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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The US and UK Governments extend their talons over Libya – Part 2

Wow William! Does Libya really have that much oil – we have to intervene hey?

Don’t you find politics so deceitful, especially when it comes to foreign policy?

Don’t you get fed up with the same line up of old faces (straight out the movie Jurassic Park)? And don’t you just love their hypocritical spin that just simply makes you want to throw up? One person who keeps turning up like a bad dream is the US Secretary of State, Dear Mrs Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

I have studied both her husband, Mr William Jefferson Blythe III (Bill) Clinton, and the lady herself, to find that between them they have caused so much damage on the international arena it would be hard for any American to look you in the eye!

Having said that I am totally aware that many of the speeches made by people in office are written by some far removed adviser (with the help of the CIA) to make you believe that they are democratic in their way of thinking and compassionate towards the people of the world especially when it comes to refugee’s, displaced people or those forced into absolute poverty as a result of conflict.

One thing that always shines through is the fact that if the country concerned has no Oil, Gas, Gold, Diamonds or other natural resources they really don’t give a damn what happens to its people, even if it means mass genocide i.e. Cambodia and Rwanda etc

Who cares?

Such is the nature of these ruthless politicians that as soon as they find that their “Geo Political Plan” is not going the way that they wanted they suddenly turn against that leader (who may have been an ally at one stage) and start a well orchestrated media war to gain support from other governments and the public at large.

With the help of the CIA and their partners in crime MI5 and Mossad they wreak havoc behind the lines and frequently create “False Flag Incidents” to gain international support for justification to force a regime change or get their hands on someone else’s resources.....we saw perfect examples of this prior to the war in Vietnam with the classic “Gulf of Tonkin” incident (which took the US to war) and again with the “USS Liberty” incident off the coast of Israel, when Israel intentionally attacked a US Navy intelligence ship . Then we have the USS Cole incident in Aden Harbour which also shows the classic “False Flag” traits.

We could also add to this list the many that have taken place since this time that served only two purposes:

1. To gain international support for an action or to persuade the outcome of an important international event or conference.

2. To gain internal support from citizens to allow the government to change the law in areas concerning internal security and in doing so to allow additional powers by the government and the police i.e. “The US Patriot Act.”

“That Al Qaeda story really spoofed them hey?”

In more recent times other “False Flags” have been “The Detroit Airline Incident” “The Times Square Attempted Bombing” the “UK INK Jet Bomb ex Yemen” “The Sinking of the South Korean Corvette” and the biggest one of all the US 9/11 and also possibly the UK 7/7........almost all of these incidents have been used to force a conflict, action or the outcome of some important event..........to give a classic example: The South Korean incident served two purpose:

1. To gain support from the international community against North Korea and its current nuclear programme and more importantly...

2. To convince the Japanese Government to continue to allow the US Pacific Fleet to use the current bases in Japan for regional security

Again I repeat the three main factors that are behind the west’s “Geo Political Plan”

1. To control the world’s natural resources

2. To control the markets for those natural resources

3. To control and protect the sea lanes, transit routes and pipeline routes for those natural resources

So back to the illustrious Hillary Clinton and all of her political spin (Verbal Diarrhoea) that echoes around the halls of power.

Bet you want to read my mind?

One comment that comes to mind:
1st March 2011 - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells the House Foreign Affairs Committee that the U.S. has been cautious about sending the military because it wants to avoid perceptions that it has a plan to 'invade for oil.' Also, Washington wants to respect the Libyan insurgency's desire to oust Moammar Kadafi on its own, she says.

I was astonished to hear the next spin that she stated just a couple of days later when she said:

“The crisis calls for a mix of diplomacy and defense.” “We are taking no option off the table so long as the Libyan government continues to turn its guns on its own people,” Clinton said. But she told two separate Senate subcommittees that the government was far from being in a position to commit to a military response, even as she outlined grave concern about the instability affecting the North African country.

“One of our biggest concerns is Libya descending into chaos and becoming a giant Somalia,” Clinton said. “It is right now not something that we see in the offing, but many of the al-Qaida activists in Afghanistan and later in Iraq came from Libya and came from eastern Libya, which is now the so-called free area.”
It was this latter statement that caused me the greatest concern where yet again she has used the term “Al Qaida” and connected everything back to Iraq and Afghanistan, as she previously did before when talking about Somalia and Yemen.

When will the people of this world fully understand that this is nothing to do with keeping the streets of the US, UK and EU SAFE?.... Or to bring democracy to the people of some far away country……..When will we, the world, understand that “Al Qaida” does not and has not ever existed……..this is not a “ A War against Terrorism” that our dear Mr. Bush suggested, there is no terrorism threat….its all to do with “Geo Politics”…….nothing more and nothing less!!!

As I have said so many times before:

“Pull all our troops and bases from Islamic soil and start trading with them and not fighting them”…….then the world will return to some sort of normality and logic.
Back to Clinton:

Suddenly our own David Cameron and his puppet Obama started talking about the creation of a “No-Fly Zone” which in case you have not guessed means going to war. Clinton then started talking about this possibility when she said the following: “Any no-fly zone over Libya must have international backing and not be a Washington-led effort.”

Where have we heard that before?......pretty good spin don’t you agree? That statement beats anything that has ever been said by Israel’s Mark Regev, who is one of the world’s best spin doctors!

In an interview at the State Department, Mrs Clinton said: "I think it's very important that this not be a US-led effort, because this comes from the people of Libya themselves.

"This doesn't come from the outside. This doesn't come from some Western power or some Gulf country saying this is what you should do, this is how you should live."........ok I know what you are thinking by now Blar d Blar d Blar!!
The article continued:

"We are going to support the efforts that are being made because we think that the people of Libya themselves have to be supported.”

"And we know how difficult this struggle is. We've called for Colonel Gaddafi to leave. We believe that he has totally given up any legitimacy to power.”
"When a leader turns against his own people that is the end."

In previous statements she expressed her concern at the deaths, the violence, the suffering and the humanitarian situations that is developing:

“The violence must stop and that the government of Libya has a responsibility to respect the universal rights of all of its citizens and to support the exercise of those rights,”…..wow pretty strong words hey?....what does she think about the rights of her own US citizens who on a daily basis have to contend with breaches of human rights and the “Police State” they live in?

Another classic was this one:

“As we gain a greater understanding of what actually is happening — because the communication has been very effectively shut down and we’re trying to gather as much information as possible — we will take appropriate steps inline with our policies, our values and our laws.”…………..Dear Hillary…..What policy? What Values? What Law?
You will remember my statement earlier that frequently we see the tide turn when US Foreign Policy is not going the way they had hoped.....this is almost a re run of what happened in Iraq and certainly what happened in Afghanistan when the US got into bed with the top Taliban leaders and hosted them at a lavish event in Houston, Texas when they thought they could do a very lucrative pipeline deal worth trillions to the US economy over its life........when they got greedy and the Taliban said no to the deal they became the enemy we see today.......so hypocritical hey? Whilst we are on the topic of Afghanistan that war is also about “Geo Politics” and protecting the Opium crops etc

So now that you are starting to get the picture lets turn back the Libyan clock to the question of US funding to Libya....the following was stated by The Telegraph:
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the feisty ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee has written to the Secretary of State calling on her to cancel $2.5 million in State Department Economic Support Funds for Libya, of which $400,000 is earmarked for foundations run by the Gaddafi family!!!!!

"Although this money was provided by Congress to promote democracy and human rights in Libya, the Administration has chosen to funnel the resources through the Qadhafi family. How could this assistance effectively promote democracy when entrusted to the dictator’s family?”

“This waste of taxpayer dollars is particularly outrageous following the hero’s welcome given to the Lockerbie bomber organized by Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi and his son Saif al-Islam al Qadhafi.”

Add to this the UK’s own commercial interest in Libya and wheeling and dealing that continues involving people in very high places, from a Royal Family member – Tony Blair – Senior Political Figures and the weight of the oil industry etc………who was it who said this is nothing to do with oil?

Also remember that the Libyan leader also happens to pop out of Pandora’s Box….rather strange don’t you think?

When will our Obama, Cameron Hague and our dear Lady Clinton fully understand that if this is all about people dying and suffering then what do they think the outcome will be if they attempt to create a “No-Fly Zone?”…….I can assure you it will be a blood bath on a similar scale to that of Iraq!

So back to the current time we see Hague and Clinton pushing us closer to the line in the Libyan sand and if we dare pass over it then “God Forbid”
Clinton again repeated:

"We want to see the international community support it (a no-fly zone)," Clinton told Sky News. "I think it's very important that this not be a U.S.-led effort."

Your days are numbered – just give up politics

U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron agreed the "common objective" was an end to violence and the departure of Gaddafi, the White House said...........what was that statement again?...... “End to violence?”.........and no doubt... “End to bloodshed?”........what absolute poppycock........this would be the start of massive bloodshed and untold violence as we continue to see in Iraq to this day.

So there you have it folks - the cruel and very deceitful policy of the west’s “Geo Politics”

In the forthcoming articles I will uncover the workings and funding of the New World Order which is all linked to the Panodora’s Box series as well as a startling report on the Chinook helicopter crash some years ago in the Mull of Kintyre.

Stay tuned for more grime and slime

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