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Thursday, 17 March 2011

What price do you put on nuclear power and who is lying? - Part 4

Today revealed yet again the fact that this power station is well and truly out of control and the fact that they have little ability to actually check exactly what is going on.

We were first told by the government that the team inside of the facility had been pulled out owing to raised levels of radiation but were later sent back in after it was reported that they had taken the wrong readings.

Around this time the military had authorized the use of Chinook Helicopters to scoop up sea water from adjacent waters and to drop onto the reactors. However as the helicopters started this impossible task the Japanese MoD called them back to base because of the raised radiation levels…….on can clearly see that these two reports are in conflict with each other.

The French in the meantime has told its nationals to leave Japan because of the fears of possible elevated radiation levels. They also classified this incident as a 6 on the maximum scale of 7.

The UK in the meantime gave it a 5 at most based on experts from Chatham House and downplayed the seriousness of this accident and classified it as being well below that of Chenobyl……..as far as asking British nationals to leave Japan they FCO could see now reason to issue this warning as the situation was not as bad as expected.
Today we see the FCO issuing a warning to all British nationals to move out of Tokyo and any location north of Tokyo ……..my question would be that in the main the airflow from this nuclear site was tracking south to southeast towards Chiba – Tokyo and beyond which makes the Southern part of Japan more dangerous than the northwest for example.

I can see this event turning into total panic because the government has not been sincere with its citizens as they became curious as to what the truth actually was….the governments contradictory reports did not help instill confidence into the community.

Had the government been straight down the line with their people it would have given residents the option to leave or remain……now that time factor is running out and the situation at the reactor is not looking good.

One nation that is very experienced with its own disaster is that of Russia. They fully understand what is going on in Japan and in their opinion the Japanese appear to have what we all would call “A worse case scenario”.
Unfortunately the pro nuclear supporters also gave out a false state of security by playing down this accident, as did the IAEA, governments and many other so called experts in the field.

We are talking about four different reactors here and for sure the Number 4 reactor appears to be totally dry and the rods exposed….this is not a good sign and could create an explosion at any time if they do not get coolant into the facility soon, then the writing will be on the wall.

So what is the current situation at the power station…..first of all they do not have control of the facility and No 4 reactor is definitely cause for concern.
This morning (16th March) the winds from the site were in general from the north to northeast to north northeast which continues to push the radiation down towards Chiba/Tokyo and the south. Currently in Japan (17th) the wind in the early hours of the morning was showing a slight reprieve but there is a high edging in from the west which could again turn the wind back to the south….this cannot be confirmed until the high pressure establishes itself over Japan……..currently the problem in Japan is that of Rain, Snow and in general a rather damp environment which is not good at the current time when it comes to airborne radiation.

My other concern is the fact that because of this southward drift of the contamination it could be pulled into the system currently establishing south of Japan and if this does happen then one could expect some indications in other countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other areas of SE Asia.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/3/20

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