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Thank you for joining my space. The world is truly a remarkable and beautiful place but somehow we have lost our direction. Why can't we all get on together and live in peace? Why so much agression and no compassion or love for each other? Why do our leaders want to wage war in order to gain an economic advantage in controlling the natural resources of our planet? Why do such nations as the USA allow the manufacturing of weapons containing uranium components and yet profess that they are promoting disarmament? Who do they, the UK, European Countries and Israel insist in using these WMD's. I sincerely wanted to welcome you all in such a very nice and gentle way but I carry so much pain for the innocent men, women and children of past and current war zones that have sucumbed to these evil uranium weapons. We must all try to prohibit DU/EU or any other "Dirty Weapon" and learn to live in peace. We in the west have to close all bases that exist on Islamic soil and learn to trade instead of fighting. So I again welcome you to "Peter's Space" If you support war in any shape or form please do not enter my space. If you are a Christian Zionist or Jewish Zionist please do not enter my space. If however you are against war and any form of intimidation you are most welcome to take over my space.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The US and UK Governments extend their talons over Libya

Will these two men (Cameron & Obama) pull our countries, yet again, into another war that has no justification?

We again see our PM, David Cameron pushing for a “No Fly Zone” with his partner in crime President Obama but let us all fully understand that in attempting to do this is truly and act of war.

To create a “No Fly Zone” entails a massive airborne attack on Libya to take out Air Defence missiles and associated systems, Air Traffic Control radar and communications, Military Air Bases and their aircraft with additional attacks on civilian airport that may house military aircraft etc.........This would be deemed an act of war by any country that was on the receiving end of such an attack.
At the moment we have seen Cameron and Obama trying to rally support from Germany and France but today I notice the termology has changed to include NATO which Obama want to pull into the fray as it takes the pressure off the US as being the instigator. If this is the case we are looking here at a possible major conflict.
Don’t you find it ironic that our respective countries are heavily in debt and yet there is always money in the pot for more wars? I feel that we must try every means possible to stop the mindset of both Obama and Cameron who are taking a very dangerous stance with Libya.

The other thing of concern to me is the fact that should any attack be carried out on any NATO unit or aircraft then President Obama will again use this as an act of aggression against a NATO member under their new policy “An attack on one is an attack on all” this is what our leaders are hoping for and to get NATO positioned ready for a strike......I understand that at the moment many of the west’s political leaders are not in good books and so it has, in the past, always been a good opportunity to launch a war to improve your image and at the same time increase your sale of arms and put up the price of oil.

So how are our leaders talking at the moment: The main thrust at the moment is by the UK and France with Germany still holding back? However France has so far stated that intervention by a NATO force 'would be welcomed in the south of the Mediterranean' presently and said it could even be 'counterproductive.' The Arab League as however stated that this is an internal affair and that the west should not interfere.

The duo of Obama and Clinton are certainly trying to push for military intervention and you can bet your bottom dollar that if this is the case, Obama will intentionally try to pull in NATO.......maybe at this stage we may have another false flag on the horizon as is the normal case......basically the US needs some sort of justification to go in, as they have so many times before........9/11 at the end of the day was an inside job
One thing for sure is the fact that the west, as usual, is still working on its master geo political plan for one very good reason:
Libya has very low production costs and the oilfields are close to the refineries and markets of Europe. In addition, despite almost half a century of exploration, Libya remains largely unexplored with vast oil and gas potential. The under-exploration of Libya reflects the impact of sanctions formerly imposed on the country.

So the million dollar question would be “Is Tripoli being set up for a civil war to justify U.S. and NATO military intervention in oil-rich Libya?” and could it be that Obama and the west are fuelling these events from inside Libya. We already know that Mercenaries, Special Forces, SAS, MI5, CIA and Mossad have been operating inside of Libya for some considerable time.......what is also known, on the commercial side, is that many top figures have had their finger in the pie in trying to rescue a non confrontational solution in order to secure their own investments in Libya.

Wow William! Does Libya really have that much oil – we have to intervene hey?

The situation is totally different in Tunisia and Egypt where the military remain in control but the west’s embedded neo-liberalism remain intact thus securing the interests of the US UK and the EU........Libya on the other hand is a thorn in the side for all three governments as it does not conform to their long term requirements......this is “geo politics at its best”
“One can only assume that as far as the rules of Geo Politics go a conflict is inevitable.”

I found a statement that basically put all of this into perspective:
“The U.S. and the E.U. now seek to capitalize on the revolt against Qaddafi and his dictatorship with the hopes of building a far stronger position in Libya than ever before. Weapons are also being brought into Libya from its southern borders to promote revolt. The destabilization of Libya would also have significant implications for North Africa, West Africa, and global energy reserves.”

One can clearly see the divide and conquer concept coming into Libya as we have also seen in Sudan, between the North and South. In the case of Sudan the south is rich in resources, hence the push by the west to support the south’s breakaway from the north......so maybe we could see a two way split between the Qaddafi held West and the US, UK, EU fuelled rebel forces in the East.......so again we see a forced regime change about to take place.

If on the other hand the west does ignore the Arab League and carry out an attack on Libya then I feel the consequences would be horrific to say the least.
Surely the world must never allow another war to take place with Iraq still in a very unsettled position, a full on war currently still underway in Afghanistan with no end in sight and now possibly Libya.......this is absolute madness and it is not what the Islamic world want for their people and so if that is the case where is that golden word called “Democracy” and when will the US, UK and EU respect the very meaning of it?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 7/3/2011 – www.eyreinternational.com

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