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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What price do you put on nuclear power and who is lying? - Part 3

As expected the meltdown and the emission of radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station continues with the Japanese authorities now admitting much higher levels than first given out. From my perspective there has never been a safe level at this location from day one and it was obvious that this power station was no longer under any reasonable control.

Unfortunately for the people of Japan the current and upcoming weather patterns do not show any reprieve from this contamination. At first the winds took the radiation to the north and northwest but three local low pressure system have kept the wind in the opposite direction which basically means the contamination since yesterday morning has been pushing generally south towards Tokyo and beyond.

The next weather system to drift over Japan with be a very large high pressure system but the isobars are well spaced making the winds in general light but unfortunately will keep the contamination in a general southerly direct i.e. down towards Tokyo and cities in the southern part of Japan………the contamination is then likely to be pulled along into southern China, Vietnam and in general SE Asia….with a slight possibility of hitting the north aspect of the Philippines……..bearing in mind this is only at the low – surface levels.

When we take a look at the mid to upper level winds we see a totally different picture whereby this contamination starts to move at a much greater speed on its journey across the Pacific towards Canada and the USA. Any jet streams around at the time will accelerate the delivery of the contamination.

The current North Pacific mid level charts show the wind moving generally along the lines of latitude i.e. easterly at speeds in the vicinity of 60 – 70 knots. The upper level winds on the other hand show speeds of between 110 – 175 knots……..add to this the fast moving jet streams that can pull radiation contamination in a more precise direction.

In the map below (which is at the current time) you can see how the jet stream arrives on the coast of America (centered on Oregon), having come over from the western side of the Pacific. Obviously any contamination in this air mass is more targets specific. You will also note that on the northern side of the jet stream the wind fans out up over Canada before tracking easterly again over the northern climes. On the southern side of the jet stream it breaks away from the jet stream (over the Pacific) and tracks easterly hitting the West Coast of the US taking in the Bay area of San Francisco and down past LA and the entire continent etc

Once the jet stream hits the hinterland of the US it again gets picked up by another jet stream swirling it first to the Northeast before coming back down again to the Southeast towards New Jersey and eventually on its long Easterly transit across the North Atlantic towards the EU. Outside of this jet stream the contamination arrives on whatever pressure system happens to be around at the time…..a sort of giant washing machine mechanism covering almost every part of the US.

What I have always found alarming about this disaster is the fact that the Japanese Authority, the IAEA, all the nuclear experts and the pro nuclear lobby groups have played down this situation. The public at large have been misled in order to defend the industry and its safety record….which to those of us that know the truth. this is certainly not and never has been safe!

The IAEA have at last admitted that radioactivity has been released into the atmosphere after a fire in one of the reactors, I believe throughout this disaster that I have always given a true and accurate account of what is really happening.
Historically I have always come across the beaurocracy associated with the government and corporate sectors when it comes to safety. Having myself been responsible for disaster and search and rescue I find this attitude extremely offensive. If one had taken this more seriously from the onset less people would have been at risk…….now we have a situation of almost panic as the contamination tracks down towards Tokyo.

One other factor that adds to this situation is the current low pressure areas sitting off the east coast of Japan……the rain and moisture will obviously bring some of this contamination down to earth and into the regional environment (land and water table).

It is obvious that the use of Nuclear Energy for power generation is certainly not the way to go and one should focus on the more traditional methods.

In closing this article we can only think about what some of the conspiracy theorists are talking about is the fact that this disaster could have been man made by the use of HAARP at the United States naval facility in Alaska……..one must truly have some deep concerns about this and the previous disasters in Haiti, Chile and China etc.

The west’s foreign policy is deeply flawed and aggressive when it comes to “Geo Politics” and one can only hope that these rumours are not true.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 15/3/2011 www.eyreinternational.com

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