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Friday, 1 April 2011

US and UK Governments extend their talons over Libya - Part 15

The Truth Behind The Libyan Conflict

Libyan Oil

While the entire world watched (in ignorance), the New World Order (NWO) “Geo Political Master Plan for Libya” got underway and is now almost complete. I have never heard such a pathetic explanation by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon when he stated at all costs we must protect the innocence population of Libya. His words were reinforced by one of the key warmongers, our own PM, David Cameron. This theme was also supported by the US “Iron Lady” Hillary Clinton, who with her illustrious President Obama kept up the deceitful political spin.

Basically what has unfolded before us was the inner workings of the NWO via its international political arm the United Nations and by the thrust of its military arm NATO.

Guilty of War Crimes – International Fraud – Rape of Libya
Gordon Bowden and I are very much aware of the massive fraud carried out by Gadaffi and his son with very strong links that can be traced back to the City of London and our political elite.

Maybe now you are asking how can all of this be linked to the current conflict in Libya and how will the jigsaw all fit together when this current conflict is over.
Let’s just reflect on the false charade currently being played out by the supreme commander of this entire conflict, that of the United States and the United Kingdom. We have all observed this small dial – a - crowd unrest develop in Benghazi that was immediately followed by the dial – a – army that eventually started its highly disorganized westward journey along the coastal road towards Tripoli.
We saw this well orchestrated scene pan out as this pathetic, undisciplined, poorly equipped, so called rebel army, embark on this impossible task of taking on Gadaffi’s military might. Anyone with a military background should have noticed this pathetic story was truly unbelievable and that the well censored media that presented it to us all was far from reality and yet we all took the bait, hook line and sinker.

The small army started its journey after the US, UK and NATO had blasted Libya with an excessive array of depleted uranium weapons taking out key radar defence locations, military facilities and air bases etc…… once this extremely small army started it journey the coalition aircraft cleared the road ahead thus allowing the rebel army to proceed at an alarming rate without even engaging their enemy.

Suddenly the air support stopped and we saw the situation reverse as the rebel army went into full retreat back to where they came…….so why did this happen? We heard Admiral Mullen state that the air strikes had be stopped due to poor weather……..I wonder where he got his meteorology information from when we saw the various TV crews following the army along the coastal road in near perfect conditions? Is he aware that with todays hi tech all weather fighters that the war effort still goes on no matter what?

So what has been achieved so far…….one thing for sure is that the US, UK and Frances air superiority has wiped out much of Gadaffi’s hardware and have been extremely successful in contaminating most of the country with depleted uranium in much the same way as they did in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We now have a situation on the ground that resembles how Libya looked two weeks ago with no genuine engagement by the rebel army and Gadaffi’s army still in control of the country.

Now we have phase two of the NWO master plan which is to slowly edge into Libya as key figures leave Libya (or should I say abandon their country to the west). We saw this week their Foreign Minister, Moussa Koussa, appear on the shores of the UK in a very well pre planned arrival aboard a Swiss Registered (Tag Aviation) Gulfstream G200 with a registration of HB-JGL This aircraft departed from Djerba Zarzis International Airport under Flight Number FPG362 to Farnborough and would have declared its intended flight and passenger list to the British authorities prior to being given diplomatic clearance……how do I know?.......because I used to manage a VIP Jet Base (known as an FBO) in the UK.

The actual aircraft that delivered Moussa Koussa from Tunisia to the UK

Does the Libyan and British Government think that all the British public are so thick not to see through this false façade? Do they think that we do not understand what is going on here whereby those people who have dealt with the governments of France and the UK in such a fraudulent way are not now wishing to extricate themselves from Libya to enjoy a life of total luxury and protection? Do the people of Libya understand that those that escape to our country will continue to do their own wheeling and dealing with their equally fraudulent counterparts here and in France against the best interests of their own country and its citizens……..such is the workings of the NWO. They are about to embark on what can only be better described as “The Rape of Libya.”

I have no doubt that the true “Axis of evil,” here in London (the hub of the NWO) will now be in overdrive in trying to cover up the truth that lies behind the attack on Libya…..however when we link together the Pandora’s Box articles, Illegal Arms Dealings and Conflicts/Wars we can see that everything in this massive jigsaw all connects together in becoming the end game which is “Geo Politics of the NWO.”
In case you have forgotten the main aims of geo politics it is:

• To take control of the world’s natural resources
• To take control of the international markets for those resources
• To take control of the international trade routes, sea lanes and pipeline routes

I guess the next question would be why would this man return to England when he was directly involved in the loss of Pan Am 103 and is equally wanted for possible crimes against humanity and by his own people? It is obvious that he and many others to follow are involved with key players in this country of massive fraud and the rape of other countries natural resources etc.

It is also fact that one key player in this web of deceit is our ex PM Tony Blair, but the buck does not stop there as it all interconnects with that den of thief’s who operate out of 22 Arlington Street, London….the base of Arlington Associates and obviously Lonhro who have since relocated into the Cadbury Schweppes building: 2nd Floor, 25 Berkeley Square, London.

You may also ask how can something in Libya be linked to London or to the US and how does this interlink with illegal arms dealings etc work?……..its very simple really when you consider that one key player at 22 Arlington Street is ex US Ambassador, Francis D Cook who’s picture is the first one coming out of Pandora’s Box above……..her connection is the fact that she is on the board of directors of the US arms manufacturer ATK….get my drift?

Let’s just look back at the Pan Am bombing and see how this ties in with massive fraud, illegal arms dealings and the rape of someone’s natural resources…..it’s really very easy when you listen to Gordon Bowden who has a huge file on such going’s on.

Gordon sent me this brief on Pan Am 103 and in particular one very important passenger on that flight who happened to be the UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson.

This gentleman was on his way from Brussels to New York where he had attended an official meeting with the European Parliament and was heading back to the UN for the official signing of the handover of Namibia. However his schedule was changed at the last minute to travel via London to New York.

It became clear that there was some opposition from South Africa on this handover and obviously Carlsson was a thorn in the side. Add to this the fact that Carlsson had also been extremely critical of diamond giant De Beers when he made comments on Granada TV regarding missing diamonds etc.

It is very clear that South African Terrorist were linked to the loss of PA103 but it is also understood that other third parties were also interested in stopping his transit back to the US. Bernt Carlsson was believed to be carrying vital documents relating to the diamond trade that could have exposed some very influential connections i.e. Rothschild’s, De Beers, Gadaffi and the connections back to 22 Arlington Street London etc.

You have to understand that in order to eliminate one person may mean the assassination or murder of many others and so to down an aircraft or blow up the twin towers is not a problem for these ruthless greedy elite in order to protect their respective empires….unfortunately these empires are also linked to the corporate sector, the banks, politicians and their parties!!

Calrsson was under pressure to now transit via London as a direct result of his attack of De Beers and so came to London and meet with officials of the mining giant De Beers in regard to his comment:

One would expect from a worldwide organization like De Beers to behave in a socially and financially responsible manner. However, as far as Namibia is concerned, they have only been interested in the maximum profit without regard to social, economic-political or even legal considerations."

There is evidence that Calrsson’s suitcase, that was interlined from Brussels via London to New York, was switched and that suitcase was the one that may have contained the bomb. It was also alleged that he was carrying vital information in relation to the mining industry that would connect all of the above with illegal dealings etc. It should also be mentioned that key South African VIP’s just so happened to avoid that fateful flight….could it be they knew the consequences?

So now we come back to Gadaffi, his son and the connections with Tony Blair and 22 Arlington Street, London. This is were Gordon comes onboard to explain the intricate connections that bring all these criminals together into one melting pot full of blood diamonds and other precious resources.

Start of Gordon’s communication:

At this moment in time, especially concerning Col Gaddafi, his Son and the DIRECT Links to the defunct but still operational:


Reported by the BBC in 2001 and the UNITED NATIONS as having direct association to "Blood Diamond smuggling" Weapons deliveries to Rebel Groups and Covert Government COUP Operations


Qhaddafi and his Family clan joined the covert diamond mining CLUB through SENGAMINES : inter-related to:
Identified as the Corporate entity in the Diamond mining asset stripping and smuggling in the DRC, Angola, Zimbabwe and NAMIBIA.

ONR - (ORYX NATURAL RESOURCES) Director Affiliated to:
ex SAS Commander SIMON MANN
Ambassador FRANCES DEE COOK, Ambassador of among other Gulf / African States
Including OMAN and her business associates.

Commander Special Forces OMAN

Located at


Here (Attachments) is the 2 page 2003 web Article I was guided to on 1/11/2006 by ex RSA Intel Officer Hienrich Jacques Van Eck (on his assistance) at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham UK, when he asked me to bring Officers of SO6 Met fraud, (They refused to attend) where he would provide Sworn Affidavit of Covert Companies, Accountants, Auditors, Safe Houses, financing Terrorist groups within the UK.

In Paragraph 1 page 1 of the attachments.
In association to the laundering of "Blood Diamonds" and the UN Panel

The UN Ambassador to Namibia who was among those killed on PAN AM 103, was about to start legal proceedings against ANGLO AMERICA MINING Division, DE BEERS and others including SENGAMINES, regarding the criminal stripping of the mineral resources of Namibia
(Including Diamonds)

the verbage of association to PANDORA'S BOX.

"Qadhafi assumes control of Sengamines diamond company"

The 4 VIP's including USA's HOT SHOT Lady




Now this a FACTUAL Forensic Content press release the AMERICAN Government and UK CONSERVATIVE /LIB DEM Government won't like.


End of communications

Gordon also sent the following two part brief on Gadaffi’s involvement:

We all have to understand that the UK and France have been trying to obtain lucrative contracts not only in the oil and gas industry but also in selling military hardware and software. As an example there was stiff competition between UK’s British Aerospace aircraft and the French built Rafale fighter. France won the contract to deliver 14 jet fighters and 35 helicopters. This was only one of ten contracts signed by Sarkosy and Gadaffi. But do not be upset because our dear Tony Blair made some headway with his own lucrative deals with Gadaffi, one of which involved BP and the release of the suspect Pan Am bomber…….who in actual fact did not carry out the crime anyway.

On the question of who ordered the bombing of the Pan Am flight we have to turn to Gadaffi who with all those listed above all played their role in stopping Carlsson from reaching the US.

It may be of interest to learn that despite the tough stance played out by our previous PM, Gordon Brown, against Mugabe, that the President was also involved with Gadaffi and the same group of fraudsters who have been named above and whom form part of my Pandora’s Box series. The photographs below show clearly the relationship between our hypocritical Tony Blair and those they have been labeled as brutal dictators……I will let you decide:

Tony Blair invites Gadaffi and Mugabe to his boiler room at 22 Arlington Street, London

Now maybe you can see that massive fraud and corruption plays such an important part of British Politics with direct links to the corporate sector, the banks, illegal arms trading and covert operations in other countries to destabilize governments, force regime change or to creating a false flag operation to justify a conflict.

The current crisis in Libya would have to be one of the all time greats in creating a false illusion via the British and international media who try to suck us all in with their propaganda interpretation as to how they see it and how other, more intelligent, people see it.

So how will this pan out…….well the answer will reveal itself over the next few days when all those that have been part and parcel of doing business with the UK and France will slowly abandon their beloved country to join those that took advantage off them and bled the system.

If there is anyone left in Libya who is honest and sincere maybe we will see them pursing those that deserted them and bring them to justice but somehow I don’t think we are likely to see such an event.

My next concern is the fact that the interim government, that is currently sitting on the side, are mainly expatriate Libyan’s living overseas and could well be part of the existing covert NWO plan and may be user friendly towards the US, UK and France. They keep up their political spin about the suffering under Gadaffi and agreed with the coalition onslaught of Libya with WMD’s that violate at least 4 chapters of the Geneva Convention.

All I can finally say is “Wake up World” and try to see the wood through the trees!! Stop being brainwashed with Rupert Murdoch’s empire or by the well censored BBC.

Could I be right?.........only time will tell, unfortunately by then it will be too late Libya will be taken over by the west in much the same way as they have done in Iraq and now Afghanistan……….such a cruel world don’t you think?

The rebel leader of the opposition said they will create a ceasefire if Gadaffi pulls his forces out of all towns and allows the democratic gatherings of people who object to the current government’s stance.

In the Houses of Parliament Lord Stirrup announced that our servicemen’s “Courage, Skill and Determination makes them the pride of the nation”......how can one use the term courage when they fire missiles from way outside the danger zone or who release their stand off weapons well outside of the target area………certainly one does not have the courage that one associates with conventional fighting.

One reporter stated that the rebels have not had any coalition air cover for three and a half days and that the rebels had been given permission to enter the No-Fly-Zone with a limited amount of their own aircraft to attack some Gadaffi military targets!!!
My oh my, the media coverage certainly is becoming absurd when we hear on one hand that the coalition aircraft have been grounded by bad weather (Admiral Mullen) and yet these out of date, badly maintain, rebel aircraft can fly around the same skies………I will leave you to decide fact from fiction!!

So what will the west leave the people of Libya? The picture below gives the answer!

What will the west be taking from the people of Libya? The picture below gives the answer!


What else will the west be pumping back into Libya? The picture below gives the answer?

Watch this space for more propaganda from our professionally trained media?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 1/4/2011 www.eyreinternational.com

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