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Friday, 11 March 2011

The US and UK Governments extend their talons over Libya – Part 3

For God’s sake Barack I’m the mouthpiece for this government so step down!

Well folks here we go again with the same good old spin coming out of the bowels of the US Whitehouse and Pentagon with the backing of the UK and EU......believe it or not the dirty dozen are at their same old tricks they used in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia......oh sorry I forgot North Pakistan must be added to this list, where they are carrying out their daily incursions into Pakistan’s Sovereign Territory.

Can one ever imagine the repercussions if drones entered US, UK or EU airspace (without permission) and dropped Bunker Busters or fired Hellfire Missiles at selective targets killing many innocent civilians each and every month?

So we now see the US, UK and other NATO members of Europe on a “War Footing” and planning their next move, even despite the fact that they say that any decision will have to come from the United Nations..........interesting hey, considering they went into Iraq against the UN advice......oh well I guess it doesn’t matter anymore because we are seeing here the “The New World Order’s - Master Geo Political Plan” in its making.

It is extremely hard to keep up with the dialogue coming out of the US and the immense activity being carried out behind the scenes with Bill Gates and Admiral Mullen with our dear Hilary bleating in the background with her own well rehearsed spin!

Even Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi is putting in his two cents (that is to say if he has any money left after all of his affairs) in supporting what action should take place and why not, the United States is spending an awful lot of money in Italy via its US Naval base in Naples........just in case you don’t know here’s a summary of what the US has in Italy - U.S. European Command. With its headquarters now in Naples, Italy, COMUSNAVEUR directs all its naval operations through Commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet (COMSIXTHFLT) based in Gaeta, Italy, and support activities ashore through Commander, Navy Region Europe (CNRE), headquartered in Naples, Italy. As of 2010, Naval Forces Europe is commanded by Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III, who also serves as NATO's Commander, Allied Joint Force Command Naples and not forgetting other US bases such as the Aviano Air Base (Northeastern Italy) which is also a NATO Air Base under USAF administration.

When you think about it any war or conflict is very lucrative business for the US with its massive military manufacturing base in both hardware and software. One could also say that its also good business for the local economies around the world where they have either US bases or NATO bases.......a few that come to mind is Belgium (the home of NATO), Germany with its massive bases, Italy and others.......all in all very good business to say the least.

So what’s the state of play, at the current time, and how close are we at seeing our big brother across the pond win the first round at the United Nations or in moving a motion at the current NATO meeting in Brussels?

Let’s briefly take a look at the rhetoric that has taken place since my last article, because believe me this is moving along at a phenomenal pace as one would expect when Oil/Gas is on the menu!!

We woke up to the headlines “EU and NATO to meet on Libya after days of battles”....rather dramatic don’t you think? Maybe we could look at the many days of battles that are on going, each and everyday at other locations around the world where maybe oil/gas and other natural resources are none existent or not so important....but hey then it doesn’t matter because the American Eagle can only carry so much in its talons!!

The article went on to say: The Pentagon said it was preparing a "full range" of military options for Libya, including a no-fly zone, with the plans to be discussed by NATO defense ministers at a meeting in Brussels.

"NATO is not looking to intervene in Libya, but we have asked our military to conduct prudent planning for all eventualities," NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told Britain's Sky News…………….So you can see here a progressive build up in the preparation for, what will be, a very well planned action.

The other thing that is also happening in conjunction with the NATO meeting is a very well timed meeting of EU Foreign Ministers, hich also so happen to be in Brussels (how convenient) to discuss North Africa. Their focus will be how the EU can support (or should that be persuade) the political transition in Egypt and Tunisia, whilst at the same time implementing sanctions and others means against Gaddafi.

How many times do we see a repeat of this US, UK and EU interference in African and Middle Eastern matters……could it be that the Crusades never did finish or is it a case that “The Most Powerful Nation in the World” or should I say “The most indebted nation in the world”(around $15 trillion) wants to continue on with its own hidden agenda in policing the world with its aggressive foreign policy…….I am sure the Arab League (if it is still a functional body) would be most upset with their current activities.

So where is Dear Hilary whilst all this is going on and what is she saying……well once again U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made it clear imposing a no-fly zone is a matter for the United Nations and should not be a U.S.-led initiative (who kidding who)!!

“ Ciao NATO continuare a inviare i dollari che ho molto da fare!”
(hello NATO keep sending the dollars I have much to do!)

Needless to say playboy Berlusconi is already rubbing his hands together knowing that huge amount of money will be brushing his already tarnished palms very soon for one very good reason: Italian bases would play a critical role in any military action, and he has made it clear that he will back any decisions taken by NATO, the EU or the United Nations, clearing the way for U.S. naval forces based in Naples to be deployed if needed….would you expect him not to accept such a lucrative deal? The Mafia lives on!!

Again let’s remind ourselves what is at stake in the world of “Geo Politics”……they want their hands on Libya’s oil and they also want conflict which is good for business and with the added ability to destabilize Libya even more and also many other the countries. Add to this the ongoing hike in fuel prices (Brent crude oil was rising toward $116 a barrel), the subsequent price rise in all essential foods and commodities and with the final result in slowing down the global economic recovery……this is the way the New World Order works………”Don’t you get it yet?”….this will add more unrest in the poorer countries of Africa and the Middle East causing more governments to become unpopular when they themselves are the victim of those who caused it in the first place. Let me again repeat a chapter from a previous article (from my Pandora’s Box series) which clearly shows how it works:
Can one imagine that the US for instance released at least two trillion dollars (between the United States and Brussels) to bail out the institutions that looted peoples money and were the principle culprits in bringing the financial system to its knees. This bail-out money was then repackaged and invested in the bourses (stock exchanges) around the world to generate profit. That not only created inflation all over the world, but it also drove up the price of food and real estate.

With this in mind, what then basically happens is, that those countries that have or continue to encounter civil unrest, slowly sink into a bigger hole, as their economy goes into a deadly spiral which then allows the World Bank/IMF to swoop in with its own talons and offer a bail out loan to stop that country from economic collapse. In coming to some sort of settlement there are then rules and guidelines set out by the IMF initiate before the bail out is allowed to proceed. What then happens is that the WB/IMF then have a foot in the door to dictate what a country should or should not do….......the WB/IMF is all part of the New World Order as is the UN, WHO and all their associated outlets…even maybe the International Court of Justice (ICJ) etc.

"Ignore the banner on the podium, we here in the United States do not abide by them”!!

Sky news recently interviewed Hillary Clinton regarding the situation in Libya….she was asked what more could the US do?

Her response: “Well, it’s not only the U.S., it’s the international community. And your government, the Government of the UK, and the Government of France are working on a resolution to try to get authority from the United Nations Security Council. Yesterday, the Gulf countries said that they would support a no-fly zone. The Arab League said they would not object to a no-fly zone.”

I myself find the latter support from the Gulf States and the Arab League remarkable when only the other day they were asking the US and the west to stay out of this conflict in Libya as it was an issue that should be solved by themselves and other Islamic nations……so was Dear Hillary making it up?

She was then asked if she would support it and as usual she came back with a well chosen reply: “Well, but I think it’s very important that this not be a U.S.-led effort, because this comes from the people of Libya themselves. This doesn’t come from the outside. This doesn’t come from some Western power or some Gulf country saying this is what you should do, this is how you should live. So –“

An interesting comment came from Senator John Kerry (an ex senior officer in the US Military) when he said: “I would only consider its implementation if Khadafy himself were using [air power] as a means of terror, as a means of massacring large numbers of civilians,” Kerry said. “And I think it is only then that the global community would begin to say, uh-oh, we’ve got to do something, now is the time you have to do it.”

I find Kerry’s statement rather ironic when his own government sends in B52’s to do “Carpet Bombing” in both Iraq and Afghanistan killing many thousands of innocent civilians. Even to this day they prefer to use their superiority in air power to attack area that are known to contain many civilians.......the use of US drones in North Pakistan is also totally indiscriminate and makes a mockery of his words.....could this be a case of "The pot calling the kettle black.”

The NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen said this week: “We can see a strong wind of change blowing across the region – and it is blowing in the direction of freedom and democracy” I can distinctly remember such wording used during the trouble in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan and as I have clearly said before, this is nothing to do with freedom or democracy but all about the grab for oil.

So where does everyone stand at the current time:
In Europe, Britain and France have led calls for a no-fly zone and are working on a draft Security Council resolution. Other countries, notably Italy and Germany, are more cautious, while Turkey – a member of NATO but not the European Union – opposes the idea. Prime Minister Erdogan was reported as saying: “What does NATO have to do with Libya?” he asked. “NATO’s intervention in Libya is out of the question. We are against such a thing.”

Robert Gates is being very cautious in debating the “No Fly Option” as he fully understands the military implications should they attempt to carry out this option. We may remember the actions carried out by US military aircraft when they attacked the retreating army in Iraq.........some pilots actually enjoyed it and identified the mission as a “Turkey Shoot” The event was very well documented and become a blood bath of gigantic proportions......not to mention the excessive use of depleted uranium weapons.

One thing for sure is that should the US manage to convince the UN and NATO to carry out such an attack we are likely to see heavy usage of weapons that contain uranium components. That can only mean one thing to the people of Libya.....”Slow Mass Genocide” in particular the use of Depleted Uranium weapons. The “Uranium Oxides and their associated nano particles will not remain in the battlefield. This deadly aerosol will drift on the wind over the entire North African Region and across into Europe with a matter of a few days.......how can we, the world’s public, allow this madness to continue?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/3/2011 – www.eyreinternational.com

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