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Friday, 18 March 2011

The US and UK Governments extend their talons over Libya - Part 7

US fighter loaded with DU weapons

I think it would be a good idea at this stage to give some interesting data and facts about the situation in Libya.

It was reported on the 2nd of March 2011 by Human Rights sources that more than 6,000 had died during the current conflict…….what it does not say is how many were militia and how many were innocent civilians. I have been led to believe that the bulk of the dead were from the rebel army. It is obvious that if you belong to an army no matter on what side of the fence you sit you are a target and so the above figure does not represent a true figure.

We have to draw a comparison between civil unrest and resultant deaths and that of an internal civil war. We saw many protesters die in Egypt for example and now we are starting to see deaths emerging from Bahrain…….which is a perfect example of our hypocritical view as to what constitutes being a brutal regime….for my part the leader of Bahrain has extended his aggressive rule by bringing in the Saudi Army, using gunships and fully armed police whilst also imposing a curfew…….and we do nothing!!!

The issue here is the question as to who supplies arms to Libya……how can you on one hand carry out huge corporate contract and then on the other feed them arms? It clearly shows how two faced governments can be when it comes to the power of money, trade and exports……especially that lucrative arms manufacturing and export industry that is so vital to the economy of such countries as the United States, UK and EU countries.

• The EU granted export licenses for €834.5m worth of arms exports in the first five years after the arms embargo was lifted in October 2004
• 2009 is the highest amount ever: €343.7m
• Italy is the top exporter, with €276.7m over the five years
• The UK got off to a big start in 2005, with €58.9m of the €72.2m total. UK licenses over the five years are worth €119.35m
• Malta saw some €79.7m of guns go through the Island en route to Libya in 2009 - apparently sold via an Italian company.

Data summary
EU arms exports to Libya
Value of export licenses granted. All figures in €m. Click heading to sort.
Country 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Total
Total 72.19 59.03 108.8 250.78 343.73 834.54
Italy 14.97 56.72 93.22 111.8 276.7
France 12.88 36.75 17.66 112.32 30.54 210.15
UK 58.86 3.11 4.63 27.2 25.55 119.35
Germany 0.31 2 23.84 4.18 53.15 83.48
Malta 0.01 79.69 79.7
Belgium 0.21 0.45 22.32 23.02
Portugal 6.88 14.52 21.4
Spain 3.82 3.84 7.69
Slovakia 1 4.41 5.41
Bulgaria 3.73 3.75
Czech Republic 1.19 1.92 3.11
Poland 2.03 2.03
Austria 1.81 1.83
Slovenia 0.14 0.27 0.11 0.53
Latvia 0.25 0.25
Greece 0.03

EU arms exports: types of product
All figures in €. Click heading to sort.
Country Ammunition and fuses Tear gas, chem weapons, radio-active Electronic equip Military planes Small guns
Total 6,101,995 9,688,033 85,416,087 278,244,867 97,955,681
Italy 0 1,016,948 107,726,979
France 2,345,007 1,045,360 10,689,216 126,177,565 7,412
UK 3,088 455,705 26,163,548 2,118,152 283,942
Germany 0 7,765,968 46,894,764 15,780,000
Malta 14,900 79,689,691
Belgium 651,611 17,953,442
Portugal 21,399,613
Slovakia 2,230,131
Bulgaria 3,730,000
Czech Republic 421,000
Poland 2,025,846
Austria 9,000 21,194
Slovenia 532,042

What you will not see in this data is the illegal arms that are being fed into the rebel army and by whom……..you can be rest assured that it is normal, in the field of “Geo Politics,” for the west to not only finance such militia but also to arm them.

The main issue here is the fact that the west will use whatever means possible to secure their own long term goals of economic growth.

There was a distinct PR exercise by the US, UK and French Governments and the media to butter up the true situation……they talked about a looming humanitarian crisis and it was revealed in early March, by the Red Cross/Red Crescent that over 147,000 had fled Libya across the border to Egypt and Tunisia….most of these were migrant workers trying to return to their respective countries and do not remain there for too long.....this aspect does not and should not be interpreted as a humanitarian crisis. It is not clear as to how many, if any at all, have become Internally Displaced People (IDP’s).

The wording of this UN Resolution is totally open to interpretation and the additional wording of allowing, all necessary measures required to protect civilians, can truly give the military a free hand. This certainly does not paint a picture of creating a No-Fly-Zone but rather allows the US, UK and France to attack any target in any area.

I was shocked to hear one senior politician comment “that he hoped our forces would be allowed to attack any target, especially at hitting armoured vehicles and tanks etc.....based on that comment alone spreads fear and concern from deep within for the poor people of Libya. It gives a clear indication that in order to carry out such strikes; Libya will become another testing ground for depleted uranium weaponry and also “Fourth Generation Dirty Weapons.” Manufactured in the US and EU. I am appalled that any country could allow such action to take place....it will also be a testing ground for the new European Typhoon aircraft.

We have all seen the terrible situation that has since developed in such places as Fallujah where the women of the city can not longer have children as a direct result of DU weapons.....doesn’t it make you feel seek when you get someone like Hilary Clinton talking about innocent people getting killed and a developing humanitarian crisis.......what does she have to say about the one million or more Iraq’s that have died and our own coalition forces who have died for no reason whatsoever or the one million US war vets that are sick after becoming victim to DU.

I also find it incredible that these so called concerned nations, who believe in democracy and human rights do not play the same game in other areas of the world....where were they for other areas of massive suffering such as Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, DRC, Yemen, Bahrain etc.....in DRC alone they have lost between 8-10 million people.....yes you read right 8-10 million and no one did anything............the axis of evil for sure is right here in the west and I am disgusted at my governments response to the crisis in Libya and more to the point that this country is suffering financially and yes there is always money for war and conflict.

You will see that yet again this will turn into a bigger blood bath with a much greater loss of life (around 6,000 to date) and more importantly the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the population of Libya.......I could be wrong but only time will tell.

We are heading for yet another full on war and that is certainly not acceptable in my eyes especially when those that become the aggressor (US and EU) have other economical aims in mind and only wish to force regime change as they did in Iraq and get there hands on the oil wealth that exists in Libya.

News Flash – Libya has just announced a ceasefire.......this is really good news and shows how tactful Ghadaffi can be..........the question is what will the US, UK and EU do now.....I bet they are very upset as they can no longer justify the attack that was planned.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/3/2011 www.eyreinternational.com

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