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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What price do you put on nuclear power and who is lying? - Part 6

The Japanese Government, IAEA & the Mainline Media all lied

It is clear that Nuclear Energy as a means of power generation is now dead in the water

Latest Newsflash:
Dr. Chris Busby verified today in an email that three spent fuel pools are totally blasted away and burned up. That puts the approximate radiation levels at 24,000 HIROSHIMAS x 3 = 72,000 times the radiation of Hiroshima now in the atmosphere. Remember, this is JUST from the spent fuel pools. Radiation escaping from the reactors is another story altogether.

We have now all had time to evaluate what we believe is the truth behind the Japanese Nuclear Incident (or should I say disaster) and it has become clear that we have all been deceived by the Japanese Authorities, their nuclear establishment, the IAEA, the international pro nuclear groups and more importantly the so called experts that are invited onto the mainstream media channels to blast us with nothing more than total spin. We have heard from nuclear experts from Chatham House (the NWO voice box) and such people as Prof. Gerry Thomas from Imperial College London.
They all keep playing down this disaster without themselves fully understanding the implications on human health and the antiquated testing methods used in the assessment of potential victims. It is only when one listens to such people as Dr. Chris Busby that you get to understand the true picture of the side effects of contamination by ingestion i.e. depleted uranium etc.

Before we go into what Dr Busby is saying about this disaster lets throw a few things around that will make you re think on how you yourself may have analyzed this event.

This was an excerpt from The Nation:

But there is another, potentially far more dangerous problem: the spent fuel rod pools that sit right next door to the reactors. The storage pools are packed with radioactive uranium, rise several stories above ground and are always close to the reactor, thus facilitating easy transfer of the fuel rods. Their name—especially “spent” and “pool”—conveys calm dissipation. But spent fuel rod pools are actually highly radioactive, very unstable, extremely dangerous and, compared with reactors, not well supported, contained or looked over.

The spent rods give off considerable amounts of “decay heat” and thus must be submerged in constantly circulating water. Expose them to air for a day or two, and they begin to combust, giving off large amounts of radioactive cesium-137, a very toxic, long-lasting, aggressively penetrating radioactive element with a half-life of thirty years. When cesium-137 it enters the environment, it essentially acts like potassium and is taken up by plants and animals that use potassium. (For the record, that includes you.)

Maybe now you can fully understand the seriousness of this disaster and that all those who have attempted to spread calm amongst the residents of Japan have been spinning a very deceitful planned programme of lies

“I’ve been studying overhead photographs of Fukushima. It is very disturbing,” said Robert Alvarez, formerly a senior policy adviser at the Energy Department under Clinton and now a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies.

“The steel wall of the pool seems to show damage. All the surrounding equipment, including the two cranes, has been destroyed. There is smoke coming from reactor No. 3, and steam coming from the spent fuel pool next to it. That indicates that the water in the pool is boiling. And that means the spent fuel rods are getting hot and could start burning.”

If the spent rods start to burn, huge amounts of radioactive material would be released into the atmosphere and would disperse across the Northern Hemisphere.

Unlike the reactors, spent fuel pools are not—repeat not—housed in any sort of hardened or sealed containment structures. Rather, the fuel rods are packed tightly together in pools of water that are often several stories above ground.

“With damaged [fuel rod] pools, we are talking about things that were never considered a credible threat,” said Alvarez.

It is also apparent that General Electrics (GE) in the US have a connection with this plant and I noticed these headlines: “GE Designed Fukushima Reactors May Damage US Image”

This is one report concerning GE…….Experts like Walt Patterson, Senior Research Fellow in the Energy and Environmental Programme, who told RT that nearly 40 years ago he wrote an article “describing an intense controversy in the US about the performance of the so-called “emergency cooling systems on water-cooled reactors,” are now openly saying that there were some flaws in the General Electric-designed reactors. TEPCO and the Japanese government will probably nevertheless try to sue the General Electric Company. But it remains to be seen as investigation into the catastrophe is yet to be conducted.

General Electric’s Chairman Jeffrey R. Emmelt visited India earlier this week to lead for the first time in GE’s history, outside the US, the Council of Corporate Executives. He had to answer some tough questions from Indian journalists about what is happening at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant. He seemed to be dodging those questions. Instead he re-expressed commitment to invest in India and voiced plans to invest $200 million in the next five years, but many Indians are rather skeptical and feel worried about whether there could be a potential disaster at nuclear power plants designed by GE.

I find it incredible that anyone in their right mind would go nuclear to power their energy sector. To build such plants on top of or near major fault lines is totally unacceptable. My own concern has always been how can we leave behind the nuclear waste from such facilities for our children and grandchildren to worry about.
In order to show the true picture of this disaster in Japan we have to turn to one of the most experiences experts in the field of airborne radioactive aerosols/nanoparticles and their effect on human health……Dr Chris Busby who has been lobbying this topic for many many years, especially in the area of depleted uranium etc.

Dr Busby has stated that the current crisis in Japan can only be described as catastrophic and extremely serious. He has indicated that the methods and risk models used by not only the Japanese Authorities but also the IAEA are outdated and obsolete…….as an example the authorities have been using standard Geiger counter to scan for traces of radiation when in actual fact they only pick up Gamma rays.
He goes on to say that this nuclear power station in Fukushima has emitted smoke/steam containing very high levels of pure radioactive particles. He also went on to say that over 1,000 kg’s of mixed uranium and plutonium spent fuel rods in the ponds at the facility had been breached, again allowing highly contaminated waste to enter the environment.

Dr.Busby stated that because of the above massive amounts of Alpha rays were also emitted into the atmosphere during these many ongoing catastrophic events and that these Alpha rays cannot be picked up by standard Geiger counters, thus making a mockery of the authorities ability to deal with this disaster.

Dr Busby is convinced that meltdown has occurred and that this power station remains in a critical condition and continues to emit very dangerous levels of radiation both within the area of Japan but also further afield as one can see from the radioactive fallout image below.

Dr.Busby has made it very clear that much of the radioactive particles released from the Fukushima plant cannot be detected and therefore the authorities, the IAEA and all the many pro nuclear experts are playing down this disaster as they did for Chernobyl.

In actual fact the expert from Chatham House in London, Malcolm Grimston, was one such expert who throughout the initial repeated incidents said that everything was basically very much under control at Fukishima until events indicated otherwise and even then he played down events. Yesterday another expert Prof. Gerry Thomas from Imperial College London also played down this situation:

Professor Gerry Thomas, who has studied the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, said: “It is very unlikely that this will turn into anything that resembles Chernobyl.” In Chernobyl you had a steam explosion which exposed the reactor core, which meant you had a lot of radiation shooting up into the atmosphere.”

Prof. Thomas also indicated that in the aftermath of Chernobyl the levels that were emitted over vast areas are almost now no existent………perhaps she should ask all the sheep gracing in North Wales if they feel the same way?

I guess the other issue here, from my perspective, is the fact that we observed a huge explosion that certainly went high into the atmosphere and that explosion carried radioactive particles that contained Alpha rays that could not be detected, not forgetting the spent fuel rods that also went up in the air to a height of around 3000 feet!!! The very fact that such a large amount of spent fuel rods were kept on site and next to the reactors is in itself a crime.

To give some perspective of the potential damage of radioactive nonoparticles on human health we can see Israel having a major infertility problem by the year 2020 as a direct result of their use of weapons containing uranium components on Lebanon in 2006 and again during “Operate Cast Lead” in 2008/9 when they blasted Gaza with depleted uranium weapons. What they didn’t give any thought too was the fact that the radioactive aerosol drifted over the border from Lebanon and Gaza within minutes and nuked their own citizens…..this certainly adds a new meaning to the term “What goes around comes around.” The effect basically has caused a massive 85% + drop in the quality of the sperm some of which have no heads etc.

This catastrophic ongoing disaster continues to emit vast amount of radioactive contamination into our atmosphere and the authorities and the IAEA continue to play along this game of “Can we fix it or not”……the answer is clearly “No they cannot.” It has already gone beyond meltdown and cannot be neutralized to any safe level.

Fukushima plant before the event

Fukushima plant after the event
I think this in actual fact is far worse that Chernobyl in that at least after some time they entombed the entire plant. However, at Fukushima they continue to leave the plant exposed to the outside environment to contaminate no only the atmosphere but also the sea that surrounds Japan.

Maybe I would be extremely controversial by saying “What’s the rush to fix this problem anyway”? at the end of the day it falls in line with the master plan of the New World Order” which is to depopulate our planet by a minimum of 1/3rd or more……could there be a connection in this disaster.?

Our leaders keep ramming down our throats the fact that the oil and gas is slowly running out and that because of global warming we must look for alternatives…….well my friends I can assure you that there is no shortage of oil or gas in this world and that global warming in a natural phenomenon.

Even if we have to accept, that we the public, are responsible for this rise in temperature etc…… I can assure you that the biggest contributors to the problem is the massive “Trans National Corporate Sector Mining & Oil Companies” who spread there greedy talons into the pristine forests of the Amazon and the equatorial forests in Southeast Asia to remove the very product that keeps us all alive……… “Trees.”!!!!

This very exercise alone removes natures lungs, removes the precipitation that comes from them and changes the temperature and humidity that is so vital in the exchanges of air masses and sea masses that recycle our planet.
I love my planet and all the beauty it possesses but I hate those that intentionally contaminate our planet through their own imperialistic greed or to remove those that do not serve their best interests.

In closing my thoughts are with the very young and the unborn fetus in Japan who always become the victims of any slight increase in radiation levels as they due when placed in an environment of other such radiation hazards as depleted uranium in areas of conflict. As I have pointed out to you all so many times before…..such contamination does not recognize international borders and therefore this becomes a problem for the world.

It is time we addressed these ongoing issues and war crimes by bringing those responsible to trial…..at the end of the day Uranium Mining, Nuclear Power Stations and Nuclear Weapons are very lucrative businesses and the financial returns far out way the high risks!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/3/2011 www.eyreinternational.com

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