients, in at least May 2006. On August 20 2007, Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) held 85m shares in Camec.

In July this year, Rautenbach was declared persona non grata in the DRC. This week, the DRC attorney general declared the licences that Camec had apparently bought from Rautenbach to be null and void. On Thursday, Camec's stock price fell briefly below 30 pence a share, but started a firm recovery after Camec issued a statement attacking the DRC as a whole. "T.I.A.", as the protagonist in the motion picture Blood Diamond said - "This is Africa"."

Author: Barry Sergeant
Posted: Thursday , 30 Aug 2007
[ http://www.mineweb.co.za/mineweb/view/mi...;sn=Detail - Retrieved on 16-07-08
06-09-07 ]
Miner problem


It seems Camec, the miner chaired by Phil Edmonds, could run into trouble with its offer for Katanga Mining. The company's £713m bid is a paper offer on the basis of 17 Camec shares for each Katanga share. But the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the company operates, has said it is revoking Camec's licences for mining concessions in the mineral-rich Katanga province. Shares in the group have fallen 8p, or 17%, to 39.75p. But Camec has issued a staunch defence of what it calls the "permit rumours". It says: "The leaking of this potential action is clearly timed to impact Camec's offer for Katanga Mining Limited which was announced yesterday [Wednesday], and the manner in which it has been processed is highly irregular."

[ Retrieved on 06-09-07
31-08-07 - http://business.guardian.co.uk/marketfor...,,2159696,00.html ]

Current Positions
Position Name From To
Chairman Phil Edmonds
CEO Andrew Groves
Operations Director Russell Grant
Non-Executive Director John Anthony
Chief Development Officer Christopher Chapple
Financial Director / Chief Financial Officer Andrew Burns
Head of Global Exploration Charlie Foster
Donor From To Budget ($) Note

Links to Related Organisations

Immediate Parents Billy Rautenbach Shareholdings

Credit Suisse

Oppenheimer Funds Inc

Subsidiary Organisations Central African Gold plc (6.6%) [5]

Katanga Mining Corp Ltd - now merged with NIKANOR (22%) [3]

Pfula Investments (44.5%)

Casmin S.P.R.L. (70%)

Moba Complex - Exploration Sites

OmegaCorp Ltd (6.15%)

BOSS Mining S.P.R.L. (80%) [1]

Moba Gold Project

Mwitaba Tin & Tantalum Project

Joint Venture CAMEC-MHH (80%) [1]

Copper Resources Corporation (21.13%) [2]

Todal Mining (Private) Ltd (60%)

You will note one name that comes to light in the above is that of famous cricket star Phil Edmonds who also became involved in these fraudulent activities.
I have inserted the above information for those who are experienced in understand how company fail and then resurrect under a different title and in many cases those company are Virtual or Shell companies, the directors of whom play around with their names and appear somewhere else. You can see below another brief …….don’t you find it incredible that one person can be on the board of so many companies all over the world…..I guess you would be flying almost continuously around the world to keep your hands on the pulse and can one imagine the stress level!!!!!!!........it’s all a scam folks……its all about virtual/shell companies that rip off potential investors and rape each country of its financial resources as well as avoiding their tax obligations…

Name Billy Rautenbach

Surname Rautenbach
First Names Billy
Alternate Name Muller Conrad Rautenbach
Country of Birth Zimbabwe

From To Organisation Position
2007 Hwange Colliery Company Limited
Potential Investor - as of Sept 2007
2007 Mercan Commercial Ltd
Principal Shareholder
2006 Billy Rautenbach Shareholdings
Mukondo Mining Concession
Former Owner - 50%
1998 Ridgepointe Overseas Developments Ltd
1998 2000 GECAMINES
Managing Director
Date of Birth
Political Affiliation

Notes Rautenbach turns to coal mining in Zimbabwe


Controversial businessman Billy Rautenbach is trying to revive the fortunes of struggling Zimbabwean coal producer, Hwange Colliery Company after he and CAMEC ran into difficulties in the DRC.

After being declared persona non grata in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with South Africa and Interpol after his neck and one of the companies he is associated with - London-listed Central African Mining & Exploration Company (CAMEC) - having had its DRC mining licences withdrawn, controversial businessman Billy Rautenbach has found solace back home in Zimbabwe where he is now trying to revive the dwindling fortunes of LSE, ZSE and JSE quoted coal miner Hwange Colliery Company.

Newspapers in Zimbabwe still referred to Rautenbach as a "mining magnate" last week, oblivious of the fact that the DRC was his major hunting ground, when they announced that he has struck a deal with the coal miner aimed at increasing production at the struggling company.

Rautenbach owns a 20 percent shareholder in AIM-quoted CAMEC following transactions in 2006 when he apparently sold mining concessions 467 and 469 (also known as C19 & C21) in Katanga Province, and 50 percent of the cobalt-rich Mukondo operation to CAMEC for stock.

He is wanted in South Africa on dozens of criminal charges. In a July decree that declared him persona non grata, the DRC said it "acknowledges that the South African judicial authorities have been looking for you, to answer for cases of fraud, thefts, corruptions, violations of commercial laws, etc".

Rautenbach, according to a DRC government statement, "had amassed a large number of mineral and other assets in the DRC during the civil war and subsequently". The Rautenbach/CAMEC assets were first obtained during the DRC's 1997-2003 war, under the Zimbabwe military's Operation Sovereign Legitimacy (Osleg) in which over four million people died of "unnatural causes".

http://www.mineweb.net/mineweb/view/mine...;sn=Detail [ Retrieved on 21-08-08
06-09-07 ]

TORONTO - Billy Rautenbach has responded to reports that he was deported from the Democratic Republic of Congo last Thursday.

The controversial mining executive, who is a major shareholder in Central African Mining & Exploration Company (CAMEC) and counts Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe among his closest friends, denied that he was ever arrested and deported from the DRC.

In a statement issued on his behalf by Madelain Roscher of PR Worx, Rautenbach described the reports that have been making headline news across the mining world as unfounded.

“Rautenbach arrived in Lubumbashi on Wednesday to conduct various meetings and could not depart the same evening due to runway repairs. He spent the night with friends and left on Thursday morning at 7am when the runway reopened.

“He was not interviewed nor interrogated by immigration officials, his passport was not confiscated and he was not detained as certain media articles have claimed. Investigations about an e-mailed statement that was sent to CAMEC's head office in London, apparently on behalf of the Katanga government, are continuing,” said Roscher.

The validity of the document that declares Rautenbach persona non grata for charges against him in South Africa (which to date has not been proved in a court of law), is being queried. Rautenbach believes that the letter has no substance as the proper procedures were not followed.

The Zimbabwean ambassador in the DRC is also investigating the issue in Kinshasa with the relevant authorities, Roscher said.

Rautenbach’s involvement in the mining sector in DRC has been plagued by controversy since the late 1990s when he was seconded by President Mugabe to the late DRC leader, Laurent Kabila who appointed him chief executive of Gecamines, the state mining company.

He was soon fired by the senior Kabila for allegedly under reporting profits but was back in the government favour when Kabila died and was replaced by his son, current President Joseph Kabila.

The latest controversy surrounding Rautenbach seem more of a result of boardroom battles between British and Canadian mining companies vying for DRC’s minerals resources.

[ Retrieved on 03-08-07 - http://thesouthernafrican.com/business/d... ]
Rautenbach ordered to vacate Zim farm

Fugitive Zimbabwean business tycoon Billy Rautenbach, who is also a top ally of President Robert Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF party, has been given up to May to vacate his farm as the government appears determined to seize all land still in the hands of whites.

Rautenbach, wanted in neighbouring South Africa in connection with fraud involving billions of rands, was among the few white landowners who survived Mugabe's farm seizures on account of their close connections with Zanu-PF.

But the controversial tycoon, who has in the past denied having links with Zanu-PF politicians, is on a list of white farm owners from Mashonaland West province given up to May to surrender their land to the government for redistribution to blacks.
art...;area=/breaking_news/breaking_news__africa/ [ Retrieved on 10-07-08
03-05-07 ]
Its all about billions and billions of dollars/pounds that eventually led to their final master plan that our government called the “World’s Financial Meltdown”…….it just didn’t happen it was planned…….”come on world wake up” – “You are all being raped by higher taxes – loss of your jobs – loss of your homes and eventually the loss of your pride and dignity”

“You are all being misled by all three main political parties - that this bail out was required and that we all now have to pay the ultimate price”……..sorry folks this is absolute bullshit!!............ “Next time when you hold a mass rally in London change the theme from mass unemployment and cut backs to that off stop this massive fraud and tax evasion” – “Change the way you think and do not take political sides as they are all at it together”!! – “Yes folks they are all at it – the corporate sector – the banks – the London Stock Exchange (LSE) – The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) – The Political Elite and their associated parties”

This folks is the infrastructure of the “New World Order” – “This is how they fund themselves” – “This is how they take us into conflict and wars for their own imperialistic greed and growth”………. “This is what I call the Deadly Link” – “Imperialistic Growth causes self induced terrorism and the two together create unbelievable levels of poverty around the world.”

One point that hits home with me is on the subject of “blood diamonds”…….when one considers the saying “Diamonds are a girls best friend”!!!!........maybe ladies you could spare some thought that in such places as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that between 6-10 million people have died as a result of its wealth in natural resources…..makes the Jewish Holocaust almost miniscule by comparison don’t you think? But hey there is no remembrance service or massive PR machine to push this along?

There is no pointing of fingers at such companies as diamond giant, De Beers who if you remember were criticized by the UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson who was on his way from Brussels to New York where he had attended an official meeting with the European Parliament and was heading back to the UN for the official signing of the handover of Namibia. However his schedule was changed at the last minute to travel via London to New York.

It became clear that there was some opposition from South Africa on the handover of Namibia and obviously Carlsson was a thorn in the side. Add to this the fact that Carlsson had also been extremely critical of diamond giant De Beers when he made comments on Granada TV re missing diamonds etc:

“One would expect from a worldwide organization like De Beers to behave in a socially and financially responsible manner. However, as far as Namibia is concerned, they have only been interested in the maximum profit without regard to social, economic-political or even legal considerations."

Calrsson was therefore under pressure to now transit via London as a direct result of his attack of De Beers and so came to London and meet with officials of the mining giant De Beers and ultimately perished over Lockerbie.

It is very clear that South African terrorist and all those linked to the mining industry of diamonds etc were linked to the loss of PA103 in their attempt to stop the transit, back to the US, of Bernt Carlsson who at the time was believed to be carrying vital documents relating to the diamond trade that could have exposed some very influential connections i.e. Rothschild’s, De Beers, Gadaffi and his head of Intel/Security Moussa Koussa (who arrived in the UK recently as the ex Libyan Foreign Minister). One has to understand that all of this has connections back to 22 Arlington Street London etc.

It is normal business in the Intel World that in order to eliminate one person may mean the assassination or murder of many others and so to down an aircraft or blow up the twin towers is not a problem for these ruthless greedy elite in order to protect their respective empires…

In the case of the twin towers it served two purposes….. To justify going to war with Afghanistan and to claim huge sums of money on their insurance etc unfortunately these empires are also linked to the corporate sector, the banks, politicians and their parties!!

Please understand 9/11 and 7/7 were both false flags in order to promote the New World Order’s (NWO) “Geo Political Plan” and at the same time to allow the respective governments to implement new laws, which basically locks each country into a type of “Police State Policy.” What then follows is another series of false flags to keep the public hysteria ticking over and to allow the government to fine tune their version of “Marshall Law.”

I again emphasize “There is no terrorism threat to our streets” – “There is no Al Qaeda” – “There is no threat from Iran” – “There is no threat from North Korea” – “There is no threat from Syria” – “There is no threat from Palestine”- “There is no threat from Somalia” – “There is no threat from Yemen” and despite recent comments by Gadaffi and the west “There is no Al Qaeda in Libya or anywhere else.”

All of this is a false fa├žade of propaganda that is orchestrated by the Christian Zionists, Jewish Zionists, the State of Israel and the many “Friends of Israel Political Organizations that not only fund the political scene but also control it……this is at the heart of the NWO with it’s supporting infrastructure of the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House London), The Council of Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group and such powerful moguls as Rupert Murdoch with that evil satanic empire, lurking in the background, called the “Freemasons” with its extended links to peodophilia that is so rife in our society and in very high political places.

So there you have it again, one more time! What can be done about it? Maybe you have to ask those that took to the streets of London in such a profound way…..but who unfortunately were taken on this powerful journey by the Labour Party in a very misleading way…….don’t you fully understand that Ed Miliband is part of the system, David Cameron is part of the system and Nick Clegg is part of the system?

They pledge their allegiance to Israel instead of to their own country, they sell our sovereignty to the New World Order under the flag that they call the European Union (which will soon become the United States of Europe)……soon you will no longer be able to say you are British, English, Welsh or Scottish or fly your own flags as your identity and pride. Soon you will see the great British Pound go out the window in favour of the Euro!

Soon you will see your own very identify disappear in the same way as the Lisbon Treaty surrendered our country to the EU and the massive transfer by Gordon Brown (our ex Prime Minister) of the UK’s Gold Bullion Stock to the EU at below cost price in order to pay for the possible entry of that other rogue, ex PM Tony Blair, to become the eventual President of Europe (a lifetime position).

You may find it hard to believe that Gordon Bowden and I, and many others, have sufficient evidence to put all of the above behind bars for life based on their activity in War Crimes, Illegal Arms Dealings, Breaches of UN Resolutions, Breaches of Human Rights, Breaches of the Nuclear Explosion Act 1998, the authorization of WMD’s on innocent civilians and our own troops in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Somalia, Yemen and now Libya, Acts of Treason against this country, providing WMD’s both Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare to other third party countries and allowing those weapons to be tested and used in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), South Africa, Iraq Iran and not forgetting the “Black only Bomb” that was target specific to the Afro Gene….that fortunately was not used. For the intentional rape of many countries natural resources leading to mass genocide of millions of people worldwide, for the many false flags generated from their evil empire to create mass hysteria to their own advantage, and finally for the past and current ongoing financial meltdown, their lies and deceit, their past and current rape of investors life savings and massive tax avoidance scams amounting to billions and billions of pounds per annum and finally their own manipulation of the laws of this country that they have changed or about to change to protect their very own very existence and to protect the money they have stolen.

We have to thank personally Ken Clarke for his contribution in the manipulation of the legal system and such people as Lord Mendelson who basically helped ruin the great British way of life, not to mention other dark satanic goings on that maybe Lord Robinson (the ex head of NATO) also knows about…..nudge nudge wink wink!!!
One final illustrious person who totally wrote of our country with her excessive “Neo Liberal views” that of our dear “Iron Lady” Baroness Thatcher with her totally corrupt son Sir Mark Thatcher…….how does one gain such titles now days is beyond belief….basically if you do something very serious or wrong or brush the palms of those in power you get blessed with such awards……….no doubt the Baroness will qualify for a massive bronze statue (on her passing), that will adorn the corridors of Westminster or some other prominent place for us all to admire.
Then again maybe it will just be left to the birds to leave their donations, in white, to thank her for her dedication and contribution to the Great British Empire and in allowing London to become the true “axis of evil.”

I will continue with another part of the Bredenkamp - Rautenbach story in the next Pandora’s Box article as well as an update on the Cairn Energy – Cairn India – Vendata expose we did in one of my previous articles involving our Prime Minister, David Cameron and the pressure he applied to the India Prime Minister on his last trip to India recently. I have, through an associate publisher friend, printed a story in New Delhi and this has now shaken the very foundation of this fraudulent deal……myself and Gordon have today received congratulations from India and awaiting the outcome with great interest!!!

Through your greed and massive fraud this little girl has very little chance

To all those millions of people who have died, been tortured, deprived and humiliated or continue to suffer into the depths of poverty as a direct result of my country I sincerely apologies so profoundly.

Bless you all

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant - 7/4/2011 www.eyreinternational.com