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Sunday, 22 August 2010

When will the British have a true leader?

When will the British have a government that serves the people?
When will we stop our aggressive foreign policy?

Part 5(Final)

In my last article (Part 4) I covered the circumstances leading up to the death of Dr David Kelly and covered certain aspects of the Hutton Report. I think it is therefore relevant to mention some other concerns that also occurred around this time.

Let’s just run over some questions that were being bounced around at the time

Why are so many medical professionals saying that he could not have died from severing the ulnary artery and the fact that one would assume that clotting of the blood would have taken place before significant amounts of blood were lost. One would also assume that because of this one would normally have tested for any clotting disorder?
• Why was little blood found at the scene if he lost his life due to excessive blood loss?
• Why Did Lord Hutton deny access to Dr Kelly’s records for a period of 70 years?

Some very senior medical professionals have added their voice of concern namely:
Dr Michael J Powers, QC, Barrister, Medical Practitioner and Examiner to the Faculty of Forensic Law and Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians.

Professor Julian Bion, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

Dr Margaret Bloom, Barrister, former General Medical Practitioner and former Deputy Coroner.

Dr Neville Davis, MBE. Consultant Forensic Physician,.

Dr Elizabeth Driver, Solicitor and Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists.

Sir Barry Jackson, past President British Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Dr David Payne-James, Consultant Forensic Physician and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Cameron Forensic Medical Sciences, Bart and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Denis Wilkins, retired Consultant Vascular Surgeon.

As one can see these distinguished medical experts had very deep concerns regarding the autopsy findings and why this particular autopsy report was suppressed. Many had other areas of concern, namely:

No fingerprints were found on the knife Dr Kelly is alleged to have used.

No coroner’s inquest has ever been held into his death. The only official verdict came from the Hutton Inquiry, a non-statutory public inquiry at which witnesses did not give evidence under oath.

Dr Powers stated that the inquiry into the cause of Dr Kelly’s death was inadequate and resulted in an implausible conclusion.

It was the opinion of all of the experts that his death was not due to hemorrhage.
The team of professionals were also concerned that Lord Hutton secretly classified all medical and scientific records relating to Dr Kelly – including the post-mortem examination report and photo of his body – for 70 years.

A female colleague who served with him in Iraq, Mai Pederson, says a hand and arm injury had left him ‘too weak’ to cut his own wrist.

The detective, who helped find Dr Kelly’s body, Graham Coe, gave an interview in which he revealed he lied about aspects of the evidence he gave to the Hutton inquiry. Mr. Coe, 63, who is now retired from Thames Valley Police, said there was very little blood at the scene. He also confirmed the disputed existence of a ‘third man’ with him and his partner DC Colin Shields that day. If you all can recall we mentioned this mysterious person in my last article (possible secret service operative).

At the Hutton inquiry Mr. Coe said he had been accompanied by only one other officer – DC Shields – but he now says there had also been a trainee police officer with him, whom he refused to name.

Another interest fact was that a Police search helicopter with heat seeking devices onboard flew over the spot where Dr Kelly’s body was found at 0250 am on July the 18th. The pathologist who took Dr Kelly core body temperature determined that he would have been alive at 0115 which was only 95 minutes before the helicopter flew over the wooded area. Why didn’t the helicopter pick up body heat with its sensor and especially when Dr Kelly was known to have walked in this area? (One of his favourite walks). Does this mean that Kelly did not die at this location?

It was also mentioned, as is always the case, that the police normally erect a tent over the scene. This is done for many reasons – to secure the scene for forensic testing and also to keep the media’s/public eyes away from the scene. Don’t you think that the fact he died deep inside the small wooded area the tent would have been partially hidden from overhead media helicopter. As you can see from this picture the tent was in actual fact outside the wooded area, so where did he actually die( most reports say he died in the wood.

I guess the question we all need to ask is Did Blair or Bush authorize the removal of the extremely dedicated man, who served his country well, to then become a “Whistle Blower”? There are so many rumours from Intel involvement on both sides of the pond and even someone saying the US Navy Seals were implicated.

We should also add one more name to the small nucleus of people involved with Dr Kelly (Tony Blair and his illustrious adviser Alistair Campbell), the arrogant Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon. Before we bring this perpetual liar into the fray we should refresh out minds on Dr Kelly’s dealings with the media.

It was on 22 May 2003 that Dr David Kelly had met the BBC defence correspondent Andrew Gilligan in a London hotel to discuss his concerns regarding the government’s intention of going to war with Iraq and the sexed up Iraq Dossier written by the other scumbag Alistair Campbell.

It became obvious at this stage that in spilling the beans, Dr Kelly was about to ruin his own carrier and also possible loose his pension, which would have been substantial at the time. The other aspect was the fact that this could also cause him serious charges under the Official Secrets Act.

The Ministry of Defence promised that his identity would be kept secret. However, this policy was eventually reversed and his name was quite deliberately put into the public domain, which is where Geoff Hoon comes into the story.

The House of Commons foreign affairs committee had completed taking evidence for its inquiry into the accuracy of the information provided by the government in the run-up to the war with Iraq. Gilligan and Alastair Campbell had both provided evidence but Campbell took this opportunity to launch an attack against Gilligan and the BBC accusing them of lying (the pot calling the kettle!!).The committee then called Kelly as a witness and within a few days he was found dead.

It was during this period of time and for some years after that Tony Blair, Geoff Hoon, Alistair Campbell and Gordon Brown would continue to cover up the events leading up to the Gulf War and during the Gulf War. This resulted in the Hutton Inquiry turning into an absolute farce with the truth being hidden under lock and key for another 70 years.

I cannot close before giving mention to the current Chilcot Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) which seems to be following the same trend as all the previous government inquires. It always appears that despite the huge costs associated with these inquiries they always end up protecting all those in government positions with the occasional wrap on the knuckles. We hear the same words coming out of the lips of these hardened liars, such as “That in hindsight we would probably have made some changes and certainly we have learnt from this mishap.” Whatever the outcome I am sure that Dr Kelly was about the reveal the secrets of the stolen nuclear weapons and that could have toppled both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party.
Peter Eyre- Middle East Consultant – 22/8/2010

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