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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The US - Israeli Governments again talks verbal diarrhoea

The world again has to listen to the Israeli spin machine at its best with the latest comments from its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “New talks with the Palestinians will lead to a peace deal only if Israel's vital interests are protected.”
This again shows the one sided arrogance of this apartheid regime.

This reminded me of a Palestinian trying to explain that a particular house and its surroundings had been in his families name for over a thousands years and was now totally surrounded by Israeli high rise development that overlooked his historic property. He went on to say that this was long before the Jewish settlers arrived from Russia and other parts of Europe.

The purpose of inserting the above paragraph is to add some meaning into the one way propaganda that flows from the mouths of many senior Israeli politicians. We have heard this same spin for many decades and one can fully understand why the Palestinians are so reluctant to enter into any direct peace talks with the Israeli Government.

What we hear is the same story time and time again and yet the promised peace never comes because Israel considers the entire area that was previously known as Palestine. as their territory. So let’s turn back the clock and take a look at one particular map that showed the original settlements that existed and how at the time only one tiny speck on the map was for new Jewish arrivals. One can clearly see how this eventually became a cancerous growth as Zionism took possession of Palestinian land.

Many US Presidents have used the Israeli – Palestinian issue to their own advantage to launch some PR exercise, the last one being Obama. But let’s make it clear that there is no “Road Map To Peace” but rather political spin. What I find very disturbing is the fact that the US and Israel appear to work in partnership in and attempt to resolve this divide but nothing ever changes. Surely after all these years of false promises that it should be up to the United Nations to broker a peace agreement.

The UN have the power to determine legal international borders, they have the power to clarify the maritime limits through there organisation UNCLOS and they have the power to insist that Israel ceases to exploit Palestine’s vast offshore gas reserves etc. The United Nations has the power to immediately put in place their “blue helmet” peace keeping force and immediately lift the air, sea and land blockade. The United Nations has the power to give Palestine full sovereignty and immediately upon doing so remove Israeli IDF/Security forces from the entire West Bank territory.

When will the UN stop the US from assuming the role of being the “World’s Police Force”- it is the responsibility of the UN to do this and it is about time that the UN realised that it is no longer possible for negotiations to take place between Israel and Palestine who have for some time become arch enemies with a wound that is too deep to heal.

So let’s look at another map showing the ongoing land grab that has progressively taken place. You will note just how quickly this land grab took place and continues to take place. Doesn’t it appear strange that back in 1878 Zionist were just a tiny speck on the map and now Zionism has consumed most of Palestine and now that tiny speck is fast becoming Palestine (the true owner of the land).

Before we move onto these maps let’s just see how the political spin has now become a major player in the US Presidents current stance and obviously has no substance:
U.S. President Barack Obama told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that he was committed to seeing the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state within two years. Obama promised Abbas that the United States would make great effort to help see that the Palestinian goal was achieved. However, as usual Israel rejected special U.S. envoy George Mitchell's proposal to withdraw Israel Defense Forces troops from Palestinian-occupied sections of the West Bank, which incidentally it also did on the eve of the Second Intifada in 2000. As I have said before when will the United Nations stand firm and stop this pathetic act of false promises?

We will now advance the clock a little and take a look at another historical map to show how this cancerous growth started and how it vigorously spread in a very short period of time to consume a land that was never their own.

Even at this stage the growth was fairly controllable up to and including 1920 when the British Mandate was in full force, but as you will see this didn’t last for long.
Suddenly someone decided that it was time to carve up Palestine and give the Zionist there own territory. This change dramatically changed Palestine forever as you will see in the maps that followed. It was painfully clear that very powerful Zionist were using their financial clout to make Palestine a permanent home for the Jewish people living in Europe and this trend signaled the demise of the Palestinian people.

Things really started to change dramatically just before WW2 when in 1937 and again in 1938 major changes were being suggested as the two maps below demonstrate. Just think how you would feel if some far away religious group that consisted of millions of people decided to progressively settle and occupy the United Kingdom. How would the people in the UK feel if they were forced to split and be pushed in the enclaves of Wales and Scotland with England becoming the home of the invaders? How would you feel, as a result of this split, if you could not access your fellow countrymen with no connecting corridor? I already know the answer; the English would take up armed resistance. So really is there any difference in the situation in Palestine? Unfortunately there is a very big difference because the Zionist, both Jewish and Christian, are huge in number and truly believe that all Jews should be allowed to return to Palestine (which is now Israel).

There are around 40 million Christian Zionist in the US who continuously promote the return of the Jews and also openly promote Israel to attack Iran. These evil minded people really are no friend to Israel as there belief is totally the opposite:
Christian Zionists believe that when all Jews are gathered in Israel, Jesus will reappear; there are varying "end times" scenarios for what follows. Christian Zionism is an extreme modern apocalyptic movement that shares with Nazi philosophy and seek the eventual dismantling of the Jewish people and Jewish faith - Nazism by death and Christian Zionism by conversion to Christianity of a remnant of Jews, who will finally learn their "lesson" from the death of most of the Jewish people at Armageddon. Add to these millions, members of many other churches, such as the Anglican Church and one can see the power that lies under their grasp. If one adds to this power the huge Jewish Zionist movement and the politically powerful AIPAC and the “Friends of Israel” groups that infiltrate all political parties in the US, UK and EU and its easy to see that the poor people of Palestine really do have a significant force stacked up against them.

Both sides are already in disagreement (even before talks have commenced) with Israel being more aggressive. Netanyahu has stipulated that he will not even enter into border disputes etc until such time as the security of Israel is guaranteed. One would assume that in order to move forward in a peaceful way the aggressor should make it clear that it will allow the correct international borders (both and land and sea) to be determined via the UN and UNCLOS. I would also add to this the fact that the location and the extent of the offshore gas fields should also be part of any peace discussions. It is painfully evident that Israel is already or about to steal the natural resources that belong to Palestine or that may well be jointly owned.

The greatest transformation for the people of Palestine occurred after the war when the territory was carved up in a senseless barbaric way leaving the people of Palestine with little land and what they did own was and continues to be totally controlled by Israel, even though it is supposed to be under self governance.

The West Bank for example is slowly being carved up with around two thirds being off limits to the owner (Palestine). To add insult to injury Israel insists on remaining in place on the West Bank – Jordan border. They also have influential control of the Egyptian – Gaza border which basically gives the Palestinian no international border.
This map clearly shows that since that first tiny Zionist speck in 1878 it has become a cancerous growth that is taking over the body of Palestine in a very aggressive way and now the very people that were victims of the Holocaust are creating another progressive genocide on the original owners of the land.
I can assure you that like all the other decades of US – Israel promises, nothing will change and Israel will continue to expand until the true dwellers (Palestinians) of the land have been removed. This is the wish of both Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionist.

From my perspective I would ask the United Nations and the People of the World to look into the eyes of this Palestinian family and ask yourself is this true democracy and do they have the right to exist in their own land? Does this family have the right to food, clean air and clean water? According to the ethos of the United Nations the answer to that is most certainly yes. However, in the eyes of the Israelis the answer is no.

We, as citizens of this planet, must insist that the United Nations fulfills its obligations to the countries that it represents and takes action to enforce a peaceful settlement in Palestine. They became involved in Lebanon during the 2006 conflict but they have failed the people of Palestine in an extremely cruel way. Their current existence in Gaza is only a PR exercise so as to appear they are truly concerned. They have failed in their duty of care for its people and they have failed in allowing reconstruction programmes to be undertaken before carrying out a feasibility study of the Gaza Strip which is now totally contaminated by weapons containing uranium components. This is against there own protocol.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/8/2010

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