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Friday, 11 March 2011

The US and UK Governments extend their talons over Libya – Part 4

US Fighter loaded with Depleted Uranium Weaponry

Many times throughout history we have seen US intervention in so many far away places and in some cases that intervention has gone terribly wrong. One classic failure was that carried out in Somalia that despite the massive fire power and with the assistance of coalition forces they had no option but to withdraw in humiliation.
In the world of “Geo Politics”.......if things are not going to plan and your commercial goals are not moving along at the pace you had hoped for then it is time to play dirty!

Divide and conquer has always been the rule and countries such as the US are very good at using this well tried military tactic in their attempt to force a regime change. As I have pointed out so many times before it is normal for a country to have its own Special Forces and secret service operatives infiltrating into the system. They do from time to time create an incident, such as blowing up a hotel or public transport system to spread fear and panic amongst the people and then blame that incident on such groups as Al Qaeda (which has never existed anyway) or some other opposition group.

Another common tactic is to infiltrate into break away groups or freedom fighters and assist them in whatever way possible......that can be in the form of financial support or in the supply of arms. We have seen this take place many times in Africa, especially in and around the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and certainly in Kurdistan where the US assist the PJAK on its regular incursions into Iran.
In Kurdistan there is rather a unique situation whereby two totally different groups of Kurdish Freedom Fighters exist. One group are called the PKK who infiltrate into Turkey (a member of NATO) to carry out operations for and on behalf of the Kurds that live there.

This group are listed by the US and UK as being a terrorist group and yet the International EU Court has de listed them as not being terrorists but freedom fighter. What this means basically (in the eyes of the US/UK) is that Turkey is allowed to cross over the border into Iraq, without any prior clearance, and carryout airstrikes or ground manoeuvres with tanks and troops any time it so wishes........this as we all know is truly a breach of Iraqi sovereignty and nothing is said.

However, in the case of the other group called the PJAK, who cross over into Iran to carrying out operations in support of Iranian Kurds, they are supported, financed and armed by the US and are not listed as terrorist...........unfortunately this is the way the US works when it is trying to enforce its own aggressive foreign policy that is so closely linked to “Geo Politics.”

I have intentionally diverted away from Libya for just one moment in order to explain how things get done and how sometimes these tactics can force a regime change. It also just happened to be the same situation in Afghanistan whereby the US/UK helped certain insurgency groups to get off the ground or provided military aid to adjacent countries to achieve their goals.

Their original intention was to construct the TAPI pipeline which was worth trillions of dollars to the US economy during its lifespan but things are not working to plan and so we now see a massive surge in troops that are mainly in the southern provinces which is the intended location for the pipeline and also happens to be the area for the opium trade.

This map shows the proposed US pipeline coming out of Turkmenistan down through Southern Afghanistan and across to Pakistan. The US government tried so hard to apply pressure to the Pakistani and Indian Governments into not signing up with Iran for their intended pipeline (IPI). The IPI pipeline is commercially a much better option as it is more direct and does not have to pass through a war zone. The Pakistan Government has since signed up with Iran and left the US licking its wounds. Obviously this still leaves India to make up its mind.

On the map below you can see the US backed TAPI pipeline in black with the Iranian backed pipeline below......it is clear that Iran is a problem for the US because it has no control, influence or contracts over Iran and that certainly hits the pocket of the “US Geo Political Master Plan.”.......Add to this the Iranian pipeline going through to Turkey and you can see why the US are so upset with Iran’s tremendous capability to not only provide the natural resources but also in the delivery to their own markets.

Whilst still on this map I would also like to draw your attention to another area that became the victim of “Geo Politic” and conflict.......Georgia as you can see was pulled into the same situation in order to build a pipeline from east to west, right through the centre of Georgia .........maybe by now you starting to understand what all these conflicts are all about?

Before moving back to Libya we should also look at the Sudanese situation where exactly the same situation as occurred i.e. divide and conquer tactics have been used to assist the Christian South to break away from the Islamic North or that is what we are led to believe. However, I see it through different eyes when it is a case of the “US/UK/EU Friendly South having most of the natural resources that the west wants!

In this map you can clearly see that all the natural resources activity is in the southern sector of the Sudan and that is the area of interest to not only the west but also China.

Libya is such a melting pot at the moment and again is a classic example of western interference and is certainly a victim in today’s greedy “Geo Political World.”
There is no doubt that the US and UK are fuelling this fast developing conflict with the ultimate intention of achieving a regime change or in gaining access to its oil and gas wealth. What makes Libya more lucrative is the fact that it sits right there on the edge of the Mediterranean, a stone throw from EU and certainly much closer to the US for supply.

Just think of the economical advantages in obtaining vast reserves from Libya, a much shorter distance than bringing crude oil all the way from the Persian Gulf via the Suez Canal or via the Cape.

I am absolutely sure that US led NATO is well ahead on its master plan to intervene and are already responsible for financing and arming the much smaller rebel groups that are currently active on the eastern side of Libya........we can almost see this as a rerun of what happened in the Sudan!

In the map below you can clearly see that the eastern aspect of Libya is extremely rich in natural resources (as show in the square) and one does not need much imagination to fully understand what the US led campaign is all about!

In the meantime we have voice box Hilary Clinton bleating to the world regarding the issue of a looming “Humanitarian Crisis” and that for the sake of humanity we have to help these poor people and that means intervention.

The US/UK suggestion (that is also EU backed) to create a “No-Fly Zone” is certainly an act of war and one could see this backfiring in a very big way with rather the opposite result of killing masses as opposed to helping them........such is “Geo Politics as its best.”

I believe there is a distinct link between what has happened in Tunisia (and previously Algeria) – Egypt – Yemen – Bahrain etc.......all of which is part of this US led master plan and has nothing to do with democracy.
One could even look at the situation in Egypt as a good example of internal unrest caused by very high unemployment and rising prices but who caused this in the first place? Who supported Egypt both financially and militarily........the good old US of A!

We must understand that the eastern part of Libya is extremely rich in natural resources and the unexplored wealth is beyond imagination so why wouldn’t Clinton continue to bark around Europe and the Middle East for support of her own “Geo Political Plan?”

One has to reflect as to why these conflicts/wars keep occurring....obviously first of all its good for business, especially in the US where its military hardware and software manufacturing industries have an incredibly healthy export market and secondly they want to gain access to these vast reserves with a US friendly President.........in actual fact Ghadaffi was a very good friend of the UK as far as trade was concerned and British industry played a major role in that country............one should ask our ex PM Tony Blair for a more detailed evaluation!

For my part Ghadaffi was just another person that became part of my Pandora’s Box series and was totally corrupt (along with his son) with dealings in massive fraud which still continues to this day, as it does here in the UK.........we are talking here about billions of pounds being siphoned out of the system with such boiler rooms as that of Arlington Associates, 22 Arlington Street, London, SW1A1RD, Lonrho Plc, 2nd Floor 25 Berkeley Square London, W1J6HB (in the Cadbury Schweppes Building) and another hot boiler room exists at 55 Gower Street, London WC1E 6HQ........all of these places are the axis of evil and run boiler rooms for virtual/shell companies

We are likely to soon see a run and burn event take place at these locations as these rogue virtual/shell companies that operate from these illegal boiler rooms flee the country or later re emerge under another banner...but have no fear...wherever you move too, Gordon Bowden and I will be on to you!!

But hey! Who cares that they are ripping off investor’s money and adding to the demise of the UK’s economy? Who cares that they are carrying out massive tax evasion? And who cares that the Corporate Sector, Banks and very senior politicians have there fingers in the money pie?

Now maybe you can see the bigger picture as to how the “New World Order” operates and how their master plan all comes together......its all about stripping the public of their income, jobs, houses and public services and in enforcing their “NeoLiberalism Policies” - that our dear old “Iron Lady” Maggie Thatcher brought with her from the US....how can we ever forget?
To the people of Libya all I can say is “Sorry for the greed that has radiated out from my country (and many others like it) and eternally sorry for the pain that you are about to endure........bless you all.”

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 12/3/2011 – www.eyreinternational.com

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