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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pandora's Box Lifts the Lid off Fraud Part 4

This current series of Pandora's Box reminds me of an old Mammas and Pappas song called "It's getting better".......the lyrics of the once famous song goes like this:
"Cause it's getting better,
Getting Stronger
Warm and Wilder
Getting better everyday
Better Everyday etc...

Thats exactly how I feel about the things that Gordon Bowden is uncovering because it paints a very clear picture as to why most countries in the world are in a state of financial collapse. which is exactly the way the "New World Order" want it.
Don't you find it of great concern that despite all the evidence of serious fraud presented to local MP's, Senior Members of Parliement, local police and the Serious Fraud Office that they still do nothing?

I have seen such serious situations develop before in the UK but time and time again the powers that be turn their back and look the other way. Could it be that those that are put in office to represent us, protect us and guard our finances, are no longer interested in doing so?

When will the people of this country and the world wake up to the fact that we are heavily indebted because it was planned to be this way?

When will all those that lost their jobs understand that it was meant to be like this?
When will all those innocent hard working people understand that they lost their income, their homes and their dignity because they forced this onto them.
I will again repeat part of a paragraph I put in my previous article:

Can one imagine that the US for instance released at least two trillion dollars (between the United States and Brussels) to bail out the institutions that looted people?s money and were the principle culprits in bringing the financial system to its knees. This bail-out money was then repackaged and invested in the bourses (stock exchanges) around the world to generate profit. That not only created inflation all over the world, but it also drove up the price of food and real estate.

In much the same way we see all the turmoil in and around the Middle East and yet we cannot see the wood for the trees!.....why oh why can't you see this is all part of a master western "Geo Political" plan to either force a regime change or to make sure that those countries that have their own sovereignly become subservient to them?
Why can't we pull the wool from our eyes and see that what they are doing to President Ghadaffi is no different to what they did to Sadam in Iraq.......its a rerun of the same situation.....forced regime change to get your hands on that oil.....what makes this look like a "golden egg" to them is because the reserves of oil are not only vast, they are sitting on the doorstep of Europe and much closer to the USA.

So we again see this US/UK led thrust that, just like before, has allowed them, yet again, to become the policeman of the world, to dictate what must be done, rather than what should be done. We have our own Prime Minister pushing for a " no fly zone"......doesn't anyone fully understand what this means in real terms? It means we have to go to war in order to create it! We have to attack every military and civilian radar system, we have to attack every military airport or civilian airport if military aircraft are in situ and we have to attack every missile air defence locations.....make no bones about this....it is an act of war.

It is also incredible that when you dig a little deeper into who was dealing with whom in Libya you find Tony Blair and many other high profile people all having their fingers in the pie. It is obvious that "Geo Politcs" does play a major role in the activities between Ghadaffi, Tony Blair and key British figures such as:

Sir Mark Allen, former head of MI6?s Middle East (contact man between Blair & Ghadaffi)
Sir Colin Budd Former Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (adviser to the PM on Business appointment)
Sir Richard Motram (former Cabinet Office Security and Intelligence Coordinator and ex Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee)
Sir David Manning (Blair's Chief Foreign Policy Adviser, Former Head of FO Soviet department, Ex Ambassador to Washington and Israel, Adviser to Major Arms and Energy Companies)
Sir Richard Dearlove (Chief of Secret Intelligence Service under Blair and Ex MI6 Washington)
Lord Desai (Founder of London School of Economics (LSE) who recieved money from Ghadaffi and who help his son Saif to get his Phd)
Lord Giddens (Blair Guru with strong ties to Ghadaffi and his son and Ex Director of the LSE)
Professor Gordon Barrass (Ex Joint Intelligence Committee and ex Chief of Intelligence assessments Cabinet Office)
Professor David Held (Confident of Labour Leader Ed Miliband with links to Libya and Gaddafi)
Dr.Alia Brahimi (Links with Gaddafi and his son
Jonathan Powell (Blair's Chief of Staff)

Most of the above are connected with the LSE

Read more: http/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1362386/Libya-Colonel-Gadaffis-links-London-School-Economics-spy-masters.html#ixzz1FeOq2Xcr

So let's get back to what this truly means economically speaking:

It means that you force the price of oil up to a record high, which is good for them and the major oil companies but bad for us the little guy who depends on all the comodoties that are delivered by Road, Rail and Air. It forces the cost of everything to go up and more importantly hits the middle to working class's pocket in a big way. The knock on effect is that it also has the potential to close companies down, especially in the transport sector such as airlines, trucking companies and many supporting services etc with the resultant loss of thousands of jobs.

Why don't you all fully understand that "Geo Politics" forms part of the "New World Order's master plan to:

• Take control of the word's natural resources
• Take control of the markets assoucia\ted with the sale of those resources and
• Take control of the transit routes, trade routes and pipelines that deliver that product

All of these conflicts or riots in far away places are induced by the west or fuelled by the west with the US as usual being the leader of the pack. We have to be mindful to the fact that conflict and war is exceptionaly good business for the US in particular as they have the largest military manufacturing arms factories in the world (both hardware and software).

Before we move on I want to tell you all of my experience in attending a BBC Questiontime, hosted by David Dimbleby. Prior to the show he briefed us as to how it all works and stated that once the actual show start the entire episode will go out exactly as it happens......this was far from the truth.

My photo taken from the front seat...note the centre camera above the panel
I was given the opportunity to respond to the topic on hand and I said that the panel should be aware that massive corporate fraud and tax evasion is taking place in this country involving the banks and certain politicians in both the House and the House of Lords amounting to billions of pound....I continued that the Serious Fraud Office had been advise and that our local members, one of whom is here tonight, has been made aware of the situation and done nothing. David then came in rather abrubtly to say that we are getting into all sorts of legal issues here and that I shoudl see Margaret Beckett after the show to discuss my views.

The questions continue and then suddendly the show was stopped as obviously instructions had been received to restart the programme (unknown to the audience) The next question was in relation to Libya and Col Ghadaffi......I raised my hand and again tried to pass comment but was totally ignored by David which he did throughout the programme.

"Ian, bet Rupert Murdoch looked after you" "Margaret, What about the £17.8m Tory Fraud"

I was not only censored by the BBC but also the fact that I was intentionally screen out of all camera shots....despite the fact that I had my hand raised for extremely long duration. I also noticed when I watch the programme that it had been totally doctored and the first question which was relating to cuts and the financial situation with all the debate associated with it was deleted from the actual programme. I was shocked to find that when the programme actually went to air that David announced that we will now have the first question of the evening regarding Libya.........I know and many others know (who were there) that this was not the first question of the evening.....I discussed the way I had been treated with some of the other members of the audience and one lady said "they don't want to hear the truth."

This is BBC censorship at its best.......I feel so sorry for the person that was selected to ask that first question and all the others who were cut out of the show...so much for democracy!

I find it ironic that I pay the BBC £145-50 Per Annum for this public service company and yet they are not representive of us................shame on you BBC....I would hate to imagine what David's father (Richard) would have thought about his son's blatant deceit, no doubt he turned over in his grave that night.
It was a very intersting week for me because on the day after (Friday 4th of March 2011) Myself and Gordon attended an event in the local Irish Club to talk about unemployment and associated issue and then hopefully launch an organisation to cater for their requirements.

Myself and Gorden were given permission to give a short brief as to why this country is in this terrible state and we both talked about the massive corruption/tax evasion and then sat down with the groups of people to find some way of helping them.......it was a very constructive meeting but as I said "I Hoped that it was not to become a political football in order for the politicians to get browny points at the next election and then drop the group."

Chris Williamson MP who did nothing regarding the massive fraud

At lunchtime we were joined by our arch enemy Chris Williamson MP who was part of the panel who came to offer their support and to tell everyonewhat what they hoped to achieve. It just so happened that Chris is now on the front bench and is the Shadow Minister for Communities & Local Government etc.....can you maybe understand that this is politics at its best, whereby you instigate a project that appears, on face value, to be helping those that are out of work......doesnt it remind us of all the baby kissing just prior to an election?

Anyway back to the meeting, we were then given the opportunity to ask questions from the floor. One of the TUC guys just so happened to raise the question about the corporate tax evasion in this country, which received an applause.....this then allowed both Gordon and myself to put Chris Williamson on the spot. We both repeated the issue of massive fraud etc that we had repeatidly refered to him at two workshops and in other communications......Williamson just sat there totally blank and said nothing.

Soon after our outburst the compare said that we were all here to try and formulate a group and should not get too involved in these issues........I responded by saying that "I have a protest question".....how can we ignore this topic when this is the root cause that lies behind why we are in this room in the first place......the fact that many are in this situation and are unemployed is because of this massive fraud.......I also stated that "Lord Hoyle and Margaret Beckett are both aware of £17.8 of taxpayers money....mentioned in Hansard....that just happened to end up in the Tory Party Election Fund.......again Williamson sat there with his mouth open.

The following day I heard a megaphone blasting away in the city centre and there was Chris again talking about the cuts to services, job losses etc as a result of the Conservative and Lib Dem Government.....he was confronted by a father with two children who clearly pointed out that the current situation had been created by his government (Labour) and that Chris was a short term politician.....the guy went on to say that "Blair took us to war and there was enough money for that wasn't there?" and then he pointed to Chris and said "you were not standing here then were you."
Both events were recorded on camera.

To finish of this article I will now re focus back onto Gordon Bowdens findings and show you how this all comes together and points to the elite of this world, such as the Rothschild's, the Rockerfeller's, some international Royal Families and naturally the elite in politics who channel their efforts and support into such boiler houses as Llonhro in Barkeley Square or at Arlington Associates at 22 Arlington Street (next to the Ritz Hotel in London), Wall Street and the City of London Bankers etc.

Start of Gordon’s communications

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: gordon bowden
To: lucy.care@ntlworld.com
Cc: info@libdems.org.uk; info@davidcameron.com; info@derbyconservatives.co.uk; info@derbylabourparty.co.uk; chris.williamson.mp@parliament.uk; beckettm@parliament.uk; wilsonp@parliament.uk; Bill.Wilson.msp@scottish.parliament.uk; feedback@peterlilley.co.uk; Katherine_Buckingham@new.labour.org.uk

Sent: Sat, 5 March, 2011 21:21:47

Subject: Communications DERBY MP CHRIS WILLIAMSON
Dear Lucy Care.

I hope New Labour Ed Miliband has the courage to save our Financially gutted ruin, to confront and expose the thriving mutating "Cancer" in the UK, (REAL) Political Corruption, only time will tell.

However, in RECORDED Editorial Claims.

Your Leader NICK CLEGG called on his Scottish Candidates to tell the Electorate that the Lib Dems are the Party that is.

"Driving Corruption Out of Our Political System"

Well, let me tell you, YOU KNOW Lucy Care, he is a liar, I provided you with Documents over a year ago.
You didn't wan't to know, you were all too scared to confront the Facts in those Fake Fraud "Virtual" Company AIM 26 L.S.E. Admission Documents.

Do you know How many of those Companies have Collapsed since I asked your party to expose this massive Organised Crime Network.

£ Billions "GONE"
I have all their corporate Records.


Your Party shows a fine example, your in Bed with the "Robber Barons"

Along with your latest LIB DEM Supporter, ex CONSERVATIVE Intelligence agent, still on Police Bail under a Derby Court PROCEEDS OF CRIME ORDER.

You really have attracted the right calibre of SUPPORTER.

LL56 4JD

Helping your Boss is she, passing all the "Blackmail" Muck, what, in return for some Criminal Prosecution POLITICAL Cover-up.

Deputy Prime Minister NICK CLEGG AND his Corrupt side kick, CONSERVATIVE leader David Cameron and his Rt Hon band of MP Thieves.

Using Our own Intelligence Services, who instead of PROTECTING our Country, MI5 and MI6 have been operating in the £Billion ARM smuggling Business on behalf of known and identified POLITICAL PARTY Individuals.

Nice work for Murderer's and Mercenaries.

And I should know, most are named in GERALD JAMES's Book.
They are the very same scum, I have in the 2002-2005 South African attorney's prosecution Dossiers for those identified working with FRED RINDEL, SIMON MANN and SIR MARK THATCHER.
(Rt Hon Mummy really got him out of the CR-P along with some POLITICAL Conservative funding Deals using "VIRTUAL" Companies for granting of Mining Claims in the DRC, ZIMBABWE, ANGOLA, CHAD, NIGER and SIERRA LEONE)

The very same Companies identified working with those running International massive Fraud, Theft and Money Laundering Ops on the AIM L.S.E. ASX and TSX-V from:
and to put the icing on the Cake, the 4 VIP Directors of:


and yet again, another RECORDED Communication, for my children, written below, the RECORDED DOCUMENTED PROOF.

Of course you can "RUN" but you will never be able to "Hide"

It's even recorded in Parliamentary Q & A


HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 from Column 197


You are not Fit to clean the Shoes of soon to be redundant Public Sector Refuse Collectors or sewage plant workers.

You have betrayed us all while you line your own pockets, you are a disgrace, you are a vile disease, to the trusting Millions in this Country, you should face public prosecution and custodial life sentences for Treason.

Mr Gordon Bowden

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: gordon bowden
To: Katherine_Buckingham@new.labour.org.uk
Sent: Fri, 4 March, 2011 21:01:25
Subject: Communications DERBY MP CHRIS WILLIAMSON
Dear Katherine.

Thank you for your time and the respectful manner of your assistance.

I ask you please, In the best Public Interest, to ensure Mr Ed Miliband and senior party officers receive this communication and if possible, to acknowledge receipt of same.

Attn Mr Ed Miliband.


Given your close affiliation to the Treasury and the London School of Economics, their recent public exposure association, along with Labour ex PM Tony Blair direct business links to Col Gaddafi, am I, along with the rest of the UK and World Public naive or just fools to expect your promises of Political reform will be honest and open.

Your experiences and working relationships with both, must place you as having detailed information that will confirm the accuracy of the information I have presented here.

This Information below is in addition to that forensic Corporate Documentation I hold and duplicated in safe locations, on the Financial due diligence regarding Corporate Common Director Interlocks of the Companies where PM David Cameron intervened on their behalf with the India Government.


As you will read attached, this is a forward chain of Communications to Derby North Labour MP Chris Williamson with cc Recipients including MP Margaret Beckett, Derby South
The recorded (Speaker with Lord Doug Hoyle)

HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 from Column 197.

Rt Hon Chris Williamson, whom I and Mr Peter Eyre, an ex Aviation Expert and Naval Intelligence, Middle East Consultant held face to face Surgery Meetings with Rt Hon Williamson and passed forensic evidence of massive past and ongoing Conservative £Billion corporate fraud on the Alternative Investment Market "Penny Stock" AIM L.S.E.

Along with.

Of major concern to the UK and World Public, the accurate authenticated detailed information, provided to me in confidence, by an "Insider" covered by the OSA of the Covert 1991 Conservative deliberate multi Million Pound Fraud to overcharge the Treasury in the criminal purchase of 3 ex stock ARMSCOR Pelindaba, Pretoria Battlefield ready 20Kt Nuclear Bombs.

Although over 20 years ago, this Political crime goes unknown to the naive Public and unpunished.Our protected informant gives clear insight of the deliberate criminal Conservative Party fraud, this to enable the Weapons Broker, John Bredenkamp to launder through his front Company
£17.8 Million into the "EMPTY" Tory accounts to fight the 1992
General Election.

The full details of this Fraud and Nuclear Weapon Scandal uncovered by senior Labour Lords and Party officials, the confrontation of the findings recorded in Parliamentary Q & A
HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 from Col 197

The Covert Conservative Operation, overseen by and under the Watch of Dr David Kelly

The consequences of this Cover-up will, if Justice exists, eventually result in many senior MP's and VIP's facing life custodial sentences under "The Nuclear Explosions Act", and that includes Prime Ministers.

The financial recovery of this Country, along with a return of public respect for Politicians, entrusted as public servants to protect our interests, can only begin, when confronting the real sensitive issues that have systematically destroyed this once proud industrial Nation.

If you Sir along with your Party represent a new format Leadership, willing to expose past and ongoing Government Corruption, this must be an ideal place to start, I have and Hold Forensic evidence that must be used, to confront those who hold Public Office to face accountability and the Criminal Justice System.

I have a duty of care, to ensure the accurate facts contained in this communication, provided to me, are passed to and fully examined by those in Political Office, that may better protect my Country, your Children,Grandchildren and mine, they deserve a far better world than the one we now live in.

I live in Hope. Without Political honesty and change, the future is very bleak.

Mr Gordon Bowden
7 Westleigh Avenue
DE22 3BY


----- Forwarded Message ----
From: gordon bowden
To: chris.williamson.mp@parliament.uk
Cc: reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk; info@davidcameron.com; info@derbyconservatives.co.uk; info@derbylabourparty.co.uk; info@libdems.org.uk; lucy.care@ntlworld.com; Bill.Wilson.msp@scottish.parliament.uk
Sent: Sat, 26 February, 2011 15:28:58
Subject: Fw: Will Gadaffi now play his trump Card?
Dear Rt Hon Chris Williamson MP



To those Grandee's with interests in the Criminal DRC "Blood" Diamond Smuggling Trade.


Just to ensure your Party and the Lib Dem's are kept in the loop, regarding the back-round and forward history of communications from an informed "Insider":

HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 from Column 197

You know Chris, the 1991 Covert Conservative Criminal Fraud to overcharge the Treasury for the Purchase of 3 x ex ARMSCOR Stock, Pelindaba, Pretoria, Battlefield NUCLEAR Bombs.

A covert operation under the watch of Dr David Kelly

Stolen by the Conservative Financial Donor & Weapons "Broker" Rhodesian Kleptomaniac

John Bredenkamp selling at least one of the "Stolen" Nukes on the Open Market to NORTH KOREA who detonated it on the 25 May 2009

Ahh yes Rt Hon Chris Williamson MP:


Now fronting out of:
The recent abandoned HQ of the LONRHO Empire Network of Money Laundering Front Companies.

How POLITICALLY Damaging and embarrassing for US/UK Foreign relations and the integrity of our past and Current Cameron / Clegg fiasco coalition Government.


(PETRA DIAMONDS) or in other words ORYX.
(Office of Sheikh Thamer Al Thani) or Should that be
(Under Sheikh Thamer Al Shanfari)

Yes Rt HON Chris Williamson:
Get your megaphone out on the Streets of Derby and tell the people about the COVERT dealings of:

and the "HE WHO DARES" Decorated "HERO'S"????
Mates and business partners of Just Released SIMON MANN.

Commander OMAN Special Forces, KROLL Security

MOD Military Adviser, KROLL Security,

How the Conservatives have been stealing £Billions from the British Public and Financial Institutions using their Hundreds of FAKE, "Virtual" Companies on the AIM L.S.E.

But then Rt Hon Chris Williamson, all you have to do is get the Rt Hon MP Margaret Beckett to give you the whole story over a cup of frothy Coffee at your Common Office desks in Derby.

Now just remind me Chris, exactly WHO is running this Country, an open HONEST PUBLIC SERVANT Government, the MAFIA or Conservative Organised Crime Networks.

Of Immediate major concern to myself / family/ friends and the millions of naive people of this world, as an ex RAF Engineer and trained NBC warfare Shelter Marshall:


Again, I await your official Reply.

Mr Gordon Bowden

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: m
To: PETER EYRE ; gordon bowden
Sent: Sat, 26 February, 2011 9:35:05
Subject: Will Gadaffi now play his trump Card?
The reason for Tony Blair's visit to see Gadaffi i Libya was inaccurately portrayed two nights ago on BBC-Question Time.
David Dimbleby chairs the topical debate from Newport. The panel includes Baroness Shirley Williams, Cheryl Gillan, Peter Hain, Elfyn Llwyd, Janet Street-Porter and Fraser Nelson.
Tony Blair's visits to Libya were NOT to stop Gadaffi making nukes.
Instead to try to find out if Gadaffi had the three atomic bombs stolen-back by Bredenkamp from the private storage facility in Oman after being paid by Bank of England funds routed via Astra (Stephen Kock)....
That mislay of the three atomic bombs occurred in Oman during the first Gulf War, and on the watch of Dr. David Kelly.
Earlier this week Gadaffi' s son has suggested that Tony Blair intervene to stop his father having to quit.
Time will soon tell if what he really meant was, either Blair helps Gadaffi stay-on in power in Libya, or Gadaffi will expose the lost nuke scandal.
John Bredenkamp through Oryx Mining and the London AIM used to have huge concessions in Libya for extraction of Minerals.

End of Gordon’s communications.

Both myself and Gordon are truly touching some very raw nerves which is reflected in the Intel intercepts of our communications as well as that of our associates over in the US and Canada.

I thought I would allow you to see one such response from myself which was sent directly into the Intel network….for the safety of my associates over the pond their details are not revealed:

From Peter Eyre
To (address hidden)

Sunday 6th March 2011 at 0916 (LT)

Good Morning Mr Intel or should I say not so intelligent.

I have decided to write this email directly to you, hence the false To address (that you guys created).

Having been associated with Intel at NATO HQ and served in many other areas around the world I find the level, standard and professionalism of your Intel falls way below the mark.

As they say "it takes one to know one" and having been amongst you guys in my own life I find your level of training is in some cases rather pathetic to say the least......I would go as far as saying it is time for many of you to go back for re training.

In the past I have done contracts that involved Israel which is reported to be one of the best and yet again I found some aspects of their security also below par....especially when I lived amongst a den of thieves in Cyprus who were poor quality Mossad operatives.

So my advise to you all whether you be CIA. MI5 or Mossad is to try to be a little less obvious in your daily activities and fully understand that I and many of my associates are several steps ahead of you in what we do........we not only compile data and information at an alarming pace but we also pass it on immediately to many other third parties.....in actual fact I would go a stage further and say that because of your inexperience, lack of training and your inability to keep up with the pace that we are accustomed you are not worthy of representing your country.

In closing I would like to thank you all in Intel (that are reading this message via the false address) and to also to tell you that we are not only on to the deceit and lies being told by our respective government, the massive fraud/corruption that fuels their existence and the many "False Flags" that you spread around the media but we are also on to you!!

The series that I have released (Pandora's Box) with the assistance of Gordon Bowden is almost complete and we have now moved on to "Phase 2” of our campaign...wouldn't you just love to know?

In relation to the War Crimes Complaint that is currently being completed by Leuren Moret and I....."Will not be stopped"....I repeat "Will not be stopped" and our back up plan to ensure this is already well underway.

So as they say in Intel "We are onto you" and your pathetic team of "Un- Trained and Wet Behind the Ear" operatives.

Try something new for a change and you just may catch us out.....in the meantime remember the CIA motto Ye shall know the truth and it shall set you free." or in the case of MI5 " Regnum Defende" (The Defence of the Realm) and finally that of Mossad which is "

" Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety"

One final point for Mossad...you are supposed to have the best PR machine in the world to defend your actions via the media.....for goodness sake please get back some credibility for Israel and get rid of Mark Regev...an example of his pathetic ability to deal with a profesional report can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMd_js_oQAk

Remember wherever you are: .-- . / .- .-. . / --- -./ - ---/ -.-- --- ..- (I am sure you Intel guys can work this out LOL) is pretty basic stuff!

There is one name that is outstanding throughout many of the issues we have raised and that is of that notorious “Scumbag” - Sir Mark Thatcher….the precious son of our dear “Iron Lady” Baroness Margaret Thatcher who raped our country of its identity by implementing “Neo Liberalism” from her dear friends in the US.

It is of my opinion that she, her son Mark and her apron string protégé David Cameron, our current PM, should all be behind bars for the damage they have done to this country and in particular for David Cameron’s involvement in the illegal purchase of three nuclear weapons that then went missing and provided £17.8 million pounds of taxpayers money into the Tory Party Election Funds (Re Lord Hoyle/Margaret Beckett – Hansard June 22 1993 From Column 197).

The next article we be in relation to the very fine effort by Dr Bill Wilson MSP who is working tirelessly to bring the dangers of depleted uranium (DU) weapons to the attention of Westminster. He had previously challenged the MoD Liam Fox and this issue and received a rather pathetic response which we will reveal in the next article, along with Bill’s response back to him.

On final point is when draws up comparisons as to what makes a good politician and what doesn’t………Dr Bill Wilson has truly stuck his neck out on the DU issue and yet by comparison our local MP’s Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson have done absolutely nothing on the issue of massive fraud, corruption and tax avoidance being carried out in this country by the corporate sector, banks and political sector etc…..al with the full knowledge of the Serious Fraud Office (FSO) as all our communications have proven….one can clearly see its hard to find a political party that doesn’t have its finger in the same pie.

Keep watching this space for more grime and slime

Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant - 6/3/2011

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