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Monday, 4 April 2011

What price do you put on nuclear power and who is lying? - Part 7

The Japanese Government, IAEA & the Mainline Media all lied

It is clear that Nuclear Energy as a means of power generation is now dead in the water

Don’t you find it incredible that the Japanese, US and the IAEA are still playing with this Chernobyl type time bomb in Fukushima that continues releasing its deadly contamination each and every day?

Why oh why are they playing games with the populations of the world and why have they not dealt with this in the same way as Chernobyl and entombed it forever.
The classic fiasco just keeps on playing out and yet those in the know fully understand that this entire plant is finished and cannot be controlled. The only option that was available to them from day one was to accept the scale of the disaster in the same way as they did with Chernobyl and then bury it forever in the same manner as its counterpart in Russia.

They Japanese Government, IAEA, Chatham House and all the pro nuclear lobby groups keep telling us this is not anywhere near as bad as Chernobyl……..that is absolute bulldust!! This disaster is on a much greater scale than Chernobyl (which only had one reactor) and this power station has six (three of which were supplied by US Giant GE (reactors 1, 3 and 6) and it was 1 that appeared to start the chain of events.

It is almost one month now since the Tsunami struck Japan and caused this catastrophic failure at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, that unfortunately was also built on the fault line and right on the coast. Why the devastating effects of a Tsunami had not been taken into account is beyond belief. The back up system (generators) are supposed to keep the pumps working to keep the temperature down but these failed almost immediately as they were swamped by the Tsunami waves.

So let’s look at the Japanese latest gimmick to resolve this irresolvable problem. They have now announced that they are using bath salts:

“Japan’s government Monday told the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant to move quickly to stop radiation seeping into the ocean as desperate engineers resorted to bath salts to help trace a leak from one reactor.”

Can you imagine that almost one month on and they are still playing games with millions of lives…….the government talk about stopping radiation seeping into the ocean…….”Excuse me Mr. Government it has been seeping into the sea since almost day one”…..”Do not worry about bath salts anyone around Japan (and many parts of the Pacific Ocean) can already bath in the radioactive salts of the seawater as a result of your lack of understanding the severity of this disaster”!!

Perhaps I will again remind these Japanese, IAEA and Pro Nuclear lobby groups that the explosions that occurred also took with them the spent fuel rods that were stored overhead the reactors and thus allowed Plutonium and Uranium to escape into the worlds atmosphere which then started it’s journey around SE Asia at low level and tracked easterly at high level on the natural air flow that already exist in the upper atmosphere.

The radiation plume then attached itself to the Pacific Jet Stream and was delivered to the West Coast of America by express delivery with its centre on Oregon. However the Jet Stream also split off the coast and allowed another stream to go up into Canada and also down towards the Bay area of California and further South……this then spread around the US before hitching a ride on another Jetstream over towards the UK and EU where it again split off the coast of Ireland with some heading up towards the North and some to the South……..one can see that nature has such a unique way of mixing its environment.

At this stage I will also add that as a direct result of the US, UK and France’s push to go and gets its hands on Gadaffi’s Oil…..they have now added depleted uranium (DU) into the earth’s environment on a massive scale. After the main air attacks on Libya with a vast array of cruise missiles, each of which carry around 350kg of DU, they have now totally contaminated the whole of Libya, adjacent countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco etc.

I worked out within the first week that the airflow charts revealed the contamination first moved over towards Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco with another stream taking it over towards Spain and Portugal…..then it moved out over the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean and then did a 180 degree turn and headed back over the UK, Scandinavia and EU.

So as you can see with the failure of the Japanese Government to identify the true situation at Fukushima and the actions of the US, UK, France and the Coalition we now have one very highly contaminated atmosphere moving around the globe……..so what does this mean for us, the innocent victims of these negligent governments?
I have already published many articles on the dangers of depleted uranium and one only need to visit such places as Fallujah in Iraq or even Gaza to find the answer. On the issue of Japan let’s look at some professional input on this “Much greater than Chernobyl disaster.”

There will be an increase in many forms of cancer with the minimum being cancer of the thyroid, diabetes, severe birth defects (with short life spans), DNA mutations, brain tumours, mental disorders (remember that DU can penetrate the nose brain barrier) etc.

Here is one such extract from an article:

Plutonium is being detected in many locations. Plutonium is THE most deadly substance known to exist, and it only exists as the result of human activity. One gram is enough to cause lethal cancer in a million people. Only a few kilo-grams is enough to kill everyone on the Earth. Because of the MOX fuel rods which contain plutonium before they are used, AND the fact that the fissioning of uranium produces plutonium as a result, an unbelievable amount of plutonium itself exists at Fukushima alone. ONE fuel rod alone may contain more than enough to kill every person on Earth; over 600,000 fuel rods are believed to exist at the four reactors.

A spent fuel pool fire is FAR more dangerous than ‘just’ a melt-down…or two or three…”because there is often 30 or 40 times more fuel in the pools than in the reactor. A significant portion of the full load of many of the most dangerous fission products still remains in the fuel.”

Dr. Richard Webb calculated the hazards of a spent fuel accident…WHICH HAS ALREADY OCCURRED AT FUKUSHIMA:

“160,000 square miles rendered uninhabitable by Cesium-137 alone; 338,000 acres of land ruined agriculturally because of Strontium-90 fall-out; 200,000 square miles ruined by plutonium contamination alone – a lung cancer dust hazard. Since performing those calculations he has also concluded that radiation is a lot more harmful than he had assumed, and that in the first two days after a reactor accident, 30 to 100 million people would be seriously damaged (or killed) by radiation fall-out.”

Contamination of the ocean is a MAJOR issue that is hardly being talked about. Massive amounts of highly radioactive water are pouring into the sea at Fukushima, and it’s not coming from the surface. Researchers believe that the water is coming from tunnels beneath the reactor complex; it is likely a combination of the sea-water pumped to try to cool the reactors leaking out below, as well as reactor coolant water leaking from damaged seals. All of this is returning to the sea, to be distributed globally by the local and trans-Pacific thermal conveyors.

And the massive rains that have been falling over the eastern Pacific and west coast of the USA are dropping a lot of the fall-out directly into the ocean. The negative health impacts on all oceanic life-forms are incalculable. This massive influx of radiation is going to destroy the marine food-chain and eco-systems.

In total honesty, this situation unfolding now is even worse than what scientists like Dr. Carl Sagan feared as an actual “nuclear war” in which thousands of war-heads would explode; the Fukushima scenario is releasing even greater amounts of radiation but less explosively. There are not yet any massive fire-works but the amount of nuclear material in a war-head of many megatons is contained in only a small number of fuel rods. Leuren Moret estimated that the actual ionising radiation already released equals that of literally millions of nuclear explosions.

Finally, because even the highest levels of radiation are essentially undetectable by our senses, the amounts that can kill or cause lethal effects are invisible, and the genetic damage resulting in birth defects and cancers may not show up for years or even generations. With the U.S. government telling everyone NOT to prepare for a nuclear emergency, that radiation is actually a nutrient…I would say that, barring direct intervention by angelic extra-terrestrials, there is no hope for the future of human life on this planet. Fukushima has already sealed that fate.
End of extract

Before moving onto the words of another British expert there is talk around the scientific world that this accident was no accident but the work of the United States Naval Facility called HAARP which is based in Alaska. This facility has the ability to change weather patterns and more importantly to focus its tremendous energy onto a given location around the globe and cause an earthquake!!!

In its elementary form the technology is already used in the oil industry and I once saw an experiment whereby the energy from such a facility, or in this case from a down scaled model, caused the sand to vibrate and for a large rock to move. One oil company in offshore Oregon (US) actually caused a minor quake whilst carrying out their seismic work…..such is the capability of this technology. One would have to ask the question, why was it that when the person who discovered and designed this facility for peaceful purposes was forced to have it taken over by the military? Obviously because they saw its use as a weapon. It is common gossip around the traps that the Haiti quake was carried out by this facility as was the incident down in Chile and over in China……..there is only one visual clue to its possibility and that is prior to such incidents there is an unusual colouring in the sky or in the clouds above……this was witnessed in Haiti, Chile and China…….I will let you be the judge on this issue???

I will now turn to another expert here in the UK whom I have known for his impressive CV and his input on not only this tragic accident but also his input into the dangers of using depleted uranium…..his name is Dr. Chris Busby.
Dr Chris Busby - Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk. He is visiting Professor at the University of Ulster and also Guest Researcher at the Julius Kuehn Institute of the German Federal Agricultural Institute in Braunschweig, Germany. He was a member of the UK Committee Examining Radiation Risk on Internal Emitters CERRIE and the UK MoD Depleted Uranium Oversight Board. He was Science and Policy Interface leader of the Policy Information network on Child Health and Environment based in the Netherlands. He was Science and Technology Speaker for the Green Party of England and Wales. He has conducted fundamental research on the health effects of internal radiation both at the theoretical and epidemiological level, including recently on the genotoxic effects of the element uranium.

You can see Dr Busby on you tube regarding this issue:


One should also watch a video about Chernobyl which highlights the true situation that occurred. It is by Dr.Sharman;


Dr Busby has also issue some very startling recommendations……maybe some would think it is a little overboard but I can assure you that knowing his work to date I know that he’s a true professional and fully understands the existing cover-ups by the IAEA the UN and the Nuclear Lobby Groups and in that context I truly believe him. Dr. Busby has for many years being very critical of the way in which the IAEA and other nuclear establishment calculate the risks associated with radiation, especially that of depleted uranium. He considers the entire industry should throw away their old WW2 technology and apply more up to date apparatus and techniques.
Before moving to his recommendations please understand the severity of the local situation in Japan. There are 3 million people living within 100 km of Fukushima and another 7 million living with 200km….with all of this in mind and what I have printed above I want you all to read and fully understand the recommendations made by Dr. Chris Busby:

Conclusions and recommendations

1. The ECRR risk model has been applied to the 3 million people living in the 100km radius of the Fukushima catastrophe. Assuming these people remain living there for one year the number of excess cancers predicted by the method is approximately 200,000 in the next 50 years with 100,000 being diagnosed in the next 10 years. If they are evacuated immediately, the number will fall by a significant amount. For those 7 million living between 100km and 200km from the site, the predicted number of cancers is slightly greater with 220,000 extra cancers in the next 50 years and about 100,000 being expressed in the next ten years. These predictions are based on the ECRR risk model and also the findings of cancer risk on Sweden after the Chernobyl accident.

2. The ICRP model predicts 2838 extra cancers in the 100km population. The eventual yield will therefore be another test of the two risk models.

3. Calculations based on official gamma dose rates published by the Japanese Ministry MEXT can be used to back calculate surface contamination at the positions of the measurements using accepted scientific methods. The results show that the IAEA reports have significantly under reported the contamination levels

4. It is recommended that urgent attention is given to making isotope specific ground contamination measurements.

5. It is recommended that populations living within the 100km zone to the North West of the site are immediately evacuated and the zone is made an exclusion zone.

6. The ICRP risk model should be abandoned and all political decisions should be made on the basis of the recommendations of the European Committee on Radiation Risk www.euradcom.org This is the conclusion of the eminent radiation risk experts who signed the 2009 Lesvos Declaration

7. Investigation and legal sanctions should be brought against those who knowingly held back data from the public

8. Investigation and legal sanctions should be brought against those minimising the health effects of this event in the media.
I certainly support the last comment (8) which is certainly the case especially here in the UK with a type of censorship being taken place at the BBC, SKY and so many other outlets. We have seen experts being hired from only those establishments that I link to the New World Order….especially that of Chatham House, London.
We already know that the US pumps much money into the BBC and that most of the general media is controlled by Rupert Murdoch who has an extreme Pro Israeli stance as do all the other groups who play a major part in controlling the US, UK and EU politicians and their associated governments. Add to this the wealth and power of the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers and we can see that our world is truly screwed up.

Before finishing I would like you all to watch the interview with that very brave man, Aaron Russo who was interviewed about his friendship with Nick Rockefeller. He revealed some startling facts, especially on the False Flag we refer too as 9/11 and also Nick’s comments regarding mass depopulation of our world…….add to this the vaccinations that are being forced onto us, especially on babies, young children and teenagers and maybe you can start to see the evil behind the New World Orders “Geo Political Master Plan” and what Nick Rockefeller told his friend. I also note that the current HPV vaccine is being given to every teenage female in the UK and has not been tested in the way it should have been……during tests with animals most of them became infertile.

I would again ask the question could this be mass sterilization and why does the HPV vaccine only cover 4 strains of the 100 strains associated with cancer of the cervix? And why was the world expert on this topic (Dr Harper) so concerned at the pace with which it came on line? My advice would be don’t allow your daughter to be given this injection. With normal “Pap Smear Screening” this type of cancer can be detected in its very early stages when it shows irregular cell activity.
Aaron Russo died of Lung Cancer and was already diagnosed prior to this interview……. “He had nothing to loose.” Check it out here:


In closing I remember the powerful words of Aaron Russo when he said:
“Don’t be afraid to be ridiculed” and “Don’t be afraid of telling the truth”
I have always believed that 9/11 in the US and even 7/7 here in the UK were false flag’s but there are many others too numerous to mention…..such is the workings of the New World Order and no matter what you hear from any other source and even from Aaron himself you have to understand that the “Axis of Evil” is not in some far away Middle Eastern country or in North Korea but right here in the heart of London.
I believe that Aaron Russo’s (even though he had lung cancer or so they say) life was terminated prematurely because he did not toe the line with Nick Rockefeller.
I urge you all to watch all the above video’s and start to understand the evil that lurks behind Governments, The Banks, The Corporate Sectors, The Nuclear Industry, The Pharmaceutical Industry etc and their strong links to the NWO – UN – WHO – WB/IMF – NATO – ICJ and even possible The Nobel Peace Prize etc……..and sitting right there in the middle are the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s.

I also urge you to watch again the Australian production of ABC 4 Corners called “Bad Company” which explains the massive fraud that Gordon and I reveal in our Pandora’s Box series ….you mush understand that all of this is so interrelated with fraud/wars/illegal arms trading and geo politics. The link is:


Just click on the first programme on the list and select either broadband or dialup.
I believe that Aaron Russo carried out a vital service to his country and also the world, at great risk to himself, and in that regard he should be awarded a civilian medal for the highest bravery of all time…….as he rightfully said “God put him on this planet for a purpose.”

Aaron Russo

Aaron also produced a terrifying documentary called America Freedom to Fascism you can see the trailer here: http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi901120281/
However, you can watch the film in full……it is a real eye opener and you can clearly see the link that started way back in 1913 by these three gentlemen? Who stole America and who’s ancestral tree continue to carryout massive fraud throughout the world…..one name is missing that of the Rothschild’s:


It is for this reason that I dedicate this article in his name……it is probably the most painful article I have ever written and the most shocking……..as Aaron Russo said so many times…….”Lets take our countries back.”

Rest in Peace Aaron

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 4/4/2011 www.eyreinternational.com

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