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Saturday, 12 March 2011

What price do you put on nuclear power and who is lying?

I have always maintained that converting to nuclear power stations is certainly not the answer. How can anyone, even the most determined environmentalist, say that anything nuclear is safe?

How can anyone leave our grandchildren and their grandchildren the legacy of the risks associated with anything nuclear and more importantly how can we leave the future generations the thousands upon thousands of tonnes of waste that simply lives on forever?

The stockpiles of depleted uranium in the US (for example) are in a deplorable state with containers leaking there contents in a totally unacceptable way........I wish to emphasis that there is no safe level when it comes to radiation!!

Add to this the level of contamination in and around any such facility and the accidents that just keep happening and one can see that the risks far outweigh any economic advantage. So here we go again with yet another very serious nuclear accident. The authorities and many experts around the world played down the seriousness of this accident, including those from that notorious den of rogues called Chatham House.....even the media played it down as you would expect under their strict censorship rules.......so what has actually happened and where will the contamination go.

Note within the squares the pyrophoric effects associated with a uranium explosion (The Shock wave was also significant)......unfortunately the image is not clear.

First of all let me assure everyone that this was a very destructive explosion at the Daichi No 1 Reactor. Its pre shock wave was significant and no matter what the experts said it certainly was not a steam explosion which they described as being like a pressure cooker with no safety valve.

This explosion was part of a huge melt down and I would imagine that the entire reactor and its rods are now gone. The resultant explosion certainly had typical pyrophoric characteristics that one would associate with an explosion involving uranium and one could clearly see the firework effect radiating out from its centre.
The next issue that I considered to be totally false was the fact that all the experts and the Japanese Government said that the wind would take any contamination out to see........when one studies the footage you can see that it starts drifting parallel to the coast and certainly not out to sea. Because of my meteorological background I decide to check the weather patterns out at the time of the explosion and after........at best in the south the wind was from the south but in that area and to the north the wind was south-easterly moving to east-south-easterly.

What this actually proves is the fact that the radiation from this plant did not go out to sea at all but stayed inland....drifted slightly north initially and then tracked slowly inland covering a potential area from Fukushima itself to the other areas to the north, which are, Minamisoma and all the way up to Sendai.......we are talking here about very large populous areas.......in the smaller location such as Minamisoma the populatin is 71,296 people.........so despite the risks associated with this power station, obviously this aspect was never taken into account and the Japanese certainly were not prepared for this mishap. We are looking at a population catchment area of over 2m people

One severe criticism I would have made to the Japanese Government is why would anyone in their right mind build a nuclear power station on an areas with so many fault lines and with so much geological activity.......it is obvious that the Nuclear Industry are a very powerful group and it would appear have done the hard sell here without looking at the risks..........these geological activities are very much part of everyday life but this one really did catch them out.

I think there certainly is justification for any country to reconsider the high risks association with nuclear power stations and more importunately their resultant nuclear waste.

On would think with Japan's past experience after WW2 that the very thought of nuclear anything would make them flinch......it is obvious that this is not the case.

Another bone of contention for me is the fact that again the Japanese public have been lied too by their government. They were led to believe that the US Pacific Fleet who are based in Japan and many others who transit Japan en route to the trouble spots of the Middle East were nuclear free vessels.....this is certainly not the case....but then who is going to check them?

One can only feel the pain of this double tragedy in Japan and sincerely hope that they can overcome the tragic loss of life on such a huge scale.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 12/3/2011 www.eyreinternational.com

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