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Friday, 1 April 2011

UK Paedophilia runs rife in very high places!!

We have always believed that those in authority have very strong links with the Freemason's and the past and current governments are no exception, but just how high do you want to go?

We have known that in the past certain lists were passed around that revealed those that were considered a security risk to our nation or to our allies and it was for this reason that the FBI sent such a list to government of the day that was under the control of PM Tony Blair.

We know that Lord Robertson was listed, who just so happened to be in charge of NATO at the time.....how much more of a security risk do you want to go?

So let’s again now look at what other people were saying about the very dark period in our history......or should I say the ongoing dark history that still plagues our government and all parties.

This is one such story that I picked up:

Tony Blair as 'miranda '

People ask, 'why do politicians get into power and then ignore the wishes of the electorate' ? its quite simple the financial backers choose very carefully people with character flaws that can be bribed or blackmailed, Look at Winston Churchill in the thirties, both the Times Mag with Homes and Gardens magazine voted Hitler man of the year, Manpower Mag said if Hitler can achieve such prosperity and with full employment surely we can in do it in Britain?

Neville Chamberlain had a team which secretly spent 4 years studying the German model and planned to implement part of it in Britian, suddenly Churchill decided the Russians were not a threat but Germany was and agitated for war, Hitler was shocked at this because under the Chamberlain agreements the Anglo Saxon family were to join against Russia.

Churchill had huge gambling drinking and whoring bills, and Jock Colville claimed he usually insisted on ginger haired prostitutes, so they bought him a ginger tomcat as a private joke.

Churchills Sandhurst file, the original and proper one lists him as, 'a confirmed sodomite and a menace to the younger boys' ( Courtesy of Guy Burgess diaries ) this wayward ness allowed Churchill to be used by the bankers, under the carrot and the stick, you do as we say and you get paid x amount, you dont do as we say and we ruin you, In W W 1 Churchill took bankers cash in the name of Colonel Arden, and W W II his secretary said several names were used,

How Britian came to be in the EU under such disastrous terms was because Edward Heath was a cuprophiliac, he would regularly take boys from certain care homes away on his boat for weekends, his sheets had to be perfectly white clean ironed and perfumed, Heaths obsession with this made the boats name 'morning cloud' the subject of many in house jokes, nevertheless he was seriously warned 4 times by the police for hanging around public toilets, special branch had to appoint a man especially to protect him, it was Liberal party Leader Jeremy Thorpes threat to bring down Edward Heath and a big bunch of other politicians, which got him off the Norman Scott attempted murder court case, the name 'Mr Eddy' was well known on Hampstead Heath and the boys home nearby in the seventies.

Labour politician Tom Driberg was said to spend as much time in public lavatories as the Houses of Parliament and he gave in 1972 a long list of top people involved in 'blackmailable' sexual pursuits to M I 5 this same list in the same order would later turn up in the KGB London Office, top of this list was Sir Anthony Blunt, who was beleived to be a procurer of men and young lads, when a person dies their bowels tighten then release, and Blunt was said to have strangled young boys while being sodomised in 'snufff' killings,this is supposed to heighten the sexual climax, he would obtain boys from care homes for David Temple, who was also known as 'Soxon Rothschild, because he always kept his socks on while naked.

Blunt knew actor Peter Arne who would take food to tramps sleeping in the local park in exchange for sex and Arne had contacts at the top of the political tree, and was picked out by several boys in mugshot pics as hanging about outside boys schools.
In 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court a certain Charles Lynton was fined £50 for attempted soliciting in city toilets, the police notes were to disappear later along with several prior verbal warnings, Charles Lynton was at university well known as 'Miranda' a promiscous cross dresser who playeda guitar badly, Charles Lynton is Tony Blairs middle names, and it was Lord Levy who funded and greased Tony Blair through the hoop into the Prime Ministers office for one reason, the Iraq war.
Peter Mandelson and Cherie Blair hated each other, Mandelson as top Rothschild apparatchik for Britian was rumoured to boss and bully Blair, but after a row with the French the newspapers were tipped off anonnymously that Frederic Mitterrand was paying young boys for sex, but a small security firm phone tapping for a newspaper, claimed the tip came from Mandelsons people.

The NSA whistleblower David Murphy-Fawkes has said they listened in to all Tony Blairs calls, as the US senate saw him as a lightweight 'pinnochio' figure.
In march 2003 Peter Mandelson officially endorsed Leo Gillan as his political candidate, who then lost out to a man in a monkey suit, 'hangus' the monkey was offering a free bananna to schoolchildren, 'hangus' was an in joke on the campaign to hang war criminals such as Saddham Hussein and Tony Blair.

Mandelson while Business Minister showed his true metal while holidaying on Deripaskas yacht, now Deripaska is banned under organised crime regs in the USA, but according to the Daily Mail 23rd May 2010, Nat Rothschild, Deripaska and Mandelson shook hands on a £500 million aluminium deal that cost many Britons their jobs, much of this is said to be in chemtrail drops, these 3 were joked about in the MI5 canteen as 'the axis of evil' and 'the 3 jewboys' and when Mandelson was admitted into a french hospital recently with prostate problems, the french doctors report told of felching injuries,

Felching is the gay sport where a carboard tube is pushed into the rectum and a small furry animal slid down inside, our Peter apparently was scratched internally rather badly.

Peter Mandelson is controlling director of the NSPCC, and when Margaret Hodge ( Oppenheimer) was Childrens Minister she lived next door to Tony Blair, they also knew childline funders Sarah Caplin and Esther Rantzen, who are connected to TV mogul Michael Grade.

The Metropolitan police tell us that a score of scandals have hit childrens homes across the country, and strangely all has gone very silent, except for the Holly Greg case, now this is the only one that involves a girl all the rest being boys, one reporter for a newspaper asked Westminster Police why has all this not got out,? and pointed at chief Childrens Minister Mrs Hodge ? , and asked if this was a conspiracy of silence and if so why ?

Interestingly a score of names of frequent visitors to these care homes including pop musicians DJs and top politicans was D noticed by Tony Blair, including mention that Gordon Brown was close to several rent boys and Sarah Macauley was paid £50,000 to marry him and stay the course, this out of publisher Robert Maxwels 'Black Widow Fund' which went usually to zionist activists, Maxwells daughter Ghislaine is said to be fund adminstrator and close to Prince Andrew, and all this is is why no politician does what it says on the tin, because they have to dance to the paymasters tune

'He who pays the piper, calls the tune'

'There are 1000 hacking at the branches of evil, but just 1 hacking at the root' Henry Thoreau

T Stokes london

Here is another article from the same author:

The war on terror has taken a new turn, and Operation Ore the world wide hunt which saw many internet pedophiles prosecuted, has led to Operation Radium, which is the British national security campaign against the British government allowing the trafficking of women and children into Britain for the sex industry.

Detective Chief Inspector Kevin Vanterpool in charge at Cambridgeshire,

Raided 119 mafia brothels, some girls claimed they had to service 60 clients a day, and 5 showed signs of torture, figures vary for arrests from 41 to 57, but the people who run the premises are never found, only the person in charge at that one house.

The Ely Standard of July 10th 2008 ran the article where a Chinese female masseuse ran a house and police seized her client lists and bank books, showing she banked last year £81,000 and had an expensive car and lifestyle, she was jailed for 15 months.

The Russian mafia boss Ivan Lukaszewski consistently denies using children in their brothels, and claim they are just fulfilling a need supplying women and rent boys, and say that other mafias and gangs also operate freely in Britain, and do use children, he says his money is made up from supplying half price labour to the factories and farms in the area, and that the British government itself is responsible for people trafficking,

Starting from bringing in Caribbean’s after the devastation after W.W.II
Many senior Russian mafia operatives live in the Norfolk Kings Lyn area, where the New Labour M.P George Turner some 10 years ago, foolishly agreed to huge numbers of Soviet Bloc refugees coming to the area in exchange for more local funding from central government, a promise which he claims never materialized.

Russian millionaires with questionable credentials are said to have given substantial financial donations to New Labour.

Cambridge shire Constabulary head Paul Fullwood said, “these forced into sex acts are in a horrible practice and it must be stamped out”

Particularly targeted for blackmail are those who work at the local airbases and have access to secrets, the war on terror is presently gearing up to warn these personnel, but more and more workers at the factories with technical knowledge, teachers, policemen and a senior evangelical preacher are on the files and are also laying themselves open to blackmail by visiting these establishments.

Underground gambling dens, offer a free servicing for big winners at selected brothels, where the money is then reclaimed often by force, and similar tactics are seen at mafia run dogfights where huge monetary sums change hands in betting and blackmail.

One arrested man at a brothel, claimed the brothels were a good thing, and that everyone was entitled to a sex life, and agreed that the girls should be treated better and the trend for Saturdays is for many men to go to a football match then a takeaway and a few beers and end with a relaxing brothel visit.

N.W. Cambridgeshire and Joint Vice Chairman of the all-party group on women and children trafficking, Shailesh Vara said; ”it is a tragedy that in the same year we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of transatlantic slavery, we allow this awful slavery on our own doorstep.

Gambling prostitution and blackmail have always been the stock in trade of the Soviet K.G.B. many of these men are now back in Britain again, as businessmen and gang-masters.

We ignore them at our peril.

T Stokes London

With thanks to special branch
Oleg Constantinov
Police gazette
Women against rape.org
Chief Constable Julie Spence

So as you can see we still have some pretty warped people in high places still holding influencial positions..........if anyone has a copy of the original FBI list that was passed on to Tony Blair it would be very much appreciated.

For my part Tony Blair is a War Criminal - A fraudster and obviously knows something that we don't.

He has been deeply involved in Libya and one would have to ask to what extent is he still involved in fraud via his hornets nest at 22 Arlington Street, London.
When one adds up all the fraud and the level of paedophilia in this country we have to ask ourselves are these leaders and other politicians worthy of such senior positions.

Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant – 31/3/2011 www.eyreinternational.com


  1. http://themurdochempireanditsnestofvipers.blogspot.com/2011/11/leveson-inquiry-kate-mccanns-diary-well.html

    The McCann cover Paedophiles in High places and Freemasons !

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  3. Extraordinary claims,all too believable,especially in the light of the Rochdale report that said Pakistani paedo gangs operated for years without censure,in fact the police and social services covered it up,prosecuted whistle-blowers under the incitement thought crime legislation and even arrested the victims.
    Now the Savile story has been revealed,after decades as an open secret,(curiously just a few days after the report into Pakistani paedophile gangs was published,saying police ignored over 100 complaints.The timing I'm sure,is purely coincidental,it's not like cowardly moral and cultural relativists are involved,or 'community cohesion' is at stake).
    The BBC and its multicultural,liberal agenda is at the heart of the Savile scandal and complicit in excusing or deflecting the blame of the Rochdale scandal.In one Question Time blaming the hundreds if not thousands of child abuses,child rapes and trafficking,entirely on British society.With no mention of the PakIstani men who brutally raped children.Hopefully the entire can of worms is opened,but I doubt it as it probably touches too many in the establishment.

  4. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/40450

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