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Sunday, 15 August 2010

When will the British have a true leader? Part 2

When will the British have a true leader?
When will the British have a government that serves the people?
When will we stop our aggressive foreign policy?

Part 2

In my last article we covered the covert (under the table) deals being done by our leaders, ministers and their government that frequently revealed plans to elongate conflict or to bring money into their own coffers. This mini series is basically following a time line and so we now arrive at the time a rather young political researcher by the name of David Cameron paid a totally illegal visit to South Africa, accompanied by a gentleman who has since been Knighted by the name of Ken Warren.

This visit was an all expenses paid trip that was funded by Armscor the Armaments Corporation of South Africa and took place in 1989 when David Cameron was only 24 years of age and still very much attached to the apron strings of is beloved Prime Minister, Maggie Thatcher. It must be fully understand that prior to this visit there were severe sanctions in place by the late 1980s.

A UN Resolution had already been initiated against South Africa, followed by the United States, the United Kingdom, and 23 other nations passing laws placing various trade sanctions on South Africa. A divestment movement in many countries was similarly widespread, with individual cities and provinces around the world implementing various laws and local regulations forbidding registered corporations under their jurisdiction from doing business with South African firms, factories, or banks. Despite these restrictions the British Prime Minster authorised these two gentlemen to proceed to South Africa in order to carry out a totally illegal deal, which turned out to be the purchase of three battlefield ready nuclear bombs.

What was also interesting was the fact that the President of the United States and his government were fully aware of this deal and allowed it to take place, all under the UN’s radar (who didn’t even know that South Africa had any nuclear capability). It was also interesting to note that Israel had also allowed its nuclear technicians to go down to South Africa and help them establish a nuclear weapons capability. This served two purposes:

• It allowed Israel itself to develop and test fire a nuclear bomb in South Africa and

• It then allowed this technology to return to Israel and develop there own nuclear weapons industry.

It is important to know that this event really does play a very important part in the current Chilcott Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) but unfortunately is not covered in the remit. This inquiry is a very well orchestrated performance to show that justice appears to be carried out, even though this enquiry has no legal framework to bring any possible offenders to trial. It was supposed to be an independent inquiry and yet the very control of it took place out of the cabinet office. This meant that all the questions were very carefully worded and that those giving evidence would have known those questions ahead of the hearing and had their well structured answers all lined up. The sheer arrogance of all those taking part is a very clear indication that they had nothing to fear.

So what actually happened in those dark days and who may have been implicated not only in the deal itself but also in the cover up that continues to this day?
Many names have been bounced around some of those being:
Ken Clarke – Alan Clarke – David Wilshire – Jeffrey Howe – Michael Hesaltine – Malcolm Rifkin – Peter Lilley – Ken Warren. One could also add more names to the list, such as Lord McAlpine, - Stephan Kock – Robert Maxwell – Mark Thatcher and obviously the person who was directly responsible for signing the weapons off, poor Dr David Kelly. We must also add that evil man that sexed up the Iraq Dossier and screwed Dr Kelly….the notorious Alistair Campbell.

So what was the sequence of events that led to this total violation of the embargo on South Africa and how were these three nuclear weapons moved from their storage facility in Pelindarba to the Port of Durban and onwards to Oman? How were these nukes manifested and how come they were moved in such a low key operation, with little security, and then moved into a privately owned storage facility that then allowed them to be stolen?

The first thing to remember is that these three weapons were no manifested as nuclear bombs but rather as “Cylinders” and the “Iron Lady” herself signed them off prior to leaving office under her powers. The process of signing off is covered under the terms of “Urgent Operational Requirement” (UOR) and requires no involvement of the Cabinet or Parliament……..can one even imagine that three nuclear bombs were purchased illegally, moved and stored ready for use in Iraq and Parliament and the people of this country didn’t even know? Now one can see just how far the people that run our country are prepared to go!

The company dealing with these weapons, at the British end, was called Astra (the famous British firework manufacturers) under the leadership of Gerald James. However, control of this company was handed over to a Rhodesian national Stephen Kock who also acted as a front man for the British Intelligence Service. The arms dealer John Bredenkamp under his company Casalee became the go between and so the scene was set for one of the most dangerous rip offs ever to take place on this planet.
The money trail for this deal was channeled by the DTI using the MOD as a front and then via the Bank of England using Astra as the go between. It was interesting that the Chairman of Astra, Gerald James had a full account off all the arms dealings which he accurately recorded in his spreadsheets (Sheet Number Six) in which he hoped to reveal in the Matrix Churchill Inquiry, which I will cover later. The final release of the money for these illegal weapons was to have been after their arrival in Oman and after Dr David Kelly had inspected them and signed them off.
Also in the backdrop of this covert operation were those that had invested in the initial transaction to get the project rolling. One can attribute much of this groundwork being done by non other than dear Maggie’s son, Mark Thatcher with the final outcome giving £17.8 million of British Tax Payers money to the Conservative Party Funds for the coming election.
It was interesting to note that during the David Cameron/Ken Warren visit to South Africa in 1989 also happened to be a bumper year for Matrix Churchill having had a turnover of £40 million in 1988. With all of the British Governments illegal arms dealing Matrix Churchil had on its oder books for 1989 another £44 million which was a remarkable turnround since this company a few years earlier was knocking on the door of bankruptcy.
It was also in 1989 that they formed another division called Matrix Projects to deal with their new found wealth. It was also around this time that the US also became involved in a takeover. It was very clear that illegal activities had been taking place on both sides of the pond and everyone turned a blind eye until Customs spotted the “Super Gun” barrels in Teesside Docks ready to be loaded for shipment to Baghdad. We will cover both the missing nukes and the super gun cover up later.
One can clearly see that munitions were a thriving business during this time and many of the deals struck up were in total violation of the embargos in place. This meant that the British Government were very much implicated in these covert deals and in some cases were directly involved in them.
As is always the case when one gets caught out the government launches itself on a massive cover up and allows other middle men and companies to take the blame and in the case of the above forces the inquiry to collapse, arrests the middle men or assassinates them.
What became apparent was that after Dr David Kelly had inspected the three nuclear bombs in Oman and after the money had exchanged hands the man that had provided the weapons (John Bredenkamp) again stole them from their insecure storage facility. They were stored in special 20 foot sea containers with a hidden inspection panel to check the core temperature of the nuclear bomb….the three containers were then replaced by three false containers that only contained concrete blocks.
The actual theft was not noticed until the three containers arrived in Chicago and inspection revealed the bombs had been stolen. Basically the arrangement made between South Africa – US – UK was that the 9 remaining nukes would end up in the US for de commissioning…….6 of these sea containers were sent directly and 3 were sent via Oman and then released when it was realized that there was no requirement for them to be used in Iraq.
It was obvious that neither the US or UK governments could discuss this theft as the entire deal had been a deceitful covert operation. Even to this day both governments and the Israel Government are frantically trying to find out where these bombs ended up. One should also add to these three South African/British missing nukes the three missing nukes that the US lost off the coast of Somalia when a B52 dumped them in the sea during a full in flight emergency. What has since transpired is that North Korea has to date tested two nuclear weapons, one being a US missing nuke and one being a stolen South African/British nuke. Maybe one can now read between the lines as to why the US, UK and Israeli Governments are so aggressive towards Iran and North Korea!
As its stands at the moment John Bredenkamp’s assets have been frozen and there is an urgent drive to try to prosecute him for some other incident in order to get him into custody and interrogate him for information on those missing nukes……we must remember that in both cases it was the governments on both sides of the pond that allowed this mishap to happen by their gross neglect. John Bredenkamp received tons of gold for the US weapons and much money from the British for the South African Weapons……as they say what goes around comes around…..I can assure you that there are many senior past and current political figures that are extremely nervous, should these facts come to the surface and reach the world’s media. That is why the Matrix Churchill collapsed, why the Scott Inquiry was a dead duck, why the Hutton inquiry covered up the death of Dr Kelly and why the current Chilcott inquiry is a total scam. We will now look at these inquires and try to see what has happened and what moves have been made at government level to try to protect those involved.
Following the first Gulf War of 1991 there was interest as to what extent British companies had been supplying Saddam Hussein's regime with the materials to enhance the war. Four directors of the British machine tools manufacturer Matrix Churchill were put on trial for supplying equipment and knowledge to Iraq, but in 1992 the trial collapsed, as it was revealed that the company had been advised by the government on how to sell arms to Iraq.
When the Matrix Churchill trial began the government realised that if they called Gerald James, former Chairman of Astra and the man who wrote the book; ‘In the Public Interest’, they realised that because the deal was part of the trade and Industry contract, the Judge would have asked for all the relevant files.
Just before the trial began in November 1992, ministers signed Public Interest Immunity certificates declaring that certain government documents could not be passed over without imperilling national security. These documents were considered vital to the defence case that the company was acting in the knowledge and support of the security services which wanted information about Iraq's plans. But the judge refused to accept the certificates - and the trial collapsed. This was later described as gagging orders. The ministers who signed the gagging orders were: Michael Heseltine - Malcolm Rifkind – Alan Clarke - Peter Lilly – Kenneth Clarke all of whom were obviously implicated in the entire episode.
It should be noted that three executive of Matrix Churchill were charged with illegally supplying arms-making equipment to Iraq. The case went to trial but the prosecution collapsed after Alan Clarke, the former Minister of State for Defence Procurement, admitted in cross examination that he supported the allegedly unlawful sale. The collapse of the trial led to allegations that some ministers had been prepared to allow innocent men to go to prison rather than allow their change in policy to become public. This then led to the Scott Inquiry when the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, appointed Sir Richard Scott to investigate the affair.
The main reason for this dramatic change and push by the British Government was when they realised that the star witness at the Matrix Churchill trial would have been Gerald James, the former Chairman of Astra. Gerald had in his possession the ledger sheet which would have shown in great detail the payments made to Casalee (John Bredenkamp). It was also interesting to note that the government raided the offices of Gerald James and removed all the office filing cabinets.
One can clearly see the sordid way our governments operate and it is clear that, despite any UN sanctions, if it is of economic gain then they turn a blind eye. What was to follow was yet again another fiasco called the Scott Inquiry. Senior Tories, including former foreign secretaries Lord Howe and Douglas Hurd have criticised Scott for employing a technique that was unfair to witnesses who were not given the opportunity to cross-examine other witnesses. Scott was accused of being prosecutor, judge and jury in an inquiry. The spin off from all these totally corrupt inquires raises the following questions:
• Did the Government have a separate policy for the sale of British arms to Iraq?
• Did some ministers tell lies in Parliament about the policy or arms sales?
• Did the Government fail to act promptly on information it received about the Iraqi "Super-gun" project?
• Did the Government allow businessmen to be prosecuted (over Supergun, Ordtech and Matrix Churchill) for activities that had been privately condoned by officials or ministers?
• Was it right for ministers to issue Public Interest Immunity Certificates - so-called gagging orders - to try to withhold documents that could be useful to the defence in the Matrix Churchill trial?
• Did ministers conspire to mislead the British public?
We can now add to the list of senior figures that of John Major, Tony Blair and later Gordon Brown who were either aware or involved in all of the above and thus carried out an act of deceit or withheld the truth.
What I find totally unacceptable is the fact that every government is professing to be totally transparent in its dealings. We had a classic case back in those dark years whereby the government of the day could rip off the British Tax Payer to the tune of £17.8 million, send it to an offshore banking outlet, and then bring it back into the country to prop up the Conservative Party Election Fund. This fraud was monitored by Margaret Thatcher, John Major,David Cameron, Tony Blair and many other senior political and yet to this day has still not been accounted for. Tony Blair himself received £1 million from Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One chief which was covered up as a donation from the tobacco industry. It should also be remembered that Dr David Kelly was the only person in mainstream UK MoD tasked with being in the loop for that covert offshore procurement of battlefield nukes from Apartheid South Africa. Basically his future was clearly mapped out for him once he decided to become a whistleblower!!
This is an Hansard account on how this was raised in the Houses of Parliement:
Extract taken from HANSARD 22nd June 1993.

Tory funding of their 1992 General Election Campaign –
Origins of Mystery Donation of £17.8 millions - Column 197:

Mr. Hoyle: If the hon. Gentleman will allow me, I shall tell him what information is now given to us. We understand the expenditure and what Tory central office receives. In 1992, central office received £20.7 million. When we asked about that and about company donations, the Tory party told us to look at company accounts.
I repeat: in 1992, the Tories received £20.7 million. When the records were checked by Companies house, only £2.9 million was shown in company accounts. That means that there is a deficit of £17.8 million. We want to know where that £17.8 million came from.

Mr. Tim Smith: The hon. Gentleman has made the suggestion about the accounts of the Conservative party that was made by a member of the Select Committee last week: that no accounts had been published between 1979 and 1983. They were published, and I undertook to send copies to the Select Committee.

Mr. Hoyle: I gave way to the hon. Gentleman because I expected him to tell me where the difference of £17.8 million came from. I shall give way again to him.
I am told that he is a treasurer of the Conservative party. I give way to him now so that he can stand up and tell us where the £17.8 million came from. Does the hon. Gentleman care to do that? I am waiting. I do not think that we shall get the information from the horse's mouth. We certainly did not get it from the Secretary of State.
Mr. Hoyle: That is a very useful piece of information, which has added to my knowledge. Does the hon. Gentleman now care to tell us, taking just 1992, where the almost £18 million that is unaccounted for came from? We know that the funding--

Mr. Nigel Evans (Ribble Valley): This is boring.

Mr. Hoyle: It may be boring, but it is nevertheless true. In fact, it is not boring to my colleagues, because we should like a little light shone on the matter. Perhaps the hon. Gentleman can help us.

Mr. Mike O'Brien (Warwickshire, North): As a member of the Select Committee on Home Affairs, I have to tell my hon. Friend that he is being very unfair to as on the Conservative Board of Finance and who represented 84 constituencies. He said:
"Over £67 million of expenditure was recorded by the Conservative Party in my fours years on the Committee, but no one had to account for a penny of it to the Conservative Board of Finance nor to any other elected body." Conservative Members do not know the answers; nor does anyone else.

Mr. Hoyle: I am grateful to my hon. Friend for that intervention. Perhaps only two people know where the funding came from. One is Lord McAlpine, whom the unfortunate President of the Board of Trade (Heseltine) apparently saw on his visit to Venice. I join the Secretary of State for Employment in hoping that the right hon. Gentleman has a speedy and full recovery and is soon back in the House.
However, the President of the Board of Trade (Heseltine) visited Lord McAlpine, and Lord McAlpine is one of the men who knows.

The other person is perhaps someone to whom my right hon. Friend the Member for Derby, South (Mrs. Beckett) referred--Sir Brian Wyldbore-Smith. He is apparently a director of the Conservative Board of Finance--a curious name, but a curious job, too. Apparently, Sir Brian used private addresses to receive cheques--they were not sent directly to central office. They were made out to him personally, eventually passed on and often paid into an offshore account in Jersey, a tax haven.

They eventually landed at central office with Lord McAlpine, whose office, I understand, was always kept locked except when he was in it, so that the secrets could not be given to the rank and file or to members of the Cabinet. Therefore, my hon. Friend the Member for Warwickshire, North (Mr. O'Brien) is right to say that Conservative Members do not know where the funding came from.
I wonder why there is no inquiry into the source of this fund and why governments are always pursuing tax fraud cheats but do nothing about this particular case.
Finally we come to events leading up to the Iraq War, the suicide (assassination) of Dr David Kelly and yet another scam the “Hutton Inquiry” and the current “Chilcott Inquire” which I will cover in Part 3 of this current series.
Keep watching this space for more lies and deceit!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 15/8/2010

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