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Monday, 14 March 2011

What price do you put on nuclear power and who is lying? - Part 2

I never wish to be portrayed as a conspiracy theorist but sometime one has to look at some other aspects that could (emphasis on could) be behind some of the things currently happening in Japan.

However, before we go down that possible road lets get an update of the situation that continues to develop at the nuclear power station in Fukushima.

We saw the potential destruction of the Daichi No 1 reactor although this was played down significantly when they said that although radiation had escaped from the reactor the levels fell well below that of any concern i.e. low level radiation. They also said that any contamination was being blown out to sea which if you look at my last article shows that this is was not the case but rather it moved initially up the coast and then inland.

There was an awful lot of PR taking place by the Japanese Government into showing that they had the entire situation well under control which was not the case. Once the cooling system failed there were at the mercy of the elements. The only option left available to them was to attempt to improvise and pump sea water into the building in an attempt to keep the core temperature down.

One problem associated with this method is that the sea water heats up fairly quickly and would therefore have to be recycled and this means contaminated sea water being pumped out and back into the local environment and the sea.

Then we saw people being given a full body scan for radiation contamination which is the norm for such situation…..much of this was live on camera…..however what was not observed was the fact that many many people were not given a full scan and in actual fact only got a scan on their chests and then told to move on…….in some cases women holding children were again scanned on their chest area only, but the children were not…….it was clear that this was certainly a PR film to make it look that they were doing the right thing, which again was not the case.

The previous damage was to the No1 reactor as shown below:

No 1

Reactor No 3 Reactor

Today we see another big cover up in playing down the state of the reactors and the associated dangers……the rods in the reactors have become exposed and would indicate that meltdown is inevitable.

The authorities again said that the level of the radiation leak was extremely low radiation levels and fell with an acceptable level….however, I must emphasise that there is no safe level in radtion.

What then came out was that despite this statement some groups involved in the rescue had in actual fact mooved out of the area in order to avoid the low level radiation, including the US fleet…….this does not instill confidence in me that the level was ever safe.

Then came what we were all expecting, another reactor explosian that being the No3 reactor and this time it again was played down……..the wind this time was blowing gentle in the opposite direction with the wind direction coming from the north to north west. This prevailing wind pushing any potential radiation down towards Tokyo.

Now we note a further announcement that all three remaining reactors are in some stage of meltdown and therefore we can clearly see that almost everyone has attempted to downplay the seriousness of the situation on hand. We should play particular attention to the terminology and spin that have come from all those related to the very lucrative Nuclear Industry including the spin that came out of Chatham House and the fact that the IAEA who claims all the reactor vessels are in tact.

Make no bones about it Japan is truly suffering at an unbelievable level and should reactors continue to meltdown then we can see an horrific Chernobyl take disaster but on a possible bigger scale……..at the moment this is a local issue as the circulation in and around the region….however as the radiation rises into the atmosphere, which it will, it then starts its transit at the mercy of the upper winds and more importantly the jet stream that can move it along at a phenomenal rate…….one can only assume that its next port of call with be that of the United States.

Back to those that are currently talking about a conspiracy……..I have read many reports that blame this onto HAARP as it did for Haiti, Chile and China but one cannot say this with any confirmation……the only clue to support HAARP was the fact that in Haiti, Chile and China witnesses observed some very colourful (rainbow type) clouds which is one reported effect caused by the HAARP when this incredible energy beam comes back to earth. It has been proven that the principles of HAARP can cause an earthquake with the resultant tsunami. One can only repeat that if any of the residents, that survived, saw the tell tale signs of coloured clouds then all fingers should point to the US Navy facility in Alaska…….Could anyone ever imagine such an event being man made and how that would change the relations between Japan and the US

The other gossip around the networks is that part of this exercise (if proven to be HAARP) would be a plan to destabilize the economy of SE Asia and China (currently the strongest in the world) and accordingly to slow down its growth, to the advantage of the west. Some have also said that the current headlines, being focused on Japan, naturally take the attention away from the west’s plan for what’s going on in Libya.

So we can clearly see this is not only a disaster for Japan but could turn into a disaster for other regions and the world.

In relation to Libya I will cover this in another article.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Contamination – 14/3/2011 www.eyreinternational.com

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