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Thursday, 31 March 2011

US and UK Governments extend their talons over Libya - Part 14

US and UK Governments extend their talons over Libya - Part 14

All of these men are War Criminals

All of these men are aware that the use of WMD’s (depleted uranium) is in violation of the Geneva Convention

The Libyan crisis is moving along at such a phenomenal pace it’s almost too difficult to follow. One has to ask some very serious questions as to what game the west is playing and also if some sort of conspiracy is taking place that could even involve Ghadaffi himself.

We previously observed the rebel army racing towards the west and within striking distance of Tripoli with little resistance. It was made clear that this rapid advance was as a direct result of coalition air superiority that continue to take out Ghadaffi’s army units ahead of the rebel army.

Suddenly the air support stopped and Ghadaffi was allowed to back track and retake previous towns that had been taken by the rebel army……now the rebel army is in full retreat and almost back where they started a week ago.
So my question would be “Why did this air superiority stop”? and “Why has the coalition not maintaining it’s current stance to take all measures required to protect civilians”?

Are we seeing a conspiracy in the making, whereby they have gone into a full retreat to justify the arming of the rebel army by the west?

We have heard the NATO Secretary General repeat that NATO is there to protect civilians and not to harm them (as per the UN Resolution) and yet at the same time we have Obama, Clinton, Hague and Cameron talking about arming the rebels!!!! Have you ever heard such a pathetic mix up as to what is supposed to be done (as per the UN) and what the US want to do……..again we can clearly see that the US and the UK are running their own agenda.

On the issue of arming the rebels….. I already have information that this is taking place with an urgent request to move armoured vehicles by air to Egypt.
Now Obama has just approved the operation of covert forces to be sent to Libya to operate in support of the rebel army……..what you the public do not know is that they have been operating within Libya for some considerable time. Another news flash is that the Libyan Foreign Minister has just deflected to the UK. The report says he landed at Farnborough, which is a private jet facility, so the UK Government would have known who was in transit from Tunisia!! The media also interviewed someone who said that Ghadaffi was now receiving medical treatment as a result of this deflection…….this certainly has the making of a New World Order Master Plan. We must also remember that extending the war is very good business for the US and keeps the price of oil high……good concept hey?

I have always believed that this total unrest in the Middle East has nothing to do with people power taking back their country but more of a well orchestrated plan to create the unrest to force a regime change. How can it be such a coincidence that almost all marginal countries that are not totally behind the US have this massive unrest?

One also has to ask the question what is the size of the so called Rebel Army in Libya….it never appeared to be of any size with no true ability to fight and one could see considerable support by Special Forces to make it more effective.
We can now see the writing is on the wall that will allow the US and UK to arm the rebel army and for a full on conflict/war to develop……..the UN and NATO will be manipulated to accept this next phase of the conflict.

We also noticed that our government has expelled 5 members of the Libyan Embassy because they may constitute as being a risk to UK security…….I am sure you must agree this activity is really the sign of someone attempting to plan something in a very disorganized way.

The other issue here is that the US and UK have declared for some time that no ground forces would be established within Libya…..well that’s another promise gone out of the window.

Amidst all this confusion the coalition continues to hammer Libya with a vast array of missiles and other depleted uranium weapons some of which you can see in the picture below…..note the second bomb can be seen about to strike its target…I have magnified it so that you can see it is clearly a JDAM bomb.

JDAM Bomb about to hits its target in Tripoli

JDAM exploding note the intensity of DU

In the picture below you can see a Danish aircraft being loaded with a JDAM

Once again we can see how the radioactive nanoparticle (aerosols) move around the world from the many past and current areas of conflict……Libya is marked with a white square.

The impact of this contamination is clearly seen below

Below are the two people who know all about depleted uranium and sanction its use

Last but not least the lady who supports human rights?

So there you have it…….will we see Ghadaffi stay and fight like he said he would or will we see a conspiracy between Ghadaffi and the west that allows him to leave the country and live in total luxury to carry on with his massive fraud and corruption that Gordon Bowden has already exposed…….if the latter then obviously the west will take over his country and his resources, which was there plan in the first place!!!
Watch this place for another article on Pandora’s Box

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/3/2010 www.eyreinternational.com

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